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Free SWOT templates

Most SWOT analyses are broken down into a 2 x 2 matrix, with one box for each of the four components. If you’re unsure how to start your analysis, here are eight free downloadable SWOT templates to guide you.

1. Bplans

Bplans offers its free SWOT analysis template as a downloadable PDF file. From this resource page, you can find instructions for filling out a SWOT analysis, what to use it for, and sample SWOT analyses for various industries and businesses, including online stores like Etsy shops and food establishments. These samples give you an idea of what a business-specific SWOT analysis should look like. 

2. BusinessBalls

On BusinessBalls, you’ll find several free downloadable SWOT tools available in Word and PDF formats. The website includes a detailed explanation of each SWOT component as well as a filled-out sample with numerous types of potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your business might have.

3. Creately

Maybe you’ve wondered what a SWOT analysis would look like for some of the world’s biggest and best-known corporations. Creately has designed samples for companies like Google, Amazon and Nike on its SWOT analysis template page. You can also create and edit a blank template using Creately’s web-based SWOT software.

4. MindTools

MindTools offers a SWOT worksheet that guides you through the process of filling out your analysis. This article lists a series of questions to answer for each component to help you determine what to put in each box.

For example, for strengths, you’re asked to determine: 

Areas where your business performs best

Special resources your business can offer its customers 

Advantages customers identify with your business over the competition

For weaknesses, you’re asked about:

Areas where your business can improve 

Where your competitors or customers might notice your business is falling short

This thorough, introspective look at your company may help you uncover things you didn’t previously consider.


SWOT analyses aren’t just for businesses. If you want to think strategically about your personal skills and development, try doing a personal SWOT analysis!

5. Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix, an app by Appfluence, provides a free SWOT template with a seven-step process that helps you complete your SWOT analysis. First, it instructs you to choose your objective and decide what area of your business you want the analysis to focus on. Then, you choose your “SWOT team,” the key team members who will be involved in any decision-making that happens following the analysis.

After listing items for each SWOT component (the following four steps), your last step is prioritizing the results and determining your next course of action. (You can also download the Priority Matrix app for iOS to help you create your analysis.)

6. SlideModel

SlideModel’s collection of free PowerPoint SWOT analysis templates can help get your message across in an eye-catching and engaging way. 

The first template is a basic, one-page template that lists items under each SWOT section. There are also two multislide, table-based templates: One is very simple and flat, while the other uses sleek graphics and a clean layout. Both use a master SWOT analysis as a cover or intro slide and then break down each section in the following slides.

Additionally, the concept-based SWOT analysis template uses shapes and colors to visually illustrate ideas, whereas the creative template allows the use of images, diagrams, and other objects.

7. Smartdraw

Smartdraw offers several professionally designed SWOT analysis diagrams for instant productivity. The templates work on any device, including mobile devices, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Smartdraw also offers free support through telephone or email.

Note that Smartdraw is only free for a seven-day trial and you must create an account to use the templates. You must buy Smartdraw to print, share or export them.

8. Superside

Designers at Superside have created more than 20 unique PowerPoint templates to help you conduct a thorough SWOT analysis. These free templates feature various designs and styles, giving you several options to customize how you choose to present your information. You can choose from an abundance of colors and themes to find the template that best fits your team and its style.

Key Takeaway

If your focus is analyzing the competition, consider using Porter’s Five Forces model. Using Porter’s Five Forces along with a SWOT analysis will help you understand where your organization fits in the industry landscape.

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The Ultimate Linux Starter Kit For Small Business

If Linux is running your business, consider investing in a course.

Today’s Linux distributions are a far cry from what they once were in terms of mainstream usability. The more popular ones, such as Ubuntu and Mint, are at least on a par with their Microsoft and Apple OS competitors. A little training can go a long way, however, particularly for users intimidated by something new. 

If you’ve already signed on for a commercial Linux distribution with paid support from the likes of Red Hat or Canonical, you’re probably already covered—or at least you likely have professional training available to you as an extra. Even if not, though, legions of Linux consultants are out there, as well as national and global firms such as New Horizons and the Linux Foundation itself. Online training options abound as well.

Ease the transition

Plenty of IT pros specialize in Linux.

You’ve chosen your Linux distro, customized the desktop, downloaded apps, and gotten the training you and your staff need. You’re ready to pull the plug on Windows, right? Not quite yet. Before you do that, take these few key steps.

First, if your switch to Linux means using different software than what your employees have been used to—Firefox, say, instead of Internet Explorer, get them started on that application while they’re still on Windows. Once they start using the new Linux setup, that piece will be more familiar.

It’s also a good idea to have a dedicated desktop PC available in the office with your new Linux setup running ahead of time. Let staff play around with it before they have to get real work done using the new tools. Finally, there’s no shame in coming up with a cheat sheet to help people remember key steps they need to get their work done.

Given how easy to use Linux has become, there’s a good chance you won’t need any support for a long time, particularly if you have some books to guide you. If and when the moment comes that you really need some outside help, however, you have several options.

Free: First and foremost, every major distro has an online community with excellent forums. It’s safe to say there’s someone out there with experience on any common issue you may encounter. Beyond just the distro-specific forums, however, are a range of sub-communities. chúng tôi for instance, offers discussions catered toward Linux newcomers, Linux in the enterprise, and more. Regional Linux User Groups (LUGs) offer another way to connect. Then, of course, a Web search can pull up answers.

For a price: If you must have someone to speak to when problems arise, paid support is offered by most of the big distros, including Red Hat and Ubuntu, either included or as an extra. Pay-as-you-go support plans are increasingly common as well. Then, too, there are legions of consultants. Start by searching for “Linux support” in your area. Finally, if you’re already paying a systems integrator or consultant for services in another aspect of computing, don’t be afraid to ask them the occasional Linux question.

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How To Find The Right Computer Repair Service Expert For Your Business

In this technologically-driven world, everyone requires a computer that runs smoothly. It doesn’t matter if you use it at work, school, or home. If your computer slows down, you won’t be able to complete your tasks on time. Computers are essential for daily chores. If they have problems, it can cause serious delays in our lives. It is crucial to have a backup in case of an emergency so your computer can continue working.

These leggings can be overcome by hiring computer repair experts in Dallas. You will find it difficult to repair your computer by yourself so having IT support in Dallas is crucial. It is possible to find reliable computer repair Dallas professionals near you or search online for them. Here are some things to consider before you hire an IT support Dallas professional.

Quality of Services

The quality of services is an important aspect to consider when hiring a computer technician in Dallas. You might have to face computer downtime again if the condition of your computer isn’t good enough for IT support Dallas experts. This could cause you to spend more on repairs. It is easy to decide whether or not you want to hire a computer repair Dallas professional.

Types of Services

It is also important to think about the services and products that IT support Dallas experts offer. Many computer repair experts provide limited services. You should choose a computer repair Dallas specialist who offers a wide range of services that are tailored to your technical needs. You should look for a company that offers many different types of computer repair services to ensure your computer is properly diagnosed and the best possible solutions are implemented.

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Best 10 Email Marketing Tools in 2023

Data Recovery

Availability of the Provider

Ask about the availability of an IT support Dallas expert before you hire. If you have an emergency, experts should respond quickly. It is also important to ask how long it takes to resolve a complaint. You can count on a reliable repair company to be there for you 24 hours a day. They offer excellent customer service. Hire those experts who are focused on customer satisfaction. Ask the experts to provide a data backup 24 hours a day.

Skills of the Expert

Cost of the Services

Negotiate with the expert on the price to get the work done at an affordable price. Remember that you only get what you pay. As a result, it might not be a good idea to settle for experts that charge less as their quality might suffer. Don’t settle for low or high prices. Before you settle for the amount, make sure to conduct a market study.

When searching for the right computer repair Dallas professional, don’t be impatient. These points may help you make the right choice when choosing the right expert.

How To Improve Your Small Business Marketing In 5 Steps

No business can survive without effective marketing. Especially when it comes to small businesses, having solid marketing techniques is extremely essential for its survival and success against some really challenging competition in the field.

As a small business owner, you must be having some kind of plan or strategies on how to take your business forward.

However, if you stick to the same old marketing techniques, chances are that your marketing strategies will lose their effectiveness.

It is important that you should learn new methods and practices that would help you improve your visibility and presence in front of your audience.

In case, your business still lacks lustre even after all the marketing strategies you have applied or in case you are still wondering what to do, here are 5 steps that can help your small business to improve.

1. Look Up and Understand Your Competition

You can’t really compete with others in your line of business unless you understand what they are doing and what strategies are they applying to improve their business.

You need to do a thorough, in-depth research of which strategies are working for your competitors and which ones are backfiring.

If you own a local store-based business, then the best tip for you is to visit your competitors’ stores.

Observe how they are operating and what are that key factors that attract customers to them. As a small business, you should start by looking at what your direct competitors are doing in the area.

Make notes about everything and do not forget to note down what your competitors are not doing. This will help you in sculpting your marketing plan and you can add that missing factor to your small business to gain customer support.

Along with that it is also a golden opportunity to fraternize with your local, small business community. However, if own a small e-commerce business, then it boils down to extensive research online.

Here are a few things you can do while you are studying the competition and researching the market

Make notes- Document everything you have researched and found

Create Charts – Compare your strengths and weaknesses with your competitors. The visuals make it easy to remember and understand everything. Offering a loyalty programme or discounts not offered by other business owners

Same strategies – List down all the strategies that you can also make use of without creating any conflicts with others in the same business. For e.g, creating a Facebook page.

2. Display Testimonials on Key Points

A very effective business strategy for small business owners is to work on eliciting genuine testimonials from the people who have actually used their products.

With so much competition and so many different offers, people prefer to read the reviews about them. Be it a restaurant or an ecommerce store for baby clothing, they definitely put faith in reviews.

Buyers want assurance that whatever they are buying, be it food items or any other product, they will get good value for their hard earned money.

Also, the reviews can help convince the potential customers why buying from you is a better choice than your competitors.

If you have a website, then it is best to place the reviews written by customers who have already purchased from you in multiple places strategically so that potential customers don’t miss these reviews.

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3. Embrace Modernism – The Social Media

Embracing modernism in today’s world means ensuring that as a small business you have a strong online presence.

There is a lot of misconception about the local businesses that they only attract local customers and thus you don’t need to be present online.

It is really a false notion. With an online presence, you will not only be able to attract new customers within your area of operations, you will be able to attract customers beyond your surrounding area as well.

A very good example is of a donut seller in Folsom, California. Now this particular donut shop is so famous because of its donuts that it has been attracting customers from beyond their vicinity since decades.

However, in the recent years, their business has increased manifold because of their online presence.

Now, they have customers not only from all over USA but donut lovers around the world make sure to visit this shop when they are visiting America.

According to statistics, three quarters of all mobile searches are location-based and the turnover is more than 75% offline purchases.

Your online presence and interaction with your customers on Social Media platform ensures that when visitors are searching for local businesses, yours does not miss the train.

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all are platforms where you can engage with your present loyal customers and have a line potential clientele waiting for you.

Here’s what you can do to make sure you are a step ahead of your competitors on social platforms:

Updated Account Information:

Accurate updated account information is indispensable. It includes addresses, website, pictures, logos, and working hours and reviews too.

Daily Dose of Fresh Content:

Sales and Deals:

Come up with unique deals and whenever something is on sale on the local front, the news should first reach your social media platform. It will keep your customers happy and enthusiastic about new posts.

4. Be Visible in Local Marketing Platforms

Socializing is not only important on social media but the local platforms as well. Whether you are an entrepreneur working from home or your business is present in a storefront, you need to interact with your customers-personally!

Are your customers come to you, that’s really good but to completely leverage your clientele, you need to go out where they are. It means going to all the local business events.

Whether it is a booth, a table or whether you are a service provider, be there and make sure people visiting can really see you.

Keep tabs on all the events happening in the local market. Go to all kinds of customer markets expos. Flea markets, farmer’s markets, festivals and fairs or any other local event where there is a chance to introduce your product or service, be there.

The question is that is it important that your products get sold at these events. The answer is no. It is not necessary that people may definitely buy your products.

They may not buy at the time but by introducing them a sample, giving them a brochure and business card can lead to potential clients or you can simply ask them to sign up for your emails by giving out miniature samples.

5. Stay Steadfast and Persistent – Don’t Waver

When it comes to small businesses, your biggest strength or your greatest weakness can be your own will power. It is something that can make or break your business.

The key to help your small business to stand up firmly on its feet lies in persistence. You need to stay steadfast and persistent when various challenges from the lack of sales to bad reviews are thrown your way.

There may be times when it would look easier to simply give in to the competition and close down the small venture that you have started. However, that is when you need to be adamant and face the challenges bravely.

The tips given above are tried and tested ways to help small business make its mark. Don’t waver. Study and observe yourself and other successful businesses.

See what is lacking in yours and what can you do which will give you more exposure and what strategies will bring in more loyal customers – believe in yourself that you can do it.

8 Best Email Providers For Small Business In 2023

For any small business, investing in resources is a huge deal. When choosing an email host, you want the best value for the price you’re investing in. Different factors, including the price, storage, security, and additional features, determine if an email host is the best fit for you.

Having that said, different businesses have different priorities. For instance, a service-oriented business would prefer an intelligent phishing filter over more extensive cloud storage. This article lists eight of the best email hosts you could choose from if you’re a small business owner. 

Keep reading to know which of these services best fits your needs, and jumpstart your business today!

Although there may be a slight difference in preferences, a few factors remain prerequisites when looking for an email. The most significant limitation for a small business is the cost factor. You would want to choose a service that would give you the best result for your investment.

Storage is yet another bare necessity. You would want enough storage to fit your business-related files and documents on your email host. The size may, however, differ according to the nature of your business.

When investing, you must be sure about how secure the service is. You will use their service to store and forward sensitive information that you would not want a third party to access. Similarly, you would like to stay safe from spam and phishing bots that would impose a more significant security threat to your business.

Lastly, you must see if the additional features, such as free domain, customer support, and fluid interface, meet your enterprise needs.

We have gathered eight email hosts you would want to consider while looking for an email service for your small business. We have introduced each email according to its price, storage space, security level, and additional features it offers.

Price : $6/per month or user

Storage: 30GB

Security: Strong

Google Workspace has become a household name in terms of email hosting. With one of the best user experiences, most users are drawn to it because its interface is similar to the free version of Gmail. This makes it easier for the users to adjust to the hosting.

The basic business plan for Google Workspace starts from $6/per month with a total storage of 30GB on Google Drive. The service is highly reliable and has impressive security features like smart spam filters and even a physical security key for when you try to log in to your account.

Using Google Workspace, you can choose a custom email address using Google Workspace to make yourself stand out. You can synchronize your account with other Google services to collaborate with your team. Additionally, it has features such as smart compose that helps you write emails and check your grammar.

Google Workspace is, however, a luxury email hosting service. Many small businesses may be unable to afford to spend $6 a month on email hosting alone. You can also only send an attachment of 25MB with the email. Anything that exceeds the limit gets stored on your GDrive. Similarly, customer support for Google Workspace could be better than other hosting services available.

Price : $1.24/per month or per user

Storage: 2GB

Security: Weak

Namecheap has been growing quite popular due to its cheap price options. With the basic plan starting from $1.24/month, it has become one of the best budget-friendly email hosts. The total storage space available on the basic plan is 5GB, with additional space in bigger plans.

Although Namecheap has spam filters, there are better ones in the market. It does offer Two-factor authentication, but it is only available on an online email client. This could leave your account vulnerable to hacking.

Namecheap offers free domain names to match your email address. This could be a smart way to represent your business in front of your clients.

Price : $3/per month or user

Storage: 2GB

Security: Strong

Fastmail has been growing quite popular among users recently. The service mostly prioritizes the privacy and security of the users and their information. Plans for Fastmail start from $3/month, and they provide 2GB worth of storage space in the plan with an email attachment limit of 70MB. You could upgrade to a better plan if you want more storage space.

Fastmail prides itself on being reliable with its knowledgeable customer support team. Let’s be honest; anyone would prefer talking to a human with a fundamental understanding of your problem than an automated voice message. If you run into an issue, rest assured you will have a customer support officer helping you out with the matter.

The main reason why users prefer using Fastmail is because of its privacy and security options. Fastmail has a strict privacy policy that keeps your data secure within its servers so you can store sensitive data and not worry about it getting leaked. Similarly, it supports two-factor authentication and has app-specific passwords for email clients that do not support 2FA.

The downside to FastMail is that they do not sell domain names. Although you can link your pre-purchased domain name with the hosting services, you will have to manually connect your domain with Fastmail.

Price: $3/per month or user

Storage: 1TB

Security: Strong

Microsoft 365 is yet another household name when it comes to email hosting. The basic business plan for Microsoft 365 starts from $3/month. The total storage space the email hosting service provides is massive, with 50GB mailbox storage and 1TB space on OneDrive, their cloud storage. You could even send attachments up to 150MB using Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 365 offers 24-hour tech support, so if you run into any issue, you can have your problem addressed as soon as possible. With standard secure storage space, its AI smartly filters out any spam, virus, or phishing links from appearing on your email.

Most users are already familiar with the personal or customer version of Microsoft 365, so making the switch to Microsoft 365 is swift. Microsoft 365 is extremely user-friendly, and you can collaborate with your team using the online version of MS Word, Excel, and Teams. With the basic package, you could host online meetings with up to 300 users!

Price: $1/per month or user

Storage: 5GB

Security: Strong

ZOHO mails is another option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly email hosting service. With the basic plan starting for only $1, you also get to host emails for free for up to 5 users. The service offers storage space of 5GB with additional storage in bigger plans. Additionally, it has a high attachment size limit of 250 MB.

ZOHO offers good security features. The emails you send through ZOHO are encrypted on both ends. The mailing service itself secures the decryption key. You can even send confidential information with a SecurePass code. Additionally,  ZOHO claims not to use your data in data mining. So, you can store personal information in the service.

You also get access to collaboration tools such as Writer and Sheets from the ZOHO Office Suite in the higher plans of ZOHO mail. All these features make the hosting email service a good option for small businesses.

There are, however, many limitations to ZOHO. Unlike other services, they don’t offer a free domain. The small storage space of 5GB might not be enough if your business grows. The basic package of the service does not offer as many features as the higher plans cost more.

Price: $4.95/per month or user

Storage: 25GB

Security: Average

Dreamhost is a great email hosting service for growing small businesses. With a starting price of $4.95/month, you can save 63% on a yearly plan at $2.95/month. Additionally, Dreamhost offers a storage space of 25GB per user.

The email hosting service filters potential threats from your mail, including spam, viruses, and phishing. This will protect you from potential security vulnerabilities.

You should use this email hosting service if your business has a higher staff count, as you can create several email addresses for your employees. Dreamhost offers a free domain for a year and includes a WordPress site builder that does not require any code. You can also synchronize your email across your devices and applications.

However, the price increases exorbitantly in a year to $12.99/month. Dreamhost also falls short on office suite applications that other services offer. You will also have to pay for the domain after the first year of registration.

Price: $3.19/per month or user

Storage: 1TB

Security: Strong

Turbify is an email hosting service for businesses formerly known as Yahoo Small Business. The base-level plan for Turbify starts from $3.19/month, but the prices go down per mailbox as you add more employees to the plan. With the same plan, you get 1TB worth of email space, so if you’re a service-oriented company, this would be something you would want to consider.

The email hosting company has amazing security features, including smart spam filters and email encryption. This will keep you safe from malicious emails and reduce the chances of your emails being leaked by a third party.

Turbify also offers a free domain with your purchase. This way, you can stand out in front of your customers. The experience is equally as smooth on mobile applications, so you don’t have to open your desktop every time you wish to view something. Additionally, Turbify includes document handling, content displays, and calendars in its packages.

To state the obvious, Turbify could be expensive for small business owners. Although the prices eventually go down when you add more employees, it could still be too much for some. As the service is newly introduced, adjusting to the interface might take some time.

Price: $1.37/per month or user

Storage: 200GB

Security: Strong

Yandex is yet another email hosting service that is reliable and easy on the pocket. The basic plan for Yandex 360 starts from $1.37/month. It offers a massive storage space of 200GB! You can attach up to 25MB worth of files while sending emails. Anything that exceeds this limit will be stored on Disk, the cloud storage service included with the Yandex 360 subscription. 

You also get a free domain with your purchase and additional collaboration tools such as disk, messenger, documents, sender, notes, and many more. These tools will help you collaborate with your team to create different documents, communicate, or keep meeting minutes. 

Yandex also provides around-the-clock customer support and states that they reply within 3 hours of the complaint being registered. However, as Yandex is not as popularised, you may have issues using the service in the beginning.

30+ Free Sweatshirt Mockups (Online & Psd Templates)

Looking for some high-quality free sweatshirt mockup templates to help showcase your sweatshirt designs? We’ve put together a list of high-quality templates for you.

All of the templates are 100% free so are ideal for those of you on a tight budget.

Some of the templates can be customized online and others are PSD templates so we’re sure there’s one in there that’s perfect for you regardless of your experience with design software. 

Jump to a specific section:

We’d recommend Placeit as they have such a huge volume and variety of templates. You can get 15% of your Placeit subscription using the button below:

Free online sweatshirt mockup templates

Get this free women’s sweatshirt mockup template from Placeit. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from MockupMark. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free flat lay sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free women’s sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free crewneck sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free men’s sweatshirt mockup template from MockupMark. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free men’s sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free women’s sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free men’s sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free flat lay sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free men’s sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free women’s sweatshirt mockup template from Smart Mockups. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get this free sweatshirt mockup template from Mockey. Easily and quickly customize within your browser.

Get unlimited PSD mockups

Free PSD sweatshirt mockup templates

Get this free PSD crewneck sweatshirt mockup template on Pixelbuddha now.

Get this free PSD men’s sweatshirt mockup template on DeepYellow now.

Get this free PSD folded sweatshirt mockup template on Pixeden now.

Get this free PSD sweatshirt mockup template on Behance now.

Get this free PSD sweatshirt mockup template on MockupFree now.

Get this free PSD flat lay sweatshirt mockup template on MockupBee now.

Get this free PSD sweatshirt mockup template on Pixeden now.

Get this free PSD crewneck sweatshirt mockup template on Free PSD Templates now.

Get this free PSD sweatshirt mockup template on MockupFree now.

Get this free PSD crewneck sweatshirt mockup template on Mockups-Design now.

Get this free PSD sweatshirt mockup template on ZippyPixels now.

Get this free PSD flat lay sweatshirt mockup template on Design Bolts now.

Get this free PSD sweatshirt mockup template on MockupFree now.

Just a reminder, if you want the option to be able to quickly create unlimited sweatshirt mockups all within your browser, we’d recommend getting a Placeit subscription.

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Where to find the best sweatshirt mockups?

There are quite a few places to find sweatshirt mockups, here are some of the best:

Online mockup generators

PSD sweatshirt mockup sources

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Wrapping things up

There you have it, 32 free sweatshirt mockup templates to help you showcase your sweatshirt designs.

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