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Dezgo AI is a free text-to-image or image-to-image generator powered by stable Diffusion.

About Dezgo AI

Dezgo AI uses artificial intelligence to produce stunning images from textual or image inputs. The platform uses AI techniques to generate images for every input and offers editing options. Dezgo AI doesn’t claim ownership of the created content, so users can share these images without worrying about copyright claims.

Dezgo AI is an ideal tool for graphic designers, content creators, and artists seeking image creation inspiration. Users can customize the output to give it a personalized touch and share the results online. It can generate jaw-dropping images for your website, marketing content, or social media.

Dezgo AI Features

Dezgo AI uses AI to create the best images for any prompt. It has several tools that help in fine-tuning images and sharing them. Below are some striking features of Dezgo AI:

Dezgo AI uses Stable Difussion 1.5 to create images accurately.

Users can change the aspect ratios for the output from the available options.

It uses a complex neuron network to interpret complex images and text.

Users can modify the privacy settings according to their preferences.

Users can edit the output images by changing their color, background, etc.

Dezgo produces images faster, saving the time of creators seeking to generate multiple images in a shorter period.

Dezgo AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Dezgo AI has various industrial applications. Some real-world uses of this online software include the following:

Content creators can use Dezgo AI to create stunning images and content for their social media platforms.

Graphics designers can use Dezgo AI to produce designs or take inspiration.

Marketers can use Dezgo AI to create media for their marketing campaigns.

Artists and painters can use Dezgo AI to inspire or visualize their ideas before working on them.

Dezgo AI Pricing

Dezgo AI is available for free. You can use the free version to create stunning visuals, but it has limited features.

The website offers an optional upgrade program – the Power mode. This mode enables premium features and access to the platform without restrictions. Unlike other platforms, Dezgo AI doesn’t have a specific plan. It offers a pay-as-you-go model. It means that you need to enable the Power mode, and the platform will calculate your billing amount based on the content you create. You have to pay a specific amount at the beginning, and once you exhaust your balance, recharge it to continue using it.


How does Dezgo AI work?

Do I own the resulting images? Can I share them or use them for commercial purposes?

Yes, you own the images created using Dezgo AI. Dezgo AI doesn’t hold any right to the created images. You can do whatever you want with the images, share them with friends or family, or use them commercially. However, make sure to follow the Dezgo AI licensing terms.

How to use the power mode?

You must first have a Dezgo AI account to enable the power mode. After creating your account, add funds using the available billing methods. You can then enable the power mode by hitting the lightning icon on the top-right corner of your screen.

Does my Dezgo AI balance expire?

No, your Dezgo AI balance never expires. Once you add funds to your account, you can use it lifetime. Remember, you can not withdraw your funds since Dezgo AI payments are non-refundable. So, e recommend adding a small amount to your account.

Does Dezgo AI have API?

Yes, Dezgo AI offers API access to its users. Developers can use the API to integrate Dezgo AI features into other websites and applications. However, you need to purchase the API to use it. Visit the following API documentation for more details regarding API usage and pricing.


Dezgo AI is an excellent tool for designers, content creators, and artists. Use it to take your visual content creation to the next level! The tool generates images faster and also allows users to edit them. Ask it to create images of animals, objects, real people, etc.

The best part is that its free version offers several features for creating stunning images. You can also upgrade to the power plan to create visuals cheaper. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for users of all groups, from amateurs to pros.

Dezgo AI Alternatives

Stability AI Launches Stable Doodle Image Generation Model for Artists

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Runway Ai Review: Pricing, Features And Alternatives 2023

The Runway offers AI-powered image and video editing and generation tools.

About Runway AI

Runway ai has a collection of 30+ AI tools to create realistic, coherent graphics and 3D videos by adding different styles & compositions. 

To use Runway ai, content creators don’t require extensive coding experience. Runway lets its users export videos in different HD qualities & file formats. Runaway makes it mandatory to invest specific credit to generate images & videos. To generate more creations, users require more credits.

Launch Date – 2023

Category – Video editing software.

Runway Ai Features

Runway offers dozens of content creation features for individuals, teams, and mid-large businesses. Here are some notable features of Runway.

Runway offers a “Text to Image” generation tool that creates different styles and resolutions of images from scratch by inserting descriptive text.

Runway offers an “Image to image” tool that seamlessly converts inserted images to AI-generated images from texts.

The “Infinite Image” tool expands images by simply using descriptive text prompts.

The runway “Inpaint content” tool lets you remove anything from your video.

Runway’s “Frame Interpolation” tool creates a fine-tuned & smooth video out of multiple images.

Runway allows users to use its “AI Training” tool to train its AI models to generate unlimited portraits.

Runway offers a “text to 3D texture” tool to create 3D textures using text prompts.

Runway developed its latest Gen-2 AI model that uses styles of input images to generate structured videos.

Runway offers a web-based version of its software which you can access on any device with an active internet connection.

Runway’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for users without experience with graphics software.

Runway Ai Use Case – Real-World Applications

Runway allows graphic designers & artists to use it for diverse creative projects. Here are widely-used real-time applications of the Runway.

Runway has changed how creative designers work by unrevealing new designing opportunities in diverse industries.

Fashion industry designers use Runway’s tools to generate realistic clothes and accessories images by specifying necessary parameters. Hence, they can save significant time by ditching expensive photoshoots.

The Runway is crucial in the Interior designing industry to generate 3D building models.

Video makers in the film industry can utilize Runway to generate mesmerizing film clips that look to be created from real-life objects and people.

The animation industry can use various video editing tools to enhance animation effects.

Graphic designers can create engaging product videos for marketing campaigns.

Runway Ai Pricing

Runway offers four plans to meet the needs of individuals, small and large business teams. Here are the three premium plans of Runway.

1. Basic Plan ( Free )

Ideal for a maximum of 3 editors.

125 credits to generate a maximum of 25 images.

Three video projects.

5 GB assets.

2. Standard Plan ( $12/user/month )

Ideal for teams of 7 editors.

625 credits/month to generate a maximum of 125 images.

Allows to purchase more credits.

Unlimited video projects.

100 GB assets.

3. Pro Plan ( $28/user/month )

Ideal for large teams with 15 editors.

2250 credits/month to generate a maximum of 450 images.

Unlimited video projects.

500 GB assets.

4. Enterprise Plan ( customizable )

Ideal for bigger companies that have more requirements.


Is Runway AI free or paid?

What does runway AI do?

Do I need to download RunwayML?

You can access Runway’s software on your web browsers as it’s a cloud-based tool. There’s no need to install Runwayml online software on your devices. , Open the Runway official website and start using the software.

Can I sell Runway ai generated content as artwork?

Runway says you can use your generated videos & texts for personal & commercial purposes. Runway still needs to add policies & clear guidelines concerning the utilization of creative generations for different purposes.


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Best Visible Plans In 2023: Pricing, Phone Options, And More

The best Visible plans at a glance

Visible Plus is the best plan for most. This is the plan to get for most. You get unlimited access to Verizon’s LTE and 5G network, including the faster ultra wideband network. The biggest difference between the base plan is you get less deprioritization and a faster overall network experience. Unlike many unlimited plans out there, Visible Plus is truly unlimited. You could consume 100GB in a month (I have!) and still have access.

Visible is great for those who don’t need reliable data access. Basic Visible service is cheap and works well for calls and texts. However, your data experience can vary quite a bit. If you’re outside of a congested area, you can get reasonable speeds but Visible’s base plan is pretty deprioritized over others on Verizon’s network. If you mostly stick to Wi-Fi or live in a less congested area this is perfectly fine. Find it is too slow for you? You might want to pay a slight premium for Visible Plus.

Which Visible plan do we recommend?

Visible Plus

Now, we come to the new kid on the block. That’s right, Visible’s second plan. Visible Plus takes everything that’s great about the original plan and expands it just a little bit. It adds 5G Ultra Wideband access on top of the Nationwide option, and it guarantees premium network access. Of course, if you live outside of a major city this might not be that much of a draw. However, Visible Plus is the better bet for travelers and those with international friends as it allows calling to over 30 countries and texting to over 200.

As expected, Visible Plus is more expensive at $45 per month. The good news is that’s a fixed rate — you’ll pay $45 per line no matter how many lines you have. You’ll also still get mobile hotspot to your heart’s content and spam protection from those pesky robocalls. Even better, you can currently get it for just $35 a month. No word on exactly how long this promotion will last. It was supposed to end a month or so ago, but Visible keeps extending it. 


Truly unlimited data

International access in Canada, Mexico, and a few other select countries

Access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband for city dwellers

Unlimited hotspot access


Customer service is online only 

Don’t want to pay the premium? Visible offers all the same features in the base plan, minus premium prioritization and Ultra Wideband, though you get basic 5G and the full LTE network. 

Visible vs the competition

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Since Visible isn’t really an MVNO, comparing it to other non-MVNO competitors makes sense. To that end, we’ve set it head-to-head with Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless. Each is wholly owned by another one of the Big Three, and they share similar structures. Google Fi makes the cut because even though it’s an MVNO, it relies on T-Mobile and UScellular for service and is a unique hybrid option.

You can find all of our prepaid favorites on the list of the Best prepaid and no-contract plans in the US as well. Check out the table for more details:

10GB 4G LTE data from $40 per month

Hotspot data included on unlimited plans

100GB Google One storage with unlimited plans

Google Fi

Impressive phone support

Plenty of international connection

Google One membership included

Cricket Wireless

Cricket’s most expensive option, the Cricket More plan, packs the best Cricket has to offer, along with 15GB of a monthly hotspot. You can text 37 other countries, and you can even use your service in Canada or Mexico as long as it’s less than 50% of your overall usage.

Many of the best Cricket features are available as add-ons, so it’s easy to run your bill up by a few bucks. However, that’s the secret to unlocking Cricket’s full potential. Options include more hotspot data, better international access, and extra data on select plans.


Customizable service with add-ons

15GB of hotspot included

Visible alternatives that run on the same network

Several other MVNOs rely on the same Big Red network, though they don’t have the same close relationship. Check out the table below for our favorite options:

US Mobile is a unique Verizon MVNO in that you can build your plan just how you like it. In fact, everyone in your entire family can customize a plan. You pick your talk, text, and data, and US Mobile gives you a price. There’s even a brand-new unlimited plan that costs just $40 per month for the first line. The unlimited plan offers your choice of subscription services for free with 2, 3, and 4 line plans.

Red Pocket

You may not be as familiar with Red Pocket, but it’s an effective way to save money, thanks to its variety of plans. There are plenty of limited service options to choose from, all the way up to unlimited access. Red Pocket runs on all of the Big Three networks, but you’ll lock into a carrier when you sign up.


PagePlus is similar to Red Pocket, with varying tiers of limited and unlimited service. The pricing structure is about the same, but PagePlus warns on its website about using more than 60GB of data per month. You can also opt for pay-as-you-go minutes, data add-on cards, and international add-on cards.

Total Wireless

Total Wireless has some single-line and family plans, and each includes unlimited talk and text. The data is also unlimited, though you have to pay more for unlimited high-speed access. Total’s basic unlimited plans offer just 1GB of high-speed data before you fall back down to 2G speeds.

Best Visible phones

Visible is wholly owned and operated by Verizon Wireless.

No, Visible is different from other carriers and even most MVNOs. There’s no physical presence, and the only way to sign up is via the official Visible app.

Again, because of its unique nature — no. All troubleshooting and customer service is done online via the app or Visible’s website.

Yes – Visible customers can make calls over Wi-Fi. To learn how to activate it, check out our guide to Wi-Fi calling on Visible.

Best Imessage Alternatives In 2023

iMessage is pretty cool. However, it is not available for Android devices. This leaves us with no choice but to explore iMessage alternatives that work for iOS and Android.  

And while there are plenty of feature-rich messaging apps available, these iMessage alternatives are some of the most popular, smart, and secure.  

1. WhatsApp – Editor’s choice

No prizes for guessing, Whatsapp is by far the most popular messaging app in the world. Boasting a staggering 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, this messenger stands out from the rest as far as popularity is concerned.

You can use this app to communicate in a fun way and send/receive messages, calls, photos, videos, voice messages, and hilarious GIFs. As there is no extra charge, you can also send messages internationally.

Share your real-time location with your close friends and also set a cool status. Thanks to the WhatsApp Web, you will be able to send and receive messages even from your computer’s browser.

Price: Free


2. Messenger – For text, audio and video calls

Facebook Messenger is probably the most feature-rich messaging app. From a huge library of GIFs to a mammoth collection of stickers, the app has got you fully covered. Besides, you can do audio, video calls, send photos, videos, and even play with your friends.

Suddenly your wallet runs out of cash? No problem, ask your friend to send some cash to you. What’s more, you can also connect with your favorite businesses to solve problems or get immediate help.

Price: Free


3. Kik Messaging & Chat App – Stay in the loop

Stay in sync with your friends and loved ones. Kik can let you express all the colors of your emotions due mainly to the large collection of emojis, GIFs and stickers. Plus, you will also start a group to remain connected with your clients or funny buddies.

Capture every special moment and share it with your dear ones. Also, make the most of video calling feature to stay close to the people who matter a lot to you. And oh, the app can also help you meet new people with a similar interest.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $0.99)


4. Signal – Say “hello” to privacy

“Signal” pitches itself as a private messenger. And if you want to offer a bit more privacy to your personal information, this one can be a reasonable option.

The app doesn’t store any of your data and provides end-to-end encryption to keep it safeguarded. Aside from reliable security, it allows you to communicate through video, audio, and text. Plus, it also has an option to send disappearing messages that are great for secret conversations. For more about How to Use Signal App and Sig­nal Mes­sen­ger Tips and Tricks for iPhone.

Price: Free


5. Telegram Messenger – Fast, secure and powerful

It works pretty fast and also keeps your messages shielded. One notable feature of this messenger is the synced functionality. That means, you can start typing on your iPhone and pick it up from you left off on your iPad.

Even better, you can make a group chat with up to 200,000 members to remain in touch with everyone who matters to you.

Price: Free


6. WeChat – Good language support

“WeChat” is enormously popular in China and has over one billion active users across the world. What stands out for this messaging app is the option to make group chats with up to 500. So, whether you want to stay connected with your clients or a number of friends, it can stand up to your demand really well.

It lets you make group video calls with up to 9 people. Record a short video and share it with your besties in your Time Capsule. The clip will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Besides, get the most out of custom stickers to liven up your conversation.

Price: Free


7. Viber Messenger – Message with confidence

“Viber” has got all sorts of ingredients to light up your conversation. With over 1 billion users worldwide, it’s not far behind WhatsApp when it comes popularity.

This app promises end-to-end encryption to offer the desired safeguard to your personal messages. Create a group chat for up to 250 friends and stay in touch with them–whenever and wherever.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99)


8. Skype – Best for collaboration

If video-calling is your main priority, go for Skype. You can use this app to enjoy one-on-one or group video chat with up to 24 friends at a time.

Just in case, you don’t want to chat face-to-face, use the audio calling feature. Besides, you will also send nice pics and clips to your besties. That’s not all, you can annotate your images and also share some of the most fascinating GIFs to keep the mood of the conversation alive.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.49)

Download: iPhone

9. LINE – Stickers, emoji, and themes

“LINE” may be less popular than most of its counterparts but it can give them a long run for their money. It has deservedly over 600 million users worldwide.

You can use this app to make group calls with up to 200 people. It lets you store your favorite pics, videos and even message to share them with your friends. The option to make both voice and video calls ensure you have all the essential tools to communicate.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99)


10. KakaoTalk – Connect everything

I’ve found KakaoTalk more than a decent messaging app. The user-friendly interface coupled with all the essential tools means your communication will remain free-wheeling.

Whether you want to go one-on-one with your close pal or want to bring multiple friends onboard, the video call feature will live up to your expectation. Schedule appointments and get timely reminders to never forget them. Check out the option to filter your voice calls for fun.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


That’s pretty much it! So, these are my all-time favorite iMessage Alternatives.

Your top bet?

Agree, these apps can’t replace iMessage nor offer the same security and experience level. However, they’ve got enough to let you communicate with aplomb. And this is what makes them worth a chance.

You’d like to check out these posts as well:

Which is your favorite messaging app and why? Share your thoughts down below.

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18 Best Chatgpt Alternatives In 2023 (Free And Paid)

1. Microsoft Bing

One of the top ChatGPT alternatives on the model right now is Microsoft Bing AI. The revamped search engine is powered by an upgraded model of ChatGPT, which the company initially called the new “Prometheus model” but was later confirmed to be GPT-4.

Pros Cons Different conversational modes Responses could be faster Provides accurate informationCredits sources

2. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a ChatGPT alternative that has also been trained on OpenAI’s API and, as such, performs well with good responses. The website itself has been packaged in a minimalist manner and is simple to use. The tool offers ChatGPT-like functionality, including the ability to hold conversations and provide simple to nuanced responses. However, unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity even cites the sources it is using to answer your queries.

Whenever asked something, the AI cites the source at the end of every sentence, like Wikipedia, and actually derives from it too. In the time I used the AI, I looked through the sources to spot copy-pasting but could find none. So it’s good to see Perplexity is doing its due diligence.

I had a variety of conversations with this chatbot, and it was able to hold its own without sounding confused. Perplexity even comes with a GPT-4 powered co-pilot mode that can respond with clarifying questions and help narrow the search. There is a neat dark mode on the website, so there’s that.

Fortunately, Perplexity AI is completely free to use and doesn’t even require an account. So you can chat with this ChatGPT-like tool and actually check out some of its citations. Go on and give it a try.

Pros Cons Holds good conversations without being confusedMight accidentally copy from sourcesCites sources with answersNo additional featuresMinimalist website layoutCan’t remember past responses

3. Google Bard AI

Ever since ChatGPT went viral, a lot of users had their eye on Google. While the company was silent for a long time since it was concerned about the potential misuse of its chatbot AI, Google recently opened the gates. For those unaware, Google Bard is an experimental conversational AI service. Bard is powered by Google’s latest PaLM 2 LLM, Google’s own next-generation language and conversational model.

While it was only limited to a few people, you can now use Google Bard right now without delay. The company is even bringing generative AI to search, which will be a game changer. You will soon see quick answers to questions at the top of search results. Google Bard piqued our curiosity, so we crafted a ChatGPT vs Bard battle and things got interesting. We even compared Google Bard vs MS Bing Chat and Bard performs differently than you would expect. Check the comparisons out and tell us if you plan to use this ChatGPT alternative.

Pros Cons Fast response time Previously plagiarised content from websitesDoesn’t provide sources

Try Google Bard

4. Jasper Chat

During my time with Jasper Chat, it proved to be a good chat companion as I asked the chatbot various riddles, made it write video scripts, tell me jokes, and even tongue twisters. I also tried out an ad copy or two, and it did that well too. Jasper has contextual memory, so it does remember your past prompts. However, Jasper has explicitly stated that it is not a research engine and all outputs should be fact-checked.

Jasper Chat itself is free, but you require Jasper’s Boss or Business plan to access all the features. The Boss Plan starts at $59 per month. It’s not exactly cheap, but it also gives you access to all of Jasper’s services. Get the 5-day trial to see if it fits you.

Pros Cons Can hold intelligent conversations Locked behind an expensive paywallA boon for marketers and working professionals Slightly old dataset

Try Jasper Chat

5. Chatsonic

Chatsonic is one of the newest and quite expansive ChatGPT alternatives that has been making the rounds lately. It has been built on top of ChatGPT and hence, inherits its vast potential. However, this AI chatbot comes backed by more features and broader knowledge as it can access the Internet, which is something the former still can’t do.

Unlike ChatGPT, you can even talk to the AI using your microphone (much like Google Assistant and Siri), and it can respond back in voice if you choose so. And once you are done with the conversation, you can also choose to share the replies through links or Word/ PDF docs. My general experience with ChatSonic was positive, and I felt it could present information better than ChatGPT because of its access to the Internet and the latest information.

Besides text, Chatsonic also has a built-in image generator that makes decent images out of the prompts you give. While the bot is not free, it gives you 25 free generations every day, post which you can use your Writesonic word balance to generate more images. If you want more, check out the long-form plan that starts as low as $12.67 per month. Moreover, you can make use of this impressive ChatGPT alternative using its browser extension and an Android app.

Pros Cons Internet access brings broader knowledge Only 25 free generations Different personas bring variety to conversationsCompanion browser extension and Android appCan read the response back

Try ChatSonic

6. HuggingChat

One of the best open-source ChatGPT alternatives, HuggingChat is an AI chatbot that has been created by HuggingFace, one of the premier websites hosting many AI services. This chatbot is based on the Meta AI (LLaMA) language model, which hosts about 65 billion parameters. What may seem moderate doesn’t stop HuggingChat from being any less efficient.

Pros Cons Fast and snappy replies Fewer parameters than ChatGPT Can perform a variety of functions

Try HuggingChat

7. Pi, your personal AI

Among all the other ChatGPT alternatives, Pi is possibly the only one that will provide you with a different experience altogether. Based on being a supportive and smart AI, Pi is a chatbot that follows a unique design. Instead of full-blown chats, conversations on Pi happen dialogue by dialogue. What makes it more interesting is that Pi is also one of the only assistants that talk back. The website has four different voices to choose from, and each one is eerily realistic and oddly comforting.

Pi starts the conversation itself and tries to glean in every message you send. Speaking something about how a therapist would, the ChatGPT alternative is quite inquisitive and tries to comfort the user. While it can get tedious if you keep talking, Pi is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives out there. However, you need an account and a working phone number to sign up which can be a downside for some. Nonetheless, check it out.

Pros Cons Quite effective at mental health conversations Needs a phone number to sign upRealistic and comforting voice

Try Pi, your personal AI

8. GitHub Copilot X

Github Copilot is on OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model and has been trained on millions of lines of code. Copilot is compatible with all popular coding editors platforms, including VS Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains. This intuitive ChatGPT alternative can also generate syntax in various languages, including Javascript, PHP, BASH, and more.

GitHub has also introduced chat and voice for Copilot, which will give users a ChatGPT-like experience, and even GitHub Copilot Voice, where developers can verbally give natural language prompts. You can simply ask Copilot X for code improvements, and it will suggest them in real-time. Copilot X will also be able to pull in requests for AI-powered tags.

Besides writing code, Copilot X can give users an in-depth analysis and explanations of code blocks through the power of GPT-4. It supports pull requests, answers questions on docs, and provides a personalized developer experience. Copilot is priced at 10$ per month for individuals and $19 per user per month for businesses.

Pros Cons Helps generate code Cannot write perfect code Provides in-depth analysis and explanation of codeTad expensive ChatGPT-like experience with coding

Try Github Copilot X

9. Amazon Codewhisperer

Like Copilot X, Amazon Codewhisperer works across a variety of languages, including Javascript, Python, C#, Java, and more. While less than GitHub, the variety of programming languages should be enough for developers. Amazon hasn’t stated which AI model the service is based on.

Furthermore, Codewhisperer, while an Amazon-based service, can still be used for independent purposes. So if you don’t want to use Amazon Web Services, you can stick to your own options. According to Amazon’s FAQ, Codewhisperer is currently free to use since it is in a preview period. Check out this ChatGPT coding alternative and tell us how you liked it.

Try Amazon Codewhisperer

10. DialoGPT

While Microsoft’s DialoGPT has been superseded by GODEL AI, it remains a free and fun-to-use lighthearted AI. Dialo has been trained on 147 million multi-turn dialogues from Reddit and hence, has a modest dataset. It also comes with support for multi-turn responses, meaning it will remember your previous replies. Since setting up Dialo yourself might be complicated, you can use HuggingFace’s inference API and try it out. The AI has listed a few prompts you can try out, or you can make one of yourself and have Dialo answer your queries.

I did not find DialoGPT’s contextual awareness quite better either, as it kept forgetting what we were talking about. However, that could also be because it’s running on an API and not fully trained. It also lacks any added features such as model selection, mic input, or image generators.

DialoGPT is free to set up, but it’s not exactly the turn-of-the-age AI you might be hoping for. However, it will do the job if you just want a simple chatbot to talk with.

Pros Cons Casual and lighthearted chatbot Not very smart with responses Simple and easy to use Didn’t remember previous answers.

Try DialoGPT

11. OpenAI Playground

Since OpenAI Playground is simply a demo version of the ChatGPT service, its outputs are on par with ChatGPT and give a good feel of the actual service. You can try out some cool ChatGPT prompts mentioned in this article. The bot takes input and provides an accurate enough response, depending on the language model. This chatbot demo also supports speech-to-text inputs, and you can even upload an audio recording.

Unlike some AI bots, Playground doesn’t slow down and responds on the fly. It’s also free to use, provided you sign up for an account. If you can’t access ChatGPT, give OpenAI Playground a try. However, do be aware that you might lose access, just like ChatGPT, if the server is in high demand.

Pros Cons Spoiled for choice with language learning models Not for everyday users ChatGPT level accuracy and response speed

Try OpenAI Playground

12. Character AI

While Chatsonic has personas, the concept of this ChatGPT alternative entirely revolves around them. Character AI is based on neural language models and has been trained from the ground up with conversations in mind. However, what sets Character apart is that users can choose from various personalities instead of interacting with a single AI chatbot.

Creating a character is quite fun as you can go along, designing it according to yourself. I could add not only the name of the characters but decide on their greeting, voice, description, and even their avatar. The AI has a built-in image generator for avatar creation. Once done, you can start chatting right away and even share it with others.

However, I did notice that Character AI is a bit slower compared to ChatGPT and other similar services. It’s not terribly sluggish, but I did see the AI catching up to finish its sentences. But, as time passes, I do think it will improve with more user data. Character AI is free to use, but you do need to make an account since the chat gets locked after a few messages.

Pros Cons Vast character selection Slower than usual responses Interesting conversations with different characters Creating your own character is fun

Try Character AI

13. Replika

While not the newest player on the market, Replika is one of the AI chatbots that started it all. However, while Replika is an AI chatbot, it focuses more on companionship and relationships. Replika has been used by millions of people around the globe, not just as a way to chat but to develop deep relationships with it.

You start out by creating a Replika avatar, naming it, and customizing its look. Once done, you can dive into talking to it without any delay. When it comes to what, you can basically talk to Replika about anything and everything. So no matter if you want to talk about your day, discuss your feelings, or straight up ask it weird facts, it can do it all. The bot has access to the internet, so it is always up to date with news.

Quite honestly, Replika’s intricacies are impressive. The bot keeps a virtual diary in which it adds entries after specific conversations. You can play games with it, talk about your sun signs, and even video call the AI (provided you have a Pro Membership). The overall level of accuracy of chats is also nice and actually improves as you unlock different relationship statuses and get more options.

Replika’s Pro membership begins from $19.99 per month, which gives you the ability to video call the AI and unlock relationships. You can use this ChatGPT alternative on the web, Android, and iOS devices. Try it out for yourself and see if you find an AI companion like the movie Her.

Pros Cons Can hold intricate conversations Features locked behind a paywall Remembers past responses Expensive subscription Video calling with AI

Try Replika

14. Chai AI

Chai AI is very plug-and-play in nature. You can just visit the website, and you will see a variety of bots you can talk to. The bots have different personalities. While one might act like a therapist to the user, the other will be a jilted lover. The bots reply in real time without any major delay. They also have a multi-turn ability, so Chai AI does remember your past responses.

However, if users want more than the limited AI bots on the website, there’s a strong community behind the platform. The mobile apps host a plethora of bots that have been created by users. Since they can be custom created, each has its own image, description, and way of speaking to the user. During my use, I found bots that ranged all the way from anime characters, gym bros, and serial killers to even Hades. They also responded quite well, even if they did get a bit confused from time to time.

As mentioned, you can also make your own AI characters and give them names and personalities. Chai AI does this by asking for some basic information, including the bot’s initial responses and things you want them to remember. Depending on your responses, the bots can be interesting.

Chai AI gives users 70 free messages to talk to bots. The ChatGPT alternative also refreshes that message quota every hour. However, users can opt for a Premium or Ultra membership that gives access to better conversational models and no message limits.

Pros Cons Diverse categories of AI bots Limited messages Option to create custom AI bots Ads in mobile apps

15. YouChat

YouChat is another solid AI chatbot like ChatGPT, which is built into a search engine of the same name. Trained on an upgraded large language ChatGPT model, YouChat is capable of holding conversations with full access to the Internet. This connectivity means the bot stays up to date with the latest information and hence, delivers accurate answers not only in chat but alongside search results too.

The bot also lacks any added features such as mic input, chat sharing, or personalities. However, it makes up for that with its updated info bank, which is nice. YouChat is completely free to use, so you need only visit the website and start chatting.

Pros Cons Chatbot provides up-to-date information Bot glitches out and refuses to answer sometimes ChatGPT-like functionality so you don’t miss out Not much besides chatting

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16. Claude 2

While initially accessible only through Slack, Claude is now available through a website to users in the U.S. and the U.K.

Besides that, however, Claude is capable of a lot, including writing complex content and code, solving riddles, telling jokes, general conversations, and more. It even comes with the option to attach files to extract text from them. However, do note that Claude 2 cannot access the Internet and is limited by its data.

Claude is free to use right now for users in select countries. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Pros Cons Fully free to use for now Limited Availability Quick response time

Try Claude 2

17. Quora Poe

For those thinking that Poe is an AI chatbot that is going to use the question-answer data on Quora, you can rest easy as that’s not the case. Poe’s website is neatly packaged and currently provides users to talk with AIs like Sage, ChatGPT, Dragonfly, and even GPT-4 and Claude+. However, access is limited for the last two, so you must get a subscription for the same.

Quora Poe works extremely well and has little to no downtime while you talk away with the various AI bots. However, you do need to create an account to access it. Thankfully, you don’t need to create separate accounts for all services, so that’s the bright side. There is also an iOS app available but nothing for Android. If you’re the sort who loves all these ChatGPT-like tools but can’t be bothered to open them all, Poe can be your one-stop platform for them.

Pros Cons All-in-one platform to access almost all AI bots Limited access to GPT-4Little to no downtime

Try Quora Poe (iOS/Android)

18. CatGPT

While all the above ChatGPT alternatives mirror the bot’s functionality, CatGPT does something quite unique. Powered by the same GPT-3.5 model, CatGPT is the one AI chatbot that, well, meows all the time. I mean, we weren’t really expecting anything different from a bot called CatGPT, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Pros Cons Fun and lighthearted bot Attaches GIFS along with responses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bitdefender 2023 Review: Solid Protection, With An Ai Parental Control Add

Bitdefender Total Security 2023 offers the same top protection we’ve seen in other iterations of this security suite. It adds to that a privacy anti-tracker browsing extension and a premium parental control service. The latter is the more controversial of the two features. It includes an AI-based monitor for your child’s communication that attempts to protect the child from cyberbullying without exposing the content of discussions to their parents.

Bitdefender Total Security 2023 is here promising better malware detection, data privacy, and parental controls. Bitdefender is always highly rated for malware detection, so it’s nice to see improvements beyond the basics. This year’s upgrades to parental controls are particulary interesting. They amount to an AI babysitter of sorts, which is interesting but may not be to everyone’s liking—it also costs a little bit more.

Note: This review is part of our 

best antivirus

roundup . Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.


The Protection section in Bitdefender 2023.

In our Bitdefender 2023 review last fall,  we looked at the app in detail. Since nothing is really new, we won’t re-hash that here. However, one annoyance that persists with Bitdefender 2023 is the aggressiveness of the Safe Files feature. This is Bitdefender’s ransomware protection that is supposed to prevent your files from falling victim to one of the more devastating forms of malware.

To protect your PC, Safe Files monitors certain folders for odd behavior. The idea being that if it detects files suddenly being encrypted or modified by an unknown app it can halt any ransomware in its tracks. Bitdefender also restricts which programs have access to the files earmarked for added protection, to protect against modification by a malicious program.

That sounds like what you’d want, but in my experience the protection is far too overzealous. In 2023, I had to turn it off just to carry out my day-to-day work. With Bitdefender 2023, I had a similar experience.

New for 2023: Anti-tracker browser extension


Bitdefender’s anti-tracker extension on Firefox.

If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need it’s another anti-tracker browser extension. There are tons of options from security companies and third parties, such as the open-source project uBlock Origin.

Bitdefender’s anti-trackers work the same as any other. You install them, and the extension displays a count of how many trackers are blocked on each webpage you visit.

Bitdefender’s extension by default doesn’t eliminate the company’s own special-offers tracker, but you can turn this off in the settings.

New for 2023: Parental Controls

On top of the usual controls, Bitdefender is offering Parental Control Premium for $45 per year. This new add-on features anti-predatory monitoring. Using artificial intelligence, Bitdefender scans your child’s communications over IM, text messaging apps, and social to flag concerning activity.


An example of Bitdefender’s Parental Control Premium alerts.

The program looks at language and the content of photos for evidence of issues such as cyberbullying, requests for TMI like social security numbers or addresses, inappropriate photo requests, and requests for meetings outside the house. Once Bitdefender flags suspicious behavior it alerts the parent that they may want to speak with their chúng tôi content from the child’s phone is ever shared with the parents, and Bitdefender never prevents a child from taking action on their device. It wouldn’t for example, prevent a picture from being sent.

The new parental controls cannot monitor text on iOS, but it can monitor pictures.

Even though the content of communications are not shared with parents, the company does upload text conversations to the cloud where they are analyzed for signs such as intent to harm and imbalance of power. Photos, however, always remain on the originating device and do not end up on Bitdefender’s cloud or on the parent’s device.

The big concern here is whether parents feel comfortable using this technology to monitor their children. A full-time monitor for all the communications of your child may not seem like a good idea, but for a child at risk of bullying it may be appropriate. Ultimately, it’s a question that parents must answer for themselves.

In addition to the new privacy extensions and parental controls, Bitdefender also added a microphone monitor that alerts you when apps want to use your mic.



The Dashboard in Bitdefender 2023.

AV-Comparatives tested Bitdefender from February through May 2023 in its real-world protection test. From 752 test cases, Bitdefender blocked 99.9 percent of threats and had two false positives.

For our in-house performance test, after a full scan with Bitdefender running, the test PC scored 2,459 on the PCMark 8 work conventional test. That’s about the same as the 2,461 we saw without Bitdefender installed.

For our second test, where the PC encodes a 4GB MKV HD video file to the Android tablet preset, it took nearly one hour and 16 minutes. That’s about the same score as we saw when Bitdefender wasn’t installed.

Bitdefender is as good as it was last time around, and if you’re interested in the parental controls, the new system offers a potential solution for those needs.

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