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There may come a time when you feel the need to convert your Word documents to PDF. This can be done with Microsoft Word quite easily, but what happens when you want to convert several Word documents at once? In such a situation, you’ll need a tool that is designed for batch converts, which is why we’re going to talk about a few Batch Word to PDF Converter freeware & online tools for Windows 11/10/8/7. They can convert all of your Word documents to PDF one after the other – and merge different documents into a single PDF file.

Free Word to PDF Converter software & tools

Today we’re going to talk about several PDF converter tools, namely:

PDF Online

Doro PDF

Bolt PDF Creator

Batch Word to PDF Converter.

From what we can tell, each of them works quite well, and much better than we first anticipated. Not to mention, the ease of use took us by surprise, and unlike other tools, the first 3 do not force users to live with a big logo on the finished product.

Batch convert Word documents to PDF files 1] PDF Online

Remember that if your document is overrun with images, the conversion will take a while longer to complete, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, we cannot promise a secure environment when using this service, so please do not upload important documents for conversion.

Overall, we like what this online tool has to offer. It’s not a looker by any means, but that is not a problem on our end because it works, and works quite well. Additionally, conversion is snappy, so in just a few seconds your Word document will be converted and ready for download. But as stated above, speed depends on the size of the document and the amount of image inside.

2] Doro PDF

Doro PDF is another tool we need to look at, and that’s because it’s capable in more ways than one. It’s called Doro PDF Writer, and we highly recommend giving it a chance since you’re out seeking the best program for converting Word to PDF.

It should be noted that once the app is installed, it will act as a virtual printer on your computer system. You see, that means the user can create a PDF file from any software that comes with a printing function.

Now, in terms of converting files, users will be happy to know how easy it is to accomplish this task. Simply fire up any program that can print like Microsoft Word, or just use Word itself. Go to the printing section and be sure to select Doro as the virtual printer of choice.

Doing this should convert your Word document to PDF in quick succession, but slower if images are part of the equation. Download the tool directly from the official website for free.

3] Bolt PDF Creator

Converting a Microsoft Word document to PDF with the use of Bolt is just as easy as the others we’ve mentioned here. The task is straight to the point, and will take just a few seconds to get the job done, but that all boils down to the size of the document.

We’ve come to enjoy using Bolt because the files can be read via any PDF viewer, so that’s great. If you’ve used other tools before and for some reason, the finished product has a compatibility issue, then give Bolt a test run.

Now, to convert a document to PDF, simply follow the same steps of Doro PDF. Fire up Microsoft Word and load the document you wish to convert. Venture off to the print section and select Bolt PDF Printer to get things done. Download the tool from the official website for free.

4] Batch Word to PDF Converter

We like the fact that you can easily install it on your computer, or even run it from a USB drive if you’re working on a friend’s PC. Additionally, we should point out that Batch Word to PDF is only capable of converting Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF.

After downloading and installing the software, you’ll notice that there’s a simple user interface. It’s easy to understand. Therefore, even the lords of novices should have little obstacles in their way.

Not only is it easy to use and understand, but it also comes with a Wizard guide designed to help you through the entire product. At the top, you’ll see a toolbar along with a menu bar, and at the same time, you should also come across printing options among others.

It’s possible to secure your document during the conversion process. If you want your PDF file to be password protected, then this is possible directly from Batch Word to PDF Converter. Users can even prevent printing and prevent anyone from copying content from your PDF.

Overall, there’s nothing much to talk about in terms of features and functionality. It’s a simple tool with limited options, and you know what? We do not care. The idea is to convert Word documents to PDF, and it does that well.

There’s nothing else for it to do, and we hope many developers decide to go down this route instead of overstuffing their software with unneeded functions. Download the file right here from the official website. Comments indicate that it could leave a watermark behind, and that is disappointing!

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How To Crop Pdf Pages In Windows 11/10 Using Online Tool Or Free Software

Here is a full guide for you to crop PDF pages on Windows 11/10 PC. A lot of times, PDF pages have extra and unnecessary margins that you might want to remove. But how to do that? Well, if you are looking for a solution to that, this post will help you. Here, we will be sharing multiple online tools and free software for Windows 11/10 that allows you to crop PDF pages. You can either manually enter the crop margins or make the crop box selection on the page. A few of these also let you automatically remove excessive margin from PDF pages.  Many of these tools also let you batch crop PDF pages.

Let us now talk about the methods to crop PDF pages in Windows 11/10.

How to crop PDF Pages in Windows 11/10

Here are the two different methods to crop PDF pages in Windows 11/10:

Crop PDF page online using free web services.

Use free software to crop PDF pages.

Let us discuss the above methods in detail now!

1] Crop PDF page online using free web services

You can easily crop your PDF files online by using a dedicated website. Here are the free web services that allow you to crop PDF pages online:

Crop PDF





1] Crop PDF

Crop PDF is a dedicated online service that is used to crop PDF pages. It allows you to crop up to 20 PDF files at once. This free service automatically removes the unnecessary white border from your PDF files and crop the pages accordingly. Here are the steps to automatically crop PDF pages using Crop PDF:

Firstly, open a web browser.

Now, navigate to the chúng tôi website.

After that, wait for some time until it crops your PDFs.

Finally, download all or separate cropped PDF files.

If you want to eliminate the excessive border from PDF pages automatically, use this handy free website.

2] PDFResizer

You can also try a free website called PDFResizer to crop PDF files. This website provides you several individual PDF processing tools that include Crop PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Rotate PDF, Delete Pages, and more. You can go to its Crop PDF webpage and then crop PDF pages.

Here are the steps to crop PDF files using PDFResizer:

Firstly, launch a web browser.

Now, open the chúng tôi website and make sure you are on the Crop PDF page.

After that, tap on the Upload FIles button and it will display you the PDG page.

You can now make a selection on the PDF page using the mouse gesture to crop it. Or, you can also use Auto Crop or Extend Margins option to crop PDF pages.

Finally, tap on the Crop it! button to complete the process.

You can download the cropped PDF when the process is finished.

3] PDFCandy

PDFCandy can be another alternative to crop PDF pages online. It provides a dedicated tool to crop out PDF pages as per your requirements. Here are the steps to do so:

Open chúng tôi in a web browser.

Manually make a selection on the PDF page to crop PDF pages.

Tap on the Crop PDF button to start the PDF cropping process.

Download the resulting PDF to your PC.

4] Sejda

Another website that lets you crop PDF pages online is Sejda. You can use it to crop, compress, merge, delete, edit, and perform some more actions on PDFs. Here are the main steps to crop PDF files through this web service.

Upload your PDF files.

Select one of the available crop modes; Automatic, Automatic Maximum Crop, or Preview pages and choose crop area.

Download the output PDF files.

See: Combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF document with Combine PDF freeware

5] PDFdu

PDFdu is one more free online tool to crop PDF pages. Simply go to chúng tôi in any of your web browsers and select the source PDF file. Then, select the PDF Crop option and enter the top, bottom, right, and left margin to select the crop box. After that, tap on the Upload File button. It will crop the PDF pages and provide you the output that you will be able to download.

2] Use free software to crop PDF pages

Another method to crop PDF pages is to use free software for Windows 11/10. Here are the free software that you can use to crop PDF pages in Window 11/10:

3StepPDF Lite

PDF Shaper Free


Let us discuss the above software in detail now!

1] 3StepPDF Lite

3StepPDF Lite is a free PDF processor software for Windows 11/10 using which you can also crop PDF pages. Apart from cropping PDFs, it lets you split, merge, and watermark PDF pages. This software lets you batch crop PDF documents. Now, let us check out the steps to crop PDF pages in it.

Firstly, you need to download and install this free application from its official website. Then, launch the main GUI of this software to use it. On its home screen, you will see multiple tools including Crop PDF Documents. Simply tap on this option to open up the main Crop PDF Document window.

At last, provide the output file folder and then press the Crop Documents button. It will then crop all the added PDF documents at once.

It is one of the best freeware to crop PDF files on Windows 11/10.

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2] PDF Shaper Free

PDF Shaper Free is a great free utility to process PDF documents and crop PDF pages on Windows 11/10. It lets you crop as well as convert, merge, split, extract, watermark, and perform some other PDF-related tasks. Using it, you can crop not one but multiple PDF files at once. Let’s see how!

How to batch crop PDF pages using PDF Shaper Free:

Here are the main steps batch crop PDF pages in Windows 11/10 using PDF Shaper Free:

Download and install PDF Shaper Free.

Launch the application.

Add the source PDF files.

Enter margins to crop PDF pages.

Firstly, download and install PDF Shaper Free on your PC, and then launch the application. Now, add multiple PDF files or add a folder containing multiple PDF files to it.

After that, enter the top, bottom, left, and right margins in Points, Millimeters, or Inches. You also have the flexibility to process specific or all pages.

Finally, tap on the Proceed button and select the output folder to start the batch PDF cropping process.

You can get this handy PDF crop software from here.

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3] AlterPDF

You can try this freeware called AlterPDF to crop PDF pages on Windows 11/10. It is a great PDF processor to crop, rotate, watermark, convert, encrypt, decrypt, merge, and split PDF documents

Simply download it from chúng tôi and then install it on your PC. Launch the application and add the source PDF files; one or many.

It will process the imported PDF files and crop them all at once as per the entered crop settings.

Do note that the free version of this software processes the first 3 pages of a PDF document. To crop all pages, you will need to purchase its professional edition.

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How can I crop a PDF for free?

To crop a PDF for free, you can use any of the tools and software that we have listed in this post. All these PDF crop tools are free to use. You can simply import your PDF document, enter crop margins, and then crop the PDF pages.

How do I crop multiple PDF pages?

All the listed websites and freeware allow you to crop multiple PDF pages at once. However, some of these also provide you the flexibility to crop individual pages of a PDF document.

How do I resize a PDF page?

To resize a PDF page, you can use Sejda, PDFResizer, and some other tools that we have mentioned earlier in this article. These provide features to resize PDF pages as required.

Hope this article helps you find a suitable tool to crop PDF pages on Windows 11/10.

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Plotting Software: 7 Best Free To Use In 2023

Plotting Software: 7 Best Free to Use in 2023






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Whether you want to plot a graph for academic and research publication or hypothesis testing, a quality graph will always leave a long-lasting impression and can make a huge difference in the impact it has on the viewers.

If you have plotted graphs before, you would already know how Microsoft Excel comes with a built-in graph option along with different types of charts to create a desired graph by highlighting data.

However, Microsoft Excel does lack on features when it comes to customization. Premium software like the Grapher and OriginPro offers a more sophisticated solution graph plotting along with tons of customization options.

But, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on software for graph plotting, there are a few open-source graph plotting software that are free to use and offer a decent set of features.

In this article, we take a look at the best free and paid software for Graph plotting that offers all the features you need to create stunning graphs in no time.

If you are looking for the best software for 2D and 3D graph plotting, then Adobe Illustrator is what you are looking for.

Moreover, as this is a vector-based design software, your artwork will look just as great on a mobile screen as it looks on PC.

The tool offers a multitude of features that allows you to create amazing art from simple shapes and colors.

With Adobe Illustrator you can create effects and edit all the individual characters in an original way, that will make everyone admire your work.

Moreover, you can access your work from everywhere, as it will be stored in the Cloud and it will always be up to date.

You can read even more about Adobe Illustrator in this article.

Adobe Illustrator

Creat your best beautiful graphics and illustrations with this amazing tool. Customize it and bring your artwork to the next level!

Free trial Visit website

Plotly is a modern cloud-based graph plotting solution that allows you to create, save, and publish graphs online.

The saved graphs can also be downloaded to your computer for offline use in multiple formats.

Plotly is free to use and get started. To save the graphs, you need to create a free account.

Apart from the graphs, Plotly also offers tools to create charts, dashboards, and data sets.

In the work area (editor) you can change the structure to Subplots from Traces, change the theme, style for traces, axes, legend, annotation shapes and image and analysis enables you  manage curve fitting and moving average.

You can add as many traces as you want and later change the traces type to create graphs with given data.

⇒ Get

Zoho Analytics (formerly known as Zoho Reports) is a could-based business and reporting solution targeted at sale managers, analysts, consultants, CXOs, and other individuals looking for a reporting solution.

Zoho allows the users to create different types of charts including heat map charts, combination charts, area charts, funnel, etc.

For plotting, you can begin with a Scatter chart which is also one of the commonly used charts for plotting and comparing scientific and engineering data.

Zoho Analytics is an all-in-one solution for analytics report creation and data analysis. As a result, it comes with more than just plotting features.

Other notable features of Zoho Analytics include the ability to create a beautiful dashboard for bringing multiple reports into a single dashboard.

Zoho Analytics is a premium solution and one of the most recommended tools for reporting and analytics use.

You can create a free account and use the software to understand if it can meet your requirement before making any commitment.

⇒ Get Zoho Analytics 

Gnuplot is not new to the world of graph plotting. It is one of the most popular open-source software that has been made available free for users.

Unlike the previously listed software, Gnuplot requires you to use commands to create graphs.

It is a complete command-line based tool, so you need to know your way around basic programming to get it working.

Expert tip:

However, over the years the software has gone through reforms to accept scientific data in both 2D and 3D plots.

Even for intermediate users who have never used a command-line graph plotting tool, the vast collection of resources will make it easy to get started with the tool and start creating a visual representation of complex data.

⇒ Get Gnuplot 

Scientists who are looking for a  free tool to visualize their data in graphs, Matplotlib is an excellent piece of open-source software.

It is a free tool but suffers from the same challenges as Gnuplot.

Matplotlib is a 2D Python library for graph plotting and requires the user to use Python script on computer or web applications.

The user interface of Matplotlib is identical to Matlab except that it is not a GUI based tool.

Matlab uses a module named pyplot that provides features to control line styles, formatting axes, etc for plotting.

Compared to Gnuplot, Matplotlib only works with Python which is not the case with Gnuplot.

However, on the plus side, the end result of Matplotlib requires less finishing touchup and comes out in ready-to-use shape.

⇒ Get Matplotlib 

R is a programming language and a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

The tool is widely used by scientists and engineers working with an enormous amount of data.

While Gnuplot can be used with any language and Matplotlib requires Python to work, R requires you to learn R, the programming language to make it work.

R offers a wide range of graph types including box plot, histogram, density curve, scatter plot, line plot, etc, in both 3D and 2D formats allowing the users to display the data visually.

However, the end result may require some retouching to make the graphs look more polished.

R is a powerful programming language and an ideal solution for statistical computing and data analysis on Windows, macOS, and Linux running computers.

⇒ Get R Project 

Veusz is another popular tool for scientific plotting and graphics with support for both 2D and 3D plots.

It is a free and open source software and compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

Veusz can be used as a module in Python for plotting. The output feature of the tool including vector and bitmap output including PDF, Postscript, SVG and EMF.

In addition, the user can export data from text, CSV, HFS and FITS files.

You can manipulate the existing data sets to create new data sets using mathematical expressions.

It also supports third-party plugins to extend the features including the ability to import new data formats and task automation.

Some of the 2D plotting features include the ability to create X-Y plots with error bars, colours and sizes, Live and function plots, Images with colour mappings and colour bars, stepped plots, bar graphs etc.

And 3D plotting features include the ability to create 3D point plots, surface plots from data, function line plots, 3D axes etc.

Other notable features in the software are data picker, interactive tutorial and multithreaded rendering.

Veusz is a GUI based tool, hence easier to use and learn. For new users can benefit from the vast collection of tutorials.

⇒ Get Veusz 

If none of the above tools meets your requirement, try more premium and dedicated graph plotting software like Grapher, Matlab, SigmaPlot, and Origin.

These are commercial software and are not cheap. That being said, they are being used by some of the leading companies in the data analytics section.

It is important to have a graph plotting software to create stunning and information 2D and 3D graphs so that you can present complex analytics data in a better and simplified way.

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Ilovepdf: Free Online Pdf Editing Tools

PDF is the most widely used document format these days, and very often we face situations where we want to perform simple tasks like merging or splitting PDFs, but our common PDF readers are not able to do so just because they are not meant to edit PDF files rather they are here to let you read those files. Let me introduce you to iLovePDF which brings to you a set of online tools that lets you merge, split, compress, unlock, watermark, rotate PDF files, and convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG files instantly on the go.

iLovePDF Online PDF Editing Tools

There are various tools included in the complete set, each of which is discussed in the post below.

Merge PDF

The tool lets you merge two more PDF files into one PDF file. You can upload the files in the order you want them to be merged, or you can simply drag and organize them as you want.

Split PDF

As the name suggests, the tool lets you split the PDF file and take the desired pages out of it. You can create split ranges by mentioning the range of page numbers and then you also merge all the splits into one file automatically.

Compress PDF

The compression tool lets you optimally reduce the size of a PDF file without affecting its quality. There are three levels of compression available, namely Extreme, Recommended and Low compression.

Convert PDF to Word

The conversion tool lets you convert a PDF file to a WORD document. The conversion quality is so good that you’ll hardly notice any changes and the WORD document will be exactly similar to its PDF counterpart.

PDF files can be converted to a POWERPOINT presentation where each page of PDF will represent the content for one slide of the presentation.

Convert PDF to Excel

EXCEL converter works like a charm too, given that your PDF files contain tables and data that can be really converted to EXCEL file.

Convert Word to PDF

Converts WORD documents to a PDF format which is the best format to share a file over the internet or email.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Similarly, converts POWERPOINT presentations to a PDF format where each slide of presentation accounts for one page of the PDF file.

Convert Excel to PDF Convert PDF to JPG

This tool converts each page of the PDF file into a JPG image and also lets you separately extract the images out of a PDF file.

Convert JPG to PDF

You can create a PDF file from a set of JPG image files. You can easily choose their orientation and also choose a margin. You can upload the images in order or re-order them once they are uploaded.

This amazing tool lets you add page numbers to your PDF file. Page Numbers can be either added to a single page or facing pages. You can choose the location of the page number on the page and also specify a range of pages where you want to insert page numbers. Moreover, you can choose a font and also specify its size and also choose the format for page numbers.

You can insert text-based or image-based watermarks to a PDF file. You can adjust the font and its size. Moreover, you can choose an appropriate position for your watermark and also rotate the watermark to some common angles.

Unlock PDF

This tool can be used to remove the security from PDF files and free them from passwords and any other security.

Rotate PDF

You can rotate the PDFs to the proper orientation. The tool automatically detects and rotates the PDFs to the proper orientation.

All the converted PDF files are available to download from iLovePDF servers for approximately an hour or so. If you choose to register for service then you get some extra features like 2 hours of storage and other powerful features inside the tools for free. You can even opt for a paid account which again introduces more features and benefits. iLovePDF is a great set of tools and can be easily accessed when you are on the go.

This post will show you how to remove Password from PDF.

Best Free Clipboard Manager Software For Windows 11/10

Windows has evolved years after years, yet fails to offer a brilliant clipboard manager which can help creators of this time. Users not only just deal with copy files or copying text, but they are also now creating thanks to the powerful features Windows offers. In this post, we are sharing some of the best free Clipboard Manager software for Windows 11 and Windows 10 which you can use on a daily basis.

When you copy or cut or move data, it is held temporarily in an invisible portion of memory. This is called the ClipBoard. The clipboard enables applications to transfer data or between applications or within an application. Windows XP had clipbrd.exe, referred to as the Clipboard Viewer or the ClipBook Viewer, which could be used to see what was saved on your clipboard. If you try to search for this exe file in Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista, you will be unable to find clipbrd.exe.

Free Clipboard Manager for Windows

These free Clipboard Manager software will work on Windows 11/10/8/7. It is possible that they might automatically download an older version of the .NET framework in rare cases.

CopyQ Clipboard Manager

Clipa.Vu Microsoft Store app

Clipboard Magic


Clipboard Help and Spell

Archive Clipboard

Enhanced Clipboard Manager


Ditto Clipboard Manager

And more.

CopyQ is one of the best Clipboard Managers available for Windows which is simple yet powerful. It lets you copy-paste things like access codes, some repeated references in a document or even when it comes to copying an image or a file from one folder to another. The feature is also on smartphones and other devices.

Supports Script

Import, Export.


Tabbed Tree.

Hide entries and so on.

2] chúng tôi Microsoft Store app

Clipa.Vu lets you copy, paste, transfer text from one application to another – and allows you to manage your clipboard history easily. When pasting in applications, it will also add Timestamps for document marking. It keeps a history of all the items you have copied and allowed you to search for them.

3] Clipboard Magic

The best part of this application is it allows multiple entries, and a copy of any item is automatically copied to the Windows Clipboard, allowing you to paste the text in any document or web form. You can further edit and added manually.

4] PhraseExpress

PhaseExpress is a free Autotext, Auto-complete, Text Expander, Spell Checker, Program Launcher & Clipboard Manager utility which offers a lot of things. It is free for personal use, but commercial usage attracts subscription.

Here is the list of features:

Insert boilerplate templates in any program.

Autocomplete text as you type.

Customize boilerplate templates with fill-in forms.

Expand auto text abbreviations in any program.

Share canned responses in the network.

Automate repetitive tasks with macro automation.

Available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.

5] Clipboard Help and Spell

Using Clipboard Help & Spell You can add some notes to your existing clips or create notes from scratch. You can also save the content as a text file.

You can use hotkeys to simplify various tasks. So, for example, using a hotkey, you can instantly save text files from the clipboard.

The program comes with a complete backup and restores service.

6] Archive Clipboard

ArchiveClipboard is a simple, but cloud-based clipboard manager which copies everything as text, and categorizes it accordingly. It keeps an exact log of your clipboard, and also monitors text, images, files, and links.

The impressive part of this program is since its cloud-based, you can copy the content from one place to another, i.e., between Windows, Mac or Linux PC. You can have multiple computers synchronized with your account.

7] Enhanced Clipboard Manager

The Enhanced Clipboard Manager is an application, available for download at TechNet, which will make copying and pasting of data a little easier in Windows.


It allows us to queue all clipboard data.

It allows us to save entire clipboard data into permanent storage like a file.

Access remote machine’s clipboard, if you have administrative permissions on that machine.

Shows the Icon of the application from where you copied data onto the clipboard.

Easy to use UI.

It will download .NET 2.0 support files through Windows Update to work and works only on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

8] Clipboardic

Clipboardic is a small program that copies all your clipboard data and manages them in one place. This way each of them can be reused whenever you want, and an inbuilt search makes it even easier to find. The application stays on the system tray and also lets you delete individual clipboard listing.

9] Ditto Clipboard Manager

Ditto replaces the standard Windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, HTML, custom formats, etc.


Sync across multiple computers.

Clipboard data is first encrypted and then sent over any network.

Drag and Drop to supported programs which accept standard copy-paste entries.

Thumbnail of copied images also gets displayed in the list.

Best Free Wysiwyg Html Editor Software And Online Tools

This post covers some of the best free WYSIWYG HTML Editor software and online tools for Windows 11/10. These tools help you create as well as edit HTML documents and you can preview the output content and source code. Thus, you get a good idea about how the final product or output will look before you save the source code or output it to your computer or use it in the required place. Some of these tools also provide a live preview for HTML source code and final output side-by-side.

WYSIWYG is an acronym that stands for What You See Is What You Get. Thus, when you use a WYSIWYG HTML editor tool and create and/or edit the content like text, graphics, etc., the changes are applied immediately, and you can see the edited content close to the final output. Once you have the output, you can use it on your own website, personal blog, newsletter, or anywhere else you want.

Best free WYSIWYG HTML Editor software and online tools

Below is a list of some free WYSIWYG HTML Editor software and online tools. These tools are good enough in most cases. However, do note that there could be some image files and graphic file types that won’t be supported by these tools. The listed tools are:



Free Online HTML Editor

Online HTML Editor

Let’s check all these WYSIWYG HTML editor tools one by one.

1] Brackets

Brackets is an open-source code editor tool that lets you make changes to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in real-time. You can see a live preview of the output HTML in a browser. Thus, while you edit the HTML source code on its interface, the changes are made instantly and those changes are visible to the output in the browser opened by you for previewing.

This tool has a modern interface (with dark and light mode themes) where all the input files can be accessed from a navigation pane or left sidebar. It also has some other interesting features like extension manager, highlighting the active line, show line numbers, enabling word wrap, showing code hints, etc.

To use this WYSIWYG HTML editor tool, grab its EXE file from chúng tôi Complete the installation process and open its interface. Like any other similar tools, you can add HTML files using the File menu.


As its name indicates, HTML-NOTEPAD is a simple tool that is useful to create and edit text-based HTML content. Though the tool is basic, it has some interesting features. You can easily switch between HTML source and output content so that you can see how your output will look. Apart from that, it lets you insert tables, add links, create ordered and unordered lists, etc., to your HTML document.

To use this tool, you can grab its portable or installer version from chúng tôi After opening its interface, you can either add a file or a folder containing your HTML documents. A list of added documents is visible in the right section and you can select any document to start editing it.

By default, its interface shows the output content, but you can toggle between HTML source code and HTML output using the button available on the top right part of its interface to begin the editing. Other options to add a table, headers, division (div), blockquote, pre block are also present there. So, use the available tools and edit your HTML document as per your needs. Once you are done with editing, you can use the save file as option to store the output document.

Related: Best free Open-Source Document Editor software for Windows.

3] Free Online HTML Editor

This Free Online HTML Editor is quite helpful to create and edit HTML code easily. You can start writing in its visual editor and then switch to the HTML source code and vice-versa. Its HTML editor is similar to WordPress’s classic editor. So, if you have used WordPress editor, then you can start working without facing any difficulty.

All the menus like insert image URL, set paragraph format, decrease increase indent, use spell checker, select styles, insert table, horizontal line, etc., are present on the top part of its visual editor. This tool doesn’t let you add videos, GIFs, images, or HTML documents from your computer, and you won’t be able to save the output content as an HTML file. However, you can simply copy and paste the HTML content that you want to edit and then copy the output HTML source code that you can paste to your newsletter, webpage, etc.

You can access this WYSIWYG HTML editor tool from There, you can either paste your HTML output content for editing or enter your own content from scratch. After that, you can start using the available menus and easily switch between HTML source code and visual editor using the Source button.

If the available menus are not sufficient for you, then you can also try its full editor which provides a large toolbar with more options. The options like create Div container, set content alignment, preview output in a new tab, add a checkbox, radio button, etc., are available in the full editor.

Once your HTML content is ready, just copy it, and place it wherever needed.

4] Online HTML Editor

This Online HTML Editor is an all-in-one HTML viewer, compressor, HTML editor, beautifier, and the formatting tool. It provides a real-time preview of the HTML code and output. On the left part of its interface, it has its WYSIWYG editor where you can add and edit the text content. And, on the right-hand part, it shows real-time changes in the HTML code. You can adjust the formatting of the source code and text content and changes are reflected in both the parts.

Its WYSIWYG editor is very much similar to the WordPress editor where menus like format, insert, view, table, etc., are present. Thus, you can easily add tables, special characters, blocks, superscripts, subscripts, insert links, and online media files (like GIFs, videos, etc.) URL, etc. It doesn’t let you add an HTML file directly but you can copy-paste its content and begin the editing part. It also supports content for other files like Word, PDF, etc., to convert them to HTML documents. All you need to do is copy and paste the content of the supported file in its visual editor and begin the editing.

To use this tool, open its homepage from chúng tôi After this, use its visual editor and available menus to create a new file or copy-paste the content of an existing file. When you start the editing, the changes in the HTML source code are reflected on the right part. The right part of its interface also provides some useful options like compressing HTML code, using the find and replace tool, clear span tags, empty tags, images, links, classes and IDs, tag attributes, etc.

When you find that your output content is good enough to use, you can copy the source code using the View menu, and then paste it anywhere needed.

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This is another online tool where you can edit the source content as well as HTML code side-by-side in real-time. You can access this tool from chúng tôi This tool has an interface similar to the Online HTML Editor (covered above) tool.

The left section is used to create a new document or paste the content of a supporting document for editing it. This section contains its visual editor that has a View menu to preview source code and output content in a separate box, an Insert menu to add special characters, date/time, table, horizontal line, anchor, Format menu to make text bold, italic, add headings, use preformat code, Table menu to insert cells, select and add table size, etc. Thus, using this tool is pretty simple.

On the right-hand section of this tool, you can view and edit the HTML source code as per your requirement. This section also has menus for cleaning the source code, compressing the code, toggling tree view mode, etc.

Some extra features like highlighting the active line, show line numbers in the visual editor, character count for source code, automatic tag closing, etc., are also there. Use the available features or options and then you can copy the HTML code or output content and save it manually.

What is the best free WYSIWYG HTML editor?

There exist some good and free WYSIWYG HTML editor tools, but picking up the best one among such tools is quite difficult. While some tools provide the feature to add media files from a computer, show live preview, use code cleaner feature, etc., other WYSISYG tools are simple yet bring all such features that are needed to create a decent webpage, newsletter, etc. Keeping all such things in mind, we have created a list of some best free WYSIWYG HTML editor tools in this post above. You can go through the list and see if these tools fulfill your needs.

What is the best online HTML editor?

It entirely depends on the requirement of the user and what he/she needs in an online HTML editor to make it best for him/her. There are some useful HTML editor websites available over the internet that let you preview the changes in HTML source code and output content in real-time, provide features to easily create and insert tables, and headings, insert video or GIF, upload and add images from computer, add special characters, use cleaning options to remove empty tags, repeated spaces, inline styles, tag attributes, etc. You can check those sites and decide which one would be best for you. If you want, you can also try some WYSIWYG HTML editor websites instead of just a simple online HTML editor.

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