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We’ve all heard the time-old tale of how “time is money” and despite some of us feeling that we might have years on our side, time is a commodity that simply slips away when we aren’t even noticing. Whether it is in your early days as a student where you need to keep your lectures and study sessions organized, or in later life when you’re making a living and growing your business, time tracking is the bare essential to what makes for an organized and well-managed lifestyle.

However, in a world where you can easily burn away hours watching your favorite Netflix shows and movies, time management without any additional help can be gruesome. The Google Play Store that you head over to download all of those distracting games, is also home to an ocean of resources that keep you sharp and focused with the best time tracking apps.

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Best time tracker apps for Android

Whether you need to carve out time for your school or college curriculum, or you’re a freelancer trying to get the most amount of work done in a day, here are the best time tracking apps for you to try out.

You may seem some people be naturally good at managing their schedule and keep a track of their time, but most of us need the extra help. TimeTune is designed to be an app you use every day as a time management journal app that not only helps you create a daily routine to streamline your work and personal life, but also offers useful insights on how to improve productivity.

Start off by creating a Routine of your daily, weekly, or just a calendar-based schedule and plan out your entire day with the app, and over a period of time, TimeTune will create a Timeline of your progress, giving you insights on how much time you spend on variables such as Eating, Work, Gym, Sleeping, and more.

Time is all about numbers, and so is the science of our existence, which is why some of the best time trackers apps are just number crunchers in disguise. SaveMyTime is one such offering, built to be smarter than your average time management tool as it not only comes with the ability for you to manually enter your daily routine but also offers helpful tips on how you can make the most out of your day.

With the help of statistical graphs, you can not only find out the amount of time you’ve spent on specific tasks such as balancing the ratio of work and leisure activities but also discovers areas where you can improve time management with special paid features.

While some of the time management apps you’ll find on the list are strictly business-oriented, aTimeLogger is a popular Android app that manages to work just as well for business as it does for regular users.

Designed to offer a user-friendly approach to time tracking, you can easily set up certain long-term or short-term goals that you want to achieve, pause and even resume tasks just like a timer, create automatic time tracking based on your daily work schedule, and even send out reports of your entire productivity statistics so you can record your progress and improve where you fall short.

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While you may be trying to get more hours out of your day for either work, leisure, or just those sweet moments of sleep, keeping a track of your time all the time can be frustrating. This is where Smart Time offers you their versatile service that not only helps you view your entire Timeline highlighting what takes up the precious moments in your life, but also a machine-learning Assistant that helps you do better.

You’re met with a carefully crafted weekly report that offers a deeper analysis of how you’re doing and it also comes with a standalone sleep tracker that makes sure that you get ample of good night’s sleep too.

One of the few time management apps that are specifically directed towards students looking to get better with their grades and focus on things that matter other than books, Todait is designed with simplicity in mind.

Just the perfect app you need to keep yourself determined before exam season, this time tracker app comes with features such as Automatic Distribution to break down your study routine into manageable bits, keeps you in line with alarms, calendar management, and a stopwatch to make sure you do justice to each of the subjects. The Todait app even comes with a Lock-Out Mode that you will love to hate, along with the Automatic Plan Adjustment mode that makes sure you don’t deviate from the goal.

One of the more business and work oriented time tracker apps on the list, Timesheet has been an invaluable online service for the modern virtual office space. Managing your work can be daunting by itself, which is why handling the work schedule for those that work under you can be even more challenging, but not if you’re using Timesheet.

Apart from managing the tasks and duties of your group in Project Management, the app doubles up as an easy-to-use Expense Tracker which also allows you to add Notes to milestone tasks and even includes Coffee Breaks as a way to account for any lost time during the work. It also comes with multi-platform support and built-in Statistics to help you break it all down.

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Another name in the time management service business that has been around for years now, Toggl has mastered the art of time tracking on other platforms and recently made its way to Android.

When it comes to the mobile app, you get every bit of the regular features that the other time management apps do, such as viewing Reports on your daily/weekly/monthly way of spending your time on work and at home, but what you don’t get with some of the other apps is the Suggestions feature that automatically learns your behaviour and pattern of operating, and includes useful tips to streamline things.

Additionally, there comes a serious amount of customization to Toggl, which allows you to set up goals for different projects, clients, and relate them all with unique tags which can be easily looked up using the app’s Shortcuts feature.

While we like the fact that Harvest (another major player in the online time tracker service business) offers an Android app for business-oriented users to manage their time on the go, it may not be best for individual users. The simplified design is good to work with and the dedicated Expense Tracker module in the app is perfect to use on business trips, as it allows you to not only create invoices and send them out but also log them with actual receipt photos.

On the time management side of things, you can create Projects and even manage the ones you created online by syncing them with the app, and a special feature for freelancers allows them to create timesheets for billable and non-billable hours.

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Are you looking for a time tracker app to help you individually get better at managing your daily routine and life in general, or want a powerful tool to manage your business and workforce efficiently?

You're reading Best Time Tracker Apps For Android To Keep You Focused

Best Mood Tracking Apps To Help You Keep Tabs On Your Mood

Best Mood Tracking Apps To Help You Keep Tabs On Your Mood How Are You Feeling Today?

Thanks to technology, we have some of the best mood tracker apps that can help you identify if you are on the verge of loneliness, grief, anxiety, extreme stress or even depression.

Best Mood Tracker Apps 1. Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker


Beautiful icons with the help of which you can personalize activities

Amazing statistics signifying your mood 

Share stats with friends and family and create backup on Google Drive

Option for creating reminders of important memories

PIN lock app to keep it safe from prying eyes

Track mood over month or even year in a very concise format

No of Installs: 5 Million

Get It Here

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2. Youper – Emotional Health

To calm your mind and manage underlying mental health issues such as depression, developers have utilized the power of artificial intelligence. It brings the goodness of having a conversation and this time your friend will be an artificial assistant. It is undoubtedly one of the best mood tracker apps because it has been created by scientists, doctors and engineers.


Soulful conversations with a personalized chat assistant

Even if you don’t want to talk you can follow mindful practices

Comprehensively understand your emotions 

Useful information on symptoms pertaining to depression, anxiety and many other health issues

Beautiful sort your mind and create a journal

Several personality tests to help you understand yourself better

No of installs: 1 million

Rating: 4.6

Get It Here

3. eMoods

eMoods is a wonderful mood tracker app which helps you manage your mood easily and effectively. It helps you easily manage symptoms pertaining to anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression and many other disorders. You can put down all your symptoms in the form of a diary where you can create journals, create graphics, report triggers.


The app is completely free to use

Easy to use interface

You can send monthly PDF report to your doctor so that they can identify triggers

Colorblind friendly color schemes

In app graphs and charts that can be printed

No of installs: 100,000

Rating: 4.6 

Get It Here

4. TalkLife


You can choose to be anonymous 

Personally chat with other TalkLife users

Share own experiences with new friends

Filter posts that are of utmost importance and that you think are the most motivational

Inspiration and interesting content on TalkLife blog

Highly customizable profile with the help of which you can express yourself

No of installs: 500,000

Rating: 4.4

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5. aiMei

Another aspect of mood tracking is being emotionally intelligent. It is about how well you can recognize your and people’s emotions and how you can use that information to guide behavior.

The app helps you in four components namely – social awareness, self-management, self-awareness and relationship management.


Use mood tracker app to know your mood trends and how you feel during the day

Connect with friends and know how well you know them

Set up goals to become better and keep track of  your progress

Help friends reach their goals 

Extensive personality tests to help you know yourself better

No of installs: 50,000

Rating: 4.1 

Get It Here

Why Is There A Need To Track Mood?

Mood is a catalyst which makes us do a lot of activities. While most of these are good, some can be bad too. When you track mood, you are able to learn more about yourself. You can identify behavioral patterns, positive and negative influences and then work upon becoming a better version of yourself. And, what better than taking help from mood tracker apps.

Can These Mood Tracker Apps Help Me Uplift My Mood?

Of course yes! Each of the above mood tracker apps have the ability to identify most aspects of your mood patterns and on the basis of that these suggest therapies, conversations and many other measures you can undertake to better your mood.  

Spread Goodness!

We really want you to be happy, be in the best of your moods and spirits which is why we have suggested some of the best mood tracker apps to you. If there is an existing app that you use and think is beneficial, do share it with us and other readers as well. The world needs Samaritans like you and us. For more such updates, keep reading Tweak Library and make sure that you follow us on all social media platforms.

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Best Podcast Apps For Android 2023

Best Podcast Apps for Android Best Podcasts Apps for Android in 2023

Podcasts are great to pass time and gain information. Using them you can listen to the latest news, comedy shows and more. Here we list best podcast apps for you:

This one is an outstanding Android podcast app that has been a long-time favorite of Android fans. Pocket Casts is one of the fully-featured podcast apps available on the Play Store. It comes with features like audio effects, download scheduler, on the fly episode streaming and other amazing features like synching between Android, iOS and the web app. Moreover, Pocket Casts best podcast app can stream the episode from your device to your Chrome and all the subscriptions are stored on the cloud. This means if your device is lost or gets damaged you won’t lose your podcast library.

2. Spotify

This one has gained popularity as a music app than a podcasts app. But it surely is one of the best podcast apps on Android. Using Spotify, you can easily listen to your favorite podcasts and music wherever you want. It is a carefully curated platform for podcasts on Android. With a beautiful and incredible user interface searching and listening to podcasts becomes super easy. It means this app that is known for music now will even help you listen to your favorite podcast.

3. Podcast Addict

Download Podcast Android

4. Podcast App: Player FM

This one has made its own place. Although other apps discussed so far have been on the Play Store for long yet, Player FM has made its own distinguishable place. This outstanding podcast app for Android uses topic searching, you just need to tell what you are interested in and the app will do the rest.

To use the app, you need to choose from any of the three plans and enjoy listening to podcasts on your Android phone.

Download Podcast App: Player FM

5. Anchor

Another free podcast app on Android that lets you record a high-quality podcast is Anchor. Using this app, you can make a podcast from your phone, tablet or computer. This Android podcast app offers unlimited hosting for free. Using it you can add several transitions, sound effects, import audio, add any song from Spotify, share with a permalink, and turn a short segment into an animated video. Not only this you can even know how many people are listening to the podcast. This app is worth trying.

Download Anchor

6. Antenna Pod

Not only this, Antenna Pod is one of the best podcast apps for Android as it also works as a memory management tool. You can control cached episodes, set up smart deletion and decide what, when how to download.

Download Antenna Pod

7. Castbox – Podcast Player & Podcast Android app

Looking for a podcast app to download, save, listen to podcast, FM radio and audiobooks? This one is your best bet. Castbox is an amazing Android podcast app that offers a super clean user interface. With a wide category of podcasts, you will never miss out your favorite podcast.  This best podcast app for Android offers continuous playback with customized playlist, one-button subscription, and other options.

Using Castbox you can listen or search your favorite podcasts in 70 different languages. Further, you can cloud sync your subscriptions and listen to your podcasts anytime and anywhere.

Download Castbox

8. DoggCatcher

This one is a paid podcast Android app that offers feature-heavy options and comes with Chromecast, Android Auto support. Using it you can browse the top 100 DoggCatcher podcasts, personal recommendations and more.

Download DoggCatcher

9. Google Podcast

A new podcast player for Android users that allows discovering and listening to the world’s podcasts. Subscribe to any podcast for free and download episodes to playback when offline. Google Podcast allows you to listen to the same podcast on multiple devices. This means, you can pause the podcast and can resume on any device from where you left.

Google Podcasts although new still is considered as one of the best podcast apps on Android. It comes with decent playback speed controls and the ability to skip silence segments.

Download Google Podcasts

10. SoundCloud

World’s largest music and audio streaming service with more than 200 million tracks and a global community of more than 20 million artists are where you can find finest podcasts. Many content creators these days prefer SoundCloud to upload their podcasts. But this app has a downside finding podcasts isn’t easy here. If you can find one, then things really work smoothly. But for the first time, you will face a problem.

Download SoundCloud

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Further, this one is more about streaming than downloading podcasts. So, if you are looking for an Android podcast app with download feature then this one is not for you.

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10 Best Free Calendar Apps For Android

One of the most common uses for an Android phone is time management. There’s no more convenient place to keep your calendar than on your phone. It’s where you can quickly glance at your daily agenda, add a reminder so you don’t forget a meeting, or plan out your weekly and monthly goals.

Unfortunately, not all calendar apps offer the features you need for a truly productive live. Some lack task management. Others lack an intuitive interface. Still others make you waste more time entering events than you’d spend just writing them down on paper.

Table of Contents

Choosing the Best Free Calendar Apps

The following are 10 of the best free calendar apps that you can download to your Android right now. These apps were chosen because they passed all the following tests.

Integration with Google Calendar (the Android default)

Task management features

One or more calendar view (not task only or calendar only)

Intuitive Interface

Any of the following free calendar apps will serve you well and help you make the most of your precious time each day.

1. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app comes installed by default on Android phones. This doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to most Android calendar apps out there. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile and intuitive calendar apps you could hope to use.


Daily agenda view with color-coded blocks for events

Day, 3-day, week, and month views

Syncs and displays multiple Google calendar accounts

Quickly add goals, reminders, and events


No task management feature

Easy to accidentally tap to add new event

Doesn’t integrate with other calendar accounts

2. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 looks very similar to Google Calendar; however, it fits more information into a smaller mobile screen. This means less scrolling. You also get a quick overview of your weekly or monthly schedule with less scrolling.

You’ll have all the same views available as Google Calendar as well. What Business Calendar 2 does that Google Calendar doesn’t is a useful task management feature that integrates tasks right into your calendar when you add them with a due date. Multiple task lists are available.


More compact view, tailored for small mobile


3. aCalendar

If you’re looking for a refreshing change, aCalendar is a great free calendar app for Android. The weekly agenda view has large blocks for days with events clearly visible in each day. It highlights the current day, and includes the month view off on the side.

It has the same features as Business Calendar 2, but with one downside. To use the task management feature, you’ll need to purchase the premium version of the app.


Unique calendar views

Event search tool

Includes gestures technology

Very intuitive navigation


4. DigiCal

The DigiCal Android calendar app is a refreshing take on calendar design. It lets you choose between a white or dark theme when you first launch it. Also, many of the views include multiple views, like a monthly view that also displays your daily agenda on half of the screen.

Also, most views aren’t static like other apps. In the Week Agenda view you can scroll through the agenda inside the box for individual days.


Professional, intuitive calendar views

Displays more information in the same space than other apps

Includes current weather information at your location


Small nuisance banners for premium upgrade

No task management feature

5. AnyDo

AnyDo is well-known as a powerful task management app. But what many people don’t know is that it’s one of the few cloud task management services that integrates a calendar-based agenda view into its app.

AnyDo lets you sync this calendar view with your Google Calendar account, so that you can seamlessly view events from your Google Calendar alongside all your AnyDo tasks.


Fresh, clean calendar view

Integrates tasks and calendar events into a single calendar

Multiple task lists for organizing tasks

Includes recurring tasks and events


Only one calendar view available

Limited calendar features compared to other calendar apps

Advanced features require premium upgrade

6. Tiny Calendar

You would think an app called Tiny Calendar would be overly simplified, however that’s not at all the case. Tiny Calendar looks a lot like the Google Calendar app, but with a wider view that helps you see more on a small mobile screen.

The Month view also includes a half-screen agenda view so you can see both a long-term and short-term view of your schedule at once.




Task management feature requires premium apps

7. TickTick

The TickTick calendar app is very similar to AnyDo in both appearance and function. It’s primarily a task management app, but only provides a weekly agenda view that’s identical to what you find in the AnyDo app.

TickTick lets you add multiple tabs for Pomo time management and habit tracking as well. There are multiple color themes available, and the task management area allows for multiple lists.


Clean and intuitive interface

Very simple to use

Swipe to mark event or task as done


8. Accomplish

One of the more unique time management and calendar apps out there, Accomplish simplifies how you use your calendar app to save you time and help you stay focused. It does this with a simple calendar display with large blocks, and quick reminder icons you can drag up to block other preceding events from preventing you to prep for upcoming events like meetings.

A time management feature is also well integrated into the app; however, it isn’t possible to schedule tasks. Rather, they just remain in a task pane on the left side of the app.


Simplicity enhances your productivity

Quick and easy to add events and tasks


Tasks don’t include due dates

Very limited calendar views available

Navigation is not always intuitive

9. TimeTune

TimeTune is a very simple free calendar app for Android, but what it lacks in complexity it offers in time management features. The calendar view is timeline only, which you need to scroll through to see days in the future.

However, features this app offers that put it on top include important tasks.


Encourages focus and productivity

Innovative Routines feature

Easy Google calendar account sync


Advanced features require a premium purchase

Lacks multiple calendar views

10. Sectograph Planner & Time Manager

Sectograph is easily one of the most innovative free calendar apps for Android that you’ll ever use. All too often, people focus so much on managing their calendar that they forget to focus on the events happening in the moment. It’s also easy to stay blind to upcoming appointments, and then get caught off guard when they occur.

Sectograph gives you a creative visual display for your day. A red indicator marks the time of day as well as what tasks are coming up, and how much time you’ll spend on them. This makes it very easy, with just a quick glance, to see how much time you have left for the current task, and helps you take the time you need to prepare for upcoming appointments.


Integrates with your Google Calendar

Beautiful design

Includes a transparent widget for your phone’s home screen


Only one calendar view

No task management

Advanced features require Pro version purchase

Choose Your Best Calendar App for Android

As you can see, there are a lot of choices when it comes to Android calendar apps. By ensuring the app you use syncs with the cloud calendar account you use to store events, it gives you the ability to use one or more apps that offer features you need. For example, you can use Sectograph to stay focused on your daily agenda, and AnyDo to focus on task management.

The app you choose depends on how you tend to use your calendar, and which features will enhance your day and help you become more productive.

7 Best Smart Notification Apps For Android

Android’s notification center has always been ahead of the curve, with other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone copying the implementation. Android’s notification center has matured a lot over the years and it’s now feature packed to its core. But as with every other app or feature, Android’s implementation has a few shortcomings.

Best Apps to Replace Android Notification Center

1. Snowball

Snowball is a new notification app but it’s very capable and our favorite notification app of the lot. Unlike most other apps on the list, Snowball replaces your default stock notification center. The Snowball notification center categorizes notifications into “Important” and “Everything Else”. There’s also ability to hide notifications, which show up in the “Hidden” tab. The Snowball notification center also features a search bar to find contacts & apps along with toggles & settings accessible through a downward swipe.

Install: (Free)

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up.

2. Dynamic Notifications

If you’ve used a newer Motorola smartphone or Microsoft’s Lumia devices, you are already aware of what Dynamic Notifications brings. Similar to Moto Display feature and Lumia’s Glance, Dynamic Notifications lets you check your notifications without even unlocking your smartphone. The app shows you the clock, time, a lock button that can be used to open the apps you choose and notifications. You can press hold on a notification to see more details. There are also options to change the background image & color and choose apps you want to be able to access directly from Dynamic Notifications screen.

Install: (Free, Premium version $1.99)

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up.

3. Metro Notifications

Install: (Free with in-app purchase for Premium version)

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up.

4. Floatifications

Install: (Free trial, Full version $1.88)

Compatibility: Android 3.0 and up.

Install: (Free)

Compatibility: Varies with device.

6. Light Flow

Light Flow is a popular notification app, which lets you control the way every notification behaves. The app also brings the BeBuzz/BerryBuzz feature we loved from older BlackBerry devices, which used to let users control a BlackBerry’s notification LED. Light Flow lets you change the ringtone, vibration pattern, notification LED duration, LED flash rate, volume level in different situations and notification color of every app or action. You can also disable notifications from a certain app to system services as well.

Install: (Free with in-app purchase of $2.49 for full version)

Compatibility: Varies with device.

7. Flash Notification 2

Flash Notification 2 brings a huge twist in the way your notifications get delivered. Unlike other apps on the list, the app doesn’t uses notification LEDs of a device to bring customization, instead the app uses the LED flash that accompanies your smartphone’s rear camera. In case your device doesn’t feature an LED flash, the app will use your screen’s brightness to lighten things up. The app starts flashing for certain notifications and there are a couple of flash types to choose from.

Flash Notification 2 also lets you set the time when you want the flash notification and when not. There are also options to delay flashes, set the number of flashes per second, screen flash color and more. While this app might not appeal to everyone, it’s a good option for people who want to light up a room with their notification alerts. The app is available for free on the Play Store, so give it a try!

Install: (Free)

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up.

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Check your notifications with some twist!

These notifications apps for Android certainly make a great difference to the way we are used to handle notifications. The beauty of Android is its flexibility and the control it gives to the users and these amazing notification apps are its proof. You should definitely give these apps a try if you have been bored with the same monotonous notifications.

Optimizing Remote Work: Ways To Keep Remote Workers Focused

You may trust your remote workers to stay focused on the job, but it’s always nice to help people along.

Remote work is definitely on the rise. There’s no way to reverse that trend, so employers must adapt.

Fighting or criticizing the revolution doesn’t help. The best thing to do is to keep remote workers focused on the job. The good thing is that there are steps you can take to make this a reality for your business.

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Breaks are Vital

Keeping remote workers focused doesn’t mean they need to be glued to their screens. That hurts productivity and focus.

You want to schedule more breaks to ensure workers can finish their assignments effectively. You know that remote workers want a better work/life balance. Prioritize that, and they’ll appreciate it.

Schedule in family time, alone time, lunches, brunches, and a walk or exercise. Do this and you’ll see how focused your employees will be.

While it may feel odd to promote breaks, it gives remote workers structure.

Check-In Tools

There are a number of tools, like an employee tracking system. Find one that works best for your employees.

Using tracking tools may seem off-putting to some employees, so make sure you are transparent about this.

Let workers know they can use tracking data to ask for promotions or verify paid time, so it’s not only for employers.

Try to Limit Meetings

Many employers are guilty of using online communication tools too much.

This may be done to keep employees engaged and focused, but this normally has the opposite effect.

While it’s good to update your employees regarding overall goals or updates for projects, it’s not good to schedule needless meetings.

This won’t sit well with your employees. These useless meetings will be a waste of time, and it’ll make employees feel like you’re wasting their time.

This can also hurt productivity and enthusiasm for the job.

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Expecting the Right Amount

Some employers make the mistake of demanding more from employees than they should. This is especially true concerning remote workers.

Employers expect more because they know workers don’t have to commute to the office.

The problem is that there are many distractions at home, even if employees have a designated work area. Assigning a larger workload to keep employees engaged is a bad idea.

Studies show that productivity and focus suffers if remote workers are overworked.

What you need to do is scale things back a little, and be sure to assign the normal workload to each employee, nothing more.

Inject Some Motivation

Find ways to motivate employees, even if you aren’t there. You can do this in several ways.

You can gamify some of the assignments if not all of them. You can introduce little contests among your employees to spark competition from time to time.

You could also reward employees. A reward can be public recognition, but it could also be gift cards or maybe group gifts once projects are complete.

Showing gratitude makes a difference, and it motivates employees to be better and more focused. Just make sure you offer quality gifts to your workers.

Show Appreciation Often

This was alluded to earlier, but it’s important to mention it again. You have to show appreciation.

Showing gratitude or appreciation should help improve engagement and focus among employees because it shows them that you care.

When you care for your employees, they can’t help but care about you and your business. This also promotes loyalty and employee retention. Being good to employees isn’t hard to do.

You can do things like offer rewards, which was mentioned earlier, but you could also listen to their concerns and address them. You could be flexible with their schedules when they ask for free time.

The more you address their concerns and make them feel like they matter, the more productive they’ll be.

Now, you know what you can do to ensure focus among your remote workers. It’s possible to achieve this. All it takes is a few adjustments.

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