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The much-awaited Apple AirTag is finally here! It’s a cute, sophisticated little tracker that ensures you never lose your belongings. However, you’ll need a case or strap with a keyring or secure closure for your AirTag to attach it to items like keys, bags, pet collars, etc. Of course, it’ll also double up to protect your smart tracker against scratches and dust.

Here’s my roundup of the best AirTag cases, keychains, and straps you can get from Apple and other brands to meet every budget and style!

1. Spigen Valentinus AirTag keychain – Editor’s choice

Spigen is among my go-to brands for any and all Apple accessories. It doesn’t disappoint with this high-quality AirTag keychain made of durable faux leather, finely knitted to closure.

It lets you show off the customized look of your AirTag, thanks to the cutout and the secure button closure that keeps it in place. It’s slim and sleek, with a carabiner for easy attachment anywhere.


Durable material

Secure button closure

Easy to attach and remove


No color options

Check out on Amazon

2. Apple AirTag leather loop – Most stylish

This beautiful AirTag leather case looks elegant and comes with the assurance of being designed by Apple. So, you know you’re getting the finest quality European leather that will stand the test of time.

It stays securely attached while keeping your AirTag firmly in place, so you always know where your items are. Masterful crafting makes it a joy to handle while looking classy when attached anywhere. Get it in beautiful saddle brown and red colors! 


Pure leather 

Premium feel 

Classy look 


More expensive than AirTag

Check out on Apple

3. Belkin secure holder with strap: Strongest AirTag accessory

Carry your AirTag with a dash of pizzazz in this stylish yet practical case from Belkin. The strap is ultra-strong and firmly attaches to your belongings, whether it’s your favorite water bottle, precious handbag, or something else.

Moreover, the secure twist-and-lock design keeps your AirTag safe and protected from scratches. What I like best is the attention to detail indicated by the raised edges and the high-quality strap. Choose from four colors, namely black, pink, white, and blue.



Raised edges for superior scratch protection

Secure twist-and-lock closure

Four colors

2-year limited warranty


A bit tricky to get the AirTag in and out.

Check out on Apple

4. Pad & Quill Mighty leather keychain – Most durable

If you want something classy and ultra-durable, this leather AirTag keychain from Pad & Quill is made for you. It comes with an impressive 25-year warranty, so once you buy it, you won’t be needing a replacement forever. It’s fair to say then that this one is well worth its price. 

I adore the smooth, high-quality American leather it’s made of and the sturdy stainless steel keyring to attach to your belongings. Moreover, it’s pretty compact and keeps your AirTag discreetly out of sight. Choose from three gorgeous shades of galloper black, chestnut brown, and a light whiskey brown.


25-year warranty 

Sturdy nylon stitching 

Genuine leather 

Compact and easy to use


The closed design hides your AirTag customization. 

Check out on Pad & Quill

5. Moko leather case with keyring: Affordable yet stylish

Here’s another AirTag leather case that’s incredibly well-designed and features a metallic key chain resistant to rust. It’s compact and easily attachable to the belongings you want to keep track of.

It’s easy to open and close using the spring ring clasp and is also sweat-proof, scratch-resistant, and durable. Further, it features a raised rim as a buffer against bumps and scratches.


Elegant design


Affordable price


Leather quality could be better

Check out on Amazon

6. BabyValley silicone case: Best budget AirTag accessory

Looking for something super affordable yet reliable? Go for this pack of three AirTag cases made of comfortable soft liquid silicone. It’s got a sleek finish and a secure closed keychain loop.

The material is eco-friendly and feels great in your hand without getting sweaty. Moreover, the precise cutouts fit snugly on your AirTag, showcasing that gorgeous Apple logo. 




Great texture 


Might wear out quickly

Check out on Amazon

7. Aircovered silicone case: Best for color options

Say hello to color with this soft silicone case for AirTag that’s got a smooth finish to resist fingerprints and scratches. It’s super easy to wash and also offers drop protection thanks to the flexible liquid silicone.

The keyring closure keeps the case securely closed and easily attachable to bags, a dog’s leash, your car keys, etc. Moreover, it’s got six colors – black, white, midnight green, coral, and special glow-in-the-dark blue and green options.


Drop protection 


Six color options 

Two unique glow-in-the-dark options


Feels a bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

8. NOMAD AirTag Keychain: Comes with Horween leather

Want to keep your smart tracker discreetly concealed? Here’s the best AirTag case for you! Just place the tracker in this leather holder and attach your keys, never to lose track of them.

The material is sourced from the famous Horween Leather Co. of Chicago and develops a gorgeous patina over time. It fully covers your AirTag, so scratches stay at bay, but at the same time, you won’t be able to see the cute looks of your tracker.


Premium leather

Ages beautifully

Fully scratch proof


A bit pricey

Check out on NOMAD

9. CYRILL AirTag Case: Best for everyday use

Check out this vegan leather AirTag case that’s perfect for everyday use. It sports a firm button clasp for easy application, protection, and scratch resistance.

Further, the sturdy key ring makes it easy to attach to your personal belongings while maintaining a low-profile stylish look.


Minimalist design

Easy to attach



Material could be better at this price point

Check out on Amazon

10. AirTag Hermès bag charm: Best for fashionistas

I’m all for practicality, but I couldn’t resist including this high-end designer AirTag case in my list. It’s been exclusively designed by Hermès for Apple and, of course, exudes elegance.

After all, it’s been handcrafted by artisans in France and is available in heritage Barénia leather or smooth Swift leather with contrasting stitching. Don’t miss that iconic Clou de Selle signature! I’m in love with all three color options too!


Exclusive design


Unique colors


Insane price

Check out on Apple

11. ESR Cloud AirTag keychain – Best Silicone Case

ESR is one of my favorite and most trusted brands for iPhone accessories. So, of course, I love this handy AirTag case that’s made of tough and grippy silicone. It perfectly fits the AirTag and is flexible enough to be easy to put on.

Further, the open design keeps your AirTag’s signal strong and stable, which is crucial for the tracker to serve its purpose. At the same time, the keychain is pretty easy to use and clips quickly and securely onto your bag or any other loop. 

It’s easy to clean with a quick wipe or rinse, and you can choose from black, white, blue, and red colors. 


Grippy silicone material 

Affordable price

Easy to clean

Four color options


Keyring could be stronger 

Check out on ESR

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Best Gaming Accessories For Your Iphone In 2023

With the rise of mobile gaming, gaming accessories for your mobile phone have also become important buys. There are various accessories available for you to buy in different categories. I understand that this can get confusing, and I have curated a list of the best gaming accessories for iPhone.

The accessories are the best bang for their buck in their respective categories. Let’s dive in.

1. Razer Kishi – Best controller for iPhone

If you’re on the lookout for a great gamepad or controller for your iPhone, Razer Kishi is the one!

The design of this controller is future-proof. The two sides are attached to the back panels and are slideable. This means that even if your new iPhone is bigger, you can still use this controller for gaming. Moreover, the gamepad design is inspired by Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con.

The stylizations are similar to the new Xbox controller, and you’ll find absolutely no issues adjusting the controller for new games. There’s support for Xbox Game Pass as well.

Moreover, the controller is light enough not to add too much weight to the phone. Despite the lightweight, the controller’s build is sturdy enough not to feel flimsy or breakable. Also, it’s easy to carry around!

With all these features, it’s pretty easy to guess that this controller is expensive. This is the only con I could find with the product. However, if you pay the big bucks, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Check out on Amazon

2. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The Nintendo Joy-Cons are dual controllers that are packed together with the Nintendo Switch console. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s hybrid system, you can either dock the Nintendo Switch for use on a bigger screen, or use its portability factor for fun gaming on the go.

These touch controls often become an impediment to the graphical fidelity and screen space that’s required with the latest games. Moreover, they’re not the best when it comes to providing you with a level of control. By pairing one or both controllers to your iPhone, the device will recognize the Joy-Cons as a single controller and allow you to play your games without the impediment of the touch controls.

So, if you’ve got a Nintendo Switch lying around the house and want to elevate your mobile gaming experience, pair the Nintendo Joy-Cons with your iPhone today!

Check out on Amazon

The only caveat is that it’s made for beginners or intermediate gamers. If you’re an enthusiast, you’re better off spending a few more dollars.

Check out on Amazon

Best of all, you can access all the iPhone-compatible apps through the Merge Miniverse, the company’s portal for gaming. From education games to the latest mobile games, there’s access to plenty of content.

Check out on Amazon

5. Serafim Steering Wheel – Best for racing games on iPhone

Racing games on iPhone are aplenty, and some of them provide a proper racing simulation experience. The Serafim Steering Wheel is precisely for these games.

This steering wheel brings everything – from the pedals to a phone holder on the steering wheel. While it also works with major console games, it’s also been specifically designed with mobile games in mind.

The steering wheel comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, its build quality is something to brag about. Don’t worry about stepping on the pedals too hard. The entire ensemble is made to be pushed to the limits.

The double vibration motors do a great job of making you feel the power of the in-game car’s engines. The X-input and D-input are standardized as well. Overall, this is a steering wheel covering all bases.

Check out on Amazon

6. Dizaul 3D Screen Magnifier – Best iPhone screen amplifier

Screen magnifiers are important for those who want more control in their mobile gaming experience.

Sometimes, the smaller screens of phones don’t do a good job of showing the game in all its glory. Moreover, playing mobile games for too long can be detrimental to your eyesight.

The 3D screen magnifier is a good choice for those who want to put less stress on their eyes while enjoying the mobile game as if they were playing a console game.

The screen itself is foldable, which makes it highly portable. It’s got a curved shape that works well for panoramic fields of view. The build quality is above average and can sustain a substantial amount of wear and tear.

Unfortunately, the screen magnifier is suitable only for one to two people. Don’t expect to watch a movie with your family through this screen.

Check out on Amazon

7. Altec Lansing BattelGrip Mobile Controller – Best for shooting games

Good controllers meant specifically for certain game genres can be difficult to find. If you’re into shooting games, the BattleGrip Mobile Controller should be a must-buy for you.

The controller features two triggers on either side for easier control. Triggers can be customized for specific actions, and the placement makes it easier for actions such as shooting and reloading.

There’s also a silent cooling fan attached to the controller. Shooting games can be heavy on the phone and lead to heating issues. The cooling fan ensures that the temperatures remain favorable for extended gaming hours.

I wish they bettered the build quality, however. The material, while durable for small knicks and bumps, may be unable to stand bigger falls.

Check out on Best Buy

8. Altec Lansing Charging Pad – Best charging pad for iPhones

This is another product by Altec Lansing that can enhance your gaming experience.

We know that gaming can be a heavy task for phones. With the latest games having superior graphics and intense gameplay, the phone may run out of charge quickly.

This is why a wireless charging pad can be a useful tool. The Altec Lansing Charging Pad doesn’t take up too much space. Moreover, it’s small enough for you to miss it when holding the phone.

This ensures that your gaming isn’t interrupted. The suction cup grip allows the pad to stick to the back of the phone, and the material doesn’t interfere with charging even if you use a phone case. More importantly, it has a 10W charging capacity. While this doesn’t sound like much, the charging is fast and efficient.

The charging pad also features a ring stand that can keep the phone at certain angles. However, the ring stand seems flimsy, so I’d recommend caution when using it.

Check out on Best Buy

9. Vakili Touch Screen Joypad – Best on-screen joypad for iPhones

Gaming controllers can be a hassle when you prefer something much smaller. On-screen controllers can be your go-to accessory for gaming if this is the case for you.

The Vakili Touch Screen Joypad is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much on a controller. The small form factor allows you to attach the controller to the screen, especially in those areas where the on-screen controls are present.

There’s no additional pattern to increase the size of the joypad, and it can stick to the surface of the screen without causing any damage.

It’s especially useful for racing and shooting games as you have to control the direction.

Unfortunately, you cannot add any more functionality to this controller. You cannot sprint with this controller in games where the sprint function is present.

Check out on Amazon

10. MGC Clawsocks – Best finger sleeves for iPhone gaming

When you play competitive online games, especially the likes of Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll notice that there is a lag when you drag the camera from one extreme angle to another.

Often, this drag can cost your gaming experience. This is why the MGC Clawsocks are an important buy for you. Not only do they protect your fingers, but also reduce this lag to an almost frictionless situation.

It’s also thin enough to have sensitivity in your fingers and does not interfere with the mobile screen’s sensitivity. Even if your fingers have dirt or oil, these finger sleeves will ensure that you have smooth gameplay with uninterrupted touch sensitivity.

My only issue with the sleeves is that the strings may unravel after extended usage. While this doesn’t impact the gameplay much, it can be annoying.

Check out on Amazon

11. IFYOO Z108 Mobile Controller – Best budget alternative for shooting games

If you want to improve your experience at shooting games and have budget restrictions, the IFYOO Z108 controller is a good alternative.

The controller uses a clip-on system that protects your screen from scratches. It’s also compatible with a variety of screen protectors and phone cases.

Apart from the fact that the controller uses the lowest amount of your screen space, it also helps you avoid accidental button presses on the side of your phone. Moreover, the buttons are customizable.

The low latency feedback allows you to exercise quicker reactions when you’re in the middle of an intense gunfight.

My only issue with the controller is that it isn’t durable. The ABS plastic material may not withstand high wear and tear.

Check out on Amazon

12. LucBuy Mobile phone case – Best phone case for retro games

Retro games can transport us into the past, into an era of vintage gaming. If you want the truest feel of playing these games, you have to try the retro phone case by LucBuy.

The phone case is designed to represent the classic GameBoy cases. There’s plenty to choose from, depending on the device you use.

There are 36 categories of retro games to choose from. Whether you prefer Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, there’s content for everyone to try. All these games can be played at the back of your phone, as the case comes with a colored screen and the usual GameBoy button design.

The case itself is stated to be dustproof, shockproof, and scratch-resistant. It also comes in a variety of eye-catching colors.

You can also power the case by connecting it to your phone. The case will draw the battery from your phone. This guarantees extended gaming times. If you’re a connoisseur of older video games, this phone case is a must-buy.

A con of this phone case would be that it adds a fair bulk to the phone. So, if you don’t like a phone case that weighs too much, you might have to sacrifice the retro gaming.

Check out on Amazon

Summing up!

Mobile gaming is now considered a serious e-sporting phenomenon. If you’re an aspiring or budding mobile gamer, I hope you’ve liked this list of the best gaming accessories for the iPhone.

In case you missed!

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Best Iphone 7 And 7 Plus Cases In 2023

Despite lacking a new design, iPhone 7 has been quite successful in creating massive euphoria among fans. With the superb camera, 40x faster processor than iPhone 6s, Force-Touch enabled Home button, the newest iPhone has got enough to seal the deal in its favor. As always, iPhone accessory makers joined the bandwagon with all hue and colors. No wonder there is a plethora of fabulous iPhone 7 cases out there to grab eyeballs. To ensure your requirements have an ideal fulfillment, we have presented this list to serve your purpose the timely remedy. Let’s cash-in-on them!


YOUMAKER has crafted this heavy-duty case from premium hybrid tough polycarbonate material and TPU. When both materials combined, they provide tremendous texture and military level shockproof protection to your iPhone. The dual-layer structure offers 360-degree rugged protection to your precious device.

Your phone’s touchscreen and camera are given extra attention to the raised lip. To add aesthetic value to the case, YOUMAKER has used vibrant metallic paintings. The design team of YOUMAKER has done an excellent job by creating an ergonomic appearance.


TOWID has manufactured such a slim case that you won’t feel there is a case installed on your iPhone. The slim fit case is made of high-quality matte TPU to protect your phone. One of the benefits of a slim case is precise design. TOWID has achieved this precision to allow users to access ports and buttons quickly.

The matte TPU ensures safety with no odor. The case does not emit any nasty smell even though you hold your phone for a long time. To make the case shockproof, TOWID has added four-sided rounded corner protection.


TORRAS gives you a crystal clear case for your iPhone. The beauty of this case lies in its transparency, which not only protects your phone but also helps you display the natural splendor of your iPhone. The case does not fade its clearness, and therefore, your phone looks new for long.

This case has gone through reinforced processing for slippery-proof function. When you hold your phone in hand, you are more confident. Appreciate strengthened bumper edge of this case that prevents marks, scratches, and scuffs from damaging your phone’s magnificence.


MCUK has used three layers of protection to ensure full security of your device. The three layers include plastic back cover, plastic bumper, and silicone inner frame. With such strong security, your iPhone is always protected against shocks, scratches, dust, and fingerprints.

In their efforts to make the case robust, MCUK engineers have been attentive to fashion quotient. The unique style of this case sets it apart from other cases.

5. OtterBox

OtterBox cases are known for their robust body. Holding fast to this tradition, OtterBox has designed a sturdy case for your iPhone 7. Though the case looks slim and lightweight, it provides full protection to your device against bumps and shocks. A notable feature of this case is port covers, which prevent dust and debris from entering your phone.

This two-piece case is easy to install on your iPhone. Once you install the case, leave everything to the polycarbonate shell, which ensures on-the-go protection. Use this Commuter Series case to put your device in the pocket comfortably.


MATONE has made this ultra-clear hybrid case from premium TPU material. The shock-absorption TPU bumper cushion provides excellent corner protection against accidental drops and bumps.

Raised bezel provides enough elevation to touchscreen and camera. This transparent case preserves the natural look of your phone. Use this hybrid case to keep your phone thin and lightweight.


Spigen is unarguably the most reliable name when it comes to iPhone cases. This PC case has clear back showcases the real beauty and color of your premium device. Its TPU bumper provides solid grip and slim profile.

Since the case is wireless charging compatible, you can use it on your iPhone 8 as well. Tactile buttons and precise cutouts allow you to access all the ports quickly. Get MIL-STD 810G-516.6 protection and Air Cushion Technology for anti-shock protection.

8. Luvvitt

Want a highly protective case without making any compromise on style? Luvvitt iPhone 7 case has been carved to fit your expectation.

Combining Jerman Bayer branded hard shell and shock absorbing TPU core, double layer armor case design keeps your iPhone safeguarded from accidental fall or damage. The protective lips above the screen make sure the screen remains protected. It’s easy to access all the ports and buttons.

9. Ionic Pro

Looking for a good-looking wallet case at a low price? Ionic Pro for iPhone 7 Plus is the right choice for you. With the black leather exterior as well as the red soft micro fiber padding in the interior, the case offers the desired protection to your iPhone. You can comfortably keep 3 cards. The form-fitting design makes a nice pair with your device.

10. FYY

Willing to buy a fashionable case for your iPhone 7 to catch everyone’s eyes? FYY case can be a delightful option.

With the beautiful design coupled with the attractive pattern, the case looks really pretty. The patterns have been printed in two different designs to ensure it’s able to retain its charm for long. This case is carved with flexible TPU materials. It’s lightweight, slim-fit and durable. Being available in several colors, you have the freedom to pick the right match.

That’s all, mate!

Which one of these cases has impressed you? Are you going to pre-order any of these cases?

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Iphone 6 And Iphone 6S Cases In 2023

Recently, while exploring must-have accessories, I came across some of the best cases for iPhone 6/6s. Impressed by their design and feel, I want to share those besties with you all. So, doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of classy leather or find a sleek suit more appealing. You can get the right one for your smartphone!

1. Harber London

Looking for a case that spells luxury, this one should be your pick. Harber London crafts their cases from full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. They neither compromise on style, functionality, the slim-profile nor on protection.

A convenient back pocket could house a card, keeping it handy wherever you go. Folded edge gives corner to corner protection and comfortable grip. A soft microfibre lining nestles the phone like a newborn, keeping scuff marks or scratches at bay.

2. bellroy

A slim profile of this leather case quickly grabs your attention. However, that’s not all to impress you! Bellroy has packed this leather case with many features to make it extremely useful and stylish. Bellroy’s use of certified leather and soft polymer microfiber ensures you get the best material.

Premium hides make all the difference. The genuine leather makes each case unique and sets it apart from other Bellroy cases. Since the leather is tanned and dyed following environmental protocols, it ages gracefully and flaunts a rich tone upon persistent use.

3. Speck CandyShell

Speck CandyShell can be an automatic pick for the folks who want to have the best of both worlds: slimness and certified protection.

For all being on the thinner side, the cover meets MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. Besides, the raised bezel also plays a reliable role in shielding the screen against scrapes.

The mix of soft acrylic interior and PC outer shell boosts the durability. Lastly, the covered buttons offer tactile feedback so that you can control volume and turn ON/OFF screen with ease.

4. Vesel Wood Series

Are you up for an attractive bumper case made with the perfect combination of wood and aluminum? Vesel Wood Series primed with oak/walnut wood and solid aluminum can make an elegant pair with your iPhone 6/6s.

You can quickly install/ remove Wood Series using the tool it comes with. All the ports and buttons of your device are easily accessible. As for protection, it offers basic safeguards.

The minimalist profile coupled with the appealing design scores high enough to stand up to the expectation. Read the full review.

5. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen was probably the first major brand to come up with iPhone 6/6s cases on pre-order (they put it up on Amazon). At the time of writing this, there are at least five varieties of iPhone 6 cases. Our pick: Neo Hybrid for its class. It stays true to its name: it’s a hybrid of a classic shiny-plastic case and a slim hard-shell for good protection.

6. Incipio DualPro Hard Shell

Incipio DualPro has got a lot to offer to your iPhone. The cover looks elegant without compromising on defense.

The PC outer shell adds the needed strength, while the TPE inner core absorbs shock. With the soft-touch coating, you get the desired hold over your smartphone.

Have a liking for colorful design? You can pick out DualPro in more than 10 attractive hues.

7. Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox usually comes up with heavy armor cases that protect the iPhone from extreme levels of shock, dust, and etc. The Symmetry Series for iPhone 6/6s is a departure (although not new to Otterbox.)

The case features a thin and form-fitting design. For all having a slim structure, it can absorb shock.

The beveled (raised lip) framework will protect the screen when your iPhone is placed facedown. Additionally, SYMMETRY SERIES comes in seven good-looking colors.

8. Luvvitt Ultra Armor

While there’s nothing specifically out-of-the-box in this one, the Luvvitt iPhone 6/6s armor case is a standard-issue case that is really good. It is backed by a similar construction as in Otterbox or other dual-layered cases. The polycarbonate shell comes with a TPU core that absorbs shocks. And then there’s the usual level of dust and scratch protection.

The case snaps on to your iPhone 6/6s easily and has cutouts for easy access to the camera and the mute switch. Button caps for the power and volume buttons keep them protected.

9. TORRAS Love Series

There are three qualities that have made me put TORRAS Love Series right at the top of this top iPhone 6/6s case roundup. And the first one is the adorable sleek design that looks nice on the smartphone.

Apple logo cutout on the back further enhances its profile. The second: thanks to the use of liquid silicone rubber, the cover feels pretty smooth and also feels grippy in the palm.

But can this slim cover protect your iPhone from minor falls? With the microfiber cushion, the case does have a bit of strength to save your smartphone from random falls. Not to mention, you can pick out Love Series in eight color variants such as pink, red, black and more.

And the third, this thin cover has got (four and a half stars out of more 3500 customer reviews.)

10. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Every time I look for a top-notch clear case for my iPhone, the one that instantly comes to the mind is “Ultra Hybrid.” If I’m not wrong, this model is available for all the iPhones.

Talking about the design, it’s the hybrid of PC and TPU. The soft rubberized bumper is equally matched by the crystal clear back. So, your iPhone 6s gets the full license to charm eyes.

But that is not to suggest that the cover can’t fight out the shock. You shouldn’t worry about random falls. The presence of front lip and camera bump further boosts protection.


Whenever I get ready to round up the best cases for the iPhone, I make sure to check out this well-known brand–OtterBox. It’s because I’ve used so many cases from this accessory manufacturer and found them damn good.

As for COMMUTER SERIES, I think it’s a great mix of protection and style. Therefore, your smartphone won’t put the elegance behind in order to keep the threats from random drops at bay. And this is what makes it so impressive.

The grippy exterior plays a big part in preventing unwanted drops. Besides, the exact cutouts for the headphone jack, port and speakers offer painless access.

12. Caseology Parallax Series

The highlight of the Caseology Parallax Series is the smooth and textured cover with 3D geometric design. As a result, your palm always seems to have an extra cushion to hold the 4.7-inch smartphone.

The case is the combination of TPU and PC material for enhanced protection. Powered by the robust bumper, Parallax Series can disperse impact with ease.

Besides, the camera lip and raised lip add the needed safeguard so that scratches aren’t able to hurt the device.

That’s pretty much it!

So, these are my best cases for iPhone 6/6s. I guess you’ve found the above covers worthy of your picks. Visit here for best iPhone 6/6s flip cases.

What’s your favorite?

If you have chosen any of the cases, do let me know your feedback about it. And should you find any of your top contenders missing from the roundup, tell us their names as well.

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Best Airpods Max Cases In 2023

Although Apple’s AirPods Max come with a carrying case, it does not do an adequate job of protecting them. This can be risky when you’re on the go and want to prevent any damage to your premium headphones. Moreover, many people feel that the default case looks pretty weird too.

So, if you’re looking for the best AirPods Max cases that are both protective and aesthetically appealing, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my favorite options.

1. WaterField shield case

This one holds the appreciation of being the first third-party case for AirPods Max. The San Francisco-based bag manufacturing company left no stone unturned to craft a case that fits as the best alternative for the default AirPods Max case.

It renders your headphones over-all protection. Inside, it has a magnetic leather butterfly to keep them in low power mode, just like the default case. Also, you get space to store your charging adapter and cable, which further makes it handier.

Buy it from WaterField

2. KT-CASE waterproof PU leather case

The storage case for AirPods Max is made using EVA hard shell and waterproof PU leather. The combination makes the case dustproof and shockproof for added security. Having been designed specifically for AirPods Max, it elegantly houses your new purchase with the default case that comes with it.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing the default smart case attributes designed by Apple. You also get additional space to keep the adapter and charging cable.

Check out on Amazon

3. Geekria ultrashell case

This one carries all the required traits to be a durable, spacious, and affordable case for AirPods Max. At the exterior, you can notice the hard shell that protects your headphones from any impact, water, or crushes. Inside, it comes with mesh pockets to keep your charger, adapter, and other accessories. Also, there’s an elastic band running horizontally on the other side to ensure your headphones remain secured all the time.

Check out on Amazon

4. Fromsky waterproof case

The protective AirPods Max case comes with a carabiner to hold them securely. It is elegantly designed using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and features an inner cotton layer for that smooth touch. Also, it has a removable mesh pocket that houses your adapter and charging cable. While the material used gives you a smooth touch, it is durable to protect your accessory from scratches, water, and dust.

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5. IMSHIE travel carrying bag case

You might dislike the original case due to its design aesthetics, but you can’t deny the tech traits it carries. This hard headphone case lets you store the headphones with the original case without compromising on the aesthetics. It carries an eye-grabbing design and features an inner mesh pocket to keep your charging cable, adapter, and other accessories.

What’s more? It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant.

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6. Chirano hardshell case

You might have a tough time finding a reason to avoid this AirPods Max travel case. It’s smart, durable, and easy to carry. It is designed to house your luxurious headphones with the default case you received with it. Having said this, you can have both tech and quality benefits.

On one side, it has a large mesh pocket to keep your accessories. On another, it has a stretchable band to keep your headphones placed at one spot securely.

And yes, it will surely fall into your budget.

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7. Linkidea protective travel case

This designer AirPods Max case is made using premium quality materials and offers sufficient space inside to keep your accessories. Designed by experienced artisans, it is crafted using crush-resistant, anti-shock, weather-resistant EVA. This ensures that your precious possession will remain secure even in the harshest circumstances. It also features an inner pocket to keep your accessories and a low integrated power/sleep mode switch flap to preserve your headphone’s battery.

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Considering that the AirPods Max is newly launched and there will be more third-party manufacturers joining the list in the coming days, it will be tough to decide.

However, out of the available options, I personally liked the WaterField case and the Linkidea hard case.

Despite a hefty price tag, I liked the WaterField case as it has all the features of the original one and ensures you save the AirPods Max battery when not in use. However, if the price is a concern, I found the Linkidea hard case a great fit. Though it might not match the quality, it still serves the purpose while saving battery for you.

What’s your take?

Things to consider when choosing an AirPods Max case

Price: The first thing on the list was this. I wanted to have the best case for AirPods Max but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

Durability: Another key reason behind looking for an AirPods Max case is I needed 360-degree protection. The default case lacks protection for the canopy spanning the headband.

Design: The case undoubtedly looks out of the box and, as claimed, serves few other purposes in enhancing the AirPods Max experience. However, it doesn’t fit my likes, and I would not prefer carrying it in hand all the time.

Waterproof: This one’s a plus to have. Apple’s first-ever over-the-ear headphones are a pricey affair, and I wouldn’t want any external element to damage them even accidentally.


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Best Wallet Cases For Iphone 5 And 5S In 2023

1. WPCase

WPCase brings eight colorful and floral designs in this wallet case. The impressive pattern of this case creates an irresistible charm. Its handmade design gives you a classic feel.

Apart from its beauty, this wallet case shows some powerful functional features like two card slots and a money pocket. You can convert the case into a kickstand to watch videos and movies hands-free. And check that magnetic flap to keep your phone closed and protected.

To make it functional, MOLLYCOOCLE provides two slots to store credit/debit cards, and a pocket to store cash. For the security of your iPhone, check that magnetic closure, which keeps case tightly closed.

3. BookBook for iPhone 5/5s

BookBook, of course, needs no introduction. This iPhone 5/5s Wallet case from TwelveSouth – the makers of some of the finest Apple-related accessories – is every bit the same BookBook thing that these guys have been producing for long.

BookBook iPhone 5/5s case makes sure your iPhone is ultra-secure and then the things you keep in the wallet case is safe. Not to forget, the case itself looks like a miniature book. From the 19th century.

4. FYY

FYY has carved a niche in fashionable wallet cases for women. Almost all the wallet cases designed by FYY capture the attention of women consumers, and this one is not an exception. The misty rose color of this case is favorite among women of discerning taste.

The flip folio leather wallet case is made of premium PU leather. You can convert this case into a kickstand for watching movies, videos, and browse pictures and web.

5. ProCase

For your everyday use, ProCase offers this wallet case for your iPhone. The case is stylish and functional, which is a rare feat achieved by ProCase. Its intelligent design serves all your needs.

ProCase provides a lanyard that gives you a better grip when you carry your iPhone. Check those two built-in card slots and a pocket to store cash. For that last minute touch-up, this case also gives you a mirror.

6. Wisdompro

Wisdompro has custom designed this case to give your iPhone a perfect fit. The company has used durable but soft premium PU leather and plastic hard-shell armor to offer better protection against scratches, bumps, and drops.

You can efficiently use your iPhone when the case is installed on the device. The beauty of Wisdompro case is that it provides wrist lanyard for your convenience and quick access to your iPhone while you are in motion.

7. Distilunion Wally Stick-On

Wally is actually not a full-fledged case. Instead, it’s a stick-on that aims to simplify your life. Rushing to the grocers? You don’t have to pick your wallet and your iPhone. With Wally on, you can keep a few cards and bills in the Wally pouch that sticks to the back of the iPhone. Made of high-quality Italian leather.


The design of a wallet case sometimes overwhelms users, and they wonder how they can access essential features of their phone. Well, TUCCH has removed all your doubts by crafting a simple yet powerful design for your iPhone.

A wallet case accommodates everything that you would have stored in your hefty wallet. You can store your cash, credit/debit cards, and more. Now, you don’t need to look for your wallet before leaving for office.

9. Silk

If jeans, leather, or folio type cases aren’t your favorite, then here’s a smart wallet case from Silk. The case has a durable construction and features a slot on the back to accommodate multiple cards and cash.

The polycarbonate shell protects your iPhone from bumps. Plus, it also offers a reliable defense to the touchscreen by keeping scratches away. Lastly, there are five different color options available at the time of writing this.

10. iPhox

The case from iPhox is quite elegant in looks and perfect for people looking for a decent wallet case for their iPhone 5, 5s or iPhone SE. It has been crafted from premium PU leather with wallet feature to carry three of your cards and some cash as well. The polycarbonate shell protects the phone from normal falls. Lastly, the case also features viewing videos, pictures, or reading E-books in landscape mode using the Kickstand option.

11. Vofolen

Unlike traditional wallet cases, Vofolen has combined the features of wallet cases and bumper cases. The brand has taken the design of bumper cases and functionality of wallet cases. By removing folio, Vofolen has made a compact wallet case you can easily slide in your pocket.

The case is protected by shockproof hard PC cover, which also adds a smooth and stylish charm to the case. For the protection of your phone’s screen, this case has raised lips.

That’s all, folks!

Summing up…

Wallet cases are always my favorite. They are stylish, strong, and functional. For your iPhone 5 and 5s, there cannot be any other better choice. Just go for it!

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