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Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.

Providing mobile users with fast and accurate location information while preserving their security and privacy has raised some very complex technical issues which are hard to communicate in a soundbite. Users are confused, partly because the creators of this new technology (including Apple) have not provided enough education about these issues to date.

The iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it’s maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested. Calculating a phone’s location using just GPS satellite data can take up to several minutes. iPhone can reduce this time to just a few seconds by using Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data to quickly find GPS satellites, and even triangulate its location using just Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data when GPS is not available (such as indoors or in basements). These calculations are performed live on the iPhone using a crowd-sourced database of Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data that is generated by tens of millions of iPhones sending the geo-tagged locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple.

The entire crowd-sourced database is too big to store on an iPhone, so we download an appropriate subset (cache) onto each iPhone. This cache is protected but not encrypted, and is backed up in iTunes whenever you back up your iPhone. The backup is encrypted or not, depending on the user settings in iTunes. The location data that researchers are seeing on the iPhone is not the past or present location of the iPhone, but rather the locations of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers surrounding the iPhone’s location, which can be more than one hundred miles away from the iPhone. We plan to cease backing up this cache in a software update coming soon (see Software Update section below).

No. This data is sent to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. Apple cannot identify the source of this data.

This data is not the iPhone’s location data—it is a subset (cache) of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database which is downloaded from Apple into the iPhone to assist the iPhone in rapidly and accurately calculating location. The reason the iPhone stores so much data is a bug we uncovered and plan to fix shortly (see Software Update section below). We don’t think the iPhone needs to store more than seven days of this data.

It shouldn’t. This is a bug, which we plan to fix shortly (see Software Update section below).

Apple is now collecting anonymous traffic data to build a crowd-sourced traffic database with the goal of providing iPhone users an improved traffic service in the next couple of years.

Yes, we strongly do. For example, iPhone was the first to ask users to give their permission for each and every app that wanted to use location. Apple will continue to be one of the leaders in strengthening personal information security and privacy.

Sometime in the next few weeks Apple will release a free iOS software update that:

reduces the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone,

ceases backing up this cache, and

deletes this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off.

In the next major iOS software release the cache will also be encrypted on the iPhone.

You're reading Apple Responds To Location Tracking Controversy: “We Don’t Track Your Iphone”

Anonymous Social Network Whisper Reportedly Tracking Your Location

A new report from The Guardian has claimed that the anonymous social network Whisper isn’t as anonymous as it claims, saying that it tracks the locations of its users, including those who have specifically opted out of geolocation tracking. It also shares user information with the US Department of Defense.

The Guardian says it witnessed the practice during a three-day visit to Whisper headquarters as part of their efforts to start a journalistic relationship with the company.

What is Whisper

For those who are not in the know, Whisper is an application that lets you share your deepest secrets, desires, or confessions with others without revealing your identity, or so it claims. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, gets more than 3 billion page views a month and has millions of users – 70 percent female, mostly aged 18 to 24.

The way Whisper works is you write a message (could be a confession, question, feeling … anything) and the app suggests a relevant image over which the message is superimposed. Following this you can post the message, known as a whisper. Those who find your message interesting can either send you open replies or chat with you in private. The point here is that people talking to you don’t know anything about you and you do not know anything about them, allowing you to speak your mind and heart anonymously.

As you can see in the screenshot displayed below, the app categorizes whispers into three categories: Popular, Nearby, and Latest. There’s also a big + icon at the bottom centre which you can tap to create a whisper.

As you can see in the screenshot below, someone with the handle ‘Stoned_Smith’ answered my question in detail (my replies are in purple):

Not everyone was polite enough; I received some quite nasty replies too, which is understandable, as the app is bound to attract all kinds of people, thanks to the anonymity it claims to provide.

What the report claims

The Guardian report claims that Whisper has developed an in-house mapping tool that enables its staff to filter and search GPS data and even pinpoints messages to within 500 meters of where they were sent. The news site also claims that the app is capable of tracking an individual user’s movements over time and even extracts their rough location from IP data emitted by their devices, something which is done on a targeted, case-by-case basis.

The Guardian also says that the company is cooperating with the US Department of Defense, sharing user data with researchers investigating the frequency of mentions of suicide (or self-harm) from hand-held devices like smartphones that Whisper knows are being used from US military bases.

What Whisper has to say

Whisper has refuted the allegations, saying that there’s no truth in the article.

Whisper does not collect nor store any personally identifiable information from users and is anonymous. There is nothing in our geolocation data that can be tied to an individual user and a user’s anonymity is never compromised. Whisper does not follow or track users. The Guardian’s assumptions that Whisper is gathering information about users and violating user’s privacy are false.

The company said the above in a statement to TechCrunch, adding that The Guardian has made a mistake by publishing the story and they will regret it.

What do we think

Considering the fact that the allegations are made by a reputed publication like The Guardian, it’s a bit hard to believe Whisper’s claims that they are complete lies. Although nothing is proven yet, if the publication’s allegations are true, it only proves that users shouldn’t blindly believe the anonymity claims made by these kind of apps, and should think twice before sharing information about their personal or professional lives.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora is a freelance technical writer by profession but a software programmer and Linux researcher at heart. He covers software tutorials, reviews, tips/tricks, and more. Some of his articles have been featured on IBM developerworks, ComputerWorld, and in Linux Journal.

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How To Track Someone’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing?

Cell phone tracking enables you to follow the movements of a person of interest. You can track someone’s location without them knowing by installing a spy app secretly on their target phone. These phone spying apps track almost all targeted phone activities like Calls, SMS messages, Google map’s location, Web history, Social Media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.

Find Location by Phone Number

How to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

mSpy is a GPS tracker that allows you to remotely track any user’s phone activity. You can get a very accurate current location and detailed route history. It is a powerful tool that can track social media accounts, messages, multimedia, and much more.

Here are steps to track someone’s cell phone without them knowing using the popular mSpy app.

Step 1) Goto chúng tôi Enter your email address and purchase a suitable plan. Login credentials are sent to your email.

Step 2) Next, select the type of device you wish to monitor (Android or iOS device). Make sure you have physical access to the phone. Physical access is only required during initial installation. Here we have selected Android.

Step 3) Select the device manufacturer.

Among the options here are 1) Samsung, 2) Huawei, 3) Xiaomi, 4) Moto, 5) Google Pixel, 6) LG, and 7) Other.

We have selected Samsung. Then, press the “Proceed” button.

Step 4) In the next screen, select your Android Version.

You must disable PlayProtect on the mobile device you wish to monitor.

Step 5) Open any Web Browser on your target device.

Download the mSpy tool and follow on-screen installation instructions. Instructions are straightforward.

Step 6) Await Data

Please give mSpy some time (2-3 hours) to record the activity and send it to the server. The target device’s internet speed will also affect synch speed.

Log into your mSpy dashboard to see the target device’s activity. You’ll see Most Messaging Contacts, Most Calling Contacts, Most Visited Websites, etc., details of the target device.

The app also tracks important information, such as WhatsApp history and GPS location.

Additionally, you can view the Internet search history. You can also view the browsing history, emails, blocked websites list, etc., of the person.

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best Apps to Track someone’s Mobile phone

👍 Track any phone location by its number with chúng tôi

1) mSpy – Best Overall

mSpy is a mobile phone tracking app that helps to remotely monitor any person’s mobile phone actively. This app helps you view all their messages without any hassle. You can check the GPS location of your friends’ or partner’s device.

#1 Top Pick



Supported Phones: Android, iPhone, iPad

24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll-free helpline as well

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit mSpy


mSpy offers activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.

This mobile tracking app helps you to read incoming or outgoing text messages.

You will receive updates within a specified time

You can encrypt and protect your location data.

Allows you to spy on your spouse’s cell phone without getting detected.

What you Monitor using MSpy App:

✔️ Others: Keylogger, Screen recorder, Application Blocking, View Photos, and Videos, Blocking Websites, Keyword Alerts, calendar activities

Key specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

Live Demo: Available 24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll free helpline as well

GPS Location Tracking: Yes Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Intelius is a Phone monitoring app that lets you track your children’s activity remotely without hassle. You can set up a geo-fence and receive alerts when your child enters or exits a specific area. This tool allows you to track a targeted device’s location visually and clearly on Google maps.




Supported Phones: Android, iOS, Windows

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 5-Days Free Trial

Visit Intelius


You can access mobile phone files quickly from any place.

You can sync real-time data by 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi.

Supervision for enterprise security & confidentiality

Your child’s phone can be used to record phone calls.

Provide support for multiple languages.

It helps you to capture screenshots remotely.

You can obtain the data and passwords of someone using it.

What you Monitor using Intelius App:

✔️ Background Check: Yes

Key specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Live Demo: Available 24/7 Support: Yes

GPS Location Tracking: Yes Free Trial: 5-Days Free Trial

5-Days Free Trial

uMobix is one of the best spy app that allows you to log into someone’s mobile and check their phone history. This mobile tracking app helps you to access the target phone.




Supported Phones: Android, iOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit uMobix


It offers a live control panel to track the activity of your child’s phone.

You can track phone calls with ease.

You can quickly access the photo gallery.

It enables you to track browser history.

What you Monitor using uMobix App:

✔️ Others: Keylogger, Application Blocking, Photos, and Video tracker, sim card replacement, regulate data usage, blocking the website, Wi-Fi, and devices, additional apps for parents

Key specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes

24/7 Support: Yes Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

ClevGuard is a phone tracking app that allows you to track someone’s online activity without them knowing remotely. It offers real time location tracking features that allow you to access phone files quickly from any place. It also helps you set up geofences and get alerts when that person enters or exits the boundary.




Supported Phones: Android, iOS, Windows

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit Clevguard


This mobile phone hacking app allows you to track the cell phone securely of a person.

You can get real-time data sync by either 3G/4G network or by Wi-Fi.

You can record phone calls on your child’s phone.

Clevguard offers support for multiple languages.

You can capture screenshots remotely.

This spy app provides 24/7 support via chat and email.

It enables you to get someone’s personal data and passwords.

What you Monitor using Clevguard App:

✔️ Others: Location History, monitor Photos, Video Preview, Calendars, Data Export, Keylogger, App activities, capture screenshots.

Key specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes

24/7 Support: Yes Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Hoverwatch allows you to track SMS, GPS location, call history, and social messages of a target device. This cell phone tracker app supports various social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram.




Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 3-days Free Trial

Visit Hoverwatch


You can see the information received and sent by the user.

Allows you to track a cell phone’s photos, screenshots, phone’s exact location, and save SMS messages.

You can easily install software from your online account.

It enables you to know the Internet history of someone’s Android phone.

This application helps you to control your employee and children’s activity online.

You can remain invisible while using this location tracking service.

What you Monitor using Hoverwatch App:

✔️ Others: Takes screenshots of activities, detects any sim card changes, saves full agenda, including plans, appointments, and reminders implemented in your calendar, takes camera shots

Key specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes

24/7 Support: Yes Free Trial: 3-Days Free Trial

3-Days Free Trial

FlexiSPY is the phone tracking app for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It allows you to spy on a computer or target phone.




Supported Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 1-Day Free Trial

Visit FlexiSPY


Provides feature for parental control feature.

It helps you to track the online activities of your family members

It provides a hassle-free remote installation service.

You can track a child’s phone’s log-on/off activities.

Allows you to installing software or uninstall or deactivate the software remotely.

It can run in Hidden Mode in your lost or stolen phone.

It provides a certain key combination for accessing call logs and location sharing data.

Provides dashboard alerts.

You can send remote commands from the mobile or web.

Automatic remote updates with location history.

What you Monitor using FlexiSPY App:

✔️ Others: Monitors Audio files, Application activity, Keylogger, Photos, Videos, wallpaper images, calendar, Send Remote Commands from Web, Dashboard Alerts, check device battery status.

Key specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC

Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes

24/7 Support: Yes Free Trial: 1-Days Free Trial

1-Days Free Trial


Following are the Best Apps to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing:

mSpy – Best for Android & iOS Devices


uMobix – Best for Kid’s Social Media Monitoring & Tracking

ClevGuard – Best Overall

Hoverwatch – Best for Android, iOS, and Windows

FlexiSpy – Best for Employee Monitoring

Here are some prominent reasons of Track Someone Without Them Knowing:

You do not need to involve any authority or the cellular service provider of the target.

There are many parents who use spy on their kids’ phones to ensure they are safe and do not indulge in harmful activities. They can take measures to keep them safe

It is useful when someone requires a medical emergency, strikes an unknown place, or is stuck in illegal activity.

You can monitor a phone’s incoming & outgoing calls, SMSs and track the phone’s location in real-time.

These apps are undetectable and go unnoticed by the end-user.

» Check here our list of the Best Tool to Read Text Free

Phone spying apps are smartphone surveillance applications. Here are key factors in choosing the best Spy app:


You should make sure that the mobile spying app you are likely to use should be compatible with the OS of your phone, which can be either iPhone or Android devices.

Location tracking:

GPS tracking system helps you to track the location of the target phone. A mobile spying app can track cell phone locations secretly to know the whereabouts of your children or even employees. Check our list of Smallest GPS Tracker.

Call log and SMS tracking:

Ability to work in stealth mode:

As it is a spying app, it must be capable of working in a stealth mode by activating it. You should be able to install this app in to on the target device and be sure it will monitor someone’s phone activity without someone’s knowledge.

Price and quality co-relation:

You need to understand that a cheap app will give you cheap features, and a pricey app will give you quality features. However, that does not mean that you should buy a costly spying app. If the spying app offers great features and justifies the price, you can readily go for it.

There are many different phone models available in the market, and not all of them can be tracked with the phone-installed phone tracker app. The one thing that is certain is that these apps will work with most iOS and Android phones.

iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.

Google Nexus 4 and 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

iPhone 6S Plus (without Apple SIM)

iPhone 7 Plus (without Apple SIM)

iPhone 8 Plus (without Apple SIM)

iPhone X (with Apple SIM)

However, you can also use it in many other iOS and Android devices. To check if your phone supports phone tracking apps, you need to open the settings on your mobile and find out which version of Android is installed on your cell phone. It is important that you contact the app’s customer support to check for compatibility.

Yes, logging into someone’s cell phone is not currently mentioned as a crime in any country or region. However, if the phone owner is not aware, it will be considered a privacy invasion, leading to legal action that varies by country.

Best Apps to Track someone’s Mobile phone

Apple And Google Plan To Track Covid

The app tracks exposure using encrypted keys and changing identification codes. Google Apple

The coronavirus pandemic brought the idea of contact tracing to the forefront of many people’s minds. And in a nutshell, it’s difficult to accurately keep tabs on how many people you’ve come into contact with. Now, however, Apple and Google are teaming up to try and leverage the ubiquity of smartphones to help notify users who may have been exposed to the virus while protecting their privacy.

We don’t quite know everything about the project just yet, but it will begin in mid-May when both companies plan to help public health organizations release apps that would keep track of everyone that users come into contact with over the course of a day. Then, if someone with whom you’ve been in close proximity gets a positive diagnosis, the app can alert you to take appropriate action.

The necessary technology has likely been in your phone for most of a decade. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which has been in iPhones since 2011 and Android phones since 2012. It’s a variation on the tech that enables devices like wireless headphones. Bluetooth Low Energy—you’ve probably seen it abbreviated BLE—is only meant to transmit small amounts of data in short bursts rather than constant streams, so it’s much easier on battery life.

The tricky part, however, is getting various phones on different platforms to talk to each other in real-time, which is where this new project from Google and Apple comes in. The companies are planning to allow iOS and Android phones to pass unique codes to one another when they’re in close range. By keeping track of these codes, the app can paint a relatively complete picture of every person with whom you’ve had contact.

Once per day, the service will check a database to see if you were close enough to anyone for exposure. If so, the app will pop up an alert with guidance about next steps and possible risk factors.

While it would initially only work between users that have downloaded and activated the app, both Apple and Google are looking towards integrating the functionality directly into their respective mobile operating systems. Even then, however, users would need to opt-in in order to use it.

The companies have released extensive documentation about the way the encryption will work in a downloadable PDF. Essentially, your phone stores encrypted codes that the app can pair with identifiers only if there’s a positive diagnosis.

One of the most important takeaways: It’s not based purely on location data, but rather phones exchanging information while in close proximity. It’s easy to envision a system based on GPS and location tracking, but that opens up more security and accuracy problems—not to mention privacy concerns—that the companies are hoping to avoid.

There are still some major question marks to go along with it, however. We know that once a user gets an official diagnosis, the app will upload 14 days of codes to a server that will trigger the notification for anyone with whom they have had contact. We still don’t quite know, however, how the app will confirm that it’s a legitimate diagnosis, but there will be a safeguard in place. Similar apps like Covid-Watch require patients to get an official code from their healthcare provider that certifies the diagnosis.

We’re also still not entirely sure which organizations will have access to the software However, just this weekend, the UK National Health Service announced that it’s onboard to integrate Google and Apple’s work into its own plans. Singapore launched an app called TraceTogether, which operated on similar technology and quickly achieved wide adoption with users.

We’ll learn more about Google and Apple’s efforts in the coming weeks, but the app’s success will be dependent upon people actually trusting and using it.

Fix: ‘No Location Found’ Or ‘Location Not Available’ On Iphone

Apple has combined ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Find My iPhone’ applications to Find My’. Find My app on iPhone helps track family and friends from your iOS devices, Mac, and Apple Watch. It also comes in handy when you misplace or lose your Apple device. 

But, sometimes, you may encounter a ‘No Location Found’  or ‘Location Not Available’ message. It happens when the location services are turned off. It also emerges when your iPhone is in Airplane mode. 

If the issue emerges, you can check and enable the Location Services. Also, you can turn off the Airplane mode and check the feature again. 

So, let’s get right to the topic and learn what you can do to fix the ‘No Location Available’ issue on your iPhone.

Why Does My iPhone Say ‘No Location Found’?

Outdated iOS

Location Services are toggled off.

Network issues

Inaccurate time and date

Find My and Share My Location are turned off.

Find My is down in Apple’s system.

Your iPhone is in Airplane mode

How to Fix ‘No Location Found’ on iPhone?

You can try various procedures to fix the issue of ‘No Location Found” on your iPhone. One of the first things you can do is close the Find My app and open it again. If not, you can also try restarting your phone. 

Likely, enable your location services to let your phone use your location. If the phone goes into Airplane mode, turn it off. You can also check the date and time and rectify it.

Sometimes, the issue might also be from the other side. It is recommended that your friend and relatives should also try all the mentioned fixes on their phones.

If you are still facing the issue, you can find more details about the fixes from the list below. 

Enable Location Services

If the location services are switched off on your iPhone, the phone won’t be able to detect your location. Hence, you need to enable the Location Services. 

Turn the Precise Location On

To get rid of the ‘No Location Available’ message, you can further provide Precise Location permission to ‘Find My’ through the settings. 

Turn Off Airplane Mode

So, you can try the steps below to turn off Airplane mode on your phone:  

Restart iPhone

Sometimes the technical glitches on your iPhone may cause trouble with location services. In that case, a quick restart can resolve the issue and refreshes your phone’s background processing. It allows the system to start fresh. 

Here is the procedure to restart your iPhone based on the model you use:

iPhone X and Newer phones

Press and hold one of the Volume buttons and the Side button. 

Do it until the Power-off slider emerges on the phone.

Slide the slider and wait till the phone switch off.

Now press and hold the side button to switch on the phone. You can release it when the Apple logo emerges on the phone screen. 

iPhone 6-8 and iPhone SE (2nd or 3rd Gen)

First, you need to press and hold the Side button until a Power-off slider displays on the phone.

Swipe the slider. Wait a while until the phone shuts down.

Next, press and hold the side button to start the phone. You will see the Apple logo on the phone screen. 

iPhone SE (1st Gen), 5 or Older phones

Press and hold the Button at the top until you see the power-off slider on your phone’s screen.

Drag the slider to turn off the phone and wait for some time.

To switch the phone on, press and hold the button on the top until the Apple logo emerges on the screen.

Set the Correct Date and Time

For proper location tracking, the device needs to have the correct date and time. So, when you face the ‘No Location Found’ issue, you can check your iPhone’s date and time settings and correct them if needed.

Proper Access to the Internet Connection

A proper internet connection is necessary to get track of location and interact with ‘Find My’. If your iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular data, only the last know location of the phone will be available. 

So, it is vital that you have access to a proper internet connection to resolve the issue. You can connect to the Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection based on your preference. 

Using Cellular Data

Using Wi-Fi

Turn on Find My and Share My Location Options

To resolve the issue of ‘No Location Found,’ it is also important that you turn on the feature of Find My iPhone and Share My Location.  

Check Apple’s System Status Page

To check whether the service of Find My is working or not, visit the official Apple System Status site and look for Find My. If the service is running, you will see a green dot next to it. If it is not working, a red or yellow dot will appear. 

The case of Find My being down is rare. But sometimes, it can happen, and there is nothing you can do from your side. All you need to do is wait and let Apple fix the service from their side.

Reset Location and Privacy Option

If the ‘No Location Found’ error still persists, you may consider resetting location and privacy. Doing so will revert the location and privacy settings to default, and apps will require permission to access the location. Follow the steps below and check back ‘Find My’ to see whether the issue vanishes or not.

Update the iOS of your iPhone

In some instances, an outdated version of iOS can also be the leading cause of the issue. Updating the software version can clear out bugs and software glitches from your phone. 

If you are unaware of the process of updating the iOS on your iPhone, try the following steps:

How To Automatically Change Your Apple Watch Face Based On Time Or Location

Automations can be wonderful. You can make things happen with a one-time action and have them repeat. And with the Shortcuts app on iPhone you can set up personal automations for your Apple Watch.

One such automation you may find handy is changing your Watch face based on time of day, location, or action. For instance, you might like a certain face in the morning as your day is starting and a different one as your evening begins. As another example, you might prefer a particular face for when you head to the office and another when you arrive home.

Here, we’ll show you how to automatically change your Apple Watch face for situations like these.

Change your Apple Watch face based on time

Let’s start with a Watch face that changes based on the time of day. And we’d like to thank Jake Behrens and his Twitter post for the idea!

1) Open Shortcuts on your iPhone and tap Automation at the bottom.

2) Tap the plus sign at the top to add one and choose Create Personal Automation.

3) Pick Time of Day at the top of the New Automation screen.

4) Select Sunrise, Sunset, or a custom Time of Day. Optionally, set the automation to repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly if you like.

5) Tap Next and then tap Add Action.

6) You can scroll through the Suggestions here, but it’s easier to pop the word “Watch” into the Search at the top. This should display Watch at the very top under Apps, so tap it.

7) On the list of Watch actions, select Set Watch Face.

8) On the Actions screen, tap “Face” in blue. Choose the face you want to use for the time you selected.

Tip: If you’re doing this just for fun, you can pick the option at the bottom for Ask Each Time and select one by mood or activity when prompted.

9) Now you’ll be back on the Actions screen and should see the face you selected in the action. Tap Next.

10) On the following screen, you’ll likely want to turn off the toggle for Ask Before Running. If you leave this enabled, you’ll be prompted each time the automation runs which is really unnecessary. If you disable the toggle, confirm by tapping Don’t Ask.

11) Tap Done.

This completes the setup process for the automation and you’ll be directed to the main Automation screen where you should see the one you just created.

Follow the same steps to set up the Watch face changes for the additional times of day.

Change your Watch face automatically by location

Next, we’ll show you how to set up an automation to change your Watch face based on location. This is pretty much the same process except you’re choosing a location instead of a time.

1) Follow Steps 1 and 2 above and pick Arrive or Leave at the top of the New Automation screen, depending on when you want the face to change.

2) Tap Choose to pick the location and then tap Done. You can optionally select a Time Range for changing locations or simply set it to Any Time.

3) Tap Next and then tap Add Action.

4) Follow the remaining Steps 6 through 11 above to add the action for your Watch, select the face, and finish the automation setup.

Other handy Watch face actions

Now that you see the basics for automatically changing your Apple Watch face based on time or location, you might try some other actions.

Once you start setting up the automation, review the available actions. You can change the face based on before you commute, when Airplane Mode is turned on, when your Watch reaches a certain battery level, and more.

Update the detailed information about Apple Responds To Location Tracking Controversy: “We Don’t Track Your Iphone” on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!