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God of War PC players are experiencing major FPS drops




We’re pretty sure you are already aware of the fact that the latest title in the God of War series has become available for PC players.

But while mostly everyone is enjoying their shot at Sony’s once exclusive game, some are struggling with some issues that affect gameplay.

Problems are not entirely unexpected, even though the game had a pretty smooth transition to PCs, some people even making it possible for it to be played on Windows 7 and 8.

The FPS issues are mainly an AMD issue, apparently

With Ragnarok technically right around the corner, players that have bested the game on PlayStation are now looking forward to the sequel.

However, the rest of the enthusiasts, those who don’t own Sony-powered gaming consoles, are now eager to enjoy the experience on their PCs.

And although you don’t really see people complaining about God of War for PC, there are some who are struggling and wonder why this is happening.

More and more reports are surfacing in the online world, mostly created by players that are apparently trying out the game on rigs that have AMD GPUs and/or CPUs.

I am getting constantly low FPS values on the PC version of this game in certain scenes. I am averaging around 90FPS for the game. But for example in Lake of Nine, when I look at certain directions, I am getting around 40-50 FPS. And funnily, the FPS doesn’t change when I change any of the graphics settings / resolution. Another example scene is from Alfheim I am getting around 55-60 FPS no matter which graphics options I am using. To make comparison easier, I have changed the FidelityFX (Render resolution scale) settings of the game. And there is 0 FPS difference in certain angles.

Even though no official announcements were made by the creators or the people from AMD, this is still all speculation for the time being.

But, if we were to go by the number of gamers with AMD components that are reporting similar issues, we can clearly understand that there is some sort of a conflict there.

Basically, what users are saying is that the game runs well, at first, but they can observe massive FPS drops in some areas, such as Lake Nine. for example.

There, the drops are quite significant, reducing even by half, in some cases. Even more concerning is the fact that most of the responders to such posts confirm that they are going through the same situation, on AMD-powered rigs.

Same issue with my 6800xt playing 3440×1440 as well. It’s an AMD issue and if you check your gpu usage during those huge frame drops you will see the usage tank as well. Thankfully it seems to be limited to specific areas or like you said, looking in a specific direction.

This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, considering the issues that gamers experienced recently with the world-renowned hardware manufacturer.

Expert tip:

Especially now that so many people are invested in playing it, considering that in a short time, the latest God of War title amassed more new players than Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn did when they were released on Steam.

What can I do to fix these FPS drops?

As we said, these problems being only related to AMD-powered setups are not officially confirmed yet, so it’s very possible that people with different hardware to be experiencing the same.

But there are some steps you can complete to make sure that you eliminate some of the causes that could lead to FPS drops.

First, make sure that your game is running on the latest version. Also, don’t forget to update your graphics drivers, which is another important step in overcoming this problem.

Disabling any overlays, as well as the Xbox Game Bar and its recording features is another great idea that could lead to some smooth gaming.

Remember to also optimize your in-game graphic settings, to make sure you aren’t trying to play on unsupported resolutions and detail levels.

Finally, changing your Windows power plan could also do the trick, if a more conservative one is selected, a fact which would also impede the game from running as smoothly as you want it.

We’ll keep an eye out for any developments in this story and inform you as soon as we find out any new details concerning these FPS drops.

Don’t forget that God of War: Ragnarok, the next step in Kratos’ journey, will be released somewhere in September, according to some recent leaks.

Until then, if you fancy playing some more PlayStation exclusives on your PC, we remind you that there are also rumors about Ghost of Tsushima coming to Steam in February.

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Baseball Players Outlive Most Of Us, But Some Positions Are Better Than Others

Apart from the 81-plus days on the road every year, it’s pretty good to be a baseball player. You make a lot of money, you get to do something you love for a living, and you live significantly longer. But to get the maximum benefits, you’ll want to be a shortstop or a second baseman: As a new study points out, these players have the lowest overall mortality risk. The worst? Catchers, who die of genitourinary tract diseases at 2.5-times the rate of the guys chucking fastballs at their crotches.

Several studies have previously shown this overall decreased mortality amongst baseball players. It’s part of the general phenomenon known as the healthy worker effect, which says that on average, employed folks will be healthier than those out of the workforce. The healthy worker effect is mostly a statistical thing—health problems often make you less able to hold down a job. But some occupations give you an extra boost beyond.

Being an athlete would generally fit with the healthy worker idea. And indeed, those past studies had shown strong evidence for it—one 2005 paper found that players who stayed in MLB for 11 or more years lived 7.4 years longer than the average American male. But mortality is a big, nebulous, fuzzy concept. There are lots of factors that determine when and how someone will die, so simply saying one group tends to live longer than another doesn’t mean much. Some researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health decided to investigate how exactly the deaths of MLB players compared to the deaths of normal Americans. They recently published their results in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Overall, baseball players have a mortality risk that’s just 76 percent of the average American man’s. The pros die of pretty much everything at lower rates than the general population, including cancer and heart disease, though neurodegenerative diseases hit them just as hard.

The uptick in lip, oral cavity, and pharynx cancers is far less mysterious: it’s probably because of chewing tobacco, which has a longstanding cultural association with baseball. MLB is trying to phase out smokeless tobacco from the playing field, but progress has been slow. Given the known causal link between these forms of tobacco and cancers of the mouth and esophagus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s an elevated risk amongst ball players (though this particular study can’t prove that association).

Of course, being a wealthy athlete doesn’t necessarily mean good health. As we’re all too aware now, pro football players—as well as soccer players—have significant health problems that stem directly from their involvement in the sport. Compared to MLB players, those in the NFL have a 26-percent higher mortality, including twice the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and three times the mortality risk from neurodegenerative diseases.

Strangely, though, the risks for MLB players aren’t spread evenly across all positions. We already mentioned catchers’ elevated risk for genitourinary tract diseases, whereas outfielders were the least likely to die of the same cause. First and third basemen were the most likely of all the positions to die of diabetes, whereas catchers took the lead on cardiovascular disease deaths.

With this kind of observational study, we can’t really say exactly what lead to these differences. It’s easy to imagine why shortstops and second basemen, who have to be light on their feet, might be the healthiest players. Equally, the connection between catchers, who wear heat-trapping protective equipment and have baseballs aimed at their privates for 162 days out of the year, might have higher genitourinary disease issues. But to know more, we’ll have to study baseball players as a demographic in much more detail. We’re guessing plenty of data-loving (and sports-loving) scientists will be happy to do so.

How To Fix Xbox Controller Causing Huge Frame Rate Drops In Games On Pc.

If you are trying to play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or another game and are getting massive FPS drops, regardless of your graphics settings and hardware. This article will show you how to quickly and easily solve the problem but making the required changes to your Xbox One controller.

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When playing games on PC, you generally expect a far more optimized experience to that of a console. Things are supposed to look better, play better, and run far smoother, with higher frame rates. Generally, this is true, however, there is a lot of extra work involved in configuring your system hardware to get the results you want. In this aspect, the plug and play nature of consoles is by far a thousand times better.

If you have recently started playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or any other game and have noticed that frame rates aren’t constant, no matter what graphics settings you use with your hardware, you’re not going mad. The issue is actually caused by your Xbox wireless controller and not your hardware, Windows or your graphics settings. For some reason, Xbox controllers cause all sorts of issues with frame rates in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The good news is that this is an easy fix so follow along as we guide you through the steps.

Quick steps to fix Xbox wireless controller causing frame rate drops.

Download the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store.

Connect your controller via USB.

Restart your computer and controller.

How do you fix huge frame rate drops and fluctuations in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order when you play with an Xbox controller?

As we mentioned above, the issue causing FPS drops in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is your Xbox wireless controller. Exactly what it is isn’t common knowledge, however, there is an easy fix available which simply requires you to update your controller’s firmware. To update your Xbox wireless controller firmware, you’ll need to do the following.

First Install the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store. (Only available on Windows)

Once it is installed, launch the app and connect your controller using a USB cable.

Note: This can also happen in games when your Xbox controller batteries are on their last legs and are about to go flat. Switching to a new set of batteries will usually fix this problem. However, if you are using a fresh set and still have this issue you need to update your Controller firmware.

Drops Bubbles And Capillary Rise


Every matter in the universe is composed of tiny particles called molecules. They attract each other with some attractive force. There exists an intermolecular force of attraction between molecules. The matter is classified into five categories based on the force of attraction between the molecules. They are solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Bose-Einstein. Solids are the matter in which the distance between the molecules is very small and they are tightly bound to each other. Liquids are matter having molecules at a small distance and they bound less tightly than solids.

What is Surface Tension?

Surface tension is the molecular behavior of liquid. The liquid tries to shrink to attain a small surface area. This phenomenon is called surface tension.

The molecules on the surface of the liquid are attracted towards the center to get reduced into smaller areas. There is an inward and tangential force that acts between the molecules. The tangential force that acts between the molecules is called the surface tension. It helps the liquid molecules to shrink. The net force on the inside molecule is zero as the forces in all directions cancel each other. The surface molecule has some net force. Surface tension is defined as the force per unit length or energy per unit area. The unit for surface tension is $mathrm{jm^{-2}}$.


Dimensional surface tension formula for surface tension is $mathrm{MLT^{-2}}$.

Some Practical Examples for Surface Tension

Some insects like water striders can walk on the surface of the liquid. Due to its less weight, it is not penetrated through the liquid.

Needle or paper clips are denser than water. Even Though they float on the liquid due to the surface tension.

During winter clothes are washed using hot water. Because they have lower surface tension. So they are used for easy wetting.

Adhesive and Cohesive Force

There are two types of attractive forces between the molecules of the liquid. They are an adhesive force and a cohesive force.

Adhesive Force − The force of attraction that occurs between molecules of two different substances is called the adhesive force. Generally, this force is used to bind two objects together. Painting on the wall and butter on the bread are some examples of adhesive force.

Cohesive Force − The force of attraction that occurs between molecules of the same substance is called cohesive force. The water molecules exert a cohesive force between them to combine.

Capillary and Capillary Rise

The phenomenon of liquid flow through a narrow space without any external force is called a capillary. Capillary action occurs because of the force of attraction between liquid and the surrounding solid surface. As the diameter of the tube is small, surface tension and adhesive force combine and rise the liquid into the tube. The distribution of water to all parts of the plants is due to the capillary action of the stem. The ink that spills to write in a nib of a pen is due to the capillary action.

The Formula for Capillary Rise

There is a rise or fall of liquid inside the capillary called capillarity. Let’s consider a capillary tube of radius r is immersed in a liquid the rise of liquid inside the capillary is h. Let the density of the liquid be $mathrm{rho}$. Surface tension is a tangential force that acts at the point of contact between the capillary and the liquid. It makes an angle $mathrm{theta}$ with the walls of the capillary. The tangential force that acts at the point of contact is resolved into two components $mathrm{T:sintheta}$ in the horizontal and $mathrm{T:costheta}$ in the vertical direction. The horizontally component $mathrm{T:sintheta}$is canceled out by all the molecules at the surface. Thus the only force is a vertical component.

Thus the total upward force is $mathrm{F=circumferencetimes force}$

$$mathrm{F=2pi r(Tcostheta )}$$

The downward force is $mathrm{F=mg}$

g is the acceleration due to gravity.

$$mathrm{density(rho )=frac{mass(m)}{volume(v)}}$$

$$mathrm{m=rho V}$$

Volume of the liquid is $mathrm{V=pi r^{2}h}$

$$mathrm{m=rho pi r^{2}h}$$

The downward force $mathrm{F=rho pi r^{2}hg}$

At equilibrium the upward force and downward force are equal.

$$mathrm{2pi r(Tcostheta )=rho pi r^{2}hg}$$

$$mathrm{2Tcostheta =rho rhg}$$

$$mathrm{T=frac{rho rhg}{2 costheta }}$$

This is the expression for surface tension.

What is Drop?

A small liquid column that is completely bounded by free surfaces is called a drop. Drop is formed when the liquid is allowed to gather at the lower end of the tube. Vapour condensation is also responsible for the formation of drops. By dividing the drop into half and the upwards force due to the surface tension is

$$mathrm{F=Ppi r^{2}}$$

Equal and opposite downward force over the circumference of the surface is

$$mathrm{F=T(2pi r)}$$

At equilibrium $mathrm{Ppi r^{2}=T(2pi r)}$


What is a Bubble?

It is thin soapy water. To attain the least energy the sphere shape is preferred.

The pressure inside the Drop and Bubble

The pressure inside the Drop

Lets us assume a liquid drop whose radius is r. Due to surface tension, there is a resultant inward force experienced by the surface molecules. Inside pressure is greater than the outside pressure. There is an equivalent outward force formed by the excess pressure to balance the inward force due to surface tension.

By dividing the drop into half and the upwards force due to the surface tension is

$$mathrm{F=Ppi r^{2}}$$

Equal and opposite downward force over the circumference of the surface is

$$mathrm{F=T(2pi r)}$$

At equilibrium $mathrm{Ppi r^{2}=T(2pi r)}$


This is the expression for pressure inside the drop.

Pressure inside the Bubble

There are two surfaces in the soap bubble that are in contact with air. The inner side of the bubble and the outer side of the bubble. As there are two flat surfaces the force is $mathrm{2(2pi r)T}$. Thus at the state of equilibrium,

$$mathrm{Ppi r^{2}=2(2pi rT)}$$


Both the pressure inside the drop and bubble depend inversely on the radius of the drop.


In this tutorial, we study how the liquid rise in capillary and capillarity action. Cohesive and adhesive forces play a role in raising the liquid in the capillary. Drop and bubble are looking similar but the bubble contains air whereas the drop contains liquid. The pressure inside the bubble is two times more than a drop.


Q1. Give some properties of the liquid.

Ans. Liquids are incompressible and take the shape of a container. It has a definite volume. While heating the liquid changes into a gaseous state.

Q2. What are the differences between adhesive and cohesive force?


Adhesive Force Cohesive Force

This force occurs between molecules of different substances. It occurs between molecules of the same substance.

When it is strong it makes the liquid spread over the surfaces. It forms water droplets when it is strong.

Q3. What are the methods used to measure the surface tension?

Ans. Some of the methods that are used to measure surface tension are the spin drop method, pendant drop method, capillary rise method, and bubble pressure method.

Q4. What are the factors that affect the surface tension?

Ans. The surface tension of the liquid inversely depends on temperature. It is zero at critical temperature and maximum at freezing point. If oil or dust is on the surface of the water then its surface tension will decrease.

Q5. How does oil float on the water?

Ans. The surface tension of oil is lesser than the surface tension of water. That is why the oil floats on the surface of the water.

Valheim Low Fps And Low Gpu Usage

Some Windows users complained that Valheim shows low FPS and low GPU usage. Even if you are a beginner gamer, you know how much a consistent FPS is required, and to get a high constant frame rate, the game tends to use a huge amount of GPU.  According to the victims, the game is neither trying to crank up the GPU usage nor increasing the frame rates. In this post, we will talk about the same and see what you can do to resolve this issue.

Fix Valheim Low FPS and Low GPU usage

If Valheim is displaying low FPS and have low GPU usage on Windows 11/10 PC, use the following solutions and suggestions to resolve the issue.

Update Windows and Graphics Drivers

Disable Game Mode

Change Boot.config file

Change Valheim in-game settings

Force the game to run on a dedicated GPU

Change the settings of your GPU

Verify the integrity of game files

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Update Windows and Graphics Drivers

The first thing you should be doing is updating your Operating System and Graphics Drivers. As for the former, you can check for updates from Windows Settings. In case, your OS is up-to-date or if updating doesn’t work, try any of the following methods to update GPU drivers.

Now, check if there are some improvements in the Valheim fps. This will do the job if the issue was caused because of incompatibility or a bug, if the updating doesn’t work for you, then probably, your GPU driver is compatible and not buggy.

2] Disable Game Mode

Some users complain that Windows Game Mode is not compatible with Valheim and is forcing the frames to drop. We can disable Game Mode and see if that works for you. To do the same, follow the prescribed steps.

Open Settings.

And then use the toggle to disable Game Mode.

After disabling the option, check if the issue is resolved.

3] Change Boot.config File

Boot.config file can be used to configure Valheim settings. We can make some adjustments in the game to make sure that it is displaying constant FPS using the boot.config file. To make the adjustments, follow the prescribed steps.

Launch Settings.

Go to Library.

Open the valheim_Data folder.

Look for the “boot” or “boot.config” file and open it with Notepad.

Add the following strings in two separate lines, in the given order, at the beginning of the text file. gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1 gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1

Hit Ctrl + S to save the document.

Now, launch your game and see if the issue is resolved.

4] Change Valheim in-game settings 5] Force the game to run on a dedicated GPU

If Valheim is not using a lot of GPU and showing low FPS, then there is a chance that the game is not running on the dedicated Graphics Card, instead, it is running on the integrated one. So, we need to force it to run the Valheim on the dedicated GPU. To do the same, follow the prescribed steps.

Open Settings.

6] Change the settings of your GPU

We can do some slight modifications on the Control Panel of your GPU to increase the FPS of your game. These modifications can only be done through the official Control Panel of your Graphics Card manufacturer. We have mentioned a guide for both AMD and NVIDIA users, so, check out the following steps to configure the required settings.

NVIDIA Control Panel

Open NVIDIA Control Panel from Start.

Go to Manage 3-D Settings.

Add a new profile for Valheim.

Set Prefer maximum performance in Power Management Mode.

Change Vertical sync (V-sync) to Fast.

Save your Settings.

AMD Radeon 

Launch AMD Radeon on your computer.

Go to the Gaming tab and select Valheim.

Activate Radeon Enhanced Sync.

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue for you.

7] Verify the integrity of game files

If nothing worked, your last resort is to repair the game files. Usually, when the game files go corrupted, it doesn’t even launch on your computer. So, we can assume that in this case, a certain fragment of the file is corrupted, if that’s the case, we can use Steam to repair system files. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Open Steam.

Go to Library.

After repairing corrupted game files, launch the game and check if you can see a noticeable improvement in FPS.

How do I fix low FPS and low GPU usage?

If Valheim is showing low FPS and low GPU usage, execute the solutions mentioned in this post. We would recommend you start updating from the first solutions and then follow the given order as it will save a lot of your time. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue pretty easily.

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Why does Valheim have low FPS?

Valheim can have low FPS if the device drivers aren’t updated or if the system is meeting the recommended requirements to run on your system. Other than that, there are various other reasons, you can read this post to know more or check our guide if Valheim freezes, stutters, or lags on your computer. You will get all your answers along with the remedy.

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Enable Low Shadows In Games To Boost Fps

Enable low shadows in games to boost FPS






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

You have a supercomputer that can literally render the entire universe with no lag? But, can it run Player Unknown’s BattleGround on medium graphics? There’s a joke that it is next to impossible to get decent FPS on some games such as PUBG, Witcher 3, etc, even if you have a decent graphics card and CPU.

Sudden FPS drops not only affects how immersive a game is, but it can also mean the difference between life and death, of your in game character that is.

Therefore, it is only common sense to change your graphic settings to low shadows, low textures, etc, if your computer is having difficulty properly running your game.

When configuring their game settings, many people overlook the “shadows” option in a game. Generally, gamers do not realize that high shadows is quite GPU intensive, which means it will eat up a lot of your FPS.

Why do game shadows put so much stress on your GPU? Well first, you will need to understand how shadows are typically made and rendered in a game. Below is a detailed description of how shadows are rendered in a game.

How shadows are rendered

Drawing and rendering shadows is a difficult task for game developers as it involves numerous different factors. For instance, most modern games use another camera located at the light source to render the image from the point of view from the light source’s position.

This image is not a typical one. Instead it is usually called a “shadow map”, because it calculates the distance between the source of light and the person, place, or object that is creating the shadow.

Once there is a “shadow map”, the actual scene gamers will see is drawn. During this regular scene, all of the shadows have to be calculated from the “shadow map” and the light source.

Remember, your computer has to calculate everything the shadow is falling on as well as the intensity of the shadows/light. There are also refractions, reflections, etc involved in the calculations and rendering of shadows.

Expert tip:

Why do shadows affect FPS so much

When rendering shadows, your computer has to render another scene (shadow map) for each and every light source in the moment you are playing. This obviously, will significantly reduce your FPS.

So in theory, a game with just one light source will half the amount of FPS. If there is two light sources in a scene, then your FPS in game will be reduced to one third.

This is of course, theoretical, as there are other factors involved that will help you keep a decent FPS.

New games will probably have AIs, and other tools, shortcuts to help reduce the strain shadows put on your GPU. This means your FPS wont be halved every time another light source is introduced to the scene. However, the point I am trying to get across is that shadows significantly affect FPS.

How do I fix this issue?

Well, the most obvious way to fix this issue is to put your game’s graphics settings to “low shadows” or to the lowest possible setting. You can also try turning down the resolution of your game.

Turning down the resolution helps improve your FPS because it makes the shadows more pixelated. The bigger the pixels are the less information your computer has to calculate.

Of course your game will look much uglier if you reduce your resolution too much. So you will need to do some testing and experimenting to see what settings works best for your particular set up.

If changing the resolution or low shadows in games still does not give you a big enough boost in FPS, then you may want to look at other ways to tweak your settings. Here is a description of each video setting typically found in games, and how to change them to improve your gaming experience.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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