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Apple Series 3 may not have got a brand new design, but the smartwatch has undoubtedly become more independent than ever before. And it’s all thanks to cellular support. I know you have just got the all-new Watch and are willing to buy a befitting match for it, aren’t you? Take a closer peek at these best Apple Watch Series 3 Bands to choose a stunning companion for your endearing smartwatch.

1. U191U

Metal wristbands are my personal favorite. The cold feel that it gives on the wrist along with stunning looks is what catch the eyes. They are durable and does their job very well. This metal band is no different; it has all the qualities that you may look for in a watch band.

It also comes with a toolkit to adjust the size as per your wrist. Made with stainless steel, it securely holds the Apple Watch no matter what you do. Lastly, there are six color options at your disposal.

2. Mkeke

If you have a penchant for vintage design, Mkeke would instantly catch your eyeballs. Carved out of genuine leather, this watch band is the durable companion of your Apple Watch. The neat stitching showcases its craftsmanship.

As leather is anti-slip and sweat-absorbent, you will feel comfortable wearing it. The large-sized Silver stainless steel buckle and multiple holes boost user-experience. This refined strap comes with a one-year warranty and is available in two colors: black and brown.

3. JFdragon

The unique feature of JFdragon wristband is that it is crafted from “Crazy Horse” leather. The peculiarity of this leather is that the touch or scratch changes the shade of the band. Besides that, a slight bend also fades the tone of the band. This makes it unique and impressive, as every band is different.

Besides design and look, the band securely holds the Apple Watch without letting it fall. Lastly, there are a plethora of color choices available to suit your preference.


This one is for all the trendy people out there. You can get the MITERV band in many colors. If you are interested, you may even buy a pack of 6 different colors. The band is made from durable and soft materials, which makes you feel comfortable while you are wearing it.

This Band and has 13 holes so that it can fit several wrist sizes. The band comes with lugs on both ends which ensures a safe and secure fit with your Apple Watch.

5. eLander

eLander features a dynamic profile with the top-of-the-line stainless steel material. The double folding clasp allows you to install and remove the band comfortably. Courtesy of the durable built-up, it lasts longer. Adjustable length snuggly fits your wrist.

The included watch link removal kit and screwdriver offer you the required convenience to fine-tune it to your best comfort. That aside, you get three color options: silver, space gray and rose gold to select the ideal companion for your watch.

6. Mifa

I’m fascinated by Mifa’s pro-looking design. With the genuine leather, the watchband looks authoritative with the smartwatch. The handmade design topped by visible stitching makes it an excellent pick for your high-profile outing.

The soft leather texture feels pretty comfy to the touch. Multiple holes offer the desired flexibility to adjust the band as per your comfort level. Besides, Mifa comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in three colors: black, brown and oyster.

7. Secbolt

“Gorgeous” is the perfect word for Secbolt. Created with the top-grade stainless steel material, it has a glowing profile. What brings more charm to it is the rhinestones.

You can resize the band with ease just by folding the clasp. The availability of four beautiful colors: black, rose gold, gold, and silver offers you more freedom to pick a suitable match for your smartwatch. This nice-looking watch band comes with a one-year warranty.


One more genuine leather band secures its place on the list. The uniqueness of leather is that every band is different. Even if you buy two similar wristbands from the same company, both will have a different texture.

When it comes to safety, the band holds around the Apple Watch tightly without letting it fall. In addition to that, the clasp is made using 316L stainless steel that will securely hold on to your wrist. Lastly, there are six color options as well.

9. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

Flaunting a stylish design, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro looks dapper on Apple Watch. With the snap on design, you can install and remove the band without any trouble.

The rugged construction makes it extremely durable. Precise cutouts ensure you have comfortable access to all the functions of your watch.

Better still, you have four stylish color options like black, blue, gold and red to select from and available for both the Apple Watch models.

10. JETech

Pick this stylish band to give your Watch a handsome look. Made of high-grade stainless steel, it’s a long-lasting companion for the smartwatch. Metal clasp lets you quickly adjust the band to your comfort level.

The included tool allows you to fine-tune the length with ease. Additionally, this modish band comes with a reliable lifetime warranty.


Made from 100% comfortable genuine leather, this band looks professional. The decent leather finish with side thread stitching gives it a nice and clean appearance, which makes it suitable for wearing to work. It is easy to attach and remove. Also, the adapters at both ends lock the watch body precisely and securely.

Above all this watch band comes with an extended warranty of 18 months. So, if you have any doubts during regular use, contact them for a solution.

That’s all folks!

What’s your favorite band?

Which one of these awesome watch bands have got lucky to pair with your all new smartwatch? It’d be really cool to know its name and the features you have found adorable in it.

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Apple Watch Se Vs Apple Watch Series 6: Compare Models

Expectations were huge with the event. The entire web was flooded with predictions based on the launch of Apple Watches, iPad Air, and iPhone 12. The major bet had been on Apple’s flagship phone, iPhone 12. Speculations about its features and technical aspects were doing the rounds. Bloggers and analysts left no stone unturned to represent Apple’s plannings. However, things changed soon after the clock touched 10:00 AM PT.

The dawn of 15th September closed all speculations, and Tim finally took the curtains off from the new generation of Apple Watches; Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. While the former comes adorned with some remarkable features, the Special Edition is nowhere behind.

However, the noticeable price gap between the two undoubtedly raises the question – What’s the difference between Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE?

Comparison Between Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

‘It already does that’ this is precisely the vision ‘Big Boys’ at Apple had while designing the new watches. There has been buzz about the two watches for quite some time. However, the exact information rolled out during the ‘Time Flies’ event, and the details indeed are intriguing. Both the versions are similar, with little differences and a lot in common between them.

What’s in Common

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at a product? Is it the appearance? If the answer’s yes, you might be happy to know that both the versions come with the same screen size and resolution. The newly introduced solo loop bands, including soft silicone and braided yarn, will remain with both versions.

Talking about the specs and features, both the versions will come with features like fall detection, emergency calling SoS, noise monitoring, optical heart sensors, heartbeat fluctuation notifications, real-time altimeter, etc. Acknowledging that both the versions will mate with iOS 14, the newly introduced features with the new iOS will remain default.

What’s Missing

Being tech-savvy, a significant difference I noticed between the two watches is the processor they use. While the 6 Series comes with S6 dual-core processor, the SE version has a Series 5 processor in it. However, looking from a user’s perspective, three significant features won’t be in the later version include the ECG app, Blood Oxygen app, and the always-on Retina Display. Not just this, the screen in series 6 watch gets a little brighter to make it easier for you to check notifications and specs even during the bright days.

Also, the new Red and Blue dials are only available for the Series 6 version. The remaining dials stay common for both the models.

Comparison Chart

Apple Watch 6 Apple Watch SE


Processor S6 with 64-bit Dual Core S5 with 64-bit Dual Core

OS Version watchOS 7 watchOS 7

Connectivity Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0

Wireless Chip W3 W3

Resolution 40mm: 324*394 40mm: 324*394

Battery Life Up to 18 Hours Up to 18 Hours

Heart Sensor The second generation, Optical heart sensor Optical heart sensor


Family setup support ✔ ✔

ECG ✔ —

Noise Monitoring ✔ ✔

Fall Detection ✔ ✔

Blood Oxygen app ✔ —

Emergency SOS ✔ ✔

Irregular heart notifications ✔ ✔

Always on Retina Display

Real-time altimeter ✔ ✔

Which Apple Watch Should You Buy: Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch 6?

Closely looking at both the version, there isn’t much difference, and the Series 6 and SE models are relatively the same. If you are already a series 5 user and muddled on whether to upgrade or not to the 2023 tech marvel, you aren’t wrong. Despite including the Blood Oxygen level is inspired by the need raised during Covid time, there isn’t much that people can look into this series 6 model.

However, other inclusions like the powerful S6 processor, which makes the series 6 two times faster than series 5, and the intriguing new single loop bands, can make a good reason to lure you towards the series 6 watch.

Also if you own Apple Watch Series 3 or 4, buying this can be a wise choice considering the features and the future compatibility of various apps. Yes, you read that right. Looking at the direction in which Apple is moving, the future has a lot in the box. Taking a jump to Series 6 from 3 or 4 will undoubtedly be a wise decision.

Looking at the health perspective and its price, the watch undoubtedly has many potentials to gain a new section of the audience. If you are a first-timer, this undoubtedly can be your preference.

Talking about the SE version, there are only a handful of features where it lacks behind. However, with this little difference and pocket-friendly price, the Watch SE will undoubtedly make a groundbreaking presence. If you are planning to have a watch for your kids or you haven’t yet purchased due to budget issues, this can be the right buy.

Now that you are acquainted and can make a decision. Here’s how much they’ll cost you;

Price of Apple Watch Series 6: Starting $399

Price of Apple Watch SE: Starting $279

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Apple Watch Series 8 Vs. Apple Watch Ultra: Which One Should You Buy?

Apple announced a new product line for its mobile and portable devices during its September 7, 2023 event. Among the array of products shipping out of Apple’s coven, the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra – both with spectacular features – grab special attention. And I bet you can’t wait to sport one of these beasts on your wrist.

While both watches are great, Apple mentioned some tailored features for each; therefore, some weighing is required before deciding on which one to buy. We can’t ignore their price differences. But even if you can afford the almighty Apple Watch Ultra, is it an ideal watch for your needs? The Apple Watch Series 8 is a bit expensive too, but would you get everything that your activity standard demands?

So below is a detailed comparison of Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Apple Watch Ultra. Which of the two is worth your investment? You’ll know by the end of this article.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Apple Watch Ultra: A detailed comparison

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra have many features in common. However, let’s start by tabulating the key differences between them for a quick overview.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Apple Watch Ultra: Key features

The Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 both have great protective features. But the Apple Watch Ultra is more rugged, with the casing extending across the sides for edge protection. The Watch Ultra can resist submergence up to 100 meters. Only half of this depth is ideal for the Apple Watch Series 8, as it has slimmer units.

While the Apple Watch Series 8 comes with some more new straps, Apple tailored the Watch Ultra straps based on activities. These include the Alpine loop, Trail loop, and Ocean band.

Temperature sensors and cycle tracking

The Apple Ultra and Series 8 Watches sample the wrist temperature every 5 seconds and can detect temperature changes as small as 0.1 degree Celsius. This is the basis of the bi-phasic temperature shift detection in women.

Additionally, it can measure and report a retrospective estimate of your ovulation period. According to Apple, if you use iOS 16 or Watch OS 9, the Watch Series 8 can notify you of a menstrual cycle deviation, which helps you detect underlying health conditions quicker.

Crash detection

The built-in accelerometer can measure up to 256 g-forces (the body kinetic motion during a crash) to detect a fatal crash impact. Its ability to sample motion four times faster at over 3000 times per second allows it to determine the precise impact time.

Apple says the crash detection feature was developed using simulated severe crash types. It then captured signals from test crashes as reported by sensors, gyroscopes, barometer, microphone, GPS, and the accelerometer used in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra to develop a machine learning algorithm trained for over one million hours of real-world driving.

If you’ve been in a car crash, these Apple Watches don’t only detect it but also automatically dial all your emergency contacts and provide your precise location to them.

Speaker and Mics

Source: Macworld

As the Apple Watch Ultra comes with outdoor activities in mind, it has an extra speaker and an array of three microphones to beat the Apple Watch Series 8. So in terms of sound output and input quality, the Apple Watch Ultra takes the lead.

Cellular and GPS modeling

The Apple Watch Series 8 fits more subtle use cases. So it’s available as a GPS-only or GPS + Cellular model. This configuration doesn’t work for the Apple Watch Ultra, as it’s only available in the GPS + Cellular format.

The Apple Watch ultra provides a more accurate GPS, featuring the L1 + L5 GPS with custom positioning algorithms. It couples this with a new precision dual-frequency GPS solution to detect your location even in the most compromised geolocations.


With a big and bright sapphire crystal display of up to 2000 nits, the Apple Watch Ultra is undoubtedly the sharpest and brightest display you can get around. With this brightness level, you can read texts easily in harsh sunlight.

The Apple Watch Series 8 also packs a punch with its 1000 nits display, but it’s even better on the stainless steel case – where it beams with a sapphire crystal display.

Battery life

Considering the Apple Watch Ultra’s heavy-duty battery, the difference in battery life between both watches is far apart. According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra’s battery can last up to 36 hours on a full charge. That’s in contrast to the Apple Watch Series 8, which serves you for 18 hours when fully charged, enough to last you for a whole day.

Besides, the bigger battery in the Apple Watch Ultra serves the device’s purpose. It’s ideal for endurance athletics, as athletes can go for up to a 2.4-mile swim plus a 112-mile bike ride while exploring the most extreme and remote locations.

What’s in Apple Watch Ultra and not in Apple Watch Series 8?

So the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 have many functionalities in common. But the Apple Watch Ultra has some more features that make it breathtaking. Due to its focus on athletes, the following functions are crucial to the Apple Watch Ultra.

Customizable action button Way finder (customizable compass)

The way finder is a customizable compass on the Apple Watch Ultra for surfing your favorite places. Retracing your steps if you get lost is easy, thanks to the backtrack feature of the new compass app. It now has precision views and additional capabilities that let you add positions automatically to your GPS data.

Long-range alert system Dive and gauge functionality

The Apple Watch Ultra is certified under the standard for dive computers and gauges (EN 13319). It’s indeed the best digital watch you can get for underwater activities. In contrast to the Apple Watch Series 8, which can only withstand 50-meter water depth, the Watch Ultra can go as deep as 100 meters in water.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra can withstand intense activities like kitesurfing and skateboarding. It can even travel deep beneath the ocean waves. The Apple Watch Ultra features a depth gauge that launches the depth app when submerged. This displays your current depth, time spent underwater, and water temperature.

Apple says the Apple Watch Series 8 will sell in two models; the GPS-only and GPS+Cellular models. The firm confirmed that the GPS-only model is priced at $399, while the GPS+Cellular model will cost a hundred bucks more at $499. Both will be available starting September 16, 2023. So if you place an order now, you can expect to get yours on or after this date.

The Apple Watch ultra is more expensive and only available as a GPS+Cellular model. According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra will cost you $799 and will be available starting September 23, 2023.

Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 8?

Should you get the Apple Watch Ultra?

With that in mind, the Apple Watch Ultra is functional, sturdy, and phenomenal, with attention to detail that doesn’t exclude the straps. So it’s an excellent choice. But if you ask me, I’d say you don’t need something this expensive if you’re not buying it for its purpose.

Signing off…

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are phenomenal. Apple has tailored each watch towards a particular course. So it will help if you also try to tailor your purchase choice toward the purpose of the Watch.

If it’s for general daily usage, I’d recommend the Apple Watch Series 8. But you might look towards the more expensive Apple Watch Ultra if you surf the waters, hike, run marathons, scout the jungle often, or play rough for a living.

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Best Screen Protectors For Apple Watch Ultra In 2023

1. Supershieldz screen protector (3 pack) – Editor’s choice

This screen protector is the best choice if you don’t want fingerprints on your screen while using the watch. It is made from the finest tempered glass, providing optimum protection against scratches. Besides, the premium adhesive does not leave any residue when removed. Also, the precisely rounded 2.5D edge provides convenience and comfort to the fingers and the hand.


Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating




No guide tray

2. RinoGear screen protector (8 pack)- Full-coverage clear TPU film

So, you can tell it is a unique solution for safeguarding your watch’s display from bumps, scratches, and UV rays. Besides, the Touch Accurate sensation enables 100% touchscreen performance. As it is not a tempered glass screen protector, the film uses a wet install method for error-proof installations. I liked the fact that it comes with a lifetime replacement film voucher!


Flexible for curves

Visually unnoticeable


Tricky to install

3. NewWays protective film (6+2 pack) – With hard PC bumper

This is the one if you want an all-in-one protective guard for your pricey Apple Watch Ultra. NewWays offers a set of 6 protective tempered glass films, 2 PC bumpers, and an easy installation kit. Also, the protective 9H toughened film provides HD clarity and does not reduce visibility even in direct sunlight. Besides, the brand has applied a plasma oleophobic coating to the surface, giving it a smooth, sensitive texture.

Therefore, you will have the original screen contact experience. Also, the display will be much simpler to clean as it minimizes fingerprints, perspiration, and grease buildup. Besides, water and fog will not penetrate the screen or impact the touch screen. You will no longer need to remove the case and wipe the water repeatedly after taking a shower, being out in the rain, or any other similar event. 



Smooth touching

Gloss finish


Bumper breaks easily

Adds bulk

Check out on: Amazon

4. YMHML waterproof screen protector (4 pack) – Ultra sleek

The YMHML Apple Watch Ultra tempered glass 2.5D full-cover screen protector has a military-grade 9H hardness, which protects your screen from drops, bumps, scratches, and regular wear and tear. It also offers HD visibility, providing the most natural viewing and 3D-sensitive touch. 


Nano oleophobic layer




Accumulates dust

Check out on: Amazon

5. Spectre Shield screen protector (8 pack) – Case-friendly

The Spectre Sheild screen protector for Apple Watch Ultra is a full-coverage clear TPU patented skin film. It protects the watch display from scratches or sudden drop damage while remaining undetectable to the naked eye. Also, the high-quality transparent thermoplastic film maintains the clarity and vibrancy of the display. 

You can use any Apple Watch Ultra 49mm protective case with it. It’s precisely carved using a laser to assure a flawless fit. Besides, the wet installation method enables multiple attempts for proper alignment. Also, the Lifetime Replacements coupon can cover the cost of film replacements for a lifetime.


Self-healing properties

Thermoplastic material

Clear acrylic adhesive


Leaves wrinkles

Check out on: Amazon

So, that’s all for today, folks!

Happy exploring!

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Apple Patents Detail Apple Watch Bands With Skin Texture Authentication And More

Apple has a lot of different patent applications out there, detailing, at least in part, technologies and ideas the company is working on, has worked on, or is considering working on some day. Today has yet another example, this time for the Apple Watch.

Patently Apple has the report this week, detailing new patents that Apple has submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company has been granted the patents by the entity, detailing ideas like an LED progress indicator built into the strap, and, perhaps even more excitingly, a skin texture authentication feature.

The first of the granted patents (pictured above) deals with that authentication feature. This is a band for the smartwatch that has a built-in sensor, which would be able to authenticate the user based on their individual skin texture:

More particularly, skin texture cracks are generally warmer than the surrounding skin, and hair is cooler than the surrounding skin. By using an IR thermal image sensor as the wrist biometric sensor, hair can be distinguished, thermally, from skin texture cracks by temperature.

Another one of the patents features an LED progress indicator. This would make it possible for the wearer to visually determine how far along they are with a particular task without having to activate the watch’s display.

If that’s not enough, the third patent application approved by the USPTO allows for a self-tightening strap, which could actually adjust its size based on  the wearer’s location:

The third Apple Watch patent granted to Apple today is # 10,398,200 that relates to future Apple Watch that provide users with a customized band fit using a dynamic fit adjustment system.

The perfect fit will be achieved for both leisurely times and when the user cranks up their workout and need their watch band to hug their wrist like its one with them as they run or workout.

The band will even assist users to take their pulse by tightening the band to perfection to get that biometric reading just where it has to be and then automatically back off so as to not choke the circulation to your wrist.

How about a process within the two-factor authentication process? Apple has even thought about that:

For example, if a user wishes to access financial details hosted on a banking website, the banking website may require both the user’s credentials and a verification of a number of tightening-loosening patterns sent to a wearable electronic device previously authenticated by the banking website…

In one example, a tactile pattern may be a series of five squeezes of the user’s wrist (e.g., tighten and loosen in sequence). The user may thereafter enter “5” to gain access to the banking website.

Now, as is par for the course with news about Apple patents, nothing is guaranteed to actually make it out of whatever stage of development (or non-development) these features might be in. Even if Apple is considering these new elements for the Apple Watch, it doesn’t mean we will ever see them launch.

Still, these are some pretty interesting ideas. Which one of these elements would be your favorite if they did launch?

Best Ipad Air 3 Folio Cases In 2023

A folio case serves many purposes. I mean you can use it to provide a complete safeguard to your iPad, keep your digital pen perfectly in place and even carry your cards. Of course, most folio covers are slightly bulky and tend to take away the elegance of the device. However, there are some cases that offer the best of both worlds–the desired elegance and protective cushion–with some minor trade-offs. In this post, I’ve chosen some of the best cases for iPad Air 3rd generation, ensuring your need for a complete cover has the well-timed tryst. Find out which one deserves to pair with your tablet!

1. MoKo

If you are looking for a reasonably good iPad Air case under $10, MoKo will be one of the better options.

The cover has 600D fabric exterior and features a simple design to give a professional look to the device. To prevent scratches from damaging the tablet, it comes with a soft lining interior.

You can use the stand functionality to bolster your hands-free media watching on your iPad. Due mainly to the on-point cutouts, accessing the camera, buttons and ports are convenient. Besides, MoKo offers this folio case in seven colors.

2. DTTO Gentle Series

What puts this case at the forefront is the tri-fold stand. If you do not want to compromise with the more convenient viewing angles, give it a chance.

Another quality that makes it a very useful asset for your device is the heat dissipation design. Hence, there is less chance of your iPad to get hot.

As for durability, the cover has a shock-resistant TPU back. Thus, your device will be able to put away the challenges from low volume drops.

3. Antbox

“Antbox” folio cover has an executive design that makes your iPad Air look authoritative. Thanks to the top-grade PU leather, the exterior feels more comfortable to the touch.

The manufacturer has used TPU casing to reinforce the construction. Besides, the case also features a pretty soft interior to ward off all the scuffs and also absorb shock.

If you use Apple Pencil, you can keep the stylus in the secure loop so that it stays secure. And yes, the magnetic closure also works reliably to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

4. Wopin

As I admire the classy design, wopin’s offering has impressed me a lot. What makes it one of the best cases is the top-grade synthetic leather coupled with the refined workmanship.

Plus, there are also anti-slip grooves so that your iPad remains intact. It features a large pocket to ensure your cards have a safe place.

The built-in hand strap enables you to comfortably use your iPad with just one hand. Even better, wopin provides this case in some really adorable colors including black, brown, lake blue and grey.

5. ProCase

I rate this case very highly. The best part about it is the aesthetic design, which can easily catch your attention if you prefer formal appearance.

Courtesy composition leather and the presence of smooth interior lining, it’s got the required resistance to keep your iPad fully protected from all sorts of damage. Features like the elastic Apple Pencil holders and multiple grooves make it a complete package.

Even better, the ProCase comes at just $9.09, which seems to be a steal when compared to other similar covers.


“JUQITECH” looks a fine prospect for your iPad. What has made me want this cover is the impact-resistant built quality. The mix of TPU, soft interior, and PU leather exterior has given it the desired strength to withstand even nasty bumps.

The cover offers trusted stand functionality to improve your hands-free movie watching experience. Moreover, you can keep your Apple Pencil in a useful holder so that it doesn’t get lost.

7. Veco

“Veco” comes with honeycomb heat dissipation design to keep your iPad cool. Thus, even after a long run of gaming or media watching, your device won’t get hot.

The other quality that has caught my eyes in this cover is the impact resistant TPU casing. That means your tablet has got a bit more defense to stay secure. Besides, I also like its refined finish and the precise cutouts, which offer easy access to all the functions.

8. Fintie

Whether you prefer a vintage design or like to flaunt a vibrant profile, Fintie has got you fully covered. The manufacturer provides iPad Air 2023 cases in multiple colors so that you can get a nice match for your device as per your taste.

Talking about the built quality, it’s the mix of PU leather and soft microfiber. While the exterior plays a big role in providing improved gripping and also resists impact, the inner shell wards off scuffs.

Besides, it has a robust magnetic strip to close the perfectly and also conserve battery. On top of all, at $3.99, it’s probably the cheapest iPad Air 10.5″ case in the market.

9. ProCase

I know this is yet another cover from ProCase in this lineup. However, it’s very different from the one mentioned above.

The cover has a translucent back panel, which gives some luxury to your iPad to shine. And with the matte finish, it also provides improved hold. Moreover, the front cover can be folded effortlessly to provide better typing and viewing experience. Better still, this minimalist folio cover is available in 12 color options.

10. Ztotop

Ztotop promises to deliver 360-degree protection to your iPad Air 3. Having given this leather cover a good spin, I can say that it can live up to its claim really well.

While synthetic leather gives it a professional touch, the smooth microfiber empowers the inner shell. Times when you want to use your device with just one hand; the elastic strap would come into play effectively.

You can also stash some of your essential cards in the pocket. What’s more, Ztotop lets you pick out this vintage cover in many attractive color variants.

There you go! This sums up our lineup of the folio covers for the new iPad Air.

Your top bet?

I feel really glad to have helped you find an appreciable companion for your iPad. Would you like to offer up your feedback about the one that’s going to grace your tablet?

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