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Text generators powered by artificial intelligence are proliferating at a rate that is proportional to the progress being made toward the realization of AI. In the next article, we will examine seven of the most useful AI text creators that are currently available in the year 2023. They include, amongst others, GPT-3 and OpenAI’s Generative Pretrained. Now, without further ado, let’s learn more about them in the paragraphs that follow, shall we?

1. Openai’s Generative Pretrained Transformer 3

Among the most effective artificial intelligence text generators now on the market is OpenAI’s Generative Pretrained Transformer 3. It may be used in a variety of contexts, ranging from the production of natural-sounding conversation to the writing of diagnostic essays in any language. Its algorithm was developed using a rectifier concept that was educated using a large data set. Because of this, it is able to create a language that is not just believable but also logical. Additionally, GPT-3 is capable of being fine-tuned for certain purposes, such as responding to questions or doing machine translation.

One of the benefits of GPT-3 is that it may be used without the requirement of first beginning the process of training a model. Because of this, it is significantly less difficult to begin working with text creation. In addition to this, this tool is expandable and can produce text in any language desired. GPT-3 is the perfect choice for you if you are seeking an AI text generation that is not only strong but also simple to use.

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Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software

2. Jasper

3. DeepText From Facebook

DeepText is a text-generator AI that emulates human writing via the use of profound knowledge. Even though it is able to create results that are incredibly realistic, it is considered to be one of the greatest AI text producers. In addition to its lightning-fast speed, DeepText is able to produce documents in real time. In order to accomplish this objective, we developed DeepText, a text comprehension engine that is founded on pattern recognition and is capable of comprehending the textual information of hundreds of thousands of postings per second across more than 20 different languages with near-human precision. DeepText is able to do word-level and personality-based learning since it makes use of multiple different types of coevolutionary neural networks, as well as other types of deep learning model designs.

4. Google’s Neural Machine Translation System

Neural Machine Translation, often known as GNMT, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine translation technology that was introduced by Google in 2024. GNMT makes use of a brain system trained through pattern recognition in order to achieve its goal of reducing the number of translation mistakes. And because of it, students don’t have to spend time on top websites for paper writing, although they can be beneficial too. The precision of the system is continually improved as a result of its learning from fresh data. GNMT is utilized by a number of Google apps, including Google Translate.

5. Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics

Cognitive Services hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform Text Analytics is widely regarded as every AI text generator currently available. It may assist you with a range of activities, including the identification of emotion, key expressions, and language, among other things. The solutions are also always being improved, so you can anticipate that they will become even more valuable in the years to come. This language service brings together Q&A Maker, and LUIS, in addition to offering a number of brand-new capabilities. These characteristics may take the form of:

Customizable, which implies that you may develop an AI model that particularly matches your data by making use of our many tools.

6. Amazon Comprehend

Find useful information in files, emails, social media posts, and more.

Retrieving text, keywords, subjects, emotions, and other information from papers such as compensation claims may help simplify processes that are associated with the processing of documentation.

Create a point of differentiation for your company by teaching a model to categorize texts and recognize phrases. Prior knowledge of machine learning is not necessary.

By locating and removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from papers, you may safeguard and regulate who has exposure to the delicate material you have and where it is stored.

7. IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding


Every AI content generator tool only continues to gain in popularity and sophistication as we get further into the year 2023. These seven generating are the finest of the best and should be used if you are seeking a technique to enhance your writing more productive or if you simply desire to enjoy some pleasure playing around with machine learning. You should accept the fast development of technology and realize that it will be utilized more in many fields in the future.

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Ai Scaling: 4 Best Practices For Organizations In 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and how businesses function with hundreds of use cases. In order to realize its full potential, companies should scale their AI initiatives and widely integrate AI applications into their existing business processes. According to Accenture, companies that deploy AI at scale achieve ~3x higher return on AI investments than companies that are in the AI proof-of-concept stage.

However, scaling AI initiatives from the proof-of-concept phase to the enterprise level is a major challenge for many businesses. This is because AI at scale involves much more than plug-and-play AI models. In this article, we explore 4 key steps for businesses looking to successfully adopt AI at scale.

1. Invest in your data strategy

Data is the lifeblood of AI and ML models and an organization-wide AI strategy should start with data. As AI is scaled, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage, cleanse, maintain, and utilize data. Therefore, without proper methods and tools for managing the various aspects of a data lifecycle, it is nearly impossible to deploy AI at scale across an organization.

Some challenges of dealing with big data are:

Data silos: This is data that is accessible by one or a group of departments but is isolated from the rest of the company. This reduces transparency and efficiency within the organization.

Incompatible data: Data collected from different sources has different formats and must be standardized before usage.

Inaccurate data: Large datasets necessarily include inaccurate, outdated, and other problematic data that must be cleaned for an accurate analysis.

Organizations must implement a robust data management strategy to successfully scale their AI initiatives that covers all components of a data lifecycle including collection, storage, integration, and cleaning. 

A key component of a scalable data management strategy is automation. Organizations should adopt DataOps practices to efficiently automate data orchestration.

There is also a wide range of tools that cover parts or the entire data lifecycle management. Feel free to check out our hub for data management tools ecosystem.

2. Streamline AI processes with MLOps

Similar to managing data-related processes, you should also standardize and streamline how you build, deploy, and manage your models. It’s relatively easy to build a few ML models that work well for specific business problems, but things can get complicated quickly if you want to adopt AI systems across the enterprise. This is because:

Building machine learning models require lots of trial and error for optimal models, datasets, hyperparameters, codes, etc. This is especially challenging for complex models such as deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), or computer vision, trained on large datasets.

Building a model is quite different than bringing it to real use: Only 36% of companies were able to deploy an ML model beyond the pilot stage.

All models should be monitored in real-time to ensure that they don’t suffer from model decay.

Managing all these processes manually with data scientists from different departments working in silos would seriously hinder an organization’s ability to scale its AI projects.

This is why companies have started to adopt practices known as MLOps to standardize and automate processes associated with building and managing ML algorithms. MLOps helps organizations to:

Streamline machine learning lifecycle with automated pipelines,

Create a unified framework to follow which facilitates improved communication and collaboration between stakeholders.

Feel free to check our in-depth article on MLOps for a comprehensive account.

3. Build multidisciplinary teams

A small team of data scientists may be enough to manage a couple of models. But AI scaling requires a wide range of skill sets, including data engineers, IT and cybersecurity specialists, project managers, and so on. More importantly, technical staff must be connected with business professionals who would determine specific use cases according to business needs.

For this purpose, companies have started to establish AI Centers of Excellence (AI CoE) to close the gap between executive decision making and AI implementation within an organization. These business units bring technical experts from different departments and coordinate and oversee organization-wide data science and AI initiatives.

For more on AI Centers of Excellence, check our article on the topic.

4. Build an enabler company culture

Successfully scaling AI requires new tools and technologies but adapting the company culture and ways of working is just as important. This is because:

Employees may fear being replaced by AI which can slow down the transformation.

A large-scale AI transformation requires new skills as it fundamentally changes the way employees interact with machines.

In order to address these challenges, companies should:

Create opportunities for reskilling and upskilling for employees,

Restructure business processes, workflows, and policies,

Improve top-down communication to ensure that everyone understands what is changing, why it is changing, and what the expectations are.

These can help companies prepare for changes resulting from the large-scale adoption of AI capabilities and increase employee confidence and engagement.

Feel free to check our article on the importance of company culture on digital transformation initiatives.

You can also check our data-driven lists of:

to explore AI solutions. If you have other questions about how to successfully scale AI in your company, feel free to ask:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





The 15 Best Ai Tools For Social Media In 2023

The best AI tools to help you write, create videos and imagery, prompt the best hashtags and times to post, and much more.

Let’s all welcome our robot overlords, as AI has proven to be an unstoppable force in digital marketing. With our beloved robots here to stay, it’s high time you kitted out your marketing toolbox with the best AI tools for social media!

This blog post will cover 15 of the best tools AI social media marketing offers. We’ll look at tools to help you write, create videos and imagery, prompt the best hashtags and times to post, and much more.

Craft perfect posts in seconds

OwlyWriter AI instantly generates captions and content ideas for every social media network. It’s seriously easy.

Start free 30-day trial

AI tools for social media are software designed to help people create, manage, or optimize social media content and strategy.

Social media tools have been around for nearly as long as the apps themselves. We’ve all used third-party apps to repost on Instagram and editing software like VSCO to get our selfies on point, but now that AI has entered the chat, things are moving fast.

Watch the video below to see our reviews of 7 popular AI tools:

But with so many options, choosing the right one for your kit can be overwhelming. Don’t fret; we’ve got a roundup of the best AI tools for social media here for you.

Hootsuite is number 1 in our hearts (and on this list).

The Gretsky of AI for social media, this tool can do it all. Hootsuite offers a free caption generator for those who just can’t write another social media caption. You can create social media posts using voices like Optimistic Soccer Coach, the Queen of England, and Slytherin. There’s something for every brand.

Hootsuite also features OwlyWriter AI, only the best in-app AI writing tool that promises to save you time and deliver you from writer’s block. You can use OwlyWriter to write your social captions, generate content based on a link, generate post ideas based on keywords, and more.

Start your free 30-day trial

The hashtag suggestion and the Best Time to Post features are fan-favorites, prompting you with tags and times to best reach your target audience.

The Best Time to Publish tool knows this ‘cause it’s a super smart piece of social media AI. It breaks down different suggested posting times for four key goals, giving you the ability to reach your specific metrics:

Extend reach

Build awareness

Increase engagement

Drive traffic

That all being said, we do believe, subjectivity aside, Hootsuite to be the best AI social media post generator. And we’re not just saying that because our editor is going to read this…

Price: Free trial! After that, plans start at $99 a month.

Who it’s for: Content creators, marketers, and marketing teams of all sizes.

Try Hootsuite free for 30 days

Magic Studio is a dream for brands who want to be up their visual game. This AI tool can help you create product photos with sleek backgrounds in a few different themes. You can also easily remove unwanted objects and backgrounds from your imagery — great news for influencers and brands taking shots out in the wild.

Magic Studio also generates photos from your text prompts and can assist you with a pretty incredible profile photo. AI in social media is changing its visual interface, with more and more profiles featuring AI-generated imagery. It’s time to think about what platforms like Magic Studio can do for your brand.

Source: Magic Studio

Price: Free with limitations.

Who it’s for: Influencers, content creators, and designers.

Are you a LinkedIn monologuer? Or a lover of long-form social posts in general? Do you know what you want to say but can’t quite get it right?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Wordtune may be right for you. Wordtune takes your text and rewrites it in different tones. It can expand or subtract your paragraph size or rewrite entire paragraphs.

If you’re a writer, you’ll also want to see our full list of copywriting AI tools.

Source: Wordtune

Price: Free, paid subscriptions start at $9.99 a month.

Who it’s for: long-form content writers and marketers.

You know when you have a great post idea but can’t find the right stock image for it? chúng tôi is your answer to scrolling endlessly through stock footage websites. Using AI for social media posts featuring stock photography can save you time and effort.

Now, you can enter a prompt and have chúng tôi spit out options for you. Choose from classic stock photos, illustrations, book covers, wallpaper, posters, logos, and art.

Source: chúng tôi

Price: Plans start at $19 and go up to $299

Who it’s for: Content creators, designers, and marketers.

Acrolinx is basically your brand watchdog. It crawls your content to make sure everything you publish aligns with your brand. Choose the style, tone, grammar, and input company-specific language. The tool will flag any content that doesn’t align with your brand vision.

Source: Acrolinx

Price: Quotes are provided on a case-by-case basis.

Who it’s for: Brands of all sizes, marketing teams, product teams, and support teams.

Brandwatch contains an incredible wealth of customer intelligence. It’s built to analyze data at scale and produce AI-created insights, statistics, and complex aggregations.

Brandwatch also integrates with tools like ChatGPT to produce natural language summaries of data sets. This means you can spend less time trying to understand what the data is telling you and more time implementing high-level takeaways.

For Hootsuite users, Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch is available in the app. You can directly integrate Brandwatch’s search capabilities into your Hootsuite platform and get a much-desired leg up on your competitors.

Price: Custom quotes are provided on a case-by-case basis.

Who it’s for: Marketing teams and brands interested in social listening and tracking audience sentiment.

Riffusion creates original audio content based on your prompts. Let’s say you’re making a Reel but can’t find exactly the right audio. You can now create exactly the song you were looking for with Riffusion, add the audio to your video, and upload it as normal.

Riffusion does have its limitations. Putting in reasonably average prompts like “Bubblegum Eurodance” or “Jamaican Dancehall Vocals” will work. But anything out of the ordinary may make you come up empty-handed.

Source: Riffusion

Price: Free!

Who it’s for: Video content creators.

Heyday is a conversational AI chatbot designed to help you boost ecommerce sales and skyrocket your customer satisfaction rates.

It’s a time-saving selling machine you can add to your social strategy. Heyday responds to customer queries (DMs included) around the clock, so you can spend more time growing your business and less time on social media selling.

It uses natural language processing for a human touch and is trusted by leading brands like Simons, LaCoste, and Jack & Jones.

Source: Heyday

Price: Packages start at $49/month and can go up to $1,000, depending on your brand needs.

Who it’s for: Ecommerce brands on social media, customer service teams, marketing teams.

Request a demo of Heyday

Well, we’d like to introduce you to Murf, an AI voice generator tool that produces perfect and personalized voiceovers.

Murf can create audio that expresses a specific tone or mood, so you can make sure your VO works for you. It has 120+ voices in 20+ languages, so you can tailor it to your needs.

Source: Murf

Price: Free! With subscriptions starting at $19/month.

Who it’s for: Video creators, product marketers, educators, and content creators.

If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT, you’re likely living under a rock. This AI tool took the world by storm, even prompting a South Park episode where ChatGPT is listed as a co-author. What a wild world we live in.

ChatGPT is a tool social media content creators love because it can produce captions and long-form posts. But it comes with its limitations. It can be difficult to get the right tone without very specific instructions, and often, your audience will be able to tell it’s AI-produced.

Be sure to edit the ChatGPT outputs so it’s in your own brand voice with the correct tone. ChatGPT can also lie to you, so make sure you fact-check your writing.

For all of you content creators out there, check out our full list of content-creation-related AI social media managers and creators love.

Source: ChatGPT

Price: Free access to basic plan; $20/month for faster responses and priority access to new features

Who it’s for: Content creators and marketing teams.

Source: Wordstream

Price: Free tools; quotes are case-by-case.

Peech is generative AI video editing software that can automatically transcribe, edit, repurpose, and brand your video content.

Peech uses NLP technology to generate high-quality video content so you can scale your video efforts. It can recognize your team’s faces and slap a title card onto the screen whenever they pop up. Or automatically transcribe your video content so you can repurpose it into captions or blogs.

Peech allows you to easily brand and edit video content without prior knowledge of video editing.

Source: Peech

Price: Free with paid accounts starting at $49/month.

Who it’s for: Content creators, marketers, educators.

Pro tip? Use one of the long-form AI writers above to generate a script, then feed that script to Invideo.

Source: Invideo

Price: Free, with paid plans starting at $15/month.

Who it’s for: Marketers and content creators in need of video, and podcasters. is a content creator favorite. It’s a video generation platform that uses AI and machine learning to create high-quality videos without expensive equipment or a large team.

Creators will have a range of customizable templates and tools at their fingertips, allowing you to add your own branding and messaging easily. It’s great for creating promotional videos, explainer videos, and social media content. And you can’t forget the multilingual support, helping you to reach a global audience.

Source: chúng tôi

Price: Subscriptions start at $30/month

Who it’s for: Content creators and marketers.

 15. DALL-E 2

If you’re looking for customizable AI-generated images that can’t be found in traditional AI stock libraries, try DALL-E 2.

This tool can be a total game-changer for effective visual assets. DALL-E 2 can generate images specific to any context or industry; you just need to include the right prompt.

Source: DALL-E 2

Price: Images start at .02 cents

Who it’s for: Content creators, marketers, and a-typical brands.

What is an AI tool for social media?

There are several different types of AI tools for social media. AI assistants can help you plan, create, and analyze content for social media to help you save time and optimize your efforts on social.

How can you use AI for social media?

Using AI for social media can help save you time and effort while also giving you valuable insights into your audience and their preferences. You can use all of the tools (and more) mentioned above to automate content creation, optimize your strategy, and generally just up your social media game.

What is the best AI tool for social media?

Asking, “What are the best AI tools for social media?” is like asking your mom to pick her favorite kid. Sure, she has an answer, but you just keep telling yourself it’s all subjective, right? For us, the best AI tool for social media is Hootsuite, as it can do multiple things within the platform. It’s our favorite kid, for sure.

Save time managing your social media presence with Hootsuite. From a single dashboard you can publish and schedule posts, find relevant conversions, engage the audience, measure results, and more. Try it free today.

Get Started

Save time and grow faster with OwlyWriter AI, the tool that instantly generates social media captions and content ideas.

Best Iphone 7 And 7 Plus Cases In 2023

Despite lacking a new design, iPhone 7 has been quite successful in creating massive euphoria among fans. With the superb camera, 40x faster processor than iPhone 6s, Force-Touch enabled Home button, the newest iPhone has got enough to seal the deal in its favor. As always, iPhone accessory makers joined the bandwagon with all hue and colors. No wonder there is a plethora of fabulous iPhone 7 cases out there to grab eyeballs. To ensure your requirements have an ideal fulfillment, we have presented this list to serve your purpose the timely remedy. Let’s cash-in-on them!


YOUMAKER has crafted this heavy-duty case from premium hybrid tough polycarbonate material and TPU. When both materials combined, they provide tremendous texture and military level shockproof protection to your iPhone. The dual-layer structure offers 360-degree rugged protection to your precious device.

Your phone’s touchscreen and camera are given extra attention to the raised lip. To add aesthetic value to the case, YOUMAKER has used vibrant metallic paintings. The design team of YOUMAKER has done an excellent job by creating an ergonomic appearance.


TOWID has manufactured such a slim case that you won’t feel there is a case installed on your iPhone. The slim fit case is made of high-quality matte TPU to protect your phone. One of the benefits of a slim case is precise design. TOWID has achieved this precision to allow users to access ports and buttons quickly.

The matte TPU ensures safety with no odor. The case does not emit any nasty smell even though you hold your phone for a long time. To make the case shockproof, TOWID has added four-sided rounded corner protection.


TORRAS gives you a crystal clear case for your iPhone. The beauty of this case lies in its transparency, which not only protects your phone but also helps you display the natural splendor of your iPhone. The case does not fade its clearness, and therefore, your phone looks new for long.

This case has gone through reinforced processing for slippery-proof function. When you hold your phone in hand, you are more confident. Appreciate strengthened bumper edge of this case that prevents marks, scratches, and scuffs from damaging your phone’s magnificence.


MCUK has used three layers of protection to ensure full security of your device. The three layers include plastic back cover, plastic bumper, and silicone inner frame. With such strong security, your iPhone is always protected against shocks, scratches, dust, and fingerprints.

In their efforts to make the case robust, MCUK engineers have been attentive to fashion quotient. The unique style of this case sets it apart from other cases.

5. OtterBox

OtterBox cases are known for their robust body. Holding fast to this tradition, OtterBox has designed a sturdy case for your iPhone 7. Though the case looks slim and lightweight, it provides full protection to your device against bumps and shocks. A notable feature of this case is port covers, which prevent dust and debris from entering your phone.

This two-piece case is easy to install on your iPhone. Once you install the case, leave everything to the polycarbonate shell, which ensures on-the-go protection. Use this Commuter Series case to put your device in the pocket comfortably.


MATONE has made this ultra-clear hybrid case from premium TPU material. The shock-absorption TPU bumper cushion provides excellent corner protection against accidental drops and bumps.

Raised bezel provides enough elevation to touchscreen and camera. This transparent case preserves the natural look of your phone. Use this hybrid case to keep your phone thin and lightweight.


Spigen is unarguably the most reliable name when it comes to iPhone cases. This PC case has clear back showcases the real beauty and color of your premium device. Its TPU bumper provides solid grip and slim profile.

Since the case is wireless charging compatible, you can use it on your iPhone 8 as well. Tactile buttons and precise cutouts allow you to access all the ports quickly. Get MIL-STD 810G-516.6 protection and Air Cushion Technology for anti-shock protection.

8. Luvvitt

Want a highly protective case without making any compromise on style? Luvvitt iPhone 7 case has been carved to fit your expectation.

Combining Jerman Bayer branded hard shell and shock absorbing TPU core, double layer armor case design keeps your iPhone safeguarded from accidental fall or damage. The protective lips above the screen make sure the screen remains protected. It’s easy to access all the ports and buttons.

9. Ionic Pro

Looking for a good-looking wallet case at a low price? Ionic Pro for iPhone 7 Plus is the right choice for you. With the black leather exterior as well as the red soft micro fiber padding in the interior, the case offers the desired protection to your iPhone. You can comfortably keep 3 cards. The form-fitting design makes a nice pair with your device.

10. FYY

Willing to buy a fashionable case for your iPhone 7 to catch everyone’s eyes? FYY case can be a delightful option.

With the beautiful design coupled with the attractive pattern, the case looks really pretty. The patterns have been printed in two different designs to ensure it’s able to retain its charm for long. This case is carved with flexible TPU materials. It’s lightweight, slim-fit and durable. Being available in several colors, you have the freedom to pick the right match.

That’s all, mate!

Which one of these cases has impressed you? Are you going to pre-order any of these cases?

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

7 Best Email Clients For Windows 7 32/64 Bit To Use In 2023

7 Best Email Clients For Windows 7 32/64 Bit To Use In 2023 Manage your email with these professional email clients for free









If you juggle between accounts on a Windows 7 PC, you probably know the true meaning of slowness.

There are free email clients that are compatible with multiple providers.

The ideal email client for Windows 7 should be lightweight and low on PC resource usage.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

You must have had issues with email access if you have several email accounts with different providers. Using a browser with multiple tabs open is not the best option, as it can slow down your computer and get quickly out of hand.

But that can change with an email client for Windows 7. An email client is a desktop software that enables you to send/receive/draft all your emails in one place. Let us explore some of the best options for you.

Does Windows 7 have email client?

Unlike its predecessors, Vista and XP, Windows 7 does not have a built-in email client. Instead, you will need to download one best email client programs, like Yahoo email for Windows 7.

After the installation, you only need to set the client as your default email, and you are good to go.

These third-party email clients come with a few benefits, including:

This guide will help you find the very best mail app for Windows 7. So, if you are wondering whether to use Windows 7, the answer is straightforward: of course, you can use it! Check out our guide to learn how to keep using it forever.


Although the email clients from our list still work on Windows 7, Microsoft discontinued its ASU so the OS is officially obsolete. Also, the majority of the developers stopped or will stop upgrading their products for Windows 7.

Mailbird does not just enable you to access your emails, but it also connects to all your social apps. As we like to say, it is the very best mail app for Windows 7.

You can easily connect with your Facebook account, Google Calendar, WhatsApp, Moo do, Asana teamwork application, and many more.

However, email snoozing, quick previews, and speed reading are only available on the Mailbird commercial version.

Considering that these features can significantly boost your productivity, it is worth investing in the commercial Mailbird version.

Mailbird allows you to create your theme with different color schemes and layouts. You can organize your email list precisely the way you want it.

You can use Mailbird in 17 different languages, and they work on integrating even more.

Mailbird also has a powerful search feature that allows you to find old attachments by entering just a few important keywords.

Mailbird is a stunning email client program compatible with Windows 7 PCs, from Professional to the Home, and comes with free and premium versions.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Straightforward setup

User-friendly interface

Integration with major social applications

Only supports one email account

Integrate contact’s profile photos


The highly versatile and uncluttered Mailbird perfectly matches your Windows 7 running device!

Download Visit Website

eM Client is another strong contender for the best free email client software for Windows 7. This software has existed for over ten years and is widely known for supporting many email providers such as Gmail, Exchange, and Outlook.

This email app for Windows 7 is available in two versions, Free and Premium. Unlike the premium version, the free version is limited to only two email accounts.

This software has a translation option and an integrated spellchecker that ensures great communication in multiple languages.

You can set the eM client’s UI to display information in 20 different languages. 

eM Client also allows you to create your email signature and automatically attach it at the end of your emails on all the platforms you decide to connect to the client.

eM Client has a free version and two pro plans available. Both subscription plans have 30-day free trials. 

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Easy migration tools

Smart translation

Integrated contacts and calendar menu

Integrated chat application

Support for Google Chat and Jabber

Only supports two email accounts

eM Client

Enjoy a unique combo of simple UI and powerful features for effortless emailing on Windows 7

Download Visit website

Thunderbird was developed by Mozilla Foundation, the same organization which powers Mozilla Firefox. This email client setup process for Windows 7 is so easy that even a novice computer user can install and use it.

You can use your custom webmail or popular webmail services (Gmail, Outlook, etc.); as long as you remember the username and password.

The best part is that Thunderbird can be enhanced by installing several third-party add-ons for even more options to complete your emailing experience.

Thunderbird lets its users create address books with the contact information they receive via email. You can save the email address and the name and add other details such as a photo, birthday, address, and more.

Another feature that saves us a lot of hassle is the attachment reminder. It detects the word attachment within the text content of your email and alerts you if you forget to add the attachment before sending the email.

The software also has excellent filtering and searching tools, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours looking for old emails. Lastly, Thunderbird is available in both 32 and 64-bit for Windows 7.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Supports unlimited accounts

Expandable features via plugins

Calendar tool

RSS news feeds

⇒ Get Thunderbird

As its name suggests, Opera Mail is an open-source email client developed by the Opera team.

If you have used the Opera web browser before, you would agree that this free email client for Windows 7 is expectantly good, just like the Opera browser.

The Opera Mail email client, now available as a standalone program, is ideal for Windows 7 PC.

Even though it has plenty of valuable features, Opera Mail is not the safest option. It has not been updated since 2024 and may lack some essential security features. You can, however, still download it safely from the Opera official website.

Expert tip:

Opera Mail lets you create contact lists. You can add users from multiple email providers and provide names and other valuable information that help you quickly identify the person you need.

Opera Mail also has an integrated spam filter that prevents unwanted emails from appearing in your inbox.

Opera Mail is free software that allows Windows 7 users to keep track of all their emails without too much memory.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Message templates included

RSS feeds

Supports unlimited accounts

Customizable tagging system

⇒ Get Opera Mail

This software has an integrated feature that allows you to create your mail signature. Don’t forget to attach valuable contact information and keep your emails professional-looking and helpful for your recipients.

Email enables communication across the globe without much restriction, which is why the translation feature provided by this email client is vital.

There are instances when you need to communicate with people that don’t share your language. Mailspring generates AI-powered translations that can help with that.

On top of that, if you are more comfortable with using another language as your default UI language, Mailspring offers over 60 options you can choose from. 

Another helpful feature that contributes to better communication is the template library. Mailspring allows you to use pre-made templates depending on the type of email you want to send. You can also create templates to automate part of the emailing task.

Mailspring is compatible with computers that run Windows 7 (and higher). It is lightweight, elegant, and easy to use. The software has an extensive set of free features, but it also provides a subscription-based plan for users that need professional-level email management.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Rich contact profiles

Link Tracking

Snooze messages


Various themes

⇒ Get Mailspring

This program is ideal for custom webmail such as [email protected]. Meanwhile, you can also use it on popular webmail services, but you have to adjust your account settings.

The inability to send HTML messages and the email settings process ranked it low on this list. Nevertheless, Claws is extremely powerful and can improve your email activity.

Claws Mail uses SSL encryption, meaning all your data is protected and completely private.

You can also create detailed address books. Safely enter and access valuable information about your contacts.

Claws Mail has an integrated spell checker that alerts to errors before email submission.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Plain text only (Can’t send HTML messages)

Works at a fast speed

Powerful search function

Advanced message filters

Expandable via plugins

Regular updates

⇒ Get Claws Mail

Hexamail Flow is a free email client for Windows 7. It has an easy-to-use interface, so you’ll quickly get the hang of it if you haven’t used this tool before.

This software lets you send large files by automatically integrating them into Google Drive.

Hexamail also doubles as a task manager with a card-based task board. You can create hierarchical to-do lists and automate some tasks from the settings provided.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Email Scheduling

Email hiding or masking

Grouping feature by domain, sender, conversation, or subject

Automatically resizes large photos before sending them out.

This is a licensed-based service. You can select the number of users you need the product for.

⇒ Get Hexamail Flow

These are the best email programs for Windows 7. You can confidently download any of them and make them your default email client on your PC.

Are you looking for a list of the best lightweight email client for Windows 10/11 PCs? Then, take your time to review our list for some of the excellent choices available.

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7 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Need To Thrive In 2023

With the number of mobile device users climbing off the charts in recent years, it’s no secret that mobile marketing is a can’t miss strategy for small businesses. But, with endless possibilities in a mobile-friendly world, it can be difficult to even know where to start.  

Prioritizing the top mobile strategies to make small business budgets stretch across the most important aspects of mobile marketing is key to getting the most bang for your buck. Well, we did the heavy lifting for you and sifted through the countless mobile marketing strategies to identify the best fits for local businesses today.

• How to get started with mobile marketing.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing encompasses any and every type of marketing that reaches users on smartphones, tablets, Androids, smart watches, and any other mobile devices. In other words, mobile marketing is the use of technology and tactics to reach your target audience when they are on the go. So, whenever you digitally reach someone on a device other than their stationary desktop or laptop then that is, in fact, mobile marketing.

Now, of course by definition mobile marketing simply means marketing to users on mobile devices.

This means that not only can reach consumers on the go, but you can reach them in a more personal manner at any point in their day, which makes mobile marketing a huge asset for any business.

Let’s get into more of the benefits:

5 benefits of mobile marketing for small businesses

If it’s not enough that there are over 3.6 billion smartphone users in the world, there’s also a ton of mobile marketing stats and data that indicate how beneficial mobile marketing actually is for small businesses.

Here are the top four benefits of mobile marketing strategies for small businesses:

2. Mobile experiences drive purchases

Not only is mobile marketing cost-effective, but people are more than 60% less likely to purchase from a brand after a negative mobile experience. Plus, 70% of smartphone users have bought something in a store after using their phone to discover more information.

This makes it all that much more imperative for small businesses looking to grow.

Image Source

3. The nature of mobile marketing is different from desktop or print marketing 4. Mobile marketing is personal

Remember, you’re usually reaching people on their own personal device like their iPhone, smart watch, or tablet. So, mobile marketing by default is very personal with tactics like texting your audience via SMS or reaching them in their social news feeds mixed in with their friends and family. You’ll be able to access them when they’re at their leisure and are more receptive to new information.

5. Mobile marketing enables a good customer experience

Mobile marketing doesn’t just benefit your business. With today’s busy lifestyle, people crave convenience. Being able to learn about a business, redeem coupons, make payments, or contact a business on one handheld device is a major benefit to your customers. With such convenience and consolidation, you have created a positive customer experience for them.

7 mobile marketing strategies your small business needs

What makes mobile marketing easy to integrate into your current marketing plan is that you can take standard local marketing tactics you may already be familiar with and simply twist them to be mobile-friendly.

Here are the seven mobile marketing strategies we suggest you start with!

1. A mobile-friendly website

If you’re unsure if your site is already mobile-friendly, then have a team member test it on a mobile device or even test it yourself to fully understand where your site’s mobile experience currently stands from a user’s perspective. Or, leverage Google’s mobile site tester which is one of many out there that will grade your site’s mobile capabilities for you once you plug in the URL.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, talk with your website provider or marketing partner to get it in tip-top shape. You might also mention that Google indexes the mobile version of your site first, so by not having a mobile-friendly site, you’re impacting your performance no matter what device you’re on.

By shortening your ad copy and trying out call-based ad strategies you’ll provide a more efficient mobile experience for your target audience when they’re surfing those search engines.

3. Local listings

Getting set up on free listing sites like Google My Business is huge for local businesses looking to grow their mobile presence. This is because when people are on the go, they’ll be pulling out their smartphone from their back pocket to find your small business via local listings.

Ensuring your name and business information is up to date on mobile heavy platforms like Yelp, Bing, or Facebook is vital to boost your incoming business from mobile users. Mobile users will have a heightened chance of reaching you if you have accurate business information, like name, address, website, hours, contact information, etc. 

4. Social media marketing

While your social media marketing strategy should include a presence on Facebook and Instagram, you can (and should!) also include strategies like Snapchat Advertising, Tik Tok, Waze, LinkedIn, and more!

When implementing mobile social media strategies, you’ll want to consider posting engaging content with creative graphics or videos to encourage engagement on your posts and optimize your post content for mobile–which means shorter posts that still pack a punch.

5. Email marketing

While email marketing feels like something that’s traditionally desktop heavy, that’s actually not the case at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as 68% of email campaigns are opened on a mobile device.

This means that since the majority of your emails are going to be opened on a mobile device, you’ll want to approach email marketing campaigns with mobile friendliness in mind.

Image Source

To work with limited screen real estate, not only do you want to keep the meat of your email copy short, but you’ll also want to think about other components that go into emails like subject lines, call-to-action buttons, and pre-header text for previews. That way, you can efficiently use mobile email marketing to welcome new customers, promote your specials or sales, or educate your customers to keep your business top of mind.

6. Geofencing

Geofencing leverages global positioning systems (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to set up location targeting for your marketing tactics.

7. SMS marketing

SMS marketing refers to sending text messages to your customers or prospects. An SMS campaign is obviously perfect for mobile marketing—what’s better than sending a text right to your client? And, because people actually tend to be willing to sign up for text offers if it’s from a brand they appreciate. 

In fact, 64% of consumers think companies who text value their time, are progressive and would recommend them to others. So, encourage your customers to sign up for regular text promotions from your business.

In SMS marketing you can share links, updates, and new promotions with your potential customers. Not only does this keep you top of mind for your audience, but it also can push them further through the buyer’s journey and all that much closer to deciding to make a meaningful action like a purchase or a booking.

Image Source

3 steps to get started with mobile marketing

Now that you’re familiar with some of the top mobile marketing strategies you can start deciding which ones you want to implement first! Here are three tips we recommend to help you get started:

1. Prioritize your mobile marketing strategies

While we listed out seven awesome mobile marketing strategies for small businesses, that doesn’t mean you have to implement every single one all at once!

Think about your marketing goals and objectives as well as how your ideal customer spends time on their mobile devices to help you determine which strategy you should use. Are they scrolling on social media? Or, looking for you while on the go?

Image Source 

2. Consider free or low-cost mobile marketing strategies 3. Turn your current marketing into mobile marketing!

An easy way to slowly dip your toes into mobile marketing if you’re hesitant is to evaluate your current marketing strategies through a mobile lens. If you’re not ready to build out something new and unfamiliar just yet, but don’t want to miss out on high-value mobile device users, then optimizing what you’re currently running to be mobile friendly is a great place to start. 

Starting your mobile marketing small using what you already have and growing from there will help you to improve along the way without breaking the bank or taking a ton of time out of your already busy day.

Get started with these mobile marketing strategies

While at first glance mobile marketing can feel like a daunting endeavor, once you take a moment to methodically plan out your mobile marketing strategy using the guidelines above, it turns into a cakewalk that can have a big impact on your overall marketing results. 

Susie Marino

Susie is a senior content marketing specialist at LocaliQ where she uses her experience as a PPC consultant to share tips, tactics, and best practices. Outside of work, Susie loves to get outside for some snowboarding or (once the cold weather melts away) hiking!

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