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Adobe Flash Player will officially reach its end-of-life (EOL) status on December 31, 2023 after nearly 25 years. If you don’t keep up with tech news, you may have learned about this from a pop-up like the one above. This means that Flash Player will no longer be distributed, supported or updated by Adobe. But what does this mean for Mac users?

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Although you’ve no doubt heard of Adobe’s Flash Player, you may not be that familiar with what it is used for. In this article, we will discuss what Flash Player does, the effects of its upcoming EOL status, and the steps you should take to prepare for Flash Player’s final days.

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About Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a computer software, distributed as freeware, that has allowed users to play Adobe Flash content. The content has often included multimedia content, internet applications and streaming audio and video. It was once a common format for web games and animations. Flash Player has most commonly been run as a browser plug-in.

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For quite some time – about ten years – Apple hasn’t pre-loaded Adobe Flash Player on Mac. Users had to install it from Adobe, and then, once it was installed, give permission for each website to run the Flash Plugin.

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Why is it Ending?

In July of 2023, Adobe announced that Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2023. The reasons given for sunsetting Flash Player are:

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Diminished usage of the technology

Availability of better, more secure options such as HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly.

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Should I Uninstall Flash Player?

Once Flash Player’s support ends, there will be no more security updates. This means that keeping Flash Player installed poses a significant security threat and, for that reason, all users are encouraged to remove it from their systems before the EOL date.

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Most browsers will no longer support Flash Player and so the software will not run on updated versions of browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox after December.

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You may be concerned that some of the websites or resources you use, still require Flash Player, however, very few websites still use Flash, and it has never been supported on iOS devices.

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Flash Player will no longer be available for download after December 31st and although copies of it may be found on third-party sites, it is highly recommended that you do not download unauthorized copies of Flash Player from third-party sites. Not only will these copies carry the risks that come from not having available security updates, but the third-party copies of Flash Player may very well come with malware attached.

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How to Uninstall

It is easy to uninstall a program from your Mac. Although the latest version of Safari, Safari 14, no longer supports Flash Player, you may still have it installed on your system. You may also have been using Flash Player with another browser like Chrome or Firefox or an older version of Safari. Even if you won’t be using a browser that supports Flash Player, you may still want to uninstall it to remove the unused files from your computer. To uninstall Flash Player:

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    Enter your user name and password.

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    Now, when you look in Finder under Utilities, you will no longer see Adobe Flash Player Install Manager. If you have questions about or problems with uninstalling, you can go to Adobe’s help site, chúng tôi and search for help on the issue you’re having.

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    What Is Overemployment, And What Does It Mean For Your Business?

    The rise of remote work has facilitated overemployment – employees who work more than one job, often without their employers’ awareness.

    Employees seek additional jobs due to inflation, the rising cost of living, job insecurity, and a desire for financial freedom and security.

    Overemployment affects employers because moonlighting employees may have reduced productivity, availability and performance.

    This article is for employers seeking to identify and tackle the issue of overemployed employees.

    The pandemic proved that remote work is feasible for many industries. Remote and hybrid positions are now a mainstay of modern working life, with big companies like Microsoft and Spotify and small businesses adopting permanent remote and hybrid work arrangements. 

    However, remote work’s freedom and looser structure has led to a phenomenon called  “overemployment,” where workers hold multiple positions simultaneously. We’ll examine the overemployment trend and its effects and share how employers can reduce the chances of their teams working multiple jobs.

    What is overemployment?

    Overemployment is having two or more remote jobs simultaneously. And it’s a growing trend: According to a ResumeBuilder survey, 79 percent of remote workers have held more than two jobs simultaneously in the last year – and 36 percent have at least two full-time remote jobs. 

    Overemployment differs from side hustles, odd jobs and the gig economy, which refers to income-earning activities outside a traditional long-term employer-employee relationship. In contrast, overemployed workers put in up to 40-plus hours weekly at two or more jobs at the same time. 

    How is overemployment possible?

    Remote work is fueling the overemployment trend. While working two full-time jobs would be challenging to impossible in an office environment, employees can easily monitor two company Slack channels and email accounts while balancing the day-to-day requirements of two positions. 

    Working from home wasn’t invented when COVID-19 hit. In fact, telework has been around since the dawn of the 21st century. However, the trend boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2023, when, according to Pew Research, 71 percent of U.S. employees were mandated to work remotely as a health precaution.

    According to the FlexJobs Career Pulse survey, around 66 percent of U.S. employees still work remotely part time even after pandemic restrictions have eased and more companies operate normally. Employees are drawn to remote work’s flexibility and are in no hurry to relinquish it. According to Future Forum, 76 percent of employees prefer the flexibility of hybrid work. 

    Did You Know?

    Some believe office work is going the way of the dinosaurs. Many businesses have a “new normal” that includes hybrid and work-from-home setups instead of a traditional office environment.

    Why are employees working multiple jobs?

    Several factors contribute to the decision to work multiple jobs. For some, economic need necessitates overemployment; others want job security and financial freedom.  

    1. Inflation and cost-of-living increases necessitate overemployment.

    According to Statista, inflation in the United States has been prevalent since 2023. While the consumer price index eased at the beginning of 2023, inflation in the U.S. remains high.

    Additionally, according to JPMorgan Chase, mid-income households’ purchasing power has been deteriorating since 2023. This means that the same amount of income might not go as far as it did previously. 

    The combined effects of inflation and the high cost of living have prompted people to hold multiple jobs to make ends meet. This is especially true for those who live in cities with a high cost of living, such as Los Angeles and Miami.

    2. Job security fears fuel overemployment.

    Mass layoffs have been a significant issue in the U.S. economy since the start of 2023. In 2023, layoffs affected the tech industry particularly, and many more companies and industries will likely experience layoffs and budget cuts.

    Instead of relying on a single job for their income, some employees hold multiple jobs simultaneously to reduce the financial blow if one employer lets them go. They may be onto something: ResumeBuilder’s survey found that around 19 percent of laid-off tech workers were not strongly affected by the job loss because they had other jobs to fall back on.


    The jobs most at risk of layoffs include product management, quality assurance, marketing, finance and information technology.

    Key Takeaway

    Free remote working tools like Basecamp, Asana and Toggl can help you stay on task and work efficiently from home.

    3. Overemployment may violate corporate policies.

    Employees working multiple jobs simultaneously could be in violation of corporate policies. For example, if a company has a noncompete clause, an employee working with a competitor could expose the employer to legal risks.

    Similarly, some companies may forbid employees from working as independent contractors. In such cases, if an employee is found to be providing such services while with the company, they breach their contract.

    In fact, in 2023, credit reporting agency Equifax fired 24 remote employees who secretly held dual full-time employment. The termination was because their second job conflicted with their role, a violation of the company code of conduct.

    Is it illegal to work multiple jobs in the U.S.?

    It is not illegal in the U.S. to work multiple jobs. At-will employment is the de facto standard in the U.S., meaning employers and employees are not bound by a contract.

    It’s up to an employer’s discretion whether or not they allow employees to work multiple jobs. Generally speaking, employers are more likely to accept employees working multiple jobs if the moonlighting job doesn’t conflict with company policies or if the employee isn’t taking away time and resources from their primary job.

    However, at-will employment also means an employer can terminate a worker without notice or cause. This means employees may risk losing their job if an employer finds they’re working multiple jobs.

    Did You Know?

    Firing a remote employee has unique challenges. It’s crucial to work with IT to shut down the employee’s online access to applications, programs, databases and communication channels.

    How can employers prevent overemployment?

    While employers cannot completely prevent overemployment, they can take steps to reduce the chances of their workers juggling multiple jobs.


    To discern if employees are faking being active online, check their chat platform availability, see how long it takes to complete tasks and note if they seem to work only when you’re monitoring.

    Mitigate overemployment in your business

    Overemployment has become a growing concern for many employers, as it can have severe implications on an employee’s productivity and performance and the company’s bottom line.

    Employers should take proactive steps to reduce the risks associated with overemployment. Overall, employers should strive to create an environment where employees feel valued and fairly compensated so they don’t have to rely on additional income sources.

    How To Play Flash Games Without Flash Player

    How To Play Flash Games Without Flash Player

    As of January 12th, Adobe Flash is now completely blocked.

    The Verge also added,  ‘Google’s new Chrome 88 release improves dark mode, removes FTP and Adobe Flash’.

    — The Verge (@verge) January 20, 2023

    Adobe has officially killed it’s flash player and discontinued it on January 1st, 25 years after it was first launched. This web-plugin will always be remembered for its golden period that is inclusive of animated Internet memes and a lot of security problems. Not only this, Adobe has clearly mentioned and asked all its users to uninstall flash players entirely as a matter of security.

    What next? Do I need to look for an Adobe flash player alternative or there are other ways to help me play flash games? Earlier, in an article we have shared our views on if ceasing Adobe Flash Player should concern us, while in this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to play games without a flash player.

    Ways To Play Games Without Adobe Flash Player

    Playing Adobe Flash games without Flash Player is a tricky thing to do as flash has been discontinued and become obsolete. Flash player was indeed a useful tool, but now we all have to look for the best Flash Player alternative.

    We have sorted this and came up with some great resolutions that will help you play Adobe Flash Games easily after Flash is blocked.

    Method 1: Use Flashpoint To Play Flash Games

    To use Flashpoint to play Adobe Flash Games, follow the steps below:

    Open the downloaded file and choose Flashpoint 9.0 chúng tôi It will open a separate archive window.

    You’ll see a Flashpoint window, choose Games from there and it will open a list of Flash games libraries.

    Select the game category from the left side window and the game title from the right pane.

    Method 2: Check For Flash Game Archive

    Flash games archive is yet another amazing way to play flash games after flash no longer in availability. For this, start by opening the Flash Games Archive webpage. Further, follow the steps below:

    Now, choose Categories and then a game category.

    Method 3: Play Games Using Internet Archive

    Using the internet archive to play flash games is yet another amazing method to be used in the post-flash world. To start using the internet archive, follow these steps:

    Open Internet Archive website.

    Head to Software Library: Flash Games. It will open a huge collection of Flash games which can be used through emulation.

    There is a possibility that you won’t get game control details, you have to self-identify it using arrow keys or WASD keys on your keyboard. However, some of the games menu might have specified game controls.

    Method 4: Use OperaGX (Our Recommendation)

    Last method and our recommendation includes the use of OperaGX. It is an Opera version that is specifically optimized for gaming experience. It has GX control that lets you reduce the system resources leading to a slow performing browser. However, Opera browser is one and only browser that still supports Adobe Flash. OperaGX is integrated well with Twitch and Discord and includes a GX Corner that keeps players aware about the latest updates.

    Download Opera GX

    But First, Install A Game Booster Software On Your PC To Enjoy a Lag-Free Gaming Experience!

    It can be certainly annoying to deal with constant freezing issues, crashes, stutters, and slow loading issues when you are all hyped up in the middle of a game. But you can easily improve gaming capabilities on your Windows 10 using sophisticated game booster software for Windows 10, 8, 7. We recommend using Advanced System Optimizer, which helps users to keep their computer in good shape by cleaning unnecessary temp files, junk data, and other residues. Its Game Optimizer module, allows users to run their favorite games in sandbox mode so that they can play any PC game without any distractions.

    Using Advanced System Optimizer’s Game Optimizer feature you can certainly enjoy the best experience while playing Flash Games without using Flash Player!

    Consumption of System Resources

    No battery drainage, Size of the app – 11.3 MB




    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10


    $ 49.95

    Wrapping Up

    Keep reading Tweak Library for more guides on tips and tricks.

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    What Does Wyo Mean On Snapchat?

    Snapchat has been one of the most popular social media platforms today. It offers you the ability to send timed messages and snaps which helps you stay connected with your friends and family without putting your private data at risk. Snapchat has developed a strong community around the platform that makes uses of short-form videos to produce new content as well.

    Not only this, but the platform has also a slew of acronyms for everyday phrases to help make it easier to chat with each other. If you have been using Snapchat for a while then you have probably come across WYO. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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    What does WYO mean?

    WYO is an acronym that translates to ‘What you on’. It is a phrase used by people to ask each other about their plans and if they would be up for company during the time. WYO usually is used among friends to discuss plans and is especially coming your way if you are on a vacation or leave from your work.

    Where is WYO used

    WYO is used in the following scenarios

    When you want to ask someone about their plans

    When you want to ask someone what are they doing currently

    When you want to make plans with someone for the day

    When you are catching up with someone, so the subtext of WYO changes to a greeting

    If you are aware of acronyms then you might have noticed that WYO is quite similar to WYD and that is true. It is mostly used in the same scenarios as WYD and only differs in the fact that it is mostly used to make new plans rather than catch up with a friend on the text.

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    How to use WYO

    You can use WYO in several ways on Snapchat. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.


    Snapchat has added new functionality where your face gets superimposed on various animations to make it appear that you are doing outrageous actions. You can use Cameos to send a WYO to your friends. Simply type in WYO in the text field and tap on the ‘Cameo’ icon to your right. Select the cameo that you find appropriate and simply send it to the concerned contact.


    Another way to say WYO to your friends is to use stickers. Snapchat has a huge collection of stickers that you can use to accentuate your Snaps. There are dedicated stickers for WYO which means that you can add them to a Snap and send it to your friends. This way you can send them your photo as well as help ask them about their plans.

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    The old tried and tested method with nothing fancy and no hoops to jump through. Simply type in WYO for your concerned contact and send over to them to make new plans. If you are feeling a bit fancy then you can add the same WYO text to a Snap and send it to your contact as well. This can come in especially handy if you are already at an event or party that you want to tease your friend.

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    Some other acronyms similar to WYO

    Here are some more similar acronyms that will help you spice up your everyday conversations with friends and family on Snapchat.


    WYD stands for ‘What’re you doing’ and is a way for people to ask what is up with someone on Snapchat. There are dedicated stickers and cameos for this acronym that should help you make the most out of it on Snapchat.


    LMK stands for ‘Let me Know’ and is used to ask for updates or finish of conversations. It usually used in casual deals and classifieds where you would be meeting up with someone for an online listing. LMK is also used to update plans to someone and then ask their opinion on the same.

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    DYK stands for ‘Did you know’ and is a way to share facts with your friends. It can also be used to share gossips or just inform them about new happenings that might be important to them. DYK is a very widely used acronym that is also used by news agencies on Snapchat TV to save space and communicate a news story.


    What Does Ion Mean On Snapchat?

    In the world of social media, it isn’t enough to just know what different apps do. You also need to understand the lingo for each of those apps. Yes, each of your social media apps has its own lingo including abbreviations, emoticons, etc. In this article, we will cover what the term ‘ion’ means on Snapchat and how you can use it.

    What does ‘ion’ stand for?

    Simply put, ion stands for ‘In Other News‘. It is an acronym that has come to be used quite universally. Ion’s use extends beyond the confines of Snapchat, and can even be found in text messages and DMs.

    Many emoji keyboards have stickers pertaining to ion. You can search for these stickers using the acronym or just ‘in other news’.

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    How is ‘ion’ used on Snapchat?

    The acronym is mainly used to change the topic of a conversation. For example, if you are talking about one thing, but want to shift focus to another, you can use ‘ion’ and then start the next conversation.

    It can also be used to start a conversation with someone whom you do not usually talk to. In this regard, ion is used to break the ice and introduce a topic immediately.

    Used out of context, ion is a fun way to bring attention to a fact that you would like to share. For example, ‘ion, UFOs are flying around Earth, and no one is really shocked’.

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    How to use ‘ion’ on Snapchat

    You can use the acronym in a myriad of ways on Snapchat. You can use ‘ion’ text in your message, snap, or even in your Snapchat story. BTW, Snapchat also has a sticker for ‘in other news’, that you can add to your snaps.

    When used in a snap or story, it is better to create a separate textbox for ion. This lets you highlight the topic rather than the ‘ion’ text. If you don’t feel like typing it out, you could always just use the sticker instead.

    Once you have your sticker, you can go ahead and add the fact that you would like to highlight. Tap the background anywhere to add your text.

    Send your snap out as you normally would.

    Similar terms to ion on Snapchat

    Here are some terms that relate closely to ‘ion’. Some of them can even be used interchangeably.

    ICYDK: This stands for ‘In Case You Don’t Know’. It can also be used interchangeably with ‘ion’ and ‘FYI’ to signify a change of topic.

    News flash: Like ‘ion’, this term can be used to bring attention to a new topic. Usually, something the person cares about.

    IMO: This stands for ‘In My Opinion’. IMO is used to voice your own opinion about matters that you hold dear.

    FYI: ‘For Your Information’ is quite universally used to inform someone about something they probably do not know.


    Some other meanings for ‘ion’ on the web

    While used colloquially ion has a very specific meaning, the internet is a vast trove of information. So the use of ion on Snapchat is not as globally accepted as you might think. Here are some other terms that ‘ion’ may refer to.

    An atom or molecules that possesses a charge (used primarily in the scientific community)

    I Don’t: Ion sounds a lot like the words ‘I Don’t‘ said quickly and casually. This is why it has come to be used as such. For example, ‘ion even know what to say’ (I don’t even know what to say).

    Inter Office Note: Used as a way to send messages between people within the same office.


    What Does Opt Mean In Linux

    Linux is a popular operating system that is widely used for its open-source nature and flexibility. Linux command line interface (CLI) is a powerful tool that allows users to control and manipulate their system. One of most commonly used commands in Linux CLI is “opt.” In this article, we will explore what opt means in Linux, and how it can be used to optimize your system.

    What is opt in Linux?

    The opt command is a command-line option that is used to modify behavior of a command or utility. It is used to specify optional arguments that may or may not be necessary for a particular command to run. opt command can be used in conjunction with other commands and utilities to customize their behavior, making them more efficient and effective.

    The syntax of opt command is as follows −

    command [option] [argument]

    In this syntax, command is name of utility or program you want to run, option is opt command, and argument is any additional parameters or values that may be required by command.

    Examples of opt commands in Linux

    There are many opt commands that are used in Linux, and they vary depending on utility or program you are using. Here are a few examples of opt commands and how they can be used −

    ls command with opt

    The ls command is used to list contents of a directory. You can use opt command to modify its behavior. For example, if you want to list all files in current directory, including hidden files, you can use -a option with ls command −

    $ ls -a cat command with opt

    The cat command is used to display contents of a file. You can use opt command to modify its behavior. For example, if you want to display line numbers in output, you can use -n option with cat command −

    $ cat -n myfile.txt rm command with opt

    The rm command is used to delete files and directories. You can use opt command to modify its behavior. For example, if you want to remove a directory and all its contents recursively, you can use -r option with rm command −

    $ rm -r mydir tar command with opt

    The tar command is used to create, list, and extract archives. You can use opt command to modify its behavior. For example, if you want to create a compressed archive, you can use -z option with tar command −

    $ tar -czvf chúng tôi mydir How to use opt in Linux?

    Using opt in Linux is easy. To use opt with a command, you simply need to append opt command to end of command, followed by any additional parameters or values. For example, to use -a option with ls command, you would type −

    $ ls -a

    If you want to use multiple options with a command, you can do so by listing them one after other. For example, to use -n and -v options with ls command, you would type −

    $ ls -n -v

    Alternatively, you can use shorthand syntax for multiple options by listing them together after a single dash. For example, to use -a, -l, and -h options with ls command, you would type −

    $ ls -alh

    Opt commands can also be used in scripting to automate certain processes. For example, if you want to create a script that automatically deletes all files in a specific directory that are older than a certain date, you can use opt command in conjunction with find command to accomplish this. Here’s an example −

    $ find /path/to/directory -type f -mtime +7 -exec rm {} ;

    In this example, we’re using find command to search for all files (-type f) in /path/to/directory that are older than 7 days (-mtime +7). We then use -exec option to execute rm command on each of files that match search criteria. {} symbol is a placeholder for file name that is found, and ; symbol is used to terminate command.

    Opt commands can also be used in combination with pipes to filter and manipulate data. For example, if you want to search for a specific string in a file, you can use opt command with grep command like this −

    Overall, opt command is a powerful tool that can be used to optimize and customize your Linux system. By understanding how to use it and various options available, you can streamline your workflow and improve your productivity. Whether you’re a seasoned Linux user or a beginner, mastering opt command is an important step in becoming proficient in Linux CLI.


    In conclusion, opt is a powerful command that can be used to modify behavior of a command or utility in Linux. It allows users to customize their system to make it more efficient and effective. opt command is used in conjunction with other commands and utilities to specify optional arguments that may or may not be necessary for a particular command to run. By using opt, you can create a more tailored and effective system that meets your specific needs. Understanding how to use opt and various options available can make using Linux CLI much easier and more efficient. With practice and experimentation, you can become proficient in using opt and take control of your Linux system.

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