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FIX: Windows 10 Won’t Activate After Reinstall [Quick Guide]






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If Windows 10 won’t activate after a reinstall of the operating system, it depends on how it was originally installed on your device.

If you activated a free upgrade or bought from Microsoft Store and activated it, you have a digital license, which means you can reinstall without a product key as Windows automatically activates it online after the process is complete. Before trying to reinstall, ensure you check that it is activated on your device.

However, there are concerns by users that Windows 10 won’t active after reinstall of the operating system. If you share the same concern, then try the solutions below to resolve it.

Windows 10 activation: Things to note

Windows activation is a way of verifying that the copy of Windows 10 you are using is genuine and used on your device, and not many others as per the Microsoft Software License Terms.

However you got your copy, the activation can either be done via a digital license or a product key, without which activation is impossible and you cannot substitute the two.

A digital license, also known as a digital entitlement is given instead of a product key and if you have it, you need not enter a product key.

Expert tip:

Before you resolve the Windows 10 won’t activate after reinstall problem, it is important to note the following:

How do I fix Windows 10 activation issues after reinstall? 1. Preliminary fixes 2. Reset your license status

Type the command: slmgr.vbs -rearm

Press enter and exit the command prompt

Restart your computer

Enter the product key using the instructions

3. Force activation

Type the command: slmgr.vbs -ato

Press enter and exit the command prompt

Restart your computer

4. Replace the product key

This may resolve any problems preventing Windows 10 product activation. To do this:

Type the command: slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (to replace the current product key with the specified) xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx – represents your product key

Press enter and exit the command prompt

Restart your computer

Try Activating again

5. Check your Windows PID

If Windows 10 won’t active after reinstall, you may have been running a copy of Windows that isn’t genuine. This could have been bought from an auction website like eBay or Amazon, or a counterfeit copy. You can check the Product ID (PID) to determine the level of support. To do this:


6. Check your hardware

If Windows 10 won’t activate after reinstall, and previously it activated, you could have changed some hardware, like your motherboard or processor, which to Windows seems like a totally different PC.

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Apple Pay Lawsuit Filed By Firm That Won Ebook And Developer Antitrust Cases

A class action Apple Pay lawsuit has been filed by Hagens Berman, the law firm that previously won two high-profile antitrust cases against Apple.

The lawsuit accuses Apple of making a billion dollars a year in fees to card companies by forcing them to sign up for Apple Pay as the only way to let their customers make payments from iPhones and Apple Watches.

How Apple Pay works

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are all based on the same technology, known as EVM. The acronym isn’t particularly informative, as it just stands for the names of the three companies who developed the payment tech: Europay, Mastercard, and Visa.

When you present your phone or watch to a payment terminal, it doesn’t send your actual card number but instead a single-use token, valid only for that specific transaction. The token is passed wirelessly by the NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip in the phone.

What all the fuss is about

Google and Samsung allow any bank or card company’s app to use the NFC chip for their own mobile wallet apps. That means there is no cost to the card issuer.

Apple, in contrast, does not allow third-party mobile wallet apps to access the NFC chip in iPhones or Apple Watches. If a bank or finance company wants to offer mobile wallet services, it must sign-up for Apple Pay. All payments are then made through Apple’s own Wallet app.

For every Apple Pay transaction, Apple charges card companies a fee. For credit card transactions, it’s 0.15%; for debit cards, it’s half a cent. While these are individually small amounts, they add up. The lawsuit alleges that Apple makes a billion dollars a year from these fees and that forcing card companies to sign-up for Apple Pay is an antitrust violation.

The European Union has already reached a preliminary conclusion that Apple Pay is indeed anticompetitive, and a lawsuit has now been filed in the US.

Apple Pay lawsuit

Law firm Hagens Berman has filed the antitrust suit on behalf of one card issuer, Affinity Credit, but the lawyers are inviting all other card issuers with Apple Pay agreements to join a class action suit.

The lawsuit seeks to represent a class of U.S. credit unions and financial institutions that issue payment cards enabled for use in Apple Pay. The class action was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and accuses Apple of denying rivals access to the technology needed to develop a competing mobile wallet.

On iOS devices, Apple has ensured that only its mobile wallet, Apple Pay, can make contactless payments at the point of sale. Having secured a monopoly for Apple Pay in this fashion, Apple charges card issuers who use Apple Pay supracompetitive fees for a service that is available on Android devices for free, according to the lawsuit […]

“When you compare the functionality of Apple Pay to mobile wallets available on Android devices – Google Pay, Samsung Pay – you’re essentially holding up a mirror; they are essentially identical,” said Steve Berman, Hagens Berman co-founder and managing partner. “And yet, the same service on Android that card issuers pay absolutely nothing for costs them a collective $1 billion annually through Apple Pay.”

“The reason for this is simple,” Berman added. “There is competition on Android devices, with multiple wallets offering contactless payments, whereas Apple has barred all rivals, making Apple Pay the only option.”

The firm has a good track record in antitrust cases against Apple. It’s the company that won the long-running and high-profile ebook case against the iPhone maker. More recently, it achieved a $100M settlement for iOS developers over anticompetitive practices in the App Store.

The company now said it’s going for the hat trick.

“As a firm with a long history of antitrust successes, we’re no stranger to Apple’s monopolistic behavior,” Berman said. “We’re hoping for a hat-trick and we believe the economic evidence our team has amassed against Apple in this case is frankly undeniable. We look forward to fighting for this case.”

The lawsuit is seeking compensation for the fees charged to card companies and calling for the NFC chip to be opened up to third-party mobile wallet apps.

9to5Mac’s Take on the Apple Pay lawsuit

Apple claims that the reason only its own Wallet app is allowed to use the NFC chip for payments is security. This is not a claim it is likely to be able to defend because the security is provided by the EMV system, which was not developed by Apple and can be used by any card issuer.

Additionally, Apple could, if it wished, still oblige card companies to sign up to Apple Pay without charging any fees in the same way that Google Pay and Samsung Pay do. It’s clear that Apple’s motivation for its current policy is financial, with the fees expected to add up to $4 billion a year by 2023.

There is no direct claim on behalf of consumers: Apple Pay terms and conditions forbid companies from passing on the fee to cardholders. However, all costs have to be recouped somehow, so ultimately consumers pay for all the fees involved through higher card fees or interest rates.

It should be noted that, even if Apple were forced to open up the NFC chip to third-party companies (i.e., card issuers), iPhone owners would still have the option of storing all their cards in the Wallet app, and it’s likely that most would do so for the convenience of having everything in one place.

Apple has a track record of fighting hard against all antitrust lawsuits and rulings, but in this one, it is up against the same firm that has twice won against the company – a judgment in the ebook case, and a settlement in the App Store one. With the European Union also finding Apple Pay terms to be in breach of antitrust regulations, this is going to be an interesting fight.

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17 Best Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, And Iphone 11 Pro Max Accessories

Best Accessories for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

As to what accessories can go nicely with your iPhone, all I can tell is check how loaded your wallet is and where your priority lies (with pun intended). Yeah, when you have a problem of aplenty, you better zero in on what you are after. Of course, there are items like a screen defender and a protective cover that are a must-buy; but beyond those things, it all boils down to your preference and requirement. With that said, let’s explore the collection to see which accessories look right on the money for your demand!

Best Screen Protectors, Skins, and Cases for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max 1. OMOTON Screen Protector

Whenever I think of safeguarding my iPhone, the first thing that strikes the mind is giving an extra bit of shield to the expensive Retina Display. Considering the unbelievably high screen repair cost, (out of warranty screen repair cost: $199 for iPhone 11, $279 for iPhone 11 Pro, and $329 for 11 Pro Max), it pays to choose a trusted screen defender upfront. And if you want to have a top-notch screen protector for your 2023 iPhone, I would recommend you to try out OMOTON.

Buy from Amazon: $5.99-$7.98 (for iPhone 11, for iPhone 11 Pro, and for 11 Pro Max)

Would you like to explore more screen protectors for the 2023 iPhones? Well, we have made a separate post for each of the new smartphone. So, head over to the roundups of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11, screen protectors  for 11 Pro, and  screen protectors for 11 Pro Max.

2. dbrand Signature Skins

For those of you who claim to be case-less guys, dbrand Signature skins are the way to go. The skins are incredibly thin and provide pretty comfy gripping thanks to the smooth texture. With the precision finish and neat cutouts, the wraps fit snuggly on the smartphone. Moreover, they come in a plethora of designs like matrix, swarm, camo, carbon fiber, dragon, stone, matte, wood, you name it. Better yet, you can also get your dbrand skins customized so that they can get along nicely with your style statement.

Just in case you wish to take a peek at more skins, do check out our separate lineups for iPhone 11 Pro skins and 11 Pro Max skins.

3. Spigen Liquid Crystal

Sporting elegant design and crystal clarity, Spigen Liquid Crystal is clearly one of the best clear cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The clear case is made of pretty soft TPU material and features soft surface for anti-slip gripping. Being very flexible, the Liquid Crystal is easy to install and remove. While the reinforced buttons offer tactile feedback, the cutouts are precise. At $10.99-$12.99, this crystal cover looks reasonably priced.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99-$12.99 (for iPhone 11, for iPhone 11 Pro, and for 11 Pro Max)

4. Nomad Rugged Leather Case

Buy from Nomad: $49.95 – $79.95

5. Aria Luxury Wallet Case from Pad & Quill

Granted, Pad & Quill’s wallet cases may not fit into everyone’s budget. But just in case you don’t want to settle with anything less than truly premium wallet cover for your all-new iPhone, do not miss out on them. Talking about Aria Luxury wallet case, it’s carved out of full-grain American leather and features nylon stitching with French hem styling. The premium leather wallet case comes with multiple slots that can carry up to 5-7 credit cards. Plus, the interior also has a big pocket to keep your cash securely inside. Better yet, Aria Luxury is UV resistant that enables it to keep the shine intact for long.

6. Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case

While iPhone 11 claims to have up to an hour of increased battery life over iPhone XR, the 11 Pro delivers up to four more hours of battery life than Xs. As for the 11 Pro Max, it offers up to five hours of more juice than the predecessor – iPhone Xs Max. Even with such long battery life, the iPhones might not live up to the rigorous demand of power users including hardcore gamers or those who like to stream media for hours. And this is where a top-notch battery case like Juice Pack Access has a role to play. The case has a compact yet durable design to protect the smartphone. Moreover, it’s also said to feature Qi-enabled wireless charging input to let you charge your device securely.

Buy from Mophie: To be launched soon

It’s not over yet! If you would like to explore more impressive cases and covers, jump over to our separate roundup for iPhone 11 cases, 11 Pro cases, and 11 Pro Max cases.

1. AirPods

Buy from Amazon: $149 / $169

2. Bose SoundSport

Buy from Amazon: $129

3. Bone

For the fitness freaks who never want to keep their iPhones away even during intense running or rigorous exercise in the gym, a soft and flexible armband can be a great pick. Bone has come up with a sporty armband with silicone bands that fit most smartphones including the iPhone 11 series. With the open design, you can comfortably interact with your smartphone. Courtesy the soft silicone, and neoprene material, the armband feels very comfortable to wear. Besides, the arm strap is sweat-resistant and skin-friendly, which means your skin won’t itch even after wearing it for hours.

Buy from Amazon: $24.99


Buy from Amazon: $45.99

5. Erligpowht Selfie Stick Tripod

Snapping group photos and fun-filled videos become a tad easier when you have an elegant selfie stick tripod. I mean a selfie stick that also dons the role of a tripod. Erligpowht offers a great selfie stick tripod that comes with a built-in wireless remote to let you capture cool pics and record videos with ease. Talking about length, the stick extends between 7.9 – 27 inches which are good enough for capturing any type of shots. And with the 360-degree rotatable phone holder, it offers you the desired flexibility to position your smartphone in the ideal orientation.

Buy from Amazon: $14.99

Would you like to check more selfie sticks? Head over here to explore a variety of options including ultra-portable and versatile selfie stick tripods.

Best Charging Accessories for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max 1. Yestan

If a versatile docking station is what you are after, Yestan can live up to your expectations (and might even exceed). The dock looks quite compact and can charge almost any devices including the 2023 iPhone 11 series, Apple Watch, and AirPods due largely to the availability of Lightning, Micro USB, and Type-C interfaces. Plus, it also supports wireless charging so that you can power up your Qi-enabled devices without having to deal with tangled cables. With the soft silicone material, it makes sure your devices remain scratch-free. As for the protection, Yestan has packed built-in safeguards to prevent over-current, short-circuit and other dangers.

2. Bonai

How can you ignore an accessory that can deliver tons of battery life to your iPhones, making sure you don’t have to run for power sockets time and again during long travel or a memorable holiday? With a huge 30000 mAh battery, Bonai is all you need to keep your devices charged up. The power bank is equipped with four ports and delivers reasonably good 5.6A output to charge your devices faster. The smart circuitry design plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your devices against dangers like overcharging and voltage instability. Design-wise, Bonai looks a bit sturdy, so you can expect it to take some beating.

Buy from Amazon: $40.99

3. Anker PowerWave

Well-known for producing top-grade charging accessories, Anker’s PowerWave is the most efficient wireless charger for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Max. The PowerWave charges supported iPhones with 7.5W speed which may not be at par with the 10W speed with which it chargees compatible Android devices like Samsung’s flagship devices, but the speed is up to the task. Another notable feature of this wireless charging stand is that you can place your iPhone both in portrait and landscape orientations depending on your convenience.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

4. Gembonics

A compact and ultra-portable car charger like Gembonics comes to the play when you wish to quickly power up your iPhone while being on the drive. If you often have to take a long route for business or personal purposes, this secure car charger for iPhone 11 series can be a handy asset. With two USB ports, you can use it to charge not only the Lightning-equipped iPhones but also Android devices. Using smart IC tech, it also provides the needed shield against short-circuit and overcharging so that your devices stay secure while charging.

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

5. Humixx

Buy from Amazon: $32.99

6. JSAUX – 18W Charger and USB-C to Lightning Cable

Alas! What worth is the support for fast charging when you neither have the compatible USB-C port nor the required USB-C to Lightning cable and the fast charger? Even if they failed to make their latest iPhones USB-C equipped, the company should at least have packed in the same 18W charger and USB-C to Lightning cable with iPhone 11 that it offers in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max boxes. So disappointing, isn’t it? But before you become sad, let me tell you that JSAUX has come with a pretty affordable solution. It offers a reliable 18W faster charger and durable USB-C to Lightning cable at just $28 (combined). They are equipped to let you turbocharge your iPhone 11.

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Choose the Best Accessories for Your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max…

The 11 Best Features Coming To Ios 11

iOS 11 has many new features, refinements, and enhancements for iPhone and iPad, but the question everyone really wants to know is; what are the new features that actually matter?

Keeping in mind that iOS 11 is currently in beta and thus features are subject to changes, we’ve gathered what we think are the eleven most significant additions to iOS 11 to regular people. These are features that real everyday users will enjoy and appreciate, ranging from giant leaps forward in iPad multitasking and productivity, to payments, Siri changes, drag and drop support, driver safety functions, file management, improved keyboards, a better and customizable Control Center, and more.

Let’s check them out one by one…

1: iPad Multitasking Gets Serious

Arguably the biggest changes in iOS 11 come to the iPad, which adds increased multitasking capabilities and abilities that are decidedly Mac-like.

The new iPad dock behaves a lot more like the Dock in MacOS, automatically hiding when not in use, it allows for more apps for quick access, and shows recently used apps and files too.

The app switcher on iPad in iOS 11 is also redesigned and looks and behaves much more like Mission Control on the Mac, allowing you to see a tiled preview of open apps, and also even drag and drop items between apps via that app switcher.

2: Drag & Drop by Touch

Drag and drop comes to iOS and it’s optimized for touch. You can drag and select multiple apps, files (more on that in a moment), move them around together, and even drag and drop text blocks, pictures, or data from one app into another.

This is fantastic feature in iOS 11 and it works quite well. The full drag and drop capabilities are available to iPad in particular, and while it’s currently possible to use many of them on iPhone too, there are murmurs that some of the drag and drop capabilities will be removed from iPhone and be iPad exclusive. Let’s hope the best of touch based drag and drop comes to iPhone too…

3: Apple Pay Person-to-Person Payments

Apple Pay will allow you to send person-to-person payments, directly from iMessage. Need to send your friend $20 for your split of a dinner? No sweat, you can do it directly in a message.

This should work similar to how PayPal or Venmo functions, except it will be native in the Messages app and likely only limited between Apple customers.

4: Live Photos Gets Long Exposure Ability, and Looping

Live Photos also gains an ability to continuously loop a picture taken with the feature (still no GIF output option though, however, so you will need to convert live photos to gifs on your own).

5: Do Not Disturb While Driving

How often is it that a new phone feature could save lives? Do Not Disturb While Driving is potentially one of those rare features, when activated it blacks out the iPhone screen and prevents notifications from showing up while driving. There’s an auto-responder to reply to messages automatically with an “I’m driving right now” message too, so you don’t have to worry about shunning people.

Of course emergencies and special people can be exempted by allowing them onto the same kind of white list that the general Do Not Disturb ability offers.

This feature could make a big difference in driver safety and could reduce distracted driving, let’s hope all other cell phones adopt a similar feature.

6: Notes App Document Scanner

Notes app gains a document scanner feature, which lets you scan documents using the iOS device camera. The scanned documents are then stored within the Notes app, and they can be edited, referenced, modified, or just kept for later easily there.

This excellent feature behaves similar to third party apps like Scanner Pro and is really nice for so many use cases, both personal and professional.

7: Redesigned Control Center

Control Center gets redesigned and an all new appearance which is nice, but the bigger perk is that the new Control Center allows for customizations. This means you can put features you use often in Control Center while also yanking out the stuff you don’t.

8: Files for iOS

iOS 11 gains a Files app, which, just as it sounds, gives you direct access in iOS to a file system of sorts. It’s not quite like Finder on the Mac, but it does allow you to access and interact with files directly, rename files and folders, create new folders, tag files, access third party cloud services, and even drag and drop to move files and folders around too. It’s all optimized well for touch too.

For those longing for a file system and file access in iOS, and who found iCloud Drive to be insufficient, the Files app is almost certainly going to meet their needs.

9: One Handed Keyboard

iOS 11 gains a one handed keyboard option, which shifts the keys over to the left or right side of the screen when activated.

This is perfect for users of the bigger screen iPhones who have a difficult time texting or typing one-handed, as it makes the keys much easier to reach with a single hand and with less thumb stretching.

10: Siri Gets a New Voice & Text Based Interface

Siri gets two new redesigned voices, one male and one female, and they both sound really great and natural. New voices are neat and all, but perhaps even cooler is an optional new text-based interface to interact with Siri. When enabled, the text based Siri interface allows you to type a query directly to Siri when the virtual assistant is summoned.

The new Siri voices are enabled by default in iOS 11, while the text based Siri option is an Accessibility option that is clearly applicable and useful to many iPhone and iPad owners.

Oh and Siri can also do live translations for foreign languages too, how cool is that?

11: Volume Adjustments No Longer Blocks Videos

When you go to change the volume in iOS, the volume indicator appears front and center in the screen and obstructs the video…. well not anymore in iOS 11. Yes this is fairly small and seemingly insignificant, but it’s been a longstanding pet peeve for many users that is being remedied in iOS 11. Sometimes the little things are great improvements!

Note: above images are courtesy of Apple and the iOS 11 beta preview. Keep in mind that iOS 11 is currently in beta and under development, meaning some features, appearances, or other aspects may change by the time the final version is released to the general public.


11 Ways On How To Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issue

Seeing a black or blank screen instead of your regular desktop or login screen might be daunting. However, there’s no reason to worry.

This problem mainly occurs due to Windows Explorer or driver bugs. Such issues are rather easy to solve and only need a few minutes.

In the worst-case scenario, you will need to reset your OS, which is actually not that bad.

Monitor connection issues.

Windows Explorer is not running.

Improper registry configuration.

Graphics Driver defects.

Bugs in Windows updates.

You can apply certain methods based on where you encounter the black screen. But some of them work for all cases. So go through the possible solutions below and carry them out to resolve the Black Screen error.

If your screen stays black even after powering up the PC, it’s likely because of faulty hardware connections. We recommend checking the following connections and making sure they are stable:

Monitor Cable: Make sure to check the connection between the monitor and the CPU. It’s better to reinsert it into the CPU socket properly.

GPU Cards: They are the main devices that render the display for your PC. Incorrectly inserting them will prevent your display.

RAM: Faulty RAM causes many system issues. So take them out and insert them into the RAM slots again. Make sure to clean them before reinserting them.

If you have trouble checking such connections, it’s better to get help from a hardware specialist.

Often, outdated or buggy graphics drivers are responsible for this issue. If you get a black screen after login, first, try restarting the graphics driver. You can do so by pressing the Win + Ctrl + Shift + B hotkey.

If it doesn’t work, you need to update the driver.

You can also install the latest drivers from their official website. If you already have the latest versions, try reinstalling the drivers.

If you can’t log in to your account, you need to boot in safe mode and update or uninstall the driver. To boot in safe mode:

Then, follow the steps above to update or reinstall the display drivers.

If you get this issue after logging in, it’s likely that the Windows Explorer is not running or has other problems. It is also the most probable cause if you get the black screen at random while using your PC. Start or restart the process to resolve the issue. To do so,

If you can’t run explorer.exe, it may have become corrupt or is missing. You need to repair the integrity of your system files to resolve this issue. We recommend running the SFC, DISM, and CHKDSK tools. Check out our article on How to Repair Corrupted Windows Files to find the necessary steps.

Restart your PC from the Ctrl + Alt + Del screen and check if the error resolves.

We highly recommend to make a backup of the registry before making changes to it.

This is another possible solution for the black screen if the cursor is visible. Sometimes the App Readiness service runs and gets stuck after logging in to your account. In such a scenario, if you look through the Event Viewer (Run new task as eventvwr), you’ll likely see an error such as:

“A timeout (30000 milliseconds)… transaction response from the AppReadiness service.”

You need to disable this service to fix the issue. To do so:

Restart your PC and check if the issue resolves.

Another case of the black screen occurs before getting the login screen. In such cases, the first thing you should do is to power cycle your PC. Here’s how you can do so:

Shut down the computer and remove all peripherals.

Remove the power cord and the laptop battery.

Press the Power button for 20 seconds.

Reinsert the battery or the power cord and power up your PC.

Defective RAM sticks or slots are responsible for many system issues. It’s better to run the Memory Diagnostic to check for such defects. To do so,

The troubleshooter will run after a reboot and check for any defects. Then, after another restart, it will show the results. Take your PC to a hardware expert to repair or replace the faulty RAM sticks or Slots.

We have a detailed article on How to Open and Run Windows Memory Diagnostic. Check it out for more information on the process.

If you experienced this error after a system update or upgrade, it might be an issue with the update. Report it to Microsoft and wait for further updates or patches. Make sure to install them as soon as they are available. 

In the meantime, you can roll back to the previous version. To do so,

You can also roll back to Windows 10 from 11 within 10 days of the upgrade. To do so,

Open the elevated Command Prompt.

Enter DISM /Online /Initiate-OSUninstall.

Restart your PC and check if the error resolves.

In rare cases, this issue results from malware or third-party interference. Boot up your PC in safe mode and check if the error resolves. If so, third-party apps are likely responsible. First, scan your computer and uninstall any applications you installed recently. Then, restart and boot in normal mode.

You can scan your system even if you can’t boot in safe mode. To do so,

Another possible solution for the black screen before login is to run the Startup Repair. It will check and resolve minor issues you may encounter during booting. To run this troubleshooter,

If Startup Repair couldn’t find or fix any errors, you can try it again after rebuilding the BCD.

If you don’t have an appropriate restore point, you need to factory reset your system as the last resort.

You can also clean install Windows 10 on your PC if you got the error after upgrading to 11.

In general, you need to perform the following solutions:

Check your RAM, GPU or Peripherals.

Analyze the crash minidump file.

Reset GPU or BIOS settings.

Update all your drivers.

Best Equalizer For Windows 11

Best Equalizer for Windows 11 [Top 6 for 2023 Ranked]




Listening to a high-quality sound in Windows 11 needs special software.

With equalizer software, you can

adjust your sound pitch or watch movies and feel the natural surround sounds in the film.

Note that there are several Windows equalizers software that you can get for free.

Listening to music or watching movies on PC or laptops with a decent sound quality requires software to boost sound quality. So, if you’re a melomaniac or a video game addict, you could be looking for a Windows 11 equalizer software to fine-tune your audio output.

Windows 11 has a built-in audio equalizer that helps you improve your sound quality. However, it may not provide the highest sound quality you want for different genres of music. Also, with numerous software on the Internet, finding reliable equalizer software is tedious.

Some equalizer software tools come in handy. For example, you can adjust your sound pitch with equalizer software to get the best results.

Also, you may customize your audio output settings with an equalizer. Here are the top 6 equalizer software solutions we will look closely at. But before heading into what they are, we explain what an audio equalizer is.

What does an audio equalizer exactly do?

An audio equalizer is a tool that reduces or enhances the frequencies of a sound. Depending on what tones you like, the audio equalizer adjusts the frequencies. It uses parametric, bass, treble, high, and low pass filters for each tone.

Each filter specifies what frequency range. For instance, the bass tone frequency is between 16 to 256 Hz. Or for treble tone, the frequency ranges from 2 to 16.38 kHz.

Using an audio equalizer provides you with the desired audio output. For instance, you set the frequency from 300 to 3000 Hz to hear louder music.

An audio equalizer, in general, is an audio enhancer that adjusts output sound for a better experience, and tuning an equalizer software for a better output is simple.

One of the features that Boom3D offers is a 31 -band equalizer that gives you countless choices. Moreover, this software provides you with different presets to enjoy listening to any music genres you love.

Never miss the joy of watching the latest movies on Netflix! Boom3D built-in volume booster allows you to watch movies and feel the natural surround sounds in the film. This software is not entirely free, and you have to purchase the premium plan after the 30-day free trial expires.

It has other key features as below:

Boom 3D

Boom 3D is one of the best equalizers for Windows 11 that can output media content in stunning 3D effect. Get Boom 3D today!

Check price Visit website

APO (Audio Processing Object) is one of the most common equalizers for Windows 11. It comes with various features such as low PC usage and 3D sound support.

It also supports both 32 and 64-bit versions. In addition, this software has astonishing audio filters such as low-pass and band-pass to adjust low and high frequencies.

Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that provides you with an analysis panel. This feature can alter sound properties such as peak gain and latency. Also, it supports the VST plugin to add extra effects to sound.

Here are some key features that APO offers:

Operates on multiple channels

Unlimited filters

Easy to use interface

It has a support community that provides users with supplementary apps

It consumes low CPU usage

⇒ Get Equalizer APO

This equalizer is one of the best free equalizer software solutions compatible with any hardware and we recommend it for Windows 11. It boosts sound quality without any damage to the hearing.

It is an excellent audio-enhancing tool with diverse sound profiles designed for different applications such as movies, gaming, streaming videos, and transcription.

Moreover, you can use a mouse wheel to increase or decrease the frequencies with a simple GUI design. Furthermore, it boosts video games’ surround sounds, creating an insanely beautiful game experience. For ease of use, you can import or export your own presets.

The presets will enable you to decrease background noises in voices and podcasts. The main drawback of this software is that customizable presets won’t be available in the demo version.

Expert tip:

Many customised presets

Many sound effects

boosts sound clarity


Completely free

⇒ Get FXSound

Viper4Windows is a freeware software designed for any audio mixing project. The unique feature of this software is its Post Volume function. This feature allows users to boost the instant message sound of programs such as YouTube, Skype, and even video games.

Furthermore, the same as FXSound, it has multiple sound effects presets. It also offers 18 incredibly diverse bands, adjusting frequencies from 20 kHz to 65 Hz.

Viper4Windows offers you ViPER Clarity and XHiFi modules to personalize your sound tones if you are highly enthusiastic about treble tones. The main downside of this software is its bugs for updates because its developers no longer upgrade it.

Also, in rare situations, it may accidentally lose some of its effects. So, it is up to you to weigh its pros and cons before installing.

This software has other features listed as below:

Customized audio configuration

IRS Power controller


ViPER XClarity

Field Surround, Differential Surround (Haas Effect), and Virtual Headphone Surround+

⇒ Get Viper4Windows

This all-in-one audio enhancement software automatically adjusts the output audio. It means that whenever you want to change your streaming media services, for example, from YouTube to Spotify, it automatically sets you the best sound quality suited for Spotify.

Breakaway audio enhancer lets you modify your sound, whether Hi-Fi or LOFI. For example, if you want to hear a louder harsh sound, it acts as a subwoofer to produce high-quality audio.

It employs the same technology used for DJs and webcasters, which gives you an extraordinary audio aura.

This software also has the following key features:

Multi-band processing

Louder high-quality sounds

Song-to-song volume shift correction

Many look-ahead peak limiters

Adjusts loudness shifts from song to song

⇒ Get Breakaway Audio Enhancer

It is one of the well-known equalizer software used in previous Windows versions. Its simple UI allows users to adjust sound control via accessing a panel.

Moreover, Realtek HD Audio Manager supports Dolby and DTS audio coding. For better sound quality, it tests your speakers’ output sounds.

Besides, it provides additional supports including the following key features:

Compatible with many sound cards

Supporting home theater systems

Simple and user-friendly design

Many environment effects

Headphone Virtualization feature

⇒ Get Realtek HD Audio Manager

Why do we need audio equalizer software for Windows 11?

We can say that it goes back to the listening experience to answer this question. If you are a person who cares about the quality of music or movie sound, we suggest you install audio equalizer software.

Also, when you use this tool in Windows 11, you can adjust a sound appropriate for every environment. For example, if you listen to a piece of upbeat music such as dance or pop in a room, you can easily change the frequency.

Additionally, in some situations, Windows 11 built-in audio enhancer won’t give the sound quality that you want. In this case, you need a better audio enhancer to boost sound quality. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 11, we suggest downloading the Windows 10 equalizers.

There are various free equalizer software solutions for Windows 11, such as Realtek HD Audio Manager and Viper4Windows. However, if you are an audiophile who looks for much more customized sound effects, Boom 3D is the number one choice you can attempt to find.

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