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Several users have reported they are unable to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) using the ECG app on the Apple Watch. ECG is also called EGK. There may be a few reasons why the Apple Watch ECG feature is not working. This article explains how you can fix this problem. Please try the steps below. Make sure to check your Apple Watch after each step to see if ECG starts working.

1. Check if the ECG feature is available in your country

The ECG app is not available everywhere. Initially, the functionality was limited to the United States. This is because ECG is considered a medical device or feature and each country has different regulatory approval processes. However, Apple has continued to gain regulatory approval and it has been adding many additional countries.

Apple’s website lists all of the countries where Apple Watch’s ECG feature is available.

2. Check if the ECG app is available on your watch

The app is not available on all watch models. The Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 (and later) have the ECG app. The previous Apple modes and Apple Watch SE do not support this feature. You can identify your watch model by looking at the back of the watch case.

3. Restart

Simply restart your iPhone and watch:

Apple Watch: Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider. Wait for 30 seconds for your watch to turn off. Then press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone X, 11, 12, or later: Press and hold the side button and the volume up (or down) button together until the power off slider appears. Drag “the on-screen power-off” slider. Wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Other iPhone models, iPhone 8 and earlier: Press and hold the power button (side or top) until the power off slider appears. Drag the power-off slider. Wait for your iPhone to turn off. Then again press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

4. Update

Ensure that your iPhone and watch are using the latest version of iOS and watchOS.

5. Clean your Digital Crown

It is possible that your Apple Watch may not be able to take an accurate ECG because the Digital Crown, which is located on the side of the watch, is failing to sense your finger. Check your Digital Crown for substances like debris, dust, or lotion. Here is how you can clean it:

Turn off your watch.

Ensure that your watch is not connected to the charger.

If you have a leather band, remove it.

Do not use any cleaning products like soaps or other chemical sprays or materials.

Hold the Digital Crown under lightly running, warm, freshwater from a faucet. Keep holding it for 10 -15 seconds. and rotate the crown while the water flows.

Then dry your watch with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.

Then try to use the app again.

6. Delete and reinstall

Delete and then reinstall the ECG app. Here is how:

Delete the app:

On your watch, go to your Home Screen by pressing the Digital Crown.

Find the ECG app.

Press and hold the app until it jiggles.

Tap the delete (X) button. A new screen will appear saying “are you sure you want to delete “ECG”?” Tap Delete App. See this article if you cannot delete apps from your watch.

Install the app again:

Before reinstalling, restart your Apple Watch.

Then open the App Store app on your watch.

Tap Search.

Use your voice or scribble to search for the ECG app.

Find the ECG app, you may need to scroll down to find it.

Tap the cloud with an arrow icon to install it again.

See also: How To Install Apple Apps Removed From iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch

7. Reset all settings

If you are still having this problem, try resetting all settings. This will not delete your data but all of your settings will be gone.

Then open the ECG app on your watch, it will say open your Health app on your iPhone. Open the Health app and then set up the ECG app.

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How To Fix Apple Mouse Not Working On Mac

Your Apple Mouse might experience some issues when you pair it to your Mac. That doesn’t mean either item is broken. Sometimes it just struggles to find and maintain a connection, which makes using it difficult.

However, there are many ways to reset and improve the connection the Magic Mouse has to your Mac. 

Users have reported quite a few problems with the Apple Magic Mouse. One of the most common is a weak connection or issues pairing it to the Mac’s Bluetooth. However, various issues can keep your Magic Mouse from working correctly, and a few different issues arise depending on which generation of Magic Mouse you’re using.

Test the connection to the computer and the mouse itself to find the source of the connection issue. If you have another Mac, you can test the Magic Mouse on it first to see if it will connect to that one. If it does, you know to focus on problems with the computer rather than the mouse.

Slide the switch so that no green is showing. Then slide it back over so that you can see green again. Try to pair it to the computer.

You can also turn Bluetooth on and off to see if it helps connect the device. 

Plugging in the mouse and letting it charge completely is an excellent first step to eliminate any connection issues. While you do, go through the steps to detect it.

Always leave the cable connected for at least one minute to ensure that it starts the pairing process. Once you remove the Magic mouse from the charger, try to see if it maintains the Bluetooth connection.

Sometimes unpairing and then pairing the mouse again can help make it connect to your Mac. Remember that Bluetooth must be on for you to disconnect the Magic mouse. The option to remove it may not appear if Bluetooth isn’t on.

This process should remove and then discover the mouse again. If the mouse isn’t showing up in the Bluetooth window, though, you should reset the Bluetooth device connections on your Mac.

Resetting the Bluetooth connections for your Mac will remove all connected devices from your Bluetooth list. It can be helpful if the Magic Mouse doesn’t appear at all. If it isn’t directly connected, you will have to pair everything again, including your keyboard. Make sure you’re ready to complete that process before starting.

You can use a wired keyboard and mouse to go through this process to make it easier.

Experts recommend connecting your mouse to the Mac without the Internet on. The wireless connection could be interfering with the Bluetooth. Try turning off the Internet, restarting your Mac, and then pairing the Magic Mouse again.

Your Magic Mouse might not be working if it’s actively paired with another device. Check nearby compatible devices and ensure it’s not connected in their Bluetooth settings. If it is, unpair it and connect with the Mac again.

Cleaning the Magic Mouse might help fix issues with it. If you’re having trouble getting smooth movement on the screen, try cleaning it.

Disconnect the mouse and remove the batteries, if applicable. 

Wipe down the outside of the mouse with a soft cloth damp with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Flip the mouse over and clean the bottom. Look for any build-up on the base that might be preventing it from moving.

Use a q-tip to clean the battery contacts if the mouse uses batteries. 

Clean the surface on which you’re using it.

Allow everything to dry before replacing the batteries, turning the mouse back on, and reconnecting.

Consider getting a mousepad instead if you’re using your Magic Mouse on a glass surface. Though optical mice can work on many surfaces, people often experience difficulty on glass. 

Replace the batteries if you’re using an older Magic Mouse that isn’t rechargeable, r. If the connection is still shaky, try putting a small folded piece of paper under the battery door. It can help the mouse keep the connection when the battery area is too loose. Some users have had luck using this trick to keep the connection stable.

One of the issues that people repeatedly mentioned was the positioning of the computer and mouse. Users said that sometimes it worked better in one room than another because they thought the placement might interfere with the signal.

While it seems unlikely to be a significant concern since the Mac and Magic Mouse are the only two devices connecting to each other, it’s worth trying to test using it in different rooms. Since so many people had that experience and shared it, it’s worth testing. Try it in a different environment to see whether you’re still experiencing the same issues. 

Position the mouse so that nothing is between it and the Mac. Different materials have different interference potentials. For example, wood and glass are less likely to cause interference. Metal, concrete, and marble are more likely to cause connection issues if they’re between the Mac and the Magic Mouse. 

You can also try to switch wireless devices in your house to the 5GHz channel, if possible. Like many wireless devices, the Magic Mouse connects on the 2.4 GHz band. Reducing interference on the band can improve connectivity. 

If no mice are working on your Mac, the problem is definitely with the computer itself. There are a few things you can do to make it work correctly.

You can update your Mac to the latest software if you aren’t running it already. They include bug fixes and access to new features in updates, so updating it can fix the connection issues.

Upgrade means that you’re getting an entirely new Mac build. Update means you’re getting the latest release for the one you already have downloaded.

Sometimes moving your USB and Thunderbolt hubs farther away from your Mac can help with Bluetooth connection issues. No matter what kind of mouse you’re using, simply switching its position might make a difference. 

Use a Bluetooth dongle if it comes with your mouse instead of the direct Bluetooth connection. While it might not be ideal since it takes up a port, it might help complete the connection. 

Specific settings on your Mac can keep the Magic Mouse and other mouses from working correctly. Check your mouse settings to make sure everything is to your liking.

You can also adjust other settings in this menu to make sure whatever mouse you’re using works the way you prefer.

Fixing your Magic Mouse or any other mouse connected to your Mac helps you get back to your regular computer routine. Older mouse versions might experience different problems since the features changed over time, but the basic troubleshooting is still the same whether you use replaceable or rechargeable batteries. The real challenge is finding out what’s wrong because once you pinpoint the problem, fixing it should be simple. 

Apple Keyboard Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

It’s pretty impossible to complete your daily task if your keyboard is unresponsive. For mac users, a misbehaving apple keyboard causes a whole lot of problems, mainly because there are not many alternatives available. 

Usually, an apple keyboard malfunctions due to a corrupted keyboard preference file. Either that, or it might be just a simple case of misconnection. Nevertheless, a suitable settings configuration generally gets the Apple keyboard working at its best.

So, here in this article, we have made a list of all the fixes and workarounds to help you solve this issue of your faulty Apple keyboard. 


A dead keyboard battery

Mouse keys

Corrupted preference files

Corruption from recently installed applications

Corrupted SMC data

Dirty keyboard

Outdated OS

Restarting your computer and also your keyboard should be the first action you take whenever it malfunctions. Usually, rebooting the system can fix these minor computing issues by reallocating resources during startup. 

And if this doesn’t work, you can follow all the steps listed below until one of them solves your problem. 

Before you dive into more technical fixes, it’s important to ensure that your cables are connected properly and in the right port. Also, if you always connect your keyboard to the same port on your computer, try switching the port and see what happens. If you find that your keyboard works on one port and not on the other, the problem might be within the ports. 

And, if you use a wireless keyboard, make sure that it’s paired correctly to the system. Moreover, try to unpair it and re-pair it with your computer. For this, 

Another reason your keyboard is not working might be because it’s out of battery life. This applies mainly to iMac users who use the wireless magic keyboard. If you have not plugged in your keyboard for a while now, we recommend you to do so and charge it. 

However, there is a way to check the battery level of your keyboard, and here’s how:

If you have the mouse keys option enabled on your system, your keyboard will not be able to comply with its default workflow. The mouse keys feature lets you move the cursor around the screen using your keyboard buttons. So naturally, this disables the keyboard from typing. 

Hence, to avoid unwanted confusion, it’s best to disable the mouse keys option and see if it fixes your problem. For this,

Your keyboard’s properties files store your user settings and customized keyboard options. It also stores individual profiles and other appropriate data in XML format. 

However, the properties files are known to get corrupted as well. And in such a case, deleting these files can fix your problem. But keep in mind that doing so will delete all your custom settings, including the shortcut you might have set or the keyboard layout you’re familiar with. Nevertheless,  

If you noticed that your Apple keyboard failed to operate properly after installing a new app, chances are that this application is in conflict with your keyboard processes. So, through various forums, we came to the conclusion that backtracking and deleting recently installed applications could fix your malfunctioning keyboard issue. For this, 

More often than not, specks of dirt and greases inside the keyboard prevent it from working efficiently. The key presses might fail to register, and the keyboard might fail to be recognized altogether. And if that’s the case, the only thing you can do is clean the keyboard. 

For this, you can use compressed air to clean off the dirt from tight spaces. Then, wiping the keys with a piece of microfibre cloth damped in Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) should do the trick. However, we do have a dedicated article on cleaning the keyboard keys. So, if you want to, you could check it out as well.

The SMC (System Management Controller) makes sure your hardware components are working as intended. So, whenever you have hardware issues on your computer, you could reset the SMC, as it’ll very likely fix the problem you’re facing. 

As for keyboards, the SMC makes sure that the keyboard keys are registered, and the indicator lights illuminate as you want them to. So, to reset the SMC,

For M1 Chip Macbooks For T2 Chip Macbooks For Macbooks With No M1/T2 Chips For Macbooks With Removable Battery

If none of the above methods work, you could resort to updating your entire operating system. Although this may seem farfetched, a new OS update has been known to incorporate new features and compatibility patches on your computer. These patches could be the key to getting your keyboard working at its full capacity. So, to update your system,  

How To Fix Cod Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most iconic FPS shooter games that doesn’t even need a hyped-up introduction. The game recently drew even more attention after the new Pacific update that has got some new weapons, maps, operators, and much more. Unfortunately, the Pacific update also brings some major and painful bugs. Whenever users try to play the multiplayer mode, they get error messages like Missing Data Pack that don’t even let them enter the game.

These errors are ruining the whole excitement of the new update, and we don’t want that to happen. Thus, we have some working solutions to fix all issues stopping you from enjoying the latest Pacific update. You can try the below-mentioned fixes to resolve the COD Modern Warfare multiplayer not working on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. So, let’s move ahead and check them out. 

What Causes Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working

Several players bombarded Modern Warfare’s Reddit community with the issues they faced with COD: Modern Warfare. Many players got errors, like ‘Missing Data Pack’ when they tried to play the game in the multiplayer mode. They tried restarting the game as well as the console but the issue wasn’t fixed. The list of errors keeps on going. There could be various reasons behind the Modern Warfare multiplayer not working issue. 

Corrupted Cache Data on Consoles: One of the expected causes of the issue is the corrupted cache data. No doubt, cache helps games and applications run efficiently, but sometimes it causes issues too. There are possibilities that the existing cache is interfering with your game. This is why you are facing issues with COD: Modern Warfare. You can try cleaning the cache to fix the problem to get rid of this. 

Outdated Drivers: Outdated drivers are another common cause of the issue. COD: Modern Warfare requires a stable connection to run smoothly. And in that case, network drivers hold a significant rule. If your loading screen gets stuck or you notice a high ping drop, there could be something wrong with your network drivers. There is a possibility that your drivers have been outdated. You need to update them to avoid the issues.

Invalid Licenses: The invalid license issue has now become the most common problem for PlayStation users. Users reported that even after having a valid license, they are still unable to play COD: Modern Warfare. One of the primary causes behind the issue could be some inconsistencies in the system. You can resolve this issue by restoring this particular issue by restoring your license.

Missing Multiplayer Packages On Next-Gen: Many PlayStation and Xbox users got the ‘Missing Data Packs’ error on the game loading screen. If any of the data is missing, you won’t be able to play COD: Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer Mode on any console.

Besides these, there could be many more causes of this issue, such as regional issues, launcher issues, and a few more. Yet, these are some of the most common reasons for the COD Modern Warfare multiplayer not working issue. Let’s now check the fixes to resolve these issues and enjoy the new Pacific update. 

Fix COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working

There are several fixes to the issue, and this section explains all of them. We have mentioned all relevant and potential fixes that will help you fix the problem on Xboxes, PlayStation, and PC.

Fix COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working On PS4, PS5, & Xbox

You can now start following the below-mentioned methods to fix COD Modern Warfare multiplayer not working on PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

1. Clear The MAC Address (For Xboxes Only)

One of the ways to fix COD: Modern Warfare multiplayer not working is to clear the MAC Address. Many users stated that their COD: Modern Warfare started working without any issues right after clearing the Xbox’s MAC Address. However, this fix only applies to Xbox, not to other consoles. You can follow the steps to reset the Mac Address on your Xbox. 

1. Open the Settings of your Xbox. 

2. Then, move to Network Settings from General Settings. 

3. Now, select Advanced Settings.

4. After that, choose the Alternate MAC address option from the given options.

You did it. Reboot your Xbox and launch the game and check whether the issue is fixed or not. 

2. Uninstall Multiplayer Packs (For All Xboxes, PS4 & PS5)

COD: Modern Warfare has varied multiplayer modes, and each mode asks you to download additional files. Sometimes these multiplayer packs start causing the issue. Thus, the best way to troubleshoot this is to uninstall the multiplayer packs from your console and download them again. You can easily uninstall multiplayer packages on both Xbox and PlayStations.

Uninstall Multiplayer Packs On Xbox One, Xbox Series S & Series X

You can follow the steps to uninstall multiplayer packs on Xbox.

1. Open your Xbox’s Storage Drive. 

2. Head to the Manage section of your Xbox’s storage drive.

3. Move to the Leftover add-ons section from the left navigation pane. 

Note: Don’t delete these four integral packs: 

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer Pack

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer Pack 2

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer Pack 3 

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer And Special Ops Pack

5. If any of the above-mentioned files is missing. Head to Fix 5 and download them on your console. 

That’s it. Restart your Xbox and launch the game to see whether the problem is resolved or not. 

Uninstall Multiplayer Packs On PlayStation 4 & 5

Follow the below steps to uninstall multiplayer packs on PlayStation 4 & 5.

1. Navigate to your console’s storage drive. 

2. Search for multiplayer packs in your console’s storage drive. 

Note: Don’t delete these six important packs: 

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer Pack

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer Pack 2

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer Pack 3

Call of Duty: MW – Multiplayer And Special Ops Pack

Campaign Pack 1

Campaign Pack 2

If you find any above-mentioned file is missing. Head to Fix #5 and download them on your PlayStation. 

5. Lastly, restart your console and check the status of the issue. 

3. Use a Dedicated Launcher (For All Xboxes, PS4 & PS5)

Activision has really made a blunder by integrating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone, into Call of Duty: Cold War. Many players stated this was the main culprit of the entire problem. When you launch the game through Call of Duty: Cold War launcher, it automatically launches both games. Eventually, it starts causing issues. There is a high possibility that this is the main reason for your issue.

So, from now onwards, you need to be a bit cautious when launching the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer. You only need to ensure that you launch the game from its Dedicated Launcher. Console users can launch the COD: Modern Warfare from its dedicated launcher by selecting from the list of games.

4. Clear The Console Cache (For All Xboxes, PS4 & PS5)

The cache is one of the most common causes behind COD: Modern Warfare not working, and some players reported the same. Yes, the cache stored on your consoles helps in many ways. But, sometimes, it creates issues like this one. Therefore, you can try clearing the clear cache of your console. Furthermore, this method applies to all consoles: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 4 & 5. You can now follow the steps to know how to do the same. 

Clear Cache On Xbox One

Xbox doesn’t offer a built-in feature to clear the cache. Though it is still possible to clear cache on Xbox One just follow the below steps.

1. Press and hold the power button of your Xbox One until the LED turns off. 

2. Once the console is turned off, remove the power cable to stop the power supply completely. 

3. Wait at least 2-3 minutes to ensure that the cache has been deleted. 

4. Once the time is over, plug in the power cable again and turn on your Xbox One. 

Clear Cache On Xbox Series X and Series S

Clearing the Xbox Series X and Series S cache is relatively easier compared to Xbox One. Both are the latest and next-generation consoles. Xbox Series X and Series S have an option to clear cache in a few steps. Follow the below steps to clear the cache on Xbox Series X and Series S.

1. Press the Xbox Logo Button on your gaming controller.

2. You will now see the Profile & System window. 

4. Head to All Settings, then move to the Devices and Connections section. 

5. Select the Blu-Ray from the options.

7. Reboot your Xbox X/S Series console and open COD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer. 

Clear Cache On PS4 and PS5

Sony doesn’t offer a dedicated option to clear the cache on PlayStations. You need to force clear all the cached data similar to the Xbox One series. Follow the steps to clear the cache on PS4 and PS5. 

1. Press the power button and hold it until you hear a sound while the console is turned on. 

2. Once the light indicator stops blinking, unplug the power cord to stop the power supply. 

3. Wait at least 30 seconds to let the cache get deleted entirely from your console’s storage drive. 

4. Put the power cord back and reboot your PlayStation.

5. Install Missing Multiplayer Data Packs (For All Xboxes, PS4 & PS5)

One of the most frequently reported issues is getting the ‘Missing Data Pack’ error on the game loading screen. COD: Modern Warfare is a huge game and requires different multiplayer packs to work properly. However, this now becomes a bit confusing because there are a lot of data packs for COD: Modern Warfare. It is quite challenging to figure out what is needed to run the game. 

Usually, data packs vary with the type of console. It depends whether you are playing COD: Modern Warfare on Xbox One, Next Gen Xboxes, or PlayStation. Each of them needs different multiplayer packs to run smoothly. You need to install the below-mentioned data packs to for sure to get rid of the Missing Data Pack error. 





Fortunately, the issue can be solved after installing the missing data packs. You can now follow the steps to install missing multiplayer data packs on your respective console.

Install Missing Multiplayer Data Packs on PS5 

You can install the missing multiplayer data packs from the PlayStation Store or inside the game itself. We will show you how to install missing packs from inside the game as it is much easier. Before installing the packs, you must also ensure that your console storage has at least 90GB of free space to download and store the data packs. Once it is confirmed, you can follow the steps to install the missing multiplayer data packs on PS5. 

1. Launch COD: Modern Warfare.

2. Press the R3 button on your controller.

3. Head to the MODERN WARFARE GAME PACKS section and install the missing data packs by matching them with the above-mentioned multiplayer data packs. 

4. Once the process completes, restart your PlayStation 5.

Install Missing Multiplayer Data Packs on Xbox Series S and Series X 

If you are an Xbox user, you can simply install missing multiplayer packs from the Microsoft Store. Follow the steps to install lacking multiplayer packs on Xbox Series S and Series X.

1. Launch Microsoft Store. 

2. Search for Modern Warfare in the Microsoft Store. 

3. Choose Modern Warfare from the search results and jump to In This Bundle section.

5. Now, install the required multiplayer data packs.

6. Reboot your console and launch the game. 

6. Updating the Licenses (PS4 & PS5 Only)

One of the reasons for not being able to enjoy the Multiplayer mode of COD: Modern Warfare could be an issue with your PlayStation license. Mainly PS4 & PS5 users have faced this issue. Possibly, your database doesn’t record COD: Modern Warfare even if you have purchased it. Luckily, Sony has incorporated a feature that lets you update your license to inform the company that you have bought this game and have the license. 

You can follow these steps to restore your license on PlayStation 4. 

1. Open the Settings of your PlayStation 4.

2. Head to Account Management settings, then move to the Restore Licenses tab. 

4. Once you see your missing license, reboot your PlayStation 4. 

You can follow these steps to restore your license on PlayStation 5. 

1. Open the Settings of your PlayStation 5.

2. Head to Account Management settings and head to the Restore Licenses tab. 

4. Once you see your missing license, reboot your PlayStation 4. 

These are possible ways to fix COD Modern Warfare multiplayer not working after the Pacific update on all Xbox, PS4 & PS5. If you face the same issue while playing on a PC, check the next section to know the actual fixes. 

Fix COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working On PC

Many players faced the same issues on PC. Yet, they also suggested some working workarounds to the issues. This section includes all the working methods to resolve the issue. Of course, the workaround would differ from Xboxes, PS4 & PS5 workarounds. You can now follow the below-mentioned methods to fix the issue on your PC. 

If your game has become choppy and laggy after updating the game to the newest version, then there could be an issue with your network drivers. In that case, updating network drivers may fix the issue. Follow the steps to update the network drivers of your system. 

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run window. 

2. Type devmgmt.msc in the search bar. 

5. After that, choose Search Automatically for Drivers to let the Windows search for updated drivers automatically from the database. 

7. Now, wait for the drivers to update and see a congratulatory message. 

8. In the end, Restart your PC and run COD: Modern Warfare to see whether the issue is fixed or not. 

2. Use a VPN

If you still face some lag issues even after updating your network drivers. We will then suggest using a VPN and changing your region or country. Many players faced connectivity issues on PC after the new Pacific update. Interestingly, many of them were able to fix the issue by using a VPN. You can also try using a VPN and try different servers to see which solves the issue.

3. Switch DNS Server

You can also try switching your DNS server if you think DNS is suspected to be causing the problem. Windows allows you to switch DNS servers in a few steps. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to change the DNS server on Windows 11. 

1. Press the Windows key and type Settings in the search box. 

3. Head to the Network & Internet section from the sidebar. 

4. Make sure the WiFi is turned on, then head to the WiFi section. 

6. Select Manual from the given options. 

7. Then, turn on IPV4.

8. Add in the Preferred DNS box and in the Alternate DNS box. 

9. Select Preferred DNS Encryption and Alternate DNS Encryption to Encrypted Only.

4. Recreate The chúng tôi Files

When you launch Modern Warfare on your PC, the chúng tôi file also launches automatically. However, sometimes files start creating cache issues. You need to recreate the chúng tôi file or clear the chúng tôi cache to fix the issue. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to recreate the chúng tôi file. 

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run the Task Manager. 

2. Jump to the Process section to see all the current processes. 

3. End all the Blizzard programs, like the agent, chúng tôi Update agent, etc.

4. Afterwards, press Windows + R and type %ProgramData% to open the ProgramData folder.

5. Search for Blizzard Entertainment and chúng tôi folders and delete them. 

6. Lastly, reboot your PC. 

5. Launch The Game From The Dedicated Launcher

6. Clear Cache on Steam

In case, you have bought the game on Steam and are facing the same issues with the game. You can try clearing the Steam cache on your PC. You can follow the given steps to clear your Steam application cache. 

1. Open Steam and head to the Library. 

5. Once you clean your cache, reboot your PC to check if the issue is gone or not. 

7. Reinstall The Game

If none of those above-mentioned methods works on PC, the ultimate solution is to reinstall the game. Reinstalling the game will definitely fix the issue. Follow the below-mentioned easy steps to uninstall the COD: Modern Warfare. 

Open the app, and search Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the Games section. In the end, choose the Uninstall option to uninstall the game completely along with the data. You should now reinstall the game and check the status of the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install Multiplayer on Modern Warfare?

Why Won’t It Let Me Split Screen on Modern Warfare?

To split-screen on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, you must ensure the second person is not logged in. If yes, then make sure to log out from other devices. You can also try restarting and power-cycle your consoles. 

How Do I Fix Modern Warfare Error?

Some of the best ways to fix Modern Warfare errors are reinstalling the game and installing the missing multiplayer packs. You can also try clearing the Mac Address and Cache of your PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Why Can’t I Play Multiplayer on COD?

One of the primary causes of not being able to play the game is the corrupted cache files. Most users have experienced the issues because of corrupted cache files. You can clear the cache on your PS4, PS5, Xbox, and. If you are a PC user, you can try clearing the cache of the Steam software. 

What Packs Do I Need Installed To Play MW Multiplayer?

To play Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer Mode on PC, Xboxes, and PlayStation, you must install these two multiplayer data packs: Data Pack 1 and Multiplayer Pack 2.

Final Words

How To Fix “Windows 10 Touchscreen Not Working” Issue?

How to Fix “Windows 10 Touchscreen Not Working” Issue?

Yet, there are many users who are facing issues with Windows touch screen. So, if you are one of them, this blog is for you! We will share some of the amazing methods to make sure you will never witness touch screen glitch on your system.

Best Ways To Fix Windows 10 Touchscreen Issues

As far as we have researched, the issue related to Windows 10 touchscreen is because of the system driver incompatibility. So to begin with the process we will make sure your computer’s drivers are fully compatible with. There are two possible ways to solve this problem one is through manual and other is automatic method.

Start with downloading Smart Driver Care on your system.

Tap on “Smart Scan” to begin the scanning process.

Once the scanning is completed, you will get the list of outdated system drivers on screen.

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Method 1- Run Troubleshoot

We will start with the quick and easy manual method to halt such glitch on your system. Refer to the below mentioned step:

Press Win key and I together, to launch Windows settings.

On the left side pane, you will get a option of “Troubleshoot”

Once you tap on Troubleshoot, you will see the option of “Hardware and device” on the right side of the window, tap on it to proceed.

Hope this method will help you to get rid of this issue. If not, jump to the next fix.

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Method 2- Disable & Re-enable Touchscreen Option

This is another fix that helps you to get rid of such issue, follow this method with the below steps:

Press win key and X together and navigate to the Device Manager from the list.

Tap on “Disable” and now confirm the next steps to proceed further.

Once you disable it, re-enable it with the above steps!

Restart your computer and check whether you are still witnessing the issue or not.

Method 3- Manually Update The Drivers

Although Smart Driver Care will itself solve your problem but if you still want to try with manual methods you can refer to the below steps:

You will get the confirmation pop-up on the screen that will ask how you want to search for the drivers. Tap on “Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software”

This is how you can manually update the system drivers. Hopefully this method will sort this issue!

Method 4- Change Power Management Settings

Launch device manager and go back to the same procedure as you did in method 3.

Now, double tap on “HID- compliant touch screen” it will automatically open its properties.

In the new box, go to the power management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”, followed by Ok.

Restart your system and check if the touch screen issue on Windows 10 is still there?

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How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Windows 10?

Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10, Here’s What Can Be Done Reasons Why Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10 What Can Be Done If Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working 1. Check if You Have Enabled The Bluetooth

Also, you can check if the Bluetooth is enabled by following the steps mentioned below –

3. On the right hand side check if the Bluetooth switch is toggled to right or not

2. Disable Airplane Mode

While there are certain things that you may have to enable if Bluetooth not working on Windows 10 computer, there are certain things that should be shut off, one of which is the Airplane mode. So, again open the Action Center in Windows 10 and disable the Airplane mode if it isn’t and now check, if you are able to turn on Bluetooth or not.

3. Update Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver

Here is how you can update Windows 10 Bluetooth driver if it’s not working

1. Download and install Smart Driver Care

3. You can either Update All drivers or select individual drivers and select the Update Driver button against each driver

Want to know more about this wonderful tool? Here’s our review

Smart Driver Care – Features At A Glance

4. Ensure That Bluetooth Support Service Is Running

It could be that Bluetooth Support Service is not running because of which Bluetooth in your Windows 10 PC might not be turning on. To enable this setting follow these steps –

1. Press Windows + R and open the Run dialog box

2. Type chúng tôi and press Enter

7. Follow the steps as mentioned in point No. 1

5. Make Changes In Registry Settings

If none of the above ways work and Windows 10 Bluetooth still won’t turn on, you can try making tweaks to the registry settings. Here are the steps to do the same. But, before applying these steps, we request you to first take a backup of your registries so that in case if anything goes wrong you will at least have a fallback option.

1. Press Windows + R keys and open the Run dialog box

2. Type Regedit and press Enter

3. Navigate to the below mentioned bath or type the path in the address bar

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsCurrentVersionActionCenterQuick ActionsAllSystemSettings_Device_BluetoothQuickAction

5. Change Value Data to 1 from 0


We hope that after trying the above troubleshooting ways, you won’t have to face a situation where the Bluetooth not working on your Windows 10 computer. If you liked the blog, do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends.

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