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Apple TV spoils its customers by offering them a pool of apps on the App Store. However, with choice comes the most common question: How do I select the best apps on Apple TV? If this confusion is slowly becoming a nightmare, I have a surprise for you. In this article, I have curated the list of the finest and most diverse Apple TV apps that will cater to all your whims.

First, you will get a detailed analysis of some of the most robust apps on the App Store here. Then, with a simple breakdown of the pros and cons of each app, you can decide which app to pick for your Apple TV. Easy, isn’t it? So, let’s start.

1. Apple TV – Apple’s very own Pandora Box

With the launch of Apple TV+, Apple revamped the TV viewing experience for its global users. The app is a one-stop solution for entertainment lovers who enjoy watching movies, serials, web series, and live sports. Enjoy HD 4K streaming along with Dolby Atmos support on the Apple TV+ app at a cost that fits your pocket effortlessly. Some upcoming top Apple TV shows are Ted Lasso- Season 3, Monster Factory, The Big Door Prize, Tetris, etc.

Apple TV+ has locked a 10-year streaming deal with Major League Soccer (MLS), the globally acclaimed soccer league. As part of this pact, you can now seamlessly get the MLS Season Pass. This partnership is a win-win bargain for all the app users as they can enjoy the perks of Apple TV+ and MLS tournaments right from the comfort of their couches.


4K and HDR streaming 

Dolby Atmos support 

Easy navigation 

Seamless UI 


Live viewership is limited to sports and news channels 

Smaller content library compared to competitors 

Price: Free


2. YouTube – Movies, music, and more

You must have read those fantasy stories where the protagonist discovers a magical wand fulfilling all his wishes. Well, YouTube is just like that magic wand in the real world. The platform lets you find content on various topics (even the most bizarre ones), learn a new skill, stream music/videos, watch live TV shows, and connect and share views with a global audience.

YouTube is a popular platform to share your original content, impart knowledge, and showcase your talent with people worldwide. In addition, the portal rewards content creators with monetary benefits when they hit certain milestones. You must have seen people flaunting their silver and gold buttons given by YouTube.   


Easy-to-use interface 

Good source of passive income 

Seamless connection with a global audience 

Picture-in-picture facility to stream Netflix while working on other websites or apps  


Criticism, defamation, and bullying are easy 

Fake content is easy to find 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


3. Netflix – The Entertainment Hub

The more shows and movies you watch on Netflix, the more personalized recommendations it offers you. Also, you don’t have to worry about running out of choices because Netflix almost daily spoils you with new content updates. You can create up to five profiles on a single account, so every family member has a personalized content feed.   

The Preview option lets you watch a quick video of the movie or series you plan to watch. Also, the platform notifies you about upcoming shows and episodes, so you never miss the chance to watch the content first and flaunt it in your friends’ group. Further, Netflix also offers a range of shows, cartoons, and films for the tiny tots in your house.  


Ad free 

Simultaneous viewership on multiple screens (depends on the subscribed plan) 

Offline playback 

Diverse collection of web series, TV shows, movies, etc. 


More content offerings in some regions compared to others 

Removal of shows from the library 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


4. CNN – One for the news lovers

When it comes to news, you cannot go wrong with CNN. This popular news portal has a strong knit of correspondents and bureau reporters who keep viewers informed on essential matters. So, if you are looking for the best Apple TV apps to download, check CNN to keep yourself updated with the global news.   

Also, you can read articles on different topics or save them for later use. Also, you can read articles on different topics or save them for later use. However, you can access CNN Original Series and films on-demand only in the U.S. and Canada. 

You can set notifications or alerts so you never miss any news updates. With the CNN app, you can also listen to Live audio and watch news shows from your favorite anchors. In addition, you can watch a 10-minute preview of live CNN coverage daily. The CNN app strives to make news viewing simple and interesting for people from different walks of life.


Covers news from every field 

Intuitive community features 

Live and On-demand news viewership is available 

Multilingual- supports English, Spanish, and French


Needs cable credentials for full CNN access

Price: Free  


5. Carrot Weather – Trusted weather app

You must have used an app that keeps you updated with the latest weather changes but in a monotonous way. Now, what if I tell you that there is an app that blends humor and weather reporting to give you the best of both worlds? The app’s name is Carrot, one of the best Apple TV apps for weather forecasting.

Winner of Apple’s Editor’s Choice award on the App Store, Carrot uses intuitive characters, dialogues, and backgrounds to make weather reporting interesting for all. So, get ready to view torrential rains or blizzards in some spooky character the next time you use the Carrot app. Moreover, the app gives you access to short-term, hourly, and daily weather forecasts for your chosen area.

The app provides the latest updates on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, visibility, atmospheric pressure, sunrise/sunset times, UV index, etc. Also, you can store various locations and discover the weather conditions of more than 30 secret locations at your fingertips. This interesting weather app is also a reliable choice for Apple Watch users.


Dark Sky’s accurate weather data 

Humorous dialogues and interactive displays 

Unique themes for different weather conditions


Some features, like rain forecasts, are limited to some regions 

Advanced features are limited to the Premium account 

Price: $3.99 


6. Amazon Prime Video – Wholesome entertainment

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly one of the best Apple TV apps. With Prime Video, you can watch the latest TV shows, top-rated global movies, and most significant sports leagues- all in one place. Also, the platform is known for offering excellent entertainment content in the form of Amazon Originals. Some of the most famous names on the Amazon Originals’ watchlist are The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Fleabag, etc.

The portal lets you rent or purchase newly released movies and television shows so you can watch them at your convenience. Moreover, with X-Ray access, supported by IMDb, you can get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of shows and movies. Cool, isn’t it? Enjoy this and more simply by downloading the tvOS app before using Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having separate accounts for every house member. Amazon lets you create multiple profiles so that each member gets a personalized experience while using the streaming services on the app.


Easy to bundle it with an Amazon Prime subscription 

Huge library featuring global content 

Sports content add-ons available 


Higher cost of starting plans 

Infrequent addition and removal of titles 

Extra fee for some titles

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $8.99)


7. Yummly – Put your chef hats ON

Are you looking for the best Apple TV apps for cooking? If yes, you can now halt your search as I introduce you to Yummly. Yummly is a chef’s heaven. This amazing app features a long list of the most savored recipes from cuisines around the globe. Apart from this, you get an exclusive collection of Yummly’s signature recipes and tutorial videos that help bring your hidden chef out.

Yummly uses Artificial Intelligence to give recommendations of recipes that suit your taste. All you need to do is provide the app with your preferred diet. For instance, if you set the keto diet as your preference, Yummly will give you receive recipe suggestions on the set diet. Also, when suggesting recipes, the app keeps tabs on the ingredients you are allergic to.

Though Yummly hosts a pool of recipes, you can squeeze your search using filters based on cooking time, diet, allergy, nutrition, cuisine, and more. Also, you can save your favorite recipes and create a digital cookbook simply by tapping the Yum button. Moreover, you can create a shopping list and order stuff from local shops right from the app. Yummly’s smart thermometer offers easy cooking assistance and the facility to set alerts/timers for making perfect dishes.


Intuitive video content for non-subscribers 

Easy compatibility with Instacart for fast grocery delivery 

Preference-based recipe suggestions 


Recipe editing is not supported 

Does not have pantry management tools 

No offline support 

Price: Free  


8. Coursera – Learning made easy

Coursera stands tall as one of the most popular online education platforms presently. The digital platform offers courses in collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent universities and educational institutions. If you want to gain an extra edge in your career, switch to Coursera and get access to 8,000+ e-courses, certificate programs, degrees, and hands-on projects.  

Designed by experts, each course on Coursera strives to help you hone industry-specific skills and specializations in jobs trending in the sector. The course list includes fields like business and management, data science, marketing, sales, UX, engineering, and others. In addition, you get professional certificates after completing the course that eventually helps you secure that high-paying job quickly.   

Coursera app understands that learning is a personal experience, and everyone has a different learning pace to learn things. Therefore, you can use flexible schedules and on-demand courses offered by this mobile-friendly app. Moreover, Coursera videos come with subtitles in other languages to quickly understand concepts.   


Array of courses on multiple industry-specific domains 

Courses offered by top universities 

Mobile-friendly app 


Long-duration degree cost is high 

Entry-level courses require basic knowledge of the subject 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $38.99) 


9. Twitch – Gaming Lovers Treat

If playing online games or watching other gamers hustle gives you an adrenaline rush, then Twitch can be your perfect friend. In layman’s words, Twitch is a live-streaming app focusing on video games, esports, and everything related to online gaming. Besides sports, Twitch boasts a thriving community that streams cooking shows, podcasts, live music festivals, street tours, and more.   


Good source of passive income 

Esports lovers can promote themselves easily


Takes share from revenue 

Content is exclusive to Twitch for 24 hours after its first broadcast

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


10. Calm – Best meditation app

Calm shines as one of the most popular meditation apps for Apple devices. This online app lets you infuse meditation and mindfulness without using time-restraint meditation regimes. With Calm, you get the best quality audio and video content that reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus, and improves sleep cycles.   

The app has a dedicated pool of effective meditation practices, soundscapes, stories, natural music, etc. If you want to start your journey to mindfulness in easy steps, then you can rely on the 10-minute Daily Calm schedules offered by the app. In addition, Calm lets you listen to stories narrated by renowned artists like Matthew McConaughey.  

The app contains an exclusive music library featuring songs from global icons like Keith Urban. You can also find multiple short videos on physical exercises, breathing exercises, and masterclasses conducted by top meditation experts on this app. The app is an all-in-one solution for meditation and wellness lovers.  


Easy-to-use meditation schedules 

Free trial 

Scientific practices 


Exclusive features are limited to the premium subscription 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $14.99) 


11. Adidas Training by Runtastic – Fitness app

The Adidas Training app offers multiple quick 7-minute workout options that are easy and do not require special equipment. The app lets you design a personalized training regime that suits your fitness goals, body vitals, and time. Scroll through the app’s dedicated library of training plans and choose the one that fits perfectly with your fitness objective.  

Trained fitness experts teach all the 180+ HD workout videos offering guided instructions and demos. The app makes it easy for users to perform simple or complex workouts without any hassle. Further, you can keep track of your workout regime in real-time simply by integrating your Adidas Training account with your Apple Watch or Apple Health account.   


Easy to create personalized training plans 

Join challenges to feel motivated 

Keep tabs on workouts, duration, calories, etc.  

Community access


Not suitable for beginners 

Time-fixed routines can be troublesome for some people 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


12. ESPN+ – Live scores on Apple TV

Are you an ardent sports lover who loves watching games and keeping track of the latest buzz in the sports arena? Then ESPN+ can be your best choice. With this single app, you can access live streams of popular games, on-demand sports services, and the latest news articles on sports. One of the most exciting features of the ESPN+ app is that it covers popular sports and those with a smaller fanbase.   

The list of content available on the app includes NFA, NBA, NHL, college sports, tennis championships, golf tournaments, and others. In addition, enjoy the 30 for 30 library and exclusive ESPN+ Originals from renowned sports personalities like Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, Abby Wambach, Dana White, etc. In the app’s home tab, you can find highlights, scores, and the latest news about sports tournaments, teams, and leagues.  

ESPN+ app lets you subscribe to ESPN podcasts where you get all the titbits about your favorite game and player. You can also enjoy all the updates about the sports world on ESPN’s live Radio service available on the app.  


Covers a wide range of games 

Live game streams 

On-demand access to archives 

Offline downloading is allowed on mobile


No live NBA and NFL coverage 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99)


Wrapping up

I hope this article highlighting the top 12 Apple TV must-have apps will help you make the most of your smart TV. Each app mentioned here serves a unique purpose. So you can read the information under each head and choose the right app.

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12 Best Ios And Android Apps To Find A Passion Project In 2023

Are you out of ideas to think up a passion project for high school graduation? Do you want to stand out in college applications by showcasing your real-world expertise in managing passion projects? Start using these apps to incite your brain cells and generate unique passion projects.

In many phases of your academic career, your teachers, professors, and project supervisors will expect you to run some passion projects to earn real-life experiences. Because such projects are linked to any concept or skill you’re passionate about, there is a high chance that the projects will generate novel outcomes that you can apply in your professional life.

However, realizing your passion could be challenging if you’re too busy with academic activities. Sometimes boredom and creative block can also prevent you from stopping being curious and unable to grow any passion.

Overcome all these huddles, regain your curiosity, and find new hobbies, interests, and careers with these passion project idea apps.

Yuno – General knowledge

Yuno is one of the best on-demand general knowledge apps for everyone. It supports different intelligent levels so that you can pick your desired level. Also, you learn in the form of interesting stories.

Its major features are as outlined here:

Short audio story-best knowledge bites from different niches

Eight different categories of general knowledge content

Up to 400 stories and 500 quizzes

Questions about the past, present, and future from science, arts, history, and more

Weekly additions of new stories

The app contains in-app purchases from $0.99 to $69.99.

Duolingo – Language Lessons

Its salient features are as follows:

Gamified language learning method

Suitable for speaking, listening, writing skills, reading, and more

Join a talented community of more than 300 million learners

Scientific and digital technology-based progress tracking system

You can try the app free for 14 days, and then you need to choose a subscription. There are in-app purchases ranging from $4.99 to $83.99.

Headway: Fun & Easy Growth

If you’re looking for outstanding passion projects, books are the best resources. But in a busy academic life, you can’t read many books these days. But you can try out the Headway app to read book summaries. It covers bestseller nonfiction books.

Most book summaries are bite-sized and only need 15 minutes. Reading some of these book summaries from Headway, you’ll likely find out some new and extraordinary passion projects no one has ever tried.

This is a full-time subscription-based app. In-app purchases start at $12.99 and go up to $89.99.

Storytel: Audiobooks & Ebooks

Storytel is another mobile application for books and readable content, but it brings a mix of audiobooks and eBooks. You can also read interesting articles on this app.

Its major in-app functionalities are:

A vast library of exciting stories in English and other popular languages

You can create a digital bookshelf

You can follow series and authors

Find out trending books

Streaming and downloading of stories

Audiobook listening goals and statistics to improve reading skills

A great passion project that you can try out around book reading is creating a book reading club. You can enlist neighbors, friends, high-school students, and social media friends. You all can have customized bookshelves on the Storytel app. By using the app, the club can read books as a group.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot! It is a quiz-based game app that excites your brain cells to quickly remember general knowledge, history, math, physics, chemistry, and more. Multiple people can participate in an online quiz event by using Kahoot!

Again, you can form a Kahoot! club and persuade others to join your club. Then, you can host online quiz events with friends, family members, high school students, and more. One online Kahoot! The session can host up to 2,000 participants.

Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min

It’s another best passion project apps for you if you’re looking for quick project ideas. Its key features are as outlined below:

There are Blinks that lets you read and listen to book summaries not longer than 15 minutes

For podcasts, you need to listen to Shortcasts for an easily digestible podcast summary

Personal audiobook and podcast summary library

Self-paced learning on the go, during short breaks, and more

An intelligent algorithm of the app starts suggesting you similar content when you have used it for a while now

You can start with the basic plan that gives you access to one book summary per day. However, for the best experience, you get a monthly plan for $15.99 and a yearly plan for $99.99.

Skillshare – Online Classes

You can turn your passion project into a business or career idea too. Choose a passion from Skillshare and create a project around it. Skillshare is the best online platform for engaging yourself in creative and technical skills.

Its in-app functionalities include many features, including these:

1,000+ plus classes on calligraphy, drawing, photography, illustration, Fresco, Procreate, and more

Leadership, productivity, social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, next-generation technical topics, and next-generation technical topics.

Free classes on popular skills and technical abilities

The yearly subscription costs $165.

Lingokids – Play and Learn

Lingokids is a popular app for gamified learning of modern middle school and high school courses. Its key features are as mentioned here:

STEM curriculum including technology, science, math, and engineering

Interesting learning content in the format of quizzes, puzzles, eBooks, videos, songs, and more

Gamified learning for maxim retention and memorization

It helps you to discover the world around you naturally

Your parents can track your learning progress on the app

It’s a subscription-based app. Hence, you must choose an in-app purchase from $7.99 to $89.99.

flowkey – Learn Piano

Music can be a great passion project. It teaches you everything you need to know to become an expert pianist. For example, you learn chords, notes, piano playing techniques, and more. Hence, you can choose to learn piano with flowkey.

The app offers intuitive and step-wise instructions for playing piano. You can also watch high-quality video tutorials for piano learning.


TED is no doubt the best app to grow curiosity inside anyone. After downloading and installing the app, pick your interest. The app will start showing content around the topics you’ve chosen.

TED contains thousands of videos that inform, inspire, and transform your mind to think out of the box. Its major in-app features are as outlined here:

Videos and subtitles in 100+ languages

Multiple video content filtering options like trending, editor’s pick, etc.

Watch TED talks to learn experts’ experiences and ideas for inspiration

MasterClass: Learn New Skills

MasterClass is a reliable and popular app to learn trending skills from masters who have already profited from these skills you want to learn. You can learn in-demand and novel skills from food, writing, entertainment, business, technology, lifestyle, music, gaming, and more.

Elevate – Brain Training

You’ll also boost your productivity, mental sharpness, reaction time, and more. It has a basic free version and a 7-day free trial. However, if you want to grow premium cognitive skills, choose in-app purchases from $4.99 to $39.99.

Now you know which apps you need to freshen up your thoughts, knowledge, and curiosity. Find below the basics of passion projects in high school or college to put the apps to good use:

What Is a Passion Project?

As the name suggests, a passion project is an activity around any skill, topic, or cause you’re passionate about. It’s completely different from high school or college projects suggested by an academic syllabus.

A passion project generates excitement and inspiration inside you to pursue a project to see real-world results. There may be some profit or not. But you’ll be able to verify that you’re passionate about a skill and you’ve mastered it

Sometimes, the college admission panel gives your CV extra attention and value if they see some positive passion projects you completed in high school.

Some good examples of passion projects are:

Directing and producing high school dramas that create attention around pressing issues of society like climate change

Planting trees

Teach underprivileged children

Start a mentorship program for non-native speakers to help them learn Spanish, French, English, and more

How to Start a Passion Project

Starting a passion project is effortless when you follow these basic steps:

Create a list of project topics that you think are also your passion

Decide which one you want to pursue as a project

Draft a list of project requirements

Get a mentor if the project is about learning a new skill

Kickstart the project, and don’t get bogged down in overthinking or analysis paralysis

Passion Project Ideas for High School and College Life

Since you’re looking for a passion project, you must first think what’s your passion. You’ll find many examples online, but you may not be interested in those topics. Just because you need to show a passion project, you can’t just choose any.

Give the above iOS or Android apps a try to research your passion projects. Apps like TED, Elevate, Skillshare, Blinkist, MasterClass, and Lingokids are helpful. You must try these yourself, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of passion projects you want to start with right now!


By now, you must have found a few great learning, skill-growing, and curiosity-stimulating apps that help you to become passionate about academic skills, business skills, social causes, or entrepreneurship.

Give the above apps a try to free yourself from creative block and think up passion projects that’ll enhance the value of your academic CV.

12 Best Free Microsoft Store Apps For Windows 11/10 – 2023

Best free Microsoft Store apps for Windows 11/10 Category: Learning 1] Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Want to learn a new language? You can use Duolingo to learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, and English. All this without paying any money, and the design makes it fun.

You can start with ten words a day, and then it teaches you some necessary words, and then words related to greetings, people, travel, family, and so on. You can hear each word and then type to confirm that you understand. You can download it here.

2] TED

Are you looking for inspiration? This nonprofit organization brings talk shows from the world’s most impressive, successful education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends. It includes both videos and audios which you can keep watching without any cost.

The app is also available on other platforms, and you can seamlessly switch between them, so you don’t miss it, especially on the move. You can download it here.

Category: Image Editing 3] Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop express is one app that doesn’t require any introduction. Photoshop Express offers you:

Creative Looks feature lets you add black and white, portrait, nature, pop color, duo, and more to photos.

30+ borders

Control and set contrast, clarity, saturation, vibrancy, de-haze, and more.

Change exposure, highlights, shadows, blacks, and whites.

Temperature & Tint.

Other tools include an option to sharpen reduce Luminance noise and color noise.

Apart from these, there is a lot more you can do it. You can download it here.

4] Fused

Want to mix two images or two videos? Then this app allows you to blend videos, photos, or a combination of both. You can also make color adjustments using their Artists Collections to make it look even better. You can download it here.

5] 3D Viewer

It is the best app to view 3D models and animations in real-time. It is possible to see 3D models with lighting controls, check on different sharing modes, and inspect model data. When in Mixed Reality mode, combine the digital and physical.

You can download it here.

Category: Media Server 6] Plex

Do you keep all your videos in one place? Do you want to watch them even when you are out of range? Plex is your best bet. Not only is it available on all the platforms, but it can also organize all of your video, music, and photo collections and gives you instant access to them on all of your devices. It offers

Unlimited playback of on-device video and photos

Stream photos and videos from Plex to others like Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, and other apps.

You can download it here.

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Category: Gaming 7] Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is one of the best car racing games available not just on Windows but on any platform. You can ride the best cars from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. The game uses HDR techniques and stunning visual and particle effects, making gaming realistic.

It is probably my favorite all the best Free Microsoft Store apps for Windows 10, apart from Plex. You can download it here.

Category: Password manager 8] Keeper (Best Rated)

There are tons of password managers on the internet, but we selected this because we wanted to pick something different, and it’s also the best rated.

Apart from the fact that you get a vault on your computer, it also offers extensions for the browser, can secure your file, is available across devices, and more. You can choose to share individual passwords, use inbuilt keeper chat, and so on. You can download it here.

Category: Task Manager 9] Microsoft Todo (Best Rated)

To-Do is another best-rated app from Microsoft which lets you manage all your daily tasks. If you use Wunderlist or Todoist apps, you can import all your work into this. Read more in our full review of Microsoft Todo. You can download it here.

Category: Utility 10] HEIC Converter

HEIC or High-Efficiency Image File Format is a new image container format from the developers of MPEG. It is being used on many platforms because it can save a lot of space and keep the same quality. If you cannot open any of the HEIC formats, this convert can help you open that. It can convert HEIC to jpg, jpeg, png entirely offline. Also, check out details on how you can open it in the Windows 10 Photos App.

You can download it here.

11] Total PC Cleaner

It is your best bet if you need a Microsoft store-based PC cleaner. It checks on System, Application, Mail, and other caches where the files are temporarily stored. You can download it here.

Category: Download Manager 12] Loadkit Download Manager

Supports all web protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP

Integrates with the browser through an extension

In-app Browser for easy management

Import and Export

Action Center Notifications

Fix broken URLs

Which app store is the best for PC?

Microsoft Store is an official store for installing Windows apps. All WIndows 11/10 computers have pre-installed Microsoft Store. Here you will find both free and paid apps in different categories. Apart from this, there are several safe free software downloading websites from which you can download free software and install it on your computer.

Is Windows 11 free for Windows 10 license?

If you have a genuine Windows 10 license, you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Microsoft has offered Windows 11 for free for users who have a genuine Windows 10 license key. But to upgrade your system to Windows 11, make sure that it meets the minimum hardware requirements.

12 Best Graphics Cards For Gaming To Buy In 2023

Whether you are upgrading an existing gaming rig or building a new PC, the graphics card (GPU) is one of the most integral components that ultimately decides your gaming performance. To help you achieve the best visual experience, high frame rates, and smoother gaming, we have covered all the best GPUs for gaming in this guide. We tell you about the highest-performing graphics cards from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel at various price points.

Things to Remember Before Buying a Graphics Card

Before you decide on the graphics card you want to install in your PC build, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Your GPU will perform at different capabilities based on your setup, so make sure that the graphics card you wish to buy is suitable for your PC build. Firstly, the CPU should adequately support the GPU without causing bottlenecks. Do you play at 1080p? If so, then you don’t need a super high-end graphics card. Anything below 4K, and you start to see diminishing returns with the highest-end models of the latest generation GPUs. So, remember to research on the GPU’s capability based on aspects such as your monitor’s resolution, CPU performance, so you can avoid having a bottleneck, or getting an overkill GPU for your resolution.

NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel all offer a different set of features, so remember to check which ones appeal to you. These include brand exclusive features like DLSS vs FSR , G-Sync & Freesync, etc. AV1 encoding is a new factor to consider, and available on all the latest models from the three GPU brands.

Apart from the points listed above, remember to ensure that your new GPU will be compatible with the existing PC build, by checking the power requirements against the overhead available in your power supply. There are other things to confirm too, such as the sizing, which we have talked about in our tutorial on how to install a graphics card. With that out of the way, let’s look at the best GPUs for gaming you can buy.

Top Graphics Cards (GPU) to Buy for Gaming in 2023 1. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 – Best 4K Gaming Graphics Card

Current Price: Starts from $1,799.99

MSRP (at launch): $1599 (Founders Edition)

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 24GB GDDR6X 21 Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 2520MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 450W

CUDA Cores: 16,384

Transistor Count: 76,300 Million

Manufacturing Process: 4 nm

In terms of features, the RTX 4090 has many new improvements that the new Ada Lovelace architecture brought to the table. We will talk about what’s important to gamers, and the first one is NVIDIA DLSS 3. This is the new generation of DLSS that includes something called AI Frame Generation. For a long time, your GPU and CPU’s overall performance ultimately decided how much FPS you will get, right? Well, DLSS 3 leverages AI to create artificial frames, which then results in a higher overall FPS and contributes to the smoothness of your game. It has its merits and demerits but is definitely a revolutionary feature. Apart from this, the RTX 4090 also has AV1 encoding.

ProsConsWorld’s fastest graphics card for gaming & professional use Expensive but worth it for those looking for the best performerBest 4K Gaming GPU, futureproof for years to comeDemands lots of power from the PSU, has proprietary power connector, massive overall size Overkill but appealing to users with high-refresh rate 1440p monitorsDiminishing returns below 4K resolutionHas innovative features like DLSS 3 & AV1 Encoding, NVENC makes it better for streaming compared to AMD

2. AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX & RX 7900 XT – Best AMD Graphics Card

Current Price: Starts from $879.99 for XT, $1079.99 for XTX

MSRP (at launch): $899 USD for XT, $999 USD for XTX [Reference Design]

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 20GB GDDR6 20 Gbps (XT), 24GB GDDR6 20 Gbps (XTX)

Boost Core Clock: 2394MHz (XT), 2499MHz (XTX) [Higher depending on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 300W (XT), 355W (XTX)

Stream Processors: 5,376 (XT), 6,144 (XTX)

Transistor Count: 57,700 Million (XT & XTX)

Manufacturing Process: 5 nm + 6 nm

The RX 7900 XTX & XT graphics cards are both extremely capable GPUs, released at price points that are slightly more accessible to people. They’re both smaller & consume less power, compared to NVIDIA’s offerings. Hence, these GPUs support a wider range of PC cases and don’t require people to change their power supplies as long as it comes with 2x 8-pin power connectors. AMD has increased its ray-tracing performance quite a lot here, and while NVIDIA pulls ahead in certain titles, you can still expect competitive performance from these GPUs in the occasional cases you turn on ray-tracing in your games. To know more, read about AMD’s RDNA 3 GPU lineup here.

When we talk about performance, these are capable of being excellent 4K graphics cards and you should definitely have a 4K monitor to pair with these GPUs with. Both these GPUs are quite appealing to 1440p high refresh rate gamers, but these GPUs are pretty overkill for that resolution in our opinion. Compared to the predecessors, the RX 6900 XT & RX 6950 XT, these graphics cards perform up to 1.5 to 1.7 times better respectively at 4K, in select titles, according to AMD.

Buy from Amazon: XFX Speedster MERC310 Radeon RX 7900 XT ($879.99, including on-going 12% discount), PowerColor Hellhound Radeon RX 7900 XT ($899.99), PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 7900 XTX ($1,079.99), Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 7900 XTX ($1,259)

3. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080

Current Price: Starts from $1,259.99

MSRP (at launch): $1,199 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 16GB GDDR6X 22.4Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 2505MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 320W

CUDA Cores: 9,728

Transistor Count: 45,900 Million

Manufacturing Process: 4 nm

The RTX 4080 is another new graphics card released by NVIDIA under their RTX 4000 Series lineup, which you can read about here. Previously, there were going to be two models (one being 16GB, and the other being 12GB) but NVIDIA ‘unlaunched’ the lower-end variant citing confusion caused by two models existing under the same name. Nevertheless, the RTX 4080 16GB is an excellent graphics card, albeit very expensive. Although comparing it to its big brother, the RTX 4090, this one is more reasonably priced.

This GPU is also similar to the RTX 4090 in size, coming in at about 4 slots of width and a TDP of 320W. The MSRP is around 25% lesser than the flagship 4090, and accordingly, the specs have been cut down to 9728 CUDA cores with 16GB of GDDR6X instead of 20. It has the same new features brought upon by the new architecture like DLSS 3, which includes AI-powered frame-generation which improves your FPS like some kind of black magic. Apart from that, we see the AV1 encoder here too, which brings better streaming quality for content creators.

ProsConsTop-notch performance in gaming, great for 4K at Max SettingsDiminishing returns below 4K resolutionOverkill but appealing for 1440p high refresh rate gamingProprietary power connector on FE modelNot as power demanding as the 4090Has innovative features like DLSS 3 & AV1 Encoding, NVENC makes it better for streaming compared to AMD

Buy from Amazon: ZOTAC Trinity OC GeForce RTX 4080 ($1,259.99), MSI Gaming X Trio GeForce RTX 4080 ($1,286), GIGABYTE Gaming OC GeForce RTX 4080 ($1,269.99, including on-going 7% discount)

4. AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT & RX 6900 XT

Current Price: Starts from $759.99

MSRP (at launch): $1,099 USD (6950 XT), $999 USD (6900 XT)

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 16GB GDDR6 18Gbps (6950 XT), 16GB GDDR6 16Gbps (6900 XT)

Boost Core Clock: 2310MHz (6950 XT), 2250MHz (6900 XT) [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 335W (6950 XT), 300W (6900 XT)

Stream Processors: 5,120 (both)

Transistor Count: 26,800 Million (both)

Manufacturing Process: 7 nm

The RX 6950 XT & RX 6900 XT were the previous-gen flagships released by AMD. Today, they are available under MSRP and offer a much better price-to-performance ratio, compared to many other GPUs. But is the performance impressive enough? Well, both of these offer very similar performance when compared to NVIDIA’s new generation mid-range offering, the RTX 4070 Ti. We will discuss that GPU next, but these rank ahead because of their value proposition. Both these GPUs support ray-tracing, but the performance is somewhat worse. But if you don’t turn on ray-tracing much, these GPUs make for an excellent choice. Depending on stocks, go for whichever model is cheaper. You might also get 3 bundled games with your purchase, as part of an AMD promotion.

These GPUs have a TDP of 335W and 300W respectively, and both offer 16GB of GDDR6 memory. Speaking of other features, the RX 6950 & 6900 XT support AMD ReLive, AMD FSR 2.0, and AMD Smart Access Memory. This generation was focused on bringing competitive performance but did not bring a new & better streaming encoder. Streaming quality is underwhelming for these GPUs, with the competing NVIDIA cards being better suited for that job. Still, to a gamer who focuses on performance, the RX 6950 & 6900 XT are highly appealing options. There are also people with new Ryzen 5 & 7 systems who could stream with their CPUs if needed.

The Radeon RX 6950/6900 XT are quite solid for 4K Gaming, even at half the prices of the current flagships. They are excellent cards at the 1440p resolution too, especially for high-refresh rate gaming. These GPUs are a clear recommendation from us in the mid-range category, given their current pricing and performance levels. Did you know that after AMD’s driver optimizations, the RX 6900 XT is closer to the RTX 3090 than it was before? So, the performance output of this card is pretty serious, and the only major cons that remain are lower ray-tracing performance and no high-quality streaming capabilities

ProsConsAvailable under MSRP, one of the best cards when it comes to price to performance Streaming encoder not as good as NVIDIACapable of 4K Gaming at Medium-High settings, quite viable for 1440p high-refresh rate gamingCompetitive but worse performance in ray-tracing titlesHigh VRAM quantity offeredClose to RTX 3090 in performance with driver updates

5. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti – The Best 1440P GPU Right Now

Current Price: Starts from $819.99

MSRP (at launch): $799 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 12GB GDDR6X 21Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 2610 MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 285W

CUDA Cores: 7,680

Transistor Count: 35,800 Million

Manufacturing Process: 4 nm

The RTX 4070 Ti is the most affordable next-generation GPU available from NVIDIA today. This is actually the same RTX 4080 that was ‘unlaunched’, and has now been re-branded to become the RTX 4070 Ti of this lineup. In terms of power, the RTX 4070 Ti has a TDP of 285W which is somewhat demanding but pretty good for the performance it offers you. It has 12GB of GDDR6X memory, which is plenty for today’s games.

This card is quite solid at 4K gaming, and an excellent choice for 1440p. High refresh-rate gamers will also love this GPU, because when paired with an adequate CPU and DLSS 3 turned on, the games that support the new feature will have very enjoyable frame rates. This is definitely the best 1440p GPU to consider – given its all-around performance, new RT hardware, DLSS 3 support, and the fact it’s the most affordable next-gen GPU from NVIDIA. A clear recommendation from us, based on the various new features this architecture brings. While the market’s response on this card has been controversial, it’s a solid pick in this range.

ProsConsMost affordable next-gen GPU from NVIDIA, reasonably priced when compared to flagship variantsStill expensive, launch price equal to RTX 3080 ($799)Capable of 4K Gaming at Medium-High settings, quite viable for 1440p high-refresh rate gamingHas innovative features like DLSS 3 & AV1 Encoding, NVENC makes it better for streaming compared to AMDAccording to NVIDIA, it’s better than a RTX 3090 Ti

Buy from Amazon: PNY XLR8 Gaming Verto Epic-X GeForce RTX 4070 Ti ($819.99, including on-going 5% discount), Zotac Trinity OC GeForce RTX 4070 Ti ($829, including on-going 6% discount), MSI Ventus 3X GeForce RTX 4070 Ti ($860)

6. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti

Current Price: Starts from $699.99

MSRP (at launch): $599 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 8GB GDDR6X 19Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 1770 MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 290W

CUDA Cores: 6144

Transistor Count: 17,400 Million

Manufacturing Process: 8nm

The power consumption is also somewhat lower than the flagship models, at a stock TDP limit of 290W which requires 2x 8-pin power connectors. We personally have an ASUS RTX 3070 Ti Strix as part of the test bench used in the i9-13900K review, and the card runs really quiet, cool, and under the TDP range too. The same goes for the FE and many AIB models – unless you heavily overclock this card, it will literally run at sub-70 degree temperatures without breaking a sweat.

While it only has 8GB of GDDR6X memory, the GPU packs enough punch for 4K gaming at medium settings and does very well as a 1440p card. Only a few games will require you to lower a few settings to reduce VRAM consumption. If you’re looking for something like a dedicated 1080p high-refresh-rate gaming GPU that also has good ray-tracing performance, the RTX 3070 Ti is definitely a great choice to consider.

ProsConsCapable of 4K Gaming at Low-Medium settings, most suited for 1440p gaming 8GB VRAM feels less at this priceNVENC makes it better for streaming compared to AMDCost should be lesser being a last-gen GPU, but stock issues make the price higher Has come down in price and is available around MSRP during deals Ray-tracing performance is more optimized on NVIDIA

Buy from Amazon: ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Ti ($699.99), MSI Ventus 3X GeForce RTX 3070 Ti ($729.99, including on-going 9% discount), GIGABYTE Gaming OC GeForce RTX 3070 Ti ($748.23, including on-going 12% discount)

7. AMD Radeon RX 6700 & RX 6700 XT – Best Budget AMD GPU

Current Price: Starts at $329.99 (non-XT) and $369.99 (XT)

MSRP (at launch): Unknown for non-XT, $479 (XT)

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 10GB GDDR6 16Gbps (non XT), 12GB GDDR6 16Gbps (XT)

Boost Core Clock: 2450MHz (non-XT), 2581MHx (XT) [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 175W (non-XT), 230W (XT)

Stream Processors: 2304 (non-XT), 2560 (XT)

Transistor Count: 17,200 Million (both)

Manufacturing Process: 7 nm

The RX 6700 & 6700 XT are awesome GPUs at the prices they are sold currently. With the XT variant being on par in performance with the RTX 3070, and sometimes better, we love this GPU for its bang-for-the-buck pricing and availability at deal prices. Also, many of the models you buy could have promotional offers going on, which include two free games. It’s quite an efficient card only having a 175W TWP for the non-XT, and 230W for the XT variant.

What these cards are really amazing at, is performing above expectations. For the price, they have become one of the most value-for-money GPU options available in the current market. You also get plenty of VRAM at 10GB and 12GB of GDDR6 memory respectively for both models, so you can turn up the texture quality easily in your games. This card is enough for 1440p gaming, and extremely capable of being a 1080p high-refresh-rate gaming GPU, making it one of the best affordable GPUs available in this price range.

ProsConsAvailable under MSRP, one of the best cards when it comes to price to performance Streaming encoder not as good as NVIDIACapable of 4K Gaming at Low-Medium settings, most suited for 1440p gaming Competitive but worse performance in ray-tracing titlesHigh VRAM quantity offeredClose to RTX 3070 in performance with driver updates

Buy from Amazon: XFX Speedster SWFT309 Radeon RX 6700 ($329.99, including on-going 13% discount), Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 6700 ($349.99)

PowerColor Fighter Radeon RX 6700 XT ($369.99, including on-going 8% discount), XFX Speedster SWFT309 Radeon RX 6700 XT ($389.99, including on-going 25% discount)

8. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti & RTX 3060 – Best Budget NVIDIA Graphics Card

Current Price: Starts at $359.99 (Non-Ti) and $455.99 (Ti)

MSRP (at launch): $329 (Non-Ti), $399 (Ti) [Founders Edition]

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 8GB GDDR6 14Gbps (3060 Ti), 12GB GDDR6 12Gbps (3060)

Boost Core Clock: 1777 MHz (Non-Ti), 1665 MHz (Ti) [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 170W (Non-Ti), 200W (Ti)

CUDA Cores: 3584 (Non Ti), 4684 (Ti)

Transistor Count: 12,000 Million (Non-Ti), 17,400 Million (Ti)

Manufacturing Process: 8 nm

The RTX 3060 Ti & RTX 3060 is from the previous gen of NVIDIA 30-series cards, but they have come down in price considerably since the crypto-mining days are over. They are currently available for prices that are slightly higher than the Founder’s Edition MSRP, but you could find them at deal prices sometimes. These are one of the most efficient cards in the 30 Series lineup. They have a stock TDP of 200W & 170 W respectively, and unless you’re playing very intensive titles, the GPU remains well under the power consumption limit. The VRAM offered here is 8GB for the RTX 3060 Ti Model, and 12GB for the RTX 3060 Model. If you’re confused as to why the higher-end model has less VRAM, do remember the 3060 has a 192-bit memory interface, while the 3060 Ti has faster VRAM as it features a 256-bit interface instead.

The RTX 3060 Ti model performs similarly to the RTX 3070, and the lower-end 3060 variant is plenty good for today’s games. With features such as DLSS, G-Sync, NVIDIA NVENC for streaming, and satisfying performance in today’s RT-enabled Games, both of these become compelling options in this range. While we would have liked to see higher VRAM on the 3060 Ti, it’s still very fast and things work out well in modern games. Only in a few games, you’ll have to turn some settings down if VRAM consumption is over 8GB. Considering everything, right now, the RTX 3060 & RTX 3060 Ti are the best budget graphics cards from NVIDIA.

ProsConsCapable of 1440p Gaming at Medium-High settings, quite viable for 1080p gamingShould be cheaper, still sold above FE model’s MSRP in most markets12GB VRAM on 3060 Model, albeit at slower speedsFewer triple-fan variants available at good pricesRuns really efficiently, cool & quiet graphics card Ray-tracing performance is more optimized on NVIDIA

Buy from Amazon: GIGABYTE Gaming OC Triple Fan GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6 ($455.99, including on-going 21% discount), ZOTAC Twin Edge Dual Fan GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6 ($459.95, including on-going 13% discount)

ZOTAC Twin Edge Dual Fan GeForce RTX 3060 ($359.99, including on-going 10% discount), ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3060 White ($369.99)

9. AMD Radeon RX 6600 & RX 6600 XT – Kickass Cheap Graphics Card from AMD

Current Price: Starts at $249.99 (non-XT) and $299.99 (XT)

MSRP (at launch): $329 USD (non-XT), $379 (XT)

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 8GB GDDR6 14Gbps (non XT), 8GB GDDR6 16Gbps (XT)

Boost Core Clock: 2491MHz (non-XT), 2589MHz (XT) [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 132W (non-XT), 160W (XT)

Stream Processors: 1792 (non-XT), 2048 (XT)

Transistor Count: 11,060 Million (both)

Manufacturing Process: 7 nm

The Radeon RX 6600 & RX 6600 XT are the fastest GPUs you can find under the $300 range. They are available well under MSRP and even have ongoing promotions where you can get two bundled games for free with your purchase. The TDP is 132W for the lower-end variant and 160W for the XT one. Both of them require a single 8-pin power connector and run quite efficiently at their stock settings. It also has 8GB GDDR6 memory which is in both models.

ProsConsAvailable under MSRP, one of the best cards when it comes to price to performance Streaming encoder not as good as NVIDIACapable of 1440p Gaming at Low-Medium settings, perfect for 1080p gamingCompetitive but worse performance in ray-tracing titlesOnly requires single 8-pin power connector on both modelsGood amount of VRAM (8GB) for the price

Buy from Amazon: XFX Speedster SWIFT 210 RX 6600 ($249.99, including on-going 11% discount), Powercolor Hellhound RX 6600 ($279.99), XFX Speedster SWFT 210 RX 6600 XT ($299.99), ASRock Challenger RX 6600 XT ($320.10)

10. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 – Cheapest RTX Graphics Card

Current Price: Starts from $279.99

MSRP (at launch): $249 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 8GB GDDR6 (14Gbps)

Boost Core Clock: 1777MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 130W

CUDA Cores: 2560

Transistor Count: 12,000 Million

Manufacturing Process: 8 nm

You get all the usual features of the RTX 3000 Series such as DLSS 2, G-Sync, NVIDIA’s excellent NVENC streaming encoder, and being an RTX card it has support for ray-tracing. How well does it work in the most intensive ray-tracing titles though? You’ll definitely want to turn on DLSS and lower the graphics settings a bit in your games, but if you really love ray tracing and want it to be on in your games, this GPU can handle it quite decently. This is the cheapest ray-tracing GPU, and while the RTX 2060 is around the same price, this has more VRAM and runs more efficiently.

Buy from Amazon: PNY Verto Dual Fan RTX 3050 ($279.99, including on-going 14% discount), MSI Ventus Dual Fan RTX 3050 ($299.99, including on-going 23% discount), GIGABYTE GAMING OC Triple Fan RTX 3050 ($309.99, including on-going 18% discount)

11. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super

Current Price: Starts from $239.99

MSRP (at launch): $229 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 6GB GDDR6 14Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 1785MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 125W

CUDA Cores: 1408

Transistor Count: 6,600 Million

Manufacturing Process: 12 nm

Apart from no ray-tracing support, it also doesn’t support NVIDIA’s new DLSS feature. However, AMD FSR works universally across GPUs so you still have the option of an AI-based anti-aliasing setting that you can turn on in your games, for better frame rates. You do get a very good NVENC encoder here still, with equal streaming capabilities to the other RTX 30 Series GPUs of the lineup. That does make this GPU an extremely appealing option for those who are looking to get a high-quality stream.

How does the GTX 1660 Super perform in today’s games? If you don’t max out everything and play at 1080p Medium to High settings, this card will still perform quite admirably in many games. In more optimized titles, you could max out the quality and even increase the resolution sometimes. The GTX 1660 Super is a very good option to consider as your next graphics card, as long as you’re okay with no support for ray-tracing and DLSS.

12. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 – Most Popular GPU in Steam Survey

Current Price: Starts from $179.99

MSRP (at launch): $149 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 4GB GDDR5 8Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 1665MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 75W

CUDA Cores: 896

Transistor Count: 4,700 Million

Manufacturing Process: 12 nm

The GTX 1650 is a very popular GPU, and if you look at the Steam’s Hardware Survey of December 2023 it’s actually used by most Steam users currently. It overtook the GTX 1060 recently which was previously at the top of this survey. Well, considering that so many people still use it, is it still viable in 2023? For most games, yes. While you’ll have to turn the settings down to meet adequate performance targets, it’s not really a bad performer and we definitely think this GPU will work well for users under a strict budget. It is a sub $200 card making it the cheapest option on this list.

With a TDP of just 75W, you could easily install this GPU as a major upgrade to many office PCs. It doesn’t have any demanding power requirements at all, so most power supplies can run this with ease. Not every model of this GPU requires a power connector from the PSU either, so it can definitely run off the PCI-e slot’s power limit too. If you do have a 6 or 8 pin PCI-e power connector in your PSU, we recommend buying a model that does require a power connector, so you can extend the power limits and get better performance out of the GTX 1650.

This GPU doesn’t come with many of the next-gen features that NVIDIA cards offer, like ray-tracing support or DLSS. But, it still supports AMD’s FSR (it works universally), so you can still increase your FPS output to a very satisfactory number in demanding titles by using the FSR Performance or Balanced setting. The GTX 1650 is a good enough option to consider, and while you will be making a few sacrifices, if the budget doesn’t dictate any other choice, you can get this GPU and be quite happy with the purchase. Just optimize the graphical settings of your games and turn on FSR if needed, and this GPU could last you longer than what you’d expect.

ProsConsReadily available around MSRP pricing, very affordable with its sub $200 prices No DLSS support, can’t expect ray-tracing at this priceCapable of 1080p Gaming at Low-Medium SettingsMost models have previous-gen NVENC encoder which is comparatively worse at streaming Runs at just 75W, many models don’t come require 6/8 pin PCI-e connectorNot good enough for VRCan last longer than you’d expect with lower settings in games and FSR enabled Newer titles might have issues with 4GB VRAM

Buy from Amazon: ASUS Dual OC GeForce GTX 1650 ($179.99), GIGABYTE OC Single Fan GeForce GTX 1650 ($197.99), EVGA SC Ultra Dual Fan GeForce GTX 1650 ($209.99)

Bonus Gaming Graphics Card: Intel Arc A770

Current Price: Starts from $412.48

MSRP (at launch): $329 USD

VRAM & Effective Memory Clock: 16GB GDDR6 16Gbps

Boost Core Clock: 2400 MHz [Depends on AIB]

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 225W

Xe Cores: 32

Ray Tracing Units: 32

Transistor Count: 21,700 Million

Manufacturing Process: 6 nm

The Arc A770 has 16GB of GDDR6 memory. You get a good amount of features on Intel Arc – like support for Intel Xe Super Sampling, Ray Tracing, and even AV1 encoding, which makes it as capable as the latest & greatest of NVIDIA & AMD when it comes to streaming quality. Read more about the Intel Arc in this article, where we tell you more about the architectural design of the GPU & its various features. The lower-end variant, the A750, has 8GB of GDDR6 instead, although both of them are just as fast, unlike the 3060 & 3060 Ti NVIDIA models

What about performance? Well, the A770 is a very capable performer, just not at everything. Older titles that use DirectX 9 don’t perform as per expectations, but Intel has been improving things with driver updates. Under the best case scenarios, these are excellent GPUs for gaming at 1440p (medium to high settings), and more than enough for 1080p. But many games, for example Star Citizen and Tarkov, have performance issues on Intel Arc GPUs. So, you’ll have to research into whether the Arc is suitable for the titles you are going to be playing. Otherwise, the Intel Arc GPUs are a pretty good contender from Team Blue that could have made this list, if it wasn’t for the mixed results people have been having with it. It also doesn’t support VR properly, which is fixable through drivers, but remains to be a major con for now.

ProsConsExtremely competitive performance in optimized titles Poor VR support (fixable with drivers)Good amount of VRAM (16GB) for the priceEnough games are having performance or stability issues which makes Intel Arc a hard bargain for most usersIncludes AV1 Encoder for streaming, just like the new high-end AMD & NVIDIA GPUsDriver issues, slowly improving in timeIncludes features like Intel XeSS, Ray-Tracing support, etc.

Buy from Amazon: Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition Reference Design ($412.48), Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition Reference Design ($329)

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Tv Is Dying, And An Apple Tv With Apps Will Finish It Off

Google TV is Dying, and an Apple TV with Apps will Finish it Off

You remember Google TV, right? It was supposed to be the software, running on several different devices, that would reinvent how we consume entertainment in the living room. And perhaps most importantly, it was supposed to be the platform that would beat all competitors.

But that hasn’t happened. Since the release of the Logitech Revue and Sony’s Google TV-based products, the entertainment platform failed to catch on with consumers. And even those who opted to get Google TV-based products were disappointed to find out that it had potential, but couldn’t deliver on the features they were after, like app support and the ability to watch some of their favorite television shows through its included browser.

Even with those issues, some companies aren’t willing to give up on Google TV just yet. Last month, for example, Vizio announced that it would integrate Google TV into a line of its HDTVs. Logitech and Sony also seem committed to the platform for now.

Google is undoubtedly happy to see that. But what about consumers? Current Google TV products have been ignored. And not even support from Vizio, one of the top HDTV makers in the world, will likely be able to change that.

It gets worse for Google. While the company has been trying to get its entertainment platform off the ground, Apple has been enjoying some success in the set-top box market.

After launching the Apple TV last September, Apple announced in December that its device would hit over 1 million unit sales before the end of the year. Since then, we haven’t heard much about Apple TV sales. But it seems that Apple is relatively pleased. And at the very least, we know that the device is catching on far better than Google TV-based products.

Realizing that, I think we can safely assume that Google TV is dying slowly, and Apple TV is healthier than ever.

But that doesn’t mean that Google TV is dead. Quite the contrary, Google has the ability to revive its ailing platform if it can ink deals with content providers and finally deliver apps to customers. That alone would do wonders for its service and potentially bring it back to life, unless, of course, Apple can beat Google to the punch.

Right now, Apple has the unique opportunity to finally kill off Google TV. All the company needs to do is bring its App Store to the Apple TV. Companies offering all kinds of multimedia products would jump at the chance to get in on yet another Apple marketplace. And consumers that saw little value in a black box that only does streaming might quickly realize that a black box that does streaming and offers content from major partners, like Hulu, through an App Store, is a worthwhile investment.

Even better for Apple, it puts Google in a difficult position. If it finally offers apps, will it be able to bring back those customers that Apple stole away? More importantly, will it be able to entice developers to work with it, rather than the Apple TV that at least so far, has proven to be more popular?

It’s tough to say. But it’s quite possible that if Apple beats Google to the market with apps on its set-top box, the search giant might be forced to answer those questions.

Say what you will about the underpowered Apple TV, but I think it has a chance right now to kill Google TV once and for all. All it needs is apps — and more attention from Apple.

Best Iptv Apps For Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Best IPTV Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick Cut the cord and watch your favorite content with these best IPTV apps for Firestick.

A number of online streaming subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc are available. But there are plenty of apps like IPTV that are undiscovered. Using these apps you can stream online content over the internet protocol network. This means you enjoy unlimited entertainment with an internet connection. To run these best IPTV apps for Firestick you need the device with IPTV subscription and the best IPTV app. 

To simplify the task here we will enlist the best IPTV apps for Amazon Firestick. 

Best IPTV Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick 2023

Note: When you use these IPTV apps make sure you stream Movies/TV shows that are available for public viewing. Streaming online copyrighted is illegal and can put you into trouble. In any form, we don’t support streaming copyrighted content. 

However, if you have any privacy concerns you can use the best VPN services as they allow viewing restricted content and protect your privacy. 

1. Sapphire Secure IPTV – Popular IPTV App for Movies and Shows

Get it here 

With over 4000 + live HD channels, Sapphire Secure IPTV is the most popular multilingual, cost-effective option to stream cable TV channels on Fire TV and other Android devices. This IPTV app for firestick offers 6 different packages on a monthly subscription basis with unlimited bandwidth and free support. Using this IPTV app you can watch popular channels from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Further, the Sapphire Secure IPTV app for firestick comes with a built-in live EPG feature. This means using the EPG feature you can know the TV schedule for the day. It even includes a Multi-Screen feature that allows streaming up to 4 channels at one time. Not only this, but Sapphire Secure IPTV also comes with Disk Space so that you can record Live TV Channels and save them. 


Multi-screen, daily updated Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

Supports external media players

Can user an Android app or internet connection to use this best IPTV app for firestick

Telegram and ticket support group

A good number of channels

2. Sportz TV IPTV – Best IPTV for Sport lovers

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Another best IPTV service provider is Sportz TV. With more than 6500 satellite channels, this IPTV service is a great option to watch your favorite TV channels on Fire TV. Using Sportz TV IPTV you can watch all global channels including the USA, UK channels. 

At a price of $ 14.95, you get 2 connections to share with your family and friends. This IPTV service not only works with Amazon Fire TV Stick but you can use it on Android & tablets too. To use it you need to side load or install it as it is not available through official channels.


VOD section, Live EPG or TV Guide

A number of on-demand movies and shows including channels from the USA.  

Can stream most channels in full HD 

DVR functionality with compatible devices

External media player support

3. Nitro TV IPTV – Best IPTV for Live HD Channels

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Nitro TV IPTV is a subscription-based Live TV service that offers more than 6000 channels from the US and other parts of the world. This IPTV service is cost-effective and it offers both SD and HD channels. Starting at just $ 20 monthly Nitro IPTV has become the obvious choice for many. You can use it on Amazon Fire TV including Android TV and Android apps. 

The only drawback is navigation, but its total buffer streaming overshadows it. Further, Nitro IPTV service offers a good collection of local TV channels; M3U playlist and EPG are also supported. If you are looking for a decent IPTV player for Firestick TV this is the service you should go with. 


2500 + streams in HD

Works great with ExpressVPN

Access different PPV events support multi-view streaming 

User-friendly interface for Fire TV Stick 

Compatible with different streaming devices

4. Streams for Us – Affordable IPTV Service for Fire TV Stick

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Streams For the US is an IPTV service for Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV 4k, Fire TV Cube, and other compatible devices. With over 8500 live channels, Steams For US IPTV service offers on-demand videos, TV shows and movies. You can install and watch your favorite shows on any Android-powered system. Its affordable plans start from $10 and go to up to $ 60.  This app provides high-quality content all the time and works on almost all devices. The user interface is very easy. 

This IPTV app for firestick is a perfect app for those looking for an economical and affordable app. 


User-friendly IPTV app

Huge content library, multiple subscription plans

Stream on multiple devices simultaneously

High-quality streaming

99.9% Server Uptime

5. Beast TV IPTV – Actual Cable TV Alternative

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Access tons of premium HD channels, sports, news, etc. 

Premium movie channels 

Use up to 4 devices with 1 account 

TV guide

Supports Amazon Fire TV, Perfect Player, Fire TV, browsers, etc. 

6. Area 51 IPTV – Most stable IPTV App

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Another popular and best IPTV service compatible with Amazon Fire TV is Area 51 IPTV. This versatile service is so popular that people wait for their plans to come in stock. Due to its outstanding service that lets you access hundreds of cable TV channels, this app becomes the first choice for Live TV streaming. For just $ 10 a month you can stream your favorite channels in high quality. 


Watch premium sports, movies, news channels

Compatible with Android devices and Amazon Fire TV

Excellent cable TV alternative

Large HD channel list

Economical IPTV service provider

7. Eternal TV IPTV – Most Trust IPTV App

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This is the most trusted IPTV service provider that offers 2800+ channels, 13000+ movies, and 500+ TV shows (coming soon).  Like Area51 IPTV, Eternal IPTV is also very popular and the subscription plans remain out of stock. Over the years due to its quality service, this IPTV app has earned a good reputation hence is considered one of the best IPTV apps for Firestick TV.

Using Eternal IPTV you can enjoy Full HD quality content with zero buffering or freezing. You can not only access 2800+ live channels but can also use the on-demand section. 


On-demand videos

Full HD stream

unlimited streaming

Share the same account across the house

No hidden or extra charges

8. Expedite TV IPTV – Best IPTV App for VOD Movies and Shows

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Expedite TV offers more than 800 cable TV channels, besides you can watch Live TV and more. Expedite IPTV also features a good collection of sports, local news, and VOD movies and shows. At a cost of $24 a month, you get up to 5 simultaneous connections. You can pay a lump sum or can use it for 24 hours and then can decide what you want. With good quality streaming at 1080p resolution Expedite IPTV app becomes a personal favorite of many. It can be side loaded on a Fire TV and a web link can also be used. 


Up to 5 connections

VOD TV shows and movies

Available as .apk

Monthly subscription

Works with the best VPN

9. The Players Klub IPTV – Best Subscription Provider IPTV App

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Compatible with Fire TV, Android, Kodi, Apple, and other well-known devices, The Players Klub is the best subscription provider. This service offers over 3000 cable TV channels for just $9.9 a month. You can watch 3000+ premium channels, 15000+ movies, 500+ adult VOD channels in full HD 1080p. 

This service also offers a live EPG.


Complete EPG list

Weekly PPV channels update

Categorized channels

Compatible with all devices

Money-back Guarantee

10. Ping TV IPTV – Amazing IPTV App for Movies and Shows

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800+ channels

Stream on up to 5 devices simultaneously

Watch anywhere you go

Available for Free

Wrapping Up

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