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Are you receiving a low VRAM notification message every now and then in Far Cry 6? Here is a complete guide to getting rid of the low VRAM notification message in Far Cry 6. Far Cry 6 has recently been released and gaming enthusiasts are already loving it. It is a great addition to the Far Cry series. However, some users have reported getting this notification message saying you have a low amount of VRAM. The full notification message is as below:

Low amount of available VRAM. This may affect gaming performance and stability. You could try to lower the quality settings of the game.

It is not an error but a warning prompt that keeps on flashing on your screen amidst the game. While the message clearly states that it is triggered due to low VRAM, some users have experienced it when they have enough amount of VRAM available. Now, you want to fix this annoying notification, this guide will help you. Here, we are going to list down several fixes that will enable you to fix the problem.

What happens if VRAM is too low?

With low VRAM, you might experience issues with your game. It may slow down your game, you might not use higher graphics settings, etc. It can even make your game completely unplayable.

How do I turn off Ubisoft low VRAM notification?

You can turn off the low VRAM notification in Far Cry 6 by using several fixes. You can disable the in-game notifications, turn off overlay, reduce your in-game graphics settings. There are some other methods to fix the notification. You can check out these solutions in detail below.

Low amount of available VRAM notification in Far Cry 6

Here are the methods to fix the low VRAM notification message in Far Cry 6:

Lower your Graphics Settings.

Disable DXR Shadows.

Remove HD Texture Pack.

Disable Notifications.

Turn off In-game Overlay.

Let us discuss these methods in detail now!

1] Lower your Graphics Settings

Your graphics settings can be one of the reasons that trigger the low VRAM notification prompt. In the scenario where you are set high or ultra graphics settings when your graphics card can’t take the load, this notification is likely to occur. So, to counter the issue, you can try lowering your graphics settings. Simply open the settings in Far Cry 6 and then go to its graphics settings section. After that, reduce the graphics settings for each parameter. When done, you can go ahead with playing the game and see if the low VRAM notification message is fixed.

If you are using a high-end computer and have a sufficient amount of VRAM, then there might be some other issues that trigger the issue. So, you can move on to the next potential fix to resolve it.

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2] Disable DXR Shadows

So, in case you have an RTX series graphics card on your PC and you have enabled this feature, try disabling it and see if the problem is fixed. You can locate his feature under Extended Features in the Quality settings. As per users’ reports, disabling this feature also gives a 10% performance boost.

In case this method doesn’t fix the problem for you and you still get the low VRAM notification, move down to the next potential solution.

3] Remove HD Texture Pack

In case the above solutions didn’t work for you, you might be receiving the notification because of HD Texture Pack. This HD Texture Pack is an added download for Far Cry 6 that further helps in enhancing the graphics of the game. This feature can be used on high-end computers as they can handle graphics boosts. But, it also requires a VRAM of more than 11 GBs in case you have installed it on your system. If your GPU doesn’t meet the requirement, you can run into issues like the low VRAM notification error. So, removing HD Texture Pack is what you can do to resolve the problem.

To uninstall HD Texture Pack, you can follow the below steps:

Firstly, launch the Ubisoft Connect application and go to the Far Cry 6 game in the Games tab.

Now, on the Far Cry 6 game page, locate the Owned DLC section inside the Overview tab and you will find an option called HD Texture Pack, if you have previously installed it.

Next, there will be an Uninstall button associated with the HD Texture Pack. Simply tap on it and remove the feature.

Finally, try playing the game as usual and see if the issue is now resolved.

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4] Disable Notifications

If the same notification is still annoying you, you can try disabling the notifications in the game to get rid of it. But, do remember that after doing that, you won’t even receive the regular notifications including game invited, chat messages, and more. If you are sure you want to disable the in-game notifications to get away with low VRAM notification, you can use the below steps:

First, open the game, and while you are in the game, press the Shift + F2 shortcut key on your keyboard to open the overlay.

Next, locate the Notifications section.

Then, turn off the in-game notifications simply by tapping on the Enable in-game notifications slider towards the left.

When done, go to your game and you won’t receive any notification from now onwards.

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5] Turn off In-game Overlay

Along with disabling the in-game notifications, you can also disable the in-game overlay completely if you want. Doing so might give a performance boost to your game. So, if that is what you like and want, go ahead and turn off the in-game overlay. Here is how you can do that:

Firstly, close the Far Cry 6 game completely.

Now, launch the Ubisoft Connect application.

Next, press the icon present on the left of the News menu at the top left corner.

Then, go to the General tab and uncheck the Enable in-game overlay for supported games option.

You will no longer get the low VRAM notification now.

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Can you play games with low VRAM?

This totally depends on the game and the settings you use. Many graphics settings utilize a large amount of VRAM, while some might use none. If you have a low VRAM, you can try lowering your graphics settings and then play the game without hiccups.

How much VRAM is required for Far Cry 6?

In order to run Far Cry 6 on your computer, you must have at least 12GB of VRAM. However, that is only for HD configuration. In case you want to play this game in 4K, you must have at least 16GB of VRAM. Otherwise, you may encounter lag and frame drop issues while playing this game on your computer.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you find a suitable solution to get rid of the low VRAM notification in Far Cry 6.

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How To Fix A Low Disk Space Warning In Windows

Even though traditional hard drives have gotten cheaper over the years, a lot of people still have primary drives that are 500 GB or less in size. Why? Well, mostly because newer computers come with solid states drives (SSDs) and the larger sizes are just too expensive.

If you’re getting a low disk space warning in Windows, there are a couple of things you can do to get some free space back. The first thing, however, is to actually find out how much space the operating system and your data/programs are taking up on the system. Once you know that, you can decide what to remove, delete, etc.

Table of Contents

The best tool for I’ve been using for years is TreeSize free. It’s a small program that you don’t even have to install and it quickly tells you exactly what files and folders are taking up the most space on your computer.

If you find there is a large drivers folder under the Windows directory and it happens to have a lot of files related to your graphics card (Nvidia, AMD), then you should run the Display Driver Uninstaller tool, which saved me many GBs in space. For some reason, NVidia and the like keep previous versions of the drivers when you upgrade the old versions, which can add up to a lot of space.

The next largest folder will probably be either Program Files or the Users folder. If Program Files is very large, expand it and see if there are any programs that you no longer need and can uninstall. I’ve also written an article about a program that can help you uninstall all the junk software that comes with new PCs.

In terms of individual files on a PC, the largest one for me was chúng tôi This is the file used for hibernation, however, if you don’t use hibernation, then you can remove this file and save several GBs worth of space. Read my previous article on how to delete the hibernation file easily.

Under the Users folder, it’ll be easier to remove any personal items that are taking up a large amount of space like photos, videos, etc. However, you may also find that the AppData/Local folder is quite large. This is a hidden system folder that is used by various programs to store temporary and app data.

The best way to shrink the size of this folder is to use a tool like CCleaner. You don’t want to manually go in and delete stuff from there as it can cause problems with your programs and with the OS. I’ve written an in-depth article on whether or not these types of cleaners are actually useful, but the bottom line is that CCleaner does an excellent job of removing the hard-to-find temp data.

I’ve also written another article that takes about different ways you can save space on your computer, namely checking the recycle bin size and also the amount of space allocated to system restore.

Another issue that can come up is if your C drive partition is very small to start off with. Maybe you have a 500GB disk, but for some reason, the system partition (C) is only 30 GB in size. In these types of cases, you can actually expand the size of the partition if you have free space on the extended partition.

The best way to do this is to use a free tool like Easeus Free Partition Manager. They have all kinds of ways to try and get you to purchase the upgraded version, but the free version should work for most people.

There aren’t really a lot of other ways to free up space on a hard drive other than replacing it with a bigger one, but hopefully some of the above tips will give you some breathing room till then. Enjoy!

Snapchat Updating Messages Notification Issue: 10 Ways To Fix

It’s a shame that even popular and modern apps like Snapchat suffer glitches. Be it due to buggy updates or network issues, these can sometimes arrive at the most inopportune moment and, if chats are set to vanish after viewing, can entirely derail a conversation. Or pop up annoyingly in the notification shade every now and then. 

Why does this happen on Snapchat and what are the possible ways to fix it? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Why does Snapchat say updating messages?

There’s the perennial network problem that afflicts everyone from time to time. A poor connection or one that restricts your network access is one of the more probable and likely reasons why Snapchat is stuck on sending messages and keeps notifying you about it constantly. This is also why you may be seeing the “updating messages” notification constantly pop up. 

But if your connection is strong, then the only other reason is the app itself. A recent Snapchat update has been known to cause such errors as well. Sometimes, the issue resolves itself and your messages go through. But if that doesn’t happen, you might have to try the following options to see if the error goes away. 

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Snapchat stuck at updating messages: 7 primary fixes

Make sure to go through the possible fixes in the manner in which they’re given. This is to ensure that you can cross off the most common problems first and narrow down the issue as you go. Later, we will look at how to refuse Snapchat access to silent notifications so the “updating messages” notifications don’t appear. 

Check your internet connection

First and foremost, check your network connection strength. A slow and interrupted connection is most likely cause a break in information transfer and get your message stuck. If you’re on the move, you may have network issues in remote regions. And if you’re accidentally connected to a network  (for instance, in a hotel or a coffee shop) that restricts your internet access. 

Make sure you have a halfway decent connection before you try out the other fixes. If you’re someone who uses a VPN, then you might also try closing the connection and trying again. 

Restart Snapchat

When in the middle of a conversation a message fails to send, restarting the application is the fastest way to delete the stuck message and start fresh.

To do so, remove the application from the multitasking window. This window is accessed differently on different devices. On iPhone, swipe up and hold from the bottom (or double-tap the home button). On Android, tap on the Recents button (square navigational button, you know) or use the “bottom swipe up” gesture.

In the Recent screens, stop the app by closing it. You can do so by swiping up the app’s screen. After stopping Snapchat, open the app again from your app drawer or home screen shortcut. If that doesn’t work and the message is still there, move on to the next step.

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Reboot your phone

Rebooting your phone resets the operating system and removes everything from the RAM. This can sometimes be enough to solve the issue. But it is recommended to closing the app first and then restart. Rebooting the phone also resets all network connections which could resolve any possible network issues.

Snapchat is down?

There could be yet another possible network issue, but not one on your end. There have been instances when the Snapchat servers have gone down for whatever reason. Though it is not a frequent occurrence, it doesn’t hurt to check it at websites like Downdetector and IsItDownRightNow.

Log out of Snapchat and Log back in

Sometimes, a simple thing as logging out of the app and logging back in does the trick and resolves the issue. Being a simple one to do, especially with password managers these days, this should be among the first things that you try.

If you’ve never logged out of Snapchat after your initial login, here’s how to do so:

Open Snapchat and on any of the homepage screens tap on your avatar/profile icon.

Then tap on Settings (gear icon) at the top right corner. 

Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Log out.

Then log back in and see if the issue is fixed.

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Clear cache on Android

On apps as well as browsers, cache data of temporary files builds up over the course of time and use. And though this data reduces the time it takes to revisit a page, it does mean that whatever problem you were facing before is likely to stick around. Here’s how to give Snapchat a clean cache:

You can clear cache from within the app itself. To do so, go to the Settings page as shown before.

Then scroll down to the bottom. Under “Account Actions”, tap on Clear Cache.

Tap Continue.

Cache buildup also makes the app heavier so there’s all the more reason to clean it up from time to time. If you’re doing this for the first time, you should see a a much faster and error free app. 

Users started reported this issue first after a Snapchat update. But that was a few months ago. Since then, there have been many updates and it is possible that updating your app to the latest version might resolve the issue for good. This is particularly true for those who’re not sure if automatic updates for apps is turned on or not. Just go to the Play Store or the App Store, search for “Snapchat” and download the update if one is available. 

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Snapchat stuck at updating messages: 3 additional fixes

Lastly, there is one fix that still needs explaining. This is to do with the background notifications that pop up constantly about some “messages updating” on Snapchat. Though most of the time they can be swiped away, it is better to get rid of them for good. Here’s how you can do so. 

Restrict Snapchat’s access to silent notifications

Snapchat has to have access to your notifications to ping you when you get messages, tags, requests, and other updates. But by default Snapchat also has access to silent notifications. Silent notifications are passive and not time-sensitive, and Snapchat’s access to it could be why those “message updating” notifications keep popping up. 

All you need to do is to restrict Snapchat’s access to these and the problem shouldn’t recur. Depending on your OEM’s interface, the option to do so will differ and may or may not be the same. This is how to go about it:

Whenever you get a Snapchat notification again, tap on the gear icon (settings) next to it.

Once inside Snapchat’s notification settings, turn Off Silent notifications.

Hide Silent Notifications in Status Bar

If you don’t see silent notifications in Snapchat’s notification settings, there’s one other thing that you can do to stop seeing the “updating message” message. You can turn off (and hide) silent notifications from appearing in the status bar entirely. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on Notifications.

Then scroll down and toggle On Hide silent notifications in status bar.

On some OEM skins (such as Oppo’s ColorOS), you can restrict Snapchat’s access to silent notifications entirely. To do this, long-press the Snapchat app icon, go to App info and then choose Notifications. Here, toggle off “Quiet Notifications” and “Silent Notifications”.

Turn off Snapchat’s ‘Messages Reminder’ entirely

You can also turn off Messages Reminders completely from Snapchat’s Notification settings. For this go to Settings as shown before and then tap on Notifications.

Here, toggle off Message reminders.

It might seem like overkill for a recurring but passive notification. But this can be an option if nothing else works for you and the “messages updating” notifications still keep popping up. 

These are all the fixes that you can try for Snapchat’s message updating notifications and bugs. One of them is bound to come to solve the issue eventually. Most of the time it is hard to know exactly what’s causing the problem. So applying a specific fix can be dicey. Instead, then go through the most common fixes first (in the manner given), try them out one by one, and find the method that works. 


Resero 9 Will Shrink Down The Size Of Notification Banners In Ios 9.3.3

One of the things that have been long disliked about banner notifications ever since the launch of iOS 7 and continuing to current iOS releases are just how much space they eat up.

A new free jailbreak tweak called Resero 9 is now available in Cydia that shrinks down the size of your notifications banners so they’re less obtrusive, and we’ll show you how it works in this review.

Notification banners on a diet

Your typical notification banners in iOS 9 are overly intrusive, and they’ve been that way since the major UI overhaul in iOS 7.

They span the entire length of the navigation bar, which means that when you’re busy trying to use an app and someone won’t leave you alone, you have to manually dismiss the banners over and over again in order to get to the navigation bar’s buttons.

With Resero 9, your notification banners are made a whole lot smaller such that they don’t use up any more space than they have to. In fact, after installation, the entire banner with the app icon and the notification preview will take up no more space than your Status Bar will.

There are a ton of benefits to the smaller notification banners, but the biggest is going to be that you can easily tap on any of your navigation bar buttons when you receive notifications because they aren’t going to be in the way.

Case in point:

As you can see, even when I get a notification, Resero 9 will let me ignore the notification and continue using my device, even if that means tapping navigation bar buttons. Apple’s banner notification won’t let me do that.

Other tweaks like Resero 9

There are certainly lots of tweaks like Resero 9 that have accomplished the same task, but it seems Resero 9 was created with iOS 9.3.3 in mind, as it works flawlessly with the new jailbreak.

That said, many of the older tweaks still have yet to be updated and it’s harder to recommend them now that Resero 9 is out.

My thoughts on Resero 9

Because I use my device so much and people are always texting me throughout the day, it’s almost a must-have for me. I get so annoyed by the influx of notification banners that keep me from using my navigation bar, and I’m sure this tweak is going to help with that.

I love that the new notification banners only take up about the space of the Status Bar, as it really reduces the size and gets them out of the way.

Despite the smaller size, the notification banners still display all the information about the notification you need to see, including the app icon and a preview of the text from the notification.

I would recommend this tweak to any iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak user in a heartbeat.

Wrapping up

For those that want smaller notification banners on their newly-jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device, Resero 9 is a great tweak to try. It works with all apps, not just the Messages app, and really helps with device usability.

The tweak is available as a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. There are no options to configure and the tweak gets to work immediately after being instsalled.

How To Fix No, Low Or Noisy Sound Problems In Windows 11? – Webnots

Audio problems can be annoying whether you are using default system speakers, external speakers setup or using headphone. You may be facing problems like low volume, no or noisy sound when playing a music or attending a video conference. Whether the audio is not working partially or completely, you can fix the issue following the suggestions given in this article. Note that this article deals with Windows 11 setup, check out our earlier article if you are using Windows 10.

Fix Sound Problems in Windows 11

Most options listed down will not affect the data stored in your system. However, certain actions like uninstalling device or updating driver (automatic or manual) may end up in unexpected situation. Therefore, make sure to create a system restore point or keep the original audio driver files as a backup. You can restore the system or reinstall the driver in case something goes wrong.

1. Check Sound Not Muted and Select Correct Speakers

First things first, before jumping into any troubleshooting methods make sure your audio isn’t muted, the volume levels aren’t low and you are using the right audio device.

Unmute Audio

Next adjust speaker’s volume by moving the slider to maximum level and check if this solves your audio problem.

Sound Output IconChoose Sound Output

Remember, sometimes your Bluetooth audio device like headphone will be automatically connected. Make sure to select your system speakers and check the audio is working from the system.

2. Run Windows 11 Sound Troubleshooter

Windows 11 also has a built-in sound troubleshooter which can analyze and solve sound or audio related issues.

Troubleshoot Sound Problems

This will open a “Get Help” windows, scroll down to “Audio Problems Troubleshooter” section.

Run Automated Sound Diagnostics

Troubleshooter Error in Windows 11

You will see “Get Help” app will show up and install it on your system to start using the troubleshooter.

Install Get Help App

3. Manually Update or Reinstall Audio Drivers

If you have chosen “No” when the troubleshooter prompted to automatically install driver, you can manually do that. This is also an option if you are facing audio related issues immediately after updating Windows to latest version. Keep your audio driver files ready or download the latest driver from the device’s manufacturer’s website and follow the below steps.

Device Manager

Update Driver Menu

Next, choose the “Browse my computer for drivers” option.

Select Browse My Computer for Drivers

Select Let Me Pick from List

Update Drivers in Windows 11

This will update your audio driver and check the sound works after that. Note that Windows will automatically show a warning if you select outdated driver for updating. In this case, find the correct driver from manufacturer’s website or all Windows to automatically search install the driver for you.

Update Driver Warning

4. Uninstall and Reinstall Audio Device

If the problem still exists after updating the drivers, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the audio device.

Go to Device Manager and expand “Sounds, video and game controllers” option.

After uninstalling the device, restart your computer and the system will automatically detect and install your audio device. Otherwise, go to Device Manager and select “Scan for hardware changes” option from “Action” menu. System will scan for the missing devices/drivers and reinstall them.

Scan for Hardware Changes

Now, play a music and check if you can successfully hear the sound from your speakers.

5. Check Speaker Settings in Windows 11

If you still face the audio problem, try adjusting the speaker settings in the Settings app.

Windows 11 Sound Settings

Open Speakers Settings

Scroll down and select “Off” for “Audio enhancements” option.

Lastly, check the “Spatial audio” option and make sure to turn it off.

Enable Audio and Disable Enhancements

6. Fix Audio Services

Windows Audio service always runs in the background to manage and control audio-related operations in your system. Sometimes this service fail to work properly resulting in audio problems and adjusting them can solve the issue.

Open services.msc

Scroll down in the huge list and find “Windows Audio” service.

Restart Windows Audio Service

Restart your system and check if it solves the audio issue.

7. Run SFC command

Corrupted system files can result in several problems in your system including audio issues. To scan and fix these missing or corrupted files, you can run SFC command from Command Prompt.

Go to the Search button and type “cmd” in the search bar.

Open Command Prompt in Admin Mode

Type sfc/scannow in the prompt and press enter. System will start scanning and repair any detected or corrupted files.

Running sfc System Scan

Now, check the audio is working and your issue is resolved.

8. Update Windows 11 and App

Sometimes, your music app may have a compatibility issue with the Windows OS. In this case, updating your app and Windows can help to resolve the conflict and fix the issue.

Open Settings app and go to “Windows Update” section. Check for any available update to download and install the latest Windows 11 version.

For apps – go to Microsoft Store and get the latest update for your app. If you have downloaded the app from any third-party website, discuss with the developer to get the update.

Reset Sound and Device for Apps

9. Change External Speaker Setup

If you have connected external speakers and not hearing the sound properly, it might be due to incorrect setup.

More Sound Settings in Windows 11

Select Playback Speakers

Select Speakers Setup

Depending upon your selection, Windows will prompt you to select the speakers in the next steps. For example, if you have selected 7.1 Surround channel, you will be prompted to select center, subwoofer, side or rear pair, front left and right and surround optional speakers for your setup.

Finish Speaker Configuration in Windows 11

This will help you to hear the sound properly based on speaker setup. If you do not have extenral speakers, then simply select “Stereo” option and select front left/right speakers to test the sound is wokring.

Final words

Sound problems like no sound or low volume are common in Windows 11. Running troubleshooter or updating drivers will fix the issue in most cases. If not, you can try other suggestions to solve the problem.

Iphone X Ringer Volume Very Low? Here’s The Fix

Have you noticed the iPhone X ringer volume goes from loud to low? Often iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max users notice that the iPhone X ringtone will sound very quiet after initially sounding loud, but despite pressing the volume up buttons they can’t get the iPhone X ringtone to sound loud again, it’s just stuck quiet. Don’t fret and there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone X for exhibiting this behavior, in fact this is actually a feature.

If your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X rings loud but then gets quiet and stays quiet, but you’d rather have the iPhone X ringer volume stay loud all the time when getting a call, read on to learn the proper settings adjustment to stop this behavior. The end result will be that iPhone X sounds loud on incoming calls all the time and the iPhone X will stop quieting the ringtone volume itself.

What causes the iPhone X ringtone volume to be very low after initially sounding loud? It’s actually a Face ID feature. And yes, this ring sound volume lowering capability applies even if Face ID is not being used on iPhone X to unlock or authenticate the device, and much like how Animoji uses the Face ID camera to scan your face even if you aren’t using Face ID authentication, the front camera for face scanning is active for other features too, and that includes the ringtone volume. This applies to fixing the quiet ring sound volume on all iPhone X models including iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X.

How to Stop iPhone X Ring Volume Going Quiet

You can disable the attention awareness feature that scans your face and determines you’re looking at the iPhone X, which in turn lowers the ring volume on the device. With this feature turned off, the iPhone X will stop lowering the ring volume of calls automatically when you pick up the iPhone and look at it.

Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone

Go to the “Face ID & Passcode” section

Locate the “Attention Aware Features” option and turn the switch to the OFF position

Exit out of Settings

You can confirm this works by getting an incoming call on iPhone X, it should now be loud as your settings were set to beforehand and no longer quiet the call to a very low volume automatically.

How to Turn Ringer Volume Up to the Loudest Setting on iPhone X

Here’s how to adjust the Ringtone Volume so that it is up all the way to a loud setting:

From the “Settings” app go to “Sounds & Haptics”

Under the ‘Ringer and Alerts’ section slide the volume indicator all the way to the right for full volume

Optionally, toggle the switch for “Change with Buttons” if you want to be able to adjust ringtone volume with the physical buttons on the iPhone*

* Some people turned this Volume button adjustment feature off long ago, particularly if they have kids that like to fidget with their iPhone. But many new iPhone models ship with this feature disabled by default. Whether you want to adjust the ringtone volume by the volume buttons is a matter of personal preference and your individual usage.

Finally the other options to make sure are not enabled is the physical hardware mute button on the side of the iPhone (if you can see the little orange indicator, mute button is on), and also check for Do Not Disturb not being enabled, since Do Not Disturb mode will cause an iPhone to not get incoming calls or make sounds at all.

Keep in mind that if you press the volume buttons on an iPhone when a call is actively incoming, you will mute the incoming call sound on the iPhone just temporarily for that specific individual phone call. That’s a completely separate feature and it’s quiet useful if you’re in a meeting or talking with someone and you want to quickly silence just that single call without muting the phone entirely.

That should cover all the bases, and your iPhone X should now ring loud for incoming calls as usual just like other iPhones do. No more automatically quieting down after the first ring, as long a you have the facial attention awareness feature off this behavior will stop.


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