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Best desktop 4k wallpapers to customize your device




Windows 10 allows you to personalize your desktop with amazing 4K-quality wallpapers.

In this post, we’ve carefully selected the best sources for great Windows wallpapers.

Don’t hesitate to explore some other amazing wallpapers on our Wallpapers section.



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Your desktop background doesn’t have to look boring. It’s possible to make it come alive. Lots of wallpapers are frequently created to enhance the appearance of your Windows machine.

Some of the best Windows 10 wallpapers 4kmay require supporting apps to run them.

Although live wallpapers are a total charm, they are resource-intensive, and some PCs might suffer. An option is using a PC with sufficient power to run them smoothly.

Another choice is to go with the best Windows 10 4K wallpapers.

Install DesktopHut, a supporting app, which will help you download and enjoy the listing of some of the best Windows 10 wallpaper 4k.

Quick tip:

If you own a dual-monitor setup, and most of us do especially if you’re looking for 4K wallpapers, then you’ll definitely like what DisplayFusion has to provide.

Not only will it make multi-monitor management easier, but it also comes with access to 25+ online wallpaper website included directly into the app!


Gain access to over 25 different websites and customize your 4K wallpaper the way you want it with DIsplayFusion!

Check priceVisit website

Where can I download 4k wallpapers?

DesktopHut is a very cool wallpaper website that enables you to find a variety of high quality and different resolution wallpapers that will surely make your device look incredible.

This website offers you quick access to any category of wallpapers you might be interested in, by using some very intuitive and good-looking buttons to enable it.

No matter if you’re into cyberpunk, science-fiction, heroes, or simple and crisp one-color wallpapers, this website offers you a great selection.

⇒ Visit DesktopHut

Even though DeviantArt allows you to share and sell your artwork or digital creations, the website also has a specific wallpaper section in which you can get lost for days.

The variety of high-quality wallpapers is unmatched by any other website because of the constant stream of new creations from users both experienced, and beginners.

If you want to find a one-of-a-kind wallpaper in 4K quality for your Windows 10 device, you will surely find it here!

⇒ Visit DeviantArt Wallpapers is another amazing source for HD and 4K-quality wallpapers for your Windows 10 device.

Expert tip:

You can choose to search for a specific keyword, or simply use the Latest, Featured, or Popular buttons to pick a perfect wallpaper.

What makes it stand out from the other options presented in this guide, is the fact that once you have chosen an image, you get the option to choose from a wide range of formats that are custom-designed for a device.

For example, you can choose to download 4K wallpapers for your Windows 10 device or choose from Apple, Google, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, HTC, etc.

⇒ Visit

WallHaven is a must in a list of the best sources for 4K wallpapers, offering you an incredibly vast array of options that include numerous categories and sub-categories.

Featuring some great buttons on the main page, this website enables you to quickly find the latest wallpaper released, browse through the best-ranked options, and even to see a random image.

Beyond this, each of the images has tags attached to them, so if you find one that fits your needs, you can simply get some more suggestions that look similar.

This makes it easier than ever to browse through thousands of wallpaper images for your Windows 10 PC with ease.

⇒ Visit WallHaven

Even though not as complex as the other mentions found in this guide, Wallpino does a pretty good job when it comes to the wallpapers offer.

Featuring over 10.000 wallpapers on a variety of subjects, this website will surely help you choose one that fits your taste.

After searching for a specific type of wallpaper, you can simply use the tags included in the pages to narrow your search down to whatever type of images you’re interested in.

Even though the website build is not as complex as others, Wallpino doesn’t fail to produce good results when searching for a good 4K wallpaper for your Windows 10 device.

⇒ Visit Wallpino

Wallpapers help you personalize your desktop screen, so feel free to download choose from any of the broad listings of wallpapers on DesktopHut.

Let’s know your thoughts on our list of the best Windows 10 wallpapers 4k.

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How To Customize Your Android Device: Make Your Android Look The Coolest Around!

Android is the most customizable smartphone operating system to have ever existed. There’s a bunch of ways to customize your Android device down to the core.

Most Android OEMs have their own custom skins that offer a sense of uniqueness, which separates them from the competition. However, every single phone from a particular brand would still look the same. So, it’s up to the end-users to customize their devices in such a way that makes them stand out. 

For this guide, we’ll avoid suggesting any apps or custom ROMs that require your device to be rooted. However, rest assured, your device would emerge as a unique snowflake if you follow the following guide to a ‘T’. 

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive right in and take a look at the best ways to make your Android device look super cool.

Install a third-party launcher

The beauty of Android is that you aren’t restricted to a certain launcher that comes pre-loaded on the device. There are a bunch of absolutely free and super customizable home screen launchers.

When talking about home screen launchers, there’s one particular app that stands out: Nova Launcher. The launcher is the most popular custom Android launcher out there and offers a ton of customization options to help you create your own unique home screen setup.

You could play around with the home screen grid size, add or remove the bottom dock, and you could even customize almost each and every aspect of your home screen with Nova Launcher. If the free app doesn’t do the trick for you, feel free to check out some of the other top launchers. 

Here are a few other great launchers:

Download cool icon packs

Icon packs are key for having a great looking setup on your Android device. There are over a hundred fantastic icons packs to choose from on the Google Play Store; however, here are some of our favorites.

There are a ton of other cool icon packs to check out as well if you aren’t satisfied with these icon packs.

Set a cool wallpaper

A wallpaper can make or break the setup no matter how great the icon pack is or how well you’ve set up your home screen. There are several cool wallpaper applications available on the Google Play Store. However, it is to be noted that you could also find great wallpapers within the Icon Pack applications as well.

Here are some of our favorite wallpaper apps to pick the best wallpapers from.

Check out: 12 Best wallpaper apps for Android to make your phone stand out

Download KWLP

KWLP is an absolutely amazing application that is practically a Live Wallpaper maker on steroids. You could literally go bonkers with the number of customization options offered within the KWLP application; however, it might require a bit more time and effort if you want to fine-tune the live wallpapers to suit your preference.

Nonetheless, you could also use presets which make things much easier and save you a lot of time by giving you a break from tinkering around and creating your own live wallpaper from scratch.

KLWP can literally change the entire look of the home screen on your Android device.

Here are a few of our favorite KLWP presets.

Try out the KWGT widget app

If you haven’t yet tried out the KWGT application on Android, then you’re missing out on a lot. The KWGT application is a tad similar to the KLWP application. However, rather than allowing you to create live wallpapers, it allows you to create custom widgets.

There are a few basic widgets pre-installed; however, you would have to install other KWGT widget packs which offer a boatload of different widgets of all different shapes and sizes.

You would have to pay a small amount to use the custom preset packs; however, it’s absolutely worth the price.

Here are our favorite KWGT preset apps:

Install Volume Styles

The volume rocker is probably the last thing you’d look to customize. But trust us, it’s truly refreshing to see an unfamiliar pop up every time your hit the volume button. Volume Styles is one of the few apps on Google Play Store that takes the art of volume rocker customization rather seriously. Not only can you tweak the color of the slider, but you are also free to use iOS or MIUI style volume controls, and even change their positioning on your screen. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store but some elements may require in-app purchases. 

Download: Volume Styles

Install a great keyboard app

Most users often use the default keyboard that comes pre-installed with the device itself and do not explore the other great options available in the Google Play Store.

Installing a third-party keyboard application would allow you to customize your typing experience as well. Here are some of the best keyboard applications available on the Google Play Store.

Read: Best android keyboard apps

If you’re looking for a great keyboard that offers a ton of customization options, then we’d suggest picking the SwiftKey keyboard. It might take a while to get used to typing using the Flesky keyboard; however, the auto-correct and customization options are absolutely insane.

Install Fluid Navigation Gestures

If you’re tired of using the navigation bar; however, do not have the Gesture Navigation feature on your device, then you might want to try out the Fluid Navigation Gestures application to make navigating around your device.

Download: Fluid Navigation Gestures


How To Customize Salesforce For Your Business?


Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage their customer interactions and streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. It is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of customizable features and tools that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a business. In this article, we will discuss how to customize Salesforce for your business, including the steps involved, the tools available, and the best practices to follow.

Define Your Business Needs

The first step in customizing Salesforce for your business is to define your needs. Identify the key areas where Salesforce can be of help, including sales, marketing, customer service, and support. Determine the features and functionality that are essential to your business and prioritize them accordingly. This will help you to narrow down your options and focus on the most critical aspects of your business.

Evaluate Your Salesforce Edition

Salesforce offers a range of editions, each with different features and functionality. Evaluate your edition to ensure that it has the tools you need to customize the platform. If you find that your edition does not meet your requirements, consider upgrading to a higher edition.

Customizing Salesforce

Once you have defined your business needs and evaluated your edition, it is time to start customizing Salesforce. Here are the steps involved −

Create Custom Fields

Custom fields are essential to tailor Salesforce to your business needs. You can create custom fields for specific data types, such as text, number, date, and picklist. Custom fields help you to capture and track the data that is important to your business.

Create Custom Objects Create Custom Page Layouts

Custom page layouts allow you to organize the data in a way that is specific to your business needs. You can add or remove fields, sections, and related lists to create a custom layout that is tailored to your business processes. Custom page layouts help you to streamline your work and increase productivity.

Create Custom Reports Create Custom Dashboards Create Custom Workflows

Custom workflows automate your business processes and help you to manage your business more efficiently. You can create custom workflows for specific events, such as when a lead is created, updated, or converted. Custom workflows help you to streamline your work and increase productivity.

Create Custom Email Templates

Custom email templates allow you to personalize your email communication with your customers. You can create custom email templates for specific events, such as when a lead is created, updated, or converted. Custom email templates help you to improve your customer communication and increase customer satisfaction.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices to follow when customizing Salesforce −

Start with the Basics

When customizing Salesforce, start with the basics, such as creating custom fields, objects, and page layouts. These are the building blocks of your Salesforce customization and will help you to create a solid foundation for your business needs.

Plan Your Customization

Before you start customizing Salesforce, it is essential to have a plan in place. Identify the areas where Salesforce can be of help and prioritize them according to your business needs. This will help you to focus on the most critical aspects of your business and ensure that your customization efforts are aligned with your business goals.

Test Your Customization

Once you have customized Salesforce, it is essential to test your customization thoroughly. Check that all the custom fields, objects, and workflows are working as expected. This will help you to identify any issues and ensure that your customization is functioning correctly.

Train Your Users

When you customize Salesforce, it is essential to train your users on how to use the new features and functionality. Provide them with clear instructions and training materials to ensure that they can use Salesforce effectively. This will help to ensure that your customization efforts are successful and that your users are using Salesforce to its full potential.

Monitor Your Customization

After you have customized Salesforce, it is essential to monitor your customization regularly. Check that it is meeting your business needs and adjust it if necessary. This will help you to ensure that your customization remains relevant and useful to your business.


Customizing Salesforce can help you to streamline your business processes, improve customer communication, and increase productivity. By following the steps outlined in this article and adhering to the best practices, you can customize Salesforce to meet your specific business needs. Remember to start with the basics, plan your customization, test it thoroughly, train your users, and monitor your customization regularly. By doing so, you can ensure that your customization efforts are successful and that you are getting the most out of Salesforce.

3 Best Razer Book 13 Screen Protectors To Guard Your Device

If you’re adamant about eye protection, this excellent anti-glare screen protector will make the perfect addition to your Razer Book 13 laptop. Enjoy natural colors, free from the blue light!

Explore the perfect combo to protect your screen against impacting objects while enjoying unrivaled display readability in any lighting conditions!

Friendly with your eyes and implacable with scratches and stains, that’s what this best screen protector with anti-glare capabilities promises to deliver and we think it’s a keeper!

Slim, sleek, and packed full of competitive functionalities, the Razer Book 13 is a productivity powerhouse catering to results-driven professionals as well as vetted gamers with a soft spot for performance enhancements.

In fact, it’s one of the best ultraportable gaming laptops for Windows 11 and that says a lot about it. The Razer Book 13 is built to maximize visual accuracy and it flaunts in-built state-of-the-art features such as Gorilla Glass 6 protection as well as Touch Screen support in FHD as well as UHD versions.

But does that mean you don’t need a Razer Book 13 screen protector? Far from it. In fact, Razer itself recommends using a screen guard for laptops, a skin, or a wrap for airtight protection.

Are screen protectors really necessary?

If it’s any good, a Razer Book 13 screen protector should not sabotage this laptop’s superb default features, but compliment them.

In fact, adding a screen guard for your laptop will protect your display from smudges, scratches, and other physical damage such as keyboard markings that can occur while the lid is closed.

Of course, high-quality products that go the extra mile have even more to offer such as anti-blue light and radiation protection for your eyes, unobstructed views even in the poorest lighting conditions, and so on.

Some are more focused on confidentiality and if the lack of it is a deal-breaker for you, you might want to focus your searching efforts on a privacy screen protector for laptops.

Speaking of that, we tried to anticipate your needs in this department and came up with a useful list of criteria to consider when choosing the best Razer Book 13 screen protector.


Which screen guard is best for Razer Book 13 laptops?

Anti-glare and anti-blue screen protection

Crease-resistant high-grade nano-PET film material

The package includes 2 screen protectors

Repels glue residues and oil stains

Thin, transparent, and flexible

Check price

Designed by Xusi, this excellent Razer Book 13 screen protector has a lot to offer, starting with its praised anti-glare and anti-blue light filters specifically conceived to relieve ocular fatigue and provide enhanced visual comfort.

Now, we were saying earlier that a sturdy and resistant material such as tempered glass is essential for this type of accessory.

But there are plenty of other materials that provide the same endurance, without being so fragile themselves.

Such is the case with the Xusi screen cover for laptops. Polyethylene Terephthalate-based, this high-quality nano-PET film is resistant to scratches, glue retention, and oil stains, but it’s also more flexible than tempered glass, which makes it less likely to crease.

To further enhance your visual acuity, this best anti-glare screen protector boasts a matte finish that makes it perfect for Screen Touch-enabled Razer models.

As far as we are concerned, the only downside has to do with its installation. While the package includes all the necessary tools as well as comprehensive installation indications, the cut makes it a bit tricky for fitting on a Razer Book.

Do bear in mind that this particular screen guard for laptops is only suitable for 13.4-inch screens and it caters to Touch Screen models exclusively.

Bubble-free fit, easy to apply + residue-free removal

Antireflection coating for a dazzle-free effect

Robust shock-absorbing TPU layers

Matte finish to repel dirt and stains

We did not identify any major drawbacks.

Check price

Unlike the previous product, this AtFoliX screen protector is super easy to install. Fully compatible with the 13.4-inch screen Razer Book 13, the film can easily be applied and repositioned without leaving behind any residual traces.

Expert tip:

The package contains a dedicated installation tool, a cleaning cloth, 2 films, and the most comprehensive and intuitive indications with both illustrated and video mounting instructions available in multiple languages.

The matte surface not only removes glare, but acts as a dirt repellent that keeps fingerprints, scratches, and impurities at bay.

As if it weren’t enough, the FX protector film flaunts impressive anti-shock capabilities and 4H-grade surface hardness to eliminate screen breakage risks.

Furthermore, this Razer Book 13 screen protector integrates TPU shock-absorber layers, making it a robust and safe screen guard for your laptop.

Advanced blue light anti-glare filters

Radiation and UV400 protection

Ultra-high transparency

Anti-static and scracth protection

Unless your measurements are accurate, only the display area will be covered, leaving the edges exposed.

Check price

At the forefront of screen filter manufacturing, FORITO strives to constantly improve its products and high quality has been a company staple for quite a while.

They make a big deal of their eye protection-focused features and we dare say, they are entitled to a bit of an innocent bragging due to their excellent technology addition.

In their own words, it is not just a blue light screen filter. It’s an enhanced 7 layers anti-blue light filter with 100% UV400 and radiation protection that reduces eye strain and visual fatigue like no other.

You’re probably thinking that such a robust shield would take a toll on the natural colors and we cannot blame you for it.

Instead, we are happy to confirm that this Razer Book 13 screen protector preserves the original brightness, does not yellow the screen, and renders the intended colors superbly.

And we have its ultra-high (95%) transparency to thank for that. This is one nifty feature that not only neutralizes the annoying glare effect but also preserves your battery life. Win-win, right?

To top it all, it also includes anti-static and anti-scratch filters as well as a bubble absorption design to remove any installation flaws.

Speaking about the installation, Forito insists that you correctly measure your screen size and assess if the glass has a raised bezel or a flat front before proceeding with the purchase.

If you’re using a bezel glass, only the display area will be covered, while the edges remain exposed and this is also what we noticed.

Should I put a screen protector on my laptop?

Confort-wise, you are likely to feel much better, much sooner because an anti-blue light screen protector for laptops will relieve eye pressure and boost your overall experience pretty much in the same way as a curved monitor would for a gamer. So why not give it a try?

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Keep Your Virtual Desktop Environment Secure

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) makes it possible for employees to remotely access virtual desktops using any device of their choice. This has made working from home easy for companies. 

That notwithstanding, having employees work from home opens more opportunities for hackers to try and access a company’s systems. Even though virtual desktop environments are more secure than standalone desktops, companies need to be very careful with security and make sure that they have implemented efficient security measures to protect themselves. They can do so by;

Using Encryption

Different companies deal with different kinds of sensitive information such as medical and financial data. It is therefore important for them to make sure that they have encrypted the data to prevent unauthorized access. 

In addition, when transferring the data, they need to ensure that their services have employed an end to end encryption that helps in preventing interception by third parties.

Securing all Platforms


virtual desktop infrastructure

can run multiple operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux at the same time. To ensure that the infrastructure is secure, companies need to implement a security strategy that works with all the platforms installed on the VDI. When choosing a security strategy, they should also ensure that they are choosing one that aligns with their business model. 

Employing Coherent Security Approaches

It is important to note that virtual desktop environments present many points of exploitation by attackers. Some companies think that they have adequate security after securing file servers, disks, and desktops. However, this is not the case.

Companies need to also secure the different endpoint devices used by their partners and employees to access the virtual desktop environment. With this, they will have eliminated any potential loopholes that might be exploited by attackers.

Installing an Antivirus Software

Companies should, therefore, install anti-virus software that has been developed to work with virtual desktop environments to ensure that they are secure. There have been increased reports of

ransomware groups attacking virtual machines

and companies need to be careful.

Implementing the Use of Thin Clients

Not all the users accessing the virtual desktop environment in a company understand the different security strategies that they should observe. Sometimes, they can create loopholes used by attackers to gain access to the VDI without even knowing, or even install applications that might be insecure.

However, you can control the privileges that every user has, the access they have, and the settings they can change. Using thin clients ensures that devices connected to the VDI cannot make changes to any settings permanently and cannot install any insecure applications.

Training Employees

Migrating to virtual desktop environments might mean that some if not all of the employees in a company are working with such an infrastructure for the first time in their lives. Instead of having them learn on their own about what to do or how to start working, it is good practice to ensure that they get adequate

cyber range training


During the training, ensure that a whole section on security is set aside, and enough time is taken to train them on different security measures that they need to observe when accessing the VDI.

Security Consultants

Some companies might lack enough resources to employ experienced security staff. In addition, there are many regulations that companies need to understand and align their virtual desktop environments with. To make sure that they have implemented the right security measures and that they are following the required regulations, they need to consult security experts who can help them when there is any problem.

15 Iphone Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Device Running Smoothly

The iPhone is an incredible device with outstanding performance and exceptional build quality. Despite that, you must keep an eye out on both the software and hardware if you want to keep it running in top shape.

So whether you plan on giving away your iPhone or intend to keep it for many years to come, the 15 iPhone maintenance tips below will allow any iOS device to function at its best.

Table of Contents

1. Update Your iPhone With the Latest System Software

You can also configure your iPhone to download and install the latest updates on its own. On the same screen as above, tap Automatic Updates and turn on the switches next to Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates.

2. Keep the Apps on Your iPhone Up-to-Date

The system software aside, you’ll also have to take the time to update the apps on your iPhone. Again, that improves app performance and helps minimize issues such as crashes and battery drain.

To do that, open the App Store, tap your profile portrait, and swipe down and release to scan for new app updates. Then, tap Update All.

3. Restart Your iPhone If It Feels Slow and Sluggish

Even with a fully up-to-date iPhone, you’ll still run into various software-related snags resulting in your iOS device feeling slow and sluggish. When that happens, a simple restart can quickly help it get back on track.

4. Stop Background App Refreshing for Non-Essential Apps

iOS allows apps to refresh themselves in the background. But that doesn’t mean every app should since the extra activity puts a strain on system resources and battery life. 

5. Disable Location Services for Non-Essential Apps

You can then tap on an app and select Never to make it stop using Location Services. Or, pick on any of the other options to curtail Location Services usage, such as having it ask you for your permission each time you open it.

6. Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health 7. Clear Outdated Website Data in Safari

Just don’t make a habit of clearing the Safari cache after each browsing session. That’ll only end up slowing things down when you visit the same websites later.

8. Improve Internet Connectivity With Google DNS

Using Google DNS is a terrific way to minimize connectivity-related issues over Wi-Fi networks that your iPhone connects to frequently.

To change the DNS servers, open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi. Then, tap the Info icon next to your Wi-Fi connection and select Configure DNS. Follow that by replacing the DNS servers with the following:

Learn about other public DNS services that you may want to use over Google DNS.

9. Offload Apps Manually or Automatically

An iPhone with little to no free storage can run into all sorts of issues preventing it from working correctly. Usually, deleting a few apps helps fix that. But app offloading is a better alternative since you only delete the app and not any data that it may have generated since installation.

Alternatively, another iPhone maintenance tip is to set up your iPhone to offload apps automatically as it begins to run out of internal storage. To do that, open the Settings app and tap App Store. Then, turn on the switch next to Offload Unused Apps.

10. Invest in a Case and Screen Protector

Each year, Apple keeps improving the iPhone’s ability to withstand sudden drops, bumps, and scratches. But investing in a protective case and screen protector is still the only way to shatter-proof your device. Furthermore, that also helps keep your iPhone in pristine condition and preserves resale value. Check out these top rugged cases and screen protectors for the iPhone.

11. Keep the Charging Port Clean

Regularly cleaning the iPhone’s Lightning port is an iPhone maintenance tip that can help prevent charging issues. Use a toothpick to loosen and pry out any gunk or link. Do that gently to avoid damaging the connectors inside. 

Keeping the charging port clean also mitigates sudden connectivity drops while updating or restoring an iPhone via Finder or iTunes.

12. Avoid Overheating Your iPhone

Your iPhone will lock you out if it overheats to prevent hardware failure. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to push it to its limits all the time. 

If you use an app that regularly causes the iPhone to overheat, check if there’s a pending system software or app update that can resolve the issue. Or, stop using it for the time being.

Also, it’s a good idea to take your iPhone out of its case for intense activities such as gaming in hot weather. That allows the device to dispense heat faster.

13. Back Up Your Data to iCloud or a Computer

Backing up the data on your iPhone can help you quickly pick up from where you left off in case of software corruption. The most convenient way to do that is to use iCloud. 

If iCloud storage is a concern, you can choose to back up your iPhone to a PC or Mac instead.

14. Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

Your iPhone contains multiple settings that help apps and services function effectively. However, that can also lead to conflicts. If you ever run into an issue that you can’t resolve by updating or restarting your device, resetting all settings to their defaults just might make the difference. 

15. Reset Your iPhone to Factory Defaults

Even with regular maintenance on the software side, your iPhone may start to slow down over time. That’s natural since newer apps generally tend to gravitate toward the latest crop of iOS devices.

But instead of buying a new iPhone, you can always give your current device a new lease on life by resetting the device to factory settings. 

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