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5 Best Instant Cameras For Travel [Top Picks]




It is said that film is not dead, so this means that instant cameras are also having a revival despite the digital format we’re all used to.

In this article we’re taking a look at the best instant cameras that can help you create memorable photos while travelling.

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In an era where most people are used to taking digital pics with their phone, the classical instant cameras have become even more wanted, mainly because there’s a personal aura to this type of photos.

Our article takes a look at the best instant cameras, that will suit your needs while travelling so you can capture those fun moments with your friends.

Keep in mind that these devices don’t rely on the quality of the image like common analog or digital cameras do, their main purpose is to deliver photos that captures the moment in all of its beautiful imperfections.

You could say that they are a precursor of Instagram, with the instant gratification and feedback from your friends, only that you can actually offer the physical photo right away.

Which is the best instant camera?

Compatible with I-type and 600 film

Classic flash vacuum discharge tube strobe

High-performance lithium battery, rechargeable through USB


The instruction manual needs to be more detailed

Check price

The Polaroid Originals OneStep makes the first spot on our list, as a great instant camera, with a powerful flash, a focal lens length of 103mm, and a battery that can last up to 60 days.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity you can access various editing features like exposure feature, light painting or noise trigger, which will definitely make your traveling photos look amazing.

Another interesting characteristic is that you get two different types of lenses with this camera, standard, and portrait. With the portrait lens, you can take photos from 1ft to 3ft away from your subject. The standard lens gives you the possibility to shoot from over 3ft away.

Useful information available from the display: shots left, exposure compensation, flash mode

Adjustable exposure compensation from ±2/3 EV

Excellent sharpness and grain structure of the images

The tripod included in the bundle does not function well

Check price

Another instant camera that stand out because of its versatility is the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. This device features retractable 95mm f/14 Lens, built in flash and an LCD screen.

An element that makes this instant camera really suitable for travelling conditions is that the ISO goes up to 800 making so you can take pictures in poor lighting conditions.

This device also incorporates a 0.37x optical viewfinder and target spot so your photos are in full focus everytime.

With this camera you also get a bundle that includes a variety of accessories like 3 Twin Packs of 60 Sheets of film, a close-up lens with selfie mirror and so much more.

Storing images that are not printed right away

Downloading photos unto PC with Micro SD card

Compatible with iOS or Android devices

Digital shots possible only with film removed

Check price

This instant camera from Kodak is a very surprising mix between the vintage qualities of classic cameras and the practicability of the digital technology incorporated in the numerous features.

Expert tip:

If you don’t want to print all of your photos, this instant camera can store those images. The device also has a micro SD card slot that gives you the possibility to download the photos on your PC.

Thanks to The Kodak Classic you can add effects to your images like augmented reality, sync your photos and share them on social media.

Rechargeable USB battery

Vintage quality pictures

User-friendly thanks to automatic settings

Costly instant film

Check price

Polaroid introduces a point and shoot instant camera that is mostly automatic which means that you don’t need to struggle with the settings to get a clear photo, while on vacation.

It has autofocus and self timer so you can take group pictures with your friends and not worry about blurred images.

There’s also a kit of useful accessories that comes with this instant camera. You’ll get a pack of Polaroid Color i-Type Instant Film with 16 exposures and an 5″ photo album where you can place up to 32 wide prints.

Fujifilm kit with 40 exposures film, camera case and a cleaning cloth

Exposure counter of remained shots

Good photo quality

The camera makes blank pictures sometimes

Check price

A great option for a high-quality camera is the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini, that comes with a 60mm lens that can focus from 11.8″ ft away, built in flash and automatic exposure.

With this instant camera you get a viewfinder with an integrated target spot that helps you create your composition depending on the subjects’s type.

Some really useful features for taking different types of photos especially when you’re on a vacation is Party Mode and Kids Mode . The first one allows the camera to illuminate the background when the foreground is lightened by the flash. The Kids Mode helps you take photos of fast-moving subjects even in low light.

There are numerous benefits to using instant cameras instead of the classical modern methods, the most striking one is that you can actually make memories and share them on the spot in the form of physical photos.

We hope that our guide about the best instant cameras you can take with you while travelling was helpful.

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If you are with bad credit, do NOT get a payday loan. There are many PERSONAL lenders that approve people with bad credit. They offer up to $40,000, and their APRs are between 5.99% to 35.99%. Although there are not 100% guaranteed approval loans, our lenders have the highest possible chance of approval. Think on 90% and more approved loans. Apply with all now, and your chance will be higher.

Best 5 Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval from Instant Personal Direct Lenders



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 Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval



Up to $50,000

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Poor and Fair Credit



$100 — $15,000

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Same Day Payday Loans



$100 — $40,000

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High Risk Personal Loans

Before we move on, we wanted to show you one video that explains all about bad credit loans. If you want to save time, spend 10 minutes, and you will understand all about bad credit loans.

So, let’s get started.


Amount: $100 to $15,000

APR: Up to 35.99%

Min. Credit Score: 0

Approval: 5 Minutes

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Consider ZippyLoan one of the more well-rounded bad credit loans with guaranteed approval networks we’ve come across.

First and foremost, ZippyLoan stands out for its expansive network of participating direct lenders offering from $100 to $15,000 to those with less-than-perfect credit. With no credit checks, borrowers with credit scores in the 300 to 580 range can enjoy sub-35.99% APRs, flexible repayment terms, and no origination or prepayment penalties for all types of expenses from debt consolidation to unexpected auto repairs.

Additionally, we are big fans of its speedy online application. Its loan request form takes at most five minutes to complete, and you can expect to receive funds within the next business day.

In short, ZippyLoan is highly recommended for its transparency, competitive rates, and generous borrowing limits.


Must be 18 years old or above

Legal status in the United States

Minimum monthly income requirement of $1,000

Valid home address, phone number, and email address

Checking or savings account in your name

Complete the application process through the ZippyLoan website


Loans from $100 to $15,000

APRs from 12% to 35.99%

Instant approval

Fast and simple application process

All credit types accepted

Transparent loan information

Convenient online platform with a wide range of loan options


No origination fees or prepayment penalties

Each lender decides late and insufficient funds fees


Loans from $100 to $15,000

APRs from 12% to 35.99%

Hundreds of participating direct lenders

No collateral is required for unsecured loans

Same day approval and next business day funding

Excellent source of bad credit loans with near-guaranteed approval


Higher than average interest rates

Not all borrowers are granted their desired loan amount

Potential for spam or unsolicited offers from lenders

The loan approval process may take longer for specific borrowers

No dedicated customer support or financial education resources like blogs

For a better understanding of the potential interest charges (APRs) and fees applicable to your loan, let’s consider an example. Suppose you were to borrow $12,900 with a 31% APR, on a 3-year repayment term, and without any finance charges. In this scenario, your total payment would amount to $19,969.73, with estimated monthly payments of $554.71. Over the course of the loan, you would incur $7,069.73 in total interest charges.

Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by each direct lender through the ZippyLoan platform to ensure you understand all associated costs and obligations before signing on the dotted line.


Amount: $200 to $5,000

APR: Up to 35.99%

Min. Credit Score: 0

Approval: 5 Minutes

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Looking for a quick $900 to pay for a minor fender bender repair? What about $4,800 to pay for your last college semester? If you have any of these expenses headed your way, consider MoneyMutual.

Another benefit of using MoneyMutual is its quick and easy online application. Its loan request form takes at most five minutes to complete. As long as you meet all eligibility criteria, you should expect to obtain same day approval with multiple competitive loan offers with varying rates and terms. Remember, all these lenders are legit and come nowhere close to providing the 300% and 400% APRs traditional payday, auto title, and pawnshop loans are known for.

In short, we highly recommend MoneyMutual for its diversified offerings, most notably competitive rates in terms of bad credit borrowers who have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans from banks and credit unions.


Applicants must be 18 years of age or older

Government-issued photo ID

Legal status in the United States

Minimum monthly income of $800

Valid home address, phone number, and email address

Complete the application process through the MoneyMutual website


More than 2M customers to date

Loans up to $5,000 from a broad network of lenders

Competitive APRs up to 35.99% (some exceptions apply)

Excellent source of instant approval loans


No origination fees

No prepayment penalties

Late and insufficient funds fees depend on the lender


Loan amount flexibility from $200 to $5,000

Non-predatory APRs up to 35.99%

Near guaranteed approval with no credit check

Fast funding by the next business day

Excellent source of no credit check, bad credit loans


Only limited to instant approval unsecured loans; not a good source of secured, cosigner, and co-borrower loans

Potential for unsolicited offers from third-party lenders

Not available in Connecticut and New York

For a better understanding of the potential interest charges (APRs) and fees applicable to your loan, let’s consider an example. Suppose you were to borrow $3,600 with a 22% APR, on a 2-year repayment term, and without any finance charges. In this scenario, your total payment would amount to $4,482.27, with estimated monthly payments of $186.76. Over the course of the loan, you would incur $882.27 in total interest charges.

Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by each direct lender through MoneyMutual’s platform to ensure you understand all associated costs and obligations before signing on the dotted line.


Amount: Up to $50,000

APR: 6.5% — 35.99%

Min. Credit Score: 0

Approval: 5 Minutes

Rating: 4.7/5.0

For an excellent source of bad credit loans with near guaranteed approval (as long as you meet qualification criteria), look no further than Upstart.

Upstart differs from other reputable lending networks like MoneyMutual with its artificial intelligence algorithms and alternative data points, which do not rely solely on traditional credit scores. Instead, other variables are considered, such as your education, employment history, and monthly cash flow. Thanks to this scoring model, Upstart’s AI algorithm accepts 27% more borrowers than traditional scoring models.

With Upstart, you can take out loans from $1,000 to $50,000. Although its minimum borrowing limit is higher than competitors, it compensates for it with competitive APRs from 3.09% – 35.99%. Additionally, repayment terms come in three or five-year increments, which we agree is not the most ideal as many prefer shorter repayment terms in the one to two-year range.

Our only knocks on Upstart are two things. One is its origination fees of up to 8% (not applicable to all lenders), and the second is its rigid eligibility criteria. Unlike MoneyMutual, ZIppyLoan, VivaLoan, and 100Lenders, Upstart is a little more strict (e.g., minimum required credit score of 580 and $12,000 in annual income)

If you’re looking for a solid alternative to traditional lending networks like VivaLoans and 100Lenders, give Upstart a shot.

How to Apply: To apply for a loan on chúng tôi the first step is to visit the “Check Your Rate” button. From there, create an account and fill out the application form, providing all your details, such as your name, address, desired loan amount, loan purpose, and social security number. Be sure to provide consent and authorize a credit check before applying.

Once submitted, you should expect several loan offers with competitive interest rates, loan amounts, and terms.


Minimum age of 18 years old

A minimum credit score of 580

Minimum of $12,000 in annual income

Valid bank/email account and government-issued photo ID

No history of bankruptcies

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI) up to 45% in Connecticut, Maryland, New York, or Vermont

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI) up to 50% in all other states

Fewer than six inquiries on your credit report within the last six months

Not an Iowa or West Virginia resident


Instant approval loans from $1,000 to $50,000

APRs from 3.09% – 35.99%

3 or 5-year repayment terms

Funding by next business day

Excellent source of bad credit loans with near guaranteed approval


No prepayment penalties

Non-friendly origination terms (up to 8%)

Late payment penalty of 5% of the amount or $15 (whichever is greater)


Loans from $1,000 to $50,000

APRs from 3.09% – 35.99%

AI risk model approves 27% more borrowers than traditional scoring models

15-day grace period with late payments

Dedicated customer service number and resource section


Origination fees of up to 8%

Stricter than average eligibility criteria (e.g. minimum of $12,000 in annual income)

Repayment terms limited to three or five years

For a better understanding of the potential interest charges (APRs) and fees applicable to your loan, let’s consider an example. Suppose you were to borrow $45,000 with a 24% APR, on a 5-year repayment term, and without any finance charges. In this scenario, your total payment would amount to $77,673.51 with estimated monthly payments of $1,294.56. Over the course of the loan, you would incur $32,673.51 in total interest charges.

Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by each direct lender through Upstart platform to ensure you understand all associated costs and obligations before signing on the dotted line.


Amount: $100 — $15,000

APR: Up to 35.99%

Min. Credit Score: 0

Approval: 5 Minutes

Rating: 4.6/5.0

VivaLoan is one of the more well-rounded lending networks online today, an excellent source of instant approval on bad credit loans with near guaranteed approval for cash-strapped borrowers.

Participating lenders on the VivaLoan platform are willing to extend anywhere from $100 to $15,000 with much lower APRs than traditional payday auto title and pawn shop loans. In addition, unlike their 300% and 400% APRs, bad credit borrowers enjoy sub-35.99% APRs with flexible repayment terms (from six to 60 months), good for unexpected expenses like unpaid medical bills or much-needed home renovations.

Another benefit to using VivaLoan is easy and fast funding. Submit a loan request form, receive/accept the loan offer, and have funds deposited to your account as quickly as the next business day.

Look to VivaLoans for an excellent source of bad credit loans to quickly take you out of your emergency.


You need to be 18 or older

Legal residency in the United States

Earnings of $800 a month for several months

You need to have a checking or savings account

Completed application through the VivaLoan website


Loans from $100 to $15,000

APRs up to 35.99%

Convenient online application process with next day funding

Flexible repayment terms from 12 to 60 months

Many loan options are available (e.g., bad credit personal loans, installment loans, and payday loans )

Available in almost all 50 US states


No origination or prepayment penalties on instant approval loans

Late and insufficient funds fees vary among lenders


Excellent loan amount range from $100 to $15,000

Respectable APRs up to 35.99%

Member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA)

256-bit SSL encryption to keep your information safe

No cost to use the service


Does not accept loan applications

No guarantee lender will approve your desired loan amount

Each lender determines their policies

Not qualified to serve New York, West Virginia, or District of Columbia residents

For a better understanding of the potential interest charges (APRs) and fees applicable to your loan, let’s consider an example. Suppose you were to borrow $31,500 with a 24% APR, on a 3-year repayment term, and without any finance charges. In this scenario, your total payment would amount to $44,490.05, with estimated monthly payments of $1,235.83. Over the course of the loan, you would incur $12,990.05 in total interest charges.

Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by each direct lender through the VivaLoans platform to ensure you understand all associated costs and obligations before signing on the dotted line.


Amount: $100 — $40,000

APR: Up to 35.99%

Min. Credit Score: 0

Approval: 5 Minutes

Rating: 4.5/5.0

If you’re looking for a quick $255 for an unpaid medical bill or $4,800 to pay for fender bender damages, Kansas-based 100Lenders may be the right fit.

Bad credit loan companies on the platform are willing to extend anywhere from $100 to $40,000 to borrowers with credit scores in the 300 to 580 range. In addition, the combination of sub 35.99% APRs, flexible repayment terms, and competitive fee structure allows bad credit borrowers to enjoy many of the same perks as those with excellent credit.

Another benefit to using 100Lenders is its quick and easy application process. Submit a user-friendly online application and get matched to several direct lenders in minutes with near guaranteed approval and funding to your checking or savings account as early as the next business day.

We highly recommend 100Lenders for its instant approval, generous borrowing amounts, competitive terms, transparency, same day processing, and quick loan request process.

How to Apply: To apply for a chúng tôi loan, visit their website and complete the online application form. It would ask a series of questions, such as your personal, financial, and employment information. Be sure to answer all questions truthfully and accurately. Upon submission, expect to be matched with several loan offers from its extensive network of direct lenders.


You must be at least 18 years old

S. citizen or permanent resident

Valid checking or savings account in your name

Favorable debt-to-income (DTI) ratio

Minimum monthly income of $800 (OK with self-employment income and government benefits)

Not a Connecticut, New Hampshire, Washington, or Vermont resident


Loans offered from $100 to $40,000

APRs of up to 35.99% better than payday loans

Simple and convenient online application process

Wide repayment term range and same day approval

Fast loan approval and next business day funding


No origination fees

No prepayment penalties

Late and insufficient funds fees depend on the lender


Wide borrowing range from $100 to $40,000

Competitive APRs up to 35.99%

No minimum required credit score

Member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA)

An excellent way to get multiple offers from lenders

Solid source of same day approval bad credit loans


Does not service loans directly

Not a long-term financial solution

Most borrowers offered $100 to $1,000

Higher interest rates than traditional banks and credit unions

For a better understanding of the potential interest charges (APRs) and fees applicable to your loan, let’s consider an example. Suppose you were to borrow $14,500 with a 33% APR, on a 2-year repayment term, and without any finance charges. In this scenario, your total payment would amount to $19,999.08, with estimated monthly payments of $833.30. Over the course of the loan, you would incur $5,499.08 in total interest charges.

Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by each direct lender through the 100Lenders platform to ensure you understand all associated costs and obligations before signing on the dotted line.

What Are Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval?

Bad credit loans with guaranteed approval specialize in providing same day funding opportunities to those with limited to no credit history who may need help qualifying for traditional loans from banks and credit unions. They are typically offered by alternative lenders who focus less on a minimum credit score and more on the ability to repay, factoring in criteria like income and debt-to-income ratio.

Here are some of the following characteristics of bad credit loans with guaranteed approval:

Credit Requirement: No minimum credit score is required. This allows people with credit scores in the 300 to 580 range to easily qualify.

Higher Than Average Interest Rates. Bad credit loans with guaranteed approval often come with higher-than-average interest rates of up to 35.99% APR, thanks to the increased risk of lending to bad credit borrowers.

Lower Borrowing Limits. Given the reason above, it’s not uncommon for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval to offer limited loan amounts. However, reputable online marketplaces like VivaLoans and MarketLoans can offer up to $15,000 and $40,000, respectively. Of course, any loan offer will be contingent on factors like your income, debt-to-income ratio, and employment status.

Some bad credit lenders may even require weekly or bi-weekly payments to reduce risk.

Building Credit. It is essential to know that not all bad credit loans with guaranteed approval companies report on-time payments to credit bureaus. We highly encourage all borrowers to seek lenders reporting on-time payments as it’s easier to get more favorable loan terms with lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms from traditional options (banks and credit unions)

Overall, the best bad credit loans with guaranteed approval offer a vital lifeline to bad credit borrowers looking to cover unexpected expenses, paycheck apps, or any emergency needs that require fast and easy cash to one’s account by the next business day.

Are There Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval?

Do you want to get guaranteed approval on your next bad credit loan? If so, it is important to remember that there is no such thing as guaranteed approval. However, even loans with the least strict eligibility criteria require some semblance of a pulse.

For example, all instant approval and same day approval bad credit loan companies require that you are 18 or older with legal residency in the United States (citizenship or permanent residence), a minimum monthly income of $800 a month, and a favorable debt-to-income ratio.

Regarding debt-to-income ratios, a good baseline is typically 36% or lower, with a preference for single-digit percentages. Remember, your debt-to-income ratio is calculated by adding up all your monthly debt obligations and dividing the total by your gross monthly income.

For example, if you incur $1,500 in total monthly fixed and variable debt payments with a $4,000 gross monthly income, you would have a 37.5% debt-to-income ratio ($1,500 / $4,000 x 100).

Rest assured, even if bad credit loans do not offer guaranteed approval, they offer the highest chances of approval.

What Are the Lenders with The Highest Approval Rate?

The loan types with the highest rate of approval or payday, auto title, and pawnshop loans.

However, we highly discourage borrowers from going anywhere near them for the following reasons:

Exorbitant APRs and Fees. With these three loans, expect APRs of 300% and 400%, respectively, on top of rollover and extension fees are higher for every two-week extension. For perspective, a 400% APR $300 payday loan on a two-week repayment term with a $60 extension fee will result in a total borrowing of $1,560. All from only $300 in principal!

Lack of Transparency. Payday, auto title, and pawnshop loans often lack transparency and deceptive practices, misrepresenting marketing jargon, hidden fees, and other misleading information about the total cost of borrowing. Any lack of understanding of a loan could result in a vicious debt cycle that could take several months (or even years) to recover from.

Collateral in Danger. Auto title and pawn shop loans require collateral (e.g., vehicle or a money market account) when lenders issue up to a percentage of the item’s value (usually up to 50%). With auto loans known for their high default rates, it’s not out of the question for your vehicle to be seized.

One common denominator around instant approval payday, auto title, and pawnshop loans is their outrageously low borrowing limits, usually no more than $1,000. However, lenders at reputable online marketplaces like Money Mutual and Upstart offer higher borrowing amounts (up to $50,000) and near guaranteed approval with sub 35.99% APRs, a much more manageable rate.

What Can Bad Credit Loans Be Used For?

Bad credit loans can be used for all expenses, including the following (not an all-inclusive list):

Debt Consolidation. This means combining multiple high interest debts into a single lower interest rate loan. For perspective, a 2-year $3,000 loan with a 35.99% APR and no finance charges will result in a total borrowing cost of $2,159.20 versus $1,439.40 for a lower, 23.99% APR loan, a $719.80 difference that could be better put to use elsewhere!

Home Renovations. Does your kitchen need to be remodeled? What about a bathroom renovation, basement conversion, or energy-efficient upgrades to your home to save on utility bills? If so, these can be easily managed with bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. Worried about the loan amount? Don’t worry. Bad credit direct lenders from reputable online marketplaces like MarketLoans and 100Lenders offer as high as $40,000 for these purposes.

Emergency Expenses. Bad credit loans can be used to cover Urgent expenses like unpaid medical bills and skyrocketing auto Repair bills, especially if you do not have a rainy day fund with six months worth of savings.

Improving Credit. Often bad credit loans with near guaranteed approval can be taken out to help individuals rebuild their credit, with regular on-time payments reported to the three major reporting credit bureaus, which are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

How to Get the Best Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval

When you have a low credit score in the 300 to 580 range, finding a same day bad credit loan with competitive rates in terms may take time and effort.

Here are our top tips on finding the best bad credit loans with guaranteed approval:

Strengthen Your Credit Profile. The first step is to visit chúng tôi to pull a credit report from each of the three major reporting credit bureaus. Do you have a 450 credit score? Would paying off an outstanding balance or disputing reporting errors bump your score by a projected 70 points or more? A 70 point increase could pay immediate dividends, meaning the difference between a 31.99% and a 35.99% APR.

If you have extra time before your next same day bad credit loan application, bump your score!

Research Multiple Lenders. The first step is to submit loan requests to at least two marketplaces to get several competitive loan offers from lenders specializing in same day approval bad credit loans. Next, perform exhaustive research comparing APRs, repayment terms, and fee structure. Finally, check for third-party reviews with positive customer feedback and ratings.

Remember to consult with each direct lender’s fine print. Thoroughly read through representative loan examples (with total borrowing costs), states of operation, credentials, Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) membership, and the lender’s third-party data-sharing policies for a total picture.

Consider Loan Terms and Repayment Options. We highly recommend using an APR calculator to understand the total cost of borrowing fully. For each direct lender, input your loan amount, finance charges, interest rate, and repayment term to discover your total cost of borrowing, including estimated monthly payments, total interest, and total payments.

By following all of these suggestions, you’ll be on your way to finding a loan that meets your financial situation while rebuilding credit over time.

How to Get Personal Loans for Bad Credit with the Lowest Interest Rates

To compensate for the higher-than-average interest rates offered by bad credit loans (up to 35.99% APR), we highly recommend employing the following strategies to secure the lowest rate possible:

Before anyone applies, we highly recommend pulling out your credit score. Ways to do so include paying your bills on time (every time!), lowering your credit utilization ratio, disputing credit reporting errors, and maintaining a diversified credit mix which lets lenders know you can manage multiple credit lines responsibly.

Disputing credit reporting errors cannot be underestimated. For example, it’s common to see a 50 or 100-point drop due to incorrect personal information, accounts loans not belonging to you, inaccurate account statuses, duplicate accounts, incorrect payment history, and similar errors that could easily mean the difference between a 21.99% APR and a 29% APR.

Fortunately, successful disputes are usually resolved within 45 business days, depending on the creditor and/or credit bureau.

If you wish to file a dispute with Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion, each credit bureau offers three ways to file:


●     Phone: 1-888-397-3742

●     Address: Experian, P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013


●     Phone: 1-800-916-8800

●     Address: TransUnion LLC, Consumer Dispute Center, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016


●     Phone: 1-866-349-5191

●     Address: Equifax Information Services LLC, P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374

Shop Around. Never settle for the first lender that offers you competitive rates. Instead, be sure to shop around and compare a minimum of three direct lenders, carefully reviewing interest rates, repayment terms, and fees to find the one with the lowest cost of borrowing.

Consider Secured or Cosigner Loans. If higher-than-average APRs of up to 35.99% are hard to stomach, consider secured or cosigner loans for lower interest rates. Secure loans require collateral (e.g., vehicles or $9,000 Tag Heuer watches), where lenders award loan amounts up to a percentage of the item’s value (usually up to 50%).

In turn, cosigner loans require a second person with a strong credit history to help you secure lower interest rates. However, they are equally responsible for the loan, with any loan default negatively affecting your credit score. Consider it ideal for parent-child or spousal relationships with a healthy trust factor.

All in all, shopping around, improving your credit score, disputing credit reporting errors, and looking towards alternative lending opportunities with secured and cosigner loans are all excellent ways to secure the best personal loans for bad credit with the lowest interest rates possible.

Direct or Non-Direct Lenders: Which Should I Pick?

For starters, direct lenders are financial institutions that issue loans to borrowers without the help of intermediaries or brokers. In turn, non-direct lenders like MoneyMutual and VivaLoan operate as intermediaries, connecting prospective bad credit borrowers with a network of legit direct lenders offering competitive rates and terms.

Unlike direct lenders, non-direct lenders do not manage the underwriting process, dictate long-term/interest rates, or have any relationship with the borrower requesting the funds other than providing their application form to retrieve multiple competitive Loan offers.

To decide between a direct or non-direct lender, keep the following in mind:

Efficiency. Since direct lenders manage the entire loan process, expect higher decision-making Authority and faster loan processing times.

Loan Terms and Rates. As opposed to a single direct lender, which has its loan terms, interest rate, and fee structure, none direct lenders Like Money Mutual can offer you instant access to multiple legit direct lenders, allowing you to shop around, research, and compare various offers in one easy at-a-glance view.

Personalized Service. With direct lenders, expect more direct service with dedicated customer support lines, including phone and email, and reliable Financial education resources like helpful blog articles and additional credit-building tools. In turn, non-direct lenders like VivaLoans generally do not play a role in trying to offer personalized service, as they do not make any direct cash loans or credit decisions.

Third-Party Reviews. Generally, you can expect direct lenders to have a wider pool of customer reviews and ratings on published third-party websites like Trustpilot. In turn, it’s much more limited for non-direct lenders like VivaLoans and 100Lenders. However, these are only lending networks that pair you with direct lenders so that you can sort out third-party reviews on actual direct lenders on your own.

Should I Consider a Secured or Cosigner Loan to Get Low-Interest Rates?

Concerning interest rates, here are the key similarities and differences between security and cosigner loans.

Collateral vs. Cosigner. With secured loans, collateral such as a vehicle or precious watch is required, reducing the chances of lender risk. In turn, cosigner loans rely on the co-signer’s creditworthiness with shared responsibility of repaying the loan. Therefore, if any party fails to pay the debt, expect both credit scores to be affected.

Risk and Responsibility. With secured loans, the borrowers assume all risk with the potential seizure of collateral in case of loan default. With cosigned loans, both borrower and cosigner share equal responsibility, with damaging drops to one’s credit score with one or more late payments.

Qualification. Secured loan APRs are based on the borrower’s credit score history, with 300 to 580 credit scores generally seeing 31% to 35.9% APRs. In turn, cosigner loans rely on a co-signers credit worthiness, with high credit scores in the 650 to 800 range resulting in lower interest rates, longer repayment periods, and limited to no fees.

What Is the Difference Between Payday and Personal Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval?

Bad credit personal loans and payday loans fundamentally differ in borrowing amounts, repayment term flexibility, and fee structure.

APRs. Whereas bad credit personal loans top APRs at 35.99%, traditional payday loans often exceed 400% APRs, translating to up to $30 for every $100 borrowed. With the potential for consecutive rollover/extension fees up to $60 and bank-issued overdraft/insufficient funds fees, it’s common for payday loan interest and other finance charges to surpass the principal eventually.

Borrowing Amounts. Bad credit personal loans from reputable online marketplaces like MoneyMutual and MarketLoan can offer up to $40,000. It’s a welcome change from traditional payday loans, which specialize in smaller dollar loans of up to $1,000.

Repayment Terms. Whereas payday loans are off for short two to four-week repayment terms, bad credit personal loans can be repaid in as little as one month up to five years (60 months), allowing for a more manageable repayment schedule. Note the longer the repayment term, the more total interest charges are paid over the life of the loan.

Reporting to Credit Bureaus. Most payday lenders do not report on-time payments to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. In turn, many bad personal credit loan companies do, allowing borrowers to establish credit history and bump up credit scores over time with regular on-time payments.

In short, bad credit personal loans offer higher borrowing amounts, longer payment terms, and credit bureau reporting ability than short-term payday loans. Therefore, carefully review all loan terms and conditions based on your financial situation.

Are Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval No Credit Check?

Not all bad credit loans with guaranteed approval run no credit checks. Specific terms and requirements vary depending on the lender, loan amount, and applicable state laws.

Remember, bad credit personal loans tend to factor in other eligibility criteria, such as your legal residency, state of residence, income, debt-to-income ratio, bank account activity, and employment record.

For example, ZippyLoan requires that you are 18 years of age or older with a government-issued photo ID, a minimum monthly income of $800 a month, and a non-resident of New York, West Virginia, Oregon, or the District of Columbia, as it is not licensed to operate in those states.

As with all loans, review your loan carefully and offer terms and conditions, including whether or not credit checks are conducted.

Understand “No Credit Check” Vs. “Soft Credit Check” Vs. “Do Credit Check” Lenders

To become a more informed consumer, it is essential to understand the difference between no credit checks versus soft credit checks versus credit checks and the financial institutions that adhere to each.

No Credit Check. No credit check loans are loans that do not require a minimum credit score. Instead, eligibility is based on other factors such as income, debt-to-income ratio, employment status, and bank account information. Three popular types of no credit check loan companies include payday auto title and pawn shop loans.

However, all three no-credit-check loan types offer outrageously predatory rates (upwards of 300% and 400% APR), inflexible repayment terms, and excessive renewal fees of up to $60 for every two-week extension. On top of that, there are also indirect fees to worry about, such as bank overdraft/insufficient funds fees due to multiple failed automated withdrawals by the lending company.

Thankfully, reputable online marketplaces like MoneyMutual and ZippyLoan do all for no credit check loans and much more favorable rates, including high borrowing limits (up to $40,000), sub-35.99% APRs, repayment terms as long as 60 months, and no origination or prepayment penalties.

Soft Credit Check. Also referred to as a soft inquiry, this type does not impact your credit score. Instead, it allows all kinds of lenders (including banks, credit unions, and online lenders) to check on your credit history without asking for your permission. They are often marketed as being used for information purposes and provide general direction on your creditworthiness.

You’ll often find soft credit checks conducted with pre-approval offers and background checks, especially introductory rate credit cards.

Similar to hard credit checks, lenders will have access to your credit report, credit score, and payment history for any outstanding debts.

Credit Check. Also referred to as a hard inquiry, hard credit checks dive deeper into a borrower’s credit history to make an informed lending decision. They are typically conducted when you apply for a loan, credit card, mortgage, student loan, or similar lines of credit where lenders need a full background check on your credit history.

Unlike soft credit checks, hard inquiries do have an impact on your credit score. However, the effect is temporary and usually lasts up to 12 months. However, one way to minimize any impact on your credit score is by conducting multiple hard inquiries within 14 to 45 days, which lets lenders know that you are likely shopping around, not being outright rejected over and over for loans.

If you’re doubtful that multiple hard inquiries within a 14 to 45-day period will not impact your credit score, reach out directly to credit bureaus and lenders to see if the number of inquiries you perform follows within this ” look back window.”

If you plan on limiting the number of credit applications, be sure to do your research. Look for as many pre-qualification options as possible. Alternatively, many online tools allow you to receive an estimate on the likelihood of obtaining approval across different loan types.

Soft credit checks and hard credit checks are generally done by traditional banks, credit unions, online lenders, mortgage lenders, credit card issuers, and similar financial institutions.

Should I Get Small, Emergency, High-Risk Loans?

The small emergency high-risk loans should be heavily considered based on several factors, such as the urgency of the situation, interest rates/fees, your ability to repay, the potential impact of your credit score, and any alternative options.

For starters, the urgency of the situation needs to be addressed. Typically bad credit loans with near-guaranteed approval are meant for pressing financial concerns like unpaid medical bills, broken auto repairs (preventing you from getting to work), or overdue $9,000 hospital invoices that are in danger of being escalated to collections. A small emergency high-risk loan may be needed to address these emergency cash needs.

Secondly, one has to consider interest rates and fees. Bad credit loans with guaranteed approval have higher than average interest rates of up to 35.99%, thanks to the increased risk lenders take. So carefully review all interest rates, fees, and repayment terms with a careful reading of all fine print before committing to any one direct lender.

These estimated monthly payments should keep your debt-to-income ratio healthy. However, if it forces your DTI to exceed 40%, you may have issues paying for other things.

Lastly, remember the impact on your credit score. Some high-risk or bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals lenders may report non/late payments to one or more credit bureaus.

We recommend considering all the above factors before deciding whether a small high-risk emergency loan is right for you.

Are Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval Offered Quickly on the Same Day?

Bad credit loans with guaranteed approval from reputable marketplaces like MoneyMutual, ZippyLoan, and VivaLoan offer same day approval, not same day funding. Therefore, the earliest you will get loan proceeds is by the next business day, assuming your application is approved by a daily 5 pm cut-off.

Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Your Credit Score Instantly

If you wish to increase your credit score before any bad credit loan application, we highly recommend the strategies below:

Keep Your Credit Utilization Low. According to FICO, credit utilization accounts for 30% of your credit score. It’s the ratio of your credit limit versus outstanding balances. For example, a $25,000 credit limit and $9,400 in balances equals a 37.6% ratio, just shy of the recommended 40% (although optimal in the single digits, e.g., 7% to 10%)

For reference, the credit utilization ratio formula is (outstanding balances/credit limit) * 100

Regularly Check Your Credit Report. Due to identity theft, you might be surprised with errors, discrepancies, or outright false information on your credit report.

Best practice is to visit chúng tôi once a year (or upon loan application) and pull a free copy from each of the three credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, checking for the following (not an all-inclusive list):

Duplicate accounts

Public records errors

Inaccurate balances

Incorrect credit limits

Incorrect personal information

Accounts not belonging to you

Closed accounts marked as open

Outdated negative information (e.g., missed payments)

Even a single successful dispute can boost your credit score by 80 points or more. However, do not expect any immediate increase, as dispute resolution can take over 45 business days (depending on the creditor and credit bureau).

Why Is My Credit Score So Low?

One of the worst things you can have is a low credit score in the 300 to 580 range. This range qualifies you for much higher interest rates than traditional loans from banks and credit unions.

If you’re wondering why your credit score is low, it is important to understand the contributing factors, which may include the following reasons (not an all-inclusive list):

Some direct lenders may not report any activity to credit bureaus at all.

If you have one late payment (30 days, 60 days, or 90 days late), you can expect your credit score to drop by several points. The number of points it will drop depends on your credit history and the credit bureau scoring models. The higher your credit score, the heavier the drop.

No Credit Mix. The more types of credit accounts you have (e.g., student loans, mortgages, credit cards, and bad credit loans), the better the impact of your credit score. For example, if you have ten revolving credit cards and no other lines of credit, lenders may assume you do not know how to handle different debts responsibly.

High Credit Utilization. If your credit utilization ratio is over 40%, you can expect your credit score to be lower. Therefore, we recommend paying down all outstanding balances as low as possible, preferably in the single-digit percentages versus your available credit limit. For example, you’re in fantastic shape if you have a $10,000 Chase Sapphire rewards credit card limit and an average monthly balance of $700.

Negative Public Records. If you have a recent history of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other debts on public record, you can expect your credit score to tank for several years. The best way to escape this situation is by making consistent on-time payments and paying down outstanding balances over time. But remember, there is no easy, quick fix except for credit reporting disputes due to bureau/creditor errors.

Not Watching Your Credit Report. Did you know that you may deserve a credit score 50 points higher than what you have now? With one in five Americans experiencing errors on the credit report, we recommend visiting chúng tôi and pulling free credit reports from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

It is not uncommon to see an account open that should be marked as closed, incorrect balances, or even outright fraudulent activity due to identity theft. With identity theft being one of the leading types of fraud in the country, it’s no surprise that it could also extend to credit reporting.

By now, you should be fully informed on all aspects of boosting your credit score and the reasons for less than optimal ones.

How to Manage My Finances Better to Avoid Bad Credit Loans

To avoid bad credit loans, we highly recommend practicing steps to manage your finances.

Here are our favorite strategies:

Emergency Rainy Day Fund. The best way to handle unexpected expenses is to save three to six month of living expenses in a separate checking account. One way is to set up automatic deductions from your bi-weekly paycheck with transfers to a Fidelity money market or high-yield savings account. If you can afford it, 10% of your bi-weekly income is an excellent place to start.

Minimize Debt. Be sure to be strategic about managing and reducing your debt. Prioritize paying off high-interest debt first. Alternatively, apply the depth snowball method, which focuses on paying off the smallest balances first. Log all outstanding debt balances, minimum monthly payments, and interest rates to start this process. Order is key!

Remember, establishing a rainy day fund, minimizing debt, and tracking spending require patience and discipline. Over time, your finances will improve, avoiding the need for bad credit loans to cover emergency expenses.

Four Excellent Budgeting Apps to Avoid Bad Credit Loans

It would help to stay on top of budgeting and expense tracking to avoid bad credit loans with guaranteed approval.

One of the best ways to do this is by using budgeting apps like chúng tôi Rocket Money, PocketGuard, and Goodbudget.

Other services include a bill payment tracker, free credit score report, budgeting tools, subscription management, and even an Investments service where you can chip in towards your favorite stocks.

Rocket Money. With over 3 million members to date and an average review rating of 4.5 stars across 22,000+ reviews, rocking money is a force to be reckoned with. Features include personalized budgeting, expense tracking, spending alerts, financial goal setting, customized insights, and tips on how to help you save a few extra bucks every month to enjoy your life.

Like chúng tôi it also offers a subscription management service that helps you identify recurring subscriptions with automated cancellations. So far, Rocket Money has canceled more than 1 million subscriptions for its members, so it’s a very effective service!

PocketGuard. Promising to” take full control of your finances,” PocketGuard is a well-regarded money management app that offers a bill payment tracker, debt payoff planning, and budget category. However, arguably its strongest feature is its personalized insights, where your spending patterns are thoroughly energized to offer suggestions on managing your money, cutting back on expenses, and keeping your budget in check.

Goodbudget. Unlike Mint, Rocket Money, and Pocket Guard, Goodbudget is an envelope budgeting system allowing users to allocate income into different categories. Calling itself a ” virtual budget program,” it’s an innovative way to save for larger expenses. Our only knock on the service is its less-than-stellar user interface with a cluttered homepage and haphazard instructions. Look at this one only after Mint, Rocket Money, and Pocket Guard.

All in all, any of the four above money management apps will go a long way toward helping you become more financially educated and reduce the likelihood of taking out bad credit loans with guaranteed approval in the future.

A Word on Coupon Browser Extensions

Over the past five years, coupon browser extensions have exploded in popularity thanks to convenience in helping users find and apply coupon codes When shopping on any commerce site. They automatically scan the web for all available coupon codes and apply them to your purchases, which helps you avoid manually “flipping” or emailing coupons to your email address.

Plus, they only take up a little space, working in the background. Once you reach a product page or upon checkout, your coupon browser extension will automatically fire and apply one or more discounts to your cart.

Plus, most are compatible with the three major browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Here are our top six coupon browser extensions:

Honey. Arguably the most popular coupon browser extension, PayPal-owned Honey has an extensive database of coupons. On top of deals, it offers additional perks like price trends, which lets you know how much a product costs over a specified period. We are also big fans of its “Honey Gold” program, which allows you to redeem points for gift cards.

Capital One Shopping. Formerly known as Wikibuy, Capital One shopping is a coupon/price comparison hybrid, instantly allowing you to identify lower prices for products already in your shopping cart. In addition, you can view the same product and pricing information across multiple retailers, so it’s not uncommon to start your search for a product on one website before purchasing it on a second website.

One of its best features is Capital One Credits, which operates similarly to Honey’s “Honey Gold” program in redeeming credits on select purchases for gift cards.

Capital One shopping is highly rated, with over 12,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars or higher on the Google web store.

Klarna. One of the more popular “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) services, Klarna also offers a well-reviewed browser extension that offers exclusive discounts from participating retailers. However, its coupon and price comparison options are less robust than Honey and Capital One Shopping. Look to the Klarna coupon browser extension if you already use its payment service.

Coupon Birds. Coupon Birds is one of our favorite coupon browser extensions thanks to its simple UI and large coupon selection. However, it’s more limited than Honey and Capital One shopping because it doesn’t automatically compare prices across multiple e-commerce retailers. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid clogging up browser resources or if you are an irregular shopper, then Coupon Birds may be a solid choice.

RetailMeNot Deal Finder. With over 900,000 users, RetailMeNot offers one of the more popular coupon browser extensions, with input from 20,000+ stores. Like Honey and Capital One shopping, it finds and applies promo codes at checkout with exclusive offers and even cash-back opportunities via PenPal or Venmo.

By using any of the above six recommended coupon browser extensions, you’ll be on your way to saving with your favorite e-commerce retailers in no time.

Importance of a Rainy Day Fund

With unexpected expenses catching us off guard occasionally, one of our best recommendations is to have a rainy day fund. Rainy day funds set aside a minimum of 6 six months’ worth of savings to pay for unexpected expenses to avoid taking out a bad credit loan.

Arguably the number one benefit of a rainy day fund is financial protection. Whether it’s a broken fender bender, skyrocketing energy bills, or fixing a flooded basement, a rainy day fund with six months’ worth of living expenses allows you to avoid high-interest rate loans or credit card debt.

Another benefit to rainy day funds is to avoid death itself. Remember that bad credit loans have higher than average interest rates of up to 35.99% APR, which can result in high-interest payments and debt cycles if you fail to repay the loan on time. By having an emergency rainy day fund, you can avoid taking out bad credit loans and their potential stresses.

I’m Intrigued. How Do I Set Up A Rainy Day Fund?

To set up a rainy day fund, follow the steps below:

Set a Savings Goal. The first step is to determine how much you wish to save. Look for a minimum of three months, although a six month cushion is much more favorable.

Automate Savings. Your employee might arrange automatic transfers from paychecks to checking accounts if you are employed. Alternatively, you can set up automatic transfers from your checking to a savings account, converting it into a non-negotiable expense. A third option is to leverage your online brokerage.

For example, Fidelity has high-interest savings accounts or money market funds to which you could automatically withdraw a percentage of your bi-monthly paycheck. We highly recommend against active stock Investing as it will restrict your liquidity amidst volatile market conditions.

Create a Budget. No rainy day fund is complete without setting a healthy monthly budget. Review your income and expenses to identify areas of opportunity where you can cut back on unnecessary costs. For example, unused gum subscriptions on Netflix could cost $75 a month, which is better than elsewhere.

By following the above strategies and establishing a rainy day fund, you will be on track to reduce the chances of taking out a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval.

Four Ways to Be Cheap If You Have Bad Credit

Are you looking for ways to cut down on your monthly expenses? Do you have your eye on a 40% debt-to-income ratio that you wish to drop ASAP?

To avoid the chances of taking out a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval, here are four smart money management strategies to consider:

For example, pie charts can break down your mortgage, student, and other lines of credit into actual percentages for a quick bird’s eye view of your debt-to-income ratio.

By getting a breakdown of your expenses, you’ll be better equipped to cut down on unnecessary ones.

Use Coupons. Do not estimate the power of a coupon. Instead, install Firefox or Chrome plugins for automatic coupon issuing when you hit e-commerce checkout pages. Five recommended browser coupon extensions include Honey, Rakuten, the Caramelizer, Coupon Cabin, and Capital One shopping.

Plus, installing browser coupon extensions eliminates the need to visit online coupon websites to “clip” coupons and send them to yourself. However, keep in mind that this does not apply to in-person redemptions.

Watch Out for Subscriptions. Living at a fast pace, it’s not surprising to rack up subscriptions you didn’t even think you had. These recurring monthly charges could cause a serious dent in your budget, easily missed with a casual glance at your bank or credit card statement.

Put any unneeded recurring subscriptions on the chopping block. For example, are you no longer visiting the gym? Has your Netflix watching been cut back due to a new job? If so, look to reevaluate and cancel if necessary.

Plan Your Meals. With the average Two CheeseBurger McDonald’s meals now averaging over $8 nationwide, food costs have skyrocketed thanks to rising inflation and Federal Reserve action. This presents an opportunity to plan and prep your meals. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by avoiding takeout by preparing meals.

To get started, buy your groceries in bulk, set aside one or two hours on Sunday afternoons to prepare meals, and stick to your diet. Nowadays, you can get 1 pound of beef for less than $6, which could be used for two or three meals (a much cheaper alternative to a one-shot $8 Whopper Jr. meal from Burger King).

All in all, using budgeting tools/coupons, watching subscriptions, and planning your meals are all healthy ways to reduce your monthly expenses.

How Did We Choose These Lenders?

To compile this guide on best bad credit loans with guaranteed approval, we performed exhaustive research, starting with a wide pool of more than 30 online lending networks. Out of the 30, we narrowed them down to a top five based on the following criteria:

Interest Rates and Fees. Arguably our number one criteria, pay attention to interest rates and fees. Ensure that APRs do not exceed 35.99%, representing a maximum threshold mandated by state usury law. Additionally, ensure no prepayment or origination fees.

Most commonly associated with personal loans and mortgages, prepayment and origination only increase total overall loan cost, charging a percentage of the loan amount to pay for administrative fees, cost of processing, and lost income in interest charges. All of this is nonsensical to pay!

Transparent Terms and Conditions. Every one of our recommended lending networks has well written disclaimers near the footer of each web page, citing high-level details about its status as non direct lenders (intermediaries earning a fee or commission), privacy policies, states of operation, representative loan examples depicting total borrowing costs, and other helpful details to inform borrowers.

Loan Flexibility. Repayment options are repairable anywhere from six months upwards of 60 months with bi-weekly or monthly payments, making it easier to manage your loan. Refrain from paying attention to extension/refinancing options, as extending any loan equals poor money management. That’s why bad credit loans with guaranteed approval from legit online marketplaces are better than the short two to four-week repayment terms offered by traditional payday, auto title, and pawnshop loans.

Application Process. All loan requests form should be at least five pages, taking five minutes to complete. For example, 100Lenders compartmentalizes its questions with a progress bar (across five or six pages). In contrast, VivaLoans has a simple two-page form, one for Introduction & Income and the other for Contact & Deposit information.

Gather your supporting documentation, complete/submit the loan request form, and obtain near guaranteed approval and funding to a valid checking or savings account by the next business day.

Remember 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe. Kudos to any lending network that is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), a trade organization that promotes industry best lending practices protecting lenders and borrowers from lack of transparency with resources and support to members.

By ensuring your chosen lending network adheres to the above, you’re virtually assured of competitive rates and terms, blowing traditional payday, auto title, and pawn shop loans out of the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before applying for a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval, what should I consider?

How do bad credit loans with guaranteed approval differ from traditional loans?

Bad credit loans with guaranteed approval have looser eligibility requirements than traditional loans, often requiring no credit check with only age verification (18 years of age or older) with a recurring monthly income and an active checking or savings account for loan proceeds.

What maximum loan amount is available for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval?

The maximum loan amount available for guaranteed approval of bad credit loans depends on the lender. Expect anywhere from $100 upwards of $100,000, with most lending networks operating in between. For example, VivaLoans offers first loans from $100 to $15,000, whereas MoneyMutual offers $200 up to $5,000.

Refrain from assuming you are eligible for the maximum loan amount. Many direct lenders will offer less than your desired loan amount, thanks to your income, debt-to-income ratio, employment, and other factors.

Do I need collateral to secure a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval?

In most cases, the bad credit loans you’ll find that reputable online marketplaces like MoneyMutual are unsecured, meaning no collateral is required.

Can I repay a bad credit loan early without any penalties?

Bad credit loan policies depend on the lender. Only a few direct lenders charge origination and prepayment penalties, which we are highly against, as paying interest charges should be enough.

Will taking out a bad credit loan affect my credit score?

Whether or not a bad credit loan affects credit scores depends if the direct lenders report account activity to credit bureaus. Making consecutive missed payments may sometimes escalate your account to collections, quickly dropping your credit score by 100 points or more. Be sure to stay on top of payments at all times.

Can I apply for a bad credit loan online?

Yes, applying for a bad credit loan online is very easy. Online marketplaces like ZippyLoan and 100Lenders exist for that purpose, offering quick and easy loan applications that take no more than five minutes to complete.



5 Best Tablets And 5 Best Ultrabooks For Business

Over the last few years, there have been more changes occurring across the enterprise than in any other market. The corporate world, which was once loath to even consider modifying roadmaps and buying new products without waiting years to see how they held up, has thrown those old models on their head. Now, more companies than ever are investing in new ideas and products.

As of late, the other mobile form factor worth considering is Ultrabooks. The thin, lightweight, notebook spec created by Intel has made a huge mark on the mobile market. And according to most analysts, in the coming years, they could very well become the most popular notebook form factor on the market.

But as the enterprise becomes more willing to adopt such devices, it’s also thinking about what it should buy right now. In the following slides, we’re going to examine that, and list the five tablets and five Ultrabooks IT decision-makers should be considering bringing to the office.

Next tablet: Acer Aspire S3

Apple’s new iPad, which is slated to hit store shelves on March 16, seems to be an ideal tablet option for today’s enterprise user. It’s the tablet that the vast majority of employees want, plus it combines the new A5X processor with the Retina Display to make it a notable step up over the iPad 2. Furthermore, its 4G LTE integration is ideal for employees who are on the road.

New iPad

Next tablet: Acer Aspire S3

Next tablet: Cisco Cius

The Acer Aspire S3 is one of the most powerful Ultrabooks on the market, boasting a 13.3-inch LED display, Intel’s Core i5 processor, and a design that will make any client take a second to admire when employees break it out of the bag. Plus, it’s running Windows 7, making it a potentially more useful device than a tablet alternative.

Acer Aspire S3

Next tablet: Cisco Cius

Next tablet: Asus Zenbook

When Cisco launched the Cius last year, the company made it clear that it didn’t want its device to be an iPad killer. Instead, it hoped that enterprise users would see value in the Cius for its ability to be integrated into existing Cisco products. And although it’s Android-based, it comes with a host of security features that should allay at least some of the fears associated with the operating system.

Cisco Cius

Next tablet: Asus Zenbook

Next tablet: RIM Blackberry Playbook

The Asus Zenbook combines the key features that make Ultrabooks so special: power and mobility. The device comes with Intel’s Core i3, i5, or i7 processor, depending on the user’s preference, and boasts either an 11.6- or 13.3-inch display. Add that to its inclusion of a USB 3.0 port and Bluetooth 4.0, and it quickly becomes clear the Zenbook is one worth considering for the office this year.

Image 4: Asus Zenbook

Next tablet: RIM Blackberry Playbook

Next ultrabook: Dell XPS

Research In Motion has been suffering through an exceedingly difficult time over the last couple years as competitors deliver far more appealing devices. Still, the company’s 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook is at least worth considering for IT decision-makers that are concerned about Android security and see little value in the iPad. And with its recent addition of native e-mail and contacts support, it’s far more appealing than it was previously.

RIM Blackberry PlayBook

Next ultrabook: Dell XPS

Next ultrabook: Sasmsung Galaxy

Although Dell has lost some of its popularity in the enterprise to companies like HP and Lenovo, the company still delivers a host of high-quality PCs for the corporate world. Chief among them might just be the Dell XPS 13. The Ultrabook boasts a beautifully simple design, and adds serious performance to make it one of the most attractive options in this roundup.

Dell XPS 13

Next ultrabook: Samsung Galaxy

Next ultrabook: Lenovo IdeaPad

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is designed to be the Android-based alternative to Apple’s iPad. It comes with a 10.1-inch screen, 4G LTE connectivity, and an attractive price tag. That said, it’s designed with consumers in mind, and it lacks many of the security features found in the aforementioned Cisco Cius. So, while it might be a worthwhile option for some, it might turn others away.

Galaxy Tab 101

Next ultrabook: Lenovo IdeaPad

Next ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo is one of the top PC makers for enterprise users, and its IdeaPad U300 helps the company continue to appeal to those folks. The device comes with the thin, lightweight design expected from an Ultrabook, and features up to 8 hours of battery life, making it a great option for travelers. Plus, it’s optional 256GB solid-state drive is enough to make any IT decision-maker happy.

IdeaPad U300

Next ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

Next ultrabook: Apple Macbook Air

Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet is a unique option for enterprise customers. The device, which is scheduled to get an update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in May, works with a stylus. Even better, it can be docked into a keyboard, letting users turn it into a quasi-notebook. Think of the ThinkPad tablet as a half-tablet, half-Ultrabook hybrid. Not bad, right?

Lenovo ThinkPad

Next ultrabook: Apple Macbook Air

Previous ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

OK, OK, so the MacBook Air isn’t exactly an Ultrabook. But let’s not forget that Apple’s thin notebook was the device that inspired Intel’s new spec. It’s also the device that could greatly impact the adoption of Ultrabooks. So, why might the MacBook Air appeal to enterprise users? It’s well-designed, secure, and perhaps most importantly, benefits from consumerization.

Macbook Air

Previous ultrabook: Lenovo ThinkPad

Best Travel Social Media Networks : Traveling 2.0

Summer is fast approaching and I already can’t wait to have some rest. Of course, the social media geek inside me made me get prepared for my upcoming vacation the web 2.0 way: by looking through available travel social media networks and seeing what they have to offer. So here are my personal picks:

Best Social Voting Site: BestTravelDeals

BestTravelDeals lets users share travel deals and vote for most useful of them.


Places to stay;

Places to eat;

QA section for members to help each other.

Check out this page for example:

Profile pages are not overloaded with elements but look beautiful – what you’ll see there:

the member’s traveling map (places he has been to, places he plans to visit, places he wants to go to);

the person’s slideshow on each destination he visited;

brief traveler’s stats (photos, places visited, reviews);

person’s friends.

Best Social Features: TripSay

TripSay groups feature seems to be the bets way to unite various (virtual) travelers around common interest. Groups allows uses to:

Exchange experience and opinions on one topic;

Find travel buddies based in some common interest;

Give members ideas on where else to go and what to visit.

Example: breath-taking places:

Most Active Forum: Thorn Tree

Thorn Tree spots very simplistic interface but overwhelming number of areas covered and posts added daily.

Apart from area-related forums, you can also find here general topics like “health”, biking, traveling with kids, etc.

5 Common Web Scraping Applications In The Travel Industry 2023

Web scraping is used to aggregate travel, hotel, and airline data from multiple web sources using a web scraping tool or web scraping API. Scraped travel data enables businesses to monitor their competitors, optimize their pricing strategy, discover trending keywords in a specific topic, and personalize their customers’ journeys. Scraping travel data automates and improves the efficiency of many tasks in the travel and hospitality industries. However, companies face challenges in achieving desired business outcomes due to a lack of knowledge about how to benefit from scraped travel data.

This article discusses how a web scraper collects travel and tourism data from websites and the 5 common applications/use cases of web scraping in the travel industry.

1. Scraping hotel reviews & pricing

After you enter the necessary information, such as check-in/out dates, the website will display the most popular hotels that match your preferences. The algorithms used by travel companies generally rank hotels based on user preferences, popularity, satisfaction, etc. It is critical to have a high number of positive reviews to be ranked higher. Web scraping helps hospitality companies:

Compare prices of hotel competitors to adjust their prices accordingly: Pricing strategy is influenced by strong competition, high taxes, unfavorable economic conditions, and the quality of products and services. If you want to adjust your prices based on your competitors’ prices. You need to collect publicly available information about your competitor’s prices. Web scraping bot enables companies to get room prices from different hotel pages. 

Turn customer reviews into insight: You can scrape your company’s and competitors’ customer reviews from websites and web pages. Scraped web data allows companies to analyze sentiment in customers’ reviews ( see Figure 1). You can get insights about: 

Your customers’ preferences and expectations.

Your pain points that need to be improved. 

How you enhance your value proposition. 

What/how your competitors do right.

Figure 1: Customers’ descriptive words for a specific product

Source: AIMultiple

How to collect hotel review & price data 

Web scraping tools enable companies to collect publicly available hotel and tourism data, including hotel listings, prices, ratings, reviews, pictures, addresses, etc. A web scraping bot follows the steps below to collect public web data.

Web scraping bots help travel agencies in obtaining real-time data from multiple web sources or specific web pages. Product price and stock information are examples of data that are constantly changing. 

Assume you want to track and observe hotel room prices in a specific area for a month. In that case, your dynamic data is “room price,” which is constantly changing. A web scraping bot will extract room pricing data on the first of the month. When the price of rooms changes on the website from which you extract data, your scraper also updates the price data. Thus, you will receive the most recent price data. 

The web scraper will make numerous connection requests to the website to update the price. If you make a connection request with the same IP address, the website will identify your web scraper and block it to prevent data scraping. You can use a proxy server to scrape web data to avoid being detected and blocked by the website.

Check out our in-depth guide to proxy server types to decide which proxy server is best for you.

A quick tip: Residential and Internet Service Provider (ISP) proxy servers are excellent choices for large-scale web scraping projects. Because you must make multiple requests, IP anonymity and privacy are critical to avoid being identified as a scraping bot. If, on the other hand, your scraping project must be completed as soon as possible. Datacenter proxies are the best option for completing tasks quickly.


Bright Data’s Data Collector extracts publicly available data from various websites for travel and hospitality companies.  It aggregates hotel, travel and airline data from different data sources, such as hotel listings, reviews, ticket prices, location data, customer data, social media trends, room and flight ticket availability (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: How Bright Data helps businesses in the travel sector

3. Scraping airline/flight  data

The airline industry implements various ticket pricing such as economy, premium economy, business class, etc. Ticket prices change according to:

Flight date, 

The number of seats left,

Itinerary dependencies such as one-way flights, 

Sales volume like off-peak times, etc. 

Web scraping helps airline companies understand current airline market conditions, offer personalized prices to customers, and manage customers’ demands. Web scraping bots extract flight data, including flight number, flight duration, ticket price, plane name, arrival/destination time, airline name, etc. Web scraping is used by airlines for:

Price monitoring: Price monitoring is crucial to keep up with the competition in the airline industry. It helps airline companies to understand market demand and supply and improve demand management based on current market conditions. A web scraping tool can be used to analyze current market conditions. 

Analyzing market share: Scraped flight data can be used to analyze the current airline market conditions. It allows airline companies to 

Understand how their competitors are doing by analyzing their market share in the total airline industry share. 

Pinpoint growing investment areas in the airline industry. 

Analyze top players in the competition and understand how they differentiate their products and services.

Improve growth strategy to increase your company’s visibility.

How to scrape flight price information from websites

Assume you want to get the most recent flight price information. Flight prices can be found using a travel booking platform or airline companies’ websites. 

 Select a date range to see all available flight tickets. 

 Copy the website’s URL. 

 Paste the URL into the web scraping bot and run it. 

 The bot will extract all the required information.  

 Depending on your needs, specify the scraping time, such as every 120 minutes, day, or  week. The web scraping bot will refresh the scraped flight prices regularly. 

Convert the extracted data into the desired format.

4. Analyzing travel/tourism trends

Suppose you are in the travel and tourism industry. In that case, your competitors are most likely using social media channels effectively for campaigns, brand building, and other purposes to improve their online presence. Web scraping bots: 

Extract trending topics and hashtags on social media platforms.

Aggregate travel news from blogs/travel sites. 

Monitor competitors’ social media channels. 

How to scrape travel and tourism trends from websites 

Let’s go over an example; assume you own a boutique hotel located in New Orleans. When you search “boutique hotels in New Orleans” many boutique hotels will appear in search results based on your search terms, reviews, ratings, and other factors (see Figure 3).

A quick tip: You can search for keywords that your hotel is trying to rank in Google search results, such as “boutique hotels for couples,” “boutique hotels for families,” “boutique hotels with child-friendly” etc. 

Figure 3: Shows the search results for a “boutique hotels in New Orleans” query

According to Google, “near me” or “nearby” searches have increased by 150%. When people search for a restaurant, hotel, vacation rental, or flights they use search engine’ maps to find the places in their areas. They search for “restaurants near me” or “hotels near me,” for example. This makes search engine maps data critical for businesses. 

Source: Google

When I search for “vacation rentals in Texas” Google Maps displays many vacation rentals in the searched area (see Figure 4). Results can also be sorted by rating. Google Maps data is an excellent resource for connecting customers with businesses. Web scraping bots collect information about real estate, hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, etc. Companies can use Google Maps to scrape their competitors’ location details, customer ratings, and reviews.

Figure 4: Google Maps search result for “vacation rentals in Texas”

Source: Google

How to scrape travel & tourism data from Google Maps

Search for a specific keyword, such as “hotels in California”. 

Scrape all business listings on each Google Map search result. 

The web scraping bot scrapes each search result page individually. 

On Google Map pages, the scraper extracts all available data by category, such as business names, website addresses, location details, customer ratings and reviews, service descriptions, and so on. 

Download all scraped pages as CSV, XLSX, or other formats.

Further Reading

For a comprehensive view of web scraping, how it works, use cases, and tools, download our in-depth whitepaper on the topic:

If you believe your company could benefit from a web scraping solution, look through our list of web crawlers to find the best vendor for you.

For guidance to choose the right tool, reach out to us:

Gulbahar Karatas

Gülbahar is an AIMultiple industry analyst focused on web data collections and applications of web data.





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