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Believe it or not, so-called “camera phones” were once derided as little more than a novelty. Fast forward a few years and high-quality camera sensors are a staple of smartphones. In fact, smartphone cameras have all but completely replaced traditional point and shoot cameras. But smartphone cameras aren’t just for proliferating the selfie culture. They can actually do quite a bit more than simply snap a few photos. Here are some little-known smartphone camera tricks that can make your life easier.

1. See infrared light

Infrared beams are invisible to the naked eye. However most digital camera sensors, including the one in your phone, can “see” infrared as a purplish light. There aren’t many practical applications for this, but you can check to see if the batteries in your various remotes need replacing.

Open the camera app on your phone and point the questionable remote at your phone’s camera sensor. While looking at your phone’s display, press a few buttons on the remote. If you can’t see any purple light, replace the batteries in the remote and try again.

2. Use the volume button to snap a photo

Ask any selfie enthusiast, sometimes it’s hard to balance your phone and tap the screen to take a photo. Even when snapping a normal photo, you have to sacrifice the stability two hands afford by removing one hand to tap the screen. This can result in shaky, amateurish images. However there is a better way. Virtually every single smartphone out there has the ability to take a photo by simply pressing the volume rocker. Forget the onscreen shutter button, and enjoy greater control and better compositions in your photos.

3. Scan negatives

If you have old negatives that you would like to have a look at, you can do so without spending money on getting them developed. If your camera app has a negative effect, you can digitize your negatives without downloading an app or paying for a dime. Simply hold the negative strip up to a light source and snap a photo of the negative film strip with your camera’s negative effect. The negative effect of the camera will essentially reverse the color of the negative – the end result being a cheap and easy way to scan your old negatives and bring them into the digital age.

4. Read barcodes

Everyone knows that your camera can read QR codes, but there are apps that enable you to read standard barcodes as well. Barcode readers can help the average consumer lean more about a product. Businesses can use barcode readers for inventory management. In addition, you can use an app like RedLaser to help you sniff out the best deals on the web.

5. Monitor your heart

Fitness trackers are incredibly popular helping people get back into shape. In addition to monitoring steps, more and more trackers have the ability to measure a user’s heart rate. Unfortunately, fitness trackers can be quite expensive. Luckily, you don’t need an expensive piece of rubber around your wrist to give you that information. Instead, download the Instant Heart Rate app, place your finger on your phone’s camera sensor, and start monitoring your heart’s health. The app will give you heart rate measurements and even a real time PPG graph.

6. Translate (virtually) any language

Heading to someplace exotic for your next vacation? Grab the Google Translate app, and instantly translate text from 103 different languages. Simply point your phone’s camera at the foreign text and a translation is instantly provided on your screen. With your smartphone and Google Translate, you’ll never have to stumble through a conversation with a local just to find the bathroom.


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Windows Task Manager Tips And Tricks You May Not Be Aware Of

Task Manager is the most important program you will have access to when everything else has either crashed or not responding. The post lists down some of the best tips and tricks of the Windows Task Manager. I am sure this is going to be helpful.

Windows Task Manager Tips and Tricks

Power users must know most of the Task Manager tricks here, but those who don’t will find this extremely helpful in case of issues on their Windows 10:

Launch Task Manager if it crashes

Kill a Task Manager if is not responding

Fix the missing Title bar in Task Manager

Launch Task Manager without File Explorer

Find location or more information online about a program

Add more columns

Change the default tab

Track Power usage

Directly open an elevated CMD

Freeze the Task Manager values

Change Task Manager Data Update speed

Some of the changes you make on Task Manager might need admin privileges.

1] How to launch the Task manager if it crashes?

When Task Manager freezes, you cant launch another copy using the usual methods. To start another press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This method will try to revive the task manager which is stuck, else will launch a new copy.  However, here is a key. If the resources are low, it will only load the processes page.

2] How to kill Task Manager if it is not responding?

Ctrl+Alt+Shift is useful when the Task Manager is corrupt, or you can not kill or close it. Using this keyboard shortcut, all internal settings of the task manager will reset.

3] Do you see Task Manager with a missing title bar or just a graph? 4] Launch Task Manager & programs without Explorer or Shell 5] Find the Location of any  running program

6] Add additional columns in Task Manager 7] Change the Default Tab of Task Manager

If you need to keep an eye on a particular tab all the time, it is best to change the default tab from process to anything you like.

Available under the Options menu, you can change it to app history, startup, and so on.

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8] Track Power Usage and monitor trends

These are available as additional columns, and a great way to keep an eye on Power Usage & monitor Trends

9] Directly open an elevated CMD 10] Freeze the Task Manager values 11] Change Task Manager Data Update speed

Sometimes you might want to get updated faster and sometimes slower than usual. You can change the Task Manager Data Update speed.

Lastly, there is nothing that Windows Task Manager cannot kill. It goes the extra mile to escalate privilege, and enable debug privilege to attach to and kill apps if needed. If Task Manager can’t kill it, then there is an issue with the Kernel.

If you are even more curious about Dave Plummer then here are a few more things. He wrote/ported Space Cadet Pinball, Zip folders, worked on Start menu, Shell, Calc, OLE32, Product activation, and some other stuff. He was also in MS-DOS before. For now, he volunteers to teach kids to Program at school, and also coding and working on his coding channel on YouTube called “Dave’s Garage”.

What processes can I stop in Task Manager?

You can stop the third-party services and startup apps using Task Manager. Task Manager shows all the processes and services running in the background. All Microsoft services are essential for the proper functioning of your system. Hence, terminating any of the Microsoft Services may make your system unstable.

What should I check in the Task Manager?

The Task Manager is a built-in app in Windows computers that is used to run new tasks and manage the running tasks. You can also monitor your resource usage, like CPU and RAM consumption using the Task Manager. If you are experiencing 100% CPU, Disk, or RAM usage, you should check which program or service is using most of your system resources.

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Muscle Memory Is Real, But It’s Probably Not What You Think

This story has been updated. It was originally published on January 26, 2023.

Whether or not you’ve resolved to get into shape this January, Muscle Month is here to teach you a thing or two about stretching, contracting, lifting, tearing, gaining, and so much more.

Unlike octopuses, we don’t have brains in our limbs. So we can’t really “remember” anything in our arms and legs. But it’s true that once you learn how to do something physical—whether it be riding a bike or deadlifting—it becomes easier and easier to do it without thinking. It sure feels like your body remembers how to do it.

Most people are referring to this phenomenon when they talk about “muscle memory,” but when biologists and neuroscientists study it they mean at least two slightly different things. Your understanding is probably some combination of two basic ideas, though only one actually happens inside your muscles.

Memory in your muscle fibers

If you’ve never held a barbell in your life, the first time you try working out with one it’ll probably feel heavy and awkward. You’ll need to work your way up to lifting impressive poundage. But if you take a break from working out and return months later, you’ll find it’s much easier to get back up to the weights you were lifting before. And the same is true no matter what your exercise of choice—it’s simply easier to put lost muscle back on than it is to bulk up for the first time.

Some biologists have done elaborate experiments in recent years to try to figure out why that is. Their current theory: that even as muscles shrink, muscle cells stick around.

See, when you stress your muscles to the point of hypertrophy, they grow new cells to get stronger. For a long time, the idea was that the same thing happens in reverse if you don’t use your muscles—those cells should die off. But that might not be quite right. The key indicators of muscular growth at a cellular level are myonuclei, which are the nuclei inside muscle fibers, but it’s hard to track just those tiny organelles. “Muscle is a complex tissue with many different cell types, and one of the problems in the field is how to specifically identify the myonuclei for study,” explains Lawrence Schwartz, a biologist at University of Massachusetts Amherst who recently published a review paper on this topic. Previous experiments may have confused overall cell death with myonuclei death, leading biologists to mistakenly think that the myonuclei were disappearing.

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Recent research where biologists, like Kristian Gundersen at the University of Oslo, tag specific cells to track their growth or decay have found that myonuclei shrink down without disappearing as muscles atrophy. “When Kristian Gundersen in Norway initially published his results… I believe that he received a lot of pushback from the field,” says Schwartz. “There hasn’t been much published material questioning his results recently, so I suspect that people generally accept his conclusions.” Schwartz’s lab has built on Gundersen’s findings and come to the same conclusions using slightly different methods, though some researchers still seem to think that some myonuclei disappear.

All this is to say that we don’t yet fully understand how muscle fibers retain an impression of how big they used to be, but evidence suggests our myonuclei are doing at least some of the remembering. That means muscle you build during your younger years—especially adolescence when you’re primed to grow—could help you later on in life. Schwartz and other have noted that this early exercise “might functionally serve to allow individuals to ‘bank’ myonuclei that could be drawn upon later in life to slow the effects of aging.”

Memory in your neurons

Learning to ride a bike is an exercise in episodic memory: you can know how to ride a bike without being able to explain how you’re doing it. Biking is an unusual case because there seems to be a moment in which you finally understand it, but learning to do anything physical involves this kind of memory. It feels to us as if that memory is stored in our muscles—as if they’re remembering how to perform an action without our really being aware of it. But the reality is that the activity is happening in our brains.

“Although certain skills, like cycling or perfecting a tennis serve, might require the strengthening of certain muscles, the processes that are important for learning and memory of new skills occur mainly in the brain, not in the muscles,” explained Ainslie Johnstone, a neuroscientist at Oxford University, in an article for Medium. The parts of your brain responsible for that movement, mainly the motor cortex, develop stronger connections between neurons that serve as the representation for the motion, and it’s these connections that make the memory better and easier to access. People who play stringed instruments, for example, have stored muscle memories related to their left hands, which are pressing on strings in particular patterns to play certain notes. Accordingly, studies show that their motor cortices have unusually large representative areas for their left hands.

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The same is true when you learn to do anything else physical, whether it be a squat or a strum on the guitar. Neurons inside your muscles play a strong role too, of course, but the pattern of activity that helps you perform the same action over and over happens inside your brain. It only feels like something your muscles are doing on their own.

Ranking Of Chinese Smartphone Foundries: Not Without Surprises

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Those who know the smartphone industry specifications, should know that smartphone production is mainly divided into three modes. The first is the OEM mode, that is, the smartphone manufacturer completely produces according to the customer’s design and functional requirements. Obviously, the products are sold under the customer’s brand. The second is the ODM model, that is, the original design manufacturer. The smartphone product structure, appearance, and craftsmanship are all independently developed by the smartphone manufacturer. After the customer places an order, the product is going on production. The product is sold under the customer’s brand. The third is the IDH model. There are independent design companies that are engaged in design and research and development activities. So they get many orders from smartphone brands. After getting approval for the suggested variants, they send them to the production. Among them, ODM is the most important kind of existence.

Chinese ODM Smartphone Manufacturers Performance

According to data from well-known market research institutions IHS and Omdia, in 2023 and 2023, smartphone shipments of Chinese ODM smartphone manufacturers increased by -9% and +2%, higher than the -11% and -8% growth rate of smartphones in China. Among them, at present, Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi and other domestic smartphone brands all have a certain percentage of models that are shipped in the form of ODM. It is worth noting that VIVO does not have models produced by OEMs. So what is the current proportion of Chinese smartphone OEMs?

In September this year, there was a special report titled ‘Chinese Smartphone Brands Fighting the World’. The latter mentioned the ‘ODM smartphone shipment ratio of major OEMs and ‘main ODM Partners’. Lenovo’s ODM shipments accounted for 89%. Xiaomi ranked second with 74% mark. OPPO ranked third with 51%. Huawei ranked fourth, accounting for 18%. VIVO is not on the list because there is no foundry model, which means that its ODM model ratio is zero.

Judging from the ranking of the list, there are many expected and unexpected results. For example, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo have been expected to be on the list. As a technology company with more than 30 years of development history, Huawei uses switches as its starting point.

Gizchina News of the week

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Xiaomi Is Joining The Race

However, in August this year, the Xiaomi opened the so-called Smart Factory. This so-called ‘black light factory’ is an automated unmanned production that can realize the entire factory production management process, mechanical processing process, and packaging, storage and transportation process. In other words, on the basis of continuing to cooperate sincerely with the foundry, Xiaomi began to participate in the manufacturing industry. It not only self-develops a large number of high-end equipment but also designs and completes a fully automated high-end smartphone production line. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra transparent model is the first generation of smart factory product.

As for why Lenovo accounts for 89%, it’s easier to understand. From the beginning of its establishment, Lenovo has always followed the ‘trade, industry and technology’ route. In other words, it is doing business first to achieve certainty, to survive, to develop new technologies and new products and to sell them to find new profit growth points. Many of its products rely on OEMs for processing and outsourcing processing.

However, what is more surprising is that OPPO accounts for as high as 51%.

The Bottom Line

In fact, many people don’t know that today’s smartphone foundries in China are already among the top in the world. This is why most of Apple’s iPhones are manufactured by Foxconn, and Samsung also chooses Chinese foundries for some models. Now, we know that Huawei and Xiaomi have a certain degree of overlap in foundries. This also confirms the hard power of Chinese smartphone foundries. We can expect that in the future, the entire smartphone industry will still maintain the two modules of self-developed factories and foundries. And ODM manufacturers, as the backbone of them, are also helping Chinese smartphone brands to compete globally.

6 Health Tracker Smartphone Apps To Get Healthy

Humans are unhealthy. We’re getting fatter, sicker, and lazier than ever. Sure, we can blame it on the accessibility to junk food, conveniences like two-day shipping, and sedentary lifestyles. 

However, the reality is that it all comes down to you and your habits. No one forces you to buy from Amazon vs. walking around your local shopping mall. Nor does anyone tie you down and force-feed you fast food and soda. Yet, only 2.7% of Americans lead healthy lifestyles.

Table of Contents

While mobile gadgets are getting a bad rap for making us lazier, they can also be used to save us from our unhealthy customs. Let’s take a look at health tracker apps you can use on your smartphone to monitor your health. 

How often do you get your heart pumping throughout the day? Or a better question — when’s the last time your heart raced? 

Maybe it was last Tuesday when you were late for work and had to run up a flight of stairs and down a hall to catch an elevator before the doors closed? Or maybe it was several years ago when you last played tag with your children?

Either way, you’re not giving your heart the action it needs to thrive. As you’d imagine, the Instant Heart Rate health tracker app helps track your heart rate, and what it should be during different activities, such as: 


Light exercise

Weight loss



High-performance training (Athletic Athlete)

This is all calculated based on your age. Then it’ll collect heart rate data each day, which comes with visual reports. Just make sure you have your phone in your hands since it can only detect your heart rate through your fingertips. 

Want to lose weight and get fit, but don’t have the will to get off the couch (or wherever you’re sitting) to achieve your goals? Well, then the Couch to 5K is the app that can help you get in shape no matter where you are.

It can help take you from doing 0 feet a day to running 5K within nine weeks. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to run around the block. Nor do you have to step foot outside of your home (or office). You can run right where you are — just jog in place, and it’ll track your steps.

It includes workout routines shown by four motivational coaches. So you’re not left to figure it all out on your own. You start off simple, switching between walking and running short distances. Eventually, you build yourself up to handle longer (in-place) journeys. 

Then to spice things up, you can listen to your music — the running tracker app plays audio cues so you don’t miss anything. 

What you put in your body is just as important as what you do with your body. Eating the wrong foods can reverse any effort you make towards becoming fitter and healthier.

With the Fooducate app, you can learn about the foods you’re eating to see if they have too many carbs and calories. These are the common culprits of unsuccessful weight loss attempts. 

It also helps track what you eat daily, and you can scan product barcodes so the app can give it a nutrition grade. At least, you’ll never have to worry about whether the items in your shopping cart are healthy for you. 

Best of all — this food tracking app is free and available for iOS and Android. 

So we’ve talked about health tracking apps you can use for your weight loss, diet, and heart health. But what about your mind? Stress is a silent killer we must eradicate. 

The only way you can pull this off is if you practice mindfulness, get a good night’s rest, and meditate. Too many of us are working too hard, leading busy lives, and not taking care of our minds. 

This includes doing breathing exercises, unwinding before bed, and helping you with focus, so you’re more productive throughout the day. 

Knocking out tasks will surely help to ease tensions we deal with at the end of the day. 

Alternatives to the Couch to 5K app are Apple Health and Google Fit. These health tracking apps allow you to keep track of all your daily activities. 

For example, it’ll tell you how many steps you take daily, monitor your weight, and tell you how long you’re active each day. You can also set goals and see if you’re reaching them. A countdown shows how long you have left to complete your daily steps and activities. 

The recommended amount is 10K steps daily, but you can always start smaller. 

These apps can also record activities like cycling and running. You can monitor your improvements, so you stay motivated to continue going. 

There’s a reason wellness goes hand-in-hand with health. If you’re not feeling well, then you can never achieve a healthy state. This is why it’s critical to keep an eye on your mental wellbeing. 

You can do this with MyMoodTracker, which helps to keep track of how you feel throughout the day. It’ll ask how you’re doing, then you can choose between a range of emotions, such as happy, sad, mad, etc. 

Over time, you can paint a picture of how often you have bad moods. The key is to try and improve your weeks with more happy days. To do this, you have to pinpoint what’s bothering you. 

Maybe you need more sleep, a more nutritious diet, or a change in departments (or careers). Your emotional health should always be at the forefront, so try using this iOS app to monitor it. 

Take Control Of Your Health 

It’s time to stop playing the victim to poor lifestyle habits. You can improve your diet, fitness, and mental wellness just by giving it more attention. 

What Kind Of Among Us Player Are You

The online social deduction game, Among Us, has turned become a game and a socializing platform during the pandemic. Even though the game was released in 2023, it has recently gained astronomic popularity. The simplistic game allows a maximum of 10 players to either play the role of a crewmate trying to fix things while one or more imposters try to kill them off. With only two roles to play in the game, the types of players you will encounter are limitless.

When playing Among Us you will come across some players who fit into stereotypical roles. These familiar characters can be found spawning up in random rooms. You can even see each of your friends morph in to fit these roles if you play the game with your group. You may not even notice that you fit into one of these personality types as you play the game.

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Curious about what type of Among Us player you are? Here are 25 player types which you may be able to identify with:

1. The Detective

You will know who the detective of the game is since they will announce it the moment they enter the game. This apparent spanner in every imposter’s kill-plan will continue to hang out in the admin or security room throughout the game. After every kill they will announce their analysis of the movements of each player, mostly ending up with no suspect.

While other crewmembers keep begging them to complete the tasks they rarely move from their self-appointed posts. Their corpses are usually found in admin or security. Once killed they angrily leave the group.

2. The Noob

Often ejected as the suspect, the newbie/noob to the game is often seen running around like a headless chicken. They can be spotted following people, standing in odd places, not performing tasks, or standing over the body. All suspect traits are exhibited by the noob.

When called out during votes they may plead innocence by claiming to be new to the game. While some empathetic crew trusts the one claiming to be a noob, many do not take the chance and boot noobs early in the game.

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3. The Noob Imposter

No detectives are needed to catch this killer. This obvious imposter vents in plain sight or gets caught in the act of killing. During the vote, they barely try to defend themselves after being caught red-handed.

After being ejected, if they continue to play in the same room, they come back and bashfully say how much they hate being the imposter. While some noob imposters do not mind being called a noob, others leave the game before other players get a chance to say anything.

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4. The Chameleon

These players seem to have some sort of commitment issue with the color of their character. After every game, you will see them run towards the laptop to change their colors before the game starts. At least you will rarely find them pestering other players to exchange colors with them. Change is their only constant, as they can be seen even changing up their hats and pets consistently.

5. The Host

This player refuses to enter a match hosted by others.

When playing alone, this control-freak can sit around in their empty spaceships waiting for more players to join in. They keep running frantically every few moments out of fear of getting timed out. They jump in to greet new players, imploring them to stay.

However, when the same player is playing with a group of friends you can see them turn into mean dictators. If the room is short a few players they make the room public for a few moments. Hitting the ban on players randomly. The Host changes their nature depending on the strength of the room.

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6. The Follower

These players follow others around like a puppy. They tend to find comfort in numbers. You can never be sure if they have completed their tasks, but you will find them standing around as you complete yours.

Eventually, you may get comfortable with their presence around you. Them vouching for you during votes helps you grow fonder. So, when they do end up killing you and leaving your body in electrical, the crushing sense of betrayal will definitely give you trust issues.

It is similarly heartbreaking when you have to end up killing your follower after becoming the imposter.

7. The Vanisher

There are 10 players in the room and you are about to start the game.

The Vanisher left the game.

SHHHHHHH! The game has begun!

The Vanisher left the game.

You get to see if you are a part of the crew or are the imposter.

The Vanisher left the game.

Players are about to embark on tasks.

The Vanisher left the game.

The Vanisher got caught killing someone.

The Vanisher left the game.

Other players think the Vanisher is the suspect.

The Vanisher left the game.

This easily frightened player leaves the game every time anything causes any kind of discomfort.

8. The Lawyer

They may be the imposter or the imposter’s friend, but they are definitely skilled at convincing people. Crewmates are often sent on witch-hunts convinced by the moving words of The Lawyer. Claiming that they or the defendant was with another player at all times, this player often gets away with gameplay murder.

9. Wasn’t me!

Shaggy would be proud of this player’s narrative throughout the game.

All they seem to say is “Wasn’t me” or “Not me.”

Even when players are not accusing them or suspecting them they keep pleading innocence. The more they say they are innocent the more other crewmates are convinced of their guilt. The panicked declaration is often met with ejection after a few rounds of the imposter not being found.

10. The One Word Wonder

This crewmate communicates using singular words in the game. Where? Who? Sus? Impos? Start!

During every meeting, they jump in with the singular word of their choice. That is their complete contribution to the hunt for the imposter. After their moving single word speech, this player says nothing more. Even when blamed for the murder they rarely defend themselves leading to an unnecessary ejection.

11. The Foreigner

Even with the kindest of hosts, this is the player who ends up getting kicked or banned. With the language of the game set, The Foreigner often ends up talking in a different language or typing gibberish. After being asked multiple times to stick to the language of the room, The Foreigner continues their stream of conversation earning them a swift exit.

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12. The Player on Mute

This player either has no idea of how to send messages or has crushing fear of public speaking. Whether they report the body or are named as a suspect, this usually innocent crewmate gets ejected in silence.

Some of these players even hit the emergency button and then fail to say anything. More suited for a game like charades, such players can end up swarming to unlucky groups leading to a very frustrating game.

13. Perpetual Sus

Do you always get called out as the suspect? Have you been randomly ejected from all the games that you have joined? Does no one believe you when you plead your innocence?

You are the Perpetual Sus!

This incredibly unfortunate crewmate has no idea what they are doing wrong for others to be suspicious of them. No matter how much they try to blend in, they end up getting named and ejected.

However, there are rare instances when the Perpetual Sus gets away with being the imposter as crewmembers end up feeling guilty for ejecting them.

14. The Crew Who Cried Impos

This annoying crewmember is always the one who wastes the emergencies before the imposter can even kill.

They baselessly blame people and appear to be convinced of their guilt. After the first few ejections based on this crewmate’s words, everybody stops paying attention to them.

So, when they do end up witnessing the imposter kill or vent, no one listens to what they have to say.

15. The Focused One

This regimented player takes tasks seriously. From the start, they know the fastest way around the tasks. They get annoyed when people call emergencies or find bodies. All they want to do is get done with the tasks.

Once they are done performing tasks they keep urging other crewmates to finish tasks. Usually hitting the skip button during votes, they do not appear to be interested in who the imposter is. If the crewmates take too long, the Focused One morphs into the Vanisher.

16. The Assassin

Trained to take down crewmates at the blink of an eye, these killers vanish into the vents even before the bodies hit the floor. They barely have to resort to defending themselves with words. Usually flying under the radar, The Assassin appears to have been born to kill crewmates in Among Us.

These players often become The Vanisher when they have to play as a crewmate instead of an imposter.

17. The Lucky One

Both crewmembers as well as the imposter can be the Lucky One in the game.

The lucky crewmate usually escapes being killed. They get all the easy tasks to perform. Their guess turns out to be correct when naming the imposter. 

The lucky imposter vents at the right moment. Even if they make a sloppy kill they do not get spotted. They evade detection, not by being a good imposter but simply by luck.

Usually, other crewmates are too busy blaming each other to notice the lucky one.

18. The Saboteur

Some imposters want to watch the crewmates panic. Every few moments the Saboteur has everyone scurrying to fix the sabotage. They take this opportunity to kill off crewmates. They hope that eventually, the crew will fail to fix the sabotage allowing an easy victory for them.

19. The Immovable Object

This annoying crewmate usually gets banned after a couple of games.

The Immovable Object stands where the crew spawns at the beginning of the game. While the crew runs around them, they are seen unmoved.

Sometimes these players are also the Player on Mute. Yet, there is often the odd Immovable Object that responds in the chat continuing to stand in one place once the game resumes.

Their bodies can be found exactly where they stood throughout the game.

Their ghosts continue to haunt the same spot where they died. They prevent the crew from winning as they never perform tasks.

20. The Karen/Kevin

This player has a problem with everything and everyone!

They keep pestering other players to change their colors and hats. They demand the host to change the settings even if the rest of the players are fine with them. When named as a suspect they hold grudges against the crew member who voted or named them. Eventually, the Karen/Kevin becomes the Vanisher when other players do not bow to their temper tantrums.

21. The Buddies

The buddies come in multiples. These players either are friends outside the game or become friends while playing the game. You will find the buddies vouch for each other during votes.

They have a system figured out where one buddy waits for the other to finish the task ensuring their safety. Many of these players end up getting killed by their trusted companions.

22. The Lovers

Among Us, love stories often end up in heartbreak. When Cyan and Purple fall in love they can be spotted going everywhere together. During votes, they profess their love for each other instead of helping the imposter hunt. All the love ends in heartbreak when one of them turns out to be the imposter. The one who gets stabbed through the heart by their partner becomes the Vanisher after expressing their heartbreak once the game is over.

23. The cheater

Hacks and tricks to finding the imposter or making kills easy exists. Most players do not find it necessary to cheat at such an engaging and easy game. Yet, there are the cheaters who spoil the game for everyone. They exist to cause annoyance and chaos. They derive thrill from getting banned. The cheater is not interested in winning the game, they are focused on spoiling it for everyone. Among Us has started taking steps by banning cheaters with a simple message.

— JamemesG (@JamemesG) August 24, 2023

24. The Truth-teller

There are certain players who feel uncomfortable lying to others. What do they do when they are suspected? They come clean. Whether they are the imposter or not they end up telling the truth.

Other crew mates often do not believe the Truth-tellers but after a few matches they end up being blindly trusted.

25. The Perfect Crewmate

This mythical player focuses on tasks, contributes to the voting discussion, votes on time, and even end up spotting the imposter at the right time. While finding this unicorn crewmate is hard, it is quite easy to aspire to be the Perfect Crewmate.

Which one of these Among Us player types are you? Are there more types of players you have encountered during the game?

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