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Did you know that your computer monitor has several ports on it to connect to your computer? You might wonder why there are so many and what’s the difference between them.

These video connections mostly have initials for names, so we’ll sort this out for you. Let’s learn all you need to know about DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort video connectors.

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You may wonder why we’re not talking about USB-C and Thunderbolt video connections. It’s true that USB-C can carry video and DisplayPort and HDMI are working on having their specs work through USB-C, but it’s not that popular yet.

Thunderbolt is also gaining popularity, but don’t confuse it with mini DisplayPort as they use the same connector. We’ll go in-depth on USB-C in an upcoming article.

Video Specification Terms You Need To Know

It makes sense that video specifications have a lot of details. A picture seems to be worth a thousand specs. For most of us, these are the most important specs to know.

Maximum Total Data Rate: Like Internet data rates, the maximum total data rate determines how much information it transfers per second. Generally, the higher the data rate, the higher the image quality.

Color Format: The colors on screens are made by combining just a few basic colors. RGB pixels are the most well-known, using red, green, and blue in different combinations and brightnesses to deliver different colors. 

The more modern format is YCbCr, where Y is the brightness, Cb is the blue difference, and Cr is the red difference color, or chroma, component. Simply, the Cb and the Cr are mixed to give the color and Y controls how vibrant the color is.

Resolution: It’s a bit like dots per inch (DPI), but for video. Just as a printer with a high DPI makes a clearer image, a monitor with higher resolution makes the clearer video. You’ll see a resolution formatted like 2048 x 1080. The first part is the number of pixels wide and the second part is the number of pixels high supported.

Different resolutions can also have names like 2K, 4K, 8K, and even 10K. The higher the number in front of the K, the clearer the image. The K represents 1024 pixels. So 2K means 2 x 1024, 4K is 4 x1024, and so on.

ResolutionDimensions in PixelsPixel Count720p (HD)1280×720921,6001080p (Full HD)1920×10802,073,6002k2048×10802,211,8404k (Ultra HD)3840×21608,294,4008k (Ultra HD)7680×432033,177,600

Refresh Rate: Video works somewhat like animation. It’s a series of still images, displayed rapidly to give the illusion of movement. The refresh rate is how rapidly the images get drawn. It’s measured in Hertz, which means times per second, loosely. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the motion in the video.

What is DVI?

It’s an odd-looking connector with the most pins of the group. DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is more of a group of display connectors than just one standard connector. DVI is the oldest of the 3 connectors, having been around since 1999. It took us from analog connections through VGA or SVGA to a digital connection, improving the display quality dramatically. 

DVI-D Dual Link has a maximum data rate of 7.92 Gbit/s, supports only the RGB color format, and has a maximum resolution of 3840×2400 at a 30 Hz refresh rate. It’s rare, but in some configurations, it may support audio as well.

What is HDMI?

You’ve seen HDMI before as it’s popular for regular TVs and computer monitors. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital connector with a variety of physical formats. Type A is the format you’ve likely seen on TVs and monitors.

Type C is the mini HDMI which you may have seen on smaller devices like cameras. Type D is the micro HDMI that you’ve likely seen on some phones, GoPro cameras, and newer RaspberryPi computers. Type E is used in cars, as it has a locking tab to keep it from coming loose because of vibrations.

There are several versions of HDMI that have different specifications. The newest version is 2.1, and it has a maximum data rate of 43 Gbit/s, supports RGB and YCbCr color formats, carries 32 audio channels, and supports a resolution of up to 7680×4320 at a 120 Hz refresh rate.

What is DisplayPort?

The newer of the connectors, DisplayPort (DP) is a versatile digital connector. DP can carry data other than videos, such as USB and audio. There are two DP form factors. The standard connector looks like a USB connector with one corner shaved off. It also has a locking mechanism that prevents loose connections. The mini DP resembles a shorter USB printer connector, like a square with two corners shaved off.

Like HDMI, there are different versions of the DisplayPort specification. DP is currently at version 2.0. It supports up to 77 Gbit/s data rate, RGB, YCbCr, and monochrome color formats, and resolutions up to 15360×8640 at a 60Hz refresh rate.

Which is Best – DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort?

Like most things, the best tool depends on the job for which it’s needed. DVI is common in office monitors but is on the way out. You probably won’t see this on your home PC, so it’s a non-issue but still good to know about.

HDMI is like a multi-tool with its capabilities and has been around longer than DisplayPort so it has a better representation in the market. Its mini and micro formats make it ideal for smaller devices. Most home theater devices like TVs, DVD players, and PVRs have HDMI ports. With resolutions up to 8K and 120Hz refresh rate, it’s also good for gaming.

DisplayPort has the highest specs of the three connectors and is becoming more popular in home video devices, but still doesn’t have as much of the market as HDMI.  DP does everything that HDMI does but can manage a higher resolution and refresh rate. You can daisy chain some monitors with DisplayPort for dual monitors.

DisplayPort is ideal for large format video like digital signage and also for gaming, but unnecessary for most home video. Also, DisplayPort signals are only good for about 9 feet of cable, whereas an HDMI cable can be up to 90 feet long.

So Which Is Best?

Each type was designed for different purposes. You now have the knowledge to research and decide for yourself. Well, you and your wallet. What’s your favorite, and why? We’re open to learning more too.

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Crypto Trading Vs Crypto Network: What You Need To Know

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets which can be traded in a crypto market. This trade sometimes involves pairing two coins against each other. One can decide not to trade cryptocurrency and instead store digital coins as a store of value.

Crypto trading, however, is the act of predicting the price of cryptocurrency without necessarily taking ownership of the traded coin. This can be done by going ‘long’ (buy) if you feel the value of the coin will rise or going ‘short’ (sell) if you feel the value will fall. Many cryptocurrency trading platforms sometimes give out signals on how an asset might perform in the crypto market so as to enable the trader to make the right call.

This is also a leveraged product signifying that you must deposit a small amount known as a margin in order to be fully exposed to the market. Your profits or loss is calculated based on the leveraged margin used and so the profit or loss would be magnified.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency

For you to trade cryptocurrency, basic steps need to be followed. The steps include,

Sign Up for an Account: for you to trade cryptocurrency on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you will need to have an exchange account. This account will help you store the full value of assets when bought, open a position in the crypto market and store crypto tokens in your wallet pending when you are fully ready to sell the asset. Also, opening an account will require you to provide some personal details that would identify you when next you log in. A KYC (Know Your Customer) document will be filled by you. This document helps the brokerage firm to know you better.

Fund Your Crypto Wallet: Funding your account will require you to connect your bank account to your wallet. Many cryptocurrency platforms accept deposits through wire transfers or debit cards.

Choose an Asset To Invest In: Choosing an asset to invest in or trade is very important to the growth of your portfolio. Many traders invest or trade altcoins although they can be very volatile. Your style of trading might determine the kind of assets you trade. Many day or swing traders prefer trading altcoins because of their high volatility.

Some traders have also tried out automatic trading using some software. These trading bots enforce a process that has already been designed to give you significant returns while trading.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by buyers and sellers. There are two opposing sides to a trade. This means that there must be a winner and there must be a loser. This, therefore, requires the investor or trader to carry out research and have a detailed understanding of how the crypto market works. This will help him optimize his profits and minimize his losses.

How Cryptocurrency Market Works

The cryptocurrency market is a decentralized market. This means that there are no restrictions or control by the government or any authority. Digital assets are traded using a method known as over-the-counter. The crypto market is operated through networks or computers.

Unlike physical currencies, cryptocurrencies are digitally owned and can be stored on blockchain networks. When a transaction occurs between two users, it can only be completed once it has been verified and has been added to the blockchain network.

A blockchain is a system where transactions carried out in that particular system is recorded and maintained across several computer networks. This can also be seen as a transaction history that identifies ownership which might change over time.

What Are Crypto Networks?

Crypto networks are also digital assets. They make use of blockchain technology. This technology is a distributed ledger that links a decentralized network where users freely transact and develop applications without restrictions from an authority or government. The blockchain is an incorruptible database system that chronologically records and timestamps transactions carried out at a given time.

The blockchain supports the peer to peer transactions. This means that transactions can be carried out by different users without the interference of an intermediary and these transactions are carried out in a safe and secured condition. This is the reason why the blockchain system needs multiple participants so that it can singlehandedly verify the output algorithms produced in the ‘block’.

One of the best use of blockchain technology is to act as a support to cryptocurrency transactions. It is a database that facilitates swift, secured and unique transactions of crypto networks.

Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency network to break out. Individual programmers under the supervision of Nakatomi Satoshi introduced the crypto network Bitcoin and it became very popular in 2009. Since then, Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency market.

Apart from Bitcoin, there are several other crypto networks. Some of these networks are;

Ethereum: Ethereum is a decentralized network with a smart contract functionality. It became the second largest crypto network after Bitcoin. It was developed by programmer Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and has since evolved into Defi networks. The Defi applications also have provisions for financial transactions without the need for an intermediary.

Ethereum allows users to create their unique NFT and also exchange them in the network. These NFTs symbolize ownership of a particular asset which can be in form of an artwork or sound and is fully recognized and accepted by many institutions. On September 15, 2023, Ethereum evolved from a proof of work (PoF) mechanism to a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism.

Litecoin: Litecoin is also a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network. It was one of the first altcoins that were started in October 2011. It has lower transaction fees and faster transaction verifications.

Ripple (XRP): Ripple was created in 2012 and is a remittance network created by Ripple Lab Inc. Ripple was built on a distributed open-source protocol that provides tokens that represent the fiat currencies or the cryptocurrency.

Some other Crypto networks include Cardano (ADA), Tether (USDT), Binance coin (BNB), Solana (SOL), Binance cash (BUSD) etc.

Displayport Vs Hdmi: Which Is Better For Gaming On Pcs?

When it comes down to linking a display to your gaming setup, you can use either HDMI or DisplayPort. The question is which one is better for gaming? This is something a lot of gamers would like to know before they invest in a hardcore gaming PC. Over the years, most people spoke of HDMI as the next best thing. However, as time went by, DisplayPort began to find its footing, and right now both are quite popular, but HDMI is still ahead in this regard, and this is primarily because it was first to market, therefore, it has a lot of consumer mindshare.

Which is better for gaming on PC – HDMI vs DisplayPort cable?

HDMI and DisplayPort are the two top media cables on the market today, but one is better than the other. The question is, which one, and does it even matter in the grand scheme of things?

What is HDMI all about?

For those who are wondering, HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and it is the most popular connector right now that is used for gaming, media consumption, and productivity. HDMI first came to market back in 2003, and since then, it has experienced quite a few changes.

If you look at the pins on an HDMI connector, you should count 19-pins. Any less or more means the connector is not of the HDMI variety.

Now, an HDMI connector is capable of transmitting Ethernet, video, and audio data. It does this at a bandwidth of between 10.2 Gbps and 48 Gbps. But it all depends on the version connector you’re using. You see, HDMI 1.4 maxes out at 10.2 Gbps, while HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 can only hit a maximum of 18 Gbps and 48 Gbps respectively.

To better explain what the different versions of HDMI are capable of at the time of writing, we’ve created a simple table:

Version Resolution Refresh Rate Bandwidth

HDMI 1.4 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) Up to 24 Hz Up to10.2 Gbps

HDMI 2.0 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) Up to 60 Hz Up to 18 Gbps

HDMI 2.1 4K (3840 x 2190 pixels), 10K (10240 × 4320 pixels) Up to 144 Hz Up to 48 Gbps

Something of note that needs to be mentioned is the fact that HDMI consists of four different cables, and they are used for differing purposes. Let us take a look at the four cables and what they’re capable of:

The Standard HDMI cable: This cable is the most basic and it is used for gaming at 1080i.

The Standard HDMI plus Ethernet: OK, so this one comes packed with Ethernet support and can deliver a maximum resolution at 1080i.

The High-Speed HDMI cable: This particular cable is capable of supporting the popular 1080p resolution, but also it can go up to 4K if needed.

The High-Speed HDMI Cable plus Ethernet cable: If you want to game at high resolution with Ethernet support, then this is the cable you should invest in.

Here’s the thing, most gamers will tell you that high-speed capable HDMI cables are great for gaming, and that’s no lie. These products can go up to 10K, but at the moment, we do not know of any games that support such a high resolution, so don’t try it.

Additionally, these cables have support for AMD’s FreeSync technology, but in terms of G-Sync, support is not available here. We’re not sure if in the near future HDMI will one day support G-Sync, but as things are now, some gamers will have to do without.

What is DisplayPort all about?

In terms of DisplayPort, then, it is quite similar to HDMI but only available for PCs at the time of writing. The connectors have a maximum number of 20 pins with a locking mechanism not found on HDMI plugs. Furthermore, a DisplayPort cable can transmit both video and audio at the same time.

It should be noted that there are two types of DisplayPorts at the moment. They are Standard DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort. For gaming, the Standard DisplayPort is mostly used and it works quite well. In fact, DisplayPort is very popular among gamers with high-end machines due to its superior specifications over HDMI.

Depending on the version, DisplayPort can support a bandwidth of up to 77.37 Gbps. The lowest number is 17.28 Gbps. So as it stands, we can see why many have chosen to go with this type of cable.

We should also point out that DisplayPort supports both FreeSync and G-Sync, another one-up on HDMI.

Which cable, HDMI or DisplayPort, is better?

To be honest, both are great at what they do. DisplayPort is better in terms of raw specifications, but most gamers, they’ll be very happy with just HDMI alone, even if they own high-end gaming computers.

If you have two or more monitors, however, then HDMI won’t cut it. You will need to invest in DisplayPort at t the end of the day.

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Is DisplayPort better than HDMI?

At this time, DisplayPort is indeed better than HDMI due to its support for higher bandwidth and support for multiple monitors. However, it’s not the performance that matters, but also how the availability of the display port. DisplayPort has a few features that make it slightly better suited for specific applications. The list includes higher maximum resolution and refresh rates, Adaptive Sync, which improves the gaming experience, Multi-Stream Transport (MST), and Display Stream Compression.

Why is HDMI more popular than DisplayPort?

HDMI is more popular than DisplayPort for a few reasons such as wide support, cost-effectiveness more people know about, and it is good enough for most people, especially for home entertainment. DisplayPort is not compulsory unless you want to play games all the time (higher resolutions and refresh rates).

What Is Movies Anywhere? Here’S What You Need To Know

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Today, the service supports many digital film stores and some TV and internet services. Here’s what you need to know about Movies Anywhere and how you can sign up to use this handy service.

What is Movies Anywhere?

As we mentioned earlier, Movies Anywhere is a Disney-controlled digital movie locker service. It enables supported digital films to be synced up to several online storefronts when they are purchased. Comcast cable TV customers can also watch them on their set-top box with its Xfinity service. In addition, there are apps for the service that are available for a variety of platforms, and you can also watch all of your supported films on the web via the Movies Anywhere website.

Where is the service available?

At the moment, Movies Anywhere is strictly for US consumers. There’s no word if Disney plans to expand the service to other parts of the world.

No. Movies Anywhere is not a storefront all by itself. It’s a service that serves to sync up your movie purchases from several different storefronts. For example, if you buy Avengers: Endgame on iTunes, the film will now also appear automatically in any of the other supported digital storefronts that are linked to your Movies Anywhere account.

Here’s the current list of digital storefronts that you can link together with your Movies Anywhere account?

iTunes – Apple’s digital movie store.

Google Play Store – The Android-based digital film source from Google.

YouTube – Also owned by Google; any movie purchased on Google Play Store also shows up on your YouTube movie library, and vice versa, regardless if they support Movies Anywhere.

Amazon Prime Video – The digital storefront owned, obviously, by Apple.

Microsoft Movies & TV – The storefront owned by Microsoft is mainly for Windows 10 and Xbox users.

Vudu – Fandango owns this storefront.

Xfinity – This is just for Comcast cable TV customers.

Verizon FiOS – Subscribers of Verizon’s FiOS Internet and TV series can use it.

DirecTV – For users of AT&T’s satellite TV service.

What movie studios don’t currently support Movies Anywhere?

As of this writing, Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM/UA are not supporting the service. That means if you want to buy a Star Trek, Transformers, Hunger Games, Twilight, or James Bond film on one of the Movies Anywhere-supported storefronts, they won’t automatically show up in the rest of your libraries. Hopefully, their boycott of this service will end shortly.

Do any TV shows support Movies Anywhere?

The answer, oddly enough, is, “Mostly, no.” As the name suggests, Movies Anywhere is supposed to be a movies-only digital locker service, so if you buy a season of your favorite TV show, even if it comes from one of the supported Hollywood studios, it will stay in the storefront where you bought it. That being said, a minimal number of TV miniseries and movies are indeed supported by the service.

iOS/Apple TV


Amazon Fire TV/Fire tablets



Roku-based TVs/set-top boxes and sticks

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X consoles

In addition, you can watch your library of films at the service’s website on your Windows or Mac PC. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Linux-based PCs do not support the Movies Anywhere site.

If each person on the same account is watching a different movie, the Movies Anywhere website or app allows up to four simultaneous streams at once. It also supports up to two simultaneous streams of the same movie at once on one account. Keep in mind that your movie library can also be streamed on all of the supported digital storefronts as well, just in case four streams at once is not enough.

Does the Movies Anywhere app support 4K and/or HDR streaming?

If you bought a 4K digital movie, it will stream at that resolution on the app, assuming your device or platform can support it. However, the app currently only supports movies with the HDR10 standard. It does not support movies that use the competing Dolby Vision HDR standard.

Can I continue watching a film on Movies Anywhere where I left off on another device?

Yes, you can! If you watch a film on, say, the Roku app and stop in the middle, you can continue where you ended in the movie on, for example, the Android Movies Anywhere app.

After you log into your Movies Anywhere account, you can view which movies are available to share via Screen Pass. Just go to your My Movie section, and then you can see the My Screen Pass Eligible Movies list.

Pick the film you want to share with someone else, and on its details page, tap on the Screen Pass button.

After that, follow the screen instructions to send the movie you picked to someone else so they can watch it for free.

You also have the option of sending your entire list of eligible Screen Pass movies to someone, so they can pick which one they watch to watch for free.

After that, follow the screen instructions to send your Screen Pass movie list to someone else so they can pick and watch one for free.

The company says about 80% of the Movies Anywhere library will support Screen Pass; some studios will not allow certain titles to be loaned out, at least for now. The loaned movies can be watched on every Movies Anywhere app, except for the Roku version, although Movies Anywhere may fix that soon.

Polygon Makes Major Announcements; Here Is What You Need To Know

Polygon partners with Eclipse to launch its new Sealevel Virtual Machine.

A new upgrade for Polygon zkEVM will be released with added integrations.

Polygon [MATIC] recently made a major announcement that will likely increase the network’s capabilities and offerings. The blockchain has partnered with Eclipse to launch a new software that will allow Solana apps to migrate to Polygon or go multichain. 

But the question is- Why should an investor care about this partnership?

🔥 Get ready for a game-changing collaboration between @EclipseFND and @0xPolygon to unveil Polygon SVM – a customized rollup to bring Solana’s Sealevel Virtual Machine to the Polygon ecosystem.

— Polygon Daily 💜 (@PolygonDaily) February 24, 2023

Well, to answer that we need to know SVM first. The software named Polygon Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) is a customized rollup to bring Solana’s Sealevel Virtual Machine to the Polygon ecosystem.

Any project developed on Solana will be able to smoothly leverage the capabilities of Polygon’s scaling solution using the newly announced SVM. As per Polygon, the testnet for Polygon SVM is expected to go live during the first quarter of 2023. 

How much are 1,10,100 MATICs worth today

New update for Polygon’s zkEVM

Not only SVM but there was interesting news for Polygon’s much-awaited zkEVM as well. Reportedly, there will be an audit-upgraded testnet for zkEVM.

This release will be a part of the security audit program that was announced back in December 2023. As per the official announcement, the new testnet will come with performance improvements as well as support for Etherscan and FFLONK.

Etherscan is one of the most popular block explorers for searching and browsing verified Ethereum blocks and transactions. With the integration of FFLONK, there will be significantly improved verifier performance.  

Next week, there will be an audit-upgraded testnet for Polygon #zkEVM. The coming testnet will feature:

— Polygon ZK (@0xPolygonZK) February 24, 2023

Realistic or not, here’s MATIC market cap in BTC’s terms

What was MATIC’s response like?

These updates did not have an impact on MATIC’s chart, which was painted red, thanks to the bearish market trend.

According to CoinMarketCap, MATIC’s price registered a decline of more than 6% in the last 24 hours, and at press time, it was trading at $1.27 with a market capitalization of over $11 billion.

The same remained true with MATIC’s on-chain performance, as most of the metrics looked bearish.

For instance, MATIC’s MVRV Ratio registered a downtick lately.

Meanwhile, CryptoQuant’s data revealed that the net deposits on exchanges were high compared to the 7-day average, which is a negative signal as it indicates high selling pressure.

In addition to that, MATIC’s active addresses also decreased. Thus, suggesting fewer users were participating in the network.

Nonetheless, a few of the metrics were working in MATIC’s favor. The network growth remained consistently high throughout the last week.

MATIC’s popularity also increased, as was evident from the spike in its social volume. Its exchange reserve was also declining, which was a bullish signal.

Interestingly, MATIC has remained popular among whales, as it recently became one of the top 2000 Ethereum whales’ most used smart contracts.

Therefore, despite the current negative price action, the possibility of a trend reversal can’t be ruled out considering whales’ interest and the aforementioned updates. 

Equity Release – Everything You Need To Know

Times are tight at the moment, with bills on the rise and supermarket shops getting more expensive by the day. Pensions aren’t getting any larger for those on or nearing retirement – but there are ways for you to unlock finances for later life without borrowing money you don’t have, one major example of which is equity release. But what is equity release, and how exactly does it work?

What is Equity Release?

In essence, equity release enables you to unlock the value of your biggest investment without having to sell it; the value of the loan can be recouped via monthly repayments, or the sale of the home when you move out or enter long-term care. Equity releases are paid back with interest, but you can choose to pay for just the interest in order to make the most of your money.

How Do People Utilise Equity Release?

Equity release, whichever scheme is chosen, enables you and your partner the freedom to live in your property right up until you move out, or pass away. Free from the worries of subsisting on pension payments alone, you are able to use your equity to live life comfortably, or afford passion projects and life experiences you may not otherwise have been able to.

What to Consider Before Releasing Equity

While releasing equity can make a significant difference to your quality of living, it is a serious decision to make with a number of potential ramifications. Borrowing the entirety of your home’s equity in one can result in extensive interest payments down the line, as compound interest on your property’s value guarantees a large sum of interest over time.

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