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By now, you probably know that I’m neither a fan of cases nor screen protectors, so when the folks at SGP asked me if I’d like to check out their new screen protector for iPhone 4S, I gave them my boilerplate answer: “you may send it to me but I make no guarantee that I will review it on iDB.”

I was really intrigued by SGP’s GLAS.t premium tempered glass screen protector right off the bat though. As far as I know, this is the very first screen protector for iPhone entirely made of glass, and after seeing the video demo, I knew I wanted to try it despite my disdain for screen protectors.

So about a month ago, I installed the GLAS.t on my iPhone 4S. This is my review of it…


The Installation

The installation process went like a breeze. I adjusted the GLAS.t on top of my iPhone, and just like they do in the promo video, I touched the center of the screen and looked at the GLAS.t complete the installation by itself.

I was glad to see that my shaky hands didn’t put the installation process in jeopardy. The GLAS.t was perfectly fitted on top of my iPhone 4S screen. A couple tiny air bubbles remained on the side, but they were nowhere to be found when I woke up the next morning.

The Good

What I like most about the GLAS.t is that it doesn’t feel like you have a screen protector on. If you’ve used protectors like the InvisibleSHIELD or similar products, you’ve likely noticed that it never feels right. There is always this plasticky feel to it that always reminds you that something is sitting on top of your iPhone. Something that doesn’t belong here. The GLAS.t makes you forget that you are using a screen protector.

When I asked one of my friends what he thought about my new screen protector, he actually couldn’t see it at first sight, and he had to look very closely to see it. This is how discreet and almost natural the GLAS.t is.

Something else I really like about the GLASt is the oleophobic coating, which is much better than the iPhone’s. It appears that it’s not as big of a fingerprint magnet as the iPhone 4S screen, and I find it much easier to clean too.

In the demo video, they show how they try to scratch the screen protector using scissors, so I thought I’d give it a try too. For a few seconds, I hit the GLAS.t with some scissors. Nothing happened. Not even a scratch. I then decided to try with a cutter. Again, nothing happened, and I can promise you that I tried pretty hard. I’m actually quite impressed about how scratch-resistant the GLAS.t is.

Is everything that great about the GLAS.t? Well, to be completely honest, there a couple downsides.

The Bad

The GLAS.t is 0.4mm thin, and even though this is almost nothing, you’ll notice that it adds a very little thickness and weight to your iPhone. This is not as noticeable as the size and weight increase of the new iPad for example, but it’s still noticeable. To be fair though, after using the GLAS.t for about a month, I have to admit that I’m completely used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all anymore.

Because it is 0.4mm thin and has a hole cut off for the home button, you will definitely feel like there is an empty space – a 0.4mm space – where the home button is. To fix this issue, the GLAS.t comes with 6 different epoxy coated button stickers. Simply apply one of the stickers on top of your home button and it will fix this little gap. You can choose between 4 different colors: white, black, pink, or green. As far as I can tell, the black and white button look identical to the stock home button you can find on a white or black iPhone. As for the green and pink buttons, they look exactly the same too, except for the color, obviously.

The Verdict

I am very picky about my accessories. As a matter of fact, I am a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing my iPhone, and I try to go without cases or screen protectors because I believe they diminish the beauty, look, and feel of an iPhone. The GLAS.t does nothing like that. It brings a high level of protection to your iPhone while still preserving its look and feel. It’s barely there, and that’s probably what I like the most about it.

My only regret about the GLAS.t is that they only sell the front panel, meaning that you can’t buy a similar protector for the back of your iPhone.

How does it compare to other screen protectors like the InvisibleSHIELD? It does not compare. The GLAS.t is in a different class of its own. It’s much better than anything I’ve seen before.

Do I recommend the GLAS.t? Absolutely. I’ve actually had my neighbors buy 2 of these: one for him, one for her, and they love it. At $27.99, the GLAS.t is a no brainer, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to add an almost invisible layer of protection to their iPhone.

You can buy the GLAS.t directly from Amazon starting at $7.99.

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2024 Hyundai Genesis Packs Google Glass App And Awd Option

2024 Hyundai Genesis packs Google Glass app and AWD option

Hyundai has revealed the new 2024 Genesis, adding AWD and a head-up display, as well as a stiffer platform than a BMW 5-series, and integration with both Apple’s Siri and Google Glass. The new car, which will hit US showrooms this spring, can use the Glass Blue Link app to allow drivers to remotely unlock and start the sedan, locate it in a parking lot, send points-of-interest to the dashboard navigation system, and track down the nearest gas station. Meanwhile, there’s also support for the iPhone’s “Eyes Free” mode using Siri to control things like Apple Maps, calls, messaging, and more.

Hyundai itself offers the Blue Link app for iOS and Android devices, which pulls out things like car telemetry, servicing information, and overall vehicle health. There’s also support for notifying the driver when they should leave, using real-time traffic information.

As for the Genesis itself, it gets a new design – we’re probably not alone in seeing hints of Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Audi, and others to it – with an oversized hexagonal grill and shorter overhangs than the outgoing model. Under the hood there’s the choice of a 5.0L V8 putting out 420HP and 383 chúng tôi of torque, pushed through an eight-speed auto transmission with steering wheel paddles for driver-overrides, or a 3.8L with 311HP and 293 chúng tôi of torque, which also gets the same transmission.

Both can be paired with either rear- or all-wheel drive, with the latter getting a new electronic variable-torque-split clutch to divide power between the front and rear. There are also four drive modes, ranging from Sport through to Economy, with Snow and Normal in-between.

As for safety, that includes nine airbags, lane-departure warnings, tire pressure monitoring, brake-assist, and Automatic Emergency Braking which can apply the brakes fully if a likely collision is detected at speeds between 5- and 50mph, or partially at speeds between 50- and 112mph. Radar-controlled cruise control adjusts speed according to surrounding traffic, while blind-spot detection uses surround radar to warn on hidden cars, rear crossing traffic, and more.

There’s even a CO2 sensor in the cabin, which automatically brings in fresh air when the carbon dioxide levels get to the point where those inside could get drowsy. Other features include a HUD to show navigation instructions, speed, and other information on the windshield, and a rear trunk that can automatically open if the driver pauses behind the rear bumper for a few seconds with the key transponder in their pocket.

Infotainment options include a 17-speaker, 900W surround sound system with SiriusXM, USB, iPad connectivity, a 9.2-inch display, 64GB SSD for multimedia, and voice recognition. Other tiers offer 7- through 8-inch touchscreens, while the driver binnacle has its own 4.3-inch LCD.

Final pricing for the 2024 Genesis isn’t confirmed, but Hyundai has said at the North American International Auto Show today that it intends to keep the starting price under $40,000, ambitious given the spec levels.

Top 5 Smartphones With Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Below Rs 25,000

The Elife E7 is the cheapest device in the country to feature a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor under the hood. It gets coupled with a 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It is quite a performer in the imaging department too and gets a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS take charge of the connectivity department.

Key Specs

Model Gionee Elife E7

Display 5.5 inches full HD

Processor 2.2GHz/2.5GHz quad core


Internal Storage 16GB/32GB

OS Amigo OS based on Android

Cameras 16MP/8MP

Battery 2500mAh

Price Rs. 23,999/ Rs. 26,999

It has a 1.7 GHz dual core processor coupled with a 1GB RAM. At the back is a 5MP camera with a flash and the front camera is a VGA unit. It has an internal storage capacity of 8GB which can be expanded further with the help of a microSD card which can be expanded too. It has a 3,400 mAh battery to juice things up.

Key Specs

Model Nokia Lumia 1320

Display 6 inches, 1280x720p HD

Processor 1.7 GHz dual core


Internal Storage 8GB


Cameras 5MP/VGA

Battery 3400mAh

Price Rs. 17,999

The poster boy for Motorola in India has been selling as much as Motorola can in India. It is quite a value for money device and there has been no true rival against it even after months of its launch in India. It has a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top of it. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat. It has been priced at Rs 12,499/Rs 13,999 for the 8GB/16GB variants.

Key Specs

Model Moto G

Display 4.5 Inch 720P HD

Processor 1.2 GHz Quad core Snapdragon 400


Internal Storage 8 GB/ 16 GB

OS Android 4.4

Cameras 5 MP/ 1.3 MP

Battery 2070 mAh

Price Rs. 12,499 and Rs. 13,999

Xolo Q1200

This is one of the few handsets by an Indian manufacturer to feature Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It has a 5 inch IPS display which has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Ticking at its heart is a 1.3 quad core processor coupled with a 1GB RAM. At the back is an 8MP camera with a dual LED flash and the front gets a 2MP camera.

Internal storage is 8GB and it can be expanded by 32GB. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are present for connectivity. It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean but is upgradable to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Key Specs

Model Xolo Q1200

Display 5 inch, HD

Processor 1.3 GHz Quad Core


Internal Storage 8 GB, Expandable

OS Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Upgradeable to Android 4.4 KitKat

Camera 8 MP/ 2 MP

Battery 2,000 mAh

Price Rs 12,999

It has an internal storage capacity of 4GB which can be expanded further by another 32GB with the help of a microSD card. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are present alongside Dual SIM connectivity to help keep you connected at all times.

Key Specs

Model Moto E

Display 4.3 Inch , qHD

Processor 1.2 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon 200


Internal Storage 4 GB, Expandable

OS Android 4.4 KitKat

Camera 5 MP, no front camera

Battery 1980 mAh

Price 6,999 INR

All the smartphones mentioned above provide you with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Some others are Lumia 630 Dual SIM/Single SIM,and Lava Iris Pro 30 also offer the same. It is quite a handy feature to have and next time you go on smartphone shopping, just check if Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is there too.

How To Fix Black Screen On Android

How To Fix Black Screen On Android A few troubleshooting tips to fix black screen on your Android. How To Identify Black Screen On Android?

The screen light won’t turn on but the light on the phone keeps flashing and blinking.

You can feel the buttons on your phone but nothing will be displayed.

Your phone will ring, vibrate for the calls and notifications but you won’t be able to respond to them.

If you are experiencing these signs, you should also know the causes along with the possible ways to troubleshoot the error. Read further to know the causes that lead to black screen on Android.

What Causes Black Screen On Android?

There are several things that cause black screens on Android. Here we have compiled a list of a few common reasons, check them out.

Loose screen LCD connectors.

A system error.

Due to an incompatible app installed on Android device.

An overcharged Android device.

Too much App Cache stored.

The phone is exposed to a heated place.

How To Fix Black Screen On Android?

Quick Workarounds To Fix Android Black Screen

●     Hard reset your Android device. For this, hold together the Home & Power button for around 10 seconds.

●     For older devices, try removing and reinstalling the battery. Now, turn on your phone.

Other Troubleshooting Tips For Black Screen Error On Android

Check if the buttons on your device are jammed. Ensure that the buttons (if there on your device) are not having dirt, lotion, lint, or other similar things. Later, try to free buttons by pressing them multiple times successions. As a result, the button should free depress and release easily with each press. Once the test is done, try restarting your phone.

Check if the charging port is clean and dirt free. The dust in the charging port might cause black screen. To fix this, gently blow into the charging port or use a toothpick to remove anything that is stuck on the port. Once done, charge it for about 10 minutes and then, restart it. Hopefully, the error will be fixed.

Let your phone go out of battery. Once it is dead, charge out and restart when fully charged. This will fix black screen on Android due to critical system error.

Force restart the phone. When it comes to Android troubleshooting, there are instances when critical system errors can be resolved with a force restart. Following combinations work well with Android devices to force start. Use them to wake your screen up. The combinations include the following:

Press & hold the Home, Power, & Volume Down/Up

Press & hold the Home & Power

Press & hold the Power/Bixby button until the phone shuts down completely.

Restart your phone after it has completely shut down.

Plug in your phone to the charger, wait around 5 minutes, and then try Force Restarting. This helps in clearing many of the Android errors that might be affecting the screen.

For the Samsung users, use a Smart Switch that helps you connect your phone to your computer. Try to access your phone from there and then reboot and back it up from your computer.

Reboot your phone into Safe mode. The Safe mode allows you to restart your phone, clear the cache, or take on to the tasks that can help you fix the black screen problem. To do this on your Android phone-

Power off the phone.

Long press and hold the Power + Volume down button (wait until you see the Android logo).

You have now entered the Safe mode. Perform actions like restart device, clear cache and more from there.

Clear Android Cache. Removing cache from your devices deletes all the temporary files and the resources that could be causing Black screen error on Android and might be preventing the display from turning on.

Read Here: Ways To Free Up Space On Android Phone

That’s all folks!

Wrapping Up

Keep reading Tweak Library for more such troubleshooting articles.

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Best Screen Protectors For Iphone Xs In 2023

Your iPhone is a constant companion as you use it for multiple purposes. Apart from using social media apps, you may use your device for sharing sensitive data and personal information with banks and governments. During the process, strangers can sneak up on you to steal your private details. To protect your privacy, you need privacy screen protectors for your iPhone.

1. Supershieldz

Supershieldz has carved a niche in iPhone screen protectors. The brand has also successfully launched privacy screen protectors for the latest iPhone Xs and iPhone X. This pack contains two anti-spy screen guards, which boast 9H hardness and maintains original touch experience.

2.5D rounded edge glass provides much comfort to your fingers and hands while you are interacting with your phone. Supershieldz has used a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to prevent smudges and stains from harming the screen.

2. Pehael

This conceptually designed privacy screen protector keeps your personal and sensitive data safe from strangers no matter how you hold your phone. This screen guard is made from 0.33mm top-notch tempered glass, which keeps your phone’s screen dust- and fingerprint-free.

For daily protection against wear and tear, Pehael has used 9H hardness, which can prevent scratches. A highly durable screen guard is easy to install as it is made of bubble-free adhesives.


Your privacy is primary concern for Apple and TECHO’s screen protector also. And therefore, the brand has manufactured an anti-spy screen protector for iPhone X and XS. This full coverage and case-friendly screen guard boasts 9H hardness to protect your phone’s screen.

This screen guard prevents others from watching your private chats and other personal details like messages and emails coming from your banks and insurance companies. Nobody can view your phone’s screen from the left and right side within 45 degrees.

4. FlexGear

FlexGear has crafted a privacy screen protector from tempered glass. This provides not only full transparency to users but also offers sensitive touch. Apart from preventing peeping, the screen guard offers extreme strength for your phone screen with its 9H hardness.

Keep your personal information hidden from strangers and enjoy natural viewing experience on your iPhone. FlexGear gives you long lasting protection against scratches. Its ultra-thin screen is resilient and promises touchscreen sensitivity. Lastly, it comes in a pack of two.

5. Missfeel

Not much known in the industry, Missfeel’s screen guard can certainly surprise you with its awesome features. This anti-spy tempered glass screen protector has a 9H hardness to protect the screen against scratches. This 3D Touch compatible and bubble-free screen guard provides high privacy and keeps your personal information hidden from strangers around you.

Whether you are in an elevator, escalator, or in any other enclosed area, you can enjoy the natural viewing experience. It’s long-lasting protection for your iPhone screen against scratches. A resilient product that promises full compatibility with your phone’s touchscreen sensitivity.

6. Mowei

This two-way iPhone privacy screen protector is your best bet to keep those peeping eyes at arm’s length. The full-tempered glass screen protector is case-friendly and provides full security to your personal contents stored on your iPhone. Mowei has made this screen guard with the help of LG two-way privacy filter film, hence, the guard won’t darken your phone screen. This feature certainly saves your battery life as you are not supposed to turn up the brightness.

When you hold your iPhone at 45 degrees, only you can see your phone apps and contents inside the app, while others only get to see a dark screen. You can change the landscape when you want to share your phone screen.

7. Spigen

Spigen is one of the leaders in iPhone accessories. From protective cases to screen protectors, Spigen impresses users with premium quality products. This privacy screen guard keeps your phone screen only visible to you. This tempered glass is known for its durability as it is rated at 9H hardness.

Apart from being protective, this protector is compatible with all Spigen cases. For effortless installation, Spigen gives you an auto-alignment kit. By using this kit, you can ensure the fail-proof installation of the screen protector.


Protect your sensitive data from strangers in bus, metro, elevator or other public places. People are more interested in snooping on others’ secret. While using your iPhone, stop those peeping eyes from feasting on the screen by using AILUN’s privacy screen guard. The screen protector darkens the image on your phone, and therefore, you need to adjust the brightness on your iPhone.

Before you install the guard, remove dust and align it properly. AILUN has crafted a premium 0.25mm tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness; this extremely durable screen guard protects the phone screen from scratches and drops.

9. ESR

ESR is one of the emerging brands of iPhone accessories. This privacy screen protector from ESR is your passport to browse your phone without getting unwanted attention from onlookers and bystanders. With its light transmission level of 75%, this tempered glass keeps your personal data safe from strangers.

You need to adjust the screen brightness on your device to get the best performance from this anti-spy screen film. For easy installation, ESR gives you an alignment frame. Before installation, clean the screen with a wiping cloth and remove dust to ensure bubble-free application.

10. Sameriver

This 4D curved fit privacy film is specially designed for iPhone Xs and X. An anti-spy screen protector provides you privacy in public. Although you can watch your phone screen from the front, a person standing next to you may not see anything on the screen. This product is 3D Touch and Face ID compatible.

With its 0.3mm ultra-thin profile, this screen guard offers reliable touch sensitivity and full coverage. Among other notable features of the screen guard are anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, anti-dust, and bubble-free.


Keep your personal chats, slideshows, and web browsing safe from the prying eyes of people around you by using ANYOYO anti-spy glass protector. As long as you are holding your phone in front of your eyes, nobody can see your phone screen.

For the protection of phone screen, ANYOYO has used 9H hardness tempered glass, which stands firm against daily wear and tears. For the peace of your mind, the screen guard also keeps sweat and oil residue away from the touchscreen.

That’s all!

Your pick???

When a privacy screen protector meets strength, it becomes one of the must-have iPhone accessories for any user. Choose the best screen guard from the above list and never expose your phone screen to any stranger.

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Windows 11/10 Stuck On Please Wait Screen

If you start your Windows computer and it gets stuck on the “Please wait,” screen then here is how you can resolve the issue. After the computer starts, many system services start even before you log in to the computer. Services related to Network, User Interface, and more have to be ready by the time you reach your desktop.

How do you get past Windows stuck on Please wait screen?

If you find that your computer screen is stuck on the Please wait screen, then here are some steps that will help you. On this screen, you will not be able to use ALT+CTRL+DEL, and so the only option you have is to remove peripheral devices, reboot the computer and follow these suggestions.

Force Automatic Startup Repair

Disable some Windows Services

Rollback Changes or perform System Restore.

1] Force Automatic Startup Repair

It would have been wise to use a Windows Bootable USB drive to boot into the safe mode, but assuming you don’t have access to any other computer, let’s force this.

First, disconnect external drives, peripherals, etc, wait for a minute and power on your system.

Now, force shutdown- and then power on – your computer three times in a row. You can do this by first turning on the computer and then immediately pressing the power button again, but this time, keep it pressed. It will turn off the computer. If you are using a desktop, you can also switch off from the power supply. Repeat this three times.

The next time you start the computer, it will begin the Automatic Startup Repair process, which will eventually launch the  Advanced Recovery mode.

Go to Troubleshoot and then select Safe Mode.

2] Disable Services

Once the computer boots into Safe mode, you need to disable three services—

Windows Error Reporting Service,

Network List Service

Network Location Awareness.

To do this, open the Run prompt and type chúng tôi and then press the Enter key.

It will open the Windows Services Manager.

Locate the services we mentioned, and follow the steps for each of the services.

Stop it if the service is running

Change its Startup type to Disabled

Restart the computer.

3] Rollback Changes or perform System Restore

When you are back to the regular boot, the, Please wait screen should not hold for long, and you should get the log-in screen or the desktop if there is no password set.

While I wanted to suggest this earlier, now that you are here, you need to find the reason.  If there was a change you made to the computer before the issue occurred, you might need to reverse it. If you can figure it out, it will be easy to fix the cause. If not, the best option is to restore your computer to its previous working state.

TIP: There are more suggestions here that will help you if your Windows is stuck on loading some screen.

Why does my Laptop keep saying please wait?

If your laptop keeps saying Please wait – then the stuck screen can come due to corrupt Windows files. Windows files may get damaged due to viruses or any unwanted programs.

I hope this post was easy to understand and that you could pass the Windows 11/10 stuck on Please wait screen.

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