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As a marketer, you’ve likely attempted to use emails for various marketing objectives. And for good reason: time and again, email marketing is consistently cited as the most effective form of online marketing in driving conversion.

Moreover, it’s relatively easy and quick to execute. You can’t miss! Oh, but you can. As many as 84% of all emails are labeled as spam, or just as detrimentally, deleted. Not all emails achieve the result they set out to, and too often, it’s because of easily avoidable mistakes that are far too common.

Now, the first step in evaluating where your efforts may have fallen short, simply check MailChimp’s handy benchmark report to see where you are within your industry. For example, a 17% open rate could spell disaster if you’re in the non-profit sector, be considered average in the gambling industry, and well above average if you’re in the business of sending e-coupons.

What they point to, more than anything, is relevance.

If you find you’re on the low side for either index, or if you’re just interested in exploring how to boost the effectiveness of your email strategy with some fine tuning, read on. Odds are you’re committing one or more of these mistakes.

Use this guide to identify these mistakes and amend your strategy accordingly.

If You’re Looking to Boost Open Rates Examine the Root

Your emails could be ending up in your recipients’ spam folders, significantly lowering your open rates. This could be caused by the platform you’re using to send emails. If you’re currently not using a designated service, i.e. opting for doing it yourself with an in-house solution via Outlook, consider switching to an ESP (email service provider). In addition to potentially boosting deliverability, you’ll find most reputable ESPs can endlessly simplify mailing list management, as well as matters like subscribing and unsubscribing.

Timing is Everything

Surprised? Many marketers believe sending emails early in the morning guarantees them a top spot in the recipients’ inbox. However, they’re setting themselves up for failure by trying to dance in an already crowded dance floor. Aim to send communication emails in the early afternoon hours, when they’re more likely to be opened by someone checking their email for the second or third time during the day.

Optimal Frequency

Get Your Foot in the Door

Many people are inundated with marketing emails on a daily basis, in addition to the typical use of their inbox for personal communication. It’s a known ritual: wake up, download emails, glance at subject lines, open few and overlook/delete the rest. Just by having your company’s name as the sender, your message is at a high risk of being deleted or overlooked. Just like a social media newsfeed, marketing content pales in comparison to an exciting email from one’s family and friends. This pattern is the reason subject lines are, hands down, the most crucial part of your email.

High quality subject lines don’t have a DNA, but in my experience, there are several characteristics that increase the likelihood of an email being opened:

Spam Free: Take the time to become acquainted with the latest words, phrases, and patterns on spam filter radars. Some known offenders include text in all CAPS, profanity, words typically found in unsolicited emails (‘enlargement’ is a telling example), excessive punctuation/symbols and hyperbole. If you’re unsure about the potential of a risky subject line, or if you’re torn between several, by all means—run A/B tests! Especially on protocols. It’ll teach you so much about your customers. During the subject line brainstorm, run it through a subject line tester.

Urgency: Without resorting to the obvious (and often spammy) blunt options of screaming ‘NOW!’, there are ways to create urgency in a way that doesn’t degrade your product/service and still respects a consumer’s time and deliberation. Examples of this subtle approach include naming the validity period briefly (e.g. “24 hrs to go”), including a vague phrase that requires opening the email for peace of mind (e.g. “Tick, tock”; “This is kind of a big deal…”), justifying a time-limited offer with an external event (Free Shipping–Guaranteed by Christmas!), and using positive testimonials emphasizing the immediate benefit of having something you’re offering (e.g. “How did I live without this?”).

Emotional Appeal: This doesn’t only apply to non-profits. In fact, emotion is used in all forms of marketing, so an extent. Don’t be afraid of working in a bit of humor or a personal touch to your subject line. From the dramatic (e.g. “We need to talk”) to the curious (“Pick a side”) and the ultimate heartstrings tug (“You could save a child’s life”). Finally, a more risky way of encouraging emotional engagement is by creating a low level of disappointment (e.g. “Your offer has expired”) and subsequently a positive surprise within the email (“Gotcha! You’ve still got 24 hours”). That type of roller-coaster is seen by consumers as humorous and clever at worst, and addictive at best.

Mild Personalization: This is a tricky fine line, since personalized subject lines are notorious for being spammy (the word ‘You’ is in itself considered spammy to a degree), while they’ve also been found to yield higher open rates in most industries. The best way to stay on the right side of personalization, is to do it occasionally and strategically. For instance, a welcome email post registration should feature the person’s first name, if it has been filled out in the form. Ongoing offers and update emails don’t necessarily need to contain the person’s name, as it can get old and it’s mostly an empty gesture –people know it boils down to a computer sorting through first names and emails.

Divide and Conquer

Don’t send a VIP-only offer to someone who’s not eligible for it, and don’t send a longtime client a trial service offer. Message each segment with different offers, different wording and at different frequencies. It takes practice, but to give yourself a head start, collect information about your audience segments’ expectations periodically through surveys, reviews, feedback ratings, and focus groups.


Between 45% and as many as three-quarters of all emails being opened on mobile devices. In a nutshell, you need to ensure your emails are readable on all platforms and devices. Sounds fundamental, doesn’t it? This factor is so basic, it’s surprising how many senders still overlook it.

Beyond ensuring your email’s design is responsive (great tips for that here), take the extra step and review your email on a variety of different devices and email clients, just as you would QA a new page added to your website.

Here’s a partial list for what you should be checking for on each device:

Does your subject line cut-off? If so, shorten it so it can be read in full!

Do the text lines break in less-than-optimal places, creating reading obstacles like lines with many words or lines with very few words? If so, break them up differently or use images.

Does the CTA appear below-the-fold? This is important – either add another CTA higher up in the email, or shorten the email.

Do any images look stretched or distorted in any way? Check what needs to be done with the design so it looks professional.

Make it Pop

Everyone says “invest in creative”, and that’s a no-brainer! Yet the way to keep your emails memorable and recognizable is to tie them in with the rest of your marketing tools, and to do that, you’ll need more than eye-grabbing creative.

Moreover, your plan should also account for special occasions during which a departure from the regular design is expected and essential. A slightly different font, letter weight, or color gets instant attention from regular recipients, before even discussing content.

Spit it out Already

Any marketing copywriter knows there are three ways to say one thing – the long way, the short way and the way that sells. Often, the latter is even more concise than the short way. You know you’ve got a lot to offer, now make sure the recipient knows it by giving him vital information in as few words as possible. If you’ve got multiple messages, consider breaking them into several emails that’ll be sent on different days.

Find your key message, word it in a way that highlights the value it holds for the recipient (e.g. “Enjoy the lowest prices of the year!” is stronger than “get a set of linens at 50% off”) Get to your call to action before the fold (on PC and mobile devices alike), and learn to master how to

Where to, Next?

This post has hopefully given you insights as to how you can improve your ad-hoc email marketing campaigns. Once you’ve got those down to a science, it’ll be time to work on the holy grail of any great email marketing strategy – email protocols. Protocols are essentially ‘smart’ automated emails, often in a particular order, sent by a system on an ongoing basis based on pre-defined population parameters.

For instance, “Welcome to (site)” is often the first email in a protocol intended to drive new users into engaging more deeply with the product – i.e. making their first purchase, completing their profile, ‘Sharing’ on social media and more.

The key to setting up an effective email protocol, and you should strive to have several, is an excellent database. Build on your existing database and maintain it with as many details as possible. Not just demographics (age, gender, address), but especially consumption behavior (frequency, volume, preferences) and personal details (birthday, interests).

Having all this data means you can slice and dice your overall client population whichever way you’d like, and effectively run email protocols that cater to each population in a different way, every single day. If it wasn’t clear, it’s nearly impossible to set up a protocol without an ESP (email service provider), and you’ll certainly need to invest in a campaign management system.

If you have a stellar, up-to-date, comprehensive database in place, the sky’s the limit. Start by mapping your main audience populations and assigning objectives for each. Here’s a very rough example for a medium-sized e-commerce site:

Once the basic categories are mastered, you can and should branch out into more specific categories of users. For instance, “recently reactivated” users, defined as users who’ve responded to a reactivation email in the past week, could stand to receive gradually decreasing offers until they’ve fully resumed their previous patterns of activity. As you can see, each population has its own objective, and therefore it stands to reason that a different method should be applied in each case. Inactive users, for example, will likely need the most aggressive offer in order to respond (if dealing with e-commerce, this can be an exclusive promo code).

Conversely, new users may need different reassurances altogether, such as your site’s reputation and security, in order to feel comfortable. They may also need a friendly guide to navigate the new territory, and your help in getting them settled in can exponentially decrease the rate of desertion.

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How To Reduce Inbox Clutter With A Digest Email

Is your inbox a hot mess? Do you get more emails each day than you can quickly sort through? Does the sheer volume of new messages each day make it challenging to notice the essential emails you need to pay attention to?

If so, you need to declutter your inbox.

There are many different ways to achieve “inbox zero,” such as going through the emails and either deleting, doing something because if it, responding to it, or sending it to a “do later” file.

But if you have a lot of subscriptions for newsletters and other information from online sources, that can take a very long time.

One way you may be able to tackle the problem is by reducing the actual number of emails that land in your box. You can do this with an app that takes all the emails you receive and sends them in one digest email on a timetable you choose.

Two of these services you can use are chúng tôi and SubscriptionZero.

To use,

1. Go to the site and sign up.

2. Allow access to your email account. It will automatically scan your inbox and find your subscriptions.

3. When the app displays your subscriptions, scroll through them, and choose an action for each one: either “Add to rollup,” “Keep in inbox,” or “Unsubscribe.”

Subscription Zero

Another site you can use that has the option of delivering emails in a digest is Subscription Zero. This app works differently than chúng tôi in that it gives you an email address to use that is separate from your real one. All the emails sent to that address are gathered and sent in a digest email.

To set up SubscriptionZero:

5. The next screen you see will have your Subscription Zero email address.

Change your settings:

You can choose to have digests delivered every day or only once a week. You can also select the time of day that is best to have the summary sent.

To keep the clutter down, use a combination of the two services. chúng tôi will give you the subscriptions you already have, and you can sign up for new lists with the email address Subscription Zero assigns to you.

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Tracey Rosenberger spent 26 years teaching elementary students, using technology to enhance learning. Now she’s excited to share helpful technology with teachers and everyone else who sees tech as intimidating.

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How Digital Marketing Helps Marketing Strategy?

The development of digital technologies has given businesses access to more efficient data-driven analytics that can be used to track metrics like engagement rate or customer characteristics which help improve communication efforts with customers. Ultimately businesses need a well-planned out strategy tailored to their product in order for them to maximize success from digital marketing campaigns.

What Do You Understand by Digital Marketing Strategy?

Utilizing social media, SEO (search engine optimization) tactics, and content marketing are the other components of a digital marketing strategy. These different elements help to attract an audience in order to drive sales for the company’s products or services.

Various measurement tools can be used to determine how effective the digital marketing plan is performing, such as website analytics and A/B testing. Digital marketers can use web analytic tools like Google Analytics in order to refine their approach and improve their performance over time.

Difference Between Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Tactics?

Additionally, companies should invest in content marketing tactics such as blog development and distribution; website design; email campaigns, etc., so they can build relationships with existing customers while also attracting new prospects.

The key point is that a good digital strategy is one that takes into consideration both short-term sales goals as well as long-term brand awareness objectives. Leveraging the right mix of online strategies—from individual tactics like SEO and ad buys through larger branding initiatives to start integrating into your larger business plan—will ensure success for your company now, as well as over time.

Importance of Strategy in Digital Marketing Developing Right Strategy

Every successful campaign yields beneficial insight into what works best for target market segments so that companies can adjust messaging accordingly to ensure efficient use of resources while maximizing potential profits.

Staying Updated and Relevant

Digital marketing today has been broken down into several processes that help a company stay ahead of the curve. These include but are not limited to SEO, influencer marketing, content curation, and creation as well as web analytics. Professional digital marketers can assist companies in deploying these strategies effectively and keeping them updated with changes in the market.

Additionally, investing in software solutions is an effective way for organizations to build or enhance their online presence. This includes using various types of automation software such as automated emails, chatbots support systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools to improve customer service.

It’s important for businesses to be aware of current trends and technologies so they can stay competitive by providing quality products and services at all times with a superior customer experience framework.

Outreaching a Large Set of Audience

This global exposure helps brands to engage with new customers, build relationships, and increase their overall sales. Digital marketing also allows brands to analyze the performance of campaigns in order to optimize for better results.

With access to consumer insights and data, companies can tweak their strategies in line with customer needs more accurately – making changes on the fly when necessary or responding quickly when trends happen.

How Can You Make the Right Strategy? Determine Your Goals

Before you can create a successful digital marketing plan, it’s essential to determine what your goals are and set SMART objectives to measure the success of each campaign.

Know Your Target Audience

You need to define who exactly will be consuming your content, such as average age, location, gender, or interests that might perturb your target audience.

Identify SEO Opportunities

It’s important to start by optimizing the content on your website and other online assets in order for them to be found easier by users through search engines like Google and Bing; this is called “search engine optimization” (SEO).

Incorporate Paid Search & Social Media Marketing

In addition, for most effective digital campaigns requires regular monitoring of performance metrics and testing different strategies against those metrics so that optimal results are achieved over time with increased ROI over time based on gathering insights from the data collected from user activities across platforms.

SWOT Analysis Understanding Buyer’s Behavior and Persona

By analyzing the relevant data, marketers can segment customers into different categories based on their parameters such as demographics, location, buying habits, etc. Once classified into segments buyers can be targeted with specific campaigns and messages. A buyer persona helps create customized content that resonates with the individual customer’s needs or interests.

By understanding what motivates them to buy a particular product or service one is able to make tailored offerings according to the customer’s preference. This results in making more informed decisions ensuring improved ROI for marketers. Hence it is important for businesses to understand buyer profiles as it allows marketing teams to tailor their efforts more precisely towards target groups and improve conversions through personalization.


Setting SMART goals allows the team to clarify objectives, identify key metrics to measure progress, and establish short-term milestones. It is important to remember that setting realistic expectations for achievable results will help ensure that everyone remains motivated during its execution. Once goals are in place, it’s crucial to build a reliable team who can deliver on its strategic commitments.

How To Use A Domain Name In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a domain name that stands out in your communication can help make your message more effective

Marketing is not what it used to be. The Internet has radically transformed how we conduct and promote our business. Today, with digital marketing at the forefront, there are abundant resources and venues available than ever before.

However, even with digital marketing, there are two big challenges:

Businesses do not have clear goals of what they want to accomplish from their marketing.

Everyone is doing somewhat the same thing, in turn, adding to noise instead of being heard.

How to create a robust digital marketing strategy?

A good digital marketing strategy addresses the two challenges mentioned above in these simple ways:

1. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals

A successful marketing strategy stems from clear objectives and the way to set said objectives is to ensure that they are S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Think of what you want to achieve in a year and then break down those goals into quarterly and monthly goals.

Having clear objectives helps you form a plan that is aligned to achieving something instead of shooting in the dark.

2. Highlight the uniqueness of your brand

There are millions of brands out there and thousands that are in the same industry as you. So, what makes you special? This may surprise you but one of the best ways to stand out and make your presence known is to get the smaller details right.

One such tiny yet impactful detail is your domain name – something most entrepreneurs/marketers underestimate. Having a domain name that stands out in your communication can help make your message more effective.

The importance of domain names

Your domain name shadows these following aspects:

1. Brand Positioning 2. First Impression 3. Marketing Touchpoints

Download our Business Resource – Digital marketing strategy guide

Discover how our digital marketing strategy guide will help you to succeed quickly and more easily — so whatever industry sector you work in, you’ll know how to prioritize to define your initiatives for success.

Access the Digital marketing strategy guide

5 ways a domain name can be used in your digital marketing strategy

Your domain name is one of the most versatile marketing tools. Depending on your goal and the marketing campaign that you’re running, you can tailor your approach.

For example, a domain name can be used to simply point to a page on your website. Or, if you have the marketing budget then, you can create a campaign-specific landing page or even develop a brand-new micro-website.

Mentioned below are some creative and effective ways where you can use domain names for enhancing your marketing strategy:

1. Create highly targeted campaigns

A good way to get the maximum juice out of your marketing campaigns is to give it its own unique identity on the Internet. For example, you can use a unique domain name to direct users to a specific landing page where you want them to engage. This could be a special event, giveaway, trade show registration, loyalty program or even a video commercial.

Target specific audience

Garner more attention

Try creative ideas

Try various types of messages and gauge which one performs well

Track specific campaign results

2. Give your products their own unique identity

Every business has its one specific star product that they promote a little more than the others. In such a situation, giving the said product its own unique identity can help it shine brighter.

3. Create branded short links for additional exposure

While scrolling through social media, you may have come across links such as chúng tôi or chúng tôi Most new entrepreneurs are under the false assumption that sharing branded links on social is an expensive affair.

Branded links help scale your brand awareness significantly by leveraging every corner of your digital real estate without costing you a bomb. Consider this for example:

If you were to just look at the links, which one of them comes across as more meaningful?

4. Get on-topic backlinks

Good-quality backlinks are one of the key ingredients to good search ranking. And anchor (the specific words/characters on which a hyperlink is set) text makes these backlinks even more powerful. When the words in the URL match with the words of the anchor text, it adds extra credibility to that link.

5. Add a creative twist to your marketing campaigns

Market saturation is something most marketers always complain about. But in the problem lies the opportunity. When it comes to getting the most out of your promotional efforts, a domain name can lend multiple benefits. Especially when it comes to search and memorability.

For example, consider these following possibilities:

Particular season or event:

Campaign slogan:


Specific day:

Look for name generators to come up with some creative names that are cool and help your digital campaigns stand out.


Domain names are a wonderful tool to give your digital marketing campaigns a fresh and unique feel. However, you don’t need to create hundreds of them to succeed in the competitive marketplace. A good domain name on a relevant domain extension such as .online can go a long way in enhancing your marketing campaigns, which would create more opportunities to grow your business and keep your existing customers engaged.

How To Delete All Email From Mail Inbox On Iphone & Ipad

The latest versions of iOS Mail app include a “Trash All” function that allows you to quickly delete all emails in an inbox on any iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch. This is the fastest way to delete all emails in an inbox from an iOS device, and can be helpful if you want to clear out all locally stored mail messages from iOS, whether for spring cleaning purposes, because you don’t need the emails anymore, or perhaps to free up space taken up from a hoard of emails on an iOS device.

Do note that this method will not remove the email account from the iOS device, but that deleting all email messages this way sends them to the Trash folder, and once deleted from there this can not be undone unless you were to restore from a backup made prior to trashing the emails. Whether or not these deletes the emails from the mail server as well depends on if the email account is SMTP or IMAP. If you have any doubts about whether you want the emails in the future or not, backup your iPhone before beginning. If you simply want to get rid of the red alert icon on Mail app, marking all as read is likely a better option in that it doesn’t remove the emails from the iOS device or Mail inbox.

How to Delete All Email from Inbox in Mail for iOS

To have the Delete All feature, you’ll need to be running iOS 9 or later on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Earlier versions do not have the Trash All Mail feature and would need to go with a different approach.

Open the iOS Mail app as usual and go to the Inbox you wish to delete all email messages for (select from the Mailbox list if you’re not currently in the inbox you want to delete all emails from)

Tap on the “Edit” button in the corner

At the bottom of the Mail app window, tap on the “Trash All” button

Confirm you wish to delete all emails by tapping on “Trash All”

This sends all of the messages into the Trash box of the Mail app, these will remove themselves eventually but if you want to manually intervene and delete every email message you just sent there right now you can do that too.

Deleting All Trashed Emails in Mail for iOS Instantly

After the emails are sent to the Trash folder, you can instantly delete them all with these steps:

Tap on the “Mailboxes” button in the upper left corner of the Mail app

Select “All Trash” (if it’s not visible, tap on the Edit button and enable the All Trash inbox by selecting it from the list so that a blue checkbox appears alongside the name)

Enter the All Trash inbox, tap on “Edit” and tap on “Delete All” – this can not be undone so do not do this if you are not absolutely positive you never want these emails again

Once you Delete All, every email in the Trash folder is gone for good, removed from the iOS Mail app entirely.

As mentioned before, this is only available in modern versions of iOS. Earlier Mail app versions allow for deleting multiple emails at once by manually selecting them and sending to Trash which can then be deleted overtime or manually the same as instructed above.

You can also delete individual emails in iOS Mail with a swipe gesture, which is much more targeted than trashing everything in an inbox.


Ninja Speedi Review: Say Goodbye To Your Oven


As fast as the name promises

Dual-cooking function is a genuine game-changer

Hard to think of anything you can’t cook in it


Large appliance that takes up a lot of countertop space

Heavy lid doesn’t lock in its open position

1760W means it’s not as economical as smaller air fryers

Our Verdict

The Speedi will replace all your other countertop cooking appliances – and your oven. It’s the most versatile multicooker we’ve tested. But it requires a big spot on your counter and it’ll cost more to run than a smaller air fryer.

Best Prices Today: Ninja Speedi




View Deal

Countertop cooking has been revolutionised by the speed and ease of the air fryer. But there’s one thing a conventional air fryer can’t do – and that’s cook more than one dish at once. It means you’ll always end up resorting to a hob or microwave for your side dish.

Unless, that is, you invest in a Ninja Speedi. The latest multicooker from Ninja – now the third largest small appliances brand in the world, and one of the most trusted – can cook two different dishes, using two different cooking methods, at the same time. In 15 minutes flat.

It’s a ten-in-one cooker that can steam air fry, steam bake, steam, grill, air fry, bake/roast, dehydrate, sear/sauté, slow cook and make Speedi meals – which we’ll explain later on in this review.

Design and appearance

Large countertop footprint

Huge 6QT/ 5.7 litre capacity

Simple, intuitive controls

There’s no getting around the fact that the Speedi is a grey and silver countertop monolith. There’s no seeing around it, either.

It’s a massive near-cube of industrial looking metal that, at 31 x 33 x 35cm is approaching the size of a microwave. It looks like something you’d use to cut cogs from sheet metal.

The Speedi may be huge (and it is) but every aspect of it is high quality and feels robustly made.

It has a hinged lid that swings upwards to a 90° angle when open. As the lid houses its heating element, it’s heavy, and we’d really love to see it lock in place for safety. It feels secure when in its open position and we never felt it was likely to slam shut on our hands – but if you have children around when you’re cooking, you’ll want to ensure they stay away from it.

The Speedi lid’s handle is inset into the lid itself. For ease of use, we’d love to see a bigger handle – something that’s easy to grab and hard to lose your grip on if your hands are wet. A panini press handle would be ideal.

But the exterior of the Speedi is always cool to the touch, so you don’t need to worry about touching the handle or lid when it’s in use.

Emma Rowley / Foundry

In spite of its size, there’s enough space under standard kitchen cabinets for the Speedi’s lid to open. Not that you’ll want to use it there. Ideally, you’ll want to place it under your extractor fan when it’s on – at least when it’s in a steam cook mode, unless you want the cupboards above it dripping with condensation.

The Speedi may be huge (and it is) but every aspect of it is high quality and feels robustly made

But given its weight – the Speedi is 6.5kg/ 14.3lbs – you won’t want to move it far. There’s no way it could be stored up on a shelf or in an overhead cabinet.

Inside the Speedi, there’s a removable deep cooking tray with a massive 6QT/ 5.7 litre capacity. This means it can comfortably make a meal for four.

Emma Rowley / Foundry

There’s also an air frying insert that can be used at the base as a crisper tray, to allow hot air to circulate around the food, or higher up, as a shelf, to allow for double-decker cooking. But we’ll come back to that.

The cooking pan and shelf have a high quality non-stick finish that makes them easy to wipe clean but they’re also both dishwasher safe, so there’s no need to wash by hand.

The Speedi is simple and intuitive to use. On the appliance’s lid, there’s a toggle switch that lets you choose between dry or steam cooking functions. Set it one way and on the control panel, you can choose from grill, air fry, bake/ roast, dehydrate, sear/ sauté or slow cook.

Set it the other way and you can steam, steam bake, steam air fry and cook Speedi meals (the double decker cooking feature).

Emma Rowley / Foundry

Also on the control panel are up and down keys for temperature and cooking time, which can be seen on the digital display.

Emma Rowley / Foundry

Apart from that, there’s just an On/Off button and a Start/Stop button. It couldn’t be easier or more intuitive to use.

There’s one thing to bear in mind with a multicooker of this size and that’s wattage. One of the reasons to use an air fryer in the first place is that it’ll save you money on your electricity bills by being faster, smaller and more efficient than an oven.

But the Speedi is a 1760W appliance. On my current electricity tariff, it would cost me 63p per hour to run, which isn’t cheap.

However, the Speedi allows you to cook a full meal (carbs, vegetables and protein) in just 15 minutes, which would cost me a much more appetising 16p. That may make it one of the cheapest ways to cook an entire meal.

Still, you’ll find that some of the things you’ve grown used to cooking cheaply in a smaller air fryer, such as baked potatoes, may not be as economical in the Speedi.


Steam and air fry at the same time

Ten functions in all

Recipe booklet included

To be honest, when I first unboxed the Speedi, it wasn’t love at first sight. I found its hulking presence and industrial look a bit off-putting. It would have to do something pretty special to warrant a spot on my not-so-spacious kitchen counter.

Then I started using it. Now, if I had to choose between my oven and the Speedi – well, let’s just say that I’d have a handy new kitchen cupboard under my hob.

It’s so fast and convenient to use and, thanks to its large size, you can do almost anything you can in an oven in the Speedi, including roasting a joint or an entire chicken, or baking a cake, although I haven’t tested the latter yet.

The fact that you can sauté, then steam or slow cook means you can brown onions and garlic for a dish and then continue your recipe in the same pot. I’ve tried sautéing in other multicookers and have been less than impressed. But it’s as easy in the Speedi as cooking them in a pan.

Its steam cooking functions mean you can steam and air fry at the same time (impossible though that sounds) and it’ll give food a winning combination of juicy and crunchy.

If I had to choose between my oven and the Speedi – well, let’s just say that I’d have a handy new kitchen cupboard under my hob

Then there’s the Speedi meals setting, which allows you to cook double-decker style, steaming a rice, grain or pasta dish with vegetables underneath, and air frying your protein on top.

The first time I tested it, I prepared Spanakorizo, a Greek spinach and rice dish, underneath and stuck some Quorn fillets on top. I set it to Speedi meals, and the time to 15 minute and the temperature to 175°C and promptly forgot about it. There’s an initial preparation stage, in which the appliance builds up enough steam to cook, then it gets to work.

It beeped to alert me to the end of the cooking cycle and there it was – an entire meal, perfectly cooked in 15 minutes without needing to stir or shake, and ready to eat.

Emma Rowley / Foundry

After that, I experimented with Speedi meals and found you can cook two separate dishes in the bottom half if you use oven-safe ramekins, so you can make a full English breakfast, or two separate vegetable dishes with your meat or fish. The only issue I found with these more experimental uses is that it’s hard to move the top deck when it’s loaded with food to check on what’s underneath or to stir a dish.

In case you’re in need of inspiration and to ease you into this type of cooking, the Speedi comes with a recipe booklet which shows you how to put together a base + vegetable + protein Speedi meal and then gives in-depth cooking instructions for several options, including cod fillets with spiced quinoa or honey mustard glazed pork chops with colcannon mash. But the formula is applicable to all kinds of meals.

I’ve used multicookers before but I’ve always found them a bit of a chore. There’s always a limitation to overcome and you end up resorting to a pan to cook part of the meal. After a while, this means that you revert to your old ways of cooking while the multicooker ends up languishing in a cupboard, unused.

But I’ve used the Speedi from everything from roasted vegetables to soups to slow-cooked stews to full meals and it really has become indispensable.

Price and availability

The Speedi is widely available in the US and the UK for $199.99 and £249.99 respectively, at the time of writing. In the US, you can buy it from Amazon, Best Buy and Target, among other retailers. Currently, there’s little variation in pricing. In the UK, it’s available from Argos, Very, Currys and more. Again, the prices are all very similar.

Price-wise, it’s obviously much more expensive than an ordinary air fryer. If you think that would be a better fit for your cooking needs, have a look at our round-up of the best air fryers we’ve tested. But it’s in the same price bracket as most high quality multicookers and we can’t think of a better multicooker option.


It’s easy to buy a countertop appliance with the intention of changing your cooking habits to fit it – but it never works. Instead, you end up donating it six months later and ruing the cost. If you’re going to invest, it needs to be in something versatile and flexible enough to fit the way you cook now. We think the Speedi fits the bill.

It’s a large appliance, it’s a fair initial investment and it’s not the cheapest multicooker to use – but in spite of those factors, we still think it’s more than worth it.

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