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3 Ways to Remove All Packages Installed by Pip Pip uninstall all is used for removing packages and dependencies




Pip uninstall helps you remove unnecessary packages from Python.



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readers this month.

Over time, as you work on various Python projects, your environment may become cluttered with multiple packages. So, using pip to uninstall all packages can help resolve it.

Therefore, we will explore ways to remove all packages installed by pip to have a clean Python environment. Also, we have a detailed guide about how to install pip on macOS in simple steps.

What is pip?

Pip is a package management system for installing and managing software packages written in Python. It stands for Pip Installs Packages or Pip Installs Python. Pip is the standard package installer for Python and is widely used in the Python community.

Here are some of the main functions of pip:

Pip lets you easily install Python packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) or other sources.

It automatically resolves and installs the dependencies required by a package.

Pip enables you to manage installed packages, including upgrading, downgrading, or uninstalling them.

You can search PyPI to discover available Python packages and their versions.

It helps you manage package versions, allowing you to specify the desired version or range of versions for installation.

Pip provides tools for packaging and distributing Python packages, making it easier to share your own code with others.

It integrates well with virtual environments, allowing you to isolate and manage dependencies for different projects.

Pip can be used to upgrade its own version to the latest release.

What does pip uninstall do?

As its name says, pip uninstall is in charge of uninstalling Python packages. However, it can’t remove the following:

Pure distutils packages that leave no metadata

Script wrappers

How can I pip uninstall all packages in Windows? 1. Uninstall the individual package

    Press the Windows button, type Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator to open it.

    Type the following and press Enter to know the list of packages installed: pip list

    Then, type this and press Enter: pip uninstall package_name

    Using the command above will uninstall the particular package name entered. Note: substitute the package name with the individual package you want to remove.

    You can read our guide about how to fix Command Prompt not working on your PC.

    2. Remove all packages

      Press the Windows button, type Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator to open it.

      Type the following and press Enter: pip uninstall -y -r <(pip freeze)

      Reply with the following and press Enter to confirm your selection: Y

      Adding the pip freeze command will remove all packages installed on your system by pip.

      3. Remove all packages using use xargs

      You can only individually remove packages installed from VCS (version control systems). Thus, you will have to exclude them before the command can run.

      In conclusion, check our detailed guide about resolving PIP not recognized in PyCharm terminus on Windows OS. Also, we have a complete guide on Visual Studio vs PyCharm to help you decide which IDE is best for your next project.

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      How To Install Pip In Windows To Manage Python Packages

      Good to know: see how to run a Java program from Command Prompt.

      How to Check Whether pip Is Already Installed on Windows

      Before running pip on your Windows device, run a few commands as shown to verify whether pip and Python are already installed as programs on your PC.

      Open Command Prompt from Windows Search and run it as an administrator.

      Run either of the following two commands to verify Python’s presence on your Windows device:



      help python



      The python --help command will tabulate a list of all available Python arguments to be used on your device.

      Type the following in the Command Prompt to check for pip’s availability.

      pip help

      The pip help command will tabulate a list of commands and general options to be used with the pip script.

      If pip was not installed earlier, the code will return the following output: “pip is not recognized as an internal or external command.”

      Tip: check out these Python one-liners you should know about.

      Prerequisites for Installing pip in Windows

      Other than having access to a terminal emulator, such as Command Prompt, there is only one prerequisite before you can install pip in Windows. You just need Python. If it’s not on your PC, you will first have to download and install it.

      You can download the latest version of Python from its official website, but it’s much easier using Microsoft Store, where you get Python’s latest stable version for Windows without having to deal with any installer files.

      Open Command Prompt in administrator mode.

      Type the following without any arguments and hit Enter.


      Once the process is complete, you will find Python in your list of installed apps.

      How to Get Started with pip on Windows

      Follow these step-by-step instructions to install pip on your Windows computer and make it usable for Python packages.

      1. Download and Install pip

      To install the pip package, you will need to first download and set up a bootstrapping script called “” There are two different ways to complete the download instructions for the script in question.

      Tip: learn the differences between Command Prompt and Powershell to know which one to use and when.

      Command-Line Installation

      Open the Command Prompt in administrator mode.

      Assuming Python is installed on your Windows computer, execute its cURL command to bootstrap the “” file from its official URL webpage.

      View the above file downloading on your device along with a stream of values for the received data packets.

      Use a Python get() request to download the file from its source.

      python get


      After Python collects the required packages for pip, wheel, and other scripts, you may see a few warning messages that can be safely ignored.

      Upon successful installation of pip, you will see a message that says, “Successfully installed pip [version number] wheel [version number].”

      Manual Installation

      Apart from the command-line interpreter method, you can install pip manually through its original webpage.

      Type %AppData% within the Run command (Win + R), taking you to AppData’s Roaming folder.

      Move one level up in the folder tree to access the “Local” subfolder. It contains the Python files under “Microsoft/WindowsApps.” The precise location of this Python subfolder varies from one PC to another.

      Save the “” file you downloaded earlier in the same folder as your other Python applications.

      Go back to the Command Prompt and use the cd command to change its directory path based on your Python subfolder location.



      path to Python subfolder and get


      pip file.


      Run Python’s bootstrapping script, “,” to install pip on your Windows machine.

      python get


      The software is installed once you see a “Successfully installed pip with version number” message – but the job is only half done. There’s still more to do, so keep reading.

      FYI: unable to start the Windows troubleshooter? Learn what to do about it.

      2. Add pip as an Environment Variable in Windows

      You can always run pip from its stored folder tree path, as shown above, but doing it all the time can become tedious and cumbersome. It is much easier to define pip as an environment variable, allowing you to run pip just as easily from any other folders on your device.

      Go to the “Advanced” tab in the System Properties window.

      You can run pip from any folder path in Windows.

      Tip: you can use the Windows Package Manager to install and update software as demonstrated in this guide.

      3. Upgrade and Downgrade pip

      As with any other software package, pip has to run up to date with your current system. You can easily upgrade or downgrade pip on your device with a few simple commands, as shown below:

      Type the following arguments in the code to upgrade pip.



      m pip install


      U pip

      If you already have the latest pip package, you will see a notification that says, “Requirement already satisfied: pip in ‘folder path unique to your system’ with package version number.”

      Type the following to downgrade pip:



      m pip install



      older version number


      The following screen shows pip’s progressive downgrade from version 23.1.2 to 22.0, followed by upgrading it back to the original version.

      Good to know: learn how to pretty print a JSON file in Python using the Terminal and command line.

      Using pip to Manage Python Packages in Windows

      After you’ve installed pip in Windows, you can readily use it to control and execute a wide variety of Python packages. Let’s check out two important commands that many Python users require frequently:

      To install a new package using pip, enter the following information:

      pip install


      name of the package


      In this example, pip is being used to install Pandas, a complete Python package that performs data analysis on a wide variety of datasets.

      Type the following to uninstall a Python package with pip.

      pip uninstall


      name of the package


      The pandas package is uninstalled with a simple pip command.

      There are a few more popular pip commands that you will encounter when dealing with various Python packages:

      pip inspect: inspect a Python environment to produce a JSON output

      pip search: search for available package information

      pip check: check whether there are any broken requirements in the package

      pip download: download a package file

      pip wheel: build a new project using your current dependencies and requirements

      FYI: to learn more about Python’s one-liner commands, check out this useful list.

      Frequently Asked Questions How do I uninstall pip from Windows?

      Use pip’s own uninstallation command with the syntax pip uninstall pip. This will not uninstall Python from your Windows machine.

      Can I install pip offline?

      If you’ve previously downloaded the pip packages from its online source, you can install it without connecting to the Internet. You can also install pip on Unix or Mac.

      How can I deal with the “pip command not found” error on Windows?

      When you encounter a “pip command not found” error in Windows, it means you may have made a mistake while editing the environment PATH variable for the pip command. To remedy this, go to Control Panel and edit the environment variable with correct spelling, and ensure that it points to the same path as your Python subfolder’s location in “AppData.”

      Image credit: Pixabay. All screenshots by Sayak Boral.

      Sayak Boral

      Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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      3 Easy Ways To Fix Dead By Daylight’s Initialization Error

      3 Easy Ways to Fix Dead By Daylight’s Initialization Error Turning on the NAT Forwarding UPnP option might help




      Dead By Daylight is a horror survival game very popular and raging these days.

      Many gamers are finding the initialization error after launching this game.

      Server issues, NAT Forwarding, and Steam Cloud synchronization are some of the common tricks to fix this error.

      The Dead By Daylight game is a multiplayer horror online game. It can be played on computers, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices.

      This game was released in the year 2024 by Behaviour Interactive. It started attracting more and more gamers and became very popular soon. This is not just a regular game but a strategic survival type of game that involves a lot of blood.

      In this 5-players game, one player is a killer and tries to kill the other four players who are the survivors to win the game. Those four survivors need to escape by finding the exit gates without being caught by the killer. Isn’t this very interesting to play?

      Many gamers recently got an initialization error on the Dead By Daylight game while trying to open and log in to the game. Some other users also got an error code 8018 while playing this game.

      What does initialization error mean on Dead By Daylight?

      If any player wants to play the Dead By Daylight game on their systems like Windows, Xbox, or PlayStation, they need to start the system and open the game.

      After opening the game app, they need to log in using their account credentials. But after signing in, it tries to initialize the game where the players get an error which says Initialization Error – The game has initialized incorrectly and may not save game properly. Restarting your game may resolve this problem.

      This also shows the PlayerID and the error message on the game screen and closes the app after the player presses any key.

      Don’t fret if you also get the same initialization error on the Dead By Daylight game. We have explained three quick and easy ways to fix this error in the article below.

      How do I fix the initialization error in Dead By Daylight? 1. Check whether the game server is down or not

      Expert tip:

      If you are using the Xbox device to play this game and get this error, the Xbox server may be down, which can be known by checking Xbox live status.

      Similarly, one can check the PlayStation server status to see if it is down or not. If any servers have issues, please wait an hour or so and then try launching the game.

      Quick Tip:

      If you hate when their servers are down for whatever reason, keep in mind that some of them might still be up. If you want to be able to connect to them we recommend using a third-party software.

      Private Internet Access

      100% open source with no logs saved and unlimited bandwidth.

      Free Trial Visit Website

      2. Delete the Game folder and Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization 3. Turn on the NAT Forwarding UPnP option

      We sometimes need support to discuss some problems playing or have difficulty with the game levels. But, of course, you can always go to the support page of the Dead By Daylight game and explore them.

      There is a dedicated forum if you want to talk to some other good players to have a game conversation.

      Still, if you cannot resolve your issues by referring to all the possible FAQs given on the support page, you can always submit your request regarding the matter.

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      3 Ways To Screenshot Youtube Videos

      Do you want to take screenshots of YouTube videos on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone? We’ll walk you through several methods to help you do that.

      There are lots of instances that warrant taking screenshots of YouTube videos. For example, you may want to capture that perfect moment from a trending video for social media, save stunning scenery to use as your computer’s wallpaper, save complex instructions and diagrams in image format offline, and so on.

      Table of Contents

      YouTube does not provide a built-in method that allows its viewers to take screenshots. Instead, here are several alternative ways to screenshot YouTube videos on desktop and mobile devices.

      1. Use a YouTube Screenshot Extension

      Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge

      In Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can easily capture screenshots of YouTube videos with the aptly named Screenshot YouTube extension. There are other similar browser add-ons, but it’s the most popular with the highest ratings and the one that works the best.

      Don’t worry—Screenshot YouTube will not capture the playback controls, surrounding gradients, or black bars (unless the video isn’t in the 16:9 aspect ratio). The extension also copies the screen to your computer’s clipboard, meaning you can immediately paste it elsewhere.

      You can also customize how the Screenshot YouTube extension works. Select the Screenshot YouTube icon on the Extensions menu (top-right corner of the browser windows), choose Options/Extension Options, and then:

      Check the box next to

      P key as a keyboard shortcut to take screenshots

      if you want to capture screenshots with the




      Image format to use



      (default) or


      . If file size matters, JPG is the lighter of the two.

      Pick between

      Save to file


      Copy to clipboard

      if you only want the extension to save screenshots


      copy them to the clipboard—not both.

      Mozilla Firefox

      Do you use Mozilla Firefox to watch YouTube? Install the YouTube Screenshot Button extension via the Firefox Browser Add-Ons store, and you should be all set.

      Start playing a YouTube video and select the Screenshot button at the bottom of the video pane to take an instant screenshot of what you’re seeing. Increase the video quality and enter full-screen mode for a better-looking screenshot.

      The YouTube Screenshot Button add-on lets you switch between the PNG and JPG formats for saved screenshots. Open the Firefox menu and select Add-ons and themes. Then, select the More (three dots) icon next to YouTube Screenshot, select Options/Preferences, and set Screenshot format to PNG or JPEG.

      Other Web Browsers for PC and Mac

      If you’re using an alternative Chromium browser like Opera or Brave, you should have no trouble taking YouTube screenshots with the Screenshot YouTube add-on from the Chrome Web Store. If you didn’t already know, Chrome extensions are compatible with other Chromium-based browsers.

      Opera also has an extension called Screenshot YouTube Video in the Opera Add-ons store. You might want to check it out if you prefer native browser add-ons only.

      However, if you use Safari on a Mac, there are no dedicated extensions capable of taking YouTube screenshots. Install Google Chrome, another Chromium-based browser, or Mozilla Firefox if you need to take proper screenshots regularly in macOS.

      2. Visit the YouTube-Screenshot Website

      Another way to take screenshots on desktop devices is to use a website called YouTube-Screenshot. You need to copy the address of the YouTube video, select the frame you want, and download it. Image quality is limited to the 1280×720 resolution.

      Copy the YouTube video URL into the clipboard of your desktop or mobile device. On the YouTube app for Android and iPhone, tap


      under the video frame and select

      Copy Link


      Visit chúng tôi and paste the YouTube URL of the video into the

      YouTube Video

      URL or Video ID



      Get Screenshots


      Scroll down to the

      Play Video & Take Custom Screenshot


      Play and pause the video where you want to take a screenshot and select

      Take Screenshot of This Frame


      Another website that offers similar functionality you might want to check is chúng tôi Again, paste the YouTube URL or video ID, and you should be able to download screenshots of any frame quickly.

      3. Use the Native Screenshot Tools

      It’s always possible to take YouTube screenshots using the native screen capture functionalities on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. They aren’t always practical because you often have to crop out lots of non-essential areas like the surrounding black bars and playback controls afterward.

      If that doesn’t matter, here’s how to take a screenshot quickly using the native playback controls on your desktop or mobile device. But before you start:

      Make sure to ramp up the video quality to generate clearer screenshots.

      Enter full-screen mode to avoid capturing the browser/YouTube app interface and other non-essential portions of the screen.

      Windows and macOS


      : Press




      key. You’ll find the screenshot within the


      sub-folder of your computer’s


      folder. Or, press the

      Print Screen

      button to add the screenshot directly to the clipboard; press




      to paste.


      : Press






      . The screenshot will immediately appear on the desktop. Learn other ways to take screenshots on the Mac.

      Android and iOS


      : Press the

      Volume Down

      button and the


      button at the same time. The screenshot will appear within Google Photos and other photo gallery apps.

      iPhone & iPad

      : Press the

      Volume Up



      buttons simultaneously. Find the screenshot within the


      folder of the Photos app. On devices with a Home button, press





      Don’t Forget to Ask for the Uploader’s Permission

      Do you plan to use YouTube screenshots from videos you do not own for online publishing? Although that almost always falls under Fair Use, it’s still a good idea to seek the video uploader’s permission and credit the YouTube channel should you decide to go ahead.

      3 Ways To Dance At Prom

      Milk the cow. This is completely silly and an instant classic. Just bend your knees, bob up and down, while raising your fists in the air, one at a time, alternating as if you were milking an actual cow. Keep this up for thirty seconds or so with a serious and committed look on your face, and everyone around you will be laughing and joining in.

      This works best paired with a Carlton Banks-esque grin on your face.

      Beat back the beat. Get inspired by the Jersey Shore cast and bounce up and down while pumping your fists at the ceiling, alternating with one fist up and one fist down. Just pick a song and stick to the beat. Don’t be embarrassed if the occasional, “Yeah, baby!” escapes your lips.

      Wax the car. Bounce your knees and from side to side and alternate between using your right and left hands to wipe wax on your car in a circle, moving one hand in a circular motion for about three seconds before swaying to the other side and using the other hand to repeat the same motion. This move works great if you synchronize with a few friends.

      Comb your hair. First, get a look on your face that says you’re all that and you know it. Then, turn to your left side and fake run your right hand over your hair like you’re combing it, making your perfect ‘do look even more perfect. Bounce your feet up and down as you do this, and rinse and repeat on the other side. Keep it up until your hands look tired, or until you know you can’t look any better.

      Reel in your friend. You can pull this move at least 2-3 times at your prom before people start rolling your eyes. Just be the fisherman: cast your line far and away, aiming toward your friend, the fish. Keep bouncing as you do this, so you’re not just standing in place. Then, lean back and start reeling in your friend like he or she is a heavy, heavy fish. Your friend should puff up his or her cheeks and move his or her hands toward and away from his or her mouth, acting like a fish that has gotten caught on your line.

      Do the Harlem Shake. When that song comes on, wait for the leader to dance around and take control. When you get your cue, do anything you want, as long as it’s with enthusiasm: lean back, start swinging your arms wildly behind you with bent knees, punch the air, shake your head from side to side, and generally look like you’re having a seizure. Don’t worry: this dance tends to only last a little more than a minute, so you’ll be done before you start seeing bright white spots in front of your eyes.

      “The Cupid Shuffle”

      “Teach Me How to Dougie”

      Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”

      “The Macarena”

      “The Electric Slide”

      Even if you know the basics of Latin dances, you can easily impress anyone.[3]


      How To Remove Spaces In Excel With Different Ways

      Excel Remove Spaces (Table of Contents)

      Start Your Free Excel Course

      Excel functions, formula, charts, formatting creating excel dashboard & others

      Introduction to Remove Spaces in Excel

      There are multiple ways to remove spaces in Excel. The first way we can remove the extra unwanted spaces is with the help of the FIND and REPLACE options (Ctrl + H). We must put a space and replace that with a Blank (Nothing kept). This removes the spaces anywhere from the selected cells. Alternatively, we can remove the spaces using a TRIM function. This removes the spaces at the start and end of the selected cell content. And we can also use the SUBSTITUTE function, where we can substitute space with blank to remove spaces completely.

      Different Types Of Spaces

      It may contain extra spaces before text strings in cells, called Leading spaces.

      It may contain extra spaces after text strings in cells, called Trailing spaces.

      Datasets may contain extra in-between spaces, i.e.additional spaces in between text.

      Datasets may also contain Line breaks with extra space.

      We can get rid of these types of spaces quickly & easily with the below-mentioned options:


      TRIM Function

      SUBSTITUTE Function

      CLEAN and TRIM function to Remove Extra Space of Line Break in Excel

      TRIM Function

      TRIM function is a prebuilt integrated function categorized under Text functions. It Removes all extra spaces from text except a single space between words in Excel.

      The syntax or formula for the TRIM function in Excel is:

      The trim function in Excel has only one compulsory argument or parameter, i.e., text.

      Text: It is cell content from where you need to remove extra spaces in Excel.

      The TRIM function removes the text’s ASCII space character (32).

      How to Remove Extra Spaces in Excel?

      Removing extra spaces in Excel is very simple and easy. Let’s understand the working of removing extra spaces in Excel with the help of some examples.

      You can download this Remove Spaces Excel Template here – Remove Spaces Excel Template

      Example #1 – Remove Excel Spaces with the help of Find and Replace

      In the below-mentioned example, I have a dataset in column D that contains all three types of extra spaces, i.e., Leading spaces, Trailing spaces & Extra in-between spaces.

      I have done several character counts for the column D datasets for reference. With the help of the LEN function in column E., I have taken this raw data to another new column (column H) to apply the Find and Replace task.

      Now, I have to select the cell range where the Find and Replace parameter needs to be applied to remove extra spaces in Excel.

      To activate the find and replace option, press the shortcut key Ctrl + H, find and replace window appears.

      It replaces all the blank spaces in the cell.

      You can find a difference in character count between both datasets. Where Find and Replace, remove all the blank spaces. In extra in-between spaces content also, it has removed all the blank spaces without retaining a single space between words (This can be rectified with the help of the TRIM function).

      Note: This method is only used when you want to remove a leading & trailing type of extra spaces from selected cells or completely remove all the spaces in the data range from Excel.

      Example #2 – Remove Excel Spaces with the help of the TRIM Function

      For reference, I have done several characters counts for the column D datasets. With the help of the LEN function in column E., I have taken this raw data to another new column (column G) to apply the TRIM Function. The Excel TRIM function removes all spaces from text except a single space between words.

      Now, In cell H4, let’s apply a TRIM function.

      Now, you can observe in cell H4, where the trim function removes the leading space in that cell.

      You can find a difference in character count between both datasets where the TRIM Function removes all spaces before and after the text in the cell (i.e., G4, G5, G6 & G7) & consecutive spaces in the middle of a string in the cell G8 & G9.

      Example #3 – Remove Excel Spaces with the help of the SUBSTITUTE Function

      It will remove all the extra Excel spaces, including single spaces between words or numbers.

      For reference, I have done several characters counts for the column D datasets. With the help of the LEN function in column E., I have taken this raw data to another new column (column G) to apply the SUBSTITUTE Function.

      Now, In cell H4, let’s apply the SUBSTITUTE Function.

      Now the function argument dialog box appears:

      In the Old_text, I need to enter the character that needs to be replaced; it should be entered between double quotes. i.e., for removal of spaces, it will be” “.

      Here, in the New text, I don’t want to replace anything; therefore, it is typed as “.

      Now, you can observe in cell H4, where the Substitute function removes leading space in that cell.

      You can find a difference in character count between both datasets. Substitute Function removes all the blank spaces; in extra in-between spaces content, it has removed them without retaining a single space between words.

      Things to Remember about Excel Remove Spaces

      Since the extra space is also a character, therefore in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) encoding, it has code number 32.

      Sometimes, the data appears as line breaks which may contain extra spaces between words; To remove those extra spaces, we can combine Excel TRIM and CLEAN functions to Remove the Extra Space of Line breaks.

      Recommended Articles

      This has been a guide to Remove Spaces in Excel. Here we discuss how to Remove Extra Spaces in Excel, practical examples, and a downloadable Excel template. You can also go through our other suggested articles –

      Update the detailed information about 3 Ways To Remove All Packages Installed By Pip on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!