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Mail forwarding services scan every incoming mail and upload them in your virtual mailbox. You can use these services to provide virtual mail addresses to receive mail and packages on your behalf.

Best Mail Forwarding Service: Top Picks!

Best for all kinds of mail forwarding services

iPostal1 is one of the best mail forwarding services that provides over 2500 addresses in 50 U.S. states. They also offer Mailboxes internationally in Canada, the UK, Spain, Italy, Singapore, and many more. With the help of iPostal1, you can forward packages and mail to any address and view real-time shipping.

It is a perfect solution for individuals and families, small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, travelers, and expats. iPostal1’s forwarding locations are highly secure, and each Mailbox comes with a physical mailing address.


Digital Mailbox: Use apps on both iOS and Android and manage your packages 24/7. Get a picture of all your items in the inbox and mention your desired action for every item.

U.S. or International mailing address: You can get a real address with a personal or company mailbox number. It can be used for banking and personal purposes.

Business phone and fax: iPostal1 has virtual office plans that have local toll-free company phone numbers. They come with digital voicemail, and personalized greetings.

Mail and package forwarding: You can forward mail and packages to as many addresses as you want. It also allows you to see real-time costs for shipping.

Check deposit: iPostal1 can deposit checks to your account directly. So you no longer have to worry about unattended checks.

Package consolidation: Using its service, you can combine multiple packages or letters into one packaging and save shipping and forwarding costs.

Support: Phone calls, contact forms, and online chat.

Security: All its addresses are one of 2,500 professionally staffed, safe, real location addresses.

Additional services: Automatic email alert, sender information of every item, and 30-day storage.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Store addresses of family and friends or customers for direct shipping across the globe. Additional charges for packaging materials may be applied at times.

It offers a flexible shipment schedule on request. Extended storage charges every month.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing Starts at $9.99 per month.

Hidden fees: Certain locations charge a nominal fee for picking up packages or mail.

Free trial: No, but two months free with yearly plans.

Insurance options: Get $4 for each $100 of insurance requested.


Why choose iPostal1?

Choosing iPostal1 is recommended as it is convenient for managing your mail from anywhere, 24/7. It is cost-effective, and you can save up to 80% with its international mail forwarding service when you ship from the U.S. by selecting from its globally discounted locations.

Best for Travelers and RVers

Traveling Mailbox is a professional mail handling service that receives postal mail and packages in a virtual mailing address. You no longer have to pay for every package separately, instead, it lets you consolidate them into one big package and save on shipping.


Mail forwarding: It helps you store your digital scans for a lifetime. While you can get the physical copies delivered anywhere.

Open and scan: You can request to scan your mail contents. It also lets you view them in PDF format.

Parcel forwarding: Travelling Mailbox lets you receive packages from e-commerce sites like Amazon and can forward them to you.

Email and Push notifications: You will receive email and push notifications every time you receive a mail, or a task is accomplished.

Document scanning: Receive the contents in hardcopy mail within minutes with its QuickScan capability.

No junk: You can mark the mail items as junk mail in your online Mailbox, and iPostal will scrap it for free on the site.

Customer Support: Phone calls, emails, contact tickets, and live chat.

Security: This mail forwarding service provider uses 2FA, face I.D. and is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Additional services: It offers free unwanted mail shredding on-site, scan rollover, and unlimited cloud storage,

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Your every mail forwarded envelope is barcoded and scanned. The customer support is not satisfactory.

It includes a shipping calculator. Its processing time can be slow sometimes.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Its basic plan is $15 per month

Hidden fees: The reactivation fee is a minimum of $25.

Free trial: No, but it holds a physical envelope for 30 days for free in the facility.

Insurance options: Receive $2 per $100 of Insurance Coverage


Why choose Traveling Mailbox?

By choosing Traveling Mailbox, you will be able to forward mail anywhere across the world 24/7. It is an affordable service provider with the lowest shipping rates and high-end security features. This provider can store unlimited mail in its cloud storage and comes with a mobile app for quick access.

Visit Traveling Mailbox

Best for storing large numbers of mail

Anytime Mailbox offers services at 1943 locations creating a global network that helps individuals and businesses manage their postal mail online. It helps you access your mail 24/7, so you don’t have to go to a P.O. box to get your mail.

It supports all kinds of devices like Apple, Android, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. All you have to do is select a location, choose a service, and start managing your mail.


Real street address: All the virtual addresses that you will use are real street addresses offered by Anytime Mailbox.

Mail and package forwarding: Forward mail and packages to your preferred address without sharing your real information with a third party.

Open and Scan mail: With this international mailbox service, all your mail is opened and scanned for your safety, and you can access them as PDF files with this.

Check Deposit: Get paid faster without needing to go to the bank using Anytime Mailbox’s check deposit services.

Free unlimited storage: Store as much mail as you like in its’s unlimited storage, all free of cost.

Customer Support: Call, Live chat, Contact Form, Email

Security: 2048 Bit SSL Connection, HTTPS for secure exchange, and other protection.

Additional services: Barcode scanning, mail shredding, a preview of your future digital address, and signature capture.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is easy to set up and is customizable. Its mail forwarding service is not quick enough.

Scheduling pickup can be done instantly. It doesn’t offer as many features as its counterparts.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Starts at $5.99 per month

Hidden fees: It charges an additional fee for exceeding the allowance.

Free trial: No

Insurance options: Not Available, but you get a full refund if the account wasn’t used in 30 days.


Why choose Anytime Mailbox?

It has a global network, so it is easy to reach a large number of locations, making it ideal for mail forwarding for businesses. You will receive alerts through native apps about your mail and packages, so you will never miss a thing. It doesn’t put you under a contract to use its services, so you can cancel it anytime

Visit Anytime Mailbox

Best for assisted purchasing

Shipito is an international parcel forwarding service provider. You can sign up for one of its service plans, acquire a U.S. address and start shipping. It lets you save money by letting you combine the packages.

You can shop on several different sites and put all the items in one parcel and reduce the shipping cost. This virtual post mail also allows you to shop on all popular U.S. shopping sites for your convenience.


Locations: You can forward mail and packages to above 220 countries across the globe with its fast and reliable service.

Alerts and options: It sends you notifications as soon as your package arrives. Select how you want to view it, consolidate them, or add extra packaging materials.

Personal suite: You can choose to store your items in a personal suite till they are ready to ship to your desired location.

Personal shopper: Shipito provides you with shoppers who check item availability, purchase it, and ship it to you.

Storage: It stores your parcels for free for 7 days, and premium users can choose between 45, 60, or 90 days.

Customer Support: FAQ, email, call, and live chat 6 days a week.

Security: Offers SSL on all pages, firewalls, passwords, role-based security access, and more.

Additional services: Fast mailout and return items of assisted purchase.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides a U.S. address for free. Refunds may not always be available.

You can earn points with some of its mailbox forwarding services. Unregistered users receive services only for one package at a time.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $10 per month.

Hidden fees: Special requests are chargeable at $15 per half an hour, regardless of the service you choose.

Free trial: No, but it has a free plan.

Insurance options: You are eligible for insurance if you selected insurance at the time of mailout.


Why choose Shipito?

Shipito’s service includes multiple shipping options, special request services, competitive dispatching prices, and much more. It provides a tax-free warehouse option and free photos of incoming packages.

Best for forwarding mail in the USA

USA2Me is a mail forwarding service for the U.S., and it offers a physical mailing address for receiving mail. It forwards these mail to any address you desire.

You can log into your mailbox manager and look at your mail and items and also discard what you do not want. This business mail forwarding company is partnered with several delivery services, so you can receive your items from any carrier.


U.S. mail manager: Receive images of your items and get notifications once your parcel arrives, and visit the online account to view and take other actions.

Ship and receive items: You can decide when you’d like to receive our packages and schedule the shipping at the lowest rates.

Repacking savings: Gather all your items, make them one package, receive them all at once, and save money.

Discard: Remove junk from your mail and get them shredded when you like. Discarding mail requires no extra charges.

R.V. mail forwarding: Get R.V. mail forwarding services so you can forward mail and packages to any R.V. park or marina.

Customer Support: Call, email, and contact form

Security: Get SSL encryption with this mailbox forwarding service

Additional services: Assisted shopper, scanning and order and billing history

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is one of the mail forwarding service providers with a free plan. All the plans include a set-up fee.

Consolidation is free for all plans. Discarding mail is not available in its free plan.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $10 per month

Hidden fees: Its personal shopper fee is higher by $10 or 10% for every order that is paid with a wire transfer. It is $13.5 or 13.5% per item with a credit card.

Free trial: 30 days

Insurance options: Not available


Why choose USA2Me?

It is one of the oldest mail forwarding services in the U.S. that have continued to remain reliable. USA2Me also offers fax reception along with mail and parcels.

USA2Me has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and has received international shipper awards from FedEx and DHL.

Best for forwarding parcels internationally

forward2me is an international parcel and mail forwarding company. It delivers mail and parcels from UK, German, Japan, and Turkey to locations worldwide in more than 190 countries in just two days.

You can shop online and provide the forward2me address without giving your real postal service address. It has 30-day free storage and real time updates of your mail and parcel.


Free consolidation: You can track the package in one airway bill, and all your different packages will still come in the same shipment.

Combine and Repack: Avoid paying separately for different packages. Combine all the small packages that arrived separately and pay only for one parcel.

Returns: forward2me has a returns management that is personalized for the customers. Its team performs reverse logistics and returns items to shopping sites.

Personal shopper: You can send your shopping list and pay with any card, even non-UK cards are accepted. The personal shopper will buy and ship your product.

Large item shipping: Ship large items from the U.K. to the U.S. in the simplest process. You can send furniture, appliances, bikes, car parts, and more.

Customer Support: Email, phone call, helpdesk chat, FAQ, and ticket form.

Security: SSL technology and all payment card information is encrypted.

Additional services: Protects goods up to the value of GBP 5000.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The warehouses in the U.K., Japan, Germany, and Turney are free. The shipping calculator may be misleading at times.

You receive five addresses in the free signup. It charges for photos per item.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Starts at £9.99 for one package

Hidden fees: After 30 days, it is £0.50 per parcel per day for combining and repacking.

Free trial: No, but offer 30-day free storage

Insurance options: It includes protect+guarantee service with terms and conditions.


Why choose forward2me?

The size of the parcel doesn’t matter when it comes to forward2me, making it the best mail forwarding service among companies that ship packages. One of the most unique things about this mail forwarding service is that you can do tax-free shopping in the U.K. It supports almost all carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, DPD, and much more.

Best for requesting any action on received mail

PostScan Mail is a professional mail handling service that provides mail forwarding services, mail scanning, delivery, and virtual addresses. Its virtual addresses come with real street addresses that you can use as your P.O. Box.


Online mail management: You get total control over your mail deliveries online and manage them from anywhere you like.

Mail scanning: PostScan always scans and delivers it to you online and, at the same time, ensures the privacy of all your information.

Forwarding: It makes sure that you only get the mail that you actually want. Select all the mail you want and send the rest to any location you like.

Storage: This mail forwarding company stores all your mail for free for 30 days. If you want to keep them for a longer period, you can pay a nominal fee.

Local Pickup: Your packages and physical mail are stored in local post office, so you can go to the location and pick up your items.

Customer Support: Live chat, Phone call, Email, and Contact Form

Security: It offers SSL, HTTPS protocol, and 30 days of backups.

Additional services: Virtual and digital mailroom.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is one of the mail forwarding service providers that accept all mail carriers. It charges $.50 per extra envelope or package scan.

PostScan has smart filters that let you manage incoming mail even before receiving them. The starter pack offer only one recipient.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month

Hidden fees: If you store packages for more than 7 days, you will have to pay $.10 cents per pound per day.

Free trial: Yes, one-month

Insurance options: It offers insurance in case there is damage or theft.


Why choose PostScan mail?

It is one of the mail forwarding service providers that offers 600 prestigious virtual business addresses. PostScan Mail is compatible with all devices, so you can check your mail anytime, anywhere. It also has a virtual mailroom that provides an entirely paper-free workplace.

Visit PostScan Mail


A mail forwarding service offers mail and package forwarding services to your original address while providing you with virtual mailbox addresses where you can get your mail delivered. These services are used in order to hide your real address for professional, privacy, and security reasons.

Instead of receiving your mail at your old or original address, the forwarding company receives all your mail and packages for you. The operators of the company then scan and upload your mail to your virtual Mailbox with its contents in PDF and picture formats, and then they send the mail and items according to your schedule.

When you are selecting the best mail forwarding service, look for the following features and services to match your requirements:

Notifications on emails

Package consolidation

Signature on delivery

Automatic check deposit

Number of days of free mail and package storage

Opening and scanning of mail items

Unwanted mail handling, and much more.

Yes, you can use a mail forwarding service for packages, most of these companies receive parcels and items on your behalf.

Yes, most mail forwarding services send mail to international addresses.

Best Mail Forwarding Service: Top Picks! Verdict

As per the services offered, here are some of our recommendations:

We recommend iPostal1 as it is affordable and feature-rich. It has over 2500 addresses in the U.S. that you can choose from. iPostal1 also offers international delivery services.

Traveling Mailbox, is also a good option as its services are available 24/7.

Anytime Mailbox is another ideal mail forwarding service, as it stores unlimited mail for free.

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Here Are The 7 Best Live Streaming Tv Services

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

In the era of streaming TV, services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus have become popular ways for people to “cut the cord.” However, those services offer movies and TV shows (mostly) on demand. There is still an audience that wants to watch live television, particularly for sports, news, and other major live events. For those users, live streaming TV services are the way to go.

Here are the best live streaming services that are currently available. As you can see, they all have very different lineups of channels, prices, and features.

Best live streaming TV services

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best live streaming TV services regularly as new ones launch.

Comparing the services

Sling TV has two main plans to choose from, and each costs just $35 a month.

It also offers lots of add-ons for extra channels, along with free cloud DVR.

The Sling Blue plan has over 50 cable TV channels for live streaming TV, which includes local Fox and NBC channels in select markets. It costs $35 a month. Sling Orange has over 30 different channels, including three ESPN sports cable channels. It also costs $35 a month. If you get both Sling Blue and Sling Orange plans, you pay $50 a month.

There are also extra plans that you can add to Sling Blue and Orange plans. The Sling Sports Extras plans cost $10 a month and add a number of sports cable channels to Blue and Orange. There are also Comedy, Kids, News, Lifestyle, and other plans you can add for $5 a month each. In addition, there are tons of other ala cart channels you can add to the plans, including most of the major pay cable movie channels (with the exception of HBO).

Sling TV includes 10 hours of free Cloud DVR storage which can be expanded to 50 hours for an extra $5 a month. There are also tons of free live tv streaming movies and TV shows available on-demand, and even more than you can rent online.

Why you should buy

Lots of channels available for Sling Blue

Tons of choices for add-on channels

Free content on demand

Why you should pass

Only 10 hours of Cloud DVR for free

No HBO option

No local CBS or ABC stations

Only one profile

Hulu has lots of on-demand current movies and shows with a solid amount of live TV channels and most local stations.

Its Cloud DVR features have 50 hours of space at no extra charge.

Why you should buy

Tons of live TV channels

Lots of current movies and shows on demand

Generous amount of free cloud DVR

Includes Disney Plus and Hulu

Why you should pass

It’s on the high side of price ranges

YouTube TV has over 85 channels for the price of $65 a month.

It also has a 14-day free trial and unlimited DVR storage.

Why you should buy

Tons of live TV channels for a reasonable price tag

Free 14-day trial

Unlimited DVR storage

Why you should pass

You can’t keep your DVR recordings forever

4K streams require an extra fee

DirecTV Stream offers free access to the Max streaming service with its Premier plans.

It also supports up to 20 devices on one account and you can get unlimited DVR storage.

Why you should buy

Free HBO/Max on its Premier plan

Unlimited cloud storage with an extra fee

Stream up to 20 devices at home

Regional sports channels included with most plans

Why you should pass

The basic Plus plan has a high price for what you are getting

Some local channels in some markets are not included

Fubo TV is made for the major sports TV fan although it also has lots of other channels to choose from.

It also has a 7-day free trial and up to 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage.

Fubo TV started out as a live streaming TV sports service only. However, it has since evolved into a more mainstream streaming live TV service. Its Starter package costs $65 a month and has over 100 channels, including many local and international sports channels. It also includes 30 hours of cloud DVR storage and support for up to two streams at one time. The Pro plan costs $70 a month, and boosts the cloud DVR space to 500 hours, plus three streams at once, with unlimited streams while at home. For $80 a month, you can access the Elite plan, with over 150 channels, along with up to 1,000 hours of DVR storage. There are also lots of other channel lineups that you can add for additional fees.

Just recently, Fubo TV added the popular ESPN channels, which makes it even better for live sports viewing. Normally it has a 7-day free trial but as of this writing you can get two weeks to try it for free if you are a new subscriber.

Why you should buy

Great service for sports fans

Lots of channels for the money

Up to 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage

Why you should pass

Not as many platforms supported compared to others

Not all local channels available in some markets

Philo TV has 65 channels for the low price of $25 a month.

It also has a 7-day free trial, unlimited DVR storage, and up to 10 profiles per account.

Philo TV is the definition of a bare-bones live streaming TV service. For just $25 a month, you get 61 live cable TV channels. You also get a seven-day free trial and a whopping 10 profiles per account. You can also stream on up to three devices at once. There’s also unlimited cloud DVR storage, although your recording will disappear after 30 days. Recently, the service added access to two movie channels, Epix and Starz. Both are available as add-on channels to Philo TV’s service.

Platforms for the service include Android, iOS, Android TV, Roku sticks, boxes, and TVs, and Amazon Fire TV sticks and TVs. It’s also available for the Apple TV box, Windows and Mac PCs.

Why you should buy

Lots of channels for one low price

Up to 10 profiles per account

Unlimited cloud DVR storage

Why you should pass

DVR recordings disappear after 30 days

No local channels

No live sports

Frndly TV – Lowest price for a live TV service


What makes it “the best”

Frndly TV is a highly curated live streaming TV service made for family-friendly viewing.

Plans begin at just $7 a month.

This is a very unusual live streaming TV service. Frndly TV is made specifically for family-friendly television watching. It includes channels like the many Hallmark cable TV outlets, along with UpTV and other channels that don’t offer more adult content. The basic plan costs just $6.99 a month for 37 channels, with a feature that automatically records shows up to 72 hours in the past. You can get unlimited DVR storage for 3 months for the $8.99 a month Classic plan. There’s also a $10.99 a month Premium plan that boosts the storage time to 9 months.

Why you should buy


Unlimited cloud DVR storage for Classic and Premium plans

Why you should pass

Limited channel selection

HD resolution only on the Classic and Premium plans

Only one stream at a time on the basic plan.

10 Best Disposable Email Services

Each time you come across something useful on the internet, it will require your email ID to grab it.

In case you require to use some service on a trial basis, you might need one temporary, throwaway email address for signing in without giving out your credentials.

You will just have to initially sign up for a temporary user account and then forget about that completely.

Today I am going to enlist the 10 best disposable email services for avoiding spam, or temporarily correspond with someone.

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Now let us explore10 of the best disposable email services to fight spam.

This service tops the list as you can always keep modifying your email with some coveted name and you can continue using it as and when required.

Temp mail provides you free disposable email service where you need not register. You will just have to visit the website or open your mobile app and use the temporary service.

Every time you open Tempmail you will fresh, ready-to-use email ID with the inbox right in the center of the main page.

As long as you keep the web page open the email ID that is randomly allocated remains active as Tempmail does not have the self-destruct timer.

This is another best throwaway email service that is completely free. You may use this service to send and receive emails using the disposable ID.

You are allowed to customize the domain and username if the temporary address you are using.

You will also get a mobile app for enjoying this service on your mobile phones and check the messages directly.

This is an exclusive premier site that helps you avoid spam and protects your inline privacy.

It is a free and simple service that creates temporary emails in just two steps.

It is thus preferred by the professional all around the globe. This disposable email service provides you a temporary, anonymous email account that you may use by signing up.

The unique feature of this service is that you may recover the email address even after you delete them.

The service keeps wiping the servers periodically and the time limit for your emails to stay in the inbox is not specific either.

In the premium service provided you will get multiple throwaway emails providing access to some exclusive domains.

You will get all the emails forwarded to your primary mail address from the assigned alias.

For having multiple aliases, you will have to choose the premium service as being a free user you will be provided only one single alias.

With E4ward you can enjoy more cloud space for storing your emails. You may also get your email customized by adding your domain to [email protected].

To receive mail, you may use an alias at Mailanator. You will get the mails in the public domain and the alias can be used by others too but with the premium  plan, you will be getting your alias.

Besides these, the emails will get self-detected after few hours.   You will be able to access all the messages through API or Web interface.

It is a really good service that is capable to handle any kind of message. And you may add SMS to your private domain for SMS workflow testing.

Mohmal is in Arabic and it means Junk Mails.  You will be getting multiple language support with this temporary, throwaway email service. If you want some disposable emails that work, you may try this service.

The email that you create will get scrapped within 45 minutes and you will have to go for the periodical refreshment process for preventing deletion.

You are also allowed to create your alias and choose your coveted domain name.

You will get a unique disposable email ID at ThrowMail that you may use for signing up or receiving other emails.

The validity is for 48 hours and for making it a permanent email address you will have to visit the email page within 48 hours.

Ensure that the cookies are active for the smooth performance of the service.

This service is fast and consists of Firefox and chrome browser extensions.

The messages sent to the address get forwarded to your specified email ID and it also prevents the sender from getting your real email ID.

After installing the extension, Burner Mail is going to display the burning envelope.

You will get both the fee and the paid version where you can send as well as receive messages with the help of the burner addresses. But make sure this service gathers some usage data.

This is a quick best throwaway email service that you will need. This service is really simple to use one of the safety features is that other users do not have access to your email account.

When you visit the site you will get an email address with a timer clock ticking.

But remember you cannot send an email and this service gathers usage data.

This is another best throwaway email service that is completely free. This service renders a fast and superb service to protect your spam and the mains.

Instead of your real mailing address you may use the disposable mail service.

You need no registration, no password and the inbox are auto-generated and your messages will be kept for 8 days but you may also make an effort to remove them.

But remember you will not be able to send messages.

Hope the list of the 10 best disposable email services will help you to seek the suitable temporary email address service to serve your purpose.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup Services

Clearly, cloud computing plays a critical role in backup for enterprises. Today’s enterprises face the daily risk of ransomware, cyberattacks and natural disasters — as well as the common occurrence of accidentally deleted files. As a result, a robust cloud backup procedure is a must. And with the competitive prices from many cloud companies, online backup offers enterprises an easy way to comply with the 3-2-1 backup rule.

Protecting your company’s data is critical. Cloud storage with automated backup is scalable, flexible and provides peace of mind. Cobalt Iron’s enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution is known for its hands-free automation and reliability, at a lower cost. Cloud backup that just works.


The 3-2-1 rule is a simple shorthand for making sure you are complying with industry best practices for cloud backups:

Keep three copies of all data.

Store copies on at least two different devices or storage media.

Store at least one copy at an offsite location.

However, enterprises do need to vet their online backup vendors carefully to make sure they find the best fit for their needs.

Consider your needs before shopping for a provider. Do you need a comprehensive solution that will back up every piece of data in your enterprise? Or do you just need a more basic solution that will back up PCs, mobile devices or SaaS data that isn’t covered by the other solutions your organization is already using? What compliance requirements will your provider need to meet? And what security policies will apply to backups? How often do you need backups to run and how quickly do you need to recover? Your answers to all these questions and more will impact your vendor selection.

Look for low TCO, not just a low sticker price.The lowest-cost provider might not be the best option if the solution is difficult to manage. Consider the impact on staff time, including any necessary training, before signing on the dotted line.

Find a provider that can meet your RTO and RPO needs. Your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) will have a major impact on your service selection. You don’t want to lose hours’ worth of data from business-critical applications, but you also don’t want to break the bank by paying for a level of service that isn’t necessary for your data. You’ll need to find the right balance for each type of data your organization has in its systems.

Make sure your vendor offers strong security, including encryption. It doesn’t matter how well you have protected your primary systems if your backup systems present an easy target for attackers. Any cloud backup service you use needs to have the same level of security that your other systems have.

Choose data center backup locations carefully. If your vendor’s cloud data center is too far from your primary site, you may experience delays due to latency issues. But if the secondary data center is too close to your primary site, it might be vulnerable to the same natural disasters or power outages that affect your primary systems. Again, you’ll need to strike the right balance.

Leading enterprise cloud backup vendors include the following:

Serving more than 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in 145 countries worldwide, Acronis is a global leader in data protection. It offers online backup solutions for individuals, small businesses, enterprises and service providers. Its primary cloud backup service for enterprise users is called Acronis Backup, and it also offers a more robust solution called Acronis Backup Cloud that is designed for services providers. It has won multiple awards and gets very high reviews from analysts and users.

Acronis can backup data from any type of environment — physical, virtual, cloud or mobile.

Because the company also offers cybersecurity technology, it is able to incorporate some security features into its online backup services, including ransomware protection based on machine learning.

Acronis Backup also incorporates blockchain features designed to prevent attacks on archived files.

In business since 1983, Arcserve has a long history with backup technology, and it has an impressive list of customers that includes Expedia, Bloomberg, Sony Music and Thomson Reuters. It offers both on-premises and online backup solutions, and unlike some of the other companies on this list, it focuses exclusively on enterprise customers. It offers three different cloud backup services for enterprises: Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid, which incorporates online backup, disaster recovery and archive capabilities; Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct, which is a backup as a service/disaster recovery as a service offering that doesn’t require any on-premises hardware; and Arcserve UDP Cloud Archiving, which backs up enterprise email.

Arcserve touts its more than three decades of experience as a key reason why enterprises should trust it with their data.

The company’s UDP Cloud Hybrid supports cloud, physical, and virtual environments running Windows and Linux.

The service also offers automated disaster recovery and application-level recovery testing capabilities.

Arcserve’s own data centers are protected with 256-bit AES data encryption and are SSAE16 certified, and customers can choose to failover to the Arcserve Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS or a private cloud.

Backblaze has built its reputation on fast, cheap online backup capabilities. It has a very large customer base that includes both consumers and businesses, and it also offers low-cost cloud storage. It has more than 750 PB of data stored on its servers, and it has won several awards. However, this service is just for individual PCs, not for enterprise servers or data stored in the cloud.

To protect against ransomware, Backblaze includes 30-day rollback capabilities, which should restore systems to a point before they were infected.

The service supports single sign-on through G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

If you need to restore your data from a physical hard drive, Backblaze will send a drive anywhere in the world, and it will refund the cost of the drive after you return it.

Cohesity products feature a very simplified user interface designed to be as easy to use as a smartphone app.

The DataProtect service breaks down backup silos by storing all enterprise data on one service.

Like several other online backup services, Cohesity promises fast restores, but it also offers a unique fast search service.

In addition, it incorporates policy-based automation capabilities so that enterprise IT teams can set it up to meet their SLAs without the need for extensive manual intervention.

Commvault is one of the leading data management providers, so its service might be a good option for enterprises that have extensive data management needs in addition to backup needs.

The company also has an extensive ecosystem with numerous third-party partners that can support or extend Commvault’s capabilities.

It offers flexible service plans designed to meet a wide variety of different needs.

In comparison with other Commvault products, the online backup solution is very fast to set up.

Dell EMC offers a range of data protection, disaster recovery and online backup solutions that build on its storage expertise. The company is key vendor in data protection, and clearly Dell EMC – after the merger of these two mega-giants – has the resources to invest in its product line. In particuarly, its services are likely to be of interest to enterprises that use Dell EMC storage and are looking to back up that storage to a public cloud service. The company also offers the ability to back up data that already resides in the cloud.

The company’s cloud backup services for enterprises support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Built-in de-duplication capabilities help organizations keep their backup costs as low as possible, and centralized management and automation capabilities minimize total cost of ownership.

Advanced VMware integration makes it very easy to back up virtualized environments.

A free trial is available for some online backup products.

IBM Cloud Backup offers multi-platform support that includes more than 200 operating systems, platforms and applications.

Global data centers allow IBM to serve customers anywhere in the world, and customers have the option to select which data center(s) they want to use.

Advanced automation capabilities and a Web-based GUI make the system very easy to manage.

The online backup service allows enterprises to restore to a known point in time, which is helpful when recovering from cyberattacks, ransomware or data deletion events.

Rubrik offers a complete enterprise data management platform that can run on premises or in the cloud. It offers services that are very easy to use but offer near-instant access. It reports that customers have reduced backup costs by as much as 50 percent while spending no more than two to three minutes per day on backup activities. Its customers include Expedia, Cisco, the Department of Defense, UC San Diego, and many other large organizations.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management offers cloud backup services for enterprises that are integrated with archive, search, analytics, compliance and copy data management capabilities.

Enterprises can get the platform up and running in less than an hour, and the company promises near-zero recovery time objectives and instant search results.

Self-service capabilities make the platform very easy to use.

It supports multiple physical, virtual and cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Office 365.

As a leading cloud data management vendor, Veeam has earned numerous awards and industry accolades. It has a lengthy list of industry partners and supports all the major platforms. It has more than 343,000 customers around the world, including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Telecom Italia, the Vancouver Canucks and many others. It offers multiple online backup products, including Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam Backup and Replication and Veeam Backup Essentials.

Enterprises can choose to use only Veeam’s Backup and Replication services, or the full Availability Platform that includes orchestration, monitoring, analytics, risk mitigation and more.

Veeam supports multiple physical, virtual and cloud environments, including backing up data stored in SaaS applications.

The platform is both simple to use and very flexible.

Veeam promises excellent reliability.

As a leading provider of availability services with more than 25 years of experience, Veritas has an impressive roster of customers that includes the world’s largest financial institutions, largest telcos, largest investment banks and largest healthcare organizations. It also has partnerships with industry leaders like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Pure Storage, HPE and others. Its long list of availability and data protection products includes NetBackup, CloudPoint, SaaS Backup and others.

Veritas offers a variety of backup products that you can match to your particular needs.

The company’s products support multi-cloud and SaaS environments.

Simplified management and automation capabilities reduce staff time and TCO.

Some products include automatic classification and deletion of personally identifiable information.


Cloud Backup Services for Enterprise

Key Differentiators


·      Acronis Backup

·      Acronis Backup Cloud

·      Support for physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments

·      Fast setup and fast recovery

·      Machine learning-based ransomware protection

·      Blockchain-based security features


·      Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid

·      Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

·      Arcserve UDP Cloud Archiving

·      More than three decades of experience

·      Support for cloud, physical, and virtual environments running Windows and Linux

·      Automated disaster recovery and application-level recovery testing

·      Failover to Arcserve Cloud, Azure, AWS, or a private cloud



·      Fast, low-cost backup for PCs

·      Ransomware protection

·      Support for single sign-on

·      Free hard drive restore


·      Cohesity DataProtect

·      Cohesity DataPlatform

·      Simplified user interface

·      Fast restores and fast search

·      Policy-based automation


Commvault Software as a Service

·      Data management capabilities

·      Extensive ecosystem

·      Flexible service plans

·      Fast setup

Dell EMC

·      Hybrid Cloud Backup

·      In-Cloud Backup

·      Cloud Snapshot Manager

·      Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud support

·      Low TCO

·      Advanced VMware support

·      Free trial available


IBM Cloud Backup

·      Multi-platform support

·      Global data centers

·      Ease of use

·      Recover to a known point in time


Rubrick Cloud Data Management

·      Backup integrated with other data management capabilities

·      Fast setup, search and recovery

·      Self-service

·      Support for multiple physical, virtual and cloud environments


·      Veeam Availability Suite

·      Veeam Backup and Replication

·      Veeam Backup Essentials

·      Backup only and full data management options

·      Support for multiple physical, virtual and cloud environments, including SaaS

·      Simple and flexible

·      Very reliable


·      NetBackup

·      CloudPoint

·      SaaS Backup

·      Multiple backup products available

·      Support for multi-cloud and SaaS

·      Simplified management and automation

·      Automated deletion of PII

Best Web Hosting Services In 2023

Best Web Hosting Services in 2023

Top web hosting services reviewed and rated

Funmi Looi Somoye

If you’re looking for the best web hosting services available on the market right now, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a developer, a small business or just hoping to build your own website, our experts have brought you the best web hosting providers for a variety of different needs.

We have researched and checked safe and reliable services that have excellent features that would suit both personal and business use cases. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best web hosting services

Picking the best web hosting services is not the easiest task. But, that’s where we come in. Our experts have selected the top web hosting services for anyone whether you are a small business owner or blogger.

that have dedicated support.

Our Recommended

Best Web Hosting Services in 2023




Great WordPress hosting options

Excellent customer service


No cloud-based hosting

Bluehost Web Hosting is a budget-friendly, flexible WordPress hosting service. It comes with a bunch of features that would meet any hobbyist or business that integrates perfectly with WordPress’s functionality.

They offer shared web hosting which is perfect for those looking for a cheaper alternative and are not expecting much traffic to their site. With plans coming in as little as $2.95 a month, this is an easy budget-friendly option. Unfortunately, they do not offer short-term commitments and you will have to sign up for yearly subscriptions.

If you’re looking for VPS web hosting, and require more power, Bluehost can support this. These plans start at $39.99 a month and come with 30GB of SSD, 2GB RAM and 1TB of data transfers as a standard. The user interface is also clean and easy to use meaning you can get started on the platform in no time.



Flexible and scalable hosting plans

Reliable server performance

Easy to use

24/7 live chat support



Relatively low storage space for some plans

As the name suggests, Cloudways is another cloud-based hosting platform that is great for small businesses. This website hosting platform can help you get your WordPress site, e-commerce store or PHP application up and running in no time.

With this platform, you can choose between five different server providers such as Digital Ocean, AWS and Google Cloud. Launching and managing your website is easy thanks to its neat features such as automated backups, free SSL and team collaboration tools.

Customer support is essential for any small business and with Cloudways you’ll gain access to a 24/7 live chat support. Compared to other web hosting sites you will get relatively low storage space for this price but you are getting free cloud hosting as a default.

All in all, Cloudways is the ideal hosting solution for small businesses, and freelancers that want fast, reliable, and flexible cloud hosting.



Low-cost plans

Great customer service

Dedicated website builder


No phone support

Hostinger is a great all-rounder web hosting provider. This option has high-quality customer service with a crew that is here to help you 24/7.

The platform offers shared web hosting like many other sites. Hostinger offers three Linux-powered shared web hosting plans called Single, Premium and Business. Plans start at $9.99 a month which drops to $3.49 if you commit to a one-year plan.

The Single plan lets you host one website, which comes with one email address and 50GB of SSD and 100GB of monthly data transfers.

If you are interested in VPS web hosting, Hoststringer comes with eight Linux-based plans. These start at $8.99 a month, or $2.99 if you commit to one year. These subscriptions are better suited to businesses. As a bonus, Hostinger is also integrated with WordPress, with its own dedicated plans too.



Helpful customer service

Feature heavy

Great shared hosting offerings


No Window Server options

HostGator is a top choice for anyone looking for a feature-heavy web hosting provider. This platform has many offerings from WordPress integration, VPS and dedicated server packages.

HostGator also provides shared web hosting which is great for those on a budget. They’re unique because they offer both Linux and Windows-based shared hosting plans. For Linux packages, plans start at $11.95 a month or $3.95 if you commit to an annual plan. This comes with unlimited disk space, data transfers and email addresses – wow! You also get a free SSL management system and e-commerce platforms. For Windows-based plans expect a $7.96 monthly fee, dropping to $6.36 if you commit to a year. You’ll also get the same unlimited features as the Linux plan too.

HostGator also offers cloud web hosting services but only for Linux platforms. To summarise this option is fantastic for anyone who is a blogger or small business.

Features and Considerations

When deciding which web hosting services to go for there are a few things you should consider. First things first, you should understand your website needs. If you are hoping to build a personal blog you may want to opt for a shared web hosting package. On the other hand, if you are a business owner with lots of website traffic, opting for a dedicated web server may be the best option.

Next, it is important to consider key features. Some of the features you should look for are bandwidth, storage space, uptime, security, support, and scalability as these will ensure your website runs efficiently but is also safe from malicious attacks.

Finally, to find the right web hosting plan consider your budget and key needs. There are different types of hosting plans available, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. Each type has its own pros and cons, so you should weigh them carefully before making a decision

If you’re looking for something different, why not check out our other software guides?

Best Time Management Tools in 2023

Best Workflow Management in 2023

Best Productivity Tools in 2023

What are the 3 types of web hosting?

There are three types of web hosting services. First, you have shared hosting. This is the most common type of hosting and is popular with those with small websites or personal blogs due to its low cost. Next, there is dedicated hosting, which is the case where you rent an entire web server. The final type of hosting is cloud hosting. This option consists of a virtual server built from singular web servers.

Our Verdict

Editor’s Pick

Bluehost Web Hosting

Shop on Amazon

Check Price 

Our top pick is the Bluehost Web Hosting service. BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting providers out there with top-quality customer support and packages to suit any needs. This platform offers a range of different options from low-cost shared hosting for personal sites to a wide range of WordPress plans that can help you build a site easily and fast. With that being said, all of our options are reliable and safe for anyone looking to build a website. It all depends on your needs!

Best Free Cloud Storage Services In 2023

If you don’t fancy paying a subscription for cloud storage, there are lots of free options: most of the well-known providers have a free tier (but not all). Typically, they offer 2 to 5GB of storage space so if you’re after anything more then you may have to pay. But a number of services including Google Drive and Mega will give 15GB of free storage.

Also, bear in mind that not all cloud storage offers end-to-end encryption, even if you’re paying. This offers additional security for your files while they’re being uploaded, but unless you have extremely sensitive data that absolutely cannot fall into the wrong hands, just about any cloud storage service will be secure enough for personal use. Read more about the security offered by cloud storage if this concerns you, and note that Mega and Drive do offer end-to-end encryption on both paid and free storage plans.

Since the services below are free, you can try out as many as you like until you find one you’re happy with, and if you do get to a point where you run out of space to store all your files you can easily upgrade to a paid plan. (We’ve reviewed these in our separate roundup of the best cloud storage services.)

Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15GB of storage for free and if you already have a Google account then you have this already. It’s shared across services such as Gmail and Photos, so you might find you’ve used a lot of space already and there isn’t much left for documents.

Google Drive is installed on most Android devices, but iOS users can easily download the app and begin using the service, too0. 

If you need more storage space, you can upgrade to a paid plan. These start from £1.59 ($1.99) per month for 100GB and you can share this with up to five people.


Mega is a New Zealand-based cloud storage provider which is possibly best known for giving 50GB of storage away for free. But it recently dropped that down to 15GB. However, you can earn more storage (up to that 50GB) by doing certain things, such as referring friends.

One of Mega’s highlights is that it’s end-to-end encrypted, which is great news if you’re looking for good security without paying. This does mean that if you forget your password (and don’t have the recovery key from when you created the account), there’s no way to reset it. That’s a great example of the security versus convenience trade-off.

The only potential pitfall is that Mega says free users may run into bandwidth limits (and be prevented from uploading or downloading files), but this very much depends upon the spare capacity available on its network. And we’ve yet to be affected by this, so it’s not a huge issue by any means.

Mega offers apps for various kinds of devices, so it’s convenient to use. Unlike Google Drive, it doesn’t offer much in the way of integration with other platforms but most users – especially those wanting free cloud storage – won’t be put off by that. And if you download the desktop app you can synchronise files on macOS, Windows and Linux.

If you start using Mega and then need to upgrade and get more storage plans start at £4.26 ($5.64) per month. This includes 400GB file storage and 1TB file transfer.


iDrive is another well-known provider, although its main focus is backup rather than the file synchronisation that most cloud storage services use.

However, you can use iDrive as cloud storage and it offers 5GB of storage for free. 

There’s support for a whole range of devices and once you sign up for an account it’ll automatically install the desktop application to your computer (if you’re using a web browser that supports it, that is). 

Paid plans start from $79.50 (£59.99) a year and that buys you a whopping 5TB of space. Pay $99.50 per year (around £75) and you’ll get 10TB of storage.

However, if you just want cloud storage for your photos, iDrive offers a separate service – iDrive Photos – that gives you unlimited space for original-resolution images for just $4.95 per year (around £3.70)  – an absolute bargain!

Sync is a Canadian cloud storage provider that’s designed mainly for business and enterprise use. However, it does operate a free tier which gives you 5GB of space to use. It’s really for trying out the service, something that’s true with many of the other free tiers from other providers here.

But even with the free plan you still get Microsoft Office and Slack integration as well as collaboration tools. Not massively useful if you’re a consumer, but it’s there nonetheless.

More relevant is the end-to-end encryption which keeps your files safe from prying eyes, and automatic photo upload from Android and iPhone.

Of course, if you do want cloud storage for photos, 5GB isn’t going to be enough (just ask any iPhone owner using iCloud).

The good news is that the paid plans can be cheaper than iCloud and Google Drive. Opt for Solo Basic, for example, and you get 2TB of storage for $8 (£6) per month (which is billed annually at $96/£71). And that also provides 180 days of file recovery, allowing you to get back stuff you’ve deleted by accident. 


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage and while it’s very Apple-centric, it can be used on non-Apple devices to some extent.

Of course, it works best when using on an Apple device as opposed to using it on Windows or Android for instance.

If you do have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, iCloud is the obvious choice as your cloud storage. Not only does iCloud support automatic backups from your devices (both full system backups as well as files and photos) but it also means you don’t have to use a separate app: you simply use the normal Photos, Pages and other apps to view, edit and share your files. 

The biggest drawback is the fact that you only get 5GB of storage free: Apple has never increased this limit. To get more, you need to upgrade to a paid tier but prices are quite reasonable. For instance, it only costs £0.79/$0.99 per month for 50GB.


Dropbox is perhaps the best-known cloud storage provider. It supports a wide range of third-party apps and services, which means you save and share files from many popular apps, such as Microsoft Office, Slack and Zoom so that users can easily share files, create documents and even edit existing files directly in Dropbox.

Unfortunately, it only offers 2GB of storage for free and if you want more you have to buy at least 2TB of space (2000GB) which costs £7.99 ($9.99) per month, but you’re billed annually, not monthly. If you want to pay monthly, prices go up to £9.99 ($12.99) per month.

You also get 30 days’ file recovery and up to 2GB availability for file transfer.

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