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Google Maps is an excellent GPS and navigation app that can help you to quickly get your bearings when you’re in a new city or you want to find a place you’ve never been before.

All you need to do is enter the location or the name of the place you want to visit, enable your location services and Google Maps will find the best route for you.

If the app is unable to update your location in real time while you’re navigating your way through the city, that can be quite annoying and sometimes downright stressful.

Why is Google Maps not updating my location?

If Google Maps is unable to update your location, this can be due to poor or unstable cellular data connection, GPS issues, low battery or running an outdated app version.

Fix Google Maps Won’t Update my Location 1. Update the Google Maps app

If you’re running an outdated app version, certain features may not be available or you may experience various performance issues.

That’s why you need to make sure Google Maps is up-to-date, especially if you started experiencing minor glitches or the location fails to update.

If you’re using an Android phone, open the Google Play Store App. If you’re on iOS, go to the App Store. Then, search for Google Maps.

If there’s an Update button next to the app, tap it to install the latest Google Maps version on your device.

2. Check your connection

Ensure your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is stable. If you’re experiencing connection issues, Google Maps won’t load properly.

Turn off your Internet connection, restart your phone and then go back online. Check if you notice any improvements regarding the accuracy of the location services.

By the way, if you know you might go out of range, download Google Maps offline ahead of time. In this manner, you’ll still be able to navigate your way to your destination even if you lose the network coverage.

3. Calibrate Google Maps settings

Go to your phone settings and make sure the privacy settings allow Google Maps to use your current location and update it as you move.

Go to Settings → Privacy

Select Permission Manager

Tap Location to review which apps can use your location

Allow Google Maps to use your location all the time and check if this solves the problem.

Don’t forget to set location on high accuracy mode (if your phone model and OS version include this option).

On your Android device, go to Settings

Tap Location and re-enable your location services

Select Mode High accuracy

On some phone models, this option can be found under the Advanced Settings option.

Select Advanced Settings and enable your device to improve positioning accuracy by allowing apps to scan for Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices at any time, even if Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is disabled.

4. Delete the cache

Many Google Maps location problems are caused by your cache. Clearing it should fix the issue.

Go to Settings → Apps

Select Maps and tap Storage

Tap the Clear cache button and check if is the issue is gone

If it persists, tap the Clear data button as well.

5. Reinstall the app

If you’re still experiencing location related issues on Google Maps, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Open the Play Store app, search for Google Maps and tap the Uninstall button.

On iPhone, simply tap and hold the Google Maps app icon, and then select the Remove App option.

Then, go back to the Play Store or App Store and reinstall the app.

If reinstalling the app did not solve your problem, you can use an alternative GPS and navigation app such as Waze (if you’re driving), chúng tôi HereWeGo, or other similar apps.

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How To Add Google Maps Location To Google Docs.

If you are using Google Docs as your main word processing tool, you’ll be aware of most of the powerful tools and options you have at your disposal. While most of the features are standard across traditional word processing software, Google has recently added an option that allows you to add Google Maps location information directed into Google Docs.

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Google Docs is a powerful,l free word processing tool that is available for anyone to use. It has all of the basics anyone will ever need to create simple text documents as well as a range of more complex tools that tie into some of Google’s other products like Sheets, Slides, and more recently Google Maps.

How do you add Google Maps to Google Docs? Add Google Maps info to Google Docs.

Although not everything that Google does is simple and straightforward, this feature is about as simple as it gets. But most people won’t have a clue where to look to find it which is where we come in! You’re welcome!

To begin, the first thing you are going to need to do is to sign in to Google Docs and open an existing document or create a new one.

Now simply type the name of the place you’d like to add to your document, then select it from the list of options.

When it has been added it will look like this: Kalgoorlie – Boulder

It is essentially an active Google Maps link that will take you directly to the location on Google Maps. If you are on a mobile device and you see one of these links you can choose to open it in Google Maps.

That’s all there is to it. It’s quick easy and a really handy way to add location data to documents and other projects you may be creating in Google Docs.

Using Google Chrome?

If you’re also using Google Chrome, you may fish to disable the new Google Trends feature on Google Search. This potentially annoying feature uses user data and current popular search trends to suggest you content when you are searching using chúng tôi or Google from Chrome.

How to disable Google Trends on PC and Mobile devices.

Fix: ‘No Location Found’ Or ‘Location Not Available’ On Iphone

Apple has combined ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Find My iPhone’ applications to Find My’. Find My app on iPhone helps track family and friends from your iOS devices, Mac, and Apple Watch. It also comes in handy when you misplace or lose your Apple device. 

But, sometimes, you may encounter a ‘No Location Found’  or ‘Location Not Available’ message. It happens when the location services are turned off. It also emerges when your iPhone is in Airplane mode. 

If the issue emerges, you can check and enable the Location Services. Also, you can turn off the Airplane mode and check the feature again. 

So, let’s get right to the topic and learn what you can do to fix the ‘No Location Available’ issue on your iPhone.

Why Does My iPhone Say ‘No Location Found’?

Outdated iOS

Location Services are toggled off.

Network issues

Inaccurate time and date

Find My and Share My Location are turned off.

Find My is down in Apple’s system.

Your iPhone is in Airplane mode

How to Fix ‘No Location Found’ on iPhone?

You can try various procedures to fix the issue of ‘No Location Found” on your iPhone. One of the first things you can do is close the Find My app and open it again. If not, you can also try restarting your phone. 

Likely, enable your location services to let your phone use your location. If the phone goes into Airplane mode, turn it off. You can also check the date and time and rectify it.

Sometimes, the issue might also be from the other side. It is recommended that your friend and relatives should also try all the mentioned fixes on their phones.

If you are still facing the issue, you can find more details about the fixes from the list below. 

Enable Location Services

If the location services are switched off on your iPhone, the phone won’t be able to detect your location. Hence, you need to enable the Location Services. 

Turn the Precise Location On

To get rid of the ‘No Location Available’ message, you can further provide Precise Location permission to ‘Find My’ through the settings. 

Turn Off Airplane Mode

So, you can try the steps below to turn off Airplane mode on your phone:  

Restart iPhone

Sometimes the technical glitches on your iPhone may cause trouble with location services. In that case, a quick restart can resolve the issue and refreshes your phone’s background processing. It allows the system to start fresh. 

Here is the procedure to restart your iPhone based on the model you use:

iPhone X and Newer phones

Press and hold one of the Volume buttons and the Side button. 

Do it until the Power-off slider emerges on the phone.

Slide the slider and wait till the phone switch off.

Now press and hold the side button to switch on the phone. You can release it when the Apple logo emerges on the phone screen. 

iPhone 6-8 and iPhone SE (2nd or 3rd Gen)

First, you need to press and hold the Side button until a Power-off slider displays on the phone.

Swipe the slider. Wait a while until the phone shuts down.

Next, press and hold the side button to start the phone. You will see the Apple logo on the phone screen. 

iPhone SE (1st Gen), 5 or Older phones

Press and hold the Button at the top until you see the power-off slider on your phone’s screen.

Drag the slider to turn off the phone and wait for some time.

To switch the phone on, press and hold the button on the top until the Apple logo emerges on the screen.

Set the Correct Date and Time

For proper location tracking, the device needs to have the correct date and time. So, when you face the ‘No Location Found’ issue, you can check your iPhone’s date and time settings and correct them if needed.

Proper Access to the Internet Connection

A proper internet connection is necessary to get track of location and interact with ‘Find My’. If your iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular data, only the last know location of the phone will be available. 

So, it is vital that you have access to a proper internet connection to resolve the issue. You can connect to the Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection based on your preference. 

Using Cellular Data

Using Wi-Fi

Turn on Find My and Share My Location Options

To resolve the issue of ‘No Location Found,’ it is also important that you turn on the feature of Find My iPhone and Share My Location.  

Check Apple’s System Status Page

To check whether the service of Find My is working or not, visit the official Apple System Status site and look for Find My. If the service is running, you will see a green dot next to it. If it is not working, a red or yellow dot will appear. 

The case of Find My being down is rare. But sometimes, it can happen, and there is nothing you can do from your side. All you need to do is wait and let Apple fix the service from their side.

Reset Location and Privacy Option

If the ‘No Location Found’ error still persists, you may consider resetting location and privacy. Doing so will revert the location and privacy settings to default, and apps will require permission to access the location. Follow the steps below and check back ‘Find My’ to see whether the issue vanishes or not.

Update the iOS of your iPhone

In some instances, an outdated version of iOS can also be the leading cause of the issue. Updating the software version can clear out bugs and software glitches from your phone. 

If you are unaware of the process of updating the iOS on your iPhone, try the following steps:

Snapchat Updating Messages Notification Issue: 10 Ways To Fix

It’s a shame that even popular and modern apps like Snapchat suffer glitches. Be it due to buggy updates or network issues, these can sometimes arrive at the most inopportune moment and, if chats are set to vanish after viewing, can entirely derail a conversation. Or pop up annoyingly in the notification shade every now and then. 

Why does this happen on Snapchat and what are the possible ways to fix it? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Why does Snapchat say updating messages?

There’s the perennial network problem that afflicts everyone from time to time. A poor connection or one that restricts your network access is one of the more probable and likely reasons why Snapchat is stuck on sending messages and keeps notifying you about it constantly. This is also why you may be seeing the “updating messages” notification constantly pop up. 

But if your connection is strong, then the only other reason is the app itself. A recent Snapchat update has been known to cause such errors as well. Sometimes, the issue resolves itself and your messages go through. But if that doesn’t happen, you might have to try the following options to see if the error goes away. 

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Snapchat stuck at updating messages: 7 primary fixes

Make sure to go through the possible fixes in the manner in which they’re given. This is to ensure that you can cross off the most common problems first and narrow down the issue as you go. Later, we will look at how to refuse Snapchat access to silent notifications so the “updating messages” notifications don’t appear. 

Check your internet connection

First and foremost, check your network connection strength. A slow and interrupted connection is most likely cause a break in information transfer and get your message stuck. If you’re on the move, you may have network issues in remote regions. And if you’re accidentally connected to a network  (for instance, in a hotel or a coffee shop) that restricts your internet access. 

Make sure you have a halfway decent connection before you try out the other fixes. If you’re someone who uses a VPN, then you might also try closing the connection and trying again. 

Restart Snapchat

When in the middle of a conversation a message fails to send, restarting the application is the fastest way to delete the stuck message and start fresh.

To do so, remove the application from the multitasking window. This window is accessed differently on different devices. On iPhone, swipe up and hold from the bottom (or double-tap the home button). On Android, tap on the Recents button (square navigational button, you know) or use the “bottom swipe up” gesture.

In the Recent screens, stop the app by closing it. You can do so by swiping up the app’s screen. After stopping Snapchat, open the app again from your app drawer or home screen shortcut. If that doesn’t work and the message is still there, move on to the next step.

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Reboot your phone

Rebooting your phone resets the operating system and removes everything from the RAM. This can sometimes be enough to solve the issue. But it is recommended to closing the app first and then restart. Rebooting the phone also resets all network connections which could resolve any possible network issues.

Snapchat is down?

There could be yet another possible network issue, but not one on your end. There have been instances when the Snapchat servers have gone down for whatever reason. Though it is not a frequent occurrence, it doesn’t hurt to check it at websites like Downdetector and IsItDownRightNow.

Log out of Snapchat and Log back in

Sometimes, a simple thing as logging out of the app and logging back in does the trick and resolves the issue. Being a simple one to do, especially with password managers these days, this should be among the first things that you try.

If you’ve never logged out of Snapchat after your initial login, here’s how to do so:

Open Snapchat and on any of the homepage screens tap on your avatar/profile icon.

Then tap on Settings (gear icon) at the top right corner. 

Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Log out.

Then log back in and see if the issue is fixed.

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Clear cache on Android

On apps as well as browsers, cache data of temporary files builds up over the course of time and use. And though this data reduces the time it takes to revisit a page, it does mean that whatever problem you were facing before is likely to stick around. Here’s how to give Snapchat a clean cache:

You can clear cache from within the app itself. To do so, go to the Settings page as shown before.

Then scroll down to the bottom. Under “Account Actions”, tap on Clear Cache.

Tap Continue.

Cache buildup also makes the app heavier so there’s all the more reason to clean it up from time to time. If you’re doing this for the first time, you should see a a much faster and error free app. 

Users started reported this issue first after a Snapchat update. But that was a few months ago. Since then, there have been many updates and it is possible that updating your app to the latest version might resolve the issue for good. This is particularly true for those who’re not sure if automatic updates for apps is turned on or not. Just go to the Play Store or the App Store, search for “Snapchat” and download the update if one is available. 

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Snapchat stuck at updating messages: 3 additional fixes

Lastly, there is one fix that still needs explaining. This is to do with the background notifications that pop up constantly about some “messages updating” on Snapchat. Though most of the time they can be swiped away, it is better to get rid of them for good. Here’s how you can do so. 

Restrict Snapchat’s access to silent notifications

Snapchat has to have access to your notifications to ping you when you get messages, tags, requests, and other updates. But by default Snapchat also has access to silent notifications. Silent notifications are passive and not time-sensitive, and Snapchat’s access to it could be why those “message updating” notifications keep popping up. 

All you need to do is to restrict Snapchat’s access to these and the problem shouldn’t recur. Depending on your OEM’s interface, the option to do so will differ and may or may not be the same. This is how to go about it:

Whenever you get a Snapchat notification again, tap on the gear icon (settings) next to it.

Once inside Snapchat’s notification settings, turn Off Silent notifications.

Hide Silent Notifications in Status Bar

If you don’t see silent notifications in Snapchat’s notification settings, there’s one other thing that you can do to stop seeing the “updating message” message. You can turn off (and hide) silent notifications from appearing in the status bar entirely. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on Notifications.

Then scroll down and toggle On Hide silent notifications in status bar.

On some OEM skins (such as Oppo’s ColorOS), you can restrict Snapchat’s access to silent notifications entirely. To do this, long-press the Snapchat app icon, go to App info and then choose Notifications. Here, toggle off “Quiet Notifications” and “Silent Notifications”.

Turn off Snapchat’s ‘Messages Reminder’ entirely

You can also turn off Messages Reminders completely from Snapchat’s Notification settings. For this go to Settings as shown before and then tap on Notifications.

Here, toggle off Message reminders.

It might seem like overkill for a recurring but passive notification. But this can be an option if nothing else works for you and the “messages updating” notifications still keep popping up. 

These are all the fixes that you can try for Snapchat’s message updating notifications and bugs. One of them is bound to come to solve the issue eventually. Most of the time it is hard to know exactly what’s causing the problem. So applying a specific fix can be dicey. Instead, then go through the most common fixes first (in the manner given), try them out one by one, and find the method that works. 


Google “Steals” Users Location Data – Fined $60 Million

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Google collects users’ location data without their consent

Google has also been found to have violated two other consumer laws involving conduct that may mislead the public and misleading claims about service performance characteristics. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said at the time the decision sent a clear message to digital platforms requiring them to be upfront with consumers about the use of their data. The two sides had reached a “just and reasonable” consensus on a $60 million fine, a brief hearing in the Federal Court of Australia on Friday was heard.

Google Fiber CEO gives his first ever interview

In the next few years, Alphabet’s Google Fiber service will enter Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada and Aida in the United States. The service will also stretch into the Netherlands. This was revealed by Google Fiber CEO, Dinni Jain in his first-ever interview since taking office in February 2023. It is also the first major expansion of the business since its solo flight from parent company Alphabet in 2023. Jain claims that Google Fiber has been optimizing its business for the past four years and is now poised for a higher growth rate.

At present, Google Fiber covers only 17 cities in the United States and plans to cover 22 cities in the future. Some cities to be deployed include Mesa in Arizona and Colorado Springs in Colorado. Google Fiber will decide whether to enter based on the existing broadband speed in the local area. Jain said that a decade ago, there was a perception that Google Fiber would cover the United States, but that was not the case.

Gizchina News of the week

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Jain was reluctant to discuss Google Fiber’s current operating performance or financing plans. Before, Google transferred some innovative research and development businesses to Alphabet. After independence, some of these businesses attracted external investment and proved development prospects; some were forced to close or merge into other departments. In the next three to five years, as Google Fiber expands, the subsidiary will face the same situation.

Google Fiber to develop self-reliant businesses

In 2010, Google began to enter the US Internet broadband access market, competing with telecommunications companies such as Comcast and AT&T. At that time, Google’s two co-founders, Page and Brin, said that they had long hoped that the United States would improve broadband at a lower cost. However, they were tired of waiting for the US Congress for a long time and were determined to do it themselves.

Google Fiber was a success. In Austin, Texas, where the service is available, and Los Angeles and California operators struggle to roll out gigabit broadband. They are also struggling to catch up with Google Fiber’s bandwidth. Before joining Google Fiber, Jain was Chief Operating Officer of Time Warner Cable. He recalled that Google Fiber drove the telecom industry crazy. In 2023, Google underwent a major restructuring. Optical fibre broadband, express drones, human anti-ageing technology and other businesses were separated from Google’s core business. In addition, the two founders, Brin and Page, began to fade out of business management.

At the time, Google Fiber was facing losses of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The company was also facing huge spending on building network infrastructure. Furthermore, it is developing new technologies for fibre-optic communications, and subsidizing certain consumer services.

Google Fiber is decently transparent

The Wall Street analysts heap praises on Google Fiber for its greater transparency, as well as cost containment measures. Jain is optimizing the company’s business and ditching failing ideas (like tying fibre-optic cables to sidewalks to save construction time). Last year, Google Fiber’s engineering construction scale hit a new height. Jain claims that the company had to undergo a transformation. The company had to move from a strong innovation culture of the past to a better operational track record.

Jain claims Google Fiber had a third fewer customer service calls than its competitors. The current number of new user registrations is “very healthy” and better than back in 2023. Furthermore, Jain reveals that Google Fiber is also preparing to launch a small-area wireless communication service. This service uses fibre-optic networks through the “Webpass” sub-brand. It is mainly for large buildings with many rooms or units. In addition, in some cases, the company also leases fibre network resources to other communication service providers.

When Google Maps Struggles, Citymapper Comes To My Rescue

Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority

Most of us have probably found ourselves in a busy, bustling city at some point in our lives. The last time I did, I was on vacation in Hong Kong, completely unfamiliar with the city’s maze of transportation options that ranged from trams to ferries. While I intended to rely on Google Maps for the trip, a friend also recommended I mix it up with Citymapper. Looking back now, that recommendation was worth its weight in gold — I think Citymapper is the best Google Maps alternative for getting around a big city, especially if you’re on a holiday.

Despite what my praise for the app would have you believe, I’d never even heard of Citymapper prior to that Hong Kong trip. It’s not hard to see why, though. The app doesn’t do anything unless you’re in a supported city, and those are especially hard to come by in Asia. Coverage is largely absent outside of large metropolitan areas like Singapore and Tokyo. That said, the app does work across most of the US and Europe. Still, if you’re coming from an unsupported city, you wouldn’t know to use it unless you get a helpful tip like I did.

Limiting coverage to big cities is intentional, though. Citymapper doesn’t offer driving directions at all, so it’s practically useless if you’re using a car to get around. Instead, it focuses on just one aspect of transport: mass transit. Think of it as the opposite of Waze, but just as effective.

Open the Maps app on your phone and you’re presented with a fairly familiar interface. You get a search bar at the top, a full-screen map view of the area you’re currently in, and a few buttons to find nearby restaurants or parking spots. Citymapper, on the other hand, offers transit buttons and absolutely nothing else. You can’t tap on a business for more information, peruse restaurant menus, or get any form of personalized recommendations like you would in other mapping apps.

That alone highlights a key distinction between the two apps. While Google prods you to discover new places and see what’s around you, Citymapper doesn’t care about any of that. In fact, the only thing it can do is get you from point A to point B.

Why Citymapper is the best Google Maps alternative

Citymapper also manages to be far more informative than the competition. As a tourist in a new city, I often don’t know what to expect. How much change do I need to keep ready for my next bus ride? Will it be faster to rent a nearby bicycle or moped? Do any ride-sharing services operate in this city? Citymapper shows you all of this information on a single screen. Just look at the staggering number of options in London, most of which are absent in Google Maps.

Citymapper vs. Google Maps: Key differences

In summary, here’s how Citymapper holds up against Google Maps and differs in terms of featureset.

Praise aside, I’ll admit that Citymapper isn’t a full-fledged replacement for your current mapping app of choice. It’s also worth acknowledging the possibility that someone may have had the opposite experience as mine. Google Maps or a different app could very well serve more accurate transit information; I just haven’t seen it happen yet.

Have you used Citymapper for public transport directions?

325 votes

You also can’t use Citymapper to decide where you should spend your evening. Google will happily point you to dozens or even hundreds of bars in your vicinity. And more importantly, it can offer reliable turn-by-turn navigation for when you have your own vehicle. Having said that, if you’re committed to public transport and have never tried Citymapper on your travels, I highly recommend giving it a go on your next trip. It may very well save you a lot of confused wandering and frustration.

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