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As simplified wallet addresses become more popular within the blockchain space, chúng tôi a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain is proud to announce that .bayc and other Blue-Chip NFT bound domain names are now supported by BitKeep Wallet.

Users who possess .bayc, .mfer,.doodle, and other Blue-Chip NFT-bound domain names can now use it to access 70 different main chains, with over 220,000 different cryptocurrency assets, and to store and manage NFTs. is currently working with dozens of Blue-Chip NFT communities such as BAYC, Azuki, Clone X, Doodles, Mfers, Mimic Shhans, and Moonbirds launching a voting campaign, and will officially go live on December 5th at 20:00 (UTC+8). Blue chip NFT holders will be able to vote for their favourite DID suffix. The campaign will last for 10 weeks.

DID as infrastructure is a new paradigm-shifting into a new network ecosystem built around new standards and technologies.

“DIDs are used to resolve and point to individual wallet addresses. It simplifies the usual 42-word alphanumerical address and can be used on many occasions, such as to send and receive funds, transfer tokens or NFTs, use as an ID, social networking, GameFi, and other Web3 scenarios.

With the widespread adoption of DID, personal data will not be locked into a single ecosystem or a single entity, and DID will bring more value to the internet economy. 

Kory Pak, CEO of chúng tôi states

“Partnering up with Bitkeep Wallet is a necessary step in creating a more open financial system for the world.’s Blue-Chip NFT bound domain names such as .bayc use Asset Bound Token (ABT) concept that brings more value to NFT holders. This means, from now on, there is another level of proof added to your NFT that can show you are the true holder of this Blue-Chip NFT.”

Kory argued that users can benefit from having a Blue-Chip NFT DID in terms of building a foundation for their online identity through Asset Bound Tokens (ABT). ABT can recognize the NFTs in your wallet, so it ensures the reliability of your DID and truly represents the Asset as your DID (asset as identity).

For example, only the true holder of BAYC#0000 can mint for 0000.bayc. The domain name is use-only and not transferable. Once the NFT is traded, the corresponding DID will also be destroyed, ushering in the era of Asset as Your Identity.

The launch of .bayc immediately generated mass buzz and followers in the BAYC community, including some of Web3’s most famous influencers. Game Space CEO Michael Cameron minted chúng tôi and changed his Twitter name to “Michael Cameron 6669.bayc”; former Huobi Global CEO 0xLivio minted 2883. bayc, and also changed his Twitter name accordingly.

The popularity of DID still shows a rise in growth even in the bear market. This month, ENS domain names have surpassed 430,000 registrations, making a new record high. In addition, the total number of ENS participating addresses stands at 599,171, bringing the total number of ENS domain names to date to 2,763,252 users.

A total of 2.7 million means still great room for development and brings back to the argument of the value of Blue-Chip NFT-bound domain names. The vast majority of NFT PFP collections are numbered, especially those of Blue-Chip NFT items such as BAYC, Azuki, Clone X, and Moonbirds and there is only a fixed supply of 10,000 four-digit premium domain names, hence Asset as your DID are not only rare but also worth collecting.

At this stage, .bayc and other Blue-Chip NFT premium domain names already have support from Bitkeep Wallet and Game Space App. Soon it will align partnerships with KuCoin Wallet, iToken Wallet, Bybit, Coinhub Wallet, ONTO Wallet, Assure Wallet, and other industry-leading wallets, DeFi, exchanges, DAO organizations, NFT communities, and more to build an organic network for the DID sector.


The chúng tôi is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. .did is the 1st DID launch by chúng tôi aimed to provide users free with decentralized identity in Web3 with the features of Free to claim, Free to renew, Free forever. also supports the DIDs of 20 other Blue-Chip NFT-bound domain names, including .bayc, .mfer, .mimic, .doodle,.moonbird, etc.

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Start Drawing Nft Art: Nft Features, Challenges And Prospects

NFT is one of the results of the success and effectiveness of blockchain technology that has gone beyond the purchase and exchange of crypto. Today, NFT artists are one of the new and popular professions, and recent Internet trends show that even by drawing simple pixel art, you can make a lot of money.

New crypto projects are launched regularly, which requires a lot of investment and attention to detail, and the NFT is no exception in this case. As a result, artists become one of the most sought-after employees, along with blockchain developers. But if a company wants to hire NFT artist, then it is best to turn to a full-fledged studio of professionals for the project to succeed. Although artists from marketplaces or freelance platforms are also worth considering, in most cases, they do not have all the necessary knowledge to implement complex projects.

Getting Started as an NFT Artist

Blockchain is considered one of the most secure systems that allow you to perform various crypto-related actions and not worry about the security or honesty of transactions. All this is thanks to smart contracts and tokens.

A token is information about a digital file, such as an art or picture. It includes data on its value, the creator, and all owners: former and current.

The information is stored on the blockchain like a huge virtual ledger. Its parts are stored in different places, and there is no single control center, so the blockchain is decentralized. Due to this, information about the token cannot be changed but can only be supplemented. For example, if art has a new owner or the price changes, the token automatically reflects this. It doesn’t sound very easy, but it’s worth it. So how to make a NFT art?

Before creating an NFT, you must choose a file format. It depends on the type of artwork you plan to create (JPG, SVG, WEBP, and PNG) for images. In rare cases, you can find NFT music or video, for which MP4 and MP3 are used. Having decided, you need to choose on which blockchain NFT tokens will be minted and on which platform to sell them.

Here are some of them:

OpenSea: This is one of NFT’s largest and best-known marketplaces. It offers a wide range of digital collectibles, artwork, virtual lands, and more. Users can easily buy, sell and exchange NFTs on this platform.

Rarible: It is in fact a decentralized marketplace that allows creators to mine and sell their own NFTs. It offers a diverse collection of digital assets, including artwork, music, gaming items, and virtual real estate.

SuperRare: They specialize primarily in digital artwork. It features unique and limited edition works created by artists in the form of NFTs. The platform allows collectors to purchase these exclusive works of art and trade them in the marketplace.

Nifty Gateway: This is a handy platform that specializes in digital art and collectibles. It partners with various well-known artists to produce limited edition NFT drops that can be purchased directly from the platform.

NBA Top Shot: This is an NFT platform that offers digital collectibles related to basketball. It allows fans to own and share officially licensed NBA highlights, known as “moments.” These moments are unique and rare, making them coveted by basketball fans.

Binance NFT Trading Platform: One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, also launched its NFT trading platform. It provides a platform for artists and creatives to mine, buy, and sell NFT. The marketplace offers a variety of digital assets, including artwork, collectibles, and virtual worlds.

Coinbase NFT: Another well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has entered the NFT market with its own NFT platform. Coinbase NFT allows users to find, buy and sell NFT, including digital art, sports collectibles, and more.

To choose the right one, you need to see what functionality they offer to users. Don’t be afraid to start, even if you don’t fully know how to make NFT art. Over time, you can become an NFT artist for hire and improve your skills based on the task and orders on the platform.

Developing Your NFT Art Style and Brand

Creating a unique (in terms of visual design) NFT is often one of the main criteria for its sales and success. Along with classical art styles such as expressionism, cubism, or futurism, NFT is open to more modern trends.

The most popular is the Pixel or Retro NFT style art, which is simple in execution but has good recognition and fans among the crypto community. The second is animals, particularly Monkeys in various branded clothes and accessories, which blew up the Internet in 2023 and continue to be popular. It is also worth mentioning Anime and Cartoon Art, which are slightly inferior to the previous two styles, but have a more elaborate design and visualization.

The list can be updated because the number of NFTs is growing, and the popularity of certain styles can jump up and down chaotically. But for starters, it’s worth choosing one thing and creating a collection in the same style to create a sustainable brand and recognition among other artists.

You must use all available web resources to demonstrate and promote your NFT art. For example: 






Do not forget about Tik Tok because this is one of the most popular applications where you can promote your brand with the successful management of tags and activity.

Case Studies: Success Stories of NFT Artists

Every successful artist or NFT project has its method that works. Among the crypto and NFT communities, the great success and failure of Cool Apes and other equally popular collections are still remembered by the community. But still, among them, there are those who, despite the difficulties, still stably keep the level of top NFT artists.


This project started in August 2023 by minting the genesis of the Rebel Bots NFT collection. After some time, the company decided to create a full-fledged P2E game. And it has caught the attention of some gaming industry giants, including Ubisoft and Overwolf. Ubisoft’s management decision was pretty surprising as they don’t often invest in something, so for Rebel Bots, it was a chance they took and released a great NFT project.

The game core is the Collectible Card mechanic, which is used for the main gameplay aspects. The visual design was developed by top NFT artists from the RetroStyle Games studio, for whom this experience was quite useful and allowed them to develop in this direction. Cards and lands in the game can be bought, exchanged, or put up for various auctions. As in any other P2E, the value of NFTs is determined by the unique appearance, characteristics, abilities, or mechanics of cards. As a result, Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars has been added to the collection of NFT games, and the community can earn real money by playing the game.

RetroStyle Games Studio

Not only artists but entire studios can be part of the NFT ecosystem. Initially, as its name implies, the studio focused on creating classic retro games and providing outsourcing services for game development. But over time, the list of their services was replenished with the creation of NFT arts and full-fledged games.

These top NFT artists’ design services include a full range of tokens and games, allowing modern companies to enter the market with better conditions. As a result, the studio is one of the tops one’s today, which works with global companies in the NFT business. This is an example of how to manage resources and follow trends properly.

Alexa Meade

How about independent artists? Alexa Meade also transitioned from physical art to NFT. At the beginning of her career, she held successful auctions where she exhibited body painting masterpieces for art connoisseurs. But NFT has allowed fans to own her video art, which can be viewed in motion, as the artist originally intended. To hire an NFT artist is easy, but finding someone like Alexa Meade is pretty hard.

The reason for this success was a completely new style that had not been used by anyone before for the NFT. This is obvious because to see something other than anime and monkeys was like a breath of fresh air. As a result, Alexa Meade brought together live art and digital technology.

Navigating Challenges and Future Trends in the NFT Art World

To become a successful artist, you must know art theory and practice. To become a successful NFT artist for hire, besides the previous one, you need to know many details related to the crypto market, NFT trends or new NFT style art, self-promotion, etc. Not everyone will spend that much time learning new things knowing that the NFT market can be very volatile. This is where the main challenges lie.

But in addition to them, more and more new trends, such as AI, appear. This technology causes a lot of controversy and, at the same time, is the result of the hard work of humankind. Although the use of AI in the NFT is not yet so popular, this does not mean that it will not be.


Lesson Plans And Resources For Arts Integration

All teachers at Bates Middle School are expected to use arts integration in their classrooms. Science teacher Stacey Burke (center) and her colleagues share some of their arts-integrated lessons below.

Dance in science, pop art in Spanish, or photography in math — there’s no end to the ways arts can be integrated into other curricula. Educators from Bates Middle School, in Annapolis, Maryland, share arts-integrated lessons and resources that you can use in your school.

Resources on This Page:

Arts-Integrated Lesson Plans

Professional-Development Presentations

Arts-Integration Templates

Additional Documents from Bates Middle School

Maryland Department of Education Arts-Integration Glossary

Useful Websites on Arts Integration

Lesson Plans

Sample arts-integration presentations, lesson plans, quizzes, and other documents from various teachers and classes at Bates Middle School.

6th Grade Science: Rotation and Revolution

Presentation  - lecture on rotation and revolution

Lesson Plan  - lesson plan on solar system, sun, and galaxy

Dance Assignment  - dance choreography that students need to incorporate into their project

Task Cards  - elements of dance to be used to demonstrate rotation and revolution

Exit Ticket  - student-reflection worksheet for rotation and revolution

Quiz  - sample quiz given at the end of the lesson

6th Grade Science: Creative Comparison between Planets and Painting

Presentation  - lecture on physical characteristics of planets integrated with color value concepts

Presentation  - presentation on Ars Ad Astra Project and warm-up routine for observing and imagining

Worksheet  - blank worksheet used for creative comparisons exercise

6th Grade Social Studies: Monochromatic Mapping

Presentation  - lecture on monochromatic mapping

7th Grade Intro to Spanish: Pop Art and Spanish Vocabulary

Overview  - students study the elements of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and create comic strip using basic Spanish vocabulary

Presentation  - lecture on pop art

Presentation  - presentation and warm-up routine with Lichtenstein’s art and activity using Spanish dialogue

Worksheet  - tree map on colors, shapes, and lines and how they contribute to the artwork

Worksheet  - worksheet used to plan comic strip with Spanish dialogue and visual description for each panel

Student Reflection  - self-reflection worksheet for students to review their comic strip

8th Grade Math: Photo Story

Presentation  - lecture given on photographic composition for photo story project

Lesson Plan  - goals for photo story and how students will use principles of design to represent linear relationships

Rubric  - grading rubric for the photo story project

Storyboard  - blank storyboards used for digital photo story projects

8th Grade Visual and Language Arts: Portraits

Presentation  - presentation on characteristics of portraits from different art movements, including cubism, fauvism, impressionism, pop, and realism

Lesson Plan  - outline of a project in which students will compose a personal narrative detailing a life event

Activity  - matching cards game in which students match artwork to correct art movement

Student Reflection  - self-reflection worksheet on characterization and portraiture

Personal Analysis  - worksheet for student analysis of their self-portrait

8th Grade Science: Dance and Acceleration

Presentation  - lecture on velocity and speed, dance, and movement

Overview  - outline of a project in which students utilize the elements of dance to calculate and graph acceleration

Worksheet  - worksheet for dance challenge in which students calculate and compare speed by measuring dance movements they choreograph

Professional-Development Presentations

Professional-development presentations provided by Pat Klos, arts-integration specialist for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Annapolis, Maryland

Active Strategies

Activity  - PD activity about different active strategies that integrate dance, song, and other mixed media with science, math, language arts, and social studies

Art History

Presentation  - lecture on 20th-century artists and art movements

Writing and Visual Arts

Presentation  - lecture identifying and demonstrating art-inspired writing strategies

Presentation  - presentation and warm-up routine for writing and visual arts lesson

Principles of Design

Presentation  - lecture on principles of design, including balance, emphasis, unity, and proportion

Presentation  - lecture on objective versus nonobjective art

Foldable  - foldable with all the principles of design

Worksheet  - worksheet for principles of design to use with selected artwork

Artful Thinking

Artful Thinking is an approach to teaching creative thinking developed by Harvard’s Project Zero in collaboration with the Traverse City Area Public Schools in Michigan.

Presentation  - lecture on implementing Artful Thinking routines that will help students

Artful Thinking Routines  - various routines used for artful thinking, including, games, comprehension, and analysis

Arts-Integration Templates

Blank templates for arts-integration documents used at Bates Middle School

Additional Documents from Bates Middle School

Maryland Department of Education Arts-Integration Glossary

Glossary of arts-integration terms provided by Maryland’s Department of Education

Visual Arts  - terminology used for visual arts

Dance  - terminology used for dance

Music  - terminology used for music

Theater  - terminology used for theater

Useful Websites on Arts Integration

Bates Middle School – school’s website

Artful Thinking (Project Zero) – program designed to be used by everyday teachers; focuses on experiencing and appreciating art rather than making art

Arts and Science Council – organization whose goal is to build appreciation, participation, and support for the arts, science, history, and heritage in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge – the Kennedy Center’s free digital resource for teaching through and about the arts

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Lessons Plans – lesson plans provided by ArtsEdge, The Kennedy Center’s free digital resource

Masterpiece to Mathematics: Using Art to Teach Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Equivalents – article from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics detailing how students created their own optical art and connected it to rational numbers through mathematical and visual representations of rational numbers

Arts Integration Solutions – nonprofit that looks to transform the education system by bringing arts integration to every child, in every classroom, helping them succeed in math, science, literacy, and life

More Edutopia Resources on Arts Integration:

200+ Stardew Valley Farm Names

Stardew Valley is an open-ended role-playing game.

Your new life begins with a few tools and coins.

Your goal is to restore Stardew Valley and turn it into a thriving farm.

When you start the game, you need to choose a farm name.

However, coming up with a good farm name can be difficult.

This list contains 200+ funny, cute, and best Stardew Valley farm names and ideas that you can use for your farm.

Can you change your Stardew Valley farm name?

Technically, you cannot change your Stardew Valley farm name after you’ve chosen it.

There isn’t a feature in the game that allows you to do so.

However, you can modify the game’s files to change your farm name.

To do so, you need to open the file location for Stardew Valley.

The file can also be located in the Roaming folder.

Stardew Valley farm names

Home Valley

Ram Ranch

Rustic Farm

The Red Barn

Product of Nature

Urban Dairy

Man Versus Farm

Eat Your Vegetables

Wild Lodge

Mega Farm

City Farm

Economical Crops

Green Ville

Pacific Farm

Vertical Farm

The Forbidden Fruit

Green Circle

Fresh Veggies

Cactus Sunrise

Tech Farm

Hay Lodge

Fresh Sprouts

Family Farm

Health Farm

Decent Agriculture

Live Fresh Farm

Daisy Farm

Country Harvest

Sprout Land

Green Current

Blue Orchards

Summer Ranch

Evergreen Land

Economy Farm

Community Farm

Wave Hill

My Little Farm

Sky Greens

Adventure Farm

Fruit Cabin

Country Bumpkin

Hillbilly Lodge

Country Alley

Diamond Mountain

Ace Ranch

Apricot Lane

Honey Farm

Home Grown

Martian Vineyard

Summer Valley

Green Paradise

Green House

The Grove

Farming Under Pressure

The Black Market

Sunshine Wonderland

Rough Terrain

Cattle Landscape

Sheep Horizon

Country Folk

Lavender Grove

Blooming Farm

Fair Oaks

Willow Peak

River Watch

Christmas Farm

Green Dealer

Bay Farm

Wood Grain

Good Note

The Berry Farm

Friend of the Farm

King Ranch

Proper Agriculture

Ernest Creek

State Farm

Fat Chickens

Happy Acres

Rainbow Berry Farm

Young Farmers

Cabbage Village

Pure Harvest

Surreal Docks

Open Road

Fishing Kingdom

Gentle Breeze

Rose Farm

Mythical Farm

Local Ville

Medium Rare Farm

Strawberry Creek

Organic City

Young Living

Lucky Springs

Misty Valley

Horse Hill

Farm World

No Rats Allowed

Pumpkin Moon

Nature Estate

Starting Beef

Delicious Veggies

Lone Vegan

A Tale of Two Farms

The Patch

Healthy Greens

River Park

Around These Parts

Nature Butcher

The Round-Up

Fresh Produce

Firing Range

Meat Supplies

Meat Dealer

Up in This Farm

Dying Crops

Midnight Sun

River Camp

Arctic Dove

Cattle Farm

Arctic Sturgeon Farm

Sunshine Cabin

The Cow

All Natural Farm

The Farm Studio

Egg Town

The Harvester

Quiet Hills

Tropical Oasis

The Straw Hat

The Scarecrow

Undesirable Vegetation

Simple Produce

Chicken Life

The Great Outdoors

At the Farm

Traditional Farm

Frozen Crops

Nation Farm

Million Dollar Farm

Omnivore Paradise

Ape Farm

Local District

No Man’s Land

The Farm Project

Farmer’s Market

Rustic Cottage

Decent Farm

The Nature Company

Winter Farm

The Mini Barn

Mega Farm

Just a Few Acres

Meat Lovers

Vegetable Land

The Outdoors

Sacred Grounds

Grassy Hills

Intense Nature

Artificial Agriculture

Homegrown Produce

Evergreen City

Breakfast in Barn

The Tree Diagram

Green Essence

Fresh Crops

Delivered Fresh

Fruits of Labor

Good Harvest

One Thousand Acres

Man-made Nature

Cute Stardew Valley farm names

Cabbage Land

Flower Farm

Country Life

Natural Harvest

Lovely Farm

Pretty Land

The Adorable Cabin

Mellow Property

Animal Society

Vegetable Habitat

Modest Farm

Botany Life

Charming Park

Native Farm

Sheep Village

Green Union

Snowy Farm

Sunset Valley

Pretty Plantation


Winter Produce

Sunny Farm

Rainy Lodge

Vast Fields

Mother Nature

Squirrel Land

Fantasy Farm

Animal District

Unicorn Land

Cloudy Farm

Open Space

Real Produce

Happy Farm

Cherry Fields

The Animal Pen

The Lone Farmer

Grassy Aisle

Stable Crops

The Garden of Eden

Exclusive Farm

Cow Party

Nature’s Gathering

The Busy Bee

Cheerful Grounds

Living Things

Farm Life

Hillbilly Hills

Productive Farm


You cannot change your Stardew Valley farm name without modifying the game’s files.

Hence, you need to ensure that you’re satisfied with the name before choosing it.

If you don’t know what name to use, you can use the ones in the list above.

Stardew Valley farm names are not unique because the game is offline.

A good farm name is unique, catchy, and easy to remember.

There are a ton of synonyms for “Farm” that you can use.

You can incorporate words like “Lodge”, “Homestead”, and “Land”.

Any word that is farm-related is sufficient.

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Bullseum Witnesses Sale Of One Of Its Nft Bulls For 7 Eth

The NFT ecosystem continues to boom in 2023. So much so that the author was hoping to update the regularly record-break NFT market figures; however, DappRadar’s NFT page has the following message: 

That’s right; the NFT marketplaces are so hot the demand is overwhelming the data storage platform. First reaching over $1 billion in sales per quarter earlier this year, by summer, this broke into the billions per month, and somewhere over $3 billion in September. 

And why not? NFTs are a new technology that has united collectors and artists worldwide, bringing billions of liquidity to online marketplaces. Great art sales have occurred for thousands of years, but it has never been through a truly global network. Thanks to marketplaces such as OpenSea, collectors and artists can connect as these transactions can occur in minutes.   

Like any excellent investment, the most successful time to get involved is early, before the momentum and influx of new investors and participants in an ecosystem stimulate massive demand that overcomes supply, resulting in a rapidly increasing price. This is even more evident in the NFT economy of 2023. In the NFT world, so far in 2023, dozens of virally successful projects have taken off.  

A famous example is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, also on OpenSea. Known as BAYC, this is a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Bored Ape doubles as a Yacht Club membership card and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to a virtual location called “THE BATHROOM”, a collaborative graffiti board. With numerous celebrities getting on board and some famous auctions, the floor price stands at 38 ETH, or around $110,000. In May, one could buy a Bored Ape for under 1 ETH (around $2,900).

The Cool Cats collection is another project, perhaps less famous but highly successful for early investors. They are a collection of 9,999 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. They have seen over 40,000 ETH in trade volume, and the floor price is 9.99 ETH. Some have sold as high as 666 ETH (around $1.9 million). At the beginning of August, you could buy one for 1 ETH. 

While there is no magic formula for investors to know a project will succeed with total certainty, it can be seen that very successful projects like the Bored Apes and the Cool Cats have had active, strong social media communities. Communities have also supported successful artists in the space. 

Bullseum, a fantasy art NFT project which features a world set in the 33rd century, has recently witnessed the sale of just one of their 5,000 unique NFT bulls for 7 ETH, or over USD 20,000. While this could be considered a reason for the team to celebrate, things are just beginning to heat up for this NFT ecosystem if recent history repeats itself. 

Other relevant figures about the Bullseum project include the floor price doubling from 0.09 (around $250) to 0.23 (around $667), and the total trading volume for the project passed 700 ETH ( around $2 million). 

Bullseum boasts a strong community for a new project – there are over 14,000 members in the Discord chat and 8,000 followers on Twitter so far; these are (no pun intended) bullish indicators. Bullseum also has additional incentives such as upcoming airdrops and a series of bear NFTs.

As the NFT markets continue to be red hot, Bullseum is a project that shows the promise that its “bull” market is just beginning.

Social Media

You can find out more about Bullseum across the web and on social media here:

Domain Consultant (Product) – Analytics Quotient– Bangalore (3+ Years Of Experience)

Designation – Domain Consultant (Product)

Location – Bangalore

About employer– Analytics Quotient

Analytics Quotient (AQ) – chúng tôi provides analytics-powered solutions to marketing and business problems for leading global marketers. Some of our current key clients include:

One of the largest retailers

The world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage company

Major consumer technology brand

Leading European and American beer companies

The largest confectionary brand in North America

One of the world’s largest restaurant chains

Two of the world’s largest delivery pizza companies

A leading global entertainment network

One of the world’s largest oil & gas corporations

We are a fast-growing, ambitious and successful start-up and are looking for smart, enthusiastic people to join us. Some key facts about AQ:

AQ is a 7-year old, high growth analytics start-up. We currently have about 400 employees across our locations in India, USA and London.

We work with some of the most well-known brands & companies in the areas of retail, consumer goods, consumer services, technology and media. Our growth has come largely through client referrals.

Our mission is to help companies get a higher-return on their existing data through storytelling and powerful yet simple analytical tools. AQ is the un-biased intersection between client transaction data, primary research and syndicated data sources.

Specifically, our products and services include statistical & consulting-based analytics, technology-based analytics solutions & products, and long-term engagements of analytics support.

Our clients are typically marketing, strategy/planning, consumer insights and market intelligence professionals.

We have clients across the USA, Latin America and Europe and employees have the opportunity to move to new locations as opportunities arise.

Our clients, Fortune 100 companies around the world, have diverse analytics and visualization needs. Our consultants help these companies make better business and marketing decisions by harnessing the power of analytics and visualization.

Job description:

The Products team creates industry focused solutions that address specific marketing needs. We have a unique blend of analytical expertise and technological expertise to address business challenges.


Work on developing analytic-based solutions and products for marketing clients and help them make smart decisions

Manage the day-to-day delivery of products independently

Coordinate with analysts, technology and marketing teams in successful delivery of products and solutions

Playing a team management role

Work in the areas of Ideation, Business Planning, Pre-sales and other related initiatives.

Manage the lifecycle of the product through process efficiency, innovations and upgrades to our existing analytics products

Ensure all client deliverables meet client expectations in terms of scope, speed & quality.

Interact with senior members within the company to identify new product opportunities

Qualification and Skills Required

Excellent domain knowledge understanding, particularly in the food services or consumer goods

Should be good at Analytical thinking & breaking down large problems into solvable chunks.

Should be willing to continuously co-ordinate with onsite clients and teams in India and hence handle late night calls as required.

Have a mix of technology and consulting orientation; gather different perspectives, examples and use them to enrich day-to-day work.

Willing to travel onsite as and when required.

MBA graduates from premier Institutes.

Minimum 3 years of Post MBA experience.


Salary including benefits will be based on prior experience & qualifications and will match industry standards.

Interested people can apply for this job can mail their CV to [email protected] with subject as Domain Consultant (Product) – Analytics Quotient– Bangalore

If you want to stay updated on latest analytics jobs, follow our job postings on twitter or like our Careers in Analytics page on Facebook


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