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Amazon has filed two liquor licenses in San Francisco — one to allow drinks deliveries from its existing warehouse, the other to open a physical store selling liquor IRL.

If the licenses are approved, Prime Now members in San Francisco will soon be able to order alcohol online from Amazon, with delivery times of under two hours.

So, why is Amazon getting into the drinks game? What will an Amazon liquor store look like? And, most importantly, when will you be able to buy a round of Bezos beverages?

Amazon Drinks Deliveries?

Amazon filed a request to start delivering drinks a few days ago, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The booze will be shipped out of its existing Prime Now warehouse on Tennessee, in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighbourhood.

While the request hasn’t yet been approved by the City’s Board of Supervisors, it seems fairly likely that it will be granted. Amazon already delivers drinks in a growing number of American cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

However, the move has angered some local residents.

“I’m not a Prime member and I would not use Amazon Prime to get alcohol. I like shopping here, at Reno’s,” said Yvette Dibos, speaking to CBS San Francisco.

Amazon’s Liquor Store

Amazon has also filed for a licence to open a bricks-and-mortar liquor store in San Francisco. The proposed 200-square-foot store (roughly the size of a single-car garage), also in the city’s Dogpatch neighborhood, would sell beer, wine, and hard liquor. Again, the request hasn’t been approved, so you might have to wait a while to visit the Bezos bodega.

Despite the proximity of the warehouse and the proposed liquor store, the two are quite separate. The liquor store would only serve between 8am and 4pm, while alcohol deliveries would run between 8am and midnight.

Unsurprisingly, the proposed store hasn’t gone down well with residents, either. “For so long, the problem with Amazon is that they destroy the brick-and-mortars and they’re, like, coming back and taking over those properties,” said Christine Lyon, also speaking to CBS San Francisco. “I think it’s really bad for neighborhoods like this specifically, where there are so many small mom and pop shops.”

Why does Amazon Want to Sell Alcohol?

Amazon already does sell alcohol, actually. You’ve been able to buy beer, wine, and spirits on Amazon for a long time — and Prime Day is a great opportunity to restock your liquor cupboard.

But, speedy same-day deliveries for house parties in a pinch are something relatively new for Amazon. In fact, it seems likely that its hand may have been forced by rivals such as Uber Eats, which offer drinks-on-demand delivery services.

The bricks-and-mortar store that Amazon is proposing wouldn’t be groundbreaking, either. Amazon, don’t forget, already owns Whole Foods, which will gladly sell you some fancy craft beer and artisanal wines.

If we’re honest, this move seems to be fairly logical for Amazon. It could, rather unsettlingly perhaps, corner the market on drinks in San Francisco. Want to get some wine as part of your weekly shop? Head to Whole Foods. Need to pick up some beers before having friends over? Head to the Amazon liquor store. Run out of booze at a house party? Get on the Amazon app and get the beers in.

Many, such as the concerned residents above, might have legitimate worries about the decline of independently-run shops. However, this is a matter for consumers to take into their own hands. To keep local shops open, they’ll need to be used. It remains to be seen where local loyalties will lie, particularly when those famous Amazon discounts start arriving.

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Amazon Prime Now Starts Restaurant Deliveries In San Francisco

Amazon Prime Now starts restaurant deliveries in San Francisco

Amazon has launched Prime Now restaurant delivery in San Francisco, allowing subscribers to order a meal and have it delivered within an hour from dozens of restaurants. The service is available through the Prime Now app, where users can see the menus for participating restaurants, place their order, track their delivery, and more. Amazon has previously rolled out restaurant delivery in other big cities, and will continue to expand it over time.

Restaurant delivery is available in 33 zip codes in San Francisco, and supports 117 local restaurants at the time (see the list below). The company says it will be adding more restaurants to the list in coming weeks, though it doesn’t say whether it will expand the places in San Francisco that it covers. Those who are located in the city can put their zip code into the Prime Now app to see whether they are supported.

Prime Now, as the name suggests, aims to get items to customers now, or at least within the day. The restaurant delivery is similar to Uber Eats, and is as beneficial for restaurants as for customers — places that otherwise wouldn’t be able to deliver can expand their customer base by using Amazon’s platform and delivery drivers to launch on-demand ordering.

· 5 Sweets

· AJ’s BBQ and Cafe

· AK Subs

· Anda Piroshki – 2 locations

· Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers

· Beijing Restaurant

· Bellissimo Pizza

· Ben Thai Cafe

· Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers

· Blue Front Cafe

· Brandy Ho’s Hunan Food

· Buca di Beppo

· Burmese Kitchen

· Buttermilk Southern Kitchen

· Café Taboo

· Caffe Sapore

· Calibur

· Chabaa Thai Cuisine – 2 locations

· Chez Fayala

· Chubby Noodle

· Clay Oven Indian Restaurant

· Common Sage

· Curry Up Now

· Dagwood & Scoops

· Dinosaurs Vietnamese Sandwiches – 3 locations

· Don Ramon’s

· DOSA – 2 locations

· Dusty Buns

· El Gran Taco Loco

· El Pollo Supremo

· Elixiria

· Farmhouse Kitchen

· Fayala

· Firetrail Pizza

· Fresco Pizza & Shawarma

· Frjtz

· Ganim’s Deli

· Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill

· Good Eats Cafe

· Holy Kitchen

· Hood Grub

· India Clay Oven Restaurant & Bar

· Indian Oven Restaurant

· Isa

· Kirimachi Ramen

· Kitchen Story

· Koh Samui & The Monkey

· Kung Food

· La Mediterranee

· Le Beau Market

· Little Griddle

· Little Heaven Deli

· Little Szechuan

· L’Ottavo Ristorante

· Mae Krua

· Makli Restaurant

· Maneelap Srimongkoun

· Mangia Tutti Ristorante

· Melody Cafe

· Mezes Greek Kitchen & Wine Bar

· Michaelis Food Store

· Mochica Peruvian Kitchen & Bar

· Modern Thai

· Moki’s Sushi & Pacific Grill

· The Monk’s Kettle

· Monterey Deli

· Mozzarella Di Bufala

· Munchboxx

· Nick’s Crispy Tacos

· North India Restaurant

· Nostra Spaghetteria

· Osaka Sushi

· Palm House

· Palmyra

· Paprika

· Paulie’s Pickling

· Peasant Pies

· Peña Pachamama

· Pera

· Pig & Pie

· Pizza Express

· Pizzeria Avellino

· Pressed Juicery – 3 locations

· Punjab Kabab House

· Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

· Raavi

· Redford

· Sabrosa

· Saffron 685

· Schilling Cafe

· Seniore’s Pizza

· Sidewalk Juice

· Simply Delish Bistro

· Slurp Noodle Bar

· Smokin’ Warehouse Barbecue

· Spiazzo Ristorante

· Spicy Bite

· Tai Chi Restaurant

· Taqueria Mana

· The Brixton

· The Dosa Brothers

· The Italian Homemade Company – 2 locations

· The New Spot

· The Salad Place

· Thep Phanom

· Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom

· Tsing’s Chinese Restaurant

· Udupi Palace

· Underdog – The Organic Sausage Joint

· Urban Curry

· U-Sushi

· V Cafe

· Wild Pepper

· Yemeni’s Restaurant

· Yuubi Japanese Restaurant

· Zaytoon

· Zoe’s Bar and Restaurant

Jeff Bezos Offers Nasa $2Bn Cut To Get Blue Origin Back In Artemis

Jeff Bezos offers NASA $2bn cut to get Blue Origin back in Artemis

Jeff Bezos, the founder of private space company Blue Origin, has penned an open letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson that talks about a recent controversy involving the agency and SpaceX while offering a new proposal: it’ll cover up to $2 billion to get back into the Artemis program. As well, the company is offering to take on the burden of significant costs above the $2 billion figure.

In late April, NASA temporarily halted a lunar lander contract given to SpaceX following challenges from Blue Origin and Dynetics. Among other things, Blue Origin had criticized NASA for moving “the goalposts at the last minute,” noting that SpaceX had the last-minute opportunity to revise its bid — something Blue Origins says it wasn’t offered.

That issue is part of the core message in Bezos’s new letter to NASA’s administrator, with the billionaire stating:

In April (prior to your confirmation as NASA administrator), only one HLS bidder, SpaceX, was offered the opportunity to revise their price and funding profile, leading to their selection. Blue Origin was not offered the same opportunity. That was a mistake, it was unusual, and it was a missed opportunity. But it is not too late to remedy.

Put simply, Bezos has offered to cover up to $2 billion in costs if NASA will grant his private space company a lunar lander contract. The letter criticizes NASA’s decision to make competitor SpaceX the only recipient of its multi-billion lunar lander contract, which was granted under the agency’s Human Landing Systems [HLS] program.

The letter goes on to state:

In the past few weeks, the shortfalls of this single source selection have been recognized, and NASA has begun to solicit new lunar lander proposals. But, unfortunately, this new approach won’t create true competition because it is rushed, it is unfunded, and it provides a multi-year head-start to the one funded, single-source supplier […] The Agency must act now to create the real competition it needs, and it should not repeat work already delivered and investments already made.

Bezos is offering to “bridge the HLS budgetary funding shortfall” by taking on up to $2 billion in costs over the current fiscal year, as well as the next two government fiscal years. The letter stresses that this offer isn’t to defer these payments, but is instead “an outright and permanent waiver” so that “government appropriation actions” can catch up.

In addition to footing up to $2 billion, Bezos says Blue Origin will also cover the costs for developing and launching a low-Earth orbit pathfinder mission on top of the uncrewed landing mission that would take place first. Blue Origin likewise will accept a fixed-price contract that covers its offer, including in the event there are cost overruns for the system development, as well as protecting NASA “from partner cost escalation concerns.”

“I am honored to offer these contributions and am grateful to be in a financial position to be able to do so,” Bezos tells Nelson in his letter. Should this proposal fall flat, Bezos also says that Blue Origin is “ready and willing to discuss” any “different ideas about what would best facilitate getting back to true competition.”

The letter, which was published on the Blue Origin website, comes only days after Bezos completed his trip to the edge of space. The private space company recently noted that it has already sold millions of dollars worth of tickets to those who want to take similar trips.

NASA hasn’t yet responded to the letter.

Race To The Finish Line With Grand Prix Bets From Mybookie, Betus And Onwin

The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. Talent from the best racing countries in the world battles out through fuel, metal, and fire to have a chance at the podium. In the world of online gambling, F1 has gained almost a cult following with many sites now having it in their selection and the diversification of bets help to secure a win for the bettors. As they move with the times, these online gambling sites have opened their doors to not only crypto casinos but also crypto sportsbooks and this makes it more accessible to a wider audience and allows users to have a higher payout. Sites like MyBookie, BetUS, and ONWIN encourage this kind of betting and open up worlds of opportunity to their users.

Most experienced sports bettors love a sport because of the adrenaline rush that they experience at every moment of the game. With F1, that adrenaline rush is a constant high that every racing fan chases. Motorsport is not only about the competition between the racers who race for the benefit of being crowned champion but it is also about the teams who compete to make and race the best cars. There are a lot of big companies such as Shell, Rolex, and Petronas that are staked in the sports and as such, the lucrative nature attracts a very eager individual who wants to make money from the other side of the track.

MyBookie: Race to the Winning Line

MyBookie is an online casino and sportsbook that offers great odds for some of the biggest games in the world. Their F1 register looks to be particularly good. There are the traditional runners who have the expected odds on them and the underdogs that have a lot of pressure riding on them.

Max Verstappen is set at -280, indicating that he is sure to win this tournament, but his strongest competition, Lewis Hamilton is set at +2400 and after last year’s loss, it is most likely that Hamilton is looking for some redemption. The closest bet next to Verstappen is Sergio Perez with +430, followed by Fernando Alonso at +840. Experienced F1 bettors know that even though Hamilton is considered an underdog for this race, his talent is sure to be enough for a win.

BetUS: Best Bet on a Win

BetUs hosts some of the best betting selections by covering a wide range of sports and international tournaments. Their F1 selection looks very promising, especially with the interesting odds for Hamilton and Verstappen, indicating a higher payout.

Verstappen is sitting significantly higher at -300, expressing much confidence in him taking the cup. However, the odds are confident about Hamilton as well, sitting at +2200, indicating that he is expected to perform exceptionally well. Sergio Perez is slightly higher in payout here, set at +450, but Fernando Alonso has jumped to +900, which expresses the great potential for a good payout.

ONWIN: Winning From the Start

ONWIN is making waves in the Brazilian and European markets with its incredible selection of casino options and its diversified sportsbook. Users have a choice of traditional table games along with a live casino and various mobile games. Although the site does not have a motorsports option yet, it will very soon because of how popular the sport is in Brazil. However, there are many other highly lucrative ways to turn a profit on the site.

Due to the site being exclusively crypto-focused, there are a variety of bonuses that can be availed. Users can deposit any of the 8 different currencies that are accepted by the site and receive a 100% or 30% bonus with USDT or BTC. Along with this, there is a 40% bonus on every 3rd deposit of DOGE and LTC and a crazy 50% bonus on USDC and TRX deposits.

In addition, the sportsbook consists of classic sports with classic bets but also branches into more specific bets such as goals scored, number of goals, and number of cards given. Altogether, these aspects accumulate through the game and even if the bettor does not win outright, they still receive their winnings from these small bets.

Final Thoughts

Formula 1 is one of the largest motorsports in the world because of the excitement it creates and its lucrative nature. Many sites cover this sport because of its popularity and offer users a lot of opportunities to win by also creating very specific bets which greatly increases the bettor’s likelihood of winning. BetUS and MyBookie have given great odds to their users and ONWIN is soon to follow in this path.

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Meta Focused On Safety, Security In 2023

Meta implemented several new programs and features in 2023 designed to improve safety and security on its platforms, the company announced in an end-of-year recap news release.

In the past year, the Facebook and Instagram parent company continued to emphasize initiatives designed to eliminate covert influence operations and spyware and identify bugs.

Crackdown On Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

In the wake of fears of Russian meddling in the 2023 and 2023 U.S. presidential elections, there has been a call for social media platforms to help eliminate outside influencers.

According to a Facebook news release, Meta has taken down over 200 covert influence operations since 2023 using its Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB) policy. It has also made the details about these threats public, including whether they came from commercial organizations, nation-states, or unattributed groups.

“Sharing this information has enabled our teams, investigative journalists, government officials and industry peers to better understand and expose internet-wide security risks, including ahead of critical elections,” Ben Nimmo, Global Threat Intelligence Lead, and David Agranovich, Director, Threat Disruptions, said in the release.

Threats were identified originating from 68 countries using at least 42 languages. The United States is the most frequently targeted country, with 34 CIB operations, followed by Ukraine with 20 and the U.K. with 16.

Russia was the top source of these CIB networks, accounting for 34, while 28 were in Iran.

Countering The Global Spyware Threat

The social media titan has also continued to focus on eliminating spyware. Its latest threat report on what it calls the “surveillance-for-hire industry” found this is a growing problem that indiscriminately targets people in an attempt to gather intelligence and compromise devices and accounts.

As part of its commitment to fighting these bad actors, Meta has disabled accounts, blocked infrastructure from using its platforms, and shared this data with policymakers, security researchers, and other platforms.

It also notifies people the company believes were targeted, many of whom are often unaware they were at risk.

Expanded Bounty On Bugs

This year also saw the expansion of  Meta’s bug bounty program, according to a news release. Meta Quest Pro and the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers are now eligible for bounties.

This program, launched in 2011, generated more than 10,000 reports on bugs in Meta’s software this year. Of those, more than 750 were issued bounties totaling more than $2 million in awards, according to the release.

2023 also saw an increased focus from Meta to make its hardware technology more accessible to the research community. This included a focus on VR technology at BountyCon, the company’s annual conference for bug hunters.

What Meta Expects in 2023

Meta’s security experts expect the company’s new focus on information sharing will allow it to identify and shut down CIB operations sooner, as it expects them to keep targeting more minor services with lower resource levels.

The continued growth of spyware organizations has made it difficult for Meta to tackle them on its own, so it has called for regulatory action while publishing a set of recommendations for a society-wide response.

Adding new on-platform protections.

Educating people to help them avoid compromise.

Increasing support for people when they are locked out of their accounts.

Continuing its bug bounty program, Meta sets new payout guidelines with awards ranging as high as $300,000.

There will also be a continued emphasis on breaking down silos between departments and outside agencies. This helped the social media company improve knowledge-sharing between teams and improve efficiency while also making it easier to identify and eliminate bad or fraudulent actors.

Featured Image: Ingus Kruklitis/Shutterstock

How To Use Split View In Safari On Ipad

The Split View feature allows you to see two websites at the same time on your iPad. This article explains how you can use this feature to split your iPad screen so that you can see two Safari browser windows side by side. By using, I mean that how you can:

enter and exit Split View

resize and merge the views

You may split the screen into resizable views

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Please note that you can use this feature on certain iPad models. The following models support this:

iPad Pro

iPad (5th generation and later)

iPad Air 2 and later

iPad mini 4 and later

Please also note that Split View only works when you iPad in landscape mode. Ensure that your iPad is positioned in landscape mode. And lastly, please note that you can only see two windows side-by-side.

This article focuses on splitting the screen in Safari. On your iPad, you can open two different apps at the same time, side-by-side for all of your multitasking needs.

Enter Split View

There are a few ways to initiate a Safari split-screen session:

iPad Keyboard

If you are using an external keyboard connected to your iPad, there is a shortcut you can use. Open Safari and simply press CMD+N.

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Open a blank page in split screen:

In Safari, tap and hold the Tab button in the upper-right corner.

Tap Open New Window.

Open a link in split screen:

In Safari, find the link you want to open in Split View.

Tap and hold the link (this is also called long press). A popup menu will appear. And then, you can:

Tap Open in New Window.

Or alternatively, you can drag the link to the right or left side of your screen depending on your desired destination.

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Turn a tab into split screen

You can turn a tab into a split screen view. Here is how:

Tap and hold the tab you want to open in Split View.

And then drag it to the right-hand or left-side side of your screen depending on where you want it to appear.

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Resize the split

If you have two Safari windows open in Split View, you can resize the split as you fit. You will see a small vertical gray bar divider between the two views. To change the width of the two screens, drag this divider.

Basically you have three options:

If you want to give both views equal space, move the divider to the center of your screen.

If you want to give the left view a bigger space, drag the divider to the left of the screen.

If you want to give the right view a bigger space, drag the divider to the right.

Exit Split View

To leave Split View, drag the gray bar divider all the way to the right or left side of the screen (depending on which one you want to close) until the view disappears.

You can also merge your screens. See below.

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Merge both views

This is in fact another way of closing Split View. You may want to do this if you want to want to keep all your tabs. Here is how:

Tap and hold the tabs icon at the top right corner of either Safari window.

Tap Merge All Windows.

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