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A mysterious iPhone rumored to be the new iPhone X Plus has appeared on the Geekbench testing website, boasting eye-watering results that blow Apple’s current flagship out of the water – could this be the flagship new iPhone for 2023? And what can the average consumer do with all that processing power?

Surfacing on Geekbench, used as the industry standard benchmarking tool for measuring processor power, the results suggest that Apple might deliver a bigger brother for its iPhone X. Appearing under the name ‘iPhone 11,2′, this is the latest in a long line of rumours and leaks that the company could be looking to super-size the 2023 iPhone X.

Apple has developed a clear pattern of creating larger, more powerful versions of its phones in recent iterations. If the tested model is indeed a genuine iPhone X Plus, then it could prove to be super-powered as well as super-sized.

How Powerful Could the iPhone X Plus Be?

If the Geekbench scores are anything to go by, very powerful. The results give a single-core score of 4673, and a multi-core score of 10912. By comparison, the scores for the original iPhone X are 4206 for single-core and 10123 for multi-core. But what does that mean in real-world terms?

Well, nobody would call the original iPhone X a slouch. In fact it’s, one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, so the purported 10% speed boost the Plus appears will be enticing to Apple fans everywhere.

How have has Apple pulled it off? Well, for a start, it now has 4GB instead of the X’s 3GB of RAM (yes Android fans, that brings it in line with the Samsung S9), and indications are that it also boasts a brand new processor chip, which could potentially be Apple’s A11’s successor, the A12 (naturally).

This should mean snappier multi-tasking and a whole load more raw power – so no excuses for losing that game of Fortnite because of lag now.

What Else Can We Expect from the iPhone X Plus?

One of the things that the Geekbench figures don’t tell us is how large the X Plus could be. It’s an important question, because previous Plus models have offered more screen real estate than the standard models. The iPhone 7 & 8 Plus models were 5.5-inches, compared to 4.7-inch on the non-Plus versions.

Leaks supposedly from the Foxconn factory that point towards a huge 6.5-inch iPhone model

The iPhone X is already the biggest phone Apple has made, at 5.8-inches. So, could it get any larger, or are we simply looking at a increase in power rather than size?

Well, there have been leaks supposedly from the Foxconn factory that point towards a huge 6.5-inch model. Coupled with these latest Geekbench figures, these leaks only strengthen those X Plus rumours.

Don’t worry, we’re sure that Apple will sell you pants with bigger pockets as an official accessory.

How Much Will the iPhone X Plus Cost?

The other factor is of course the cost. The X is a wallet-weeping $999 for the base model, and with the better specs of the potential iPhone X Plus, Apple could easily break right through that $1,000 barrier and beyond. The price is unlikely to put people off though, as the bragging rights of the specs will justify the cost to many.

Unless Apple suddenly decides to break from its time-honored tradition, we’ll see announcements of the latest range of iPhones in September, finally putting to bed all this speculation…well, until the leaks start for the 2023 models, of course.

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Pixel 4A Leak Details All The Specs

Pixel 4a leak details all the specs – and what’s missing

The Google Pixel 4a leaks aren’t stopping, and just because the midrange smartphone’s launch was scuppered by I/O 2023 being canceled, it doesn’t mean we don’t know exactly what to expect at this point. A cheaper iteration on the Pixel 4, Google is hoping the Pixel 4a can do what its direct predecessor, the Pixel 3a managed, and carve out a well-respected spot in the midrange.

That’s particularly important right now, because the general consensus is that COVID-19 has proved to be a nightmare for flagship smartphone sales. Shoppers are – probably wisely – keeping their wallets and purses closed, and that has seen reports of underwhelming interest in recent launches like the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Priced right, though, and with the right mixture of specs and features cherry-picked from its more expensive siblings, the Pixel 4a could find itself in a sweet spot. Although an exact launch date is still uncertain, a new leak from 9to5Google has basically confirmed all the other details we might want to know. As you’d probably predicted, there are going to be some decisions on Google’s part that don’t go down well.

As with the 3a, the Pixel 4a will have a plastic body; this time around, though, it’ll supposedly come in just a single size. There’ll be a 5.81-inch screen, slightly larger than the 5.6-inches of the Pixel 3a. It’ll use an OLED FHD+ panel, running at 2340 x 1080 resolution.

On the back there’ll be a single camera, it’s said. That will clock in at 12.2-megapixels, with both optical image stabilization and electronic, and autofocus of course. It’ll be capable of 4K video recording at 30fps, or 1080p Full HD at up to 120 fps. There’ll also be a 240fps mode, but that will be limited to 720p resolution.

The front camera is 8-megapixels and has an 84-degree lens. It’s positioned behind a hole punch in the display, rather than a notch, and word is that it’s basically the same as what you’d find in the Pixel 3a, for better or worse.

Inside, meanwhile, it’ll be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 chipset with Adreno 618 graphics. 6GB of RAM is expected too, plus a 3,080 mAh battery. Two storage sizes are believed to be launching, both a cheaper 64GB model, and a more expensive 128GB version.

What’s going to cause some upset, though, is what Google has opted to leave out of the Pixel 4a. There’ll be no wireless charging, it’s said, leaving only 18W fast-charging via USB-C instead. The Android phone has Google’s Titan M security chip, but no Pixel Neural Core for photography.

Google’s Soli motion-tracking chip is also absent, which probably isn’t too big a compromise, but the Pixel 4a will also apparently miss out on Face Unlock. That’s going to be more frustrating. At least you still get a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the choice of two colors: Just Black will supposedly be joined by Barely Blue, with a very mild tint.

Choosing which features to include and which to leave out is never going to be simple when you’re making a more affordable phone, and Google’s decisions for its 2023 midranger are likely to be the stuff of argument for months to come. At least we can’t really complain too loudly about the price. Going by the leaks, we can expect the Pixel 4a to be priced from $399.

Comment: Iphone Xr Reviews Confirm This Is The Iphone For Most People

When Apple unveiled its new iPhones last month, I said that the iPhone XS and XS Max were totally overshadowed by the new Watch and the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR reviews, out today, confirm what I thought then.

Finally we come to what should have been the least-interesting iPhone, but is actually the most interesting: the iPhone XR […]

To offer something very close to the iPhone X/XS/Max form factor at a $749 price point is huge. And the near-bezel-free design also meant including the headline feature of last year’s flagship iPhone: Face ID. Throwing in Portrait Mode means you can now buy an iPhone that gets most non-technical customers the flagship design and features they want at 75% of the price of the iPhone XS …

iPhone XR reviews do identify the compromises. The single rear camera means a more limited Portrait mode, limited to human faces, and lacking Stage Light and Stage Light Mono. There’s no proper 3D Touch. And, of course, the LCD screen is lower resolution, older tech and has larger bezels.

If you’re an iPhone aficionado, these things may justify the price difference between the XR and the XS/Max. But for most normals, the iPhone XR gets them the design they want, and the features that matter, for a much more affordable price. And that’s what the iPhone XR reviews say.

The iPhone most people should buy – Engadget

The iPhone XR is everything Apple says it is, and it’s the new iPhone most people should buy – Daring Fireball

Most people—those who don’t spend their lives comparing specs and staring at bezels on multiple models of new smartphones each fall—are going to be very happy with this phone – Wired

Better than good enough – The Verge

The money you’re ‘saving’ by going for this model far outweighs what you’re losing – TechRadar

The iPhone XR has everything you need for hundreds less than the iPhone XS – CNBC

The XR is good enough that I don’t miss the XS. Apple undercut itself, and we’re all better off for it – Gizmodo

I could go on, but just take my word for it (or Google for yourself): there are many more iPhone XR reviews out there, and almost all of them reach the same conclusion. If you’re a techy, maybe look at the XS; if you’re not, buy the XR.

John Gruber made another point about that price difference – it’s actually even bigger than it seems.

Let’s start with the price. For the equivalent amount of storage, the iPhone XR costs $250 less than an iPhone XS, and $350 less than an XS Max.

But in practical terms, the difference is even more striking than that. 64 GB of storage is a credible baseline — a far cry from just a few years ago when storage started at a criminally meager 16 GB for the iPhones 6S in 2023, and 32 GB for the iPhones 7 in 2023. But the sweet spot for most people in 2023, in my opinion, is one tier above 64 GB […]

Photo: CNET

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Iphone X Ringer Volume Very Low? Here’s The Fix

Have you noticed the iPhone X ringer volume goes from loud to low? Often iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max users notice that the iPhone X ringtone will sound very quiet after initially sounding loud, but despite pressing the volume up buttons they can’t get the iPhone X ringtone to sound loud again, it’s just stuck quiet. Don’t fret and there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone X for exhibiting this behavior, in fact this is actually a feature.

If your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X rings loud but then gets quiet and stays quiet, but you’d rather have the iPhone X ringer volume stay loud all the time when getting a call, read on to learn the proper settings adjustment to stop this behavior. The end result will be that iPhone X sounds loud on incoming calls all the time and the iPhone X will stop quieting the ringtone volume itself.

What causes the iPhone X ringtone volume to be very low after initially sounding loud? It’s actually a Face ID feature. And yes, this ring sound volume lowering capability applies even if Face ID is not being used on iPhone X to unlock or authenticate the device, and much like how Animoji uses the Face ID camera to scan your face even if you aren’t using Face ID authentication, the front camera for face scanning is active for other features too, and that includes the ringtone volume. This applies to fixing the quiet ring sound volume on all iPhone X models including iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X.

How to Stop iPhone X Ring Volume Going Quiet

You can disable the attention awareness feature that scans your face and determines you’re looking at the iPhone X, which in turn lowers the ring volume on the device. With this feature turned off, the iPhone X will stop lowering the ring volume of calls automatically when you pick up the iPhone and look at it.

Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone

Go to the “Face ID & Passcode” section

Locate the “Attention Aware Features” option and turn the switch to the OFF position

Exit out of Settings

You can confirm this works by getting an incoming call on iPhone X, it should now be loud as your settings were set to beforehand and no longer quiet the call to a very low volume automatically.

How to Turn Ringer Volume Up to the Loudest Setting on iPhone X

Here’s how to adjust the Ringtone Volume so that it is up all the way to a loud setting:

From the “Settings” app go to “Sounds & Haptics”

Under the ‘Ringer and Alerts’ section slide the volume indicator all the way to the right for full volume

Optionally, toggle the switch for “Change with Buttons” if you want to be able to adjust ringtone volume with the physical buttons on the iPhone*

* Some people turned this Volume button adjustment feature off long ago, particularly if they have kids that like to fidget with their iPhone. But many new iPhone models ship with this feature disabled by default. Whether you want to adjust the ringtone volume by the volume buttons is a matter of personal preference and your individual usage.

Finally the other options to make sure are not enabled is the physical hardware mute button on the side of the iPhone (if you can see the little orange indicator, mute button is on), and also check for Do Not Disturb not being enabled, since Do Not Disturb mode will cause an iPhone to not get incoming calls or make sounds at all.

Keep in mind that if you press the volume buttons on an iPhone when a call is actively incoming, you will mute the incoming call sound on the iPhone just temporarily for that specific individual phone call. That’s a completely separate feature and it’s quiet useful if you’re in a meeting or talking with someone and you want to quickly silence just that single call without muting the phone entirely.

That should cover all the bases, and your iPhone X should now ring loud for incoming calls as usual just like other iPhones do. No more automatically quieting down after the first ring, as long a you have the facial attention awareness feature off this behavior will stop.


How To Use Apple Tv’s Iphone

With tvOS 14.5, Apple introduced users to the iPhone-based color balance feature for Apple TV 4K and HD models. It claims to deliver the best possible color reproduction with more accuracy and improved contrast on the big screen.

The complexity of some television menus and incompatibility with paired hardware like a game console might discourage you from tweaking the default color profile on the Apple TV. And here is where this calibration option comes in handy. 

But how does it work? First, let’s understand its basic hardware and software requirements.

Requirements to use iPhone-based color balance feature on Apple TV

The color balance feature isn’t compatible with old iPhones. You must own iPhone X or a newer model running iOS 14.5 to tweak the display calibration successfully.

Apple TV (2023) or a newer model with the latest tvOS 14.5 installed.

Turn off high saturated pictures mode such as vivid and sports to use this feature. 

How does Apple TV’s new feature help improve picture quality?

Apple uses the TrueDepth camera array on the Face ID to calibrate the picture popping out of the Apple TV. Hence, only iPhones boasting Face ID are compatible with this feature.

An iPhone can sense the colors it can see from the screen. And the Apple TV compares it against the standard specifications to tweak the video output. The whole process lets you enjoy an industry-standard color profile on the Apple TV without navigating through the television settings. 

However, the adjustment only works with Apple TV video output. If you have connected other devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick or a gaming console, the TV will revert to your default settings to deliver the image output. 

How to color balance Apple TV with the iPhone What to do if the Apple TV color balance doesn’t work?

Many Reddit and Apple Forums users have complained about this feature not working on their Apple TV. We have compiled below a list of all the possible solutions that worked for them.

Apple TV color balance feature won’t work with HDR+. If you have HDR+ on your TV, turn it off. Calibrate and turn it back on.

If your TV supports Dolby Vision, this feature won’t work as it is already color graded by Dolby Vision profile.

Some users could resolve the issue by switching from chroma 422 to 420 under the video output settings on your Apple TV.

Some might complain that the new feature is nowhere near to professional calibration tools. But they are missing the whole point here. Apple’s color balance feature is all about convenience and focuses on the minimum effort required from the users’ side. 

An average Joe doesn’t mess with the default color profile of the television. Some might go to the Settings and tweak the picture settings, but it sure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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Mophie Juice Pack, Air, Plus For Iphone 6 And 6 Plus Reviews



Our Verdict

While the Mophie Juice Pack cases are a little bulkier than most, you can rest assured on both battery and protective qualities with the power-pack market leader. The Air is the slimmer of the two cases for iPhone 6, but the Plus offers greater battery life and more solid protection. The Juice Pack for iPhone Plus is slimmer still but won’t give the larger iPhone a full charge. Mophie continues to lead the pack not on innovative new features but the best basics a protective battery case can offer.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6, and Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus (yes, the names are rather confusing) are now available. We tested each, and were impressed with the results.

Mophie is the market leader for smartphone battery cases, even though its premium products are priced higher than most of the competition.

If you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7 then see our round of the best iPhone 7 battery cases.

You know what you are getting with a Mophie battery case: quality design, trustworthy battery life, and solid protection. You can buy slimmer cases, but usually with some compromises. Mophie claims that its cases are the only ones manufactured in the same factories as Apple’s iPhones themselves. The company even makes its own cables to ensure quality throughout.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6, and Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus are all MFI certified by Apple, and triple tested for endurance, speed and durability.

All of the above is why – at £89.95 for the Juice Pack Air, £109.95 for the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6, and £89.95 for the Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus – these battery cases are more expensive than the average power pack.

All the Mophie cases prioritise iPhone charging first, followed by the case battery. And, unlike many cheaper battery cases, you can both charge and sync using the supplied Micro USB cable, and not have to remove the case every time you need to sync with your computer.

Its bigger brother, the rather confusingly named Juice Pack Plus (that isn’t for the iPhone 6 Plus), packs a higher-capacity 3,300mAh battery. This gave us a full recharge and about an extra 20 percent again after that.

The Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus has a smaller 2,600mAh battery, but this adds to the phone’s already capable charge power. Expect to get 60-70 percent charge on the iPhone 6 Plus.

All models are available in tactile matt black, glossy white and sleeker gold colours.

The Juice Pack Plus also offers greater iPhone safety than the others, with what Mophie calls its Impact-Isolation System – active-suspension bumpers inside the case for more robust shock and impact protection.

As a result of this added protection and higher battery capacity it’s slightly bulkier and heavier than the Air. In fact, as the Mophie for the iPhone 6 Plus is the slimmest of them all, it shows that it’s the battery that adds girth, not the protection.

The Air is pretty tough too, mind. All models feature a screen-saving raised bezel to stop cracks and scratches. Pass-through mute switch, volume and lock buttons protect the ports and switches.

The Mophie cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are as simple as the previous Mophie generations, with a mechanical switch on the back so you can turn on and off charging as it suits you. Four LEDs show you approximately how much charge is left in the case battery.

Mophie has also stuck with the pop-off top and slider-style body design for all its battery cases.

There are slimmer battery cases for the iPhone 6. We particularly like the £54.99 iWalk Chameleon i6 Power/Bumper Case, which is lighter and thinner than the Mophies. And maybe the smartest design of all iPhone 6 battery cases comes from Tylt, with its £89.99 Energi Sliding Power Case, which features a dual design where you carry the phone around in a tight, ultra-slim protective case and only add to a charging case when required. This means, of course, that you need to keep the case with you when out and about for long periods of time, but does keep the phone protected outside of the charger. Read our Best iPhone 6 battery cases round up for reviews of as many cases as we have laid our hands on.

The Juice Pack Air measures 7.42cm x 15.5cm x 1.55cm (2.92in x 6.10in x 0.61in), and weighs 99g (3.5oz).

The higher-capacity and more robust Juice Pack Plus measures a slightly larger 7.44cm x 15.57cm x 1.68cm (2.93in x 6.13in x 0.66in), and weighs 110g (3.9oz).

The Juice Pack Plus measures 8.31cm x 17.4cm x 1.45cm (3.27in x 6.85in x 0.57in), and weighs 110g (3.9oz).

Mophie is soon to launch an iPhone 6 version of its excellent Space Pack case, which offers both power and up to 128GB of storage via its Space app for iOS. As soon as we have one to test we’ll review it here.

Thankfully Mophie now has its own UK store so you can order without having to calculate international shipping fees, and avoid the many counterfeit Mophies you’ll find at many online retailers.

All come with Micro USB charging cable and a headphone port adapter (for users of angled or short headphone jacks).

Specs Mophie Juice Packs for iPhone 6: Specs

The 1,840mAh Juice Pack Reserve measures 7.01cm x 15cm x 1.47cm (2.76in x 5.9in x 0.58in), and weighs 75.1g (2.65oz). The 2,750mAh Juice Pack Air measures 7.42cm x 15.5cm x 1.55cm (2.92in x 6.10in x 0.61in), and weighs 99g (3.5oz). The higher-capacity and more robust 3,300mAh Juice Pack Plus measures a slightly larger 7.44cm x 15.57cm x 1.68cm (2.93in x 6.13in x 0.66in), and weighs 110g (3.9oz). The 2,600mAh Juice Pack Plus measures 8.31cm x 17.4cm x 1.45cm (3.27in x 6.85in x 0.57in), and weighs 110g (3.9oz).

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