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FIFA 23: TOTW 2 Predictions

We try and predict FIFA 23 TOTW 2

We are fast approaching the second TOTW of FIFA 23. By the time this TOTW releases, we will have more and more people playing the game as the EA Play trial and Early Access for the game will be available. 

TOTW 2 will release at 6:00pm BST, the same as TOTW always does and this week we are already expecting some amazing special cards. On Friday we have the hotly anticipated Ones to Watch promo too – the first promo of FIFA 23.

After some of the form shown over the weekend some of the players we expect to feature in the promo may release with a boost straight off the bat.

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The reason why this TOTW may be so good, is because it has fallen during an international break. TOTW teams that fall during an international break are always incredibly strong and this week’s one looks no different. 

Below we are going to take a look at the players we expect to feature in TOTW 2.

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 Prediction Virgil Van Dijk

Like we said, this week’s TOTW looks to be pretty special and in the heart of the defence we expect Netherlands and Liverpool defender Van Dijk to feature. He may have not had the greatest start to the season with Liverpool, but for the Netherlands over the weekend he was back to his best. 

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Not only did he keep a clean sheet, he was also on the score sheet grabbing the winning goal against Belgium. He showed he was a threat at both ends of the pitch and fully deserves to be in the TOTW 2.

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 Prediction Diogo Dalot 

The Manchester United right back is now their main starter after being signed all them years ago as a youngster. At the moment he is only going from strength to strength. 

Dalot clearly took his club form into the international break with him as he nabbed himself a brace against the Czech Republic, which also helped them climb to top of their Nations League group. 

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 Prediction Mohamed Salah

Salah grabbed himself two goals in the 3-0 win against Niger, also picking up the MOTM award. This game may have only been a friendly, but he showed what he is made of and like Van Dijk needed to be back at his best after a quiet start to the season. 

It looks to be a good week for Liverpool fans with two of their main players both turning up for their nations over the weekend. 

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 Prediction Lionel Messi

Another one of the big boys put in an incredible performance over this international break, and that player is none other than Lionel Messi. He showed why he is considered the best around against Honduras, and why we think he will feature in this week’s TOTW. 

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 Prediction Olivier Giroud 

Giroud got a goal and assist in France’s win against Austria, once again showing why he is so important to the French National Team. He is crucial to the way they play and at the age of 35 he has continued to show why he remains in the squad. 

Giroud is also closing in on Thierry Henry’s record as France top scorer, which will only cement his place as one of the greats even if he is criminally underrated. 

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 Prediction

It looks to be a very Premier League heavy defence this week as Manchester City centre back Akanji showed his quality in Switzerlands 2-1 win against Spain. He got a goal whilst also keeping a clean sheet. 

Choosing a player from the Brazil squad isn’t quite as easy but one will definitely feature. We think it will be between PSGs Marquinhos, but Richarlison was outstanding, the only reason we doubt it may be him is because he is part of the OTW promo that releases on Friday. 

It isn’t long until we see who will be featuring, but we can’t wait.

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*Latest* Fifa 23 Ratings: Top 50 Player Predictions

*LATEST* FIFA 23 ratings: Top 50 player predictions

Will Messi remain at the top or will upcoming stars take the crown? Here’s our predictions

We predict the top 50 player ratings in the latest version of FIFA 23. Will Messi continue to be at the top of the pile or will upcoming superstars like Mbappe finally take over? Here are our top 50 FIFA 23 player predictions.

The latest edition of FIFA looks set for global success yet again. We have now seen everything EA wants us to see, prior to the games official release on the 30th of September. Yet, the last thing they’re keeping in their back pocket are the official FIFA 23 player ratings.

We now know that these ratings are set to come this week, with the ambassadors already having their ratings officially revealed the rest will be coming this week.

So we figured, why not take a look at the players seasons from last year and try to predict who we think will be the best players in FIFA 23. Sadly, we already know we got a few of them wrong but hopefully some of them are right.

Our top 50 FIFA 23 player rating predictions

The following scores are predictions based on my knowledge of football. FIFA 23 official player ratings will almost certainly differ.

There may be a few surprises in there, a few disgruntled opinions, but ultimately, we’ve taken last year’s player ratings and used the last 12 months of form to predict what FIFA will give the top 50 players in the new game.

For us, Mbappe didn’t quite do enough last year to knock Messi off the top spot. And despite Messi not really performing to his best abilities in the French Ligue 1, he still did enough to retain the joint top spot with the French superstar.

However, rumours are suggesting he will be the number 1 player in FIFA 23.

One of the most exciting movers this summer: Raheem Sterling, will still be a lot of fun going into FIFA 23 despite not having his best season. If he can recapture his best form, his rating may not stay an 87 for very long, with him likely to get a nice upgrade for next years edition of the game.

When will the official FIFA 23 ratings be revealed?

FIFA 23 has been announced for the 30th of September. It’s hard to predict when the official FIFA 23 ratings will be unveiled. We could start seeing these trickle out as we approach the release. In the past they have released them gradually in small batches to generate excitement.

If last year is anything to go by, we already had a concrete release date, price, and beta before FIFA announced the player ratings.

The same will likely happen this time around, with FIFA 23 player ratings unveiled within the last few weeks before the game releases. We are beginning to see some leaks to FIFA ratings shown, but they are yet to be confirmed by EA.

Will FIFA 23 have a career mode?

We have had the official Career Mode reveal and like most years it was not too well received. The community wanted so much more from the game.

With new modes being developed within FIFA career mode, the latest create-a-club mode will feature, alongside your classic manager mode and player mode as well.

The biggest new additions to Manager Career Mode is being able to take control of real managers. Player Career has also received some updates, including giving your pro a more distinguished personality.

Career mode is where you can really change the world order and ensure that your players become the best of the best. The challenge now will be trying to find a player who can overtake Mbappe, now that he looks to be such a high rating.

FIFA 23 ICONs and Heroes

FIFA ICONs look set to make a return to the latest instalment of FIFA, with new leaks suggesting David Villa, Alfredo Di Stefano, Zico, Jairzinho and Gerd Muller will become new ICONs.

There are also a whole new batch of Heroes coming to the game, in partnership with Marvel.

The Heroes we know that are featuring so far are:

Diego Forlan as “Sunstrike”

Lucio as “The Thunder”

Rafael Marquez as “El Kaiser”

Javier Mascherano as “Octob-Boss”

Yaya Toure as “The Citadel”

Landon Donovan as “The Brave”

Park Ji-Sung as “Tigerheart”

Cladio Marchioso as “Il Prinicipino”

Peter Crouch as “The Robot”

Tomas Brolin as “The Tornado”

Harry Kewell as “The Wizard of Aus”

Sidney Govou as “The Lion of Lyon”

Jean Pierre-Papin as “The Acrobat”

Dirk Kuyt as “The Energizer”

Rudi Völler as “The Flying German”

Hidetoshi Nakata as “Stealth Agent 78”

Jay-Jay Okocha as “Double Take”

Joan Capdevila as “The Backfield Bull”

Włodzimierz Smolarek as “Phase Shift” 

Saeed Al-Owairan as “The Emerald Falcon” 

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8 Shocking Crypto Predictions For 2023

The crypto market wasn’t doing well this year due to the declining trend and the colossal FTX meltdown, which made many investors withdraw their funds. However, as we move closer to 2023, things seem to be changing.

There’s a lot of speculation about 2023 being filled with great crypto launches, and some have already happened. Some spectacular tokens like FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, C+Charge, RobotEra, Calvaria, and IMPT have revived the market with their successful presales. So let’s take a look at them.

1.    FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is an innovative new Move-to-Earn (M2E) project poised for tremendous success in 2023 for many reasons. The project is a blockchain fitness app aimed at motivating you to train, enjoy your workout, and boost your strength and muscle mass.

2.    Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade has gained a lot of traction among traders right now. The platform provides a variety of analytical tools so you can find out what the coins are worth. This platform has a tool for building strategies that can be tested in real-time. This strategy can be tweaked and tested for reduced risk and success.

Currently, Dash 2 Trade is in the final stages of its presale, so be sure to grab your tokens before they’re gone.

3.    C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is a revolutionary green crypto project that’s just bursting onto the scene. It is a new peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging system based on blockchain technology. In essence, C+Charge charges you with CCHG, the crypto coin used to pay for power.

Every time you charge the power, you’ll get carbon credits. By doing so, you can reduce carbon emissions as well as earn money as you go.

4.    RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a new sandbox-styled metaverse in which you become robots and rebuild the planet by exploring and developing new land. This open world will keep your imagination going and allow you to share the metaverse experience.

TARO, RobotEra’s native token, powers its NFT marketplace, where you can use it to process transactions. Plus, the DAO on this metaverse platform lets the community vote on the features that will make it more sustainable and better.

5.    Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is an exciting Play-to-Earn card game set within the fantasy world of Arcilla Divina. As a player on the Calvaria platform, you can enjoy dueling with a variety of characters (cards) and earning crypto rewards.

The main goal of Calvaria is to connect the crypto world with the real world. This model opens up attractive investment opportunities to investors of all levels, even if they are not familiar with crypto.

6.    IMPT

IMPT is another great crypto project that connects over 10,000 corporations and brands. It’s like a marketplace for NFT carbon credits, where you can buy, sell or burn them to reduce your carbon footprint.

With the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) industry growing, IMPT token has a lot to gain. Moreover, its pre-sale success demonstrated the project’s popularity and demand. This is the perfect time to buy IMPT to profit from its huge potential. Lbank and Changelly just launched the coin, but potential investors can still purchase it for an affordable price.

7.    Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a layer-based blockchain that serves as a framework for private blockchains and blockchain technologies. Competing with Ethereum, it aims to beat Ethereum as the most commonly used blockchain for payments. To accomplish this, it strives to handle around 6,500 transactions every second without sacrificing scalability.

8.    Ripple (XRP)

The XRP coin is based on Ripple’s blockchain and API technology, which is where this coin is built. The founders of Ripple started with the Ripple Payment Network in 2004 and later created the XRP Ledger in 2012.

While the currency has lost value as a result of bearing winter, it still has the potential to maintain its value within a short time.


*Updated* Nhl 23: Release Date, Pre

*UPDATED* NHL 23: Release date, pre-orders, and more

It’s official! EA Sports has announced the release date of their hit hockey game NHL 23. Its launch will take place on October 14th, 2023. Pre-orders for both the Standard Edition and X-Factor Edition can be found here.

In this latest installment of the NHL franchise, there’s a lot to look forward to with the incorporation of exciting, new ground-breaking features and modes that will enhance the gameplay experience now more than ever.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what NHL 23 is all about so far.

NHL 23: Cover Athletes

This year for the first time ever, EA Sports decided to have Canadian professional hockey and Women’s National Team player Sarah Nurse join Anaheim Ducks sensation Trevor Zegras on the front cover, making her the first woman to be on an EA Sports NHL game cover. Here’s what Nurse had to say per EA Sports’ NHL press release:

“It is such a tremendous honor to be the first woman on the cover of the EA SPORTS NHL Franchise,” said Sarah Nurse of Team Canada. “Hockey is really for everybody and I’m excited that NHL 23 is celebrating the diversity and inclusivity of the sport. I hope that the increased representation of women in such a prominent game will inspire young girls everywhere to know that there is a place for them in hockey.”

NHL 23: Official Reveal Trailer

Curtesy of EA Sports NHL 23

Check out the full NHL 23 Reveal Trailer here and see what this new edition of the NHL Franchise has in store for you.

NHL 23: Cross-Platform Play

Curtesy of EA Sports NHL 23 and Microsoft Xbox Games Store

NHL 23: New Features In HUT

If you like Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), you’ll really like what they chose to do with it this year. In historic fashion, IIHF Women’s National Team members will now be able to play alongside men in a HUT lineup, granting fans the chance to assemble their dream team no matter the gender.

Following NHL 22, NHL 23 is sticking with continuing the importance of national teams players in their latest installment, who will have both the base and master items incorporated in the game.

To add to their tweaks to HUT, NHL 23 will also allow fans to compete in a variety of revolving game themes in HUT Rivals. And along with it, NHL 23 will be granting three additional tiers of Hut Rivals Rewards based on the wins or win streaks players achieve.

Lastly, content migration will be available for those looking to upgrade their consoles. So for example, if you start playing the game first on a PS4 or Xbox One, you will be able to complete a smooth transfer of your HUT Team value and progress to your new corresponding next-gen console, be it the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Curtesy of EA Sports NHL 23 and Microsoft Xbox Games Store

NHL 23: Player Ratings

Curtesy of EA Sports NHL 23

Throughout the course of this week, NHL 23 has revealed its new players ratings and Top 10s we can expect to see in the game. Providing rankings for not only all the positions but also for certain skill types such as speed and strength, there’s a lot to dig into as NHL 23 continues to build on the hype of their franchises’ latest installment.

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NHL 23: Presentation Trailer

Curtesy of EA Sports NHL 23

Here’s a deep-dive look into all of the new presentation details you need to know about in NHL 23.

The Power Of Frostbite

NHL 23 will be powered by the Frostbite game engine which could prove to be game changing. Per the press release, Frostbite will be introducing over 500 new last chance playmaking animations, living arenas and atmospheres, in-depth franchise mode customization options, to go along with the Women’s National Teams addition in HUT.

Furthermore, the visual features and graphics Frostbite has integrated with NHL 23, will provide a completely new immersive experience for this game. Whether it’s the new OT Winner, Hat Trick, or Shootout celebrations to the booming arenas with heightened levels of Crowd Awareness and Moment to Moment Reactions, the authenticity NHL 23 is set to deliver appears to be the best the game has ever accomplished to date.

In addition, Frostbite added 500+ new Stumble Action animations, Last Chance Puck Movement gameplay animations, loose puck plays, and enhanced goalie AI. There’s so much to look forward to. But the gameplay and feel could be at the top of the list for many fans as the release slowly comes closer.

NHL 23: Pre-Order Prices & Rewards

There’s two different editions that you can pre-order, the Standard Edition or the X-Factor Edition. Here’s a look at the prices and rewards for each.

Standard Edition Pre-Order Price Xbox One: $59.99

Standard Edition Pre-Order Price PS4: $59.99

Standard Edition Pre-Order Price Xbox Series X: $69.99

Standard Edition Pre-Order Price PS5: $69.99

X-Factor Edition Pre-Order Price Xbox Series X: $99.99

X-Factor Edition Pre-Order Price PS5: $99.99

Standard Edition Pre-Order Rewards:

X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack (1 of 4)

5 World of CHEL X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks (Instant)

Signed Sarah Nurse World of CHEL Jersey (Digital)

Be A Pro Factor Slot Unlocks (2), XP Boost and Bonus Trait Points

X-Factor Edition Pre-Order Rewards:

Dual Entitlement

3-Day Early Access

4,600 NHL Points

HUT X-Factor Player Choice Pack (1 of 18)

HUT X-Factor Power-Up Starter Pack (Instant)

X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack (1 of 4)

5 World of CHEL X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks (Instant)

Signed Sarah Nurse World of CHEL Jersey (Digital)

Be A Pro Factor Slot Unlocks (2), XP Boost and Bonus Trait Points

HUT Team Builder Choice Pack (2 of 32) plus pre-order content (only available to those that pre-ordered by September 16, 2023)

When is NHL 23 going to be released?

NHL 23 will officially launch on October 14th, 2023.

Will cross-platform play be available in NHL 23?

Yes it will be. NHL 23 is set to integrate cross-platform play come November, 2023.

Did NHL 23 release its player ratings?

Is there an early-access period for NHL 23?

Yes there is. NHL 23 will have a 3-day early access period that starts on October 11th. However, early-access will only be available for those that pre-order the X-Factor Edition of the game.

23 Tech Terms We’d Like To Ban

As technology moves forward, the English language sometimes takes a step backward. You can thank public relations professionals, CEOs, and technology journalists for that. Whether grammatically incorrect or simply annoying, these overused tech buzzwords are painful to hear.

1. “Dot-com“–as in, “the dot-com sector had a strong fiscal quarter”–is a victim of progress: It’s no longer especially relevant to distinguish Web businesses from “brick-and-mortar” (another outdated term) companies. In fact, if your company isn’t on the Web by now, you’re doomed.

2. “Tweener” originally referred to a basketball player who was too tall and slow to be a true guard and too shrimpy to hold his own at forward–so he ended up playing for the Warriors or the Clippers. But referring to gadgets that straddle two or more categories or usage patterns–such as tablets, which can be viewed as a midpoint between phones and laptops–as “tweeners” is just obnoxious. Knock it off.

3. “Visionary” has some validity as applied to, say, Joan of Arc, but the term has been abused for decades as a way of offering fawning praise to tech entrepreneurs of all stripes, regardless of how derivative their products are. Double points if a CEO describes himself as a visionary.

4. “Convergence,” which once described an important concept in technology, now says practically nothing, given that every gadget you own represents a convergence of at least 10 other things.

5. iPhone (or anything else) “killer” is probably the most overused metaphor of all time in tech headlines. We disavow any knowledge of our ever having used this bit of hyperbole ourselves.

7. Does the word “solution” have any discrete meaning anymore? Does it ever involve actually solving something? Spare us.

9. In a group setting, the phrase “let’s take this offline” is acceptable only if the meeting is in fact online. Which it usually isn’t. Similarly, “You wanna take this outside?” doesn’t work as an escalation of an alfresco disagreement.

11. “Social graph” is a marketing term that means… well, we have no idea what it means, and we suspect those who use it don’t either.

12. When IT administrators map out their networks, they typically draw a little cloud to signify the Internet. But calling the Internet “the Cloud” is taking things a little too literally. (We never liked “Saas” much, either.) And the spinoff term “cloudsourcing” must bear the bulk of the blame for the truly execrable “crowdsourcing” that followed in its wake.

13. When people say “form factor,” what they mean to say is “dimensions” or (even more simply) “shape.” The extra word isn’t impressing anybody.

15. We’d pay money just to see a new tech gadget that actually incorporated “bells and whistles.”

16. When talking about the cost of something, there’s no need to say “price point.” It’s like calling “tuna” “tuna fish.”

17. “Prosumer,” as a marketing term for high-end products, means very close to nothing. What, exactly, is a professional consumer?

19. “Future-proof?” Who are we fooling? Nothing is built to last more than two years.

20. There was probably a time in history when the phrase “eye candy” sounded vaguely edgy, maybe back when Miami Vice regularly featured nose candy busts. As for “ear candy“–yuck!

21. Not sure whether someone is sold on your business idea? Just insist that it will “monetize,” and your funding is in the bag. Better yet, use “monetization” to “incent” your audience to recognize the lurking “value proposition.” Or be like the little red hen and “productize” your idea with a little “architecting” of your own.

23. “Synergy” describes the combined action of two elements working together in a mutually beneficial way. We just think it’s one of those feel-good things CEOs like to say to draw your attention away from what’s going on behind the scenes.

Nfts Are Taking The 2023 Fifa World Cup By Storm

In the world of NFTs, there’s no sleeping giant capable of eclipsing professional sports. In 2023, this emerging subset of the NFT market flashed its potential several times. Across the professional sporting world, sports teams have taken in Bored Apes to function as virtual mascots, several licensed sports-themed blockchain games have successfully hit the market, and NFTs have even found themselves heavily featured as part of the Super Bowl’s highly-coveted programming.

Now, NFTs are poised to another big splash in the public eye, thanks to the FIFA World Cup — by far the most widely-watched sporting event in the entire world. A decade ago, a psychic octopus spiced things up. But today, with several high-profile football players and FIFA itself releasing various NFT projects and campaigns, it’s time for NFTs to accept the challenge.

A legendary skirmish on a virtual pitch

Throughout the 21st century, one debate has ceaselessly raged within the international football fandom. Who is the GOAT; Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, or the Argentine Lionel Messi? This coming World Cup may prove to be a pivotal chapter in one of the biggest ongoing stories in sports, since it may be one of the last times these giants clash on the world stage at the peak of their powers. Luckily, fans of the two can preserve this moment in their respective legacies — and more — thanks to upcoming launches featuring Ronaldo and Messi at the forefront.

A digital collectible depicting Lionel Messi. Source: Ethernity Labs

The football legend Messi aims to recapture his prior NFT success with Messiverse via the upcoming Time Machine Collection. Hosted on Ethernity, the same marketplace that saw Messiverse sales gross more than $3 million on its first day, the Time Machine Collection is due to launch on November 27, and will feature iconic moments from the Argentine’s historic career available for purchase as NFTs.

A virtual statue depicting a teenage Ronaldo performing his signature stepover. Source: Binance NFT

In Ronaldo’s case, the Portuguese superstar made his first steps into NFTs with his official NFT collection. Launched on the official Binance NFT marketplace on November 18, this drop will hopefully be the first of many considering Ronaldo’s official partnership with the crypto exchange’s NFT arm. Inside the collection, fans can own collectibles depicting some of Ronaldo’s most iconic moves on the pitch, ranging from his teenage years in Madeira to his stint as Real Madrid’s franchise cornerstone.

FIFA+ Collect

For anyone seeking a convenient (and legal) way to get caught in the ongoing World Cup matches, FIFA+ has been a godsend. With live streams, highlights, and stats related to all of the matches taking place, there’s never been an easier way to watch the biggest football tournament in the world.

A still from FIFA+ Collect’s home page. Source: FIFA+ Collect

In hopes of further driving fan engagement, FIFA+ also recently rolled out its FIFA+ Collect initiative. It’s a licensed collection of digital collectibles featuring moments throughout FIFA’s nearly 100-year history, similar to NBA Top Shot for basketball fans. Just like how watching football’s never been easier, collecting football memorabilia is getting less demanding every day.

Masters of Movement

While goals are definitely the most exciting parts of any football match, we shouldn’t forget the dazzling moves football players employ to score them. VISA thought the same, and released an NFT collection ahead of the Qatar World Cup in celebration of exactly that.

VISA capturing some of football’s most iconic moves. Source: Business WireThe resulting artwork. Source: Business Wire

With the VISA Masters of Movement NFT collection, football fans worldwide gained the opportunity to own truly unique pieces of digital art inspired by some of the most remarkable goals scored in FIFA’s long history. For collectors that hold one of these goals close to their hearts, there may not be a better way to immortalize that moment than purchasing NFT art inspired by it.

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