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AirPods are gifted with the controls that can be accessed just by tapping them. But AirPods come with their own set of problems at times. One of them is red exclamation point error on left or right AirPods. It’s annoying when you see the same exclamation mark error all the time.

There might be several reasons for this error depending on your iPhone or AirPods issues. But hey, there’s always a way out to get rid of such issues! Today, I am going to share some tips through which you can easily fix AirPods red exclamation mark error, be it right or left AirPods.

How to Fix Red Exclamation Point Error on Left or Right AirPod

To make it easy for you and solve this issue at the earliest, I have listed the best possible solutions to fix this red exclamation point on AirPods.

Quick Access:

#1. Reconnect the AirPods

Just like restart or reboot works like charm for any iPhone, reconnecting AirPods brings it back to life. Here’s how you can disconnect and reconnect your AirPods again to your iDevice.

Step #1. Head over to Settings and tap on Bluetooth.

Step #2. Now tap on the info button next to your AirPods’ name. Tap on Forget This Device.

Step #3. Put your AirPods back in the case and open the lid of the AirPods case. Now, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until you see the flashlight. Next, reconnect the AirPods.

That’s how simple it is to reconnect AirPods and getting the error solved. This solution has worked for more than 80% of the users to date approximately. And if you’re new to AirPods, you would also love to know how to pair AirPods with your iDevice. I hope this fix works for you. Else, you can proceed to the further solutions.

#2. Cleaning the Debris in Charging Case & AirPods

Anything that interferes with the charging mode of AirPods case has something to do with this red exclamation mark error on the AirPods. I am still not sure how people get this issue fixed just by cleaning the charging case but it works most of the time.

To clean it, open the charging case, take the AirPods outside of the case and then clean the case with a controlled air or a cotton cloth if you see any debris. Likewise, you would also like to clean your AirPods as well which might be causing this issue – so do that as well.

This can fix the issue if there was any interference in the charging. Once the cleaning is done, charge your AirPods and try to reconnect them as per the procedure given in solution #1 above.

#3. Restart Your iPhone

When it comes to troubleshooting an issue, the first thing that users try is restarting their iPhones. Of course, it solves a lot of issues that come with updates and software bugs; but it might not solve the issues related to hardware.

So simply try restarting your iPhone and see if the error flies away. This must be your first preferred option as it doesn’t consume much of your time and non-technical as well.

#4. Reset Network Settings on iPhone

As AirPods use Bluetooth to connect with your iPhone, it’s essential that you check the network settings as well. Just try to reset your network settings and see if this fixes the issue. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General.

Step #2. Scroll down to find the Reset option. Now tap on Reset All Network Settings.

This should reset all your network settings including Wi-Fi. So make sure you remember your passwords, else, it will be a hard time recollecting them.

#5. Make Your Way to Apple Store

While I understand that this isn’t a solution you’re looking for, those who aren’t tech-savvy and don’t want to get into any hurdles, this is the best option they can try.

Of course, visiting the Apple Store doesn’t always mean that there must be a hardware issue. They check with all the best possible solutions just like the above ones before coming to a conclusion to get them replaced. Give it a try and you’ll never regret it again.

So, that’s it, for today!

Summing Up…

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! How To Type Exclamation Mark Symbol On Keyboard

In today’s article, you’ll learn about all the available methods and shortcuts you can use to type the Exclamation Mark (!) symbol on your keyboard, whether you are using Windows or Mac, and whether you are working with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or in your browser.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

But before we begin, you can also use the button below to easily copy and paste the Exclamation Mark Sign for free.

Below is an image of a keyboard showing where the Exclamation Mark key is located on the keyboard.

However, if copy and paste aren’t what you are looking for, and you cannot also find or type the (!) Symbol key on your keyboard, continue reading below on how you can type the Exclamation Mark Sign using some shortcuts.

To type the Exclamation Mark (!) symbol on your keyboard, press Shift + 1 for both Windows and Mac. Alternatively, press and hold the Alt key and type the Exclamation Mark alt code which is 33 on the numeric keypad, then release the alt key.

Symbol NameExclamation MarkSymbol!Alt Code33Windows/Mac ShortcutShift + 1Windows Alt Code ShortcutAlt + 33

The above quick guide provides some useful tips on how to type ! Symbol including shortcuts and alt codes you can use on both Windows and Mac. However, below are some other methods you can also leverage to insert this symbol into your Word document.

Microsoft Office provides several methods for typing or inserting symbols that do not have dedicated keys on the keyboard.

In this section, I will make available for you five different methods you can utilize to type or insert the Exclamation Mark Symbol in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any text editor for both Mac and Windows users.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Where is the Exclamation Mark Symbol key on the Keyboard?

On most keyboards, the ! Symbol key is located on the same key as the 1 key. Pressing this key gives you 1. In order to type this symbol, press down the shift key before you press on the 1 key.

The keyboard shortcut for Exclamation Mark Symbol is Shift + 1 for both Windows and Mac.

The Exclamation Mark Symbol alt code is 33.

Even though this symbol has a dedicated key on most English keyboards, you can also use the Alt Numpad Input Method (AKA Alt Code Method) to type this symbol. This can be done by pressing and holding the Alt key whilst typing the Exclamation Mark Symbol Alt code (33) using the numeric keypad.

This method is for Windows only. And your keyboard must also have a numeric keypad.

If you don’t still get it, just obey the following instructions to type the Exclamation Mark Symbol using the alt code method:

Place your insertion pointer where you need the symbol.

Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard.

Whilst holding on to the Alt key, press the symbol’s alt code (33). You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. If you are using a laptop without the numeric keypad, this method may not work for you. On some laptops, there’s a hidden numeric keypad which you can enable by pressing Fn+NmLk keystrokes on the keyboard.

Release the Alt key after typing the Alt code to insert the Symbol into your document.

This is how you may type this symbol in anywhere on your Windows PC using the Alt Code method.

The keyboard shortcut for Exclamation Mark Symbol is Shift + 1 for both Windows and Mac. Alternatively, for Windows, use the Alt Code method by pressing down the alt key and typing the alt code of 33 on the numeric keypad.

To type the Exclamation Mark Symbol with a shortcut, obey the instructions below:

First of all, place the insertion pointer where you need to type the Symbol.

For both Windows and Mac, press and hold the Shift key and hit once on the [1] (One) key.

Alternatively, for windows users, press and hold the alt key and type 33 on the number pad.

These are the steps you may use to type this symbol in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Another easy way to get the Exclamation Mark Symbol on any PC is to use my favorite method: copy and paste.

All you have to do is to copy the symbol from somewhere like a web page or the character map for windows users, and head over to where you need the symbol (say in Word or Excel), then hit Ctrl+V to paste.

Below is the symbol for you to copy and paste into your document. Just select it and press Ctrl+C to copy, switch over to your text editor, place your insertion pointer at the desired location and press Ctrl+V to paste.


For windows users, you may also obey the following instructions to copy and paste this [!] and any other symbol using the character map dialog box.

Switch to your Microsoft Word document, place the insertion pointer at the desired location, and press Ctrl+V to paste.

This is how you may use the Character Map dialog to copy and paste any symbol on Windows PC.

Obey the following steps to insert the Exclamation Mark Symbol in Word using the insert symbol dialog box.

Close the dialog.

The symbol will then be inserted exactly where you place the insertion pointer in the beginning.

These are the steps you may use to insert the Exclamation Mark Symbol in Word or Excel or PowerPoint using the Symbol library.

As you can see, there are several different methods you can use to type the Exclamation Mark Symbol on the keyboard.

Using the shortcuts for both Windows and Mac make the fastest option for this task. Shortcuts are always fast and save time.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.

Getting Something Went Wrong Netflix Error? Here’s How To Fix It

Getting Something went wrong Netflix error? Here’s how to fix it




Netflix is one of the foremost movie-streaming services that users can utilize within browsers or with its app. However, Netflix also throws out Something went wrong error messages for some users. Those error messages can vary slightly, but users can’t watch Netflix files when the errors occur. Netflix’s Something went wrong” error messages might state:

Oops, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred.

Whoops, something went wrong (F1)

Whoops, something went wrong… Unexpected error.

Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.

The above error messages can appear for both Netflix browser and app users and have alternative codes. So, there are various alternative fixes for them. These are some of the resolutions that might fix the Something went wrong error messages quoted above.

How can I fix Something went wrong Netflix error?

1. Is Netflix Down?

First, check if Netflix is down. Netflix isn’t down very often, but there was a global Netflix outage in 2023. Then Netflix returned the following error message: Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later. However, it didn’t take long for the usual service to be resumed.

Users can check if Netflix is down at chúng tôi Enter the keyword ‘Netflix’ in that site’s search box, and press the Return key. That will open a page that tells users if Netflix is generally down or not. If chúng tôi is down, users will need to wait for Netflix Inc. to fix things.

2. Clear the Browser’s Cache

The Whoops, something went wrong… Unexpected error Netflix error message highlights that users need to reset their browser data. Therefore, clearing browser cache is among the best resolutions for that specific error message. Chrome users can clear that browser’s cache as follows.

Select the All time option on the Time range drop-down menu.

Select the Cached images and files check box.

3. Reset the Browser

Expert tip:

Input chrome://settings/ in Chrome’s URL bar, and press the Enter key.

Then press the Reset settings button.

4. Update the Browser

Something went wrong error messages can often be due to antiquated browser versions. So, some users might need to update their browsers. This is how users can update Google Chrome.

Press the Customize Google Chrome button.

Then the browser will automatically check for updates. Press the Relaunch button after the update.

5. Reinstall the Netflix App

Reinstalling Netflix might fix the Something went wrong (F1) issue for those who utilize the app for movie streaming. That error message can be due to data or settings on Windows 10. Follow the guidelines below to reinstall Netflix.

Open Cortana’s search box by pressing the Windows key + Q hotkey.

Input the keyword apps in Cortana’s text box to find Apps & features.

Next, open Netflix’s MS Store page.

6. Add Netflix to Trusted Sites for Internet Explorer

This is a resolution more specifically for fixing the Something went wrong issue (error code:H7361-1253-80070006) in Internet Explorer. Explorer users can fix that error code by adding Netflix to trusted sites. Follow the guidelines below to add Netflix to IE’s trusted websites.

Open the Internet Explorer browser.

Press the Tools button on IE’s toolbar.

Select the Security tab.

Deselect the Require server verification option if it’s selected.

7. Reset Windows 10

Some users have also confirmed that they’ve fixed the Something went wrong Netflix error (code W80072EE4) by resetting Windows 10. Resetting Windows reinstalls the OS. That might seem a little drastic for fixing a movie-streaming service error, but users have confirmed that resetting Windows does the trick.

To reset Windows 10, input the keyword reset in the search box.

Select the Keep my files option.

Select the Next and Reset options to reinstall Windows 10.

Those are a few of the resolutions that can resolve Something went wrong errors so users can enjoy Netflix movies once more. Netflix users who have found other fixes for the above error messages are welcome to share their resolutions below.


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Apple Keyboard Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

It’s pretty impossible to complete your daily task if your keyboard is unresponsive. For mac users, a misbehaving apple keyboard causes a whole lot of problems, mainly because there are not many alternatives available. 

Usually, an apple keyboard malfunctions due to a corrupted keyboard preference file. Either that, or it might be just a simple case of misconnection. Nevertheless, a suitable settings configuration generally gets the Apple keyboard working at its best.

So, here in this article, we have made a list of all the fixes and workarounds to help you solve this issue of your faulty Apple keyboard. 


A dead keyboard battery

Mouse keys

Corrupted preference files

Corruption from recently installed applications

Corrupted SMC data

Dirty keyboard

Outdated OS

Restarting your computer and also your keyboard should be the first action you take whenever it malfunctions. Usually, rebooting the system can fix these minor computing issues by reallocating resources during startup. 

And if this doesn’t work, you can follow all the steps listed below until one of them solves your problem. 

Before you dive into more technical fixes, it’s important to ensure that your cables are connected properly and in the right port. Also, if you always connect your keyboard to the same port on your computer, try switching the port and see what happens. If you find that your keyboard works on one port and not on the other, the problem might be within the ports. 

And, if you use a wireless keyboard, make sure that it’s paired correctly to the system. Moreover, try to unpair it and re-pair it with your computer. For this, 

Another reason your keyboard is not working might be because it’s out of battery life. This applies mainly to iMac users who use the wireless magic keyboard. If you have not plugged in your keyboard for a while now, we recommend you to do so and charge it. 

However, there is a way to check the battery level of your keyboard, and here’s how:

If you have the mouse keys option enabled on your system, your keyboard will not be able to comply with its default workflow. The mouse keys feature lets you move the cursor around the screen using your keyboard buttons. So naturally, this disables the keyboard from typing. 

Hence, to avoid unwanted confusion, it’s best to disable the mouse keys option and see if it fixes your problem. For this,

Your keyboard’s properties files store your user settings and customized keyboard options. It also stores individual profiles and other appropriate data in XML format. 

However, the properties files are known to get corrupted as well. And in such a case, deleting these files can fix your problem. But keep in mind that doing so will delete all your custom settings, including the shortcut you might have set or the keyboard layout you’re familiar with. Nevertheless,  

If you noticed that your Apple keyboard failed to operate properly after installing a new app, chances are that this application is in conflict with your keyboard processes. So, through various forums, we came to the conclusion that backtracking and deleting recently installed applications could fix your malfunctioning keyboard issue. For this, 

More often than not, specks of dirt and greases inside the keyboard prevent it from working efficiently. The key presses might fail to register, and the keyboard might fail to be recognized altogether. And if that’s the case, the only thing you can do is clean the keyboard. 

For this, you can use compressed air to clean off the dirt from tight spaces. Then, wiping the keys with a piece of microfibre cloth damped in Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) should do the trick. However, we do have a dedicated article on cleaning the keyboard keys. So, if you want to, you could check it out as well.

The SMC (System Management Controller) makes sure your hardware components are working as intended. So, whenever you have hardware issues on your computer, you could reset the SMC, as it’ll very likely fix the problem you’re facing. 

As for keyboards, the SMC makes sure that the keyboard keys are registered, and the indicator lights illuminate as you want them to. So, to reset the SMC,

For M1 Chip Macbooks For T2 Chip Macbooks For Macbooks With No M1/T2 Chips For Macbooks With Removable Battery

If none of the above methods work, you could resort to updating your entire operating system. Although this may seem farfetched, a new OS update has been known to incorporate new features and compatibility patches on your computer. These patches could be the key to getting your keyboard working at its full capacity. So, to update your system,  

Does Your Gpu Keep Crashing? Here’s How To Fix It

Have you ever had the most fantastic game, and your GPU suddenly stops working at the most critical moment? Many peripherals have been wrongfully broken due to a GPU-related issue. 

If your GPU constantly crashes during load, it might signal more troublesome issues, but most often, it’s just a manner of cleaning your PC or switching up a few software changes. 

In this article, we will give you the top causes for GPU crashes, how to fix them, and how to prevent your GPU from ever suddenly dying. 

Why is my GPU Keeps Crashing?

The first thing we must clarify is that there are many scenarios of how your GPU might crash. The list below shows you what the crash looks like and what the most likely culprit is:

Colorful Artifacts are appearing: For this one, the most likely cause is either too generous overclocking or a GPU nearing the end of its life span. In some cases, outdated drivers can also cause artifacts.

Sudden black screen: Sudden crashes are most commonly caused by overheating or corrupt system files.

Screen powers off: If your screen powers off, the issue might be within the GPU connector cables or the power supply.

Crashing/ Sudden blue screen: This is the most common symptom, especially when your GPU is under heavy load.

Depending on the exact issue you are experiencing, you will need to try different troubleshooting methods.

Depending on the exact issue you are experiencing, you will need to try different troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix When GPU Keeps Crashing?

The way to approach GPU crashes is to isolate the exact issue that you are having and focus on troubleshooting it. We will show you both general fixes that might work for most cases, but also give you more specific troubleshooting for exact scenarios. 

It’s important to remember that isolated instances of GPU crashes are not always indicative of an underlying issue, and could simply be related to the game or application encountering an error. Persistent GPU crashes and low performance on the other hand imply a common recurring issue. 

Remove Overclocking

It’s best to set your GPU’s core and memory clock speeds to their default values and remove any boost clock that locks your GPU at a specific frequency during all times. 

If your PC is frozen and you can’t access your third-party overclocking software, restart your PC manually by holding the power button until it continues. Once your PC resets, the default GPU frequency should be applied. 

This applies to any voltage changes that you used to the GPU as well, so please reset them to the default value if applicable.

Update Drivers

Any outdated GPU drivers can be incredibly detrimental to performance and stability and can undoubtedly be the cause of a variety of different types of GPU crashes. Always keep your GPU drivers up to date since they not only often offer noticeable performance gains and feature integrations but also add better stability and consistency.

Here is how to manually update your GPU drivers:

An alternative way to automatically keep all your GPU drivers up to date is to install either NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience or the AMD equivalent. 

These applications will automatically scan and update your GPU to the latest drivers, so you won’t have to worry about having driver-related crashes ever again. While you are updating drivers, it’s also a great idea to update all of your other PC’s drivers.

Faulty Power Supply

A faulty power supply might cause sudden PC crashes that you might falsely blame on your GPU. The most common scenario is, suppose your PSU is defective, but your PC still boots up. When you open up a graphically intense game or application, your GPU starts drawing its max power. Still, the PSU can’t handle it, so it crashes instead to prevent hardware damage.

The only way to check if this is the case is to swap your PSU for a different one and see if your PC still crashes under heavy graphic load. 

Prevent GPU Overheating/ Dust Off Your PC 

This is, without a doubt, the most common issue related to PC performance since every single PC user will face it at one point. Do you notice that your system is incredibly loud, even at a small load, or if your PC slows down to a crawl when you use it for longer than a few minutes? It’s almost guaranteed that your PC’s internal components’ temperatures are too high.

The reason why most GPUs crash is to prevent hardware damage from overheating. Think about it; if your PC case is full of Dust, your GPU fans struggle to get cool air to disperse the immense heat from the GPU core and memory. Then your GPU will either underclock significantly or enter an emergency shutdown to prevent overheating. 

The fix here is straightforward and should be performed every few months, depending on how dusty the area of your PC is. Once your PC has been cleaned internally, then connect all the cables back and check if the GPU crashing persists. 

In some cases, if your PC is clean, but you are obstructing airflow (putting the laptop on top of your bed sheath) can cause restricted airflow. So be mindful that your PC’s intake fans are unobstructed.

Update Your DirectX 

DirectX is a combination of various APIs that are made to render, display, and calculate 3D images, textures, and anything graphics related. Most games rely on DirectX software to run correctly. In case your DirectX is the wrong version or outdated, you could be faced with sudden crashes when you open up or play certain games. 

Updating and checking your DirectX version is not very straightforward, but don’t be scared. We have an entire article on how to update DirectX.

Replace Your GPU

If your GPU has been running for a few long years, or if you bought it second-hand, it will likely malfunction as time goes on like any other hardware component.

GPUs, unlike RAM, for example, are subject to very high temperatures, so their parts, such as the VRAM or the capacitors, become damaged with time. As this process continues, you might start noticing sudden crashes, blue screens, or screen artifacts during GPU use.

Firestick Not Working Or Responding? Here’s How To Fix It

Despite the ubiquity of Smart TVs, media and streaming devices such as the Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick are still massively popular. It’s understandable.

Troubleshooting a Malfunctioning Amazon Fire Stick

While the Amazon Fire Stick is a simple enough device, a slew of errors may cause it to malfunction. Furthermore, these errors manifest themselves differently. Issues you may encounter while using your Amazon Fire Stick include: 

A Blank Screen: This occurs when there is no video or image display on your Fire Stick. While there are several causes for this, the most common is the lack of an input signal from your Fire Stick to your TV.

Buffering or Takes Too Long to Load: This issue occurs when your Amazon Fire Stick takes longer to load than usual. – 

Apps Keep Crashing: Sometimes, an app (or several apps) will continuously crash on your Fire Stick, often slowing it down or causing it to malfunction. 

Audio Issues: While streaming a video, you may find that there is video output. However, there doesn’t seem to be any sound accompanying it. Alternatively, there may be audio playback, but it isn’t in sync with the video playback. 

Issues With Internet Connectivity: Your Amazon Fire Stick may malfunction because it cannot establish a stable connection to the internet. 

The Remote Control Isn’t Responding: Your Amazon Fire Stick’s interface may seem frozen or broken because the remote control isn’t actually working. 

The Device Turns Off and on by Itself: This occurs when your Amazon Fire Stick switches on and/or off for no discernable reason. No, your Amazon Fire Stick isn’t possessed by evil spirits. There are several hardware and software-related faults that may be causing its erratic behavior.  

Overheating: While it’s called the Amazon Fire Stick, the device shouldn’t be too hot to the touch. Overheating may not cause your Amazon Fire Stick to malfunction right away, but if this issue is left too long, it may cause permanent damage.

Now that we’ve established common issues that may be the culprits behind your Amazon Fire Stick not working correctly let’s look at a few possible solutions. 

Make Sure That the TV is On

This solution may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure that the TV you’re connecting the Amazon Fire Stick to is on. Some TVs automatically switch off when they don’t detect an input signal for a few minutes. While setting up your Amazon Fire Stick, the TV may have switched off without you noticing. It may be the reason why you may be seeing a blank screen.

Check Your HDMI Connections

Your screen may be blank because your Amazon Fire Stick isn’t correctly connected to your TV’s HDMI port. Make sure that it’s securely fitted and connected to the HDMI. If the Amazon Fire Stick uses an adaptor, ensure that it’s firmly attached. If possible, try to remove the HDMI adaptor/extension and connect the Amazon Fire Stick directly to the TV. 

Most TVs come with multiple HDMI ports. You may be connecting your Fire Stick to a non-functional port. Try connecting it to an alternative port. If that still doesn’t work, you’ll first need to ascertain that not all HDMI ports on the TV are defective. The best way to do this is to connect to another HDMI device. If that device doesn’t work, there may be an issue with the TV. You’ll need to report it to the owner or contact a manufacturer-certified service person to get it fixed. 

If you’re sure that the HDMI ports on the TV are functional, then the issue may be with your Amazon Fire Stick. However, it may not necessarily be a hardware fault. 

Wait It Out

If your Amazon Fire Stick is buffering or taking longer than usual to load, exercising some patience and giving it a chance to actually load may be the best solution. Your Fire Stick may be taking longer than expected to load because it was recently updated or is currently pushing updates. If it still hasn’t loaded after 15 minutes, you can move on to the other steps in this guide.  

Restart Your Amazon Fire Stick

Just as rebooting your computer can clear most system errors, restarting your Amazon Fire Stick can potentially do the same. There are a few ways you can restart your Fire Stick. The first is by using the interface or settings. This method will only work if the Fire Stick isn’t frozen or unresponsive. To restart the Amazon Fire Stick using the menu, do the following:

Make sure that your Fire Stick is connected to your TV and turned on

Press the home button on your remote to ensure that you’re on the home screen

User your remote control to navigate the selection cursor all the way left until you reach the gear icon (settings) and select it

Scroll through the list of widgets until you reach one labeled My Fire TV

Open it

Scroll down to the menu option marked Restart and select it

Your Amazon Fire Stick will shut off and start up again. This method may work to fix audio and internet connectivity issues. If you’re having trouble accessing the Restart option in the Settings screen, you can try using your remote to force-restart the Fire Stick. 

If you can’t use the remote or access settings, you can unplug the USB power cable from the Fire Stick. After unplugging it, wait for ten seconds and plug it back in. Your Amazon Fire TV Stick will power off and power on again. This reboot technique can potentially help with blank screens, app crashes, buffering, issues with the remote, and a host of other problems.

Like most modern smart devices, the Amazon Fire Stick requires regular software updates. However, software updates aren’t immune from the fair share of bugs. Thus, the reason behind your Amazon Firestick woes may be related to a bad Amazon Fire Stick update. One of the best ways to fix it is to initiate another update.

Before performing an update, you need to ensure you have a stable internet connection and all your apps are closed. The best way to ascertain the latter is to restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Do not unplug the Amazon Fire Stick while the update is ongoing. This may cause irreversible damage to your device and potentially “brick” it.

To update Amazon Fire TV Stick, do the following:

Press your home button to ensure that you’re on the home screen

Scroll down to the Settings icon and select it

Navigate to the My Fire TV widget and select it 

Scroll down to the About item on the menu 

Scroll down and select the Install Update or Check for Updates option

Of course, the above steps will only work if any updates are available. If the Fire Stick finds any updates, it will install them. This process should take a few minutes. When it’s done, the Amazon Fire Stick will restart. Hopefully, this will fix any UI bugs or playback issues. 

Clear Amazon Fire Stick Cache

If you’re experiencing streaming issues, constant app crashes, buffering, or stuttering, clearing your Fire Stick’s cache may help resolve them. The Fire Stick keeps a cache to help install and run apps. Sometimes, Fire Stick’s cache can become over-bloated over time. This may cause your device to slow down or malfunction. To clear your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s cache, do the following: 

Navigate to Settings from the home screen and select it

Scroll down to Applications

Scroll down and select Manage Installed Applications

Go app by app, selecting each and tapping on the Clear cache option

Once you’re done clearing the cache, we recommend restarting the Amazon Fire Stick. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove all app caches simultaneously. You must pay special attention to the screensaver application. Oftentimes, it will store the most cache on your device. Make sure to clear it regularly. 

Restore Your Amazon Fire Stick to Factory Defaults

If you can’t find any new software updates and your Fire Stick is experiencing performance issues, then maybe it’s time to restore it to factory default settings. However, it’s important to note that this process will erase all your data and personal settings. Nevertheless, there are two ways you can restore your Amazon Fire Stick to default settings. 

You can either do it from the Amazon Fire Stick interface or use the remote. From the user interface: 

Press the home button on your Fire Stick remote

Scroll to the Settings icon

Select the My Fire TV widget

Scroll down to the Reset to Factory Defaults

Select Reset on the confirmation screen

The Amazon Fire Stick will take a few minutes to reset. Do not disconnect the Amazon Fire Stick during this process, or it may end up bricking the device. 

Alternatively, you can force restore your Fire TV Stick to default factory settings using the remote. This method is particularly useful if your device is frozen. Before proceeding with the steps in this guide, ensure that your remote is fully operational and contains working batteries. 

To restore your Fire TV Stick, hold the right button on the navigation ring and the back button in unison. Hold these buttons together for 10 seconds. If you’ve successfully performed this method, your TV screen should flash a message notifying you that it will reset the Fire TV stick.

Once your Amazon Fire Stick is restored to default settings, you’ll have to set it up again. You can update it to the latest firmware/software version if you feel comfortable.

Final Word – What Else Can You Do?

If your device is overheating, try giving it a rest for a while. If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to contact an Amazon authorized service provider to get it checked out as soon as you can. It’s also important to use a stable internet connection with your Fire Stick device. A faulty power cable may also cause the Kindle Fire Stick to malfunction. You must regularly ensure it is connected correctly when using the Amazon Firestick.

Update the detailed information about Getting Red Exclamation Mark On Airpods? Here’s How To Fix It! on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!