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Proactive in Your Career

If you break down the word “proactive,” you would get “pro” and “active.” “Pro” is a Greek word that means “before” or “sooner.” And “active” means “taking action constantly.” That means people taking action constantly before or sooner are proactive.

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If you have read Dr. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” you would know that being proactive is the number one habit. Why is being proactive so important in our lives and our careers?

Nowadays, people always talk about being proactive. But what does it mean in the real sense?

Being proactive means the “ability to respond to an event before it happened.”

Why should you be proactive in your career and life?

There are several reasons. Let’s look at them one by one.

Reclaiming your power

Most people give away their power by letting life run by default. The events happen, and they react. Thus they don’t feel empowered. Author Jim Rohn said – “What happens to us happens to everybody. It’s not what happens, but what we do about it that makes the real difference.” When you see that life is happening to you, you can ponder and reclaim your power by being proactive. Only 10% of the results you get are the creation of life. The other 90% you did yourself. Reclaim your power. Don’t let your life and career go in the default mode. Take charge of your destiny.

Take responsibility

If you’re proactive, you would have the ability to respond, not react. If you’re proactive, you can take responsibility for your career and life. If you break the word responsibility, you will see there are two words – one is responsible, and another is ability.

Change your results drastically

If you become proactive, you will not be among the mediocre souls. They are just going through life, not living it. If you become proactive, you will take responsibility for everything in your life. Thus the results you will create will be massive and drastically different from those who never become proactive.

You will become happier

Happiness is the holy grail of living and attaining a great career. If you’re not happy, what else is there? Being proactive would make you feel that you’re in control instead of feeling that others are in control. Being in control of yourself will make you happier.

You will only think about what you can control

If you become proactive, you will give up worrying completely. You will only think about what you can control. Dr. Stephen Covey called this an “area of influence.” You will not worry about what you can’t do. Dr. Covey called this an “area of concern.” This will significantly reduce the stress level. Your way of thinking would achieve clarity. And you would drastically change your outlook on life.

How to be proactive in your career?

But how would you do that? How would you cultivate the habit of being proactive?

Here are some ways you can use to become proactive.

#1. Start with one thing in your career

If you’re proactive in your life and simply starting your career, don’t try to take too much. Initially, start with one thing where you want to be proactive. For example, if you’re putting off one type of task regularly, promise yourself that you will do it every day first thing in the morning before you do any other task. After a few months, if you continue this practice, you will see that it has become permanent in your nature.

#2. Stop reacting

The greatest issue of our professional relationships is that we become defensive when we face criticism. But if you become proactive, you will not become defensive; you will try to understand whether there’s any issue with your work or if a particular part of your work needs improvement. If you find that the critic is right, you will improve; if the critic is wrong, you simply ignore it. But it’s a difficult practice because we’ve installed the habit of reacting immediately to criticisms. Thus, the best way to deal with it is to put down everything in a journal.

When you’re getting defensive and unable to gauge constructive criticism, write everything down in your journal. Suppose you put down your thoughts at the beginning when you’re angry or sad, or anxious. In that case, you will release your emotions, and you will also be able to maintain a professional relationship with the person who criticized you.

#3. Practice focus #4. 90-second rule

The 90-second rule will help you become more proactive. Suppose you decide to complete your task within a time frame. But things keep coming up. Instead of getting bothered, tell yourself you will do the job for 90 seconds. And then you will stop. By using 90 seconds rule, you can start on any work immediately, and then you can keep on going. Now you may think, how would you relate this to proactivity? Remember being proactive is all about taking action before something goes out of hand. So, it will jump-start you on the move. Anything you want to start and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just use this 90 seconds rule, and you can begin the task immediately.

#5. Power to Choose

You don’t need to become a victim. You can be a victor. The only thing you need to do is to understand that you have power. Whatever happens to you in your career up until now may not be your fault, but you must take responsibility for everything in your career. How would you do that? Simply try this. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. On one side, write down – “my area of control,” and on the other, write – “not my area.”

“My area of control” is all about things you can control in your professional life, for example, your daily work, how you behave, how you develop yourself, how you maintain coworker relationships and peers, how you respond to any crisis period, etc.

“Not my area” is all about things you don’t have direct control over, like an angry boss, lazy colleagues, hot weather, etc.

Keep this paper with you daily and add both sides as you feel. Then whenever you see yourself getting bogged down by events, ask yourself, “Is it my area?” If it’s not your area, concentrate on what you can control (“my area of control”) and be happy. Keeping this list will help shape your attitude and make you more proactive in your career.


The tips mentioned above are not comprehensive. But if you do them, you will see that you don’t need anything else. Being proactive is a shift of attitude – from being reactive to being responsible. Being proactive also means realizing that you can choose to act even if things don’t go your way. That’s the power of being proactive.

To begin working on your attitude, start with “practice focus.” Because this one thing will help you achieve all others, simply try it every day for 5-10 minutes, and you will realize that you have power, a choice, and can be proactive in your career.

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How To Be An Effective Advocate For Your Child With Autism

Stay informed and do your research

In the initial days of the diagnosis, you might find yourself clueless regarding Autism and your child’s behavioral symptoms. Sometimes you’d see your child struggling with their needs, but you might be unable to understand it. If you want to help your child and understand their wants and needs, one this is for sure- You need to make yourself an expert on Autism. Only once you know about it, you’ll be able to help them or at least be able to seek help from the right person. For this, read blogs, attend workshops, read his/her reports, and try to explore and grab as much knowledge and information as possible from a variety of credible sources.

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Be proactive

As a parent of a child with special needs, you need to be constantly on your toes. Write down the areas you think your child needs help with and discuss them with their special educator. Also, analyse and keep a note of the goals he/she has already achieved. For instance, if your child is about to attend a new class or will be going on a different bus, it is obvious that he/she might be meeting several new people. Generally, individuals diagnosed with ASD find it difficult to interact or accept a change, and so you need to proactively find out which new persons are going to take the responsibility of your child.

Fix a meeting with them and discuss your child’s requirements and understanding with them. Share your contact details, just in case they need your assistance regarding your child. For instance, if your child’s bus is going to take a new route from the next day onwards, you need to prepare your child beforehand for this change. Proactively, contact the school authority or bus fleet manager and ask them the directions. To ease out your child’s stress, you can drive him/her along the same route in the evening and tell the child, “You will go by school bus via this route tomorrow.”

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Stay prepared with the documents

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Communicate regularly

Constantly keep in touch with your child’s teacher, shadow teacher, (in case he/she has one,) therapists, clinicians, etc and enquire them about your child. You can make a short questionnaire for them to fill. For instance, when you go to pick up your child after school, you can hand out a questionnaire to his/her teacher.

“Vihaan ate by himself today. Yes/No

“He communicated when he wanted to use the restroom. Yes/No

“He waited for his turn to come while playing the swings. Yes/No

Also, try to communicate with your child and try to know if they are having any problems or issues at school or the therapy centre.

Reach out for help

At times when you find it hard to understand how to help your child, it’s best to reach out for help. Consult a therapist or a child counseling expert as he/she will be able to better guide you with the comprehensive treatment plan that works best for your child. You can simply type in your browser, “child counseling near me” or “autism counseling near me” and you will have several options to choose from. Look for a centre that has a team of Occupational therapists, Child psychologists, Speech and language therapists, Special educators, etc who can together for the best interests of your child.

5 Ways To Make Your App Sell Itself

Apps have never been more popular than they are today, and no wonder: they add convenience to our personal and professional lives, entertain us, and provide mobile access to websites, services, and other products.

As more consumers jump on the mobile bandwagon, the app marketplace continues to swell with everything from business to entertainment applications. In the Google Play marketplace alone, there are more than 2.2 million apps.

Launching a new app that will get seen and downloaded by mobile users is no simple task in such a crowded market.

App developers need to add marketing and promotion to their skillset, or outsource these tasks, to get any kind of visibility for their app online.

Want to learn more about ASO? Check out this Marketing Nerds podcast with Anne Ahola Ward:

Your browser does not support the audio element.

What are the best ways to make your app stand out? Here are five tactics to gain traction and make your app start selling itself.

1. Invest in Quality Video

Developing an app is already a pretty costly venture. On the bright side, it’s much cheaper to market your app as you lead up to launch. Leveraging video should be at the top of your marketing strategy agenda. Consumers love it, it’s easy to digest, and it’s arguably the most effective method of communicating a story to an audience.

Beyond the story, video directly impacts the buying process for a majority of consumers. As many as 90% agree that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, and 64% of users are more likely to follow through with a purchase after viewing video.

I recommend creating more for your app than just a brief explanation video. Put in the investment to craft something immersive, entertaining, and relevant to the interests of your audience. Make sure that product video does more than just show off features for passive viewers.

The video for Jelly is a great example, as it scored more than 200k views:

If you have a limited budget for developing video, then take a cue from the reveal video of Tiny Wings 2. Even on a limited budget, you can still make a great clip. You just need to rely a little more on your creativity.

If you have the time and the budget for more than one video, you should absolutely create one or more teaser videos. A product video helps the app sell itself in an app store or on your website, but teaser videos will build the buzz leading up to your launch and give you the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing before you even release your app to the public.

Post those videos across multiple video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and be sure to provide a link and call-to-action back to your app page or the app store.

2. Optimize Every Aspect of Your App Page

For people to find your app online, you should optimize it for the words and phrases your audience is using to find solutions that match your creation. This is especially true for Apple’s app store and Google Play.

Optimization makes your app more discoverable, but you’re not just optimizing for the search algorithm of those marketplaces. You also need to optimize for the user. The description you use for your app should be concise, compelling, and focused on the value proposition.

It should clearly answer the question, “What do I get out of downloading this?”

Slack does an excellent job of utilizing keywords within a description of the most important benefits for the user.

To get an idea of what search phrases your audience might use to find you in the app store, check out the top apps similar to your own. Examine the content and try using a number of search queries related to your app, the solution you’re providing, and common problems it solves.

Pay attention to the 4- and 5-star reviews of the most popular apps; they’ll often contain positive keywords you can leverage for your own app.

Optimize the title, description, and keyword field for your application. Use similar optimization for the app page on your website, but don’t directly copy the content. Make sure the textual content is completely unique across your promotional channels so there are multiple avenues through which your customers can find you.

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

Encourage users to leave reviews for your application after they’ve had a chance to use it. For more complex applications, such as mobile business apps for on-the-go professionals, solicit subscribers and ask if they can provide testimonials or results from their use of your app.

Testimonials and reviews should be in the spotlight on your website, and they can also be worked into updated videos and other marketing materials to develop the trust of your audience through social proof.

Reviews within the app marketplace itself are usually the most valuable because they directly impact app ranking and contribute to higher user conversions and app installation rates.

4. Reduce Friction

If you complicate the process more than that, expect to lose some prospects from friction. This is especially true if you have a sign-up, membership requirement, or registration form that prevent users from accessing your app’s features until they complete the initial process.

Understandably, you need the information for membership-based products and apps, like SaaS products, but you don’t need to collect every piece of information right off the bat.

There is already evidence that proves a reduction in the number of form fields can dramatically impact conversions for registration and opt-ins. Trim the information required to get started and eliminate that excess friction. You can always gather more information once they’re in the door.

Freshbooks is a prime example, since their sign-up is limited to just two fields. You can’t get more welcoming than that to get someone to sign up for your free trial.

The same technique was used during Obama’s presidential campaign. Eliminating form fields in the contribution section greatly reduced friction and lifted conversions for donors and other web visitors.

5. Make Social Your Main Feedback Channel

There are many benefits to having multiple methods for connecting with customers, but if you have a stellar model for customer service, then show it off to prospects and customers alike. Designate social media as your primary feedback channel.

Prospective customers clearly see how you and your team handle service-related issues, which can build trust and lead to a purchase

Brand/product visibility expands as prospective customers see their connections engage with you

There are no costs for monitoring and responding to customers in social media outlets

Reach and engagement will improve across the social channels you use, which should gradually spark more engagement from your followers


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5 Ways To Share Your Phone Screen On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is testing a built-in feature with some beta users that lets you record and share the contents of your screen with the recipient of the video call. With this new update, you will get a new toggle beside the camera flip and the video camera option to share your screen with the person on the video call.

You must have the beta update build or above on your Android phone to access it. Even though we have a newer build, we can’t access it on our phones.

1. Launch the Google Meet app (Android, iOS) on your phone, and create a new meeting.

3. On the next screen, tap the Share Screen button, and tap Continue.

4. Tap the Start Now button on the pop-up to share your screen with the recipient; you can move to WhatsApp to share your screen.

5. Admit your friend to the meeting, and they will be able to see your screen.

Once you finish the meeting, you can either leave the meeting or end the call for all participants.

1. Launch the Microsoft Teams app (Android, iOS) on your phone.

3. Now, tap the Start Meeting button.

4. Allow the required permissions to Teams, and join the meeting.

6. Once your friend joins the meeting, tap the three dots from the bottom navigation.

7. Now, tap the share button and enable the audio toggle.

8. Tap the start now button on the pop-up to share your screen with the recipient; you can move to WhatsApp to share your screen.

Once you finish the meeting, you can either leave the meeting or end the call for all participants.

1. Launch the Zoom app (Android, iOS) on your phone, and create a new meeting.

2. Allow the required permissions to the Zoom app.

4. Once you have added the participant to the meeting, tap the share button and choose to share your Screen from the pop-up menu.

6. Allow other required permissions, and tap the Start Now button.

7. On the next screen, you will be prompted to allow the display over other apps permission to Zoom.

8. Now, you can share your screen with the recipient and move to WhatsApp to share your screen.

Once you finish the meeting, you can either leave the meeting or end the call for all participants.

1. Go to Crankwheel’s website, and sign up with your email address.

5. Now, choose the screen you want to share with the other person.

6. You can stop sharing your screen via the button at the bottom whenever you don’t want the viewer to see your screen.

Once you finish the meeting, you can either leave the meeting or end the call for all participants.

The benefit of CrankWheel is that the preview window will notify you if the recipient moves to any other tab. If you can see the viewer window, it means the viewer has the meeting window opened.

WhatsApp is currently testing the Screen Sharing feature with the beta users. You must have the beta update build or above on your Android phone to access it. Even though we have a newer build, we can’t access it on our phones.

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5 Ways To Prepare Your Online Business For Holiday Rush

The holiday season is all about those wonderful gifts, new clothes, social gathering and, of course, the good food. You can’t ignore the colorful atmosphere of the festive season and the lovely rush that you see outside and online.

According to a National Retail Foundation survey, 4o percent of holiday shopping starts before Halloween, with another 41 percent in November and about 18.7 percent in December. Additionally, emarketer predicts this year that the retail holiday sales growth will reach 5.7 percent this year. As a seller, you need to buckle up and prepare away ahead of the season in order to make a happy & profitable ending. Here are five ways a business can prepare itself to tackle the holiday.

1. Prep Your Staff

You already have the data about the last year’s holiday season and this should help you to prepare yourself and your staff to plan for this season. If you think that new staff needs to be hired, then arrange it so at the earliest possible time. Analyze the previous holiday season sales- repeat the strategy that worked good for you and alter the ones which didn’t. Your staff needs to be empowered so that they know what’s coming up. Train your team on how to engage with customers as there would be less time and more to do. The promotional offers, special discounts, and deals should reach to the target customers via social media, email marketing and other off line modes. Engage your customers before they are bombarded with all sorts of offers. The existing customers definitely should be treated special and the first-timers too shouldn’t feel any less.

2. Use Live Chat Tactfully

Let you live chat system be a support system for your e-commerce business. People around the holidays are in a rush and they have no time to revisit your site to find things they didn’t find the first time; they will simply switch to another one. Be sure that the staff is adequate and knowledgeable to use the live chat and is quick and skillful enough to resolve the matter in a jiffy. You can’t afford to lose a single customer just because he or she didn’t get a simple query resolved. The staff needs to be trained as well as authorized to solve any matter that comes to them. This saves the customer’s time and increases your sales number. If you haven’t installed live chat yet, you can try tools like Tagove, Zopim, or Velaro.

3. CRM Is Your Friend

A quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like a best friend who keeps all your secrets. This nothing-to-hide system is a blessing for small businesses especially around the holidays. The moment you take the call you know the history of the caller and this should be put to the maximum use. Use the detail of the existing customers to offer them something they weren’t expecting so that they stick around to you even when the competition is tough and other offers attractive. Use CRM to do the thinking part and strategize the process to keep up with the existing customers and gain the new ones. Leading software tools like Skyward CRM and SugarCRM offer custom CRM solutions that fits your organization and help you in all means. They can customize your requirements as your business needs.

4. Gear Up Your Web and Mobile Sites

Whether people are shopping via desktop or through their mobile, make sure the website is never down. The website should be able to handle the traffic, and the transaction processing shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Make arrangements so that the website is working round the clock. Also, have a backup plan in case of an emergency. Emarketer has predicted that the m-commerce sales are going to rise this year to 32.2 percent, almost double than the last year’s 14.2 percent; so, if you aren’t yet on mobile, you’ll potentially lose out on a significant opportunity.

5. Plan Inventory and Delivery

You know what sold like hot cakes last year. A thorough analysis of the last year’s sales would give you reason to stock up the items so that you never have to say no. The range of items with relation to the quality, quantity, and pricing should be stocked up ahead of time, before they become costly to you. Talk to your supplier for the number of items that you would need for the season and also have few other suppliers ready, maybe you would need them.

Stick to the delivery date that you promise your customers and make sure you stick to it. According to NRF, 46.7 percent of consumers said that shipping promotion or free shipping are important factors in their decision on where to shop. Communicate a realistic shipping date to your customer and make arrangements for it. We know you aren’t a superman but an eagerly waiting customer may get miffed by the delay. So, the best thing is to strengthen your supply and make provision for the on-time delivery.

Top 12 Leadership Courses To Advance Your Career In 2023 And Beyond

blog / Leadership Top 12 Leadership Courses to Advance Your Career in 2023 and Beyond

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Investing in leadership courses can benefit you personally and professionally and boost the success of your team and organization. However, choosing the right course can be overwhelming with so many options available. To help you make the right decision, here is a comprehensive list of twelve top leadership courses to help you reach your full potential as a leader.

What is a Leadership Course? 

Leadership courses are programs designed to help you understand the principles and practices of effective leadership and develop your leadership skills. These courses aim to equip you with the skills, knowledge, strategies, mindset, and tools that allow you to lead organizations and people efficiently. Whether you are just starting out in your leadership journey or are looking to enhance your existing skills, online leadership courses can provide the training and support you need to succeed.

Best Leadership Courses Online 

Scope: The technology leadership program provides learners the tools to improve their tech leadership skills in four key areas: enhancing tech leadership acumen, utilizing data effectively, enabling digital transformation, and incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business. The program uses live classes, case studies, group exercises, and self-reflection to help participants create technology strategies.

Duration: 6 months (online), 4-6 hours per week 

Fee: $6,900

Scope: The effective leadership program helps participants create an actionable plan to lead their organizations through any form of disruption by teaching them to use disruption for innovation, examine the impact of digitization and AI on business and the economy, consider the effects of climate change on business profits and reputation, and be prepared for future disruptions and growth opportunities.

Duration: 6 weeks (online), 4-6 hours per week 

Fee: $2,314

Who is this program for: Leaders across various industries looking to respond to disruptive changes effectively

Duration: 6 weeks (online), 4-6 hours per week

Fee: $2,314 

Who is this program for: Individuals aspiring for or currently holding C-suite leadership positions

Scope: This executive program is designed to meet the needs of busy executives and provide them with the necessary tools and frameworks to handle complex business decisions, maintain long-term growth, and overcome the challenges in the energy industry.

Duration: 9-12 months (online) 

Who is this program for: Executives in mid-to-large energy organizations with a minimum of 10 years of working experience

Scope: This multi-module program aims to help senior professionals become effective leaders. It helps participants improve their leadership skills by integrating an entrepreneurial mindset into the corporate culture, making technology-enhanced strategic decisions, establishing collaborative organizations, and managing top talent in global markets.

Duration: 9 months (online and in-person)

Fee: $38,000

Who is this program for: Mid-career managers, leaders from large- and medium-sized organizations, and startups worldwide, as well as senior executives with ten years of work experience

Duration: 6 months (online and in-person) 

Who is this program for: Senior leaders from large- and medium-sized organizations globally, with a diverse range of backgrounds and a minimum of 10 years of work experience

Duration: 6 weeks (online), 4-5 hours per week 

Fee: $2,210 

Who is this program for: Senior leaders and HR professionals

Scope: NUS’ health leadership program provides a comprehensive approach to leadership and diversity in the healthcare sector. It focuses on teaching learners the fundamental principles of effective leadership, informed decision-making, managing change, and equipping them with the necessary tools to transform their teams and organizations.

Duration: 12 weeks (online)

Fee: $2,200

Who is this program for: Professionals working in or looking to transition into the healthcare sector

Scope: The Imperial’s sustainability leadership program is designed to help learners create a responsible business model for lasting economic value and develop new methods and mindsets. It equips them to evolve as business leaders while refining a sustainability innovation strategy for their organizations that addresses the challenge of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Duration: 15 weeks (online), 6-8 hours per week 

Fee: $2733 (£2,550)

Who is this program for: Senior executives and functional managers interested in building a comprehensive understanding of sustainability as a business practice

Scope: This program helps leaders adapt to the ever-changing market by adopting a customer-centric approach, leading their technology-focused company through disruptions, fostering a work environment that attracts and retains top talent, and exploring innovative solutions to grow the business.

Duration: 6 weeks (online), 4-6 hours 

Fee: $2,210

Who is this program for: Leaders in technology-driven organizations, including C-suite leaders, mid- to senior-level functional managers, and management consultants

Scope: Kellogg’s leading growth strategy program helps learners take their growth plans from concept to reality using proven methods and techniques to drive growth and overcome organizational performance challenges. With a proven framework, practical tools, and models, learners can drive exponential growth on an organizational, team, and personal level.

Duration: 6 weeks (online), 4-6 hours per week 

Fee: $2,393

Who is this program for: Senior executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, change-champion managers, and growth consultants

Scope: This MIT Sloan program focuses on helping professionals become high-velocity leaders who understand and overcome the barriers preventing their organizations from achieving performance excellence. Participants will learn key principles, frameworks, and tools to drive organizational transformation and create actionable plans to achieve organizational transformation.

Duration: 6 weeks (online), 4-6 hours per week 

Fee: $2,380

Who is this program for: Professionals aspiring to be high-velocity leaders within their organizations

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Ready to Pick a Leadership Course? 

These 12 best leadership courses offer a wealth of knowledge, practical tools and techniques, and valuable insights to help you become an exceptional leader. By investing in your leadership skills, you can stay ahead of the curve, inspire others to reach their full potential, and lead your team and organization to new heights. Explore these leadership courses from Emeritus and start your leadership journey toward excellence. 

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