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Best Christmas Sweaters with Lights and Music Get some of the best ugly sweaters for your loved ones




Out of ideas for some Christmas gifts? An ugly sweater with light and music is a great gift for anyone.

The sweater is not supposed to be loved but to be a fun gift for all family to have a good laugh.

Nothing says Christmas like a colored Christmas styled sweater with some light and music.

While the winter arrives with the joy of Christmas, it also brings the freezing weather along. Of course, there’s the fireplace to warm you up, but there could be no better alternative to a nice and warm sweater.

So, with the shopping season in full spree, what about gifting a snug yet funky sweater to loved ones? Christmas sweaters with lights and music are a thing and are fast replacing the classic and chic jumpers.

These trending oversized sweaters look more like they are handwoven, yet they are fun with lights and music attached. With the “no style” theme this season, you are bound to be the highlight of the Christmas sweater party.

We found a few really cool Christmas sweaters with lights and music to boost the holiday spirit with some really whacky weaves. Here’s a quick rundown.

100% Acrylic

Digital lights movement

Hand Wash

Smartphone app enabled

Slight problems with the app

Check price

This one’s plain unique as the sweater dazzles up with an animated fireplace using the phone’s app. Yes, it’s simply amazing to see how the classic, festive design comes to life with a phone app.

The smartphone must be held in the sweater pouch and the app can be played via the sweater hole. Doesn’t that sound super exciting? The animated fireplace makes you the chief attraction of the Christmas party in a jiffy.

60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic

Machine Wash

Has 4 flashing led lights that come on with movement

No batteries needed

The light show is not very complex

Check price

Cayenne Light-up Gingerbread Man is for the chic women who don’t shy away from trying something new. This gingerbread man sweater is perfect for both the Christmas party and for all winter.

What’s more? The tiny led bulbs on the sweater make it attractive wear. Best of all, the lights can be removed for convenience. For those looking for Christmas sweaters with lights and music for their loved ones, this cat sweater is a great deal.

100% Acrylic, knitted material

12 LED lights

Funny patterns.

Hand wash and machine wash

Sizing is a bit confuzing

Check price

Expert tip:

With a ribbed trim, this fun sweater is available in all Small, Large, and XL and is a perfect Christmas gift. It’s a soft, and solid sweater, that offers some really bright light for the Christmas party.

60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic

Pull On closure

Machine Wash

Has 4 flashing led lights that come on with movement

No batteries needed

Might be considered too classic

Check price

For those who love to flaunt the Christmas tree during the holidays, this one’s a perfect take. This bright sweater with the Christmas tree graphic on the front makes for the perfect Christmas party wear. The 4 LED lights that starts blinking with movement.

The beautiful design with a graphic tree and a mix of different colors further enhance your presence. Available in two colors, Cayenne and Evergreen, it sports striped long sleeves, ribbed trim along the neck, cuffs, and the hem.

60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic

Pull On closure

Machine Wash

4 LED Flashing Lights

Activated by movement

Can be considered ugly

Check price

Perfect for men, this Light Up Ugly Christmas sweater makes them stand out in the winter parties. This pullover sports ribbed collars, cuffs, and hem in contrast colors along with Santa in the front. The 4 LED bulbs start flashing with movement making the wearer the center of attention.

Available in two different shades, Blue Onyx and Emerald, these Christmas sweaters with lights and music is just what you want as a gift this season.

Choosing the right Christmas Gift for the loved ones can be stressful, especially with so many options around. If Christmas sweaters that light up and play music are on your mind, this list will help you find the right one.

Perk up the Christmas evenings for the loved ones with these funky, yet snug sweaters this season.

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25 Best Music Subreddits To Discover New Music

Reddit is a great place to discover new music. Whether you’re looking for new releases by current artists or you just want to find music that’s new to you, you’ll find what you’re looking for across many subreddits.

We spent some time digging into the music scene on Reddit and found a wide variety of the best music subreddits. We’ve divided our suggestions into two categories: 1) subreddits where you can discover new music from many music genres and 2) subreddits focused on a specific music genre.

Table of Contents

Best General Music Recommendation Subreddits

Try these subreddits for music recommendations that span the musical spectrum. 

With 27.7 million members, r/Music is easily the most popular music-related subreddit. To keep the focus on lesser-known artists, you may not post links to music from bands that are in the sub’s Hall of Fame. However, news or discussion posts about those bands are accepted. 

While this sub isn’t restricted to music, you can post the bands you like, and this community will recommend other artists and bands you’ll probably enjoy.

Focused on new and overlooked music, this subreddit will remove posts about bands or artists who are household names or are amateurish.

Subscribers post links to new releases in this sub. Links must be from YouTube, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud, and the song must not be older than two months.

Post the music you like and the community will suggest similar artists.

Whether you’re planning a long road trip or a wedding, post a request to this subreddit, and people will create a playlist just for you.

Pretty much anything goes here一requests, suggestions, memes, you name it.

Users post their “hottest Spotify playlists” here so you can discover music that’s new to you. Also checkout the sister-sub, r/SpotifyPlaylist (no s), where you can make a playlist request. While you’re at it, learn how to add local files to Spotify.

10. Music Made By Redditors

Redditors are a musical bunch. Discover Redditor-made music at r/RadioReddit. Also try r/ThisIsOurMusic, r/TheseAreOurAlbums, and r/ShareYourMusic.

Genre-Specific Music Subreddits

Are you a big fan of electronic music? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about jazz? Search for a subreddit dedicated to a specific genre of music, and you’re likely to find one. We’ll get you started.

Affectionately known as Shreddit, this sub will get your head banging. Some bands are blacklisted一not because they don’t like those bands but rather to make room for lesser-known artists. In fact, Fridays are reserved for posts about bands that have fewer than 10k listeners on 

Fans of progressive metal frequently post links to new releases in this sub. This community group sources a list of the year’s progressive metal album releases and also hosts a weekly music recommendation thread on Mondays. 

You’ll find posts sharing and discussing rap and hip hop music in this subreddit. Only post links from reputable sources like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube. Self-promotion posts are welcome, but make sure you follow Reddit’s self-promotion guidelines.

No memes allowed in this subreddit. If you’re new to jazz, you’ll definitely want to check out the New to Jazz and Jazz Essentials posts, linked in the sidebar. You’ll mostly find posts about jazz giants like Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, and John Coltrane.

Is there a tear in your beer? Do you spend all your time on Old Town Road? Check out this subreddit for music, news, memes and discussion about country music.

You can post links to songs or videos by Indie bands and artists, but only if they were released less than a week prior to your post. 

If rock and roll is your jam, visit this sub for posts about rock music, including new releases and old favorites. You might also enjoy r/AlternativeRock, r/ClassicRock, and r/ModernRockMusic.

The Indie Rock subreddit wants to help you discover “new (and old) music that seems to fly under the radar.” You’ll find music from artists who haven’t been picked up by the major record labels (yet).

This is the main subreddit for fans of blues music, but also try r/BluesMusic and r/BluesGuitarist.

Over a million people read and contribute to this community dedicated to classical music. Don’t miss their wiki, especially the list of other classical music subreddits.

Much like r/Metal, r/Punk tries to feature new music by limiting posts of songs or albums from bands on its blacklist to one day a week. 

This is the home of R&B on Reddit. Filter by the “Fresh” flair for recent releases, and don’t forget to also check out r/Funk, and r/Soul.

It’s not very big, but this subreddit will help you discover music from around the world. You’ll find links to international, traditional, and ethnic music along with music that’s popular in countries you’ve never been to.

Subreddits Dedicated to Bands and Artists

Lastly, don’t forget to search for the best music subreddits dedicated to specific performers. You’re sure to find links to recordings you’ve never heard by artists you already love. From r/ToolBand to r/TaylorSwift, your favorite band or singer probably has a whole subreddit of their own.

7 Best Christmas Gifts For Sight Impaired Techies

Are you looking for gift ideas for visually-impaired techies? The technology world has levelled the playing field by developing state-of-the-art gadgets for 250 million people with vision impairment.

There are lots of items to choose from that are specifically designed for people who are visually impaired.

Table of Contents

This article will suggest the following products to make your shopping a little easier.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Talking Wrist Watch

Big Button Remote

OrCam MyEye 2

Extra Large Talking Button Clock

3X Large Full-Page Magnifier

Handheld Portable Video Digital Magnifier

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A rainbow LED backlit gaming keyboard, ABKONCORE K595 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an ideal gift for visually-impaired techies who use computers for gaming. 

Features and Benefits  Limitation

The print on the keyboard is not very large. 

Talking Wrist Watch

Small watch faces are a challenge for those who have visual issues. ATOMIC! Talking Wrist Watch will speak the time and date loudly and clearly at the push of a button.

Features and Benefits

Set your time zone to have it automatically use the official U.S. Atomic Clock time

Large easy-to-read numbers

Illuminated hands that are easy to see

Adjustable leather band

Unisex styling


Some users don’t like the fact that the watch is not very stylish. Others have reported that although the talking part of the watch tells the right time, sometimes the hands don’t.

Those who are unable to see clearly enough to set the time zone will have to have someone else do it. 

Big Button Remote

Specifically designed for low vision, blind, and elderly people, the Flipper Big Button Remote makes watching TV easier.

Features and Benefits

Set 25-30 of your favorite channels, eliminating the need to scroll to find what you want

There is a setting lock to prevent mistakenly pressing the wrong button or accidentally reprogramming the remote

Acts as a replacement universal remote for cable and TV

Works with Infrared devices, including TVs, soundbars, and cable set-top boxes

Offers a one-year warranty and telephone and email support


Flipper doesn’t work with all cable boxes such as Xfinity. Some users have reported random behavior, and that it takes too much time to switch channels.

OrCam MyEye 2

It is a lightweight smart camera for the blind and visually impaired that magnetically attaches to most eyeglass frames.

Features and Benefits

Users of this product can recognize faces, products, and more in real-time

The device is operated with voice-activated commands and hand gestures

Small, portable, and wireless

Doesn’t require an internet connection

Available in multiple languages including English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Polish Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, and Romanian

Free training is available online

Comes with a 2-year warranty


Because the device gives users access to visual information conveyed by audio, people who are hearing impaired won’t be able to use it.

OrCam MyEye operates in part from hand gestures, so anyone using it must have full control of their hand and head movements.

A fully charged battery only lasts up to 2 hours and takes approximately 40 minutes to charge fully.

Some users stated that the price was excessively high.

Extra Large Talking Button Clock

The Extra Large Talking Button Clock is designed for the blind, visually impaired, or the elderly.

Features and Benefits

Push the large blue button to hear what the time is

Push the button again for the date

The voice is an English American male

Needs 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Includes an alarm

Has two voice settings, low and high


The clock only speaks English.

The button on the bottom of the clock is small and makes it difficult to set the time, date and alarm.

The volume control is limited with only two settings. Even the low setting is very loud.

3X Large Full-Page Magnifier

The 3X Large Full Page Magnifier provides an evenly lit viewing area with 12 LED lights for the visually impaired.

Features and Benefits

Legs flip out to enable reading an entire page easier without the need to move the magnifier

Magnification up to 300% to read tiny print and reduce eye strain

Text is not distorted

12 Ultra-bright built-in LEDs that last more than 25,000 hours without overheating or burning out

Can be powered by a USB cable (included) or 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Clear image quality and minimal distortion which is ideal for low vision consumers

11″ x 8.5″ size to cover a full-page

Gentle and adjustable brightness levels (50%-100%)

Hang it around your neck (lanyard included) for hands-free or hold it in your hand

Portable and durable construction


Some users have reported that images appear distorted.

If someone needs a magnification level higher than 3X, the product won’t work for them.

Handheld Portable Video Digital Magnifier

Koolertron 5.0-inch Handheld Portable Video Digital Magnifier is a mobile electronic reading aid for people with visual problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, optic atrophy, macular degeneration, low vision, nystagmus, and high myopia.

Features and Benefits

5-inch screen with 4-32X magnification

Rechargeable batteries that last for 4 hours

Multiple color modes

Automatic shutdown after 2 minutes of non-use

Double camera design for near and far view

Automatic data storage to view and play at any time

No light interference with electronic curtain


This product is not recommended for the severely visually impaired.

Get your holiday shopping done early this year. Choose from any of the above gifts for friends, family members, and co-workers who are into technology and have visual impairments.

7 Best Christmas Apps For Windows 10/11

7 Best Christmas Apps for Windows 10/11 Get some amazing Christmas apps to enhance the holiday feeling




Want to make the Christmas holiday a little jollier? Checkout these amazing Christmas apps.

Whether you want to create something that brings joy or you just want to be reminded of the time left until Christmas, you will surely find the right app for anything.

The holiday euphoria is starting to heat up. During the whole month of December, all we think about are our families, and upcoming holidays. We think about presents, dress in ugly sweaters and Santa Claus costumes, and spread the holiday spirit.

Whether we want to admit or not, computers are an important part of our everyday lives. So, it’s natural to enhance our workstations with the Christmas cheer, as well. We already showed you how to ‘decorate’ your Desktops for Christmas, but that’s not all.

We now present you with a list of the best Christmas-related apps for Windows 10. All these apps were made to fulfill the holiday excitement, and even make Christmas better and more exciting.

Some of the apps are made for children, but it’s absolutely okay if you forget about your age for a moment, and let yourself enjoy.

What’s Christmas without a table full of delicious food? Of course, you’ll look for granny’s old recipe when preparing the traditional food. But, in case you need some more ideas to make your Christmas feast even richer, there’s an app called Christmas Kitchen.

Although this app was originally developed for Windows 8.1, it still works exceptionally well on Windows 10. Christmas Kitchen features many Christmas-recipes for absolutely any dish of the day.

You’ll find the best Christmas recipes for breakfast, dinner, dessert, lunch. The app also has some cocktail recipes, in case you don’t want to celebrate Christmas the traditional way.

And even if you don’t find what you’re looking for in Christmas Kitchen, you can always try some other recipe apps, like Yummly, Allrecipes, iFood, and more. We’re sure all these apps will prepare some tasty Christmas-themed recipes for you.

If you’re, like Santa Clause, looking for your own little elf assistant, this app might be perfect. Simply called Christmas, this assistant features everything you need to from a Christmas-themed app. Here’s the complete list of features:

So, Christmas is like five Christmas-themed apps combined. If you’re impatient, you can always check how much is left until Christmas. If you’re too busy during Christmas, you can send automatic SMS messages to your loved ones. You can customize your Desktop with Christmas wallpapers. And you can also create your own gift list.

So, if you don’t want to mess with multiple apps this Christmas, this app is perfect.

Well, instead of sweets and candies, Santa’s Advent Calendar offers you virtual gifts, to make the Christmas countdown more interesting.

The app has 24 hidden surprises, which are revealed every day until Christmas. SPOILER ALERT: here’s the list of all of them:

Sing-a-long to traditional Christmas favorites: Jingle Bells and Away in a manger 

Test your memory with the 12 days of Christmas musical game 

Interactive 3D Puzzles and Sliders with stunning festive graphics 

Festive games: Christmas Pairs, Find Rudolph, Elf Escape and much more 

Too cold to play outside, why not dress the snowman from the warmth of your home or draw on our frosted window 

A collection of Christmas Jokes, Poems and Riddles to keep you smiling all season – Ho Ho Ho!

At midnight on Christmas Eve,  time will freeze while Santa delivers gifts throughout the world. At midnight on Christmas Day, the app resets and you’ll see how many days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds are left until Christmas next year.

The app also features live tile and lock screen badge notifications. You can get it from the Microsoft Store.

Christmas Time Pro

This awesome countdown app for Christmas will tell you exactly when Santa will bring the long-awaited gifts.

Free Download app

Are you counting the days until Christmas? You don’t need to because this app will remind you exactly how many days are left and will update your live tile automatically!

You can change the color of your background! When there are more than 99 days until Christmas, the countdown will be displayed on the live tile text instead of the notification. That is because the app is limited to 99 notifications.

No matter where you are in the world, you have the option in settings to change the date for the place you are celebrating Christmas. The app is completely free so enjoy it!

Days Until Christmas

Don’t bother to count the days and take notes in the callendar. This app will update your live tiles with the Chrismas countdown.

Free Download app

Nothing gets you better into the Christmas spirit than singing along the most wonderful carols. And if you are in the mood, your phone should be in the mood, too. Spread some cheer and enrich your ringtones collection with the best Christmas ringtones for free.

The Christmas Songs and Music app will let you choose the ringtone you like best. All the Christmas ringtones are fun and will spread the magic before the holidays.

Available Features:

Set as ringtone, assign to contacts

Set as alarm clock

Set as SMS ringtone

Save, share on social networks or email sounds

⇒ Download Christmas Songs and Music

It works with photos taken from your photo gallery or with your camera.

⇒ Download Create A Santa

Our list of top 7 Christmas apps for Windows 10 is now complete. We hope you’ll enjoy using these apps, as much as you’ll enjoy spending the holidays with your loved ones.

So, what more can we say, than Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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15 Best Music (Audio) Visualizer Software And App In 2023

Music visualizers are software that can generate animated imagery that follows loudness, frequency spectrum, and rhythm of audio music. These tools offer a wide range of options to use visualization templates. Many such applications enable you to perform real-time manipulation with multiple live cameras, simultaneous movie files.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Music Visualizers, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Top Pick


Specterr makes is online music visualize software that allows you to create custom music visualizers. It also helps you to create your first video for free. Specter also offers various attractive visualization templates.

Visit Specterr

Best Music Visualization Software for PC & Mac

Specterr makes is online music visualize software that allows you to create custom music visualizers. It also helps you to create your first video for free. Specter also offers various attractive visualization templates.


Easy to use online editor

It takes very less time to create your video.

Provides stunning music visualizers and lyric videos

Offers fast cloud rendering

Unlimited video and file storage.

You can export as many videos as you want.

After Effects is one of the best music visualizer that enables you to add various effects to audio. This tool allows you to add unique graphics in your music as a visualizer.


You can edit or import the camera raw image file.

This audio visualizer automatically updates the audio device when you connect to USB.

You can easily copy media to a shared location.

This application enables you to collaborate on shared projects.

Renderforest is a free music visualizer that helps you to create visual content with ease. This easy to use application allows you to work across various browsers.


It offers a wide range of visualization templates.

This music visualizer online tool provides your final video in email.

Create professional intros and outros for YouTube channel.

Explainer animations and presentations.

Time-efficient video editing solutions for your business.

Upload your video files or use commercial videos.

Kapwing is a tool that enables you to add professional-looking waveform to any video. It helps you to adjust the color, speed, and position of your waves.


You can share your videos on any social media website.

It does not contain any watermark on the video.

You can access your clips from any browser.

Enables you to add a logo to the video.

Allows you to use shapes in your video clips.

OFFEO is a music visualizer application that enables you to create visuals with your song. This program can sync with beats and audio tracks.


Helps you to enhance your music track.

It offers professional design templates.

Provides easy to use drag and drop interface.

It can be used without downloading any software.

Offers customized options for each video frame.

#6) Wofox

Wofox is application to create visuals with your song with minimal effort. This tool allows you to choose a template that matches the genre of music.


You can customize music according to your desire.

It enables you to download and share on social media sites.

You can mix music audio templates.

Allows you to add graphics to your visualizer.

Create visualization video from .WAV, .MP3, and .M4A

#7) SongRender

SongRender is one of the best music visualizers that enables you to create any video with ease. It helps to customize your waveform and export for social media websites.


The tool provides a live preview of the video.

This music visualization app offers a user-friendly interface.

You can play your clip as you edit it.

SongRender helps you to make videos in full 1080p HD.

This audio visualizer lets you upload your own background.

You can download this tool to easily manage your video files.

This visualizer for music gives the best music visualizations with many waveform styles and shapes.

#8) Videobolt Music Visualizer

Videobolt is a tool that enables you to create music visualization for promoting sound you have made.

It is one of the best music visualization apps which allows you to upload a song from your SoundCloud or computer.


This online music visualizer tool enables users to podcast your visualization.

It helps users to promote your audiobook.

It gives thew best music visualization that offers offers a vast range of templates.

This audio visualizer allows users to customization to personalize any sound.

#9) Magic Music Visuals

Magic is a tool for creating music visualization with no hassle. The app offers fully customizable and responsive visuals for live audio and MIDI. It allows you to make abstract generic patterns that spin according to audio frequency and volume.


It is one of the best music visualizers that can display 3D models and images that rotate, pulse, and move with beats.

You can perform real-time manipulation with multiple live cameras and simultaneous movie files.

This free music visualizer allows you to add cover art using the variation of the template.

This music visualizer for PC has intuitive user interface.

#10) Veed

Veed is a tool that enables you to turn your audio files into waveform videos online. This audio visualizer online tool helps you to promote your music on social media by creating waveforms, audiogram, and audio spectrums.


Audio visuals are rendered into mp4 videos online.

This music visualizer software allows you to choose animated waveforms and audiograms, which you can customize according to your convenience.

You can add your own image or artwork to the video.

This cloud application helps you to publish your videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

#11) Musicvid

Musicvid is one of the best visualizers that enables you to make professional looking visuals directly in your browser. It is one of the best audio visualizer software app that offers numerous templates to quick start your work.


It allows you to export your final visual from Chrome or Firefox.

This application has a user-friendly interface.

Offers complete tutorial on using this software.

#12) Visualization Video Maker

Visualization Video Maker is Android application that provides a visual effects for music. It is one of the best music visualization apps that offers unlimited image and text tracks for easy editing.


It offers a bar, circle, preset and custom texture, and line Spectrums.

You can configure image position, size, filters, and color balance.

The supported output video size is 360p-1080p.

This music visualizer app offers an intuitive user interface.

#13) Trapp – Music Visualizer

Trapp is an application that enables you to create music visualization with no hassle. It offers custom backgrounds and colors for making videos. This app helps you to easily change sound bars, shape, size, and amplitude.


You can make visualization without any hassle.

It allows you to customize circle and background.

Can be accessed from your iPhone or iPad.

#14) VSXu Audio Visualizer

VSXu Audio Visualizer is an environment to create graphic effects and visualize music in real time. It offers plugin-based architecture that can be easily extended according to your need.


This music visualizer software provides flexibility to work with any music player you like.

This free audio visualizer tool comes with a variety of designs.

This audio visualizer software Allows you to change visual effect vibration change in beats per minute.

This music visualizer is free and open-source.

#15) STAELLA – Music Visualizer

STAELLA is a music visualization app that enables you to customize effects in real time. This tool can be used to enhance your music experience without any hassle.


The tool supports keyboard shortcuts for convenience.

You can filter out the audio.

Customize RGB, hue, and contrast.

This audio visualization software supports input modes like iTunes, files, microphones, and more.

Background can be customized with fewer efforts.

It supports numerous visual effects for music.

#16) SoundSpectrum

SoundSpectrum is a real time audio visualization application that can be easily connected to any streaming and music service providers. It enables you to enhance your audio with numerous effects.


It is available for Windows media players and iTunes.

The app offers an intuitive user interface.

This audio visualization software includes a variety of themes.

You can be easily synced with the music you are playing.

#17) Sonic Visualiser

Sonic Visualiser is a free open source application designed for viewing and analyzing audio file content. This program can be easily configured for detailed visualization and annotation of audio recording.


This audio visualizer software is easy to setup.

You can load audio files in Ogg, WAV, and MP3 formats.

It allows you to import note data from MIDI files.

You can export annotation layers and audio regions to external files.

It offers spectrogram views with interactive adjustment of display parameters.

This sound visualizer enables you to view the same data more than one time simultaneously.


Music visualizers are software that can generate animated imagery that follows loudness, frequency spectrum, and rhythm of audio music. These tools offer a wide range of tools to use visualization templates. Many such applications enable you to perform real-time manipulation with multiple live cameras, simultaneous movie files.

Here are some of the Best Music Visualizer Software:

👍 Specterr

After Effects

Renderforest Music Visualizer





Videobolt Music Visualizer

The visuals are generated on mathematical formulas. The music is translated into numerical values like the volume of sound in frequency ranges. The visuals follow them as music changes.

Here are the important reasons of using music visualizer:

The tool provides a live preview of the video.

It offers a user-friendly interface.

You can play your clip as you edit it.

This tool enables users to podcast your visualization.

It allows users to customization to personalize any sound.

You can add your own image or artwork to the video.

It allows you to import note data from MIDI files.

Best Music Visualization Software for PC & Mac

How To Find Music And Videos With Zero Plays—And Discover The Next Big Thing

There’s a lot of content out there on the web—and not all of it can be a Stranger Things– or Taylor Swift-level smash hit. In fact, there are plenty of videos and songs online that no one has ever seen or heard.

A warning, though: you’re likely to come across a lot of garbage in your travels. After all, there might be a reason a lot of these videos and songs have zero plays. Still, there’s always the chance of discovering something truly special, because who wants to follow the crowd when it comes to finding videos and music? 

It’s far better to be a pioneer—at least for a little while. Then you can go back to watching and listening to the same stuff as everyone else.


The tool you need to find songs with zero plays on Spotify is called Forgotify, which promises access to millions of tracks that no one has ever heard before. Uploading tunes to the Spotify library is not particularly difficult or expensive, so there’s a long tail of unheard material.

[Related: Where to find new Spotify playlists when you don’t want to make your own]

During our time experimenting with Forgotify, we came across all kinds of styles and genres of music, from folk to dance. There was a lot of foreign music, many remixes, a lot of live stuff, and what seemed to be an a capella song recorded live at a wedding. You might not always be blown away, but you certainly won’t be bored.

Sadly, as far as we can tell, this is only something you can do on Spotify, and there aren’t any equivalent tools for the likes of Apple Music and Tidal. That’s perhaps down to the extra access Spotify gives developers to build on top of its platform, which includes metadata such as the number of plays a song has.


When it comes to YouTube, there are a couple of tools that you can turn to to find videos with very low play counts—either zero or not much more than that. The first is PetitTube, which couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply open up the site in your web browser, and a video will start playing.

Once the first video has finished, another one will automatically be queued up—and then another, and another. If you want to, you can sit back and spend hours watching videos that haven’t been seen by anyone else. Underneath each clip, you’ll see options that allow you to like or dislike the video on YouTube.

[Related: How to only watch the best bits and other tricks to upgrade your YouTube experience]

The quality here varies even more than it does on Spotify. Anyone can upload anything to YouTube for free, so expect to see a lot of badly shot and plain confusing material, a lot of music, and a lot of home videos. It’s oddly fascinating, as you switch from forests to parties to lecture halls to dining rooms to golf courses to churches from all across the world.

Update the detailed information about Best Christmas Sweaters With Lights And Music on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!