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Life throws countless challenges. One of them is our helplessness to find a socket and plug to charge our communication devices. Our daily life is precise in wires that we can’t think of our existence without wires. But we have to face unexpected and untoward events wherein we don’t find anything to keep our smartphones and other devices charged up.

Though iPhones boast better battery capacity than other smartphones in the category, they need charging given the usage of apps, Apple Music, and videos. Accessories makers have found ways to deal with situations of low battery. Two options are available for iPhone users: they either carry bulky power banks or get wireless charging cases for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.


Want to power up your iPhone while having a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Here is a stylish yet sleek wireless charging case in store for you. This smart charging case by Bezalel can be a good companion for your device. The case appears to be strong and easy to carry.

This strong built-in lightning cable connector allows you to charge your device efficiently. The latitude easily fits your device just like a glove and when you hold this case, it feels great. Bezalel wireless charging case is available in black and white color.

2. Antye

Antye offers a complete bundle to charge your iPhone 6/6s Plus wirelessly. It comes with a charging pad and also a case. The charging pad has LED lights that turn off when you place your iPhone for charging. Besides that, built-in safety features protect your iPhone from overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating.

The case is minimal in design, and it is slim and sleek giving it an elegant look. Lastly, there are no color choices for the case, while there are two color options available for the charging pad.

3. Gorilla Gadgets

Gorilla Gadgets offers an elegant wireless charging receiver for Qi wireless charging compatibility. Armed with slim design, this case adds beauty to your iPhone 6s plus.

Furthermore, the case offers complete protection to your smartphone. You can have faster-charging speed with utmost efficiency. TPU frame helps it endure bumps and also provides a secure grip. Beyond protection, you can choose this case in three colors such as black, silver and rose gold.

4. MobilePal

This stylish yet highly protective MobilePal wireless charging case features crystal-clear bumper, fortified corners, and raised edges. Designed to provide ultimate convenience, this case allows you to charge your device quickly with required safety.

MobilePal charging case compliments your iPhone. It supports both wireless and wired charging; you get flexibility for charging your device. TI chipset is integrated to make this case fully compatible with WPC Qi 1.0/1.1 standards.

Lastly, MobilePal is available in two colors like black and gold.

5. Nillkin

Equipped with absorbing material on the back, Nillkin wireless charging case will let you power up your iPhone faster. It gives an excellent touch and allows you to access all buttons smoothly.

Nillkin case is quite flexible as you can easily detach lightening connector. The case is available in black and gold colors.

6. Hanende

Hanende also offers a charging pad as well as a wireless charging case for iPhone 6/6s Plus. With 2A output, it can fast charge your iPhone compared to other wireless chargers. Besides that, the flexible lightning connector can be detached easily to charge your iPhone using a lightning cable.

The charging pad is made of durable acrylic, and its look will add beauty to your desk. Lastly, it also protects your device from common electric problems like overcurrent and overheating.


During the first few days of fresh iOS versions, many users experience battery drain issue on their iPhone 6/6s Plus. The solution is ANTYE wireless charging case. Now stop finding the plugin to charge your iPhone.

This Qi wireless charger kit is the most futuristic way to charge your iPhone6/6s Plus; the charger quickly charges your iPhone while protecting the device from scratches and drops.

Take a look at the charging pad that comes with LED indicator, which will emit blue light when you are charging. The charger has 75% high wireless charging efficiency.

8. Angeliox

Angeliox wireless charging case for iPhone 6/6s Plus is perfect for daily use. That’s because its look is similar to a standard case. It has slim body but at the same time, giving enough protection from regular falls and bumps. Besides that, if you ever wish to charge your iPhone using a cable, you don’t need to remove the case.

As far as safety features are concerned, this case is FCC, CE, and ROHS certified, delivering complete protection for your device. Lastly, there are no color choices available except black.

9. Meewoo

I have found Meewoo a decent wireless charging receiver case for iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to the slim form factor, it makes a befitting match with the iPhone. Though the cover may not look durable, it can resist low-volume impact.

The rubberized exterior feels pretty comfy and also offers enhanced gripping. You can install and remove the cover with ease. Precise cutouts let you access ports, speaker, and headphone jack.

10. Mophie

A wireless charging case by Mophie allows you to charge your iPhone 6s plus faster. The case also prevents overcharging and overheating. It has magnetic mounts, which holds your iPhone firmly.

Also, you can mount your device at different angles to have a better view. Its cushioned corners give your iPhone solid protection from high impacts. By utilizing its 1,560-mAh-battery case, you can enjoy music, watch movies, play games and explore the Internet at peace.

That’s it!

What’s your favorite?

Which one of the above cases is going to pair with your iPhone? Do let us know your pick and the qualities that have attracted you in it?

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Best Waterproof Cases For Iphone 6S Plus In 2023

Many of use enjoy swimming and wish to capture those amazing moments when playing with water. So, if you are all geared up to take your iPhone with you for an awesome bath in the sea, you would want to ensure your smartphone has the needed shield to keep water away. To let you easily find out the most protective suit, we have rounded up an esteemed list of the best iPhone 6s Plus waterproof cases.

1. Lifeproof FRE SERIES

As far as quality is concerned, Lifeproof FRE SERIES waterproof case is one of the finest in the market. Featuring IP68 ingress rating, it has the capability to provide complete security to your device from water. With the rugged construction, it has the strength to endure impact.

The case has a cutout for Apple logo on the back to ensure the brand is able to showcase its class without any interference. Moreover, this waterproof case comes in five color options including black, purple, avalanche, pink, banzai etc.

2. Temdan

Temdan waterproof case has been specifically made for the folks who like swimming a lot. Apart from providing excellent protection from water, this case is strong enough to defeat the impact of the shock.

It features a kickstand to let you enjoy media hands-free. There is also a wrist strap to let you carry your device with ease. It’s lightweight and feels very comfy in hand.

3. Lifeproof NÜÜD SERIES

This is yet another waterproof case from Lifeproof in this list. Thanks largely to the superior quality; it has been able to find to get a breakthrough. Talking about its features, it’s primed to let you make the most of your fun-loving water sports.

It has also passed military drop test that makes it exceptionally protective. The clear back shell augments its style quotient. It’s available only in black color.

4. Beasyjoy

Whether you dive in the ocean or the swimming pool, this IP68 certified case can protect your device up to 10 ft for two hours. Apart from that, it has military-grade protection along with rugged triple layered design.

Don’t just protect from water damage; with this case, you can protect your iPhone from regular falls, dust, dirt, and bumps. Lastly, you also get to select from four color options.

5. ImpactStrong

As the name itself suggests, this waterproof case can withstand some serious falls. Thanks to the high-quality bumpers, it won’t transfer the impact on the iPhone. Besides, even with waterproof capabilities, the case enables seamless access to all ports, functions, and even Touch ID.

Overall, the case has a rugged design and does both the jobs correctly – securing a device outside the water and also inside the water. Also, there is a variety of color choices available.


Waterproof cases are usually a bit bulky, but if you are looking for a simple and sleek design along with protection from water, this is the case worth watching. The case effectively protects your iPhone from water, snow, dust, dirt, and also from scratches.

Even with all the above features, the ports and buttons are easily accessible without needing to remove the case. In the end, it is available only in black color, and no choices are present.


With Lontect waterproof case, you can dive as deep as 6.6-feet for up to three hours without needing to worry about water damage to your iPhone. It is IP65 certified and protects your device from scratches, dust, dirt, water, and also snow.

By far it is one of the slimmest waterproof cases on the list. In regard to protection, it offers 360-degrees protection to your iPhone. Lastly, there is one color and one design option.

8. CellEver

CellEver waterproof case can submerge up to 6.6 feet under water for one hour without letting any damage to the iPhone. This is a little less compared to other cases on the list. But the design is what made this case get listed. It is attractive, colorful, and elegant.

Like most of the cases, this too is IP68 certified along with other protective features. Unlike other cases, CellEver offers a wide range of bright color options to suit your style.

9. Yuker

Go for surfing or climb the mountain, Yuker will take care of your iPhone. In regard to water, the case is IP68 certified and effectively protects the device from water damage for almost one hour. When it comes to protection, the case has exceeded military standards, and it can protect your iPhone even if you fall it 100 times.

When it comes to design, it doesn’t boast any fancy look. But it does the job of securing the device pretty well. At last, there are no color choices available except black.

That’s all!

Wrapping up!

Which waterproof case have you chosen to keep your iPhone safeguarded during your wonderful swimming time? It would be cool to know something about your favorite pick. There are three qualities that I like in these top waterproof cases for iPhone 6s Plus. The compact design trusted protection from water and the ability to withstand the shock. Moreover, they look quite impressive on the smartphone.

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Best Iphone 6S Plus Battery Cases In 2023

iPhone 6s Plus has a 2750mAh battery, but even then, we often run out of it. Many of us are always commuting here and there, hardly getting enough time to charge our iPhone 6s Plus to full capacity. In such situations, we either keep searching for the power source or carry a power bank. It is not feasible to look after our iPhone battery all the time. To overcome this issue of the power-hungry device, we have handpicked some of the best battery cases for the iPhone 6s Plus.

1. Lonlif

Since battery cases are robust and bulky in the body, many users think they won’t be able to use Touch ID on their iPhones, and thus avoid using charging cases. Lonlif has shattered this myth and designed a battery case, which allows you to use Touch ID on your iPhone 6s Plus.

The 5500 lithium polymer battery adds 120% more power to your iPhone and you can enjoy videos, movies, music, and games while you are on the go. It is available in three vibrant colors.


This battery case boasts an 8000mAh lithium polymer battery, with high efficiency and high conversion rate. It adds 2x extra juice for the phone, which makes it ideal for long-distance journeys.

It’s made of high-quality material that gives a unique and comfortable tactile impression. Moreover, it offers 360=degree protection to safeguard your phone against bumps, scratches, and dust.


I look at HETP as a high-capacity battery (6000mAh) case and a solid power bank that should be good enough for your iPhone 6s Plus even on a long tour.

The robust battery juices up your phablet faster and with the required safety. So, there is no chance of any mishaps like overheating and short-circuiting.

What adds more muscle to its armory are the dual-layered casing and the 360° scratch-guard. Due mainly to the rugged construction your phablet has the needed shield against regular bumps. If you like dark colors, you will appreciate the hot red and the ever shining rose gold color variants.

4. i-Blason

When it comes to delivering fast and safe charging solution, this one from i-Blason is one of the better options. It sports a slim design that looks fine on the iPhone. Despite being a bit thin, it has got the durability to endure minor bumps.

The case features a 3200mAh battery which is good enough to provide over 100% of extra power to the smartphone. Plus, it supports data syncing and charging at once.

5. Alpatronix

This iPhone charging case includes a powerful, rechargeable 4000mAh UL-certified internal battery that will keep your phone charged throughout the day. At the same time, it features 360-degree scratch-guard protection and compact design that minimizes bulk.

Moreover, the separate bumper frame adds enhanced security. It comes with a glass screen protector for full frontal protection. And the raised front bezels keep scratches at bay. Lastly, you can choose from beautiful gold and rose gold colors.

6. Feob

This 8500mAh battery case is picked up for its powerful performance. Even as it is not compatible with a lightning headphone or traditional 3.5mm headphones, people go for this for its strong battery, which can charge up the iPhone quickly. You can always use Apple’s AirPods or other wireless Bluetooth headphones for audio listening.

This battery pack adds 200% more battery life to your iPhone. For gamers, this is a great boon as they can play 3D games for three hours on their iPhone 6s Plus. Never stop and play your favorite games on your iOS device.

7. Pxwaxpy

As far as efficiency is concerned, Pxwaxpy is a top bet. It comes with gigantic 8500mAh rechargeable battery. Therefore, you get plenty of additional juice in your kitty to dole out the power-hungry iPhone.

The smart chip doesn’t usual suspects like overcharging damage the device. Due mainly to the sturdy bumper design, it can also withstand impact. Plus, Pxwaxpy is supported by a limited one-year warranty.

8. Elzle

Elzle has come up with a decent battery case that allows users to charge their iPhones even as the devices are covered by this case. This high-quality battery case lasts long as it is made of Li-polymer batteries and has CE/FCC/PSEand ROHS certification.

Power up your iPhone with 5000mAh battery capacity of this case. Your phone will never run out of battery and you will enjoy extra hours of video watching, Internet surfing, talking, etc. Elzle has used a high-grade material to manufacture a durable battery case for your device.

9. Swaller

Times when you want to use your iPhone extensively without being bothered about the battery life, a battery case like Swaller can come in very handy. The 5500mAh battery promises to deliver 150% extra power to your phablet. Therefore, you will play your hardcore games or watch music videos with a bit more freedom.

Aside from offering tons of extra juice, it also keeps dangers like overheating and overcurrent away. The four LED indicators allow you to track the power status with ease.

Talking about the design, Swaller has a slim design and features a shock-absorbing exterior. Besides, this high-capacity battery case comes in three nice-looking colors.


Pump in 150% more battery life to your iPhone 6s Plus with this li-polymer rechargeable charger case from HARDTOAST. A high-capacity 4000mAh case provides you 24 hours talk time, 63 hours music, 16 hours video playback and 15 hours of Internet use.

Use original lightning cable and you will be able to charge the battery case and your iPhone simultaneously. Moreover, you can sync your iPhone with Mac or Windows computer without removing the case.

That’s all!

Your pick?

Assuming, your search for a high-quality battery case has met with the desired result. May I know its name and the qualities that have got your attention.

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Kerf Iphone 6/6S Plus Pure Wooden Cases In 2023

You might have noticed that we are great fan of iPhone cases. We have reviewed many beautiful cases and also made a number of roundups in different categories. Out of all the lists and reviews we do, one of our favorite categories is the wooden cases. The reason why We tend to review wooden case is, it is unique, durable, and the most important is that they are one in a kind. We never get to see the same case with anyone else in the world. Today we are back again with one fantabulous wooden case for iPhone and it is called KerfCase.

Kerf Wooden Case for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus

Ben Saks founded KerfCase in 2013, since then the company has focused on finest craft of wood cases for iPhone. The wood used in cases is obtained locally from the trees that are on an urge of dying, which otherwise ending up as mulch. We have reviewed the cases with minute details and given a detailed result below.

100% Wood

Each and every case from KerfCase is made from finest quality of wood logs. The wood cases include Bocote wood, Canary wood, Cherry wood, Bubinga wood, and many other types which we might not have even heard of. All these cases pass through a meticulous process of manufacturing.


Every case from KerfCase is unique in its own way. As alluded to earlier, these cases are made from wood and thus, you’ll not find the same case ever. If you like any of the case listed on KerfCase’s website, you should act fast and make your purchase. Unlike competitors, KerfCase’s wooden cases will give you a pure wooden feel when you hold them in your hands.


Wood is durable by nature and you can count on that. The cases are made with utmost perfection to deliver great looks along with complete protection. All the four corners of your iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are thoroughly covered, leaving no scope of getting them damaged. Even though it completely covers your device, it won’t look bulky or hard to hold in hands.


Wood isn’t as flexible as plastic or any other material used for making iPhone cases. Even then, you’ll hardly feel any discomfort while accessing any ports or functions of iPhone 6/6s Plus. The precise cuts for the camera, headphone jack, and lightning port almost feel like not having any case at all. The cases are easy to install, just slide your iPhone onto it and a gentle press. You precious iPhone is held gently with friction and won’t let it slip out.

Product range

KerfCase’s offers a wide range of designs crafted with different types of woods. The company has a case for everyone. The designs will suit everyone regardless of their profile. Whether you are a student or a Hollywood celebrity, you’ll certainly stand out of the crowd with these wooden cases.


If you can afford to buy an iPhone 6/6s Plus, then you’ll definitely afford to buy these cases. KerfCase’s aren’t cheap, but if you are the one who judges the quality, then you’ll know the worth of these cases. There are different cases available with different price tags. The range starts from $99 and goes up to $329.


KerfCase’s cases are certainly bulky on your wallets, but the quality and craftsmanship is worth every penny. The cases are premium, and will its impact by their elegance of design and feel.

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Best Iphone 6 And Iphone 6S Cases In 2023

Recently, while exploring must-have accessories, I came across some of the best cases for iPhone 6/6s. Impressed by their design and feel, I want to share those besties with you all. So, doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of classy leather or find a sleek suit more appealing. You can get the right one for your smartphone!

1. Harber London

Looking for a case that spells luxury, this one should be your pick. Harber London crafts their cases from full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. They neither compromise on style, functionality, the slim-profile nor on protection.

A convenient back pocket could house a card, keeping it handy wherever you go. Folded edge gives corner to corner protection and comfortable grip. A soft microfibre lining nestles the phone like a newborn, keeping scuff marks or scratches at bay.

2. bellroy

A slim profile of this leather case quickly grabs your attention. However, that’s not all to impress you! Bellroy has packed this leather case with many features to make it extremely useful and stylish. Bellroy’s use of certified leather and soft polymer microfiber ensures you get the best material.

Premium hides make all the difference. The genuine leather makes each case unique and sets it apart from other Bellroy cases. Since the leather is tanned and dyed following environmental protocols, it ages gracefully and flaunts a rich tone upon persistent use.

3. Speck CandyShell

Speck CandyShell can be an automatic pick for the folks who want to have the best of both worlds: slimness and certified protection.

For all being on the thinner side, the cover meets MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. Besides, the raised bezel also plays a reliable role in shielding the screen against scrapes.

The mix of soft acrylic interior and PC outer shell boosts the durability. Lastly, the covered buttons offer tactile feedback so that you can control volume and turn ON/OFF screen with ease.

4. Vesel Wood Series

Are you up for an attractive bumper case made with the perfect combination of wood and aluminum? Vesel Wood Series primed with oak/walnut wood and solid aluminum can make an elegant pair with your iPhone 6/6s.

You can quickly install/ remove Wood Series using the tool it comes with. All the ports and buttons of your device are easily accessible. As for protection, it offers basic safeguards.

The minimalist profile coupled with the appealing design scores high enough to stand up to the expectation. Read the full review.

5. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen was probably the first major brand to come up with iPhone 6/6s cases on pre-order (they put it up on Amazon). At the time of writing this, there are at least five varieties of iPhone 6 cases. Our pick: Neo Hybrid for its class. It stays true to its name: it’s a hybrid of a classic shiny-plastic case and a slim hard-shell for good protection.

6. Incipio DualPro Hard Shell

Incipio DualPro has got a lot to offer to your iPhone. The cover looks elegant without compromising on defense.

The PC outer shell adds the needed strength, while the TPE inner core absorbs shock. With the soft-touch coating, you get the desired hold over your smartphone.

Have a liking for colorful design? You can pick out DualPro in more than 10 attractive hues.

7. Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox usually comes up with heavy armor cases that protect the iPhone from extreme levels of shock, dust, and etc. The Symmetry Series for iPhone 6/6s is a departure (although not new to Otterbox.)

The case features a thin and form-fitting design. For all having a slim structure, it can absorb shock.

The beveled (raised lip) framework will protect the screen when your iPhone is placed facedown. Additionally, SYMMETRY SERIES comes in seven good-looking colors.

8. Luvvitt Ultra Armor

While there’s nothing specifically out-of-the-box in this one, the Luvvitt iPhone 6/6s armor case is a standard-issue case that is really good. It is backed by a similar construction as in Otterbox or other dual-layered cases. The polycarbonate shell comes with a TPU core that absorbs shocks. And then there’s the usual level of dust and scratch protection.

The case snaps on to your iPhone 6/6s easily and has cutouts for easy access to the camera and the mute switch. Button caps for the power and volume buttons keep them protected.

9. TORRAS Love Series

There are three qualities that have made me put TORRAS Love Series right at the top of this top iPhone 6/6s case roundup. And the first one is the adorable sleek design that looks nice on the smartphone.

Apple logo cutout on the back further enhances its profile. The second: thanks to the use of liquid silicone rubber, the cover feels pretty smooth and also feels grippy in the palm.

But can this slim cover protect your iPhone from minor falls? With the microfiber cushion, the case does have a bit of strength to save your smartphone from random falls. Not to mention, you can pick out Love Series in eight color variants such as pink, red, black and more.

And the third, this thin cover has got (four and a half stars out of more 3500 customer reviews.)

10. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Every time I look for a top-notch clear case for my iPhone, the one that instantly comes to the mind is “Ultra Hybrid.” If I’m not wrong, this model is available for all the iPhones.

Talking about the design, it’s the hybrid of PC and TPU. The soft rubberized bumper is equally matched by the crystal clear back. So, your iPhone 6s gets the full license to charm eyes.

But that is not to suggest that the cover can’t fight out the shock. You shouldn’t worry about random falls. The presence of front lip and camera bump further boosts protection.


Whenever I get ready to round up the best cases for the iPhone, I make sure to check out this well-known brand–OtterBox. It’s because I’ve used so many cases from this accessory manufacturer and found them damn good.

As for COMMUTER SERIES, I think it’s a great mix of protection and style. Therefore, your smartphone won’t put the elegance behind in order to keep the threats from random drops at bay. And this is what makes it so impressive.

The grippy exterior plays a big part in preventing unwanted drops. Besides, the exact cutouts for the headphone jack, port and speakers offer painless access.

12. Caseology Parallax Series

The highlight of the Caseology Parallax Series is the smooth and textured cover with 3D geometric design. As a result, your palm always seems to have an extra cushion to hold the 4.7-inch smartphone.

The case is the combination of TPU and PC material for enhanced protection. Powered by the robust bumper, Parallax Series can disperse impact with ease.

Besides, the camera lip and raised lip add the needed safeguard so that scratches aren’t able to hurt the device.

That’s pretty much it!

So, these are my best cases for iPhone 6/6s. I guess you’ve found the above covers worthy of your picks. Visit here for best iPhone 6/6s flip cases.

What’s your favorite?

If you have chosen any of the cases, do let me know your feedback about it. And should you find any of your top contenders missing from the roundup, tell us their names as well.

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Best Iphone 6 Plus Cases With Stand In 2023

If you own an iPhone 6 Plus, the task of choosing the right case becomes complicated. The ideal case depends on what your priorities are and how you will use the phone. Starting from slim protective cases to heavy-duty rigid cases, you have enough options in the market. Besides safeguarding and adding grip to the phone, a case can fulfill other uses too. A versatile case can function in many ways, helping you use your phone flexible in all conditions.

For instance, a case can fill out the rest of the back to get a completely flat rear; a case with raised bezel can help you rest the phone on its face. Likewise, the latest version of cases with Kickstand can make your usage of the phone more enjoyable in today’s hectic world. Take a sneak peeks at what the following best kickstand case options for iPhone 6 Plus can offer you.

1. ZVEdeng

ZVEdeng has made innovation in the design of kickstands. Unlike other traditional cases with a stand, this one helps you grip your iPhone through the back finger strap. The same finger strap turns into a kickstand with a slight adjustment.

This dual functionality of ZVEdeng’s kickstand sets it apart from other cases with a kickstand. The magnetic foldable kickstand is comfortable for reading, watching movies/TV, playing games, browsing the web and using FaceTime.

2. Cable and Case

Cable and Case has added style to the strength of a kickstand case. You will find this kickstand in seven eye-catching colors. Beating other cheap cases, this one is the most versatile case and touted as the toughest case rated for drops.

If you are living an active life, you can rely on this kickstand as the case provides maximum protection and still looks good.

3. Aduro

There is nothing like a slim kickstand case. Aduro has shattered this myth by launching a shell holster and case cover for your iPhone 6 Plus. This case has a rubberized texture for protection and easy grip.

Aduro’s shell case cover is equipped with a kickstand for hands-free viewing. You can adjust the kickstand in portrait or landscape mode to enjoy watching videos and make FaceTime video calls.

4. Vena

Vena has crafted a beautiful kickstand case for your iPhone 6 Plus. This case combines the functionality of a wallet case also. Surprisingly, the case looks like a bumper case but it works like a wallet-cum-kickstand case.

On the back of the case, you will find a hidden card slot, in which you can store, three credit/debit cards. This card slot has a foldable cover, which can be adjusted at multiple angles. This multi-angle magnetic lock stand enables you to watch videos and movies with great comfort.

5. Incipio

Like Veno, Incipio has also integrated a cardholder slot into a kickstand. This hidden gem allows you to store three cards, IDs, or cash. On the same fold, Incipio has built a kickstand. If you don’t want to use this kickstand, the cardholder fold can be a good substitute.

The entire case looks like a bumper case from the front; when you look at the back, you find a kickstand and a cardholder case. This three-in-one design keeps the case slim so that you can easily slip your phone in your pockets.

6. Coosin

Coosin has used its patented design to manufacture this wallet case with a card slot. The hard surface of the metal is painted with plastic spray to create a special effect. You can open and close the wallet case easily and remove and insert your cards.

When you open the wallet case, a stand comes out. You can use it as a kickstand to watch movies, videos, slideshows, etc. Coosin is successful in keeping the profile slim. Moreover, the case is precisely crafted as you can quickly access all the essential ports & buttons.

7. Pelican

Pelican presents a rugged kickstand case for your iPhone 6 Plus. This case flaunts TPR and PU rubber to absorb impacts and shocks. Now accidental drops will never scare the daylights out of you.

Pelican is successful in retaining the slim profile with soft-touch over-mold, which is comfortable to hold. Besides, the case won’t slide off surfaces.

8. Spigen Tough Armor

Coming from one of the leading makers of iPhone cases, this case from Spigen is designed to give your phone the utmost protection in a classy way. It is a tough case that provides high impact absorption.

This Tough Armor Case comprises of dual layers made up of durable PC and anti-stretch TPU. It comes with 4-point rear guard protection that shields the back layer by elevating it above the surface.

There is a highly durable, foldable Kickstand attached to the back of the case. It allows a comfortable hands-free watching of videos on your phone in two different angles.

9. Kitoo

This heavy-duty case from “Kitoo” can offer a reliable shield to your smartphone at all hazards. It boasts a powerful casing with a rugged exterior and an impact-resistant interior.

And with the anti-skid outer shell, the cover also provides the required hold. Beyond protection, Kitoo comes with a foldable kickstand that can prop up your media time with more comfortable viewing angle.

10. Croazhi

Croazhi has manufactured a simple kickstand case that has deceptive looks. At first glance, you won’t find a kickstand; however, towards the bottom of the case, there is a kickstand. Note that the opening of the kickstand has a beveled design, which is easy to use and provides more stability.

The special cobweb design ensures heat dissipation and keeps your phone cooler. Croazhi has combined brushed metal and carbon fiber texture to create this spectacular design of this kickstand case.

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Summing up…

Kickstand cases are rugged in nature. Usually, they are bulky, but if you go for some leading brands, you will find thin cases with stands. We have sourced all the popular brands that manufacture superior quality kickstand cases.

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