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The Falling Guillotine is a sword that was introduced when Season of Arrivals premiered for the gaming community in Destiny 2. Because of how well the sword was received, it became a huge favorite amongst Destiny 2 players.

It was both a good weapon for players to use in-game, and it was reminiscent of the ‘Dark Drinker’ sword back from Destiny 1. Seasoned Destiny 2 players appreciate the Falling Guillotine for how strong it is, and how well it fits the role of a proper PVE weapon in the game, especially for boss fights.

In Destiny 2 Beyond Light, the Falling Guillotine is a legendary sword, and rightly so. It comes pre-equipped with the Vortex frame that allows you to launch a super-damaging spin-attack, making it ideal for straight-up destroying your foes and bypassing elemental shields.

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How to get the Falling Guillotine

So the way you go about getting the Falling Guillotine is easier said than done. You’ll really need to grind and farm for a bit before you’re quite ready to get the sword. Plus, an important thing to note is that you should be at least level 30 in your season pass as that is important for these steps to work.

You will need to get your hands on a decent haul of Umbral Engrams (pictured above) which are key to the process of getting the Falling Guillotine sword. You’ll get these Engrams while you’re normally out doing activities, but we suggest farming for them specifically so that you have enough for the next steps.

In your Prismatic Recaster, you’ll need to choose ‘Umbral Focusing’ which is essentially a process that’ll allow you to change all the Umbral Engrams you can afford to spend into a specific kind that you’ll need later on.

Once you’re inside the Umbral Focusing sunscreen, choose and select ‘Pyramid-Focused Umbral Engram’. The description should read “A Focused Umbral Engram containing a weapon from the darkness“. Focus as many Umbral Engrams as you can this way.

After that, just use the Umbral Decoder and keep trying till the Falling Guillotine sword drops for you. It has a random chance to drop, which is why we stressed earlier how important it is for you to have a decent haul of Umbral Engrams to focus and use.

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Falling Guillotine God Roll

It’s like we said, the Falling Guillotine sword comes with a default Vortex frame. You’re gonna need to apply certain God Roll picks to it so that you can hone it into the boss-destroying beauty it really is.

Focusing on PVE, the first God Roll pick you should get is the ‘Honed Edge’ in the first column. Now you can get even the ‘Tempered Edge’ too, but we suggest Honed Edge as it’s better at improving the overall damage of the sword.

For the second column, the God Roll pick you should get next is the ‘Swordmaster’s Guard’. It will increase the amount of time you can charge up for while having a negative impact on your defense. – This is manageable really, so not that big of a deal.

As for perks, we suggest you get the ‘Relentless Strikes’ perk which will net you more ammo once you’ve landed 3 light attacks. And for the second, get either Surrounded or Whirlwind as they both go well with your sword’s attack damage and build.

If you however want to use swords for Crucible (PvP) in Destiny 2, you should take a look at either the Temptation’s Hook sword or the Black Talon. Those will fare better in PvP matchups as they will add a ranged attack to your arsenal.

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We hope our guide helps you in getting the Falling Guillotine Sword and in selecting it’s God Roll picks. This is a serious contender for you if you like to focus a lot on PVE!

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Caps Lock Light Not Working – Why And How To Fix It

Caps lock is one of the toggle keys that, when activated, allows you to capitalize words. Your keyboard has a caps lock indicator to notify you whether it is active or not.

While many users don’t even know this indicator exists, others may heavily rely on it. I, for instance, use it to type the correct password on my PC.

Although the caps lock light itself could be a minor inconvenience, this could be indicating a greater problem.

In this article, we will guide you through a list of causes and fixes that you can apply to solve your caps lock light not working.

Why Won’t My Caps Lock Lights Work?

Before moving on to the fixes section, here is a list of the causes for the Caps lock light not turning on.

Fault in the LED indicator

Stuck Caps Lock key

Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers

Incorrect key mapping

Misconfigured keyboard settings

How to Fix Caps Lock Light Not Working

You obviously don’t write everything in just uppercase or lowercase. So when you face this problem, you should sort it out as soon as you can. Troubleshooting this problem is not that cumbersome. It won’t take much time to figure out the cause and fix it.

Here, We have compiled a list of 12 fixes that you can apply to fix this problem. Let’s dive straight into them.

Restart Your PC

Restarting your PC is the first thing you should do when your Caps lock light is not working. Restarting solves many glitches in your PC, and if it’s causing the issue, restarting should get your Caps lock light back again.

Moreover, power faults in keyboard circuitry can cause the issue. Unplug and plug in your keyboard again and see if it solves the problem.

Swap the Keyboards

You can connect your keyboard to another PC and see if the Caps lock light turns on there. If it does, it’s not the fault of your hardware. Also, bring another keyboard, connect it to your PC, and check. You can easily figure out if it’s the issue with hardware or software.

Check if the Caps Lock Button is Stuck

Your hands directly interact with the keyboard. Dirt and smudges from your hands and foreign particles from the surrounding can get under the keys. They can stick the caps lock key, and it may malfunction. If the key is stuck, it will certainly not glow the indicator.

You can clean the keyboard with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. If you got a hair dryer, consider using it to blow the dirt out of your keyboard. You can use the vacuum cleaner as well.

Check LED in BIOS Settings

You can next boot your computer into BIOS settings and see if you can turn on the Caps lock light. The key to enter the BIOS depends upon your PC manufacturer. Press the key as soon as your computer starts to boot and enter the BIOS. We have a comprehensive guide on entering and exiting the BIOS.

If the LED indicator works fine in BIOS, it is probably a software issue causing the problem. Boot into normal mode and move on to other fixes.

Use Keyboard Troubleshooter

Windows provides many troubleshooting options that help diagnose issues with hardware and software in your PC. Keyboard troubleshooting is one of them. It helps find and resolve problems with your keyboard and probably fixes your Caps lock light. Follow these steps to run the keyboard troubleshooter:

Use On-Screen Keyboard

On-screen keyboard is a feature in Windows that helps you use a keyboard without having it. If you can not turn on the Caps lock key using your physical keyboard, try using it. If you can turn on Caps lock using it, it’s the fault in your keyboard. Simply press the Windows + Ctrl + O key while on the desktop to launch the on-screen keyboard.

Test Your Keyboard Online

There are many third-party keyboard testing applications available online. You can launch them in your browser and test your keyboard. They will show what key you pressed on the keyboard on your screen.

This way, you can know if the Caps lock key is functioning. If it is working, but there is no LED indicator glowing, not to worry. You can use it normally. Nothing is going wrong if your Caps lock light does not turn on.

Use Ease of Access Center

If the Caps lock light is not working, you can not know if it is turned on or not. But to tackle this issue, Windows Ease of Access Center provides a feature where you can listen to the beep sound when you press the Caps lock key. To turn this feature on, follow these steps:

Check Key Mapping 

Keyboard mapping is a concept where you can assign keys to perform functions other than the original one. So the Caps lock key also may be remapped for other functions. If you are probably a gamer, you may have assigned some other functions to the Caps lock key for your convenience.

Also, check if your system has third-party key remapping tools like Key Remapper or Sharp Keys and reconfigure it.

Change Advanced Keyboard Settings

Your Caps lock key can be configured so that you may need to press the Shift key together with the Caps lock. So when you press the Caps lock key alone, the Caps lock light will not glow. Follow these steps to change the settings:

Note: Some keyboards have settings where you need to press the Fn+Caps lock key to enable/disable the feature. Try pressing it instead of the Caps lock key alone. It should work in that case.

Update or Reinstall the Keyboard Drivers

Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers can be another reason why you face the problem. Your Caps lock light will start working again if it is the issue. Follow these steps to update or reinstall the keyboard drivers:

Uninstalling the device and restarting your PC will reinstall a fresh copy of the driver and fix the issue.

Install or Remove the Most Recent Updates

Windows releases updates over time to fix issues in its earlier versions. If any bug is preventing the Caps lock light from turning on, give Windows update a shot. Follow these steps: 

Meanwhile, if your Caps lock light stopped turning on after a recent update, it might be causing the issue. New updates come with bugs, which may interfere with the keyboard. Try uninstalling the recent updates on your PC and see if it fixes the problem. Follow these steps:

If you have tried all the mentioned fixes and still can not resolve the problem, take it to the authorized service center. Possibly, there’s a hardware issue that you can figure out.

How To Roll Back A Driver In Windows

Driver issues are pretty common in Windows. Sometimes, a new driver update doesn’t go well in Windows and results in a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error message. Thankfully, the issue can be fixed by rolling back the driver. You can reverse a driver update to its previous version using the rollback driver feature to see whether it behaves as it should. Here we show you how to roll back a driver in Windows.

Roll Back a Driver on Windows

Windows comes with built-in utilities exclusively designed to detect and resolve possible conflicts on the OS. This includes the Device Manager, which allows you to access your system drivers, update them, remove or even roll them back.

Here’s how to roll back a driver in Windows using the Device Manager:

Go to the “Driver” tab and pick “Roll Back Driver.”

Note: If you need to know which system driver’s malfunctioning, view the recently updated drivers to determine your next step.

You can use the rollback driver option in Windows before you go ahead and uninstall the problematic driver.

Notably, if the previous version of the driver works fine, then there is no need to uninstall it from your PC.

What If Roll Back Driver Option Is Greyed Out?

Another thing to note here is there are several users for whom the “Roll Back Driver” option under the Device Manager setting is greyed out. This means you won’t be able to roll back a driver to the previous version.

This usually happens because the OS installed on your PC does not have the previous version of the driver files.

All you need to do is visit the device manufacturer’s website and download the copy of the driver version that you wanted to roll back to. Do make sure to uninstall any other versions of the driver from your PC before installing the previous version.

Frequently Asked Questions How do I fix a corrupted driver?

Corrupted system drivers can drastically impact how Windows behaves in different situations, such as running a tool to edit images or playing a video game. To fix the issues, you can update the corrupt driver, reinstall it, or even roll it back to a previous version to check its compatibility.

How to remove drivers in Windows?

You can use the Windows Device Manager utility to remove system drivers on your computer.

How do I update my drivers in Windows?

You can utilize the Windows Device Manager utility to update system drivers on your computer.

On the following window, pick “Search automatically for drivers.”

Farhad Pashaei

As a technophile, Farhad has spent the last decade getting hands-on experience with a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, accessories, wearables, printers, and so on. When he isn’t writing, you can bet he’s devouring information on products making their market foray, demonstrating his unquenchable thirst for technology.

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Facebook Error Code 2: What It Means & How To Fix It

Facebook Error Code 2: What it Means & How to Fix it Check if the network connection is working




The error code 2 on Facebook could occur due to a connection error, Facebook server outage, wrong local time on the device, or outdated Facebook or iOS version.

To fix it, reset network settings, check Facebook server status, and update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Facebook error code 2 can be frustrating and prevent you from accessing or using the platform. In this guide, we will explore various methods to fix Facebook Error Code 2 and regain full access to the social media platform.

If you are looking for ways to fix a similar error, the error code 1 on Facebook, read this guide to find easy solutions.

What is error code 2 for Facebook login?

Facebook Error Code 2 is an error message that users may encounter when logging in to or accessing their accounts.

It typically occurs on iPhone, iPad, & Android devices and indicates a problem with your login credentials or a temporary issue with Facebook’s servers.

What causes the error code 2 on Facebook?

On an iPhone, Facebook error code 2 can occur due to various factors; some of the potential causes are:

Network connectivity issues – If your device cannot establish a stable connection to the internet, it can hinder the login process and trigger the error.

Outdated Facebook app – Using an outdated version of the Facebook app on your iPhone may result in compatibility issues and lead to error code 2.

Corrupted app data or cache – Over time, the app data and cache of the Facebook app on your device can become corrupted, which can cause login errors. Reinstall the Facebook app.

Facebook server issues – Sometimes, Facebook’s servers may experience temporary issues or maintenance, leading to login errors like this one. Check the server status to know if that’s the case.

Incorrect login credentials – If you enter the wrong login credentials, such as an incorrect email address or password, Facebook will not authenticate your account and display the error.

So, these are the causes of the issue; let us check out the detailed methods to fix it.

How do I fix error code 2 on Facebook?

Expert tip:

Restart your phone or computer and router.

Relaunch the app on your iPhone.

Check the Facebook server status.

Verify you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Enable Airplane mode, then turn it off after 60 seconds.

Disable VPN (if applicable).

Switch from Wi-Fi to Cellular or vice versa.

Log out of your Facebook account from all devices.

Once done, move to the troubleshooting steps to eliminate this issue.

1. Reset the network settings

On your iPhone, locate & tap Settings from the home screen.

Go to General.

Tap Date and Time.

Toggle on the Set Automatically option to set the time on its own.

Once the time is updated, open the Facebook app to check if the issue is resolved.

4. Clear the browser cache (if using Facebook on the browser)

Close all the apps on your iPhone. Locate and tap Settings.

Scroll down and locate Safari; tap it to open.

On the next page, tap Clear History and Website Data.

Select Clear History And Data from the prompt menu to confirm the action.

Now try to use Facebook and check if the issue persists.

5. Reinstall the Facebook app (iPhone)

So, these are methods that you can use to fix the error code 2 for Facebook login. If none of the above worked for you, contact Facebook Support for further assistance.

If you are facing similar issues, like the Facebook app not working, we recommend you check out this guide to find quick solutions.

Still experiencing issues?

Was this page helpful?


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Destiny 2: Warmind Review: A Small Expansion Surrounded By Bigger Steps Towards Salvation

In that, it succeeds admirably. Bungie’s clearly listened to a lot of the community’s feedback, and parts of Destiny 2 are on the upswing. There’s potential in Warmind, a slight glimmer of what’s to come. But only a glimmer.


It’s been a few months since I’ve visited Destiny 2. There wasn’t really any drama, no rage-filled breakup. I played it every day for a while, all the way through the winter event. Then one day I forgot to log in. The next day I thought, “Hm, well one more day won’t kill me.” And just like that, my infatuation was over.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

The irony is I fell off right before Destiny 2 started improving again. Late January, Bungie laid out a roadmap for future development, adding or reworking everything from raid rewards to heroic strikes to (finally) public chat on PC.

With the launch of Warmind, even more features have appeared—the vault’s been increased to 300 slots, you can map four different emotes instead of just one, the multiplayer Crucible mode has rankings and unique rewards based on your performance every season. Exotic weapons have been tuned to add punch and pizzazz, and now can be transformed into masterworks via unique, mysterious quests.

There’s more in the pipeline too. It sounds like Bungie’s rethought the entire loadout system for this fall’s major expansion. The latest roadmap teases “more control over how you configure your loadouts in Destiny 2,” with gear collections, weapon slot changes, and weapon randomization promised.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

Warmind isn’t pulling much of the weight, though. Fact is, most of these changes are available to all players, whether they bought the expansion or not. Hell, even Warmind’s multiplayer maps are available to all players. Bungie’s not locking those behind a paywall anymore, presumably because Crucible player counts are low enough already without artificially splitting the player base.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

Hark! A secret!

The locale is otherwise squandered, though.

Listen, I want to enjoy Destiny 2’s story. I’ve said it before, but Bungie has a real flair for worldbuilding and Mars is no different. Most of Warmind revolves around Clovis Bray, a retro-futurist tech company, all teal-and-white 1960s science fiction, but dingy after untold years of neglect.

Clovis Bray built Rasputin, the titular “warmind” here, a sort-of military AI charged with protecting humanity at all costs. The Warmind expansion also folds in another layer of Destiny lore, the “Worm Gods.” Specifically the worm god named Xol, Will of the Thousands. No seriously, that whole long thing is its name.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

It’s not just that the expansion is short. It is, clocking in under two hours for the five-ish story missions—not exactly enough room to tell your story about a worm god hellbent on destruction.

Somehow Warmind manages to feel disjointed even in the confines of that short span though. Nothing feels motivated, and even less of it makes sense. Characters appear and disappear, sometimes quite literally. A particularly egregious case of Zavala showing up out of nowhere has already become a joke in certain Destiny circles. Then there’s Ana Bray, legendary guardian, who seems like she’ll be important for all of five minutes at the beginning, before she’s relegated to the same nothing-role as Osiris last time out.

There are two boss battles, and while one is fairly impressive to look at, both are pretty middling encounters devoid of the context to make them feel impactful. There’s even what feels like an entire mission missing. Early on, a scene ends with a distant underground rumbling. Zavala says something ominous like, “Rasputin wasn’t the only thing to wake up on Mars.” Cut to black, et cetera. Time to go find out what made that noise, right? Wrong. The next mission, everyone already knows the rumble was Xol and you’re going to (somehow) take it down. No explanation, nothing.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

And then you have Bungie working on a contractually obligated expansion nobody much cares about or expects to be good. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think something had to give, and Warmind’s campaign is what gave.

Bottom line

Why I Turned Off Ambient Mode In 2 Minutes And How To Do It

Google just announced the Ambient mode on Google Assistant and we’ve already prepared a guide on how to enable Google Assistant Ambient Mode. While we waited in excitement for the feature to roll out on our Android device, we can’t say the same for how good it is.

For the uninitiated, Ambient Mode is designed to give a visual overview of what to expect of your day, displaying key information like weather, calendar, reminders, and notification as well as music playback and smart home controls. The feature also differentiated itself from the Always-On display which is built-in on certain Android phones as it only pops up when the phone is charging.

Having churned the rumor mill since early 2023, the Ambient Mode failed to impress and within 2 minutes of enabling it, I switched it off. Here’s why.

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Slower charging time on non-OLED phones

Always-on display or AOD isn’t a new phenomenon but as you may know, for AOD to work, an OLED (AMOLED) display is a requirement. This is because, these panels tend to switch off pixels where black needs to be displayed, thus saving battery significantly.

An LCD panel, on the other hand, lights up even with a black display. Since Google’s Ambient Mode is a version of Always-on display, using it on an LCD screen will mean your display is turned on for the entire time of charging. Your device will thus charge slower than usual. Being a Poco F1 users with an LCD display, this turned out to be a complete no-go for me.

Are you comfortable sharing your daily routine with everyone?

Getting an overview of today’s routine in a neat way sounds good, doesn’t it? But will you be comfortable if the same routine is being displayed for the entire period your phone sits on the table somewhere, charging? We don’t think so. Oftentimes, you might end up charging your phone in the office or for a quick boost at the airport.

With the Ambient mode kicking in every time you plug your phone in, would you want your reminders and calendar items to get displayed for prying eyes to see? We hope not.

Do you really want another layer of skin over your lockscreen?

When you enable Ambient mode inside Google Assistant, it shows a screen with a dark background, time, weather and all your notifications arranged into different categories. While you might consider that useful, the fact that Ambient mode hasn’t been enabled natively on an Android phone means you’ll have to deal with it as a skin over your default lockscreen.

Yes, you read that right! You might have switched ON Ambient mode but in order to get back to the homescreen of your phone, you first need to go past Ambient mode and then unlock the lockscreen. You can close the Ambient mode screen by double-tapping on the display or by swiping it up. From there-on, you can unlock the homescreen by entering the screen-lock PIN, password, or fingerprint.

Ambient mode could disable your phone’s Face unlock

Oh, so you still like the way Ambient mode looks on your phone? No worries. But do you often use Face unlock on your device? If that’s the case, you might want to switch off Ambient mode since the feature could affect it badly. Onc enabled, I found that I couldn’t use Face Unlock anymore on my Povo F1. Once I disabled the Ambient mode, Face Unlock was back alright. I hope this isn’t an issue for other users but until this is resolved, I am good without Ambient mode.

A bit of a distraction…

All of us have a smartphone that is the next best thing to being our closest companion, reminding us about things to do and yet we end up getting distracted and not doing the things we were supposed to. Add to that, Google continues to learn our activities and keeps notifying us about them including the places nearby and other things to do. If that wasn’t distracting enough, the new Ambient mode is another feature from Google’s pipeline made to disturb you, even in your calmest productive environment.

How to turn off Ambient mode

Open Google App.

Tap Settings.

There will be four tabs – Your info, Assistant, Services, and Home.

Tap Assistant.

Scroll down the Assistant section to the bottom of the list.

Switch the ‘Ambient Mode‘ toggle to OFF.

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