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Although Apple’s AirPods Max come with a carrying case, it does not do an adequate job of protecting them. This can be risky when you’re on the go and want to prevent any damage to your premium headphones. Moreover, many people feel that the default case looks pretty weird too.

So, if you’re looking for the best AirPods Max cases that are both protective and aesthetically appealing, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my favorite options.

1. WaterField shield case

This one holds the appreciation of being the first third-party case for AirPods Max. The San Francisco-based bag manufacturing company left no stone unturned to craft a case that fits as the best alternative for the default AirPods Max case.

It renders your headphones over-all protection. Inside, it has a magnetic leather butterfly to keep them in low power mode, just like the default case. Also, you get space to store your charging adapter and cable, which further makes it handier.

Buy it from WaterField

2. KT-CASE waterproof PU leather case

The storage case for AirPods Max is made using EVA hard shell and waterproof PU leather. The combination makes the case dustproof and shockproof for added security. Having been designed specifically for AirPods Max, it elegantly houses your new purchase with the default case that comes with it.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing the default smart case attributes designed by Apple. You also get additional space to keep the adapter and charging cable.

Check out on Amazon

3. Geekria ultrashell case

This one carries all the required traits to be a durable, spacious, and affordable case for AirPods Max. At the exterior, you can notice the hard shell that protects your headphones from any impact, water, or crushes. Inside, it comes with mesh pockets to keep your charger, adapter, and other accessories. Also, there’s an elastic band running horizontally on the other side to ensure your headphones remain secured all the time.

Check out on Amazon

4. Fromsky waterproof case

The protective AirPods Max case comes with a carabiner to hold them securely. It is elegantly designed using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and features an inner cotton layer for that smooth touch. Also, it has a removable mesh pocket that houses your adapter and charging cable. While the material used gives you a smooth touch, it is durable to protect your accessory from scratches, water, and dust.

Check out on Amazon

5. IMSHIE travel carrying bag case

You might dislike the original case due to its design aesthetics, but you can’t deny the tech traits it carries. This hard headphone case lets you store the headphones with the original case without compromising on the aesthetics. It carries an eye-grabbing design and features an inner mesh pocket to keep your charging cable, adapter, and other accessories.

What’s more? It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant.

Check out on Amazon

6. Chirano hardshell case

You might have a tough time finding a reason to avoid this AirPods Max travel case. It’s smart, durable, and easy to carry. It is designed to house your luxurious headphones with the default case you received with it. Having said this, you can have both tech and quality benefits.

On one side, it has a large mesh pocket to keep your accessories. On another, it has a stretchable band to keep your headphones placed at one spot securely.

And yes, it will surely fall into your budget.

Check out on Amazon

7. Linkidea protective travel case

This designer AirPods Max case is made using premium quality materials and offers sufficient space inside to keep your accessories. Designed by experienced artisans, it is crafted using crush-resistant, anti-shock, weather-resistant EVA. This ensures that your precious possession will remain secure even in the harshest circumstances. It also features an inner pocket to keep your accessories and a low integrated power/sleep mode switch flap to preserve your headphone’s battery.

Check out on Amazon

Considering that the AirPods Max is newly launched and there will be more third-party manufacturers joining the list in the coming days, it will be tough to decide.

However, out of the available options, I personally liked the WaterField case and the Linkidea hard case.

Despite a hefty price tag, I liked the WaterField case as it has all the features of the original one and ensures you save the AirPods Max battery when not in use. However, if the price is a concern, I found the Linkidea hard case a great fit. Though it might not match the quality, it still serves the purpose while saving battery for you.

What’s your take?

Things to consider when choosing an AirPods Max case

Price: The first thing on the list was this. I wanted to have the best case for AirPods Max but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

Durability: Another key reason behind looking for an AirPods Max case is I needed 360-degree protection. The default case lacks protection for the canopy spanning the headband.

Design: The case undoubtedly looks out of the box and, as claimed, serves few other purposes in enhancing the AirPods Max experience. However, it doesn’t fit my likes, and I would not prefer carrying it in hand all the time.

Waterproof: This one’s a plus to have. Apple’s first-ever over-the-ear headphones are a pricey affair, and I wouldn’t want any external element to damage them even accidentally.


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Best Airpods Pro Leather Cases In 2023

We all love the charming white charging case of the AirPods Pro. But to keep it scratch-free, you need to encase it. But why just limit to protection when you can also have the looks with these amazing AirPods Pro leather cases?

I love leather cases because of their classic textures and patinas. So, I thought, why not help a fellow leather lover? And to do so, I have listed the best AirPods Pro leather cases; check them out.

1. Twelve South AirSnap Pro: Editor’s choice

Twelve South AirSnap Pro’s USP is its full-grain leather with specially strengthened edge stitching. You can clip it securely to your bag when traveling using the S-Clip. But I liked using the case with a keychain or attached to a wrist strap.

The AirSnap Pro design makes the pairing/status light visible when the AirPods cap is opened. The high-quality leather supports any Qi-enabled wireless charger. You can charge your AirPods Pro easily with the bottom cut-out without removing the case. 

The strong metal snap closure keeps the case locked and your pricey AirPods Pro safely inside.


Full-grain leather

Nylon wristlet included

Anti-slip texture


Slightly expensive

The carabiner is tight initially

2. Native Union leather case: Handmade for perfection

If you want a genuine leather case for your AirPods Pro, go for Native Union. I love the beautiful patina it develops after using the case for a few months, thanks to the authentic Italian leather.

The brand claims to craft the cases by hand, from shaping them to stitching each side and finishing with painting the borders. That’s why it gives your AirPods Pro a seamless fit and dependable protection.

The sleek and thin design allows you to use wireless charging, the charging port, and controls without hassle. But I feel the top shell slips off easily; you’ll have to keep a keen eye on it.


Looks quite rich

Genuine Italian leather



Top shell slips off

3. Alto Protective: For comfortable use

It’s one of the premium AirPods Pro leather cases that use luxury Italian aniline leather. The leather naturally ages and takes on a distinctive patina. With a full natural grain, the case is comfortable to the touch.

Alto has crafted 0.5 mm fine leather into a hard case to protect completely from scratches and drops and support wireless charging. I noticed the two-piece case design makes the insertion/ removal of the charging case easier than others. 


Three different color variants


Visible LED light


Not scratch-resistant

Absorbs moisture 

4. Nomad Modern case: Rugged leather AirPods Pro case

As always, Nomad offers the best leather AirPods Pro case. This two-piece modern leather case is perfect for you if you want to give your AirPods Pro a timeless but striking design. The leather quality is of the highest caliber and made of Horween leather from Chicago. It becomes really beautiful as it ages, giving it a rugged patina.

It features a polycarbonate optical light pipe and a plush microfiber lining for the LED charging indication. You can attach an optional wrist strap to the lanyard connection point. So, you can easily access the pairing button. 

Nomad has made the charging light shine substantially brighter, making it visible from almost any angle. So, you can easily determine if your AirPods Pro is fully charged. Although the AirPods case is compatible with Qi and MagSafe charging, it lacks magnets. It cannot be magnetically attached to MagSafe chargers.


Integrated light pipe

Good build quality

Lanyard attachment point 



Scratches easily 

Check out on: Nomad

5. Elago leather case: Unique design

It is made from natural cowhide leather, offering a stunning patina. To stand out, elago has opted for a unique briefcase design (a thumps up for that).

Though the case has a different design, it fits your AirPods Pro charging case and supports wireless charging. So, you will get excellent protection without interfering with charging.

I loved the cute brass ring holder as it will not get rust or lose its original golden hue over time. Using that, you may easily connect your AirPods case to anything. 


Stands out from the crowd

Genuine cowhide leather

Vintage feel 


Tight fit

Edges exposed

6. Woolnut leather case: A premium option for AirPods Pro

Woolnut uses full-grain Scandinavian leather for its AirPods Pro leather case. You can get a distinctive appearance with the beautiful patina and two-piece minimalist design. The partly lined protective microfiber makes the body durable. 

I loved the subtly embossed wordmark “Woolnut” on the back. It is barely perceptible through the leather’s texture. A small adhesive is placed on the lid of the case to ensure a snug fit. 

It supports wireless charging with the case on and has a Lightning port cutout on the bottom. The charging light is always visible thanks to a little circular notch in the casing. But the leather is paper-thin and gives a hard cheap feeling of polycarbonate. So, the price is not justified. 


Smartly designed case

Snug fit

Safeguarding microfiber lining


Plastic feel

Not value for money

7. CYRILL Leather Brick Case: Budget pick

CYRILL uses animal-friendly leather to make cases for AirPods Pro. Besides the smooth synthetic leather with a luxury appearance, your charging case will get additional protection from the side TPU bumpers. So, no threat from sudden drops.

The clip-and-go design with a traditional carabiner enhances its utility and customization (I totally love the clip design). Also, the charging light is always visible thanks to the precise cut-out. I would say it’s best for everyday use because of its form-fitting, small, and pocket-friendly. 


PU leather

Clip-and-go design

Budget friendly


Not durable  

8. Mous protective AirPods Pro leather cases: Aesthetic look

The Mous Protective AirPods Pro Case combines a very resistant polycarbonate shell case with premium leather. The unique AiroShock technology absorbs drops, and the Aramid fiber protects your AirPods Pro charging cases from scratching. So, you will get an amazing balance of toughness and style.

There is a small clip with nylon cable and a braided cord to clip it to your bag. I find it not so useful!


Keychain included


Not value for money

Keychain is not good 

9. Hiram cowhide leather case: Travel-friendly case

I would say it is the most popular AirPods Pro case. Hiram has used Retro Fashion Crazy Horse Leather, especially catering to men’s styles. The high-quality material and beautiful coffee shade make your charging case fashionable and long-lasting.

You can carry Airpods Pro comfortably using the attractive and soft travel case. I have tried attaching it to my belt loop using the antique metal buckle. And it’s good to go. 


100% money back guarantee

Vintage metal buckle and snap closure


Lacks craftsmanship

Check out on: Amazon 

10. V-MORO AirPods Pro leather case: Best for outdoor activities 

The V-MORO Airpods Pro Leather Case has a Polycarbonate bumper and is made of excellent genuine cowhide leather. You don’t have to take out your Airpods Pro to charge it, whether it’s wireless or Lightning cable charging.

V-MORO has worked on the case’s design so that the lid won’t come off when you open it. Also, the back of the case has a notch that prevents the bottom shell of the case from sliding out.

This case was a convenient option for me to use while traveling or to engage in outdoor sports. With the detachable stainless steel carabiner, you can attach it to your belt or bag.


Tailored made for AirPods Pro

Good for daily use


Scratches easily

Hard to remove the charging case

So, that’s all!

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Best Iphone 12 Pro Max Cases

The front offers Ceramic Shield protection which should make it resistant to scratches, while Gorilla Glass should keep the back protected too. But let’s face it: if you’re paying over a grand for a phone, you’ll want to keep it as scratch and shatter-free as possible.

The new iPhone 12 phones also feature MagSafe, which allows the handsets to magnetically snap into place on the MagSafe wireless charger, without you having to fiddle around to ensure it’s in place.

While MagSafe opens up the possibilities for adding magnetic accessories on the back of the phone, like Apple’s own line of MagSafe wallets, it also means you’ll need a MagSafe-compatible case if you intend on making the most of this feature.

Here, we’re rounding up the best cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Whether you’re after something rugged, or something stylish and functional, like a leather wallet case, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also point out MagSafe-compatible cases.

We’re separately rounding up the best cases for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and iPhone 12 mini.

Apple – Best overall

It’s impossible to overlook Apple’s own offerings for the iPhone 12 Pro Max – especially if you want a case that’s fully MagSafe compatible.

There are a couple of options to choose from: while we personally prefer the look of the leather option in California Poppy for £59/$59 (pictured), there is also the cheaper silicon option in Kumquat orange for £49/$49.

Both options are sure to keep your iPhone 12 Pro safe and looking great, while raised bezels around the camera and screen will keep the scratches at bay. 

Casetify – Drop Proof & Versatile

Casetify is another reliable brand to consider for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Not only do you get a fantastic choice of colours and designs to choose from – in fact, you can even add your own

on the back – but these cases are tough. Like, super tough.

Casetify’s cases offer 6.6-feet drop protection and also has an antimicrobial coating that kills 99% of germs. You can also tick wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility off the list. And it’ll cost you less than Apple’s options (in the UK) with prices starting at £39/$60. Not bad. 

See the full Casetify collection.

Spigen – Best Value

Of course, reliable drop protection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Spigen’s Liquid Air offers great value for money with military-grade shock protection at under £20/$20.

The textured back allows extra grip too for those of us who can be butterfingered. It’s also wireless charging compatible.

See the full Spigen collection for iPhone 12 Pro Max, or check out the Liquid Air over at Amazon.

Bellroy – Best eco-friendly leather

If you want a clean and simple leather case without having to pay a premium just because it has an Apple logo slapped on, take a look at Australian brand Bellroy. 

The leathers in Bellroy cases are environmentally certified, which means they consume less water and chemicals in the tanning process.

The cases are MagSafe and Qi charging compatible and come with a three-year warranty. You can also find wallet case options that cleverly conceal credit cards under a flap.

Pick it up for £39/ $45 directly from Bellroy or from Amazon.

Mujjo – Most stylish leather wallet

Here’s another leather option case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max that’s similar to Bellroy, though a tad more expensive.

Dutch brand Mujjo make sleek and sophisticated cases using full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. The case has an integrated cardholder that fits up to three cards and is wireless-charging compatible. 

Pick it up directly from Mujjo or from Amazon for £59.95

Mous – Rugged & Sleek

You can’t go wrong with a Mous case. The brand, which we can’t help but recommend, offers super tough and durable cases with excellent drop protection and heaps of functionality.

Mous’ Limitless 3.0 options work with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger, but you just won’t get that magnetic ‘snap’. Mous says this is due to its cases being slightly thicker than Apple’s owns in order to maximise protection. Instead, Mous’ cases work with its own ecosystem of AutoAlignPlus magnetic wireless chargers and other accessories, like its card wallet.

Limitless 4.0 case too – the same design, protection and finishes as Limitless 3.0 but with full MagSafe-for-iPhone compatibility in place of the company’s own AutoAlignPlus system. 

Pick up a Mous case from £47.99/$69.99 directly from Mous or from Amazon where it’s £39.99/$59.99.

Apple Airpods Max Headphones Official

Apple AirPods Max headphones official – Noise cancellation for $549

Apple has officially announced its first over-the-ear headphones, and the AirPods Max promise active noise cancellation and spatial audio for an eye-watering price. Long rumored, the headphone addition to the AirPods line-up tap the Apple H1 chipset as well as a distinctive design that the Cupertino firm says should be more comfortable for extended listening.

That starts with the headband or, as Apple prefers to call it, the “canopy” which spans the headband. That’s made of a knit mesh fabric, which should be more comfortable, breathable, and distributes weight better to reduce on-head pressure, Apple says.

The headband itself is made of stainless steel, and has telescoping arms for the ear cups. They join through a new mechanism which allows each cup to rotate and pivot independently. There’s also more new materials on the cups themselves, with what Apple says is “acoustically engineered memory foam” for a better seal.

Unexpectedly, Apple’s AirPods Max borrow from the Apple Watch for their on-headphone controls. There’s a Digital Crown on one side, which can be used to adjust volume, play or pause music, answer and end phone calls, skip through tracks, and trigger Siri. A noise control button alongside it, meanwhile, switches between the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes.

Inside, of course, is where it really matters. There, AirPods Max have a 40mm dynamic driver of Apple’s own design, with a dual neodymium ring magnet motor that the company says should keep total harmonic distortion to under 1-percent across the audible range, even when you have the headphones cranked up to maximum volume.

Each ear cup gets an Apple H1, with new computational audio running on 10 audio cores in each chip. That powers the Adaptive EQ – automatically adjusting the audio profile to suit the overall headphones’ fit by measuring the sound that that makes it through to their ears – and the Active Noise Cancellation system. Three outward microphones, and one internal microphone, are on each ear cup.

As with AirPods Pro, you can switch into Transparency Mode which pipes through audio from outside. Optical and position sensors automatically pause music when you take the AirPods Max off, while beam-forming is used for voice calls and Siri interactions.

Spatial Audio, meanwhile, relies on dynamic head tracking to virtually position music in 3D space. It’ll work with content recorded in 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos, and uses the gyroscope and accelerometer in AirPods Max and iPhone or iPad. That way, as you move your head, the sound field stays put.

With the H1 chipset, there’s Audio Sharing and automatic switching, plus up to 20 hours of battery life with both ANC and spatial audio switched on. The headphones come with a Smart Case that puts them into an ultraslow power state when you’re not using them, as well as to charge them via Lightning. 5 minutes of charging is good for around 1.5 hours of listening time.

For the most comprehensive experience, of course, Apple is expecting you to use AirPods Max with one of its own devices. However, since they’re Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, they’ll work – with potentially missing features – with any Bluetooth audio source. Apple will have five color options: silver, space gray, sky blue, pink, and green.

Then there’s the price. Nobody expected Apple’s premium headphones to be cheap, but at $549 they’re definitely well above the most obvious competition right now. Apple says they’ll ship in the US and 25+ other locations from December 15, and they’re available to preorder from today.

Best Iphone Xr Leather Cases In 2023

Many protective cases can help retain the beauty of your iPhone XR over time. But leather cases stand out with their premium and professional look, They have a high-quality finish and come in a range of textures and colors. If you want to find the perfect one that fits your lifestyle, here are some of the best iPhone XR leather cases.

1. ESR Real Leather Case

This super lightweight, slim case won’t add any bulk to your iPhone. The high-quality leather is soft to touch and wears well over time. Moreover, a soft microfiber lining on the inside of the case keeps your phone looking pristine.

The raised edges around the camera and screen will keep scratches at bay. Available in a classic black color, this case is minimalist and elegant. The natural variations in the leather will make it look unique.


Sleek look

Inner microfiber lining

Raised edges


No color options

Check out on Amazon

2. OtterBox Clear and Leather Case

Get the best of both worlds with this partially transparent case for your iPhone XR. It has premium leather edges and fit snugly around your device. Further, it boasts a luxurious feel and a scratch-resistant exterior that shows off a glimpse of your device.

There is a raised bumper beveled edge that helps to protect your touchscreen. You can rest assured about the quality of this case as it comes with OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection and a limited lifetime warranty. Pick from four elegant colors, namely black, orchid, pewter, and jade.


Unique design

Color options



Transparent panel attracts fingerprints

Check out on Amazon

3. Dockem Leather Card Holder Case

This one is a vintage style synthetic card holder case. It comes with two card slots at the back and is also wireless charging compatible. It comes integrated a metal plate directly into this case for an ideal magnetic mounting experience.

Moreover, this doesn’t interfere with your cards or with wireless charging. This highly functional and attractive case is easy to snap onto your device and has physical buttons for smooth operation.


Compatible with wireless charging

Compatible with magnetic car mounts

Vintage look


Cards remain exposed so may attract theft

Check out on Amazon

4. Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet Case

The classy leather outer & flexible plastic inner of this case keeps your phone both safe & stylish throughout your day. It includes 3 card slots, a money slip, full cable/button/speaker access, a magnetic closure, and a landscape kickstand.

Further, it’s made of European Nubuck leather that has a soft, suede-like finish. It matures with time, developing an elegant patina that’s unique to every case. You can take your pick from a variety of colors such as navy, dark green, brown, and plum.




Color options


Exterior attracts dust

Check out on Amazon

5. SHIELDON Leather Flip Cover

This wallet case is both stylish and multifunctional. The genuine cowhide leather looks elegant and feels natural and light. The raised edge around the camera helps protect the glass from any scratching and dirt.

Moreover, you can store your cards, and the case’s RFID shielding technology will block unauthorized scanners from reading your sensitive info. This case also doubles up as a stand when you want to watch something and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.


Genuine leather

RFID shielding

Kickstand functionality



Check out on Amazon

6. LOHASIC Slim iPhone XR Leather Cases

For a sophisticated style, you can opt for this gorgeous leather case for iPhone XR. It has chrome accents on a soft and flexible body. It’s made of leather on the back with shock-absorbent TPU inside.

The slim one-piece case is a breeze to install or remove without damaging or scratching your device. Get this sleek and pocket-friendly design in fabulous color options, including black, brown, carbon fiber, navy blue, and rose gold.



Beautiful colors



Attracts dust

Check out on Amazon

7. icarecase PU Leather Folio Flip Cover

This high-quality faux leather case for iPhone XR looks and feels both luxurious and professional. It has precise cutouts to ensure full access to ports and function buttons, speakers, and cameras.

It also features 3 card slots plus a cash compartment underneath. This combines your wallet and phone case into one handy unit while protecting your belongings against dust, dirt, and scratches. Choose from black, brown, and rose gold colors.


Luxurious feel


Beautiful colors



Check out on Amazon

8. Dream Fibonacci Magnetic Detachable Leather Case

A unique design sets apart this TPU case made from shock-absorbing flexible plastic, which cannot crack. Enclosed top and bottom plus raised bezels protect the edges of your phone. At the same time, it retains a slim and elegant profile.

You can carry about 3-6 cards, and they will stay secure with RFID blocking technology. Further, the inner shell case is magnetically attached, so you can remove it when you don’t need the wallet component. Available in 9 attractive colors.


Detachable wallet case

RFID Blocking technology

Color options


Attracts dust

Check out on Amazon

9. WaterFox Leather Case for Women

WaterFox presents a gorgeous vegan leather wallet case, compatible with wireless charging. It features a fully adjustable and detachable wallet case that is perfect for carrying your essentials.

It’s sturdy and durable, wrapped in a beautiful embossed design. A detachable wrist strap makes it easier to carry when out and about.



Color options

Detachable case


Limited color options

Check out on Amazon

10. Case-Mate Black Leather Case

Case-Mate is a well-known brand of iPhone and iPad accessories. This genuine leather case highlights the thin profile of your device. The 2-mm slim leather case has a brushed microfiber interior that protects your phone from scratches.

Further, it’s compatible with wireless charging for everyday convenience. As the name suggests, you’ll barely notice that your phone has a case on. Choose from six eye-catching colors, including red, metallic pink, and camo.


Compatible with wireless charging


Color options


Not much drop protection

Check out on Amazon

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Best Ipad Mini 5 Cases In 2023

1. Ztotop

Ztotop has come up with a classy folio case for iPad mini 5. The case flaunts smooth synthetic leather exterior with neat craftsmanship.

And with the anti-slip interior lining, it enables the tablet to fight out regular bumps and scratches effortlessly. There are multiple grooves so that you can position your iPad in the desired angle.

It also has a built-in organizer pocket wherein your cards and documents can rest securely. Besides, you can use the elastic strap to hold your device comfortably.

2. Apple Smart Cover

At $39, Apple’s “Smart Cover” is probably the most expensive sleek case for iPad mini 5. However, looking at the elegant profile, it does appear to be a fine prospect for your ultra-portable tablet.

Made from the single piece of polyurethane, the cover can provide the basic safeguard to your device. Courtesy the multiple viewing angles, Smart Cover ensures you have much-improved typing and hands-free media watching experience.

Plus, this slim cover also works reliably with auto sleep/wake functionality, making sure there is no unnecessary power consumption. On top of all, Apple offers this case in multiple color options including papaya, charcoal gray, white and pink sand.

3. ESR Urban Premium

Give your iPad a classy profile to look authoritative. ESR Urban Premium is the sort of case which gives a vintage appearance to your iPad.

What makes it an adorable pick is the Oxford material with the knitted textile weave. Plus, it also has a solid PC casing to endure bumps.

There are a couple of anti-slip grooves to boost your viewing experience. And thanks to the strong magnets, Urban Premium works consistently with the auto sleep/wake function.

4. ESR Yippee

Do you prefer a minimalist profile? If yes, ESR Yippee could be a good option for your ultra-portable tablet.

The case features clear design and comes with a durable polyurethane exterior. With the inclusion of a soft microfiber inner shell, you can expect this sleek cover to resist scuffs.

Thanks to the frosted finish and grippy design, your hand will feel more comfortable to hold the Mini. Lastly, the cutouts and the buttons all seem to be on point to let you control your device without any hassle.

5. Snugg

Should you want to go for a top-notch keyboard case for your 2023 iPad mini, you should keep in mind this offering from Snugg. It has a very sturdy construction and comes with a 360° rotatable design.

Thanks to the multi-angle adjustments, you get more comfortable media watching and typing experience. The keys are responsive and provide the needed tactile feedback to speed up typing.

Lastly, Snugg claims that the case keyboard case delivers long battery life. So, you won’t have to power it up too frequently.


Yet another clear case for iPad mini 5. Due mainly to the pretty soft material, this cover provides a much better grip. And with the form-fitting construction, it wraps around the tablet perfectly.

Though it’s incredibly sleek, the cover should be able to keep your device protected from scratches. Lastly, the cutouts are made to be precise so that you will be able to access the Lightning port and speakers easily.

7. Veco

Imitation denim design creates a strong impression for Veco’s iPad mini case. A combination of elegance and fashion imparts a stylish look; almost a book-style appearance. Veco has created a scratch-resistant, anti-slip, anti-crease, and sweatproof case for your mini tablet.

PU leather exterior prevents scratches from damaging your iPad. For protection against shocks, drops, and impacts, Veco has used soft TPU back cover and microfiber interior.


DTTO offers a premium leather case with Apple Pencil holder for your mini iPad 2023. The multi-functional design of this case boasts built-in leather hand strap, pencil holder and organizer pocket. The hand strap allows you to hold your iPad in the most comfortable position while you are using your tablet. The organizer pocket stores some essential stuff like your business cards, currency notes, etc.

DTTO has made this case from the durable, premium synthetic leather exterior and inner soft TPU. There are some inner multiple slots to set up horizontal stand angles for FaceTime calls, watching movies, and typing long text messages.

9. Hocase

Hocase brings floral design on a PU leather to create a smart case for your iPad mini 5th generation. This microfiber lining hardback cover flaunts unique mandala flower pattern, which adds feminine charm to the case.

In a day, you meet a lot of challenges; your iPad should be prepared to face all the action. Durable polyurethane leather and microfiber lining protect your iPad mini from many perils.


During your hectic schedule, you may forget to carry your Apple Pencil; for this reason, JUQITECH gives a dedicated slot to insert your stylus. Thus, you can use your Apple Pencil whenever you wish and your premium pencil never gets lost.

11. TiMOVO

The translucent frosted back protector guards your device against scratches. This slim and lightweight case doesn’t add any bulk to your iPad, and therefore, you can easily carry your tablet anywhere.

There you go! I guess your iPad has finally got a deserving cover. Would you mind sharing a few tidbits about it?

Stay Tuned In For More…

As we are going to review a ton of accessories for iPad Mini, so stay tuned in with us so that you don’t miss out on them. Rest assured, we will also add more worthy covers in this lineup as and when they are available.

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