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B2Broker has adjusted the prices of the packages for its flagship products — B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader — to make them more accessible to a broader range of businesses. We at B2Broker are proud to continue putting out top-notch solutions and offerings that meet the requirements of our clients. Thanks for your support!

Fee Adjustments

B2Trader, MarksMan, and B2Core don’t charge setup fees anymore. In the past, customers would have been required to pay one-time fees of $25,000 and $2,000 for setting up B2Trader and MarksMan. With no setup fees, customers can get started using these products more quickly and save more resources over time. Additionally, by removing setup charges, customers will be able to use these products on a scale that suits them. Both companies and their traders will greatly benefit from this deal. 

As part of our efforts to eliminate setup fees while offering tremendous savings to our customers, we have updated our service agreement. Now, an up-front payment of three months is mandatory for new customers of B2Trader, Marksman Liquidity Hub, and B2Core. With this new fee model, we are able to provide innovative services to our clients while saving them a considerable amount of money.

Also, B2Broker is now covering the costs of AWS Invoice for all its B2Trader customers. This means that there is no longer any need for customers to pay for this service separately. This change has been made in order to help our customers better manage their finances and help them save more money.

Changes in the Product

For our clients’ convenience and ease, we have redesigned B2Trader’s packaging system. Because of this, all packages now provide a similar level of functionality, with the only difference being the range of instruments that they offer and the depth of their order books. A Standard package is ideal for those looking for a simple order book and a small number of pairs. If, on the other hand, you plan to list a large number of coins and tokens, then the Enterprise package with 100×100 order book and 100 pairs is recommended.

Additionally, MarksMan Liquidity Hub’s Advanced package now doesn’t restrict the number of external liquidity providers that can be connected. As a result, our clients can choose from a variety of options, which makes life easier for them. Through this change, companies will be able to offer trading services with greater confidence since they will have access to the most competitive market prices at their fingertips.

Moreover, a new feature has been added to B2Core: Customer Support Queues! For Standard and Advanced packages, there is a regular queue, and there is one more separate queue for Enterprise customers. All teams have been notified, and we have begun analyzing requests. The highest priority will be given to all Enterprise package tasks, once everything is approved. Having implemented the new system, we are confident we can better serve our customers.

Also, all “coming soon” package features have been removed to make it clear what features we provide at the moment and what we don’t. Therefore, if a feature isn’t included in a package, it won’t be available until it is added to the package in the future. Providing honest and transparent information to our customers can enhance their decision-making.

We have updated all integrations in the system and added more features that provide you with a better representation of the functionality of the products. Our goal is to make your experience more enjoyable and enhance your experience with our services.

The Prices

As a result of no longer charging setup fees for our flagship products (B2Trader, MarksMan, and B2Core), our pricing structure has been updated as follows:

For B2Core, the Standard package is $1,000 USD/month, the Advanced package is $1,500 USD/month, and the Enterprise package is $2,500 USD/month.

For B2Trader, the Standard package is $6,000 USD/month, the Advanced package is $8,000 USD/month, and the Enterprise package is $10,000 USD/month.

For MarksMan, the Standard package is $1,000 USD/month, the Advanced package is $2,000 USD/month, and the Enterprise package is $3,000 USD/month (plus Hedging Trade Volume).

In Conclusion

Our dedication to offering excellent service is what distinguishes B2Broker from the competition. And these new price changes are a great way to maximize the value of our solutions. With the modifications we made to the pricing model, our products became more accessible and affordable, allowing both small and large organizations to benefit from them. See for yourself what all of these services have to offer by signing up today! In addition, we will be making more improvements in the near future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. 

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Runway Ai Review: Pricing, Features And Alternatives 2023

The Runway offers AI-powered image and video editing and generation tools.

About Runway AI

Runway ai has a collection of 30+ AI tools to create realistic, coherent graphics and 3D videos by adding different styles & compositions. 

To use Runway ai, content creators don’t require extensive coding experience. Runway lets its users export videos in different HD qualities & file formats. Runaway makes it mandatory to invest specific credit to generate images & videos. To generate more creations, users require more credits.

Launch Date – 2023

Category – Video editing software.

Runway Ai Features

Runway offers dozens of content creation features for individuals, teams, and mid-large businesses. Here are some notable features of Runway.

Runway offers a “Text to Image” generation tool that creates different styles and resolutions of images from scratch by inserting descriptive text.

Runway offers an “Image to image” tool that seamlessly converts inserted images to AI-generated images from texts.

The “Infinite Image” tool expands images by simply using descriptive text prompts.

The runway “Inpaint content” tool lets you remove anything from your video.

Runway’s “Frame Interpolation” tool creates a fine-tuned & smooth video out of multiple images.

Runway allows users to use its “AI Training” tool to train its AI models to generate unlimited portraits.

Runway offers a “text to 3D texture” tool to create 3D textures using text prompts.

Runway developed its latest Gen-2 AI model that uses styles of input images to generate structured videos.

Runway offers a web-based version of its software which you can access on any device with an active internet connection.

Runway’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for users without experience with graphics software.

Runway Ai Use Case – Real-World Applications

Runway allows graphic designers & artists to use it for diverse creative projects. Here are widely-used real-time applications of the Runway.

Runway has changed how creative designers work by unrevealing new designing opportunities in diverse industries.

Fashion industry designers use Runway’s tools to generate realistic clothes and accessories images by specifying necessary parameters. Hence, they can save significant time by ditching expensive photoshoots.

The Runway is crucial in the Interior designing industry to generate 3D building models.

Video makers in the film industry can utilize Runway to generate mesmerizing film clips that look to be created from real-life objects and people.

The animation industry can use various video editing tools to enhance animation effects.

Graphic designers can create engaging product videos for marketing campaigns.

Runway Ai Pricing

Runway offers four plans to meet the needs of individuals, small and large business teams. Here are the three premium plans of Runway.

1. Basic Plan ( Free )

Ideal for a maximum of 3 editors.

125 credits to generate a maximum of 25 images.

Three video projects.

5 GB assets.

2. Standard Plan ( $12/user/month )

Ideal for teams of 7 editors.

625 credits/month to generate a maximum of 125 images.

Allows to purchase more credits.

Unlimited video projects.

100 GB assets.

3. Pro Plan ( $28/user/month )

Ideal for large teams with 15 editors.

2250 credits/month to generate a maximum of 450 images.

Unlimited video projects.

500 GB assets.

4. Enterprise Plan ( customizable )

Ideal for bigger companies that have more requirements.


Is Runway AI free or paid?

What does runway AI do?

Do I need to download RunwayML?

You can access Runway’s software on your web browsers as it’s a cloud-based tool. There’s no need to install Runwayml online software on your devices. , Open the Runway official website and start using the software.

Can I sell Runway ai generated content as artwork?

Runway says you can use your generated videos & texts for personal & commercial purposes. Runway still needs to add policies & clear guidelines concerning the utilization of creative generations for different purposes.


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Dezgo Ai Review: Pricing, Features And Alternatives 2023

Dezgo AI is a free text-to-image or image-to-image generator powered by stable Diffusion.

About Dezgo AI

Dezgo AI uses artificial intelligence to produce stunning images from textual or image inputs. The platform uses AI techniques to generate images for every input and offers editing options. Dezgo AI doesn’t claim ownership of the created content, so users can share these images without worrying about copyright claims.

Dezgo AI is an ideal tool for graphic designers, content creators, and artists seeking image creation inspiration. Users can customize the output to give it a personalized touch and share the results online. It can generate jaw-dropping images for your website, marketing content, or social media.

Dezgo AI Features

Dezgo AI uses AI to create the best images for any prompt. It has several tools that help in fine-tuning images and sharing them. Below are some striking features of Dezgo AI:

Dezgo AI uses Stable Difussion 1.5 to create images accurately.

Users can change the aspect ratios for the output from the available options.

It uses a complex neuron network to interpret complex images and text.

Users can modify the privacy settings according to their preferences.

Users can edit the output images by changing their color, background, etc.

Dezgo produces images faster, saving the time of creators seeking to generate multiple images in a shorter period.

Dezgo AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Dezgo AI has various industrial applications. Some real-world uses of this online software include the following:

Content creators can use Dezgo AI to create stunning images and content for their social media platforms.

Graphics designers can use Dezgo AI to produce designs or take inspiration.

Marketers can use Dezgo AI to create media for their marketing campaigns.

Artists and painters can use Dezgo AI to inspire or visualize their ideas before working on them.

Dezgo AI Pricing

Dezgo AI is available for free. You can use the free version to create stunning visuals, but it has limited features.

The website offers an optional upgrade program – the Power mode. This mode enables premium features and access to the platform without restrictions. Unlike other platforms, Dezgo AI doesn’t have a specific plan. It offers a pay-as-you-go model. It means that you need to enable the Power mode, and the platform will calculate your billing amount based on the content you create. You have to pay a specific amount at the beginning, and once you exhaust your balance, recharge it to continue using it.


How does Dezgo AI work?

Do I own the resulting images? Can I share them or use them for commercial purposes?

Yes, you own the images created using Dezgo AI. Dezgo AI doesn’t hold any right to the created images. You can do whatever you want with the images, share them with friends or family, or use them commercially. However, make sure to follow the Dezgo AI licensing terms.

How to use the power mode?

You must first have a Dezgo AI account to enable the power mode. After creating your account, add funds using the available billing methods. You can then enable the power mode by hitting the lightning icon on the top-right corner of your screen.

Does my Dezgo AI balance expire?

No, your Dezgo AI balance never expires. Once you add funds to your account, you can use it lifetime. Remember, you can not withdraw your funds since Dezgo AI payments are non-refundable. So, e recommend adding a small amount to your account.

Does Dezgo AI have API?

Yes, Dezgo AI offers API access to its users. Developers can use the API to integrate Dezgo AI features into other websites and applications. However, you need to purchase the API to use it. Visit the following API documentation for more details regarding API usage and pricing.


Dezgo AI is an excellent tool for designers, content creators, and artists. Use it to take your visual content creation to the next level! The tool generates images faster and also allows users to edit them. Ask it to create images of animals, objects, real people, etc.

The best part is that its free version offers several features for creating stunning images. You can also upgrade to the power plan to create visuals cheaper. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for users of all groups, from amateurs to pros.

Dezgo AI Alternatives

Stability AI Launches Stable Doodle Image Generation Model for Artists

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How To Create Financial Models Flawlessly?

Recently, I met one of my friend working in strategy team of a bank over lunch. I felt bad for something which he mentioned casually. Here is what he said:

Every time there is a Financial model required by our leadership, we end up doing multiple iterations and thus creating numerous versions of the model. While this not only ends up taking more resources than required, it also delays the important business decisions.

This situation is not unique to his company, It happens in most of the Organizations across the globe. In the remaining article, I’ll explain what is a financial model, the process involved in creating one and some of the best practices to make them flawlessly.

[stextbox id=”section”]What is Financial modeling and how is it used?[/stextbox]

Financial modeling is a process by which we calculate or estimate financial numbers in various situations or scenarios. Financial models can vary from simple calculations to complex simulations which can take hours to run. A simple excel file in which you project your monthly income and expenses is a basic financial model.

Following is a sample excel model to project yearly savings with annual interest rate of 12%:

These models are used across the globe for business planning and taking important decisions for the business. Following are some questions which business owners typically answer with help of financial modeling:

Will it be profitable to offer new Credit cards to existing customers?

At what price point can a start up break even in 3 years? 5 years?

How many tele-callers do we need to call all the customers once every day? How much will be the cost?

How would the business model look when we acquire a competitor?

[stextbox id=”section”]Challenges in Financial modeling[/stextbox]

While building financial models is inherently not difficult, there are some common mistakes which people make and then think that financial modeling is difficult. Some of the common one are mentioned below:

A single Financial model is looked as panacea to all business problems. While this might be good intent, it becomes difficult to implement practically. Financial models are used best to answer specific questions. If you want to check whether a particular tranche of customer is profitable or not, don’t try and evolve the model to answer whether the business overall is profitable or not.

Inconsistency in outcomes: Another common reason for errors is that the analyst looks at the financial model as just a mathematical exercise. He doesn’t tie up numbers or models impact of changing numbers in one department over another. If you want to buy more raw material or keep more inventory, not only you would need more space, you would also need more human resources and maintenance.

[stextbox id=”section”]Process of building a financial model[/stextbox]

Below is a structured approach to financial modeling. Following these in disciplined manner would ensure that the common errors mentioned above are avoided and you achieve the desired result in a single attempt. At the start, these steps might seem time consuming and extra effort, but, if followed diligently they would end up saving multiple days and iterations.

We will cover best practices involved in each step below

[stextbox id=”section”]Step 1: Understand business requirements[/stextbox]

It is very important that you understand all the business requirement at the outset. If you don’t, your financial model is doomed for failure. Some important questions to ask business users are:

What are the answers business is looking from the model?

What are the levers in control of business owners? What is out of their control?

What is the period for which they want to take the decisions?

What are the constraints (resources / budgets / capacity)?

What are the dependencies across various departments?

Once you have a fair understanding of what business wants, agree on set of inputs, output and assumptions. It is a good practice to keep all your inputs, output and assumptions together. If you are using excel, keep them in a sheet each. If you are using a coding environment, define inputs and assumptions at the outset. By doing so, you make sure that creating scenarios later on is easy and can be done without creating any confusion.

[stextbox id=”section”]Step 2: Finalize dimensions and granularity[/stextbox]

This should come directly from business need. Granularity of a financial model is usually determined by level at which business wants to take decision. Is it at country level? Product line level? Product level? If time permits, I recommend creating model at one level more granular than the customer needs initially. So if customer is looking at country level financial model, try creating something at Regional level.

This ensures that not only the decision can be made at the required level, but you also get a texture of how to implement that decision. It answers the next level of questions for the business owners.

[stextbox id=”section”]Step 3: Apply business logic and formulas[/stextbox]

Once all the requirements are clear and granularity is decided, just apply business logic to build the model. By business logics, I mean the the mathematical translation of business understanding. What parameters and values will be impacted by various inputs? What is the profit margin? Are there any over head expenses which you have not included?

One of the good practices here is to keep the entire worksheet / code logically linked with out any hard coded values. If there is constant which is being used, it should go in either inputs or assumptions. In order to simulate any scenario, you should not be required to change inputs in multiple sheets or places.

Another benefit of keeping all calculations formula driven is that you need to only make sure that your inputs are consistent and the business logic are correct. If you ensure these two things are done diligently, your model will always remain consistent.

[stextbox id=”section”]Step 4: Test scenarios[/stextbox]

Once the framework of the model and base scenario is ready, you need to test whether the model holds under various scenarios. What are the boundary conditions when business logic would no longer hold true? You need to define the minimum and maximum values for various inputs and set of inputs.

Once this is ready, you should train your business users on the limitations of the model.

[stextbox id=”section”]Step 5: Document[/stextbox]

Finally, document all the needs, granularity, calculation and limitations in a document. Again the recommendation is to do need based documentation. The purpose of this documentation is to make sure that any one can pick this document and understand the model. A typical document has following sections:


Business need

Problem statement

Scope of the model

Areas out of scope of modeling

Business logic and calculations


References (if any)

Once this documentation is ready, your model is ready to roll out.

As mentioned before, if you follow these steps diligently, it will avoid a lot of re-work. Further, the more you practice them, the better you will become at financial modeling. Keep practicing these and become flawless financial modeler!

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Best Visible Plans In 2023: Pricing, Phone Options, And More

The best Visible plans at a glance

Visible Plus is the best plan for most. This is the plan to get for most. You get unlimited access to Verizon’s LTE and 5G network, including the faster ultra wideband network. The biggest difference between the base plan is you get less deprioritization and a faster overall network experience. Unlike many unlimited plans out there, Visible Plus is truly unlimited. You could consume 100GB in a month (I have!) and still have access.

Visible is great for those who don’t need reliable data access. Basic Visible service is cheap and works well for calls and texts. However, your data experience can vary quite a bit. If you’re outside of a congested area, you can get reasonable speeds but Visible’s base plan is pretty deprioritized over others on Verizon’s network. If you mostly stick to Wi-Fi or live in a less congested area this is perfectly fine. Find it is too slow for you? You might want to pay a slight premium for Visible Plus.

Which Visible plan do we recommend?

Visible Plus

Now, we come to the new kid on the block. That’s right, Visible’s second plan. Visible Plus takes everything that’s great about the original plan and expands it just a little bit. It adds 5G Ultra Wideband access on top of the Nationwide option, and it guarantees premium network access. Of course, if you live outside of a major city this might not be that much of a draw. However, Visible Plus is the better bet for travelers and those with international friends as it allows calling to over 30 countries and texting to over 200.

As expected, Visible Plus is more expensive at $45 per month. The good news is that’s a fixed rate — you’ll pay $45 per line no matter how many lines you have. You’ll also still get mobile hotspot to your heart’s content and spam protection from those pesky robocalls. Even better, you can currently get it for just $35 a month. No word on exactly how long this promotion will last. It was supposed to end a month or so ago, but Visible keeps extending it. 


Truly unlimited data

International access in Canada, Mexico, and a few other select countries

Access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband for city dwellers

Unlimited hotspot access


Customer service is online only 

Don’t want to pay the premium? Visible offers all the same features in the base plan, minus premium prioritization and Ultra Wideband, though you get basic 5G and the full LTE network. 

Visible vs the competition

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Since Visible isn’t really an MVNO, comparing it to other non-MVNO competitors makes sense. To that end, we’ve set it head-to-head with Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless. Each is wholly owned by another one of the Big Three, and they share similar structures. Google Fi makes the cut because even though it’s an MVNO, it relies on T-Mobile and UScellular for service and is a unique hybrid option.

You can find all of our prepaid favorites on the list of the Best prepaid and no-contract plans in the US as well. Check out the table for more details:

10GB 4G LTE data from $40 per month

Hotspot data included on unlimited plans

100GB Google One storage with unlimited plans

Google Fi

Impressive phone support

Plenty of international connection

Google One membership included

Cricket Wireless

Cricket’s most expensive option, the Cricket More plan, packs the best Cricket has to offer, along with 15GB of a monthly hotspot. You can text 37 other countries, and you can even use your service in Canada or Mexico as long as it’s less than 50% of your overall usage.

Many of the best Cricket features are available as add-ons, so it’s easy to run your bill up by a few bucks. However, that’s the secret to unlocking Cricket’s full potential. Options include more hotspot data, better international access, and extra data on select plans.


Customizable service with add-ons

15GB of hotspot included

Visible alternatives that run on the same network

Several other MVNOs rely on the same Big Red network, though they don’t have the same close relationship. Check out the table below for our favorite options:

US Mobile is a unique Verizon MVNO in that you can build your plan just how you like it. In fact, everyone in your entire family can customize a plan. You pick your talk, text, and data, and US Mobile gives you a price. There’s even a brand-new unlimited plan that costs just $40 per month for the first line. The unlimited plan offers your choice of subscription services for free with 2, 3, and 4 line plans.

Red Pocket

You may not be as familiar with Red Pocket, but it’s an effective way to save money, thanks to its variety of plans. There are plenty of limited service options to choose from, all the way up to unlimited access. Red Pocket runs on all of the Big Three networks, but you’ll lock into a carrier when you sign up.


PagePlus is similar to Red Pocket, with varying tiers of limited and unlimited service. The pricing structure is about the same, but PagePlus warns on its website about using more than 60GB of data per month. You can also opt for pay-as-you-go minutes, data add-on cards, and international add-on cards.

Total Wireless

Total Wireless has some single-line and family plans, and each includes unlimited talk and text. The data is also unlimited, though you have to pay more for unlimited high-speed access. Total’s basic unlimited plans offer just 1GB of high-speed data before you fall back down to 2G speeds.

Best Visible phones

Visible is wholly owned and operated by Verizon Wireless.

No, Visible is different from other carriers and even most MVNOs. There’s no physical presence, and the only way to sign up is via the official Visible app.

Again, because of its unique nature — no. All troubleshooting and customer service is done online via the app or Visible’s website.

Yes – Visible customers can make calls over Wi-Fi. To learn how to activate it, check out our guide to Wi-Fi calling on Visible.

Spectrum Tv: Pricing, Plans, And More About Charter’S Television Options


Spectrum TV is the television division of Charter Communications. It offers a wide range of cable TV packages for its customers, along with ways to watch TV without cable. Most recently, it started offering semi-exclusive TV shows for its subscribers.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Spectrum TV. We will update this article if there are any changes to its plans and services.

What is Spectrum TV?

As stated, Spectrum TV is the TV division of Charter Communications, which also offers internet access, landline phone services, and most recently mobile phone services via Spectrum Mobile. Charter started using the Spectrum brand name for its TV, internet, and phone services in 2014. It is currently the third biggest pay-TV service in the US, behind only AT&T and Comcast. It is available in parts of 41 states.

There are a number of different plans, both for people who have a standard cable TV connection at home and for those who want to cut the cord.

Cable TV plans

Spectrum TV offers three main plans for cable TV subscribers. All plans also allow users to access the Spectrum TV app for PCs, mobile devices, and smart TVs, along with thousands of free and paid on-demand TV shows and movies. The specific channel lineup for each plan may differ depending on your location. Other premium channels may be added to each plan for additional fees.

TV Select: Over 125 HD channels, starting at $59.99 a month.

TV Select Plus Entertainment View: Over 205 HD channels, with 80 additional basic cable channels, starting at $71.99 a month.

TV Select Plus Sports View Plus Entertainment View: Over 228 channels, including live sports, starting at $77.99 a month.

All of these plans require a set-top box, DVR box, or CableCARD device connected to your home TV. Customers can also access these channels with the Spectrum TV app. Keep in mind that Charter/Spectrum also offers bundles with internet access, telephone, and mobile service for other rates too. The company also offers cable TV plans specifically for Latino audiences.

Channel add-ons are also available for as little as $6 a month, and subscribers can currently enjoy a year of access to Peacock for free.

Spectrum TV app


TV customers can also access the Spectrum TV app which allows users to access live TV channels on their PC, smart TV, or mobile device at home and away from home. Some channels, such as local broadcast channels are not available on the app if it is not connected to a Spectrum internet source. The applications also offer full access to the cable TV service’s on-demand library of TV shows and movies. The mobile app can download those programs for offline viewing. Additionally, you can program your home DVR remotely with the app.

Currently, the app’s supported devices include:

iOS-based phones and tablets

Apple TV set-top boxes

Android-based phones and tablets

Amazon Fire tablets

Samsung smart TVs

Microsoft Xbox One consoles

List of currently available shows

LA’s Finest

A spin-off of the movie Bad Boys II. The action series stars Gabrielle Union as LAPD Detective Sydney “Syd” Burnet, and Jessica Alba as her LAPD partner Nancy McKenna (two seasons, now canceled).

Mad About You

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser reprise their roles of Jamie and Paul Buchman in this sequel to their hit 1990s sitcom (one season).


This is a UK import series. It’s set in the near future after a deadly virus causes the government to impose a 12-hour total curfew at night. A group of drivers decides to compete in an illegal street race. The winner will be able to be free of government control (one season, canceled).

Manhunt: Deadly Games

A docudrama centering on the search for the man responsible for the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta (one limited series).


This is another UK import series. It stars Mark Strong as a doctor who performs surgery in an illegal clinic in the London Underground (one season).

Paradise Lost

A gothic drama set in a small Mississippi town, centering on a family that moves there, as they quickly uncover major secrets (one season, canceled).

Side Games

A Spanish-language drama about a professional soccer team (one season).

The Bite 

Previously known as The Second Wave, this is a six-episode series set in New York City. A deadlier version of the current coronavirus is spreading and forcing its residents to deal with the possible end of the world. This show stars Audra McDonald and Taylor Schilling.

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