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Creating a presentation in PowerPoint will be significantly easier if you know a few tips and tricks. We’ve shown you how to change the size of your slides, insert a PDF, add music, and how to make your PowerPoint more engaging. 

Whether you’re brand new to creating PowerPoint presentations or you’re a pro, you can improve further by incorporating new PowerPoint design ideas. 

Table of Contents

1. How to Lock an Image in PowerPoint

Locking an image in a PowerPoint presentation will prevent the image’s proportions or aspect ratio from getting distorted or out of scale.

To lock an image in PowerPoint, follow the steps below:

    Check the box labeled Lock aspect ratio.

    If you don’t see that option, one workaround is to place objects into the master slide. To learn how, read how to edit master slides in PowerPoint. 

    2. Loop a Slideshow in PowerPoint

    If you plan on continuously running a PowerPoint slide show, you can set the slideshow to loop instead of having to restart it manually.

    Open the PowerPoint you want to loop.

    Select the Slide Show tab.

    Select the Set Up Slide Show button.

      Check the box labeled Loop continuously until ‘Esc.’

        Select the OK button.

        3. How to Reduce the Size of a PowerPoint 

        PowerPoint files can become large if you’ve inserted high-resolution images or media files. We’ve got a few PowerPoint tips and tricks that can help reduce the size of your PowerPoint file.

        If you’ve chosen to embed fonts in the file, select the Embed only the characters used in the presentation option.

        Compress images further by selecting an image in your slideshow. 

        In the Picture Format tab, select the Compress Pictures button. You can choose whether to apply compression options to all images or only the picture you’ve chosen. 

        Check the box labeled Delete cropped areas of pictures, and select Use default resolution. Press OK.

        By reducing the size of your PowerPoint file, you’ll make the file easier to store and email.

        4. How to Add and Print PowerPoint Notes

        To print the presentation with the notes, select Notes Pages in the Settings section of the Print dialog box.

        5. How to Edit PowerPoint Backgrounds

        If you’re using PowerPoint in a browser, you might have noticed there is no slide master. When you use the online version, you can directly add, remove, or edit any graphics that appear on a slide.

        6. How to Link to Another Slide in the Presentation

        Linking to another slide in the same presentation can be helpful if you anticipate the need to skip part of your presentation due to time constraints or refer back to a previous slide. It is as simple as adding a hyperlink.

          Choose which slide you want to link to and press the OK button.

          7. Stay Consistent by Using the Format Painter

          Consistency is a hallmark of a well-designed PowerPoint presentation. For example, slide headings should have the same color, font, and font size throughout the deck. Using the format painter makes standardizing all the headings and element labels in your presentation quick and easy. 

          Select the content that has the formatting you like.

          In the Home tab, select the Format Painter. 

          Next, select something else, and the formatting of the first element will automatically be applied.

          8. Look Smart with SmartArt

          PowerPoint’s built-in SmartArt feature will help take your presentations to the next level. With SmartArt, you can convert plain, boring text to engaging graphics.

          Select the text you want to convert into a graphic.

          On the Home tab, select Convert to SmartArt.

            Select the option you like the most. As you move your mouse over the different options, you’ll see what your text looks like converted to that SmartArt option.

            If you’d like a SmartArt option that allows you to add pictures, select More SmartArt Graphics. 

            In the menu on the left, select Picture.

              Select the option you like best.

              Select the OK button.

              To add an image, select an image icon in a SmartArt element and choose whether to insert an image from a file on your computer or from an online source like Bing.

              The SmartArt gallery has dozens of options to choose from. One of them is bound to make your slide more engaging.

              9. Align Your Objects

              You’ve used the Format Painter to ensure your formatting is consistent throughout your presentation. While you’re at it, make sure all your objects are perfectly aligned using PowerPoint’s Align tool.

              Select the objects you want to align by holding down Shift as you select each object.

              In the Format tab, select Align. 

              Choose how you want the selected object to align.

                To distribute three or more objects evenly, select the objects, and then select Align and either Distribute Horizontally or Distribute Vertically. 

                Being intentional about how objects on your slides are aligned goes a long way to making a professional-looking presentation.

                10. How to Use Picture Layout

                When you’re working with a slide with one or more images, try using PowerPoint’s built-in Picture Layout tool. It’s SmartArt for images.

                  Mouse over the options to find the Picture Layout you like best, and select it.

                  11. Be Sparing with the Slide Transitions

                  Once you discover that you can add animations between slides, you might be tempted to try them all. However, you should remember the cardinal rule of PowerPoint presentations: less is more. If you absolutely must use a transition, stick to the simple ones like Cut and Fade.

                  Select a slide.

                  From the Transitions tab, select a transition.

                    Select Effect Options if it’s available to choose additional settings for the transition.

                      Select Preview to see the transition in action.

                      12. Use Animations Wisely

                      While you’re toning down your slide transitions, make sure you’re using animations judiciously, too. Animating text or objects on a slide can help the flow of your presentation, but too many animations can be distracting. Be discerning about when and where you use them. 

                      To add animations and effects:

                      Select the text or object you want to animate. 

                      On the Animations tab, select an animation.

                        Next, select Effect Options to choose an effect. Note, the Effect Options will be different depending on which animation you have selected.

                        You can select different ways to start the animations. In the Timing section of the Animations tab, choose when to start the animation.

                        To change the order your animations play:

                        Select an animation marker on a slide (or toggle on the Animation Pane by selecting it in the Advanced Animation section of the Animation tab and select an animation in the list.)

                          In the Timing section of the Animation tab, select either Move Earlier or Move Later.

                          To add an animation to a group of objects:

                          If you use them the right way, animations can make your presentation clearer and easier for viewers to understand.

                          13. K.I.S.S.

                          PowerPoint slides are most effective when they’re simple. When you include only the most important information on your slides, you make it easier for people to digest and remember your message. You can always say more about the topic, but don’t pack the slide with more content than you need. After all, your audience should be listening more than reading.

                          14. Seek Out High Quality Templates, Images, and Graphics

                          When you keep it simple, that means using images and graphics that look good. We’ve rounded up some great stock photo sites and places to get beautiful PowerPoint templates.

                          15. Export the Presentation as a Video

                          When you’re happy with your presentation, export it as a video:

                            Choose Create a video.

                              Select the quality of the video and whether to use recorded timings and narrations.

                                Set the duration of each slide.

                                Select the Create Video button.

                                Navigate to the folder where you want to save the video file.

                                Select the Save button.

                                By implementing these tips and tricks, you’ll take your presentations to the next level! 

                                However, perhaps despite all the tips and tricks you’ve learned, you’ve decided to swear off the software entirely. So many PowerPoint presentations have put audience members to sleep that we now have a term for it: “death by PowerPoint.” In that case, say goodbye to Powerpoint, and check out these seven alternatives to PowerPoint that you can use online. 

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                                15 Iphone Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Device Running Smoothly

                                The iPhone is an incredible device with outstanding performance and exceptional build quality. Despite that, you must keep an eye out on both the software and hardware if you want to keep it running in top shape.

                                So whether you plan on giving away your iPhone or intend to keep it for many years to come, the 15 iPhone maintenance tips below will allow any iOS device to function at its best.

                                Table of Contents

                                1. Update Your iPhone With the Latest System Software

                                You can also configure your iPhone to download and install the latest updates on its own. On the same screen as above, tap Automatic Updates and turn on the switches next to Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates.

                                2. Keep the Apps on Your iPhone Up-to-Date

                                The system software aside, you’ll also have to take the time to update the apps on your iPhone. Again, that improves app performance and helps minimize issues such as crashes and battery drain.

                                To do that, open the App Store, tap your profile portrait, and swipe down and release to scan for new app updates. Then, tap Update All.

                                3. Restart Your iPhone If It Feels Slow and Sluggish

                                Even with a fully up-to-date iPhone, you’ll still run into various software-related snags resulting in your iOS device feeling slow and sluggish. When that happens, a simple restart can quickly help it get back on track.

                                4. Stop Background App Refreshing for Non-Essential Apps

                                iOS allows apps to refresh themselves in the background. But that doesn’t mean every app should since the extra activity puts a strain on system resources and battery life. 

                                5. Disable Location Services for Non-Essential Apps

                                You can then tap on an app and select Never to make it stop using Location Services. Or, pick on any of the other options to curtail Location Services usage, such as having it ask you for your permission each time you open it.

                                6. Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health 7. Clear Outdated Website Data in Safari

                                Just don’t make a habit of clearing the Safari cache after each browsing session. That’ll only end up slowing things down when you visit the same websites later.

                                8. Improve Internet Connectivity With Google DNS

                                Using Google DNS is a terrific way to minimize connectivity-related issues over Wi-Fi networks that your iPhone connects to frequently.

                                To change the DNS servers, open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi. Then, tap the Info icon next to your Wi-Fi connection and select Configure DNS. Follow that by replacing the DNS servers with the following:



                                Learn about other public DNS services that you may want to use over Google DNS.

                                9. Offload Apps Manually or Automatically

                                An iPhone with little to no free storage can run into all sorts of issues preventing it from working correctly. Usually, deleting a few apps helps fix that. But app offloading is a better alternative since you only delete the app and not any data that it may have generated since installation.

                                Alternatively, another iPhone maintenance tip is to set up your iPhone to offload apps automatically as it begins to run out of internal storage. To do that, open the Settings app and tap App Store. Then, turn on the switch next to Offload Unused Apps.

                                10. Invest in a Case and Screen Protector

                                Each year, Apple keeps improving the iPhone’s ability to withstand sudden drops, bumps, and scratches. But investing in a protective case and screen protector is still the only way to shatter-proof your device. Furthermore, that also helps keep your iPhone in pristine condition and preserves resale value. Check out these top rugged cases and screen protectors for the iPhone.

                                11. Keep the Charging Port Clean

                                Regularly cleaning the iPhone’s Lightning port is an iPhone maintenance tip that can help prevent charging issues. Use a toothpick to loosen and pry out any gunk or link. Do that gently to avoid damaging the connectors inside. 

                                Keeping the charging port clean also mitigates sudden connectivity drops while updating or restoring an iPhone via Finder or iTunes.

                                12. Avoid Overheating Your iPhone

                                Your iPhone will lock you out if it overheats to prevent hardware failure. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to push it to its limits all the time. 

                                If you use an app that regularly causes the iPhone to overheat, check if there’s a pending system software or app update that can resolve the issue. Or, stop using it for the time being.

                                Also, it’s a good idea to take your iPhone out of its case for intense activities such as gaming in hot weather. That allows the device to dispense heat faster.

                                13. Back Up Your Data to iCloud or a Computer

                                Backing up the data on your iPhone can help you quickly pick up from where you left off in case of software corruption. The most convenient way to do that is to use iCloud. 

                                If iCloud storage is a concern, you can choose to back up your iPhone to a PC or Mac instead.

                                14. Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

                                Your iPhone contains multiple settings that help apps and services function effectively. However, that can also lead to conflicts. If you ever run into an issue that you can’t resolve by updating or restarting your device, resetting all settings to their defaults just might make the difference. 

                                15. Reset Your iPhone to Factory Defaults

                                Even with regular maintenance on the software side, your iPhone may start to slow down over time. That’s natural since newer apps generally tend to gravitate toward the latest crop of iOS devices.

                                But instead of buying a new iPhone, you can always give your current device a new lease on life by resetting the device to factory settings. 

                                How To Combine Multiple Powerpoint Presentations

                                When a lot of people work on multiple PowerPoint presentations and then need to merge them in the end, it becomes challenging. The primary reason is the formating. If the teams are not in sync with each other, it will become a painful job to bring them to the same format.

                                Microsoft PowerPoint offers an in-house solution just like Word and Excel, which will allow you to merge multiple PowerPoint presentations, and still keep the formatting intact. The right way to do this is to ask everyone to use the same theme. Make sure to set up the PowerPoint Theme in one file, and then share it with everyone.

                                How to Merge Multiple PowerPoint Presentations

                                We have three ways to merge multiple PowerPoint files. While the first one is good when you have fewer numbers, and preserving the formatting is the primary goal. The second can combine any number of files available in a folder.

                                Reuse Slides Method

                                VBA Code Method

                                Copy Paste Slides.

                                1] Reuse Slides Method

                                Microsoft PowerPoint offers an inbuilt tool— Reuse Slides. It allows you to import single or multiple slides to your presentation from another, without having to open the other file. When you use this option, make sure to choose the option for formatting, especially if you want to have the same theme as the source file.

                                Open a new Powerpoint file or existing one where you want to merge the slides.

                                Select the slide after which you want to insert the slides from the source file.

                                It will reveal all the sides available on that slide.

                                If you want to keep the format exactly as the source slide, check the box which says, “Keep source formatting.”

                                Any slide you add here is a copy. The source file remains intact, and no changes will be made to it. Any change you make in the merged document will not become available in the original file.

                                One of the best parts of importing using this method is that it will keep all animations or transitions. It wasn’t the case earlier, and one had to use the Object method, followed by multiple configurations to make it work. Object Method is only useful if you want to pack multiple files into one.

                                2] VBA Code Method

                                Since there is no native method to merge numerous PowerPoint Presentations, we will have to use a VBA code, just like how we did to merge Excel files. It is straight forward and works better compared to the VBA code we used for Excel. The code worked fine for me well, and I was able to merge 3 PowerPoint files worth 60 slides.

                                In the new or existing PowerPoint file where you want to merge all the presentations, press ALT + F11

                                Sub InsertAllSlides() ' Insert all slides from all presentations in the same folder as this one ' INTO this one; do not attempt to insert THIS file into itself, though. Dim vArray() As String Dim x As Long ' Change "*.PPT" to "*.PPTX" or whatever if necessary: EnumerateFiles chúng tôi & "C:PathtoSlidesYouWanttoImport", "*.PPT", vArray With ActivePresentation For x = 1 To UBound(vArray) .Slides.InsertFromFile vArray(x), .Slides.Count End If Next End With End Sub Sub EnumerateFiles(ByVal sDirectory As String, _ ByVal sFileSpec As String, _ ByRef vArray As Variant) ' collect all files matching the file spec into vArray, an array of strings Dim sTemp As String ReDim vArray(1 To 1) sTemp = Dir$(sDirectory & sFileSpec) ' NOT the "mother ship" ... current presentation ReDim Preserve vArray(1 To UBound(vArray) + 1) vArray(UBound(vArray)) = sDirectory & sTemp End If sTemp = Dir$ Loop End Sub

                                Make the changes that I have marked as bold.

                                Press F5, and it will execute the code

                                3] Copy Paste Slides

                                I hope all these methods were easy to follow, and you were able to merge multiple PowerPoint files.

                                Make sure to choose between the number of files to merge and the Theme of the slide as per your need.

                                Read next: How to Merge Word Documents.

                                Strikethrough Shortcut For Google Docs, Powerpoint, Sticky Notes, Teams

                                How to strikethrough text

                                Strikethrough is a type of formatting in which a line appears through selected text. The line indicates that the text has been crossed out or deleted. Following is an example of the strikethrough text:

                                The Windows Club

                                Strikethrough tells the reader that the text is no longer relative. There may be a situation when you don’t want a piece of text in content but also don’t want to remove it completely. In that case, you can just strikethrough the text, so that it remains available in the content for later reference or inclusion.

                                Before we proceed further, let us understand that a keyboard shortcut may include a plus (+) sign or a comma (,) sign in between. The plus sign indicates that the keys need to be pressed together to make the shortcut work. While the comma sign indicates that the keys need to be pressed one by one, in sequence.

                                For example, to use the ‘Alt+Shift+5’, you have to press ‘Alt’, hold it, then press ‘Shift’, hold it, and then press ‘5’. While on the other hand, to use ‘Alt, H, 4’, you have to press ‘Alt’, let go of it, then press ‘H’, let go of it, and then press ‘4’.

                                Now let’s take a look at the strikethrough shortcut for Google Docs, PPT, Sticky Notes, Teams, and Outlook.

                                Strikethrough keyboard shortcut for Google Docs

                                To strikethrough text using the keyboard, select the text, and then press the following key combination:


                                Alternatively, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

                                Select the text.

                                Select the Strikethrough option.

                                Also Read: How to Strikethrough text in Word or Excel.

                                Strikethrough keyboard shortcut for Microsoft PowerPoint

                                To strikethrough text in MS PowerPoint, select the text and then press the following keys in sequence:

                                Alt, H, 4

                                Alternatively, follow the steps mentioned below:

                                Select the text.

                                Go to the Home tab.

                                Expand the Font menu.

                                Strikethrough keyboard shortcut for Sticky Notes

                                To strikethrough text in Sticky Notes, select the text and then press the following key combination:


                                Strikethrough keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Teams

                                You can use Markdown to enable keyboard shortcuts for strikethrough in Microsoft Teams. Markdown is a markup language that allows text formatting in a plain text editor without using HTML tags. Here’s how you can use your keyboard to strikethrough text in Microsoft Teams:

                                Place you cursor at the beginning of the text that needs to be strikethrough.

                                Type ~

                                Use the arrow key to move your cursor to the end of the text.

                                Type ~ again.

                                Strikethrough keyboard shortcut for Outlook

                                To strikethrough text in MS Outlook, select the text and then press the following keys in order:

                                Alt, O, 4

                                Alternatively, you may follow the steps mentioned below to use the strikethrough effect on a word or phrase in Outlook:

                                Select the text.

                                Go to the Format Text menu.

                                What is the shortcut for strikethrough in sticky notes?

                                Sticky Notes supports keyboard shortcuts to apply different formatting effects on text such as bold, italics, and strikethrough. To strikethrough a piece of text in sticky notes, select the text and then press Ctrl and T keys simultaneously. This will create a strikethrough effect on the selected text. That means the text will remain in the note, but marked as crossed out.

                                Read: Delete button does not show strikethrough when Track Changes is enabled in Word

                                Is there a shortcut for strikethrough in Outlook?

                                Yes, there is a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Outlook. The shortcut is Alt, O, 4. Notice that there’s a comma sign in the shortcut. The comma indicates that you don’t have to press the keys all together, but you have to press a key, then release it, then press another key, then release it, and so on. So after selecting the text, press Alt, release Alt, then press O, release O, then press 4, and finally release 4.

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                                14 Useful Powerpoint Templates To Set Up A Digital Planner

                                Paper planners are difficult to always keep with you. Plus, once you use them, you have to throw them away. Instead, organize your life, keep track of goals, and plan your business’s growth with a PowerPoint-based digital planner. Start off with PowerPoint templates and customize them for any purpose. You’ll find templates for everything from a basic daily planner to a detailed project planner with timelines. Once you’re finished with a time period or project, load the template and create a new custom planner.

                                While these are all free digital planner templates, they’re only for personal use. You can’t sell them. If using them for public presentations, you may need to credit the creator, which will be detailed in the template or on template’s download page.

                                1. Daily Planner

                                Keep track of all your daily tasks with a daily planner. The Gradient Daily Schedule Calendar offers a variety of different daily planning layouts to meet almost any need. This would be ideal for individuals, teams, and businesses.


                                30 different slides featuring various layouts for daily task planning and tracking

                                Easy to edit in PowerPoint and Google Slides

                                Includes details on the best ways to edit for your needs

                                Break down tasks by priority, time, or category (school, work, play, etc.)

                                Track goals and include motivations

                                The simple design with vibrant colors makes it an attractive option for organizing your day. Use as many of the slides as you want based on what you need to plan.

                                2. Weekly Planner

                                Want to see and plan your entire week at one time? Try the Weekly Plan Template. This minimalist template has everything you need to track a full week of tasks. Enjoy a brief overview or create lists and detailed notes for every single day.


                                10 slides

                                Charts, timelines, list view, note view, and budget slides

                                Includes both weekdays and weekends

                                Ideal for corporate and personal use

                                While it’s not the most colorful among PowerPoint templates, it keeps the focus on your week. Plus, it’s easy to edit and perfect for any use case.

                                If you’re looking for a more colorful option, check out Weekly Planner PowerPoint Template instead. It’s more complex, but perfect for those who prefer more vibrant visuals.

                                3. Monthly Planner

                                When you need to organize your month all in one place, use the Monthly Planner template. While it includes some basic slides, such as just a general calendar view that you can highlight or add notes to, the week-by-week notes and checklist slides help you further break down your month.


                                31 slides to organize your month

                                Works with Google Slides and PowerPoint

                                Various views include calendar, checklists, weekly notes, availability, and daily

                                Includes instructions on how to edit

                                The slides stick with a basic color theme with four main tones (orange, teal, blue, and gray), but still create a beautiful and effective planner for your month. The variety of slides means you’ll have the perfect layout for your needs.

                                4. Yearly Planner

                                If you prefer a digital planner that covers an entire year, the Undated Personal Planner is perfect. It comes in both January to December and August to July (to correspond with a standard school year) versions. Not only does it have calendars for all 12 months, but also provides monthly overviews and to-do lists.


                                Stickers to copy and paste in your planner

                                Monthly overviews with task lists, notes, special events, and birthdays

                                Linked tabs to jump between months quickly

                                Notes pages, including bullet journal pages

                                Compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides

                                If you’re looking for versatile PowerPoint templates to use as a digital planner, it’s hard to go wrong here. It works well for personal, school, and business use. Since it’s undated, it’s easier to customize year after year.

                                5. Bullet Journal

                                Bullet journals work well as customizable planners, goal trackers, or just a way to make detailed lists. The Digital Bullet Journal PPT template is one of the best free digital planners to use for almost any purpose. There are slides for weekly and monthly views, along with notes and lists.


                                Weekly and monthly overviews

                                Customizable Notes pages

                                Blank pages to decorate as you wish (a sample slide shows you possibilities)

                                Movies and books slides to track movies you’re watching and books you’re reading

                                Regularly updated with new months (you can either update your planner manually or download the updates)

                                The colorful purple graphics stand out against a grayish background. You’re free to add your own graphics, photos, fonts, and more to make it feel like a personalized bullet journal.

                                6. Wedding Planner

                                Whether you’re planning your wedding, showcasing your journey as a couple, or even marketing yourself as a wedding planner, the highly versatile Our Wedding template will work well for you. While you might not need every slide, you can use the ones you want to plan out wedding details, show a presentation at your wedding, and even send out RSVPs.


                                33 different slides

                                Four main sections – Our Story, About Us, The Wedding, and Special Details

                                Option to customize every single slide

                                Ideal to use as a wedding presentation, wedding planner, or wedding website template

                                Colorful graphics on every slide

                                This is a cute, yet effective wedding planner that can be used and customized both by couples and wedding/event planners. If you prefer a floral design, check out Floral Wedding, which offers the same features, but with a different graphic theme.

                                7. Lesson Planner

                                Keeping track of students and lessons isn’t always easy, but with the Teacher Digital Planner it becomes easier. This is one of the most useful PowerPoint templates for teachers and parents who homeschool. It runs from July to July. The linked version is for the current year, but you can change the dates to reuse the planner year after year.


                                Linked monthly tabs

                                Daily hour-by-hour to-do lists

                                Monthly, weekly, and daily overviews

                                Weekly lesson plans by subject

                                Seven tabbed Note pages for any extra notes you need

                                With over 70 slides, it’s easy to find the perfect slides to plan out lessons all year long. While the planner is not filled with graphics, the bright colors make it pleasant to use and easy to distinguish between months and note pages.

                                8. Event Planner

                                Planning a major event or run an event planning company? Try the Event Party Planner Project Proposal template. This free digital planner works great for planning any type of party or proposing a party plan to clients. From an overview of the party to breaking down the budget, this template has it all. The bright and colorful theme puts viewers in a festive mood. It’s easy to customize the template for your needs.


                                Includes 30 slides

                                Six main sections – About, Requirements, Project Goals, Sneak Peek, Project Stages, and Our Team

                                Lay out entire events, including the overview, budget, timeline, requirements, and a countdown

                                Use for personal planning (may only need a few sections) or event planner marketing and planning

                                9. Timeline Planner

                                One of the best ways to break down a goal or project is with a timeline planner. The Eight Weeks Plan Timeline template lets you break down larger tasks into eight segments. Of course, if you need a longer period, just duplicate the slides to create extra weeks.


                                8-week overview with colorful blocks

                                Individual week breakdowns

                                Ideal for tracking any large tasks, projects, or goals

                                While the planner only has nine slides, it’s highly effective and provides a way to stay on track week after week. If you want something simpler in a single slide, try the Simple Project Timeline template.

                                10. Student Planner

                                Keeping track of homework assignments, tests, events, and college planning takes the right type of planner, and that’s where the Student Digital Weekly Planner template comes in. It’s one of the best free PowerPoint templates to help students of any age stay better organized. Plus, it’s fully customizable to meet any students’ needs.


                                Linked tabs to jump to Notes, To-Dos, Projects, and Other sections

                                Slides broken down by weekday and subject

                                Add sticky note style graphics to any page

                                Date section on each weekly slide (no pre-set dates or calendars)

                                While the colors are kind of bland, those can be changed based on your preferences. It’s easy to duplicate slides for as many weeks as you need at a time. With the tabbed sections, students are able to add more details for anything they’re currently working on or need to work on.

                                11. Meal Planner

                                Eating healthier and planning meals ahead becomes much simpler when you have a dedicated meal planner. The Healthy Eating Yearly Planner lets you list your favorite recipes month by month and list meals based on the day of the week and time of day.


                                52 slides

                                Charts/graphs to track goals

                                Sections for favorite recipes/meals and ingredients

                                Plan by month, week, and day

                                Tabbed months for easy access

                                Colorful food-related graphics

                                This template is focused heavily on eating healthier and includes graphs to help you track your progress. You can use these or stick with just the weekly/monthly planners. Throughout, you’ll find various sections for nutrition details, food breakdowns, and more.

                                You may want to combine the Meal Planner Infographics template with this one for even more in-depth meal planning.

                                12. Social Media Planner

                                Marketing yourself on social media takes more than just random posts now and then. Instead, you need a solid plan for best results. The Cute Branding: Social Media Planner template is an easy to use free digital planner that breaks down your goals, growth, and overall plan into various slides.


                                30 slides

                                Includes six sections – Branding, Main Ideas & Goals, Organization, Growth Tracker, Product Pricing, and Extras

                                Breakdowns for audience, tone, and overall message

                                Divide campaign goals and steps by month, week, and day

                                Track growth with colorful charts

                                Budgeting details


                                This highly detailed planner covers every aspect of a social media campaign. You can even assign individual posts and campaigns to separate slides. While designed with businesses in mind, it works well for freelancers, influencers, and small teams too.

                                13. Marketing Planner

                                Whether you’re marketing events, services, or products, the Interactive Marketing Planner has everything you need to break down objectives and tasks by week, month, and year. Simple graphics put the focus on your details while still making the planner look visually appealing.


                                31 slides

                                Tabbed sections for general planning, week, month, and year

                                To-do lists

                                Sections for notes

                                Project lists

                                Objective lists

                                Charts and statistics

                                While designed with marketing in mind, this planner could easily be used for social media campaigns or even goal tracking over the course of a year. You’ll also find graphics to copy/paste at the end of the slide list.

                                14. Business Planner

                                Want a special calendar planner designed specifically for businesses? Try the Business Calendar template. This digital planner works well to track business growth, meetings, projects, deadlines, milestones, and events. Overall, this is a highly effective template for monitoring your business throughout the year.


                                31 slides

                                Several calendar views that also include lists

                                Monthly concept chart

                                Charts and timelines to track growth

                                Maps and statistics slides

                                Marketing slides

                                Frequently Asked Questions

                                If you’d rather not sign up to avoid being bombarded with marketing emails, consider using a temporary email address to create a quick dummy account and grab your template(s).

                                If you do prefer using Google over Microsoft Office, you may also want take a look at these Google Docs templates for organizing your life.

                                Can I use these templates for business, client, or other types of presentations?

                                Yes. However, check with the site you’re downloading from to see if you need to include any attribution. For instance, you may need to include the site or template creator’s name somewhere on each slide or on your final slide.

                                If you want to use one of these templates (such as the wedding planner) for a website presentation, you will need to include attribution and usually a link back to the site. However, you can’t sell the presentation or templates.

                                Image credit: 2H Media via Unsplash

                                Crystal Crowder

                                Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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                                Razer Blade 15 (2024) Review

                                Our Verdict

                                The addition of an RTX 2070 Max-Q and an impressive 240Hz screen make the latest Blade an excellent – if expensive – option for esports and conventional gaming. Razer has improved this machine’s thermal performance, too, and the exterior remains one of the slimmest and sleekest on the market. Just be aware that the Blade is not cheap – and its keyboard won’t sate some serious players.

                                Best Prices Today: Razer Blade 15 (2024)




                                View Deal

                                On the outside, this new Blade 15 doesn’t look much different from Razer’s award-winning predecessor: it’s still stunning, but not much has changed. Instead of tweaking the looks, Razer has concentrated on the internals. That means big upgrades: new graphics cards and CPUs, and a 240Hz screen that’s perfect for esports.

                                That sounds great, but prices have increased – this model costs £2,530 or $2,650, and some are more expensive. Is the Blade 15 still worth it? Here’s our full in-depth review.


                                The updated Blade 15 comes in several configurations and it’s called the ‘Advanced Model’ but it’s generally known and the 2023 edition, too. Our model includes an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics card, a 9th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU and a Full HD 240Hz screen.

                                If you want the RTX 2070 Max-Q with a 4K touchscreen then it’ll cost $2,900, but the 9th-gen CPU is swapped for 8th-gen hardware and this configuration isn’t available in the UK. It’s also possible to combine the RTX 2070 Max-Q with a 144Hz Full HD screen and the older 8th-gn CPU to bring the price down to £2,140 or $2,200.

                                The next step up includes an RTX 2080 Max-Q. If you want the 4K screen and 9th-gen CPU the price comes in at an eye-watering £3,150 or $3,300. The 240Hz Full HD model is £2,880 or $3,000, and the 144Hz version is £2,610 or $2,700.

                                Last year, a GTX 1070 model with a 144Hz screen would set you back £2,329 or $2,599.

                                View all the models at Razer and you can also but them from Amazon.

                                The Blade has strong competition from the Alienware m15. That machine also uses the RTX 2070 Max-Q and has 9th-gen CPUs, and it’s available with 144Hz or 240Hz Full HD screens or 4K 60Hz panels.

                                There’s not much difference in price between the Blade and an equivalent Alienware: the m15 with the same specification costs £2,600 or $2,480.

                                Check out our chart of the  best gaming laptop.

                                Design & Build

                                Most of the Blade’s design features are unchanged. The machine is still built from anodized aluminium, with sleek lines, smart logos and no unnecessary extravagance. You’ve still got speaker grilles sandwiching the keyboard alongside slim bezels and a huge glass trackpad.

                                This machine uses Razer’s Mercury White finish, which is a limited-edition colour that debuted last year. This time around, it’s only available on the RTX 2070 machine with the 240Hz screen.

                                It looks fantastic – but it also makes the Blade looks rather like a MacBook Pro from 2006. Handily, every specification is available in a subtler black shade if you prefer.

                                The Blade is thicker than last year’s model, but it’s still svelte – 18mm thick and 355mm wide, and with a 2.15kg weight. That’s the same weight as the Alienware, and still a little bit slimmer and narrower than Dell’s machine – Dell owns Alienware if you’re not aware.

                                It’s a similar port allocation as the Alienware, although that machine goes further by offering Killer Gigabit Ethernet on all models.

                                Keyboard & Trackpad

                                The lack of exterior evolution on the Blade means its chiclet keyboard remains virtually unchanged. The keyboard looks smart, with per-key Chroma RGB LED backlighting and a white finish that matches the rest of the notebook.

                                The lighting is excellent: it’s supremely customisable, has 14 levels of brightness and can be synchronised with other Razer peripherals. Cleverly, pressing a function key highlights the options on the function row, and there’s a game mode to disable potentially ruinous buttons.

                                Razer’s keyboard does look the part, but it’s not without problems. Because this is a chiclet keyboard, the buttons don’t have the travel, weight or snap of more robust units. The keys only have around 1.2mm of travel, and their typing action is fast and light – but not particularly crisp. The Alienware m15 has more travel and feels more tactile.

                                Razer’s keys are fine for mainstream games, or slower titles. Casual esports players will get on fine for the most part too. However, serious competitive players – or just people who take their gaming seriously – will want a more robust gaming keyboard with more travel.

                                The Razer has its foibles elsewhere, too. There’s no numberpad – unlike the Alienware – and the cursor keys sit snug with the rest of the buttons, which can be awkward.

                                The glass touchpad remains vast, responsive and with full gesture support. It’s bigger than the Alienware’s pad. However, the two in-built buttons are too soft. It’s fine for using Windows and anyone who’s remotely serious about gaming should attach a USB gaming mouse.

                                Screen & Speakers

                                The Blade’s Full HD screen has a stonking 240Hz refresh rate. That matches the top-spec Alienware, and it’s designed for esports – because it means screens will display games that run at 200fps and beyond.

                                Titles like Overwatch, Fortnite and CS:GO can run at those speeds, and having a better framerate and a more responsive screen can make the difference between winning and losing when you’re competing – because faster image processing means quicker reaction times. And, away from esports, it’s always a boon when you can make games smoother.

                                Most gaming laptops top out at 144Hz, so having nearly 100Hz of extra pace will help in competitive scenarios. Be aware, though, that most people will find that 144Hz is enough – at this end of the market only the keenest players will notice the jump to 240Hz, and you’re very much going to be getting diminishing returns. The Blade 15 also comes in 144Hz if you like.

                                Elsewhere, the panel has slim bezels and a matte finish. Sadly, there’s no Nvidia G-Sync. Gaming is already excellent on this screen, but it would have been even smoother with G-Sync tech.

                                Quality levels are good. The brightness level of 333cd/m2 is solid, and the black level of 0.27cd/m2 is good too – the former means punchy high-end tones, and the latter delivers dingy dark areas. They create a contrast ratio of 1,233:1, which is high enough to provide great punch and depth.

                                The Delta E of 1.91 is excellent, and the screen maintained reasonable uniformity. The only issue is the colour temperature, which sits at 8,560K. That’s warm, and it means that the screen has a slight red pall when brighter colours are viewed.

                                One final recommendation: if you opt for the 4K OLED Blade 15, don’t assume that it’ll be good for HDR. That panel only adheres to VESA DisplayHDR 400, which is a low-end HDR standard that makes virtually no difference to content.

                                The speakers are loud and have impressive high-end punch, with clear tones at the top of the range and a crisp treble sound in the middle. Bass is very weak, though, and the speakers could still have a little more volume. We’d recommend a

                                Specs & Performance

                                The RTX 2070 Max-Q has the same 2,304 cores and 8GB of memory as the full-fat 2080 version of the GPU, but its base and boost clocks run at 885MHz and 1,185MHz. That’s cut back from the 1,215- and 1,440MHz of the full mobile GPU in order to improve thermal performance.

                                Nevertheless, it’s powerful. It zipped through Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Ultra benchmark at 52fps, which is seven frames better than the GTX 1070 in the Alienware m15 – and its Total War average of 69fps is three frames better. In 3DMark Sky Diver, the Razer’s result of 34,615 virtually matched the m15.

                                However, this GPU won’t cope with 4K screens, widescreens or full-pelt VR.

                                The GPU is paired with a Core i7-9750H. It’s one of Intel’s latest processors, although there’s little difference between this part and the i7-8750H that’s found in many more machines. They both use Coffee Lake, and both have six Hyper-Threaded cores.

                                The i7-9750H runs at 2.6GHz with a single-core peak speed of 4.5GHz and an all-core peak of 4GHz – marginally better than the older chip. It’s paired with 16GB of 2,666MHz DDR4 memory.

                                The Core i7’s Geekbench result of 17,318 is fine, but it’s not able to match the Alienware’s 23,179. That machine may have had the older i7-8750H, but it had 32GB of memory. The Razer’s PC Mark 10 score of 4,897 is also a little behind the Alienware.

                                Alienware’s machine is consistently quicker, and this can be explained by Razer’s CPU throttling. In easier tests the Razer hit its all-core peak of 4GHz, but in tougher benchmarks the cores ran between 2.5GHz and 3.2GHz.

                                Nevertheless, the Razer handles gaming, daily multi-tasking and plenty of work tools – it’ll only struggle with high-end work tasks, like 4K video editing and CAD design. However, if you are interested in that kind of work, the Razer doesn’t have a Core i9 option – but the Alienware does.

                                You can see all the results below, also compared with the Asus RoG Scar 2 (GTX 1070), Aorus 15 X9 (RTX 2070) and Razer Blade Pro 17 (RTX 2060).

                                Elsewhere, the Blade has up to a 512GB Samsung SSD that delivered impressive speeds of 3,277MB/s and 1,875MB/s. Connectivity is good, with Intel’s AX200 Wi-Fi 6 chip that can handle 802.11ac/ax alongside Bluetooth.

                                Last year’s Blade was loud and intensely hot. This year’s model is not perfect, but it’s better. Its internal temperatures are fine: in benchmarks and stress-tests the CPU and GPU peaked at 80 and 74 degrees.

                                Battery life

                                The Blade has a 65Wh battery, which is reduced from the 80Wh unit inside the older model but still bigger than the 60Wh power pack inside the Alienware m15.

                                In a video playback test with the screen dimmed to 120cd/m2, the 2024 Blade lasted for six hours and nineteen minutes. That’s about an hour longer than the Alienware, but almost two hours short of the older Blade.

                                In a gaming test the Razer lasted for almost 90 minutes. That’s not particularly good, and bear in mind that increasing the screen’s refresh rate will decrease battery life – especially pertinent with a 240Hz panel.

                                In short, anyone who wants to do proper high-end gaming on the Blade will need to plug in. If you’re away from the mains, you’ll only get a limited amount of low-end gaming done on this notebook.


                                The Blade 15’s big changes for 2023 come on the inside, and they’re mostly successful. The 240Hz screen offers incredible speed and good quality, and the refresh rate is great for esports. The RTX 2070 Max-Q has the pace to handle esports titles at this framerate, and it’s also got enough power for single-player gaming.

                                Impressively, thermal performance has also improved since last year – this machine is still loud and hot, but it’s not too bad and no worse than rivals. And the Blade continues to look the part, with a slim, attractive design that is more mature and modest than the Alienware.

                                The only hardware mis-step is the processor. It’s a solid chip that’s fine for gaming and everyday work, but it doesn’t reach its full potential due to throttling. If you need lashings of CPU pace, look elsewhere.

                                Smaller issues include the way the shallow chiclet keyboard won’t sate some gamers, mediocre battery life during gaming and the speakers lack bass.

                                Still, there’s a lot to like here: the graphical grunt and 240Hz display make the Blade an excellent machine for esports, and it’s a solid option for conventional games too. It’s also no more expensive than equivalent Alienware systems. If you’re after a stylish, sleek gaming option, the latest Blade is certainly a contender.

                                Specs Razer Blade 15 (2024): Specs

                                OS: Windows 10

                                Processor: 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-9750H

                                Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q 8GB

                                Memory: 16GB 2,666MHz DDR4

                                Screen: 15.6in 1,920 x 1,080 IPS 240Hz

                                Storage: 512GB Samsung M.2 SSD

                                Ports: 3 x USB 3.2, 1 x Thunderbolt 3, 1 x mini-DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x audio jack

                                Connectivity: Dual-band 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.0

                                Dimensions: 355 x 235 x 18mm

                                Weight: 2.15kg

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