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1. Business Card Land

Business Card Lard is a simple and easy to use website that allows users to create free online business cards and download a PDF of the design, in high quality, to be printed later on – or just use for online purposes.

The designs found on the website are simple and plain, not too fancy. These cards are good for anyone who has a small – very small business.

Using the service is easy. Just pick the business card design you want from the design page, choose the size, enter the information you want to display on the card, choose the color and background and finally, make the PDF of your card.

Business Card Land

2. Business Card Star

Business Card Star is a website similar to Business Card Land (above). However, the designs found on the website are a little more creative and more than just your average simple, plain ones.

Once done move onto the next step to make the “back” of the card after which you can save the design and create a PDF for it.

Business Card Star

3. BizCard Creator

BizCard Creator is one of the simplest ways to create a business card online. Not only is it quick, but it is also free and has many card designs to choose from.

Once the card has been made, you can get it printed or saved on to your computer for later use if you want.

BizCard Creator

4. Degraeve

If you want to create a much more professional looking card, and not one of your simple, plain cards that lack any aesthetic design, you have to try Degraeve.

Degraeve is a website that allows people to create business cards for free and in seconds. Not only that, but the designs are simple and look very professional.

Just enter in the details of your card, choose the size and design it a little more to end up with a PDF that you can use to print your cards later on. It depends on where you get them printed from of course.


5. FreePDF Cards

This is another business card creating website, which resembles and works on the basis like Degraeve (mentioned above). If you want a professional, simple looking card, do try it.

Upload your business card information, the logo of your company (if you have one – make one if you don’t) and then move to design your card and finally download the PDF format file of your design which ensures that your card design is held in its finest quality and perfect size.

FreePDF Cards

6. Zazzle

Zazzle is a website that not only allows users to create their very own custom designed business cards, but also gives them the feature to get the cards printed and shipped to their doorsteps – all from Zazzle.

Another great feature on Zazzle is the fact that you can use your very own complete design to make the card – not bound by any default template, design or anything. The orders are shipped in 24 hours with a full color printing.



There you have it folks, these are just some of the websites that allow business cards to be created. These websites are best suited for small – medium businesses. In addition, if you have a creative designing agency or so, it would be much wiser to hire a professional artist/company to do the business cards, for as I said, “they represent your brand and make a brand identity”.

Image credit: Big Stock Photo


Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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6 Best Ai Tools To Create Videos

Steve AI Features

With Steve AI you get to choose between a bunch of options, but all of them work about the same. These are all the features that Steve AI provides right now.

Script to Video

Script to Animation

Blog to Video

Blog to Animation

Our Experience with Steve AI

Signing up is pretty easy, as you can sign up using your Google account, Facebook account, or using your email ID. Once logged in, you get a dashboard where all your current projects are saved for easy edits. From here, you can select the one option you need and provide the script or the text you want to convert into a video.

The interface is very simple and easy to navigate through, you can easily go back and forth during the process anytime to change the settings. There are more features coming to the Steve AI that will be even more helpful to everyone working in the content creation domain.

What is Free with Steve AI

The best part about Steve AI is that it gives you a free plan at sign-up. This free plan has some video limits but it works exactly like a paid plan, with all the features available with any paid plan. You get to create and export three videos a month and the video resolution of these videos is capped at 720p.

Steve AI Pricing

The basic plan of Steve AI starts from USD 15/month and goes all the way up to a Pro membership costing up to USD 60/ month. You get to create five 720p videos/ month on the basic plan and with the pro, you get 40 videos to download at 2K resolution. There is also an Enterprise plan with up to 4K video support, the pricing of which is available on demand.

Steve AI: Pros and Cons


The free plan includes all the tools

Converts a whole blog directly to a video or animation

Generate videos quickly


Limited media library for free plan

The free plan lacks a collaboration feature

Synthesia is a really great tool for someone who wants a video to be made for them. It lets you create videos with a presenter speaking the text you’ve input. This tool uses artificial intelligence to make it look like that the person is speaking the script you’ve uploaded. It removes the need to hire actors in order to create a video with the script and then post-process it into a useful format. This all can be done using this simple online tool.

Synthesia Features

Our Experience with Synthesia

What is Free With Synthesia Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia comes with only two plans; Personal and Corporate, out of which Corporate prices are only available on demand. The personal plan is Rs. 1,999/month which unlocks options like 120+ languages, 65+ AI avatars, and 55+ templates. There are limitations to this plan; as you get 10 credits/ month which varies according to the video length. This means, with 10 credits, you can either make a 10-minute video or create 10 one-minute videos.

Synthesia Pros and Cons


Life-like AI avatars for video creation

35+ AI avatars to choose from

120+ languages to choose from

Free try has limitations

Long video processing time

Runway is a free tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to apply some really cool effects to your video clips. It comes with a bunch of AI-powered tools to transform your videos, audio, and image content into unique results. You can either create a new project or create a new video using the magic tools and other features of the video editor. Or you can easily select any tools to add a particular request.

Runway features

Runway comes with features that let you transform your videos, images, text, and audio in minutes. Below is the list of all the tools and features that Runway service offers.

Remove background from videos

Remove objects and people from videos

Create Super slo-mo videos

Blur faces in a video

Add bokeh

Clean audio

Remove silence

Replace background

Generate transcript and subtitles

Our Experience with Runway

Once the video is processed, it will show you a preview of the final video. Here you can make some adjustments to the features like intensity or feather. After making the adjustments, the video will be ready in minutes and you can easily download them on your device. You may also be able to use those edited videos to create a master video using the provided video editor tool. Overall the experience is pretty smooth with all the tools and these effects apply very quickly so no need to wait for hours to get your video.

What is Free with Runway?

You can actually do a lot of things for free on Runway, compared to other AI services. The tool gives you a free account upon signing up with all the tools available for free with a limit. You can only export videos with HD resolution, with a storage limit of 5GB of data per account. Only three projects can be kept active at a time in the free version and export options are also very limited with the free plan. You also get access to an AI image generator to create images using your text with a limit of 25 images.

Runway Pricing

Runway comes with three plans to choose from; Pro for USD 12/per month, the Team plan for USD 28/ per month, and the Enterprise plan. There aren’t many differences between these plans. The Pro plan lets you create unlimited projects and it also unlocks 4K video exports. You get 500 GB of space and 125 image generations per month. The Team plan comes with the same features, only the server space increases to 1TB and you get 450 image generations per month. The price for the Enterprise plan is available on demand and it comes with a bunch of extra features.

Runway Pros and Cons

A lot of AI features to use in the free plan

Tools work flawlessly

Processing is quick

Allows to collaborate


Only 3 projects can be created at a time

Wisecut is one of those specific AI video tools,  for content creators who don’t have much time in hand to edit out the unimportant parts. This tool takes your long video and processes it with the instructions given to the tool. There are some specific tools available to apply smooth cuts and auto-remove the silent parts from the video. The free plan is enough and also pretty useful for anyone using this tool for personal use.

Wisecut Features

Wisecut comes with a set of editing techniques that you can collectively apply to a single video. Below is the list of all the tools available on wisecut.

Ability to apply Smooth cuts

Auto cut silences

Smart Background Music

Auto Duck

Auto Punch in and out

Background Noise Cancellation

Burned in captions

Our Experience with Wisecut

After uploading the media to the Wisecut tool, it will show you a couple of available options and editing techniques. Finally, you get your video ready with the desired editing techniques applied and download it on your device.

What is Free in Wisecut?

Wisecut gives you a free plan when you sign up for a new account. This free plan lets you edit 30 minutes of video per month at 720p resolution. You get 2GB of free space on the server to keep all your media files to work on. The maximum file size is 1GB per video and a watermark will be applied to all your exported videos from the Wisecut Free plan.

Wisecut Pricing

Wisecut comes with two plans apart from the free one; Starter for USD 10/ per month and Professional for USD 29/ per month. You get 8 hours of video processing per month with the Starter plan and 30 hours on the Professional plan. You get 70 GB and 150GB of plan respectively for Starter and Professional plans. Along with this, there are even more artificial intelligence-powered video editing techniques to apply to your videos.

Wisecut Pros and Cons

Makes video editing effortless

Easy to use

Provide enough features in the free plan


Video processing takes some time

Not many customizations available to apply to processed videos

Elai is one of those rare AI video tools that create videos from a script but it uses AI avatars to narrate a few parts of the script in the videos. You just have to feed in the script and get the desired result based on a pre-built template. If you want you can create a new video from scratch using images, videos, graphics, and even avatars. This tool is best for those who want to make unique presentations for clients to create a good impression.

Elai Features

Elai provides some really powerful and unique features that other AI services do not provide. Here are all the features you get with the Elai tool.

Generate video from Chat GPT3

Generate video from URL

Generate an e-commerce video

Generate video from the presentation file

Our Experience with Elai

Once you select the appropriate tool, simply open it and feed in the desired information, select a template, and start the video processing. The video will be generated in a few minutes and you can download it from the dashboard.

What is Free With Elai?

Elai comes with a free plan that offers one minute of video generation using any of the tools provided. You can also start to create your video from scratch and use all the tools to create the video. You can try prebuilt templates to create your video in the free plan. The video will have an Elai watermark which can only be removed by purchasing the premium plan.

Elai Pricing

Elai comes with two plans; Basic for USD 29/month and Advanced for USD 99/ month. You get 15 minutes of video per month in the Basic plan and 50 minutes of video per month in the Advanced plan. This duration can be increased but the prices of the plan increase accordingly. Except for the video duration and the resolution, both the Basic and Advanced plans are almost similar in terms of the availability of the feature.

Elai Pros and Cons

The only tool that provides ChatGPT to create a script

Generate videos quickly

A lot of Free avatars to use


Very limited free usage

Pictory is another video generation tool powered by artificial intelligence to create presentation-like videos. The videos can be created using text scripts or from a URL provided. You can also upload your media files like images and videos to create the video using artificial intelligence. Video processing is done pretty quickly and you can download them on your devices as well.

Pictory Features

Pictory comes with four features that depend on the data input like text, URL, or media. Here is a list of all the features Pictory provides.

Script to video

Article to Video

Videos using text

Visuals to video

Our Experience with Pictory

Then you need to select a template from the list to generate the video. Using the video editor you can make adjustments to certain parts of the video and then generate the video.

What’s Free With Pictory?

Pictory provides 3 videos to be created for free where the video length is limited. Apart from this, you can also create one custom template and one hour of video transcription for free. This is way more than what other tools are providing in their free account, where all the tools are free to use.

Pictory Pricing

Pictory comes with two plans; Standard for USD 19/per month and Premium for USD 39/per month. In the standard plan, you get 30 videos per month, whereas 60 videos per month in the Premium subscription. The length of the videos can be up to 10 minutes in the Standard plan and up to 20 minutes in the Premium plan. You can increase the number of videos per month in the Premium subscription but that will increase the price accordingly.

Pictory Pros and Cons

Easy-to-use tool

Provides a lot of features in the free plan

Does not allow collaboration video


AI avatars are not available for free

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Ilovepdf: Free Online Pdf Editing Tools

PDF is the most widely used document format these days, and very often we face situations where we want to perform simple tasks like merging or splitting PDFs, but our common PDF readers are not able to do so just because they are not meant to edit PDF files rather they are here to let you read those files. Let me introduce you to iLovePDF which brings to you a set of online tools that lets you merge, split, compress, unlock, watermark, rotate PDF files, and convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG files instantly on the go.

iLovePDF Online PDF Editing Tools

There are various tools included in the complete set, each of which is discussed in the post below.

Merge PDF

The tool lets you merge two more PDF files into one PDF file. You can upload the files in the order you want them to be merged, or you can simply drag and organize them as you want.

Split PDF

As the name suggests, the tool lets you split the PDF file and take the desired pages out of it. You can create split ranges by mentioning the range of page numbers and then you also merge all the splits into one file automatically.

Compress PDF

The compression tool lets you optimally reduce the size of a PDF file without affecting its quality. There are three levels of compression available, namely Extreme, Recommended and Low compression.

Convert PDF to Word

The conversion tool lets you convert a PDF file to a WORD document. The conversion quality is so good that you’ll hardly notice any changes and the WORD document will be exactly similar to its PDF counterpart.

PDF files can be converted to a POWERPOINT presentation where each page of PDF will represent the content for one slide of the presentation.

Convert PDF to Excel

EXCEL converter works like a charm too, given that your PDF files contain tables and data that can be really converted to EXCEL file.

Convert Word to PDF

Converts WORD documents to a PDF format which is the best format to share a file over the internet or email.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Similarly, converts POWERPOINT presentations to a PDF format where each slide of presentation accounts for one page of the PDF file.

Convert Excel to PDF Convert PDF to JPG

This tool converts each page of the PDF file into a JPG image and also lets you separately extract the images out of a PDF file.

Convert JPG to PDF

You can create a PDF file from a set of JPG image files. You can easily choose their orientation and also choose a margin. You can upload the images in order or re-order them once they are uploaded.

This amazing tool lets you add page numbers to your PDF file. Page Numbers can be either added to a single page or facing pages. You can choose the location of the page number on the page and also specify a range of pages where you want to insert page numbers. Moreover, you can choose a font and also specify its size and also choose the format for page numbers.

You can insert text-based or image-based watermarks to a PDF file. You can adjust the font and its size. Moreover, you can choose an appropriate position for your watermark and also rotate the watermark to some common angles.

Unlock PDF

This tool can be used to remove the security from PDF files and free them from passwords and any other security.

Rotate PDF

You can rotate the PDFs to the proper orientation. The tool automatically detects and rotates the PDFs to the proper orientation.

All the converted PDF files are available to download from iLovePDF servers for approximately an hour or so. If you choose to register for service then you get some extra features like 2 hours of storage and other powerful features inside the tools for free. You can even opt for a paid account which again introduces more features and benefits. iLovePDF is a great set of tools and can be easily accessed when you are on the go.

This post will show you how to remove Password from PDF.

Google Launches New Tools To Help Customise Business Reports

The new Google Analytics Solutions Gallery tools

Value: [rating=3]

Recommended link: Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

Google Analytics offers many features to customise its reports to a business, which is great for a free tool. But I know from running Google Analytics training courses that many of the customisation tools aren’t used, so reports aren’t really tailored to a business and different users in the business. I think this is mainly down to the time and specialist input needed for customisation.

Google are obviously aware of this issue since they have created a new set of tools within their Solutions Gallery to help users with customisation. I think this is a great initiative and will be useful both to marketers at companies and consultants and agencies improving reporting for their clients.

What type of customisations are available?

Customisation are available for three different types of assets that can be shared between profiles for different sites as I’ll explain at the end of this post. In the Gallery you can choose from pre-built:

Dashboards – these top-level views combine different graphs and charts focusing on a marketing activity or type of business. Examples that I recommend taking a look at include social media and mobile Ecommerce.

Custom Reports – The custom reports offer more detail on social media, search marketing at Ecommerce. If you work on an Ecommerce site the “Daily Ecommerce Report” offering to “Keep tabs on all parts of the ecommerce lifecycle – acquisition, engagement and conversion – in a single table” looks really useful, but is simply a custom report of engagement and sales by channel, still useful but many will have this already.

Advanced segments – As you many know – use these to isolate groups of visitors to understand or report on them, for example review behaviour of searchers who arrived at the web site using a non-brand term, so unaware of the brand.

Branded Traffic and Non-branded traffic – I always run a tutorial on these on training courses – now it’s much easier, but you still need to remember to update your brand name and add variations.

Long Tail Keywords – 3, 4, 5 and 6+ are available so you can isolate these. To be useful these usually need an additional analysis to find out the main qualifiers.

Ad position and CPC performance – There are several tools for analysing Google AdWords too

All good stuff, although note that goal or Ecommerce setup aren’t included in these tools, they’re more complex so need manual setup as I explain in this post on Google Analytics Goal Setup.

How do you use these tools?

Setting up the tools is easy:

1. Select the relevant options.

3. Select which Google Analytics Profile (website) you want them to apply to.

5. Test and share. If there are multiple users on your Analytics account you will have to share these assets such as Segments with others. Google has a neat new feature to help here – Pritesh Patel has written a separate tutorial explaining how to share Assets in Google Analytics - recommended.

All-in-all, a great initiative, with Google promising to extend the options available through the year. You do still need a certain level of knowledge to apply the tools and the Google Analytics Help doesn’t tend to explain how to use the tool from a marketer’s perspective. That’s what we have tried to do with our 7 Steps Guide to Google Analytics which introduces the features and measures in Google Analytics and shows how you can use them to analyse and improve results.

3 Best Online Ocr Tools To Extract Text From Images

Transcribing text from images can be a real pain. When text is presented as an image or some other non-selectable format, school and work become difficult. The only solution is to put those eyes and fingers to work and get to typing it—or is it?

Optimal Character Recognition, or OCR, is the process of converting typed or handwritten text from media such as scanned documents or photos into plain text.

Table of Contents

Although it’s subject to mistakes, depending on the clarity of the text, using OCR to extract text from images can save you hours of monotonous work. One use case of OCR would be for if you’re a college student needing a particular page out of a textbook. If a friend were to send you a photo of the page, you could use OCR to extract all of the text from the image to easily read and copy it.

In this article, let’s explore three of the best OCR tools online to extract text from images, none of which require any OCR software or plugins to download.

OnlineOCR is one of the simplest and quickest ways to convert an image or PDF file into multiple different text formats.

Without an account, chúng tôi will allow you to convert up to 15 files to text per hour. Registering for an account gives you access to features such as converting multi-page PDF documents and more. supports converting from the PDF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats, outputting them as DOCX, XLSX, or TXT.

Regardless of the output format you select, a plain text preview of the conversion will appear in a field below a link to download the file in your selected format. This helps prevent users from wasting a download on an extraction that may be inaccurate.

NewOCR currently only offers text extraction from image files, but it supports a few other interesting features that many online OCR providers don’t.

Unlike most other online image-to-text converters, NewOCR will actually allow you to set multiple recognition languages. This can be quite helpful if you’re unsure of what language the text in an image is written in, but you have a good guess and wish to get a proper translation from its plain text.

From here, you can download the extracted text in TXT, DOC, or PDF format, or send it straight to Google Translate or Google Docs for further editing.

Last but not least, is definitely one of the most robust options we’ve found, and it should have you covered for just about any image-to-text operation. is one of the best OCR tools that supports the WEBP file format. Other than that, PNG, JPG, and PDF are also supported. Additionally, you don’t have to upload a file—you can remotely link to it if it’s available somewhere online.

One of the most interesting and unique features of is that it can output your extraction as JSON. This JSON will have fields that include each word in the text and their coordinates on the image itself. This is a very appreciated feature if you’re a coder out there trying to programmatically extract text from images.

With the three web tools above, extracting the text from just about any clear and legible image should be a piece of cake. Even if you’re a fast typer with multiple monitors, there’s no need to suffer through transcribing text images yourself. OCR was made for a reason, and these websites help you make the best use of it!

Online Business Courses: Top 5 Features To Look Out For

blog / Business Management 5 Key Features of the Best Online Business Courses for 2023

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Online learning has taken the world by storm. Today, e-learning is not limited to students. In fact, even corporate employees are focusing on upskilling themselves through online learning. Furthermore, while this is available for every domain, business and management remain the most popular niches because of the high workforce demand in these domains. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, business and financial occupations are expected to grow by 7% by 2031. Thus, now is the ideal time to enroll in online business courses. This blog provides online business courses’ top features and benefits to help professionals improve their skills.

What are the Features of Online Business Courses? Engaging Learning Experience

The best feature of business courses is the engaging learning experience they provide. Evidently, they use gamification, immersive learning, and interactive learning techniques to teach business fundamentals. Moreover, one also gets an opportunity to collaborate with peers on various projects and tasks. Undoubtedly, such business courses also encourage participation and increase retention power.

Self-Paced Learning

Upskilling is necessary to grow as a business professional constantly. However, a fixed working schedule makes it challenging to learn new skills. As noted above, they offer self-paced learning for working professionals. In addition, these courses can accommodate different learning styles and levels of prior knowledge. Moreover, they provide access to recorded course materials such as videos, readings, and assignments for self-paced learning.

Practical Tasks

Online business courses incorporate practical case studies, tasks, and projects that require applying business concepts and theories in real-world situations. Moreover, practical tasks can help develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and other relevant business skills.

Practical Evaluation

Business courses assess progress through practical assessments that evaluate practical knowledge of business concepts. It can help identify areas where improvements are needed. Moreover, it also enables one to create a portfolio of work that demonstrates acquired skills to potential employers.


One of the most significant features of such courses is flexibility. It allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. Furthermore, it helps in balancing work, family, and other commitments.

What are the Benefits of Taking Online Business Courses? 1. Remote Access to Quality Education

You can access quality business education anywhere in the world with an online business course. In fact, most of these courses are taught in collaboration with leading business schools worldwide. Therefore, they can provide access to international business knowledge while focusing on career growth.

2. Cost-Effective 3. Wide Range of Courses

Equally important, learners can access specialized knowledge in marketing, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and more per their professional goals.

4. Career Advancement

The relevant technical skills and tools that these courses teach can significantly boost one’s career. In addition, these courses are taught by industry leaders; they offer guidance on how to solve complex problems and make business decisions. 

How do Online Business Courses Compare to Traditional Courses?

On the whole, the business management sector has changed drastically in the last few years due to increasing digital transformation, international economic conditions, and several other factors. Here’s how online business courses compare to traditional courses today:

Theoretical vs. Practical Approach

For the most part, traditional business courses have focused more on business management’s theoretical and philosophical aspects. But, modern online business courses teach technical and soft skills relevant to tackling contemporary business challenges. Simply put, online business courses are more skill-oriented than traditional business courses.

Focus on Modern Business Factors

These courses are paying more attention to business ethics, corporate governance, workplace diversity, flexibility, and other factors. In fact, they teach a more agile approach to business management. Strangely, traditional business courses followed an idealistic and rigid approach focusing solely on workplace productivity.

New Approach to Leadership

Incidentally, leadership has been redefined more often than not over the years. While traditional business courses teach more traditional leadership styles, such as autocratic or transactional leadership, these courses focus on introducing new leadership theories and styles. In fact, they stress team productivity, employee motivation, enhancing communication with team members, and employee participation in decision-making.

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How to Choose the Best Online Business Course?

There is no ideal criteria for choosing the best online business course: It all depends on the requirements and the skills one wants to learn. Therefore, first, decide the goal or purpose for pursuing an online business course. For example: learning new business skills, and gaining in-depth knowledge of a particular concept. Moreover, there are four key factors to focus on when choosing a course:

1. Faculty

The whole purpose of pursuing online business courses is to access quality business education. Therefore, check the qualifications or experience of the course instructors before shortlisting a course. As a matter of fact, it is best to enroll in online business courses that industry leaders teach as it offers direct learning from their experiences.

2. Accreditation

Another factor to consider is whether a leading university or educational organization accredits the course. Considering this view, it is best to shortlist online business courses taught in collaboration with leading business schools. 

3. Networking

Online business courses allow one to connect with industry professionals and business leaders. Without a doubt, this helps career growth. Therefore, also explore networking or peer learning opportunities along with the course.

What Skills Can I Expect to Learn from an Online Business Course?

Online business courses remain one of the best sources for learning relevant technical and soft skills. Here are some of the most in-demand business skills to learn online today:

Customer service management

Project management

Corporate communications


Data analysis

Market research and planning

Business management

Setting clear business objectives 


Financial accounting


Time management

Financial management 

Team management




Risk management

Conflict resolution

Business strategy

Human resource management


Furthermore, some of the soft skills that one can learn from online business courses include the following:

Critical thinking

Logical reasoning

Strategic planning


Effective communication

Emotional intelligence

Ethics and awareness 

Moreover, one can also acquire skills from online business courses that help leverage the following popular business management tools and software:

Agile management 

Business process reengineering

Change management programs

Complexity reduction

Customer relationship management

Customer segmentation

Digital transformation

Mergers and acquisitions strategies

Supply chain management 

Zero-based budgeting 

Total quality management

Change control

Building strategic alliances





Slack Evernote 

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Upskill with Emeritus

Due to the plethora of online business courses available from universities or edtech platforms, finding the appropriate course can take time and effort. Nevertheless, Emeritus has designed a wide range of online business courses for senior business professionals to executive leaders. In fact, these courses target specific topics like corporate governance, sustainability leadership, energy leadership, and more. Check out Emeritus’ business management courses developed in unison with the world’s best universities.

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