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Apple Arcade brings your family close together. This sounds surprising! Well, Apple’s game center offers amazing family games, which can bring each other close. By using Family Sharing, members can play family games on different devices of Apple. Are you excited to play? Go ahead and check my favorite and best Apple Arcade family games for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade has a variety of offerings in various categories. We loved finding the best puzzle games for you available on this platform.

Best Apple Arcade Family Games for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

All the mentions below are suitable for the family. While some are for age group four and above, a few are for ages nine and above.

#1. PAC-MAN Party Royale: Be the last PAC-MAN Standing

This new game mixes the instant fun of arcade retro gaming to modern family gameplay. Up to four members can play this together using any Apple device. You can play locally by creating a party or joining a party via party code and also can also play online, and the developers are working to open up the possibility of playing with random players.

This new game mixes the instant fun of arcade retro gaming to modern family gameplay. Up to four members can play this together using any Apple device. You can play locally by creating a party or joining a party via party code and also can also play online, and the developers are working to open up the possibility of playing with random players.

You have to eat pellets to gain speed. Also, the more PAC-MAN you eat, the number of ghosts will increase who will try to get revenge because you ate them. Also, all players have to act fast! If there is no winner soon, the maze will start collapsing, and the safe area will shrink until there is just one PAC-MAN left. It can be a fun routine after dinner.


#2. Frogger in Toy Town: Rescue the Froglets

One great thing that I like about it is that you can play this in portrait orientation or landscape orientation. This makes it suitable to play while you are standing or waiting for your Uber ride. And when you are in the comfort of your couch, you can enjoy landscape mode. I tried both and loved it. Customizing the Frogger is fun on its own!


#3. Dodo Peak: Catch the Eggs and Safely Bring the Babies Home

Who knew controlling an extinct bird could be fun! You start this pretty, colorful looking game, and eggs fall out from Dodo’s hut. You are the mother Dodo, and you have to catch those eggs, and as soon as you pick them, baby Dodo hatches out. Save them from snakes, monkeys, and other creatures. Finally, bring them inside the safety of your hut.

Controls are very straightforward and fluid. Anyone can learn and start playing in a few seconds. Several environments like islands, sunset hills, scary volcanoes keep it fun and refreshing.

Over the top, Dodo Peak also supports external controller, and like all games on this list, you can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


#4. Fledgling Heroes: Swim, Sprint, and Fly in an Adventure with Pirates, Wizards, and Treasure

Dive straight into a daring experience and reach the finish pole. You can play Fledgling Heroes with one more family member or friend. Whenever you feel like you are at a dangerous intersection, just play along with a friend. Now both of you can take this journey together.

Dive straight into a daring experience and reach the finish pole. You can play Fledgling Heroes with one more family member or friend. Whenever you feel like you are at a dangerous intersection, just play along with a friend. Now both of you can take this journey together.

There are over 90 handcrafted levels set in captivating environments. You can also customize your birds with colors! What’s unique is that you can go full creative and make your very own levels using the built-in editor. And you can share these levels with your friends and family.


#5. LEGO Brawls: Action Thriller with up to 10 Players

Developed by the iconic LEGO, Brawls is compelling. You can bring in all your buddies and play at a time. Also you have to run, jump, smash things, fire, and whatnot. You can design your figurines with unique brawling abilities.

Teamwork is involved here. You can work together with your friends and family members to control iconic LEGO levels. Expanding the collection of minifigs and power-ups keeps this game active, and you won’t feel bored at any point in time.


Wrapping up…

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11 Best Apple Arcade Games You Must Play In 2023

Did you sign up for Apple Arcade and are now looking for some cool games that you can play to recharge yourself? Read on to find the best Apple Arcade games you should play if you buy a subscription.

You might love playing the best iOS RPG games or the best puzzle games on iPhone or iPad. But two things bug you the most during exciting and challenging gameplay.

The first one is endless in-app purchases that aim to empty your pocket. And the second one is third-party app ad videos, which mostly show up when you play the free version of game apps.

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can play top and trending App Store games unlimited times via an Apple Arcade subscription.

Here are the best apps in the Apple Arcade subscription package:

What Is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a subscription plan for App Store. For $4.99 per month, you can play more than 200 premium games on App Store. You can also share the subscription with up to five family members if you’ve got the Family Sharing.

You can also enjoy the one-month free trial if you’re unsure about subscribing. Additionally, Apple is offering a three-month free subscription with eligible Apple Devices.

If you’ve bought an Apple device recently, you might’ve won a free subscription too. Check your eligibility on the Apple Arcade website.

Moreover, these game apps are not just for iPhone and iPad devices. You can also play some of these games on Mac and Apple TV.

1. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition is an exclusive game app from NBA 2K franchise for the Apple Arcade platform. The game is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Therefore, you can sync the gameplay on multiple devices.

Start the game from your iPhone when commuting, resume it on your iPad at school or home, and play on big-screen Apple TV on weekends without fuss.

The game app features 30 NBA players who are “Greatest of All-Time” from the recently ended 2023–22 NBA season or the 76th NBA Season. Some of the star players against whom you can play in the game are Luka Dončić, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and more.

That’s not all! You can also play against legendary players like Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan.

2. Angry Birds Reloaded

Angry Birds Reloaded is yet another big attraction of Apple Arcade subscription. As a premium treatment for its subscribers, Apple will offer Daft Piggies as an exclusive episode. This enhanced episode will contain 30 new exciting levels.

Its notable features are:

Power Up helps you to boost your birds’ strength so that they can destroy pig’s towers.

Eagles are the new additions in Angry Birds Reloaded. These creatures will try to wreak havoc on your island. You must muster your birds to defeat the Eagles.

There is a local leaderboard to track your accomplishments.

3. Sonic Racing

Looking for something different in racing games than grand theft auto? Try Sonic Racing with Sonic the Hedgehog. And there are 14 more charming characters like Miles “Tails” Prower, Shadow the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, Silver the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and more.

With this game, you get an immersive experience of the Sonic universe where characters team up online, play against opposite teams, set traps to defeat contenders, collect power-ups to boost the gameplay, and more.

The best features of Sonic Racing are as mentioned here:

Single-player, player vs. player (PvP) with friends, and PvP with global players

Create a team of mixed characters to defeat competitors

Five racing zones offering a total of 15 racing tracks

Artificial intelligence (AI) racer difficulty matched with your current racing tier

4. Skate City

If you’re into action sports, then you’ll love this skateboarding game app Skate City. If you think street skating is dangerous and want a virtual alternative, you can also try it out.

You’ll get complete access to the skate shop where you can customize your skateboard and skateboarding moves, skills, etc.

Moreover, if you like streaming your gameplay online, you can use its built-in streaming tools. You can grab still images of jaw-dropping skating moves and instantly post them from social media handles to engage with your fanbase.

5. Sonic Dash+

Sonic Dash+ is yet another one of the best Apple Arcade games from the makers of Sonic the Hedgehog.

It’s a mix of running and racing. Sonic the Hedgehog or other in-game characters run, dash, and jump through different landscapes full of hurdles and other challenges.

Some of the best in-game features are:

Loop de loops enable the in-game character to speed up in certain sections

Opportunity to unlock additional Sonic Team characters

6. Mini Motorways

You must aim to keep the traffic moving all the time. To aid you, there’ll be upgrades like roundabouts, highways, etc. If you like a stress-free real-time strategy game (RPG), you’ll love this game where you can apply your thought process to resolve evolving issues.

7. PAC-MAN Party Royale

PAC-MAN Party Royale is a retro-style arcade game with modern features like multiplayer, battle royale arena, PvP, and more. The battle royal event is a battle arena of four players. You can test your skills against global players through the multiplayer feature.

An exciting and challenging addition is the 256-glitch. The maze will collapse if no one becomes an evident winner soon enough. The safe area shrinks to a small compartment that can accommodate only one PAC-MAN, thus deciding the ultimate winner of the round.

8. Solitaire by MobilityWare+

However, the game isn’t compatible with your Mac or Apple TV devices. Its notable in-game functionalities are as outlined below:

Daily new challenges that earn you trophies and crowns

By leveling up, you can get a new title

Access exclusive stickers that you can share via iMessage

Get undo and hints for unlimited times; no need to buy in-app items

9. Asphalt 8: Airborne+

Another best Apple Arcade game is Asphalt 8: Airborne+. It’s a must-have game for you if you’re a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise of racing movies. Asphalt has been one of the leading names for high-speed racing games with premium visual effects.

With the help of the Apple GPU in devices like Mac, iPad, and iPhone, you can take the racing game experience to the next level. Some of the notable attractions of this game app are:

High-quality physics-based animation of vehicles, tracks, and racing environment

More than 2,300 decals to customize your racing car

Multiplayer gaming

Limited and premium events that pay more points and amazing rewards than regular racing events

10. The Oregon Trail

You’ll learn how to create a traveling party, fill the wagon with supplies, start traveling riding the wagon, face unknown challenges on the road, and more.

11. Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle is an endless spinning tower game. Here you must climb up through various towers and buildings to earn points. Cooperative or multiplayer climbing is the new addition to this retro arcade game app.

The multiplayer mode is available online and offline. For example, you can use a gaming console to play with your friends by connecting multiple gaming controllers offline.

Alternatively, you can set up an online multiplayer gameplay where each gamer will play from their iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Currently, Apple didn’t make this Apple Arcade game available for Mac.

Best Apple Arcade Games: Final Words

Now you know some of the best Apple Arcade games you must check out if you own an Apple Arcade subscription.

Next up, check out the best iPad games in 2023.

21 Best Coop Games On Steam You Can Play Right Now

The gaming world has had co-op modes since the early days of gaming. These games have always provided the group of friends and family with a satisfying thrill. Of course, it is not easy to find the ultimate game that everyone can enjoy with such a huge library of games.

Browsing Steam for an hour or two can be as boring as possible. So, here is a list of some of the best co-op games that you can find on Steam.


Terraria is one of the most popular co-op games that are out there. It was created by Re-Logic and released on 16 May 2023. The game is 2D survival with a procedurally generated random map that goes on forever. 

You will have to explore, craft, build bases, and defend yourselves from the monsters. You can craft thousands of materials, ranging from simple walls to laser blasters. The more complicated tools and weapons you build, the stronger you get.

The game is played in co-op mode with up to 8 players online and a 4-player split-screen. The more hands to build, the better defenses and crafting, and the more enjoyable the gameplay.

Portal 2

Portal 2, a product of valve released on 19 April 2011, is a puzzle-solving game built around teleportation. You are a robot in the game that has to get out of an AI-controlled facility that is hell-bent on keeping you inside.

The game’s lore is really interesting and funny, and you will have fun in the campaign mode. What makes this game more fun are the different tools you use, such as a gravity gun. Create portals, go through them, and solve puzzles to open new levels; repeat.

But that is not all; the game allows you to co-op with another player in the story mode, so go crazy with the portal gun and let the robotic love be free.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular games on Steam. It has a tilted top-down view with retro-looking visuals.

You start as a farmer who inherited their grandfather’s farm in the game. You will have to explore Stardew valley’s map, talk, bond with the local inhabitants, conquer dungeons and mines to become a master farmer.

The gameplay may sound simple and easy, but you cannot conclude unless you play and explore the contents.

Need a helping hand while farming? Not to worry, the game has a co-op feature that lets you invite up to 3 other friends. So grab your shovels and pickaxes, and find out what Stardew Valley has to offer.


Factorio is another top-down visuals game that is hugely popular among survivalists. The game’s theme is building a factory on a new planet, mining ores, and making different materials to make a better running factory.

The loop continues until you have the ultimate, self-functioning factory. 

The game also lets you create servers and let other people join in to give you a hand, or you can compete with each other to see who builds a better factory and fend off the creatures.

Oh yes, the natives of the land do not like the pollution you create while industrializing. Whenever your pollution reaches their nest, they will swarm your factory to destroy everything you have built. So build defenses, walls, turrets, anything that lets you kill the violent creatures.

Left 4 Dead 2

Run through the hordes of zombies, shoot them down, and do your best not to die. Left 4 Dead 2 puts you amid the post-apocalyptic world filled with the undead. Your job is to kill anything you see and reach the safety point on the other side of the map. 

Left 4 Dead 2 is a fast-paced, 4-player co-op game that will leave you clutching your mouse in adrenaline-filled sessions. The game has many weapons and tools that will come in handy for your journey. Furthermore, the game has multiple game modes to test your strength against other players or infinite hordes of zombies.

The game has the AI Director 2.0 that customizes the difficulty to balance the gameplay. It also controls the horde crowd and the effects based on the player’s play style. So if you hit the game hard, it will only hit you harder.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Author’s Pick)

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is designed for up to 4-player co-op gaming. In the game, you are the force of love and are fighting against the evil force called Anti-Love.

Your mission is to ride your spaceship through the universe and battle evil robots and creatures, saving the love bunnies along the way. Each person mans a particular function of the spacecraft; thrusters, shields, and weapons.

Take control of the ship, communicate and rid the galaxy of the evil Anti-Love.

It Takes Two

If you are a fan of a good storyline, this game might be the one for you. It Takes Two has a beautiful storyline that starts with the divorce of a couple and their daughter feeling down about it.

Then one day, the couple, Cody and May, magically turn into dolls. You then take over and go through the world of toys to find the source of this magic.

The game has an open-world map and is fully interactive. So if you see any toys around, chances are, it can be a mini-game hidden within. 

The game is a 2-player co-op, so you will need another person to play along as one of the characters. You have to communicate and work together to solve the puzzles of this game. Collaboration is the key.


Head’s up, everyone! GTFO has finally come out of early access, and the full game launched on 10 December 2023. The game was so popular even in its early access that it was awarded multiple titles; Gamer of the Show in E3 2023 by Gamereactors, Best Cooperative Game in E3 2023 by DualShockers, to name a few.

GTFO is a 4-player co-op game where you play as prisoners sent by the Warden to clear out an underground facility and retrieve some items. The game is unforgiving, a mistake may lead to the obliteration of the squad, and stealth is key.

You will have to work together and make sure that each step counts. The game is intended to be played by four players together, but there are bots to fill up the empty slots. However, looking at the communication level needed to survive the hordes, it’s best to have humans by your side.


Phasmophobia is one of the best horror games on Steam. Even though the game was released in September 2023, about 30,000 players are playing the game regularly.

Phasmophobia is a 4-player co-op game that puts you in the shoes of paranormal investigators. Your mission is to get to a haunted location with your gadgets, find out evidence of the existence of the entity, and get out.

You can use different gadgets like an EMF reader, parabolic mic, cameras, and more to find out the whereabouts of the entity. But you have to be careful as they can kill you. You can, however, help your friends subtly once you are dead and come back as a ghost.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two is a mesmerizing game with a captivating story surrounding the story of a tiny creature made out of yarn called Yarny. You meet up with another Yarny at the start of the game and go through the side-scrolling, puzzle-solving platformer.

Unravel Two has two characters all the time, so the story demands co-op mode and is best played with another person.

Dead by Daylight

You find yourself in a strange area; you look around only to see three other people around you just as lost and scared as you are. Suddenly something catches your eye, making its way towards you, and before you can process anything, the unknown figure sprints to take your life.

Dead by Daylight features a 4v1 multiplayer mode where one person plays as a killer while the rest as innocents trying to escape the bloodthirsty killer and leave the area. You will have to cooperate with the innocents and make sure you get out alive.

Overcooked! (The series)

The Overcooked! saga is a fun, cartoony cooking game that revolves around co-op with up to four players. The series takes place in the Onion Kingdom, where different calamities occur, and your job is to save the kingdom from those perils by cooking.

There are three games in the series, Overcooked!, Overcooked! 2, and Overcooked! All You Can Eat.

In the first game, a giant meatball attacks that land, and you work your way in different parts of the land to learn and cook new recipes to finally face the meatball. In the sequel, you strive in the same manner to save the world from the ‘Unbread.’

However, the third in the series combines both games with never-seen-before levels and chefs. But this version’s selling point is its graphics. Overcooked! All You Can Eat can be played in 4K at 60 fps.

Battleblock Theater

Battlblock Theater is a 2D puzzle-solving platformer game with draw-animation style visuals and comic-style characters. This game has its own story for single-player or co-op mode.

The game also has different arenas to invite your friends and brawl things out. It goes on a step further and provides a level editor, so you can create mayhem of obstacles simply to annoy your friends.

Dying Light

Made for those who love exploring open maps and surviving, Dying Light is an award-winning game on Steam. 

The game sets you in a fully interactive city swarmed with different zombies. You will have to explore, craft tools and equipment, and build a base to defend yourself. Things seem calm during the day, but the fun begins at night.

The zombies in the game do not like sunlight, so they hide in their nests until dusk. When the night falls, they come out in the open and start hunting for their meal.

The game also forces you to visit the horde nests as such places have better loot. Furthermore, you can parkour your way through the city’s rooftops to run from said hordes, should they ever attack you.

Dying Light is a fun and thrilling co-op game that is best played with up to four players.


Valheim takes place after you, the character, are chosen as the warrior for the Valkyries to save the world tree. The game is also open-world so that you can explore to your heart’s content.

Since the game is survival, you will have to start with nothing and craft your way up. Build defenses to protect you, hunt for food, follow the story, and kill the monsters threatening the world tree.

You can play the game with a total of 10 players in a dedicated server and co-op or race against each other for survival.

Rayman Legends

If you played games on an Atari Jaguar, you should know about the famous platformer Rayman. Now, the Rayman is on PC, continuing on the legacy.

In Rayman Legends, a run and gun platformer, you go through a series of level, fighting creatures and bosses to return to your home.

In the co-op mode, players who join you will play as the friends of Rayman. It is a 4-player co-op game with beautifully created visuals that leave you with a nostalgic experience.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a fun-filled survival game where you play as dwarves mining deep inside an alien planet. You and your party of three other players’ jobs are to go down, mine different ores, and head back.

You will have to be cautious because the game throws violent alien creatures at you. Each of you will have guns and unique tools that will help you fight and survive these strange monsters,

The game also features a procedurally generated map, so you do not know where you are landing even if you have played the level before. Furthermore, the game also gives you a fully destructible environment, making the gameplay as immersive as possible.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike needs no introduction, a team versus game where you have access to different weapons required to take down the enemy team.

The most played game of Steam, with more than 408 million hours globally, has different game modes where you can get on a shootout with your friends. But that is not all. CS: GO’s highlight is team play. You can add your friends to your team and go against other players worldwide. 

If you are confident enough, you can also go on competitive mode and show the other team a better shooter. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers various game modes and maps where you can co-op or versus with your friends.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes takes on a different approach towards co-op gaming. One player has a screen where a bomb is slowly ticking. Your job is to diffuse the bomb before the time runs out.

But things are not as simple as they seem. You have no clue about how to diffuse the bomb. Your friend (or friends) have a manual for the bomb. They have to guide you through the whole process, no matter how complicated they are.

However, you do not have access to each other’s screens. If you have the bomb, then your friends will have the manual. Communication is the key to success. You will have to be clear in your instructions and description to stop the bomb successfully.

Minecraft Dungeons

The game throws all the original Minecraft mobs at you. It also gives you the best tools to help you fight. Furthermore, the game showcases new and powerful weapons and armor that help you in your ordeal.

The game has beautiful graphics and all the good elements of the OG Minecraft. Furthermore, you can also play the game with three other friends and conquer the dark dungeons together.

Human: Fall Flat 

Human: Fall Flat is one of the funniest co-op games on Steam. It features ragdoll-physics movement that leaves your character shaky and hilarious.

The game is more fun when you play together with your friends. You can co-op with your friends and struggle to go through the puzzles in this platformer.

The game is more fun when you play together with your friends. Whether online or couch, you can co-op with your friends and struggle to go through the puzzles in this platformer.

There are many different levels that can test your controls, cooperation, and patience in the game. Furthermore, the game also features workshops where you can create your levels and skins with the help of Unity. You can even browse all the custom levels that players all around the globe have created.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Another Ragdoll-physics game that can leave you clutching your stomach. The game features you as a delivery person whose job is to grab the package, get on a vehicle, and deliver the package.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the tasks. The controls are so wonky that you will have difficulty maneuvering the vehicle you are using. Speaking of vehicles, they range from simple cars to spaceships. You can pick whatever you unlock as you play the game.

Since the game is a multiplayer co-op, you can have three of your friends join you on the epic delivery journey, and hit the ground like a noodle, laughing away the pain.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Another hugely popular survival game on Steam is ARK: Survival Evolved. The game is set on an island named ARK, full of wild and terrifying dinosaurs. You start with nothing near the beach and gather resources and craft materials to survive.

The game has an open-world map with a fully interactive environment, so you can do anything you want. The goal, however, of the game is to explore, tame different creatures of the island, become the apex predator, and finally escape.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer game, so you can always invite your friends to lend you a hand with the dinosaurs. You can also play the game online with strangers. While playing with a large group, you can either co-op with everyone or go solo against everyone to see who survives the most.

The 7 Apple Arcade Games We Need On Android

With around 85% share of the market, globally, Google’s Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system on the planet. Its open-source nature allows for endless customization, which is easily the OS’ biggest USP. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, may not be as popular as Android — except for the US — but the company is quite capable when it comes to rolling out some unique products/features.

Google has already taken note of Apple Arcade and announced a worthy competitor — Google Play Pass. A couple of weeks ago, Google Play’s Twitter handle confirmed that the service was coming soon, but no further details were revealed.

At this point, Apple Arcade offers 71 premium games and promises to add more as the weeks pass. The selection is capable of enticing users from all age groups and preferences, so, unless something drastic happens, Apple’s got a winner on their hands. As we wait for Android’s answer to Apple’s newest product, we have curated a list of games that we discovered and loved on Apple Arcade, games that we want Android to take up in the future.

Of all the 71 titles in Apple Arcade games list, here are our top 7 picks that we would love to play on Android as well.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Developer: Annapurna Interactive

A girl suffers a crushing heartbreak and the universe loses its balance — that’s pretty much the story of the game. Now, you’re put in the girl’s shoes and must navigate around different levels as she dodges obstacles with grace. You’ll be driving, running, and even flying your way through these levels, accompanied by catchy music and stunning visuals.

Sonic Racing

Developer: SEGA

Hyperbrawl Tournament

Developer: Milky Tea Limited

One of the best multiplayer game on Apple Arcade, Hyperbrawl Tournament lets you play American Football with weapons and brawling melee attacks. Each match is a 90-second round played with 4 players in a 2 vs 2 setting, the team that scores the most goals wins. There are 8 heroes to play, 8 weapons like hammer, grapple claw, bombs, and more, and 9 distinct arenas each offering different environments to play the game. You can play on your own with bots, or tag along with friends online.

Oceanhorn 2

Developer: Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.

A worthy sequel to the famous RPG game, Ocenhorn 2 delivers unabashed, console-resembling entertainment on iOS devices. A young knight determined to defeat Warlock Mesmeroth’s evil forces, trying his best to restore normalcy to the mythological world of Gaia. Don’t think we need to tell you more.

Where Cards Fall

Developer: Snowman

An exquisitely detailed puzzle game where you build houses of cards to bring memories of a boy to life. It takes you to a journey filled with insecurities and emotions of high school in a captivating story telling with no dilogues. The game features immersive audio tracks and unique art that is overall gorgeous and peaceful to play.

Punch Planet

Developer: Block Zero

Roy, an undercover Detective for the Luna PD has been framed for a high-profile murder. To get himself out of the galactic conspiracy, he must go to Punch Planet — Planet K-0, playground for known criminals — and bring the real murderer back home. Sounds gripping, right? Well, it plays even better.

Hot Lava

Developer: Klei

You must be familiar with the famous children’s game ‘The floor is lava.’ Hot Lava by Klei Entertainment has the same premise and parkour-like execution. In this game, you’re required to jump, swing, and wall-run from one object to the other, making sure you don’t touch the lava floor.

So that’s our top picks from Apple Arcade, if you happen to have tried out Arcade as well? Which games do think Android should get?

14 Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Still Play

Usually these games are meant to last anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes, though some last even an hour or more. (One or two may even make you refuse to give up until you beat them properly….) In no particular order, here are some of the best Google Doodle games you can still play.


Pac-Man is a timeless classic, so it only makes sense to kick off our list with this world-famous 1980s’ arcade game. On May 21, 2010, Google released this fun Doodle to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. Experience the nostalgia by chomping down on some dots, assorted fruits, and maybe even a ghost or two.


The Baseball Google Doodle was released on the Fourth of July, 2023, and what better way to celebrate Independence Day than playing some good ol’ fashioned baseball! To make things even more ‘merican, you play as various foods that you may find at a baseball game, such as hotdogs or nachos and cheese, while the opposing team are peanuts.

When you start the game, a random food item walks up to the plate. Press the Spacebar to swing your bat when the pitcher throws the ball. The speed and style of the pitch will vary as you score more points. The game ends when you strike out. See how many points you can score!


Continuing with the sports theme, Basketball lets you shoot hoops in this single-player time-passer. This was actually part of a four-day Google Doodle run, where you could also test your skills in soccer, slalom canoe, and soccer. According to Google Doodle lead Ryan Germick, these four games were played over one billion times in the span of four days.

The mechanics of the game is simple—just press and hold the spacebar to build up strength, and then release it to shoot. If you build up too much strength (or don’t build up enough), you’ll miss. See how many balls you can net within 30 seconds!

Coding for Carrots

In celebration of 50 years of Kids Coding, the Google Doodle team released Coding for Carrots. This simple drag-and-drop game for kids introduces the concept of coding by using building blocks to send the rabbit in the correct direction to gather carrots.

Each block has an arrow pointing in a specific direction. To complete each level, players must add the correct sequence of blocks to direct the rabbit across the platform, collecting all of the carrots the level has to offer. The higher the level, the more difficult the sequence becomes.

Rubik’s Cube

Made up of six colors, six sides, and 54 squares, the Rubik’s Cube has been around since 1974. In 2014, Google released the Rubik’s Cube Doodle in celebration of 40 years of frustrating people around the world.

Pony Express

The Pony Express was a mail delivery service back in the 19th century. The first successful delivery was on April 14, 1860. As a nod to that history, Pony Express, the Google Doodle team made a neat Pony Express game where you collect mail on horseback, dodging obstacles all the while.

To play, users must use the up and down arrow keys to move the rider up and down, respectively. Collect as much mail as possible while avoiding cacti, fences, rocks, holes, and many other obstacles. There are three levels in total—try to collect all of the mail in each level!

Sonic-like Pangolin Game

Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world and face extinction thanks to poachers hunting them down for meat, medicine, and fashion. In order to raise awareness of this problem, Google made a love-based Doodle on Valentine’s Day back in 2023 in honor of the endangered pangolin.

The pangolin Google Doodle is a Sonic-like side scroller. Move the pangolin using your left- and right-arrow keys, and make it jump with the spacebar. Collect as many items as you can and make it to the finish line before time runs out.


Meow-loween is a spooky Google Doodle that was created to celebrate Halloween back in 2023. In Meow-loween, the player controls a cat named Momo who must save the School of Magic from the onslaught of ghosts.

Doodle Champion Island Games

The Doodle Champion Island Games is one of the longest Google Doodle games to date, taking around two hours to complete. This was originally scheduled to be released during the 2023 Olympics, but due to the pandemic delaying the event for an additional year, the Google Doodle team had more time to work on it, bringing even more fun to the table than originally planned.

To play, move your character around the world map and approach each challenge that awaits you. The controls are different for each game, so be sure to read the instructions carefully. Compete in all of the competitions and see if you can make it to the top of the leaderboard.

The Garden Gnomes

Ever get the urge to sling garden gnomes several meters across a garden using a catapult? Now’s your chance! To give a bit of background on the history of garden gnomes, including their origin and how they’re made, Google Doodle brings you The Garden Gnomes.

The objective of the game is to sling the gnomes from your catapult as far as you possibly can across the garden. The further you sling them, the more flowers they plant. To play, press the spacebar to prepare the catapult, and then press the spacebar again to release the gnome. The better your timing of release, the further you’ll sling the gnome.


Loteria, often referred to as Mexican Bingo, is a traditional Mexican card game. The announcer shows a card, and you have to quickly see if you have a match on yours. Unlike bingo, the pattern you must make on your card changes each game. This is also the second Google Doodle that allows multiple players to join!

To play, listen to the announcer call out the card, take a look at it, and then check your card to see if you have a match. If you do, quickly drag and drop a bean on the card. If you don’t, then just wait until the announcer shows the next card. Match the pattern required for a win to complete the game. This is a game of chance, so good luck!


We’ve all made the mistake of popping an entire spicy pepper in our mouth. Filled with instant regret, we try to remedy the burning sensation as quickly as possible. Thanks to Wilbur Scoville, we know that running to the fridge and grabbing a jug of milk is the perfect solution to easing the pain. Also thanks to Scoville, we know how to measure the level of heat each pepper gives off. In honor of Scoville’s 151st birthday, the Scoville Doodle gives you the opportunity to show that spicy pepper who’s boss by chunking a scoop of ice cream at it.

Crossword Puzzle


This Doodle pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the humble crossword puzzle and its inventor, Arthur Wynn. Google’s digital version operates just as its paper counterpart does—you fill answers, erase them, and re-enter them as you slowly piece the correct responses together.

No hints or easy outs here; if you need to ask for help, open a separate tab and use the Google search engine to ask for assistance. (Also known as “what exactly to fill in.”) If it’s been awhile since you’ve last done a crossword puzzle, this hint may make your life easier: Not all answers are a single word.

Savoy Ballroom


Created in honor of swing dancing and the Savoy Ballroom, the legendary dance venue in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, this Google Doodle puts your rhythm game skills to the test. No need to be light on your feet or to dress in your best vintage outfits—instead, you’ll be sitting at home and tapping your keyboard for this one.

The challenges start simply enough as you match key presses to on-screen prompts, driven by music from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. But as the tempo rises with each level, so does the difficulty. If you’re naturally dexterous, take on the two-player mode solo to make the game far spicier.

This article originally was published on May 3, 2023. It was updated in August 2023 with additional games.

Gift Guide: Family Fun Games And Accessories For Iphone, Ipad And Apple Tv

The Apple device ecosystem has heralded new ways for creative game makers to realise their vision, often by combining physical elements with apps, to form engaging and addictive experiences. Most of this guide leans on casual gaming where a whole family can join in together, but there’s also a consideration for the serious side of games too.

We feature the endearing Beasts of Balance, the Osmo game system, MFI game controllers and more. Read on after the jump for the full list.

Family Fun Gaming Gift Guide

Beasts of Balance is an incredible modern tabletop game that uses a complementary app as a central part of the game. It takes the universal concept of ‘build as tall a tower as possible’ and fleshes it out into a rich, endearing, modern board game. The Beasts of Balance plinth communicates with an app running on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Players set cute animal figurines onto the plinth to start building a tower. The plinth includes an NFC reader which scans the object as they are placed, which causes special events to happen on the app display. Interlocking cross parts cause mutations in the virtual creature which is artistically brought to life on the iOS device screen.

You also have other challenges to keep on top of as the tower is built, like remembering to change the moon to a sun. If the tower falls, the app shows a bubbling volcano and the tower has to be quickly rebuilt before it erupts. There are wonderful tradeoffs built into the gameplay; awkwardly-shaped objects have higher point scores but a much higher risk of toppling the tower altogether.

The build quality of the stackable animals and artefacts is stellar; everything in the physical box and digital app is beautifully illustrated and designed. You can set it up in the living room with Siri Remote and Apple TV, or play in a bedroom with a single iPhone or iPad. It really is fun for the whole family. Buy the kit for $99, the app is a free download.

There are a lot of interesting games to play on the App Store, but you often feel limited by the touch interface for controlling your character or moving around the world. The Gamevice attaches to the iOS device — I use it with my 12.9 inch iPad – to add gamepad buttons and analog joysticks on both sides of the screen. Read my full review here.

If you loved using a Gameboy Advance as a kid, this is basically an iOS version of that. MFI game controllers have been possible for a while and now there is a big library of games that support them. Because the Gamevice is essentially a handheld dock, it will only work with a single form factor of iPhone or iPad. If you buy a newer iPad in the future, there’s a good chance the Gamevice will no longer fit.

Check out the full Gamevice range here for almost every iOS device on the market; pricing varies around $100 mark.

This is the second MFI controller recommendation. Whereas the Gamevice (above) snaps onto an iPhone or iPad to make a handheld, the SteelSeries is a traditional external controller design. It’s just like a console gamepad and communicates wirelessly with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

If you play any games on Apple TV, even simple one-button titles like Mr Jump or Crossy Road, using a real game controller is so much nicer than the Siri Remote. It also lets you dive into richer titles like Rayman Adventures and Oceanhorn; touch controls simply cannot beat physical buttons for games like these. The convenient thing about the Nimbus controller is that it doesn’t require a particular form factor; it just connects via Bluetooth to any iOS or tvOS device. Unlike the Gamevice though, you do have to remember to charge the Nimbus battery separately.

The Apple Store has a special bundle by the way for this item; you can get Minecraft for Apple TV and this controller at a reduced combo price. There’s also a Stratus controller which is half the price, and about half as nice to hold.

The Osmo game system is a fun accessory that you can gift to kids and play together as a family. You set an iPad up on the special stand and attach a special red mirror that angles the camera downwards. The Osmo comes with physical objects that the app detects through the camera to create an interesting combination of physical and digital world. Move a plastic block on the table and the iPad app tracks the motion and uses it in the on-screen game.

Most of the games are targeted at younger children, with a few activities for older ages and adults. You can get kits for drawing, learning vocabulary, music sequencing and basic building blocks of programming, and more. The Osmo packs are pricey but you can buy a Starter Kit to begin with and gradually add in additional sets to expand the experience. Read my hands-on review of the Osmo Monster kit from last year.

I like the Osmo because it integrates the iPad — which most kids regard as a mere portable TV screen frankly — with a kinaesthetic activity. You can even argue there is some educational value amongst the entertainment. They have also recently released a base for some models of iPhone, if you don’t want to use an iPad.

Nevertheless, I still think the Apple TV is a fun casual games machine. Most titles are simply ports of games from iPhone and iPad, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. The Siri Remote works decently for simple one-button and motion controlled driving games, of which the App Store has plenty. tvOS plays host to a lot of family games too; shout out to SketchParty TV for something to play as a family this holiday season.

There are a handful of sophisticated titles too; I loved playing through Oceanhorn and I’m really looking forward to the visually-enhanced sequel due in 2023. Does it compare to an Xbox? Of course not — but fortunately the Apple TV does a lot more than just play games.

Mac Gaming

Slightly off-topic but I want to include a quick word on the state of Mac gaming. In short, it’s okay as long as the games you want to play are available on macOS and aren’t looking to max out every visual effect in the settings screen. There are a lot of caveats compared to a Windows machine but you can get pretty far with just a MacBook Pro. My addiction League of Legends (and Starcraft before that) all began on a Mac, and the arrival of Steam on the Mac platform has expanded the ecosystem of available titles considerably.

Grab Bag

Nintendo Switch

It’s hard to disagree that Nintendo had a huge impact on the gaming world this year, launching their new console generation that can dock into a TV and be picked up to use on the go, the Nintendo Switch. Despite being technically less powerful than an iPad Pro, the Nintendo Switch ecosystem features AAA titles that the iOS or tvOS App Store simply can’t compete with, including game of the year candidates Mario: Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Apple TV Siri Remote Loop

Everyone remembers the horror stories of breakages that happened with the Nintendo Wii years ago. Unfortunately, the Apple TV shares much of the same issues with its Siri Remote. A lot of the dumb fun Apple TV games rely on accelerometer motion controls. At the same time, the Siri Remote is made of metal and glass — it is prone to both breaking and breaking other things.

Apple actually has a solution for this: the $9 Remote Loop. It slots into the Lightning port and adds a little wrist-strap for when you are using the remote. It’s kind of silly to include it in a gift guide roundup but if you are buying an Apple TV for the first time and have an inkling to try out the game offerings in the tvOS App Store, pick up a remote loop while you are at it.

Philips Hue lights

A regular feature on my yearly holiday gift guides is some kind of smart lighting solution. Philips Hue are independent bulbs that you just screw in — you don’t have to change wiring or wall sockets — and you quickly get up and running with HomeKit supported (optionally multi-colored) smart lighting. Set them up in your living room and use Apple TV’s Siri to change the ambiance when you watch a movie or settle down for some late-night gaming.

Happy Holidays!

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