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It’s clear that the response to Apple Music has been mixed at best with early stage syncing issues or complicated UI added to the mess that is iTunes. If you’re one of those users who tried Apple Music because it was free for 3 months (hey, why not?), but you don’t plan on sticking around, you’ll want to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

Below I’ll show you how to do that on your iOS device or via iTunes.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

1. Open the “Music” app on your device and tap the “Profile” icon in the top-left corner (the one that slightly resembles a person).

2. From this profile view tap “View Apple ID.”

3. Here, under the “Subscriptions” heading, tap “Manage.”

4. You’ll see all your memberships here. Tap the “Apple Music Membership” option.

5. Now you’ll see details of your subscription and renewal options. All you have to do is turn off “Automatic Renewal” to cancel your Apple Music Membership.

Once that’s done, Apple Music will stop working after the date specified in the above screen.

Via iTunes on Your Mac or PC

Do you use iTunes to listen to Apple Music on a Mac or PC? More power to you. You’ll be glad to know that you can cancel the Apple Music subscription from your PC or Mac as well.

3. In the “Account Info” page, scroll down until you see “Settings.”

6. From “Automatic Renewal,” select the “Off” radio button.

It’s now cancelled.

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How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription (2023)

With over 60 million songs, Apple music is undoubtedly an excellent service. But if you plan to adopt some other streaming service or don’t listen much, you can cancel your subscription and stop paying for premium. Look at this step-by-step guide and learn how to cancel Apple Music subscription.

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription on iPhone or iPad

Open the Settings app and tap on your name from the top.

Tap on iTunes & App Store. (If you see Subscriptions, tap on it and go directly to step 4.)

Tap on your Apple ID → View Apple ID → confirm via Face ID or enter your Apple ID password → scroll down and tap on Subscriptions.

Tap on the Apple Music Subscription. On the next screen, tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription on Apple Watch

Press the Digital Crown and tap on the App Store icon from the bubble of apps.

Scroll down and tap on Accounts.

Tap on Subscriptions.

Tap on the Apple Music subscription → scroll down, and tap on Cancel Subscription.

If you have an Apple TV 4th generation or later (HD and 4K), you can use it to cancel your subscriptions. On Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier, you can not do so and have to use an iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Inside the Settings app, select Users & Accounts, and choose your account.

Select Subscription.

Choose Apple Music and then select Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription on Android Phone

Open the Apple Music app, and from the top right, tap on the menu button → Account.

Tap on Manage Membership.

You will see the details about your Apple Music subscription. Tap on Cancel Subscription.

The steps for canceling a subscription via PC is almost the same as iTunes on Mac.

Open iTunes. If you do not have it, you can download it from the Microsoft Store, or Apple’s website.

Select Manage, next to Subscriptions.

What Happens Once You Cancel Subscription?

You won’t be able to listen to any Apple Music track, even those downloaded offline.

After some time (around 30 days), all the playlists you created, and songs you added, might be permanently removed from your account.

After cancellation, you may be able to use it until the end of your billing period. However, if it is a free trial, you might lose access immediately.

You can continue to listen and download songs and albums you purchased via iTunes Store.

If you use Apple Music on several devices, you need to cancel it from only one. It will be automatically removed from all your devices.

Unless you subscribe separately to iTunes Match, you can not stream the songs that you added (uploaded) to Apple Music from your computer (like old tracks ripped from CDs or downloaded elsewhere).

Note: iTunes Match is available for free with Apple Music subscription.

Signing Off

This is how you can unsubscribe from Apple Music. Are you on a ‘money-saving cancellation’ spree? Would you like to drop some other subscriptions? If yes, here is our quick guide on how to cancel the Apple Arcade subscription and Netflix subscription.

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Cancel Midjourney Subscription: 6 Ways To Unsubscribe From Midjourney

What to know

You can also use Midjourney’s Google Form to get support for billing or subscription cancellation issues.

Find the detailed step-by-step guides with screenshots below.

Midjourney is one of the better image-generating AI tools in the market today. But not everyone is impressed with it. It currently operates as a Discord server only and its subscription plans may not always live up to the hype. If you’ve purchased a Midjourney subscription plan and would rather let it go than have it charge you on a monthly or yearly basis, you will need to unsubscribe from Midjourney. Here’s everything you need to know about unsubscribing from Midjourney and what you should do if your request is denied.  

Related: How to Subscribe to Midjourney

Unsubscribing from Midjourney is not all that straightforward. The option to do so is not easy to find and if you encounter any errors and need to get in touch with Midjourney, you will have to do so in roundabout ways. But fret not. Here is a breakdown of all the ways that you can unsubscribe from Midjourney:

The simplest way to unsubscribe is to do so from Midjourney’s website itself. So, firstly, go to chúng tôi and log in if you haven’t already. 

Then select Manage Subs.

Select Cancel Plan.

Here, you will be informed whether you’re eligible for a full refund on your latest payment (only for users who have used less than 1% of their monthly GPU minutes).

Select whether you want “Cancel at end of subscription period”, or “Cancel immediately with refund”. 

You will have now successfully unsubscribed from Midjourney. If you were eligible for a refund, the same will be initiated to the mode of payment that was used for purchasing the subscription. You should also receive an email confirming the same.

Method 2: From Midjourney’s Discord bot

Another way to unsubscribe is to do so from within Discord. Open the Discord app or website on your phoneor PC and log in.

Select the Midjourney server. 

Select any channel on the left.

Then type the following in the message field:


Select Visit site.

Select Cancel Plan.

Method 3: From Midjourney’s Billing Info page

You also have the option to simply ‘Pause subscription’ if you’re having payment issues. You will not be charged while your plan is paused. 

Method 4: From Midjourney’s Google Form for Billing Issues

Cancelling Midjourney’s subscription is not always a smooth experience. It can sometimes throw up unexpected errors that prevent you from canceling plans and billing cycles.

It also doesn’t help to know that Midjourney’s email support is not actively monitored for such issues. Fortunately, there is a Google Form that you can fill out and send to the folks at Midjourney.

Simply fill out your details, submit the form, and wait for someone from Midjourney to get in touch with you. 

Midjourney has also launched a monthly magazine that users have been tricked into purchasing with no clear way to unsubscribe. 

And, for now, the only way to unsubscribe is to fill out a different Midjourney Google Form.

As before, fill out the form, have your invoice number handy (would have been mailed to you), and submit the form.

Then wait for Midjourney to reach out and cancel your magazine subscription. 

Method 5: Modmail Midjourney’s Reddit page

Another way to get the folks at Midjourney to listen to your subscription cancellation and billing woes is to message the mods on Midjourney’s subreddit page. 

Wait for the moderators to look into the matter and resolve your query. 

Method 6: With Midjourney’s email support (soon!)

Users have the option to send an email to [email protected] But unfortunately, Midjourney’s support email remains unmonitored and the automated reply will only direct you to its Discord server where you’ll be given the same cancellation methods as mentioned above. 

Midjourney’s discord server moderators have mentioned that active email support will be set up soon.

But until that becomes a reality, the aforementioned methods and Google Forms are the only way to get in touch with them. 

Other than technical errors, there can be a couple of legitimate reasons why you may be prevented from unsubscribing from Midjourney. 

Overdue payments

If your payment method has been declined due to insufficient funds, you won’t be able to cancel your subscription immediately.

You will be asked to update the billing information to renew the subscription before you can cancel it. This can be done from Midjourney’s Billing page (shown in method 3). Once you do that, you can cancel the renewed plan instantly and get a refund. Or, as one Reddit user mentioned, use Midjourney’s Discord support channel.   

Browser issues

Many users have noted that they receive cancellation errors when they’re on Microsoft Edge, and that they had to switch to Chrome to get it to work. But the opposite has also been noted. 

So, if you’re getting cancellation errors when everything else seems to be working, try unsubscribing from a different browser. 


Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked queries about unsubscribing from Midjourney. 

Will deleting my Discord account cancel the Midjourney subscription?

No. Deleting your Discord account will not cancel your Midjourney subscription. On the contrary, it will make it extremely hard to cancel your future payments as well.

Can I access my creations after canceling my Midjourney account?

Yes, you will have access to your creations even after canceling your Midjourney subscription. The same will be available in your Discord messages. 

Where is my Midjourney subscription invoice?

For all its text-to-image AI generation prowess, Midjourney can be a hard platform to manage your subscriptions on. The process of getting in touch with the support staff, especially for billing and subscription cancellation issues, leaves much to be desired. However, Midjourney is working on ironing out these issues. Until then, one of the aforementioned ways should sort you out. Until next time!

Comment: It’s Time For Apple To Separate Apple Music From Itunes On The Mac

Since Apple Music first launched in 2023, one of the most common requests from Mac users has been for Apple to separate the streaming service from the rest of iTunes. Despite several macOS updates since then, however, Apple has not yet made such a move, with Apple Music still locked inside iTunes.

Last week, we saw the second third-party version of Apple Music created for the web. It’s this app that really showed me how great Apple Music could be if it weren’t buried in iTunes.

Right off the bat, let me say this: I don’t want Apple’s solution to breaking Apple Music out of iTunes to be a web app. Instead, I want a full, dedicated macOS app. Similar to how Books is its own app, Apple Music deserves to be a standalone macOS app.

If we look at the Musish web app, however, there are several good examples of the benefits that come from dedicating user interface space all to Apple Music. The app puts the “For You” interface right up front, making it easy to access your recently played content and other curated playlists.

Further, Playlists are also much easier to access, with your personal playlists and Apple Music-created playlists always available along the right-hand side.

iTunes on the Mac is messy, and it’s only set to get messier as Apple focuses more on Services and prepares its own streaming video service. iTunes hasn’t seen a major visual overhaul in years, despite the addition of such a major new platform in Apple Music.

I’m not a fan of the menu interface for switching between different media types like podcasts, movies, and music. If we’re being honest, these features – especially podcasts, should be broken out into their own individual apps as well, but that’s an argument for another time.

Accessing various parts of Apple Music through iTunes is clunky at best. For instance, going to the “For You” tab along the top completely takes over the interface. This makes it difficult to access things like the full album of what’s currently playing, your playlists, and more.

Of course, one possibility is that Apple plans to use its ‘Marzipan’ initiative that brought apps like Home and News to the Mac from iOS. I truly hope this isn’t the case, though, as those apps aren’t especially great on macOS. The iOS version of Music also isn’t perfect, so the solution isn’t to simply bring that interface to the Mac. Apple Music interfaces all around need some attention.

Finally, giving Apple Music its own dedicated macOS would also – hopefully – mean things would load significantly faster. Because of all of the features crammed inside, iTunes is infamously bogged down and prone to slow performance, crashing, and more. Apple Music could be dedicated to one thing, and be far more lightweight.

Wrap up

Nearly four years after launch, it’s time for Apple Music to become its own dedicated app on macOS. This would bring performance enhancements, a far more accessible interface, and various other improvements. iTunes on the Mac wasn’t designed with Apple Music in mind, and that is really starting to show. Features are hard to access, performance is bogged down, and even the simplest of tasks are cumbersome.

Ideally, a standalone Music app on macOS would integrate Apple Music, as well as all of the content from your iTunes library, much like on iOS.

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How To Cancel A Walmart Plus Subscription

Walmart Plus is making a play to be one of Amazon Prime’s main competitors. It offers many similar benefits to subscribers, including no delivery fees from your local store, free shipping with no order minimum, fuel savings at qualified gas stations, and more.

Combine that with the fact it includes a 30-day trial, and that membership fees are only $12.95 per month or $98 per year (that’s about $50 less than Amazon Prime, by the way). So, a Walmart Plus membership looks like a great deal. But, if you decide it’s not for you and you want to cancel, here’s how.

Table of Contents

How Do I Cancel My Walmart Plus Subscription?

There are several different ways to cut a Walmart Plus subscription short.

How to Cancel a Free Trial

If you’re in the trial period for Walmart Plus, all you have to do is cancel your free trial.



in the top-right corner, then select


from the drop-down menu.

On the left-hand side, select



Manage membership.

At the bottom of the page, select

Cancel free trial.

If you’re still in your trial period, an easy hack is to wait till almost the last day to do this. The site will ask if you really want to cancel, or if you want to extend your membership for an additional 15 days. If so, select Extend free trial. If not, select Cancel free trial.

If you don’t cancel your free trial, your credit card will automatically be charged the cost of the membership program at the end of the free trial period.

How to Cancel a Paid Membership

Canceling a paid membership is almost identical to canceling a free trial. If you signed up by accident, don’t worry; you have 48 hours from the start of your subscription to cancel and receive a full refund.



in the top-right corner, then select


from the drop-down menu.

On the left-hand side, select



Manage membership.

At the bottom of the page, select

Cancel Walmart+.

On the next page, select

Cancel membership.

Answer the questions and then select

Cancel membership

once more.

That’s all there is to it. Your membership will be canceled, but you will still have full benefits until the end of the billing cycle.

Not sure about canceling your account or you have a question? Just contact Walmart Customer Service at 1 (800) 925-6278.

What Benefits Are Included With a Walmart Plus Subscription?

As far as retailer subscription service perks go, Walmart Plus is near the top of the charts. It brings a lot of added value to customers, especially if Walmart is your main store.

One of the first perks you receive is a free six months of Spotify Premium. For reference, that’s a $59 value – more than half of the yearly cost of a Walmart Plus subscription. It also includes video streaming through Paramount Plus’ Essential plan, too. That’s a lot of entertainment stacked on top of the normal benefits.

Perhaps the most valuable perk, especially with gas prices as high as they still are, is the member prices on fuel. Walmart Plus members can get fuel discounts of up to $0.10 per gallon at participating fuel stations, including Exon, Mobil, and Murphy USA stations.

If you’re in a hurry, another major perk is the Mobile Scan & Go feature. You can use your Walmart app to scan items as you add them to your cart, and then when you’re ready to checkout you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking everything back out.

Walmart Plus also grants users access to exclusive deals and special offers through the mobile app and online, especially around Black Friday and other sales periods.

What Happens to Walmart Rewards When I Cancel My Account?

Your Walmart Rewards are valid only as long as your Walmart account is active and in good standing. This means that if you cancel your account, your rewards will go away when your subscription ends. You can use these rewards to save money at checkout, or you can redeem them for a gift card.

If you plan to cancel your subscription plan, make sure to use your rewards first. Bear in mind that Walmart Rewards is different from Walmart Pay; the latter is a service that stores your debit card on your phone for easy use when shopping online or through the app.

What’s New In Ios 14.6 Rc? A Look At Forthcoming Apple Music Settings

As documented in its release notes, iOS 14.6 includes support for Apple Card Family and Podcasts subscriptions, two service enhancements that will go live once the release goes public. But iOS 14.6 includes several other noteworthy updates, including our first look at updated Music settings for the just-announced Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio and high-quality Lossless audio for Apple Music. The release also gives us our first look at the upcoming Beats Studio Buds, among other things. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough as we consider what’s new in iOS 14.6 RC.

Apple Music updates: Lossless and Dolby Atmos

The big news yesterday was Apple’s expected announcement regarding Lossless Audio quality in ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) across the Apple Music catalog. Apple Music’s Lossless tier begins with 16 bit at 44.1 kHz CD quality, and ventures up to 24 bit at 48 kHz and is natively playable on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

As 9to5mac explains, 1:1 Lossless Audio will not be playable on AirPods, which means it will require professional and/or specialist wired headphones to enjoy. Hi-Resolution Lossless, which ramps up the quality to 24 bit at 192 kHz, takes it even further and will require an external DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

Video: What’s new in iOS 14.6 RC

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In additional to Lossless Audio, Apple is also launching support for Spatial Audio via Dolby Atmos to give users the ability to listen to select albums in an immersive 3D sound stage. Spatial Audio for Apple Music will also launch in June, with thousands of songs gaining support. Spatial Audio will require headphones featuring the W1 or H1 chip, which includes AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and several varieties of Beats headphones.

Several of the preference panels in the Music app settings will be changed in iOS 14.6 once Lossless and Dolby Atmos support launches next month. A new Audio Quality panel will feature a new switch to enable Lossless Audio.

Apple states that Lossless files preserve every detail of original audio, and that turning on Lossless Audio will consume significantly more data, hence the feature isn’t enabled by default, but is opt-in. The good news is that even on cellular connections, users can enable High-Resolution Lossless playback, but Apple makes sure to fairly warn users about the data usage implications.

Another new section that will be found under the Audio heading in iOS 14.6 is the new Dolby Atmos panel. Dolby Atmos playback features three settings in iOS 14.6: Automatic, Always On, and Off.

Automatic will play in Dolby Atmos and other Dolby Audio formats whenever connected to capable outputs like AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max (when spatial audio is enabled), and supported Beats headphones or Apple devices.

For more information about the new Apple Music enhancements, be sure to check out Benjamin Mayo’s detailed post, and José Adorno’s tidbits post.

Updated cellular settings labels

Sticking with the Apple Music-centric theme, iOS 14.6 features updated cellular details for streaming non-Lossless Apple Music via a wireless carrier. Inside Settings → Music, you’ll find a new Audio heading, which groups Cellular Streaming, EQ, and Sound Check underneath.

The Cellular Streaming option, previously called “Cellular Data” in older versions of iOS, features a simpler structure with three options: None, High Efficiency, and High Quality. High Efficiency playback over cellular uses HE-AAC with low data usage, while the High Quality option uses AAC 256 kbps bitrate.

Beats Studio Buds

iOS 14.6 RC gives us the first look at Apple’s forthcoming Beats Studio Buds. The buds, which are truly wireless and stemless, will feature noise cancellation and will be available in at least three colors: black, red, and white.

The Beats Studio Buds feature a wireless charging case, with a passing resemblance to the design of the AirPods Pro. The outside of the case features a Beats logo, and a LED status indicator beneath, while the inside of the case features a dedicated button that could be used for manual pairing.

Like other Beats earbuds, the Beats Studio Buds feature replaceable ear tips for a more ideal fit and noise isolation. It’s possible that each ‘b’ button on the individual earbuds, which feature a glossy surface, may function as a touch panel for activating features like noise cancellation, and/or interfacing with Siri.

Apple will likely officially announce the Beats Studio Buds to correspond with the release of iOS 14.6 and Apple Music Lossless, which means that we’ll probably see the Beasts Studio Buds arrive in June.

Apple Digital Master branding

Starting with iOS 14.6 RC, albums ‘Mastered for iTunes’ will now say ‘Apple Digital Master’ instead. This makes sense given that Apple has largely moved on from the iTunes branding.

Along with Apple Digital Master branding, users can expect the aforementioned Lossless and Dolby Atmos branding to appear in the same area for compatible albums in the Apple Music library.

Updated App Tracking explainer

Apple now explains in more detail what happens when the Allow Apps to Request to Track switch is disabled in Settings → Privacy → Tracking. In case it wasn’t previously clear, Apple now states that when this switch is off, all new app tracking requests are automatically denied.

In addition to this updated explainer, Apple also explains why App Tracking is unavailable when users see the switch grayed out. When disabled, a note now explains that this setting cannot be changed because a profile is restricting it, or because your Apple ID is being managed, does not meet the minimum age requirements, or is missing age information.


In addition to these changes and updates, users can expect standard bug fixes, along with the official rollout of Podcast subscriptions, and Apple Card Family support. Although not quite on the level of iOS 14.5 in terms of changes and features, iOS 14.6 is a major update from a services perspective. Once the release goes public later this month or early June, we’ll be sure to publish an in-depth hands-on walkthrough of everything new in iOS 14.6.

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