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Let me tell you guys that when it comes to choosing the right heavy duty case for your iPhones, it can become so confusing and crazy because the available cases for iPhones are as dense as a forest. But that is why I am here to help you out of your confusion with today’s line-up of the best iPhone 11 Pro heavy duty cases.

1. Spigen 

Earlier as well I have said that I completely love iPhone cases by Spigen because of the durability and sturdiness they come with. Heavy-duty cases by Spigen are amongst my favorite categories of cases by this brand as they provide the needed protection to my device all the while keeping it stylish.

This case is shock resilient with a beautiful carbon fiber design. It is made from a flexible TPU case with an interior spider-web pattern and raised lip to protect your device’s screen. The case is designed with air cushion technology that will absorb shocks due to falls.

2. Mobosi

Heavy-duty cases protect your iPhones in the best possible manner because of their great design and extra protection. Mobosi is one such brand that manufactures a good quality heavy-duty cases for iPhones. They are durable and lightweight that adds minimal bulk to your iPhone.

This case is drop tested by SGS and qualifies the military-grade protection standards. It is made from top-quality transparent PC and soft TPU dual-layer that provides military-level shockproof functionality. It has an anti-slip stripe on the sides of the case to give you a firm grip of your smartphone.

3. Kumeek

The Kumeek heavy duty case is made from a combination of hard PC back along with flexible TPU frame and shock-absorbing corners. Because of the great quality materials used in this case, it does not start yellowing even after using it for a long period of time.

The case has an oleophobic coating that is fingerprint-resistant and has a long-lasting clarity. It is innovatively designed with sound conversion cover for wider stereo playback which is really amazing for music lovers as they don’t have to hunt for earphones every time.

4. Samonpow

I love a good case that has multiple functions this case protects your iPhone along with storing your cards, isn’t it like the cherry on top? The Samonpow case is a perfect fit for your 5.8′ screen iPhone 11. It sports dual-layer protection to ensure 100% safety of your device and secures it from damage due to falls and bumps.

This rugged armor case is made of hybrid PC back cover along with impact-resistant and shockproof soft rubber bumper to protect the edges of your iPhone. The card slot on the back of the case can securely hold 2 cards and are easily accessible with the help of a sliding button.

5. X-Doria

This grippy rubber exterior of the iPhone case is very easy to hold giving a great grip. The X-Doria case is made from a machined aluminum alloy back panel that provides an extra layer of strength and protection to your device making shock absorbing.

Its integrated front-facing audio channel amplifies the sound and redirects the audio to front of the phone for a better surround sound experience. The case is tested to survive a military-grade drop test and exceeds the standards of MIL-STD-810G. It can resist shocks from up to 10 feet drops.

6. Wollony

The Wollony rugged case is an ultimate shock-proof, drop-proof, scratch-proof solution to protect your iPhone. This case is impact-resistant with military-grade drop tested, that can survive a falls without bringing any harm to your device encased in it.

7. Poetic

Poetic is also a very well-known and trustworthy brand that manufactures iPhone cases. Its cases are more on the durable side but it does keep in mind about the style quotient of all iPhone users. This ultra-modern styled heavy-duty case is a mixture of attractiveness and protection.

With a built-in screen protector, this case excels in the department of safety and security. Its design gives you a futuristic vibe at a first glance. Great grip, super protective and shock absorbing TPU bumper, and premium polycarbonate back panel protect your phone from all possible angles.

8. CoverOn

Put a Cover-On on your iPhone and leave all the hassle of protecting your device to this heavy-duty case. This tough and rugged case shelters your device and keeps it safe and secure from drops, scratches, and shocks. Buttons of your device are also secured with chic metalized button covers to give it a stylish look.

Made from a dual-layer design that sports a semi-flexible TPU rubber on the inside and a durable hard shell on the outside to give your smartphone double protection. The modern design of this case adds vibrancy and individuality to your phone without adding any excessive amount of bulk to your iPhone.


Protect your iPhone without taking away its chic look with this ultra-clear heavy-duty case. The spider case lets you flaunt your precious buy and simultaneously protecting your device from deadly drops and falls. This case has surpassed all the standards of military drops.

The case provides a 360° protection to your iPhone with its double-layered structures that enclose the phone within the case from all sides. Its raised edges ensure extra protection for the screen and camera. And the unique shock-absorbing cushions on the 4 corners prevent bumps.

10. Temdan

The latest iPhone 11 Pro sports a back panel that is made out of single glass and though the company claims that it is unbreakable but it is better to be safe than sorry. Why take any risks if you can protect your phone from all sides with the Temdan heavy duty case.

This case provides rugged protection to your smartphone with a built-in screen protector, raised lips around the magnificent triple camera setup in order to save your device from occasional drops, bumps, and scratches. The clear back cover gives you a perfect opportunity to flaunt the sleek back of your iPhone.

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Best Iphone 11 Pro Silicone Cases In 2023

Durability and good looks are what draws me towards a silicone case for my iPhone. This super-soft material has definitely come a long way from being compared with low-quality materials to now coming in the list of premium materials. In today’s case line-up, I have rounded-up the best iPhone 11 Pro silicone cases that are definitely going to catch your eyes.

1. Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro

So, very rarely does Apple come-up with a case that is super stylish but also some affordable. Moreover, everyone has an assurance of great quality because we all know that Apple only manufactures things that are high-grade and of superior quality of materials.

Apple is known to manufacture great quality and simplistic accessories for the company’s smartphones. With the cases available in eight shades but it is the pink sand shade that caught my eyes. In addition to all this, the case also sports a soft-microfiber lining that protects the inside of your iPhone.

2. Spigen Silicone Fit Designed Case

*Drumroll* Taadaa its a Spigen case, so surprising right? Anyway so as I have always said I love Spigen cases for their affordability and protection. Moreover, we have a mindset that whatever is available for cheap prices is not good in quality and looks, but that doesn’t apply here.

This ultra-affordable, good quality Spigen case is a perfect gift idea for your friends and family or even a treat for yourself. This case is made from super-soft silicone that has a great touch and feel to it. Even though is soft, the case is super durable and protects your iPhone from everyday damage.

3. Miracase Liquid Silicone Case

Strengthen your iPhone with better protection and even better looks with this Miracase silicone case for iPhone. Coming in five super chic color options you have a great range to choose from but in all honesty, I love the clove blue color the most. I mean it is so beautiful and will match all gender preferences and other fashion tastes.

The case is made from liquid silicone rubber that gives it a surface layer that is so smooth that you feel like you are caressing a baby’s skin. The tactile buttons on the case give you unhindered access to all ports, controls, and sensors of your phone, giving you great button sensitively.

4. Silicone Shockproof Cover from ANTTO

Made from edible silicone, ANTTO’s environmentally-friendly iPhone 11 Pro case has a three-layer protection design. This can shield your device even if it falls from a height of 2 meters. The case is thoughtfully designed, and it ensures that there are no scratches, even on your camera glass, when you keep the phone on a table.

Soft fiber on the insides prevents the phone body from being scratched. The easy to clean exterior keeps most of the fingerprints away. Finally, though it is effortless to put and remove, there is no need as it supports wireless charging even with the case on. Go ahead and choose from three available colors and beautify your new iPhone.

5. kwobile TPU Silicone Case

Stand out from the crowd with this neon-colored case that boasts some impressive features. It’s made of soft and flexible material that provides an ultimate non-slip grip. At the same time, it feels super smooth to touch and handle.

Further, the high-quality shock-absorbing rubber withstands the everyday falls, drops, scratches, and bumps to keep your phone looking pristine. The slim design will easily slide in and out of your pockets while precise cutouts provide easy access to all buttons and ports. Choose from 13 eye-popping colors!

6. Premium Liquid Silicone Case from Elago

If someone would have told me a couple of years back that I would be doing a silicone case line-up, I would have definitely laughed it off. But here I am listing these best Elago silicone cases for iPhone. because of the overall protection of the case along with premium looks and luxe touch and feel of it.

This case is made from liquid silicone material and is triple-layered. In other words, the case is triple-layered with a soft microfiber lining on the inside, a hard PC to ensure protection in the middle and a liquid silicone on the outside for baby-like touch and feel to the case.

7. Surphy Thick Design Silicone Case

While we love everything soft and smooth, some of us are skeptical about silicone. But, with this Surphy case you are in for a great surprise. This silicone case is made from super-soft liquid silicone that will encase your iPhone in a comfortable cocoon.

I know the iPhone 11 Pro has raised camera bump and in order to protect your iPhone camera and the display of your smartphone, the case sports raised bezels to keep your screen and camera lifted from flat surfaces. Moreover, the microfiber lining on the inside saves your phone from scratches while removing or installing your device in the case.

8. Anti-Scratch Hard Shell Silicone Case from Kumeek

The Kumeek liquid silicone iPhone case is made of durable material and has a dual-layer construction with reinforced strength soft touch. Plus the inner microfiber cushion on the inside of this case keeps your device safe from scratches and other wear-and-tear caused by removing and installing of your phone from the case.

It’s unique and acentric color captures our eyes and oozes of elegance. Anybody who lays their eyes on this beautifully elegant wine red colored silicone case is sure to excite your interest in purchasing this case. Additionally, this case is backed with a solid lifetime warranty.

9. ESR Liquid Silicone Rubber Case

ESR is also one of the most famous iPhone accessories brands and people actually count on ESR to manufacture great quality, affordable cases. The silicone iPhone 11 Pro case is no exception to all other cases by ESR, it is also made of good great quality materials and is super affordable.

User-friendly design, soft-buttons, and precise cutouts, this case truly lives up to the standards set by ESR. It also easily fits in our criteria for best cases because we always look for quality and affordability over all other aspects of an iPhone case. The product red color is simply my favorite one but you can choose from a variety of options that this case offers.

10. Ultra Slim Silicone Gel Cover from OTOFLY

The Otofly iPhone 11 Pro case is made from a superior quality liquid silicone gel that is safe and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is super soft, durable and shock-resistant and also sports raised bezels and lips that lift your device off from flat surfaces to prevent scratches on the camera and screen of your device.

A super thin and light skeleton of this case supports quick wireless charging so that you don’t have to pull out your phone every time you wish to charge your iPhone. The 360° full-body drop protection along with an inner microfiber cushion absorbs shocks and is scratch-resistant when your iPhone is in use.

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Supcase Protective Cases For Iphone 11 Pro Max

What would make an iPhone case a Super-Case? Premium protection, aesthetics, slim-profile, wireless charging, and affordability. You get all this and more with these protective cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max from SUPCASE. The brand offers award-winning durability, without compromising on looks or breaking the bank.

SUPCASE amalgamates premium materials and precision techniques to craft every case. Whether your iPhone stays mostly on a desk or on a bike-mount, the case will keep your device safe and secure. Don’t believe us, just check out this video of UB Pro case:

Protective Cases from 


For iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

SUPCASE understands that each iPhone user may have different needs and tastes when it comes to cases. Therefore, the case manufacturer offers an array of styles and variations. Each one with its unique set of features, let’s explore them in more detail.

UB Pro Series Rugged Cases

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro incorporates a dual-layer system for 360º protection. Known to survive drops from mountains, gunshots, and wipeouts, the case effortlessly exceeds military drop-standards. It has even been awarded CNET’s annual “Best Case Scenario” drop test.

A built-in screen protector front and a rugged raised edged back piece completely encases your device. In totality, the case offers ultimate defense from shock, drop, dust, dirt, and moisture. Interestingly, the protection aspect does not compromise on style or functionality.

One of the thinnest, robust, most rugged cases in the industry are available in four striking colors. The case maintains full compatibility with wireless chargers. An in-built kickstand simplifies one-hand use and handsfree multi-angle viewing. Moreover, the detachable swiveling belt clip holster manifolds the convenience factor of the case.

UB Electro Series Slim Cases

The case incorporates a top screen protector frame, a scratch-resistant TPU back, and an electroplated bumper frame. Hence, the term Electro series. Thanks to the sleek, eye-catching clear back design, you can show off the device without any fear. Once encased, your device remains protected from drops, dints, bumps, dust, and dirt.

The transparent backing will not stain or discolor, ensuring your phone looks always looks good. 0.6mm Raised bezels around the camera and screen further avoid scratches. The case maintains Qi compatibility, fully supporting wireless charging.

UB Style Series Clear Cases

Don’t be fooled by the looks and slim profile of the Style series case, it surprisingly holds a 15 ft drop test certification by MET Labs. The “less is more” design is crafted from a scratch-resistant hard PC back and hock-absorbent TPU bumper. The hybrid mix keeps your device well protective during accidental drops or bumps.

The flexible TPU guards have precisely raised bezels that defend the camera lens and screen from damaging surfaces. Not skipping over functionality, the case maintains easy access to all ports, buttons, and wireless charging compatibility. You can either opt for a full clear or colored bumper pattern, as per your preference.

Is your case a Super-Case?

SUPCASE claims that their covers can survive and adapt to harsh environments and unpredictable conditions. While I can’t second the claim, it did indeed stand out during my tests. The case looks great, offers great protection and value for money. I thoroughly enjoyed SUPCASE for my iPhone, what about you?

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Battery Cases For Iphone Xs In 2023

Frankly speaking, I’ve set my sight on a high-capacity iPhone Xs battery case that can deliver lots of extra playtimes. It’s because I find a powerful battery case more user-friendly than a power bank. Plus, the one that looks good enough to work as a standalone cover impresses me a lot. In other words, it’s pretty much like killing two birds with just one stone! Let’s take a look at the top ones.

1. Xooparc Battery Case for iPhone Xs

This iPhone XS battery case has a massive 6500mAh capacity to provide extra 24 hours of Talktime, 18 hours of video playback time, and 5 hours of 3D gaming. It can charge your phone almost twice for convenience on-the-go.

Moreover, It also has the highest industry regulatory certificates of CE, RoHS, and FCC to ensure safety. It’s also made of high quality and durable silicone material that buffers your phone against shocks and impact. At the same time, it’s lightweight to hold and carry.


High capacity

Safety certificates

Protection against bumps and drops

18-month warranty


No color options

Check out on Amazon

Battery cases generally share the same design; there’s hardly any notable change even with hundreds of different companies manufacturing it. This is where Swaller’s battery case sets apart from others. It has a 4000mAh battery under its hood, yet the company managed to design it elegantly.

When it comes to protection, the case features slightly raised bumpers that absorb the impact of normal falls or bumps. Besides that, the edges of the cases are also slightly raised, protecting the display and the camera. Lastly, it is available in three elegant colors.


Pretty compact casing

Hard-shell for additional protection

Delivers more than 150% battery life


Charging speed is a bit slow

Check out on Amazon

As far as efficiency is concerned, Alpatronix BXX is right at the top. It comes with a 4200mAh battery to offer a lot of additional juice to your iPhone.

Another notable feature is the CE, RoHS, and FCC certification that makes it a reliable battery case. You can trust it to fend off the challenge from common threats like short-circuiting and overcharging with ease.

With the support for Wi-Fi charging, it allows you to charge your iPhone wirelessly without needing to remove the cover. There is a shock-resistant guard to offer the needed shield to the device against ugly scrapes. Plus, BXX is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Delivers up to 120% battery life

Qi wireless charging support

Offers 360° protection


The buttons are less tactile

Check out on Amazon

When there is a race to find the best iPhone Xs battery case, overlooking Apple Smart Battery Case would be a mistake. Granted, the cover does seem extravagantly priced at $99.99. However, when it comes to providing an efficient charging solution is concerned, it’s right up there.

Apple claims that the battery case can deliver up to 33 hours of talk time or up to 25 hours of video playback. If it’s able to live up to the claim, it would be more than sufficient for normal usage. Talking about the design, the Smart Battery Case looks compact and pocket-friendly.


Fast and secure charging solution

Protective design

Soft-touch finish for improved grip


Quite expensive

Check out on Amazon

Packed in with a solid 5200 battery, AexPower offers more than 100% juice to your iPhone. It is said to add over 24 hours of talk time which is up to the mark for regular use. Four LED indicators let you keep track of the charging status.

As for design, AexPower looks compact and fit spotlessly around the iPhone Xs. The cover is strong enough to resist minor impact.

The cutouts for the camera, port are on point, while the pronounced buttons are responsive. Plus, you get a few nice color options.


A reasonably good yet cheap battery case

Delivers over 100% battery life

Sync through design


Comparatively slow charging

Check out on Amazon

Should you wish to get a battery case that would be more like a mini power bank, Feob could be the right answer. Featuring 6500mAh high-capacity battery, it is fully equipped to provide over 200% extra battery life. Perfect for the times when you want to use your iPhone Xs extensively without having to run for the traditional charging solution!

Another feature that’s worth taking note of is the sync-through technology that allows you to power up and sync your iPhone simultaneously. With the four LED indicators onboard, tracking the battery status is quite convenient. In terms of durability, Feob has got an impact-resistant casing to endure shock.


More than 200% additional battery life

Sync-through design

Bulk-free construction


Removing the case isn’t a breeze

Check out on Amazon

What if you’d like to have a premium iPhone Xs battery case at a competitive price tag? Well, NEWDERY promises to be a pretty good contender for your specific choice. For starters, the case comes with a powerful 6000mAh battery that’s more than capable to deliver around 170% extra juice, which could be just fine for hours of gaming and video streaming.

If you prefer to charge your iPhone wirelessly, you would appreciate its wireless charging compatibility. That means you won’t have to get rid of the battery cover before dropping the phone on a wireless charger. Moreover, NEWDERY has also got a fairly durable construction thanks to the combination of PC and TPU.


Delivers 170% extra battery life

Hybrid construction – PC and TPU material

Compatible with wireless charging


Lacks front lip

Check out on Amazon

Should you want to pick-out a budget-friendly battery pack that can deliver over 200 extra battery life, Pxwaxpy would be the right answer to your needs. The case has packed in a solid 6500mAh battery in a relatively compact form factor. Thus, it looks decent on the iPhone Xs without any unnecessary bulk.

Another thing worth noting is the sync through technology that ensures there is no problem in syncing the device to your computer or laptop. The addition of a 360° bumper endows durability to the construction. And with the non-slip sides, it also fits comfortably in the palm. Overall, Pxwaxpy is one of the cheapest yet highly appreciable battery cover for your iPhone Xs.


Adds 200% extra battery life

Built-in smart security chip

Durable bumper design


A bit inconvenient to install and remove

Check out on Amazon

The battery case from Smiphee boasts a 4000mAh battery in the case. Even with that much power, the case is slim and beautiful. There is four bright LED at the back to keep track of the remaining juice on the case.

Besides charging capabilities, the case itself has a tough bumper and shell plate to protect your device from normal falls or bumps. One great feature is that you don’t need to remove the case to charge your iPhone using the cable. It can charge a case as well as the iPhone simultaneously. Lastly, there are three color choices as well.


Over 150% extra battery life

Hard-shell backplate for shock resistance

Elastic soft material


Charging port may loosen up

Check out on Amazon

That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

I guess your eyes have caught the better suit for your iPhone. Let me know which one of the above cases has passed your acid test.

You can also explore the below lineups:

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The Best Iphone 11 Cases For Cycling

If you prefer to get around town on a bike, or even a scooter for that matter, and want a case that can keep your iPhone safe while you travel, here’s a list of options to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the best cycling cases that can fit a wide range of phones (including the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro), which vary in design and protection levels for when you’re riding your bike around town. Each of the cases for cycling are available to buy now, with immediate shipping.

So let’s dig in.

Best bike mounts and cycling cases for iPhone 11 STOON

The STOON cycling case is meant to provide full access to your device while it’s secured for travel. It’s a universal case, designed to fit phones with display sizes between 4.5 inches and all the way up to 7 inches, which means it will keep your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max secure while you ride.

The case is designed to secure to the handlebars of your bike, but there is a “special universal ball” design that allows for multiple viewing angles. Meanwhile, the part that holds the phone in place is designed from a TPU soft cushion, which grip each corner of your phone. There is an aluminum alloy nut and a rubber gasket that keep the case secure to the handlebars.

STOON says its cycling case is easy to install, with no additional tools needed to get it secured. You’ll just need to put it in place and secure the aluminum alloy nut to keep it in place. It fits handlebars with sizes between 33-40mm.

The STOON cycling case is available now.

Buy for $9.99


This bike mount from GUB is designed for handlebars with sizes between “31.8/25.4/22.2”, and should fit on not only a bicycle, but also motorcycles, scooters, e-bikes, and folding bikes. This iPhone bike mount can hold devices with screen sizes between four inches and seven inches.

The aluminum alloy material is strong and stable, while a “sponge” keeps your phone safe while it’s installed in the case while you ride your bike. And, as you can see, the bike mount won’t obscure your phone’s display at all, giving you full access to use your phone (when it’s safe!) and it won’t impede Face ID, either.

It also offers 360-degree rotation, giving you a wide range of motion and viewing angles, depending on what you need. Positive marks from owners of this bike mount include its overall design and sturdy construction, with an easy installation process as well. Some reviewers did point out that the Allen wrench included with the mount, and the Allen head bolt can make installation somewhat frustrating, however.

The GUB bike mount for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max (and other phones) is available now in Black, Blue, and Red color options.

Buy for $13.47 – $16.99


Bone designs many of its cases to be universal by default, able to fit a wide range of phones sizes while not impeding access to the display. That’s the case with this cycling phone mount, which secures the four corners of your phone in place to make sure it doesn’t wobble free while you’re riding your bike.

This case is designed to attach directly to the handlebar stem on your bike, putting it directly in your field of view while you ride. The silicone bands that secure the phone in place are adjustable, able to hold phones with display sizes between four inches and 6.5 inches. Bone does point out that if you have a rugged case on your phone, this bike mount might be a bit too tight, for what it’s worth.

The aforementioned silicone bands are designed to absorb shocks as well, so even while you ride your bike on a bumpy road the phone should stay safe.

Positive reviews from owners say the installation process is quick and easy, and the phone fits securely. However, some owners of mountain bikes say the mount does not fit their ride, so be wary if you do own a mountain bike.

Bone’s bike mount for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max is available with a one-year warranty, and you can buy it right now in either gray or black colors.

Buy for $19.99


The opamoo bike mount for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is designed to be an all-weather bag, securing your phone in place and offering a variety of options to protect it from the outside world while you ride your bike. First and foremost, this is a full-body case that encases your entire phone inside, and it even features a screen protector of sorts.

Once you put your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro in opamoo’s bike mount, it will sit within the bag and behind a thin TPU “film window”, which will still allow you to use your touchscreen easily. It will fit phones with screen sizes up to 6.5 inches — so just enough space for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The bag itself is made from a carbon fiber material, and it has a double-sealed zipper construction making it waterproof while the phone is inside. In addition to that, this bike mount also has a built-in sun visor. There is also an open section on the bottom of the bag, giving you plenty of space to fit your wires through if you prefer to keep a wired connection while listening to music as you ride your bike.

If you like to ride at night, there is reflective tape on either side of the bag, too.

That’s not all, though. This bike mount has room for extra storage, too, which is packaged beneath the phone itself. This space can fit an external battery, your wallet, keys, and more.

Many praise the case itself, the secure fit of the phone inside, and the fact that it can keep the phone dry and even block out the sun. Others say the storage option is a great addition, while it’s easy to install as well. Some say the velcro straps are too long, that the zippers can get stuck due to their design, and some say that the cycling case might not fit all handlebar sizes.

This bike mount from opamoo is available now in either black or gray.

Buy for $16.99 – $21.99


This is another universal case, designed by Bovon to fit smartphone screen sizes between 4.5 inches and 6 inches while you ride your bike. The bike case is made from improved premium silicone, so it should naturally absorb shocks while still keeping the phone secured in place. The case itself won’t scratch your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro while it’s installed, either.

The Bovon bike mount is easy to install, and it should fit on any-sized bike handlebars. Bovon says it should fit on a motorcycle, or any other ride with handlebars, including a baby stroller. The open face design means you’ll have complete access to your phone, including the Lightning port in your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

Owners of the Bovon bike mount say it’s well-constructed, fits their phone comfortably yet securely, and it’s easy to install. Others say that while the bands do hold the phone in place, the phone has to be installed just right, or there is a risk the phone will slip out.

You can buy the Bovon bike mount right now.

Buy for $9.89

Best Airpods Pro Leather Cases In 2023

We all love the charming white charging case of the AirPods Pro. But to keep it scratch-free, you need to encase it. But why just limit to protection when you can also have the looks with these amazing AirPods Pro leather cases?

I love leather cases because of their classic textures and patinas. So, I thought, why not help a fellow leather lover? And to do so, I have listed the best AirPods Pro leather cases; check them out.

1. Twelve South AirSnap Pro: Editor’s choice

Twelve South AirSnap Pro’s USP is its full-grain leather with specially strengthened edge stitching. You can clip it securely to your bag when traveling using the S-Clip. But I liked using the case with a keychain or attached to a wrist strap.

The AirSnap Pro design makes the pairing/status light visible when the AirPods cap is opened. The high-quality leather supports any Qi-enabled wireless charger. You can charge your AirPods Pro easily with the bottom cut-out without removing the case. 

The strong metal snap closure keeps the case locked and your pricey AirPods Pro safely inside.


Full-grain leather

Nylon wristlet included

Anti-slip texture


Slightly expensive

The carabiner is tight initially

2. Native Union leather case: Handmade for perfection

If you want a genuine leather case for your AirPods Pro, go for Native Union. I love the beautiful patina it develops after using the case for a few months, thanks to the authentic Italian leather.

The brand claims to craft the cases by hand, from shaping them to stitching each side and finishing with painting the borders. That’s why it gives your AirPods Pro a seamless fit and dependable protection.

The sleek and thin design allows you to use wireless charging, the charging port, and controls without hassle. But I feel the top shell slips off easily; you’ll have to keep a keen eye on it.


Looks quite rich

Genuine Italian leather



Top shell slips off

3. Alto Protective: For comfortable use

It’s one of the premium AirPods Pro leather cases that use luxury Italian aniline leather. The leather naturally ages and takes on a distinctive patina. With a full natural grain, the case is comfortable to the touch.

Alto has crafted 0.5 mm fine leather into a hard case to protect completely from scratches and drops and support wireless charging. I noticed the two-piece case design makes the insertion/ removal of the charging case easier than others. 


Three different color variants


Visible LED light


Not scratch-resistant

Absorbs moisture 

4. Nomad Modern case: Rugged leather AirPods Pro case

As always, Nomad offers the best leather AirPods Pro case. This two-piece modern leather case is perfect for you if you want to give your AirPods Pro a timeless but striking design. The leather quality is of the highest caliber and made of Horween leather from Chicago. It becomes really beautiful as it ages, giving it a rugged patina.

It features a polycarbonate optical light pipe and a plush microfiber lining for the LED charging indication. You can attach an optional wrist strap to the lanyard connection point. So, you can easily access the pairing button. 

Nomad has made the charging light shine substantially brighter, making it visible from almost any angle. So, you can easily determine if your AirPods Pro is fully charged. Although the AirPods case is compatible with Qi and MagSafe charging, it lacks magnets. It cannot be magnetically attached to MagSafe chargers.


Integrated light pipe

Good build quality

Lanyard attachment point 



Scratches easily 

Check out on: Nomad

5. Elago leather case: Unique design

It is made from natural cowhide leather, offering a stunning patina. To stand out, elago has opted for a unique briefcase design (a thumps up for that).

Though the case has a different design, it fits your AirPods Pro charging case and supports wireless charging. So, you will get excellent protection without interfering with charging.

I loved the cute brass ring holder as it will not get rust or lose its original golden hue over time. Using that, you may easily connect your AirPods case to anything. 


Stands out from the crowd

Genuine cowhide leather

Vintage feel 


Tight fit

Edges exposed

6. Woolnut leather case: A premium option for AirPods Pro

Woolnut uses full-grain Scandinavian leather for its AirPods Pro leather case. You can get a distinctive appearance with the beautiful patina and two-piece minimalist design. The partly lined protective microfiber makes the body durable. 

I loved the subtly embossed wordmark “Woolnut” on the back. It is barely perceptible through the leather’s texture. A small adhesive is placed on the lid of the case to ensure a snug fit. 

It supports wireless charging with the case on and has a Lightning port cutout on the bottom. The charging light is always visible thanks to a little circular notch in the casing. But the leather is paper-thin and gives a hard cheap feeling of polycarbonate. So, the price is not justified. 


Smartly designed case

Snug fit

Safeguarding microfiber lining


Plastic feel

Not value for money

7. CYRILL Leather Brick Case: Budget pick

CYRILL uses animal-friendly leather to make cases for AirPods Pro. Besides the smooth synthetic leather with a luxury appearance, your charging case will get additional protection from the side TPU bumpers. So, no threat from sudden drops.

The clip-and-go design with a traditional carabiner enhances its utility and customization (I totally love the clip design). Also, the charging light is always visible thanks to the precise cut-out. I would say it’s best for everyday use because of its form-fitting, small, and pocket-friendly. 


PU leather

Clip-and-go design

Budget friendly


Not durable  

8. Mous protective AirPods Pro leather cases: Aesthetic look

The Mous Protective AirPods Pro Case combines a very resistant polycarbonate shell case with premium leather. The unique AiroShock technology absorbs drops, and the Aramid fiber protects your AirPods Pro charging cases from scratching. So, you will get an amazing balance of toughness and style.

There is a small clip with nylon cable and a braided cord to clip it to your bag. I find it not so useful!


Keychain included


Not value for money

Keychain is not good 

9. Hiram cowhide leather case: Travel-friendly case

I would say it is the most popular AirPods Pro case. Hiram has used Retro Fashion Crazy Horse Leather, especially catering to men’s styles. The high-quality material and beautiful coffee shade make your charging case fashionable and long-lasting.

You can carry Airpods Pro comfortably using the attractive and soft travel case. I have tried attaching it to my belt loop using the antique metal buckle. And it’s good to go. 


100% money back guarantee

Vintage metal buckle and snap closure


Lacks craftsmanship

Check out on: Amazon 

10. V-MORO AirPods Pro leather case: Best for outdoor activities 

The V-MORO Airpods Pro Leather Case has a Polycarbonate bumper and is made of excellent genuine cowhide leather. You don’t have to take out your Airpods Pro to charge it, whether it’s wireless or Lightning cable charging.

V-MORO has worked on the case’s design so that the lid won’t come off when you open it. Also, the back of the case has a notch that prevents the bottom shell of the case from sliding out.

This case was a convenient option for me to use while traveling or to engage in outdoor sports. With the detachable stainless steel carabiner, you can attach it to your belt or bag.


Tailored made for AirPods Pro

Good for daily use


Scratches easily

Hard to remove the charging case

So, that’s all!

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