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In the world of Artificial Intelligence, Google has introduced a new conversational AI model named “Google Bard AI”. This model is somewhat similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and has been designed to answer user’s queries in a conversational way. With Google Bard AI, users can access information from all over the internet by just asking simple questions to the Chatbot. The program works on the Lamda Model (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), which makes it easy for users to get precise and perfect answers to their queries. This article will provide complete information about Google Bard AI, including its features, launch date, and how to use it.

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Google Bard AI has many features that make it a powerful tool for users to get the information they need. Here are some of the features of Google Bard AI:

Conversational Method: The very first and important feature of Google Bard AI is that it answers the queries in a conversational method. Users can type their questions in the chat box, and the AI will reveal the answers by searching them on the internet.

Self-Learning Platform: It is a self-learning platform that becomes more accurate and precise in answering queries with time. After a few months, users can expect to get more precise and perfect answers to their queries.

Repeated Answers: Google Bard AI ensures that users get answers that suit their questions by allowing them to get answers again and again.

Access to All Information: Google Bard AI allows users to get answers for complex and simple queries belonging to any topic. Users can get access to information from all the websites and then provide reliable information.

Google Bard AI is the latest conversational AI model that is designed to answer user’s queries in a conversational way. The program is still evolving and will become fully functional in the coming months. Users can expect to get more precise and perfect answers to their queries with time. Google Bard AI will be launched in

A1. Google Bard AI is a conversational AI model developed by Google and Alphabet that answers user’s queries in a conversational way. It works on the Lamda Model and provides users with precise and perfect answers to their queries.

A2. Some of the features of Google Bard AI include a conversational method, a self-learning platform that becomes more accurate and precise with time, the ability to provide repeated answers, and access to all information on the internet.

A3. Google Bard AI is scheduled to release in March 2023.

A5. Google Bard AI is similar to ChatGPT in that it is a conversational AI model that answers user’s queries in a conversational way. However, Google Bard AI is still evolving and is a self-learning platform, which makes it more accurate and precise over time. It also allows users to get repeated answers and access to all information on the internet. Currently, only selected beta users are allowed to use Google Bard AI through Google Search Engine.

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Janitor Ai – How To Login And Use

Janitor AI is a smart AI chatbot that can assist you with a number of tasks, including appointment scheduling and email writing. To get started, you must create an account and log in. This comprehensive guide will help you log into your Janitor AI account, as well as how to register and get further help. We will also cover some of the basics of using Janitor AI so that you can start using it right away.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a smart chatbot that employs artificial intelligence to deliver seamless communication and automated support in a variety of sectors. Janitor AI can interpret and reply to user inquiries using natural language processing (NLP), making it a perfect tool for information retrieval and customer assistance.

Janitor AI is always learning and developing, making it an invaluable asset for all businesses and organizations looking to improve customer service and operational efficiency.

How to Register Janitor AI?

How to Login Janitor AI?

2. When you arrive at the Janitor AI login page, you will see a login form. Enter your login information, which should normally include your email address and password. Make certain that your entries are correct by double-checking them.

4. Janitor AI provides other login methods in addition to the usual email and password logins for your convenience. You can also use your Google, Twitter, or Discord accounts to log in.

How to Use Janitor AI?

You can explore the various chatbots accessible after creating an account on Janitor AI. These chatbots have different personalities, capabilities, and specializations. Choose the chatbot that best meets your needs and objectives.

After you’ve chosen a chatbot, you can determine how to use it. You can use it as a basic online chatbot via the website’s interface, or you can integrate it into your projects using the APIs and developer resources supplied. Janitor AI provides seamless integration options for easy project implementation.

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Set up API key on Janitor AI

Begin a conversation with a character of your choice on Janitor AI.

Enter your API key into the given field.

Now you have successfully configured an API on Janitor AI. You can now have smooth chats and interactions with AI characters.

Download JSON File Using API Key

Before you can start using the Janitor AI API key, you need to get an API key. Create an account on the Janitor AI website. After successfully registering, you can generate your own API key.

You can integrate Janitor AI into your choice platform or application after you receive your API key. Janitor AI offers comprehensive APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for integrating chatbot capabilities into your projects or platform. These powerful technologies can assist you in improving user experiences and simplifying communication.

JSON files are used for data integration in the Janitor AI API. To incorporate JSON files into your project, go to the Janitor AI website and download them. To ensure a smooth integration, follow the instructions provided by Janitor AI.

Once you’ve obtained your API key and downloaded the JSON file, you may use it to access the Janitor AI API. You can utilize the API to automate activities, increase data exchange, and intelligently reply to user requests. You may improve the productivity and effectiveness of your projects or platform by utilizing Janitor AI’s capabilities.

Uses of API on Janitor AI

For businesses or developers who want to integrate Janitor AI into a project or platform, they need to take a few extra steps.

Integrate Janitor AI into your Platform or Application: Janitor AI offers APIs and SDKs that make integrating chatbot capabilities into your existing infrastructure easy. Documentation and resources to assist you with the integration process are included in these tools.

Train the Chatbot Model: After integrating Janitor AI, you must train the chatbot model with relevant datasets and conversation logs. This will allow the model to better understand and respond to user inquiries. The more relevant the training data, the better the performance of the chatbot.

Customize the Chatbot: Janitor AI allows for extensive customization, allowing you to match the chatbot’s voice and requirements. You may customize the model’s responses, change its tone, and even brand it to fit your company’s identity. Customization ensures that the chatbot provides consumers with a consistent and tailored experience.

Test the Chatbot: After integration, modification, and training, it is critical to properly test the chatbot’s performance. This will assist you in identifying any issues or opportunities for improvement. You want to make sure the chatbot is working properly and producing the expected outcomes. Conduct extensive testing to fine-tune its performance and improve the user experience.

Monitor the chatbot: Once the chatbot is live, it must be constantly monitored for performance. This will assist you in identifying any changes in user behavior or patterns that may necessitate changes to the chatbot’s settings. You should also monitor user feedback and make appropriate updates and enhancements based on user feedback and changing needs. The chatbot’s efficiency, relevance, and usefulness are all ensured through continuous monitoring.

FAQs of Janitor AI Is Janitor AI available for free?

Yes, Janitor AI is free to use for basic tasks. To use the AI model’s services, you must first register an account.

How to Fix “Janitor AI Not Working”?

To fix the Janitor AI Not Working issue, you must clear the browser’s cache.

Is Janitor AI multilingual?

Yes, Janitor AI is multilingual. Its NLP algorithms can analyze and understand inputs in a variety of languages, allowing users to converse with the chatbot in their preferred language.

What are the benefits of using Janitor AI? Is Janitor AI suitable for businesses?

Absolutely! Janitor AI is well-suited to organizations in a variety of industries. It can help businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. If you are looking for a way to improve your business, Janitor AI is a great option to consider.


Janitor AI is a strong and versatile chatbot that can be used for information retrieval, customer service, or as an essential part of a business strategy, understanding its operation, and navigation is key to unlocking its full potential. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily login and start using Janitor AI to generate more precise and relevant responses.

What’s Google Bard, And How It Works? Here’s The Answer.

Bard is Google’s new conversational AI chatbot that will compete with the Bing experience with ChatGPT integration. Similar to ChatGPT from OpenAI, Bard is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that uses natural language to provide more human conversational answers to complex questions.

The chatbot uses the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) developed by Google and machine learning technology to analyze large text datasets and predicts the word that comes next to the other one, which provides the skills for the AI to produce more human responses, similar to GPT-4.

What’s Google Bard?

Bard is a conversational AI chatbot from Google built using the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and machine learning that you can use to get answers to complex questions using natural language instead of typing a search query to see a list of results that may or may not include an answer like we’re used to with search engines.

However, the new chatbot from Google is the same as other chatbots, meaning it will not always provide the correct answer. For this and other reasons, the company says that Bard is not a search engine replacement. Instead, it’s a complement to search to brainstorm ideas, create drafts, or play around. As a result, it’s always recommended to check the facts of the information.

Google Bard is available now as a limited preview for users in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can sign up for the waitlist with these instructions, but it’s unclear how long the wait will be since the company notes that this will be a slow rollout.

Furthermore, in addition to search, the company plans to keep bringing AI to many of its products, including Maps, Translate, Lens, and more.

How does Google Bard work?

Also, similar to the Bing Chat AI, Google’s conversational AI offers a minimalist interface with a text box with rounded corners to ask questions on any topic using text or voice.

One difference about Bard is that it doesn’t write down the answer in real-time or show you the process. Instead, you will see Bard thinking with an animated icon, and then you will see the complete response.

Furthermore, the chatbot features a “drafts” option that allows you to choose from different answer variations. For example, this feature will come in handy if you ask a question that displays a paragraph of text, and from the drafts, you can pick to view the answer in bullet points.

Google hasn’t mentioned unwanted behaviors after asking a number of additional questions. However, Bard does come with a “Reset chat” button from the left navigation pane to terminate and start a new chat session.

In the navigation pane on the left, you can also access the “Bard Activity,” which allows seeing a history of your searches that you can delete at any time. However, you cannot view the same response from your previous activities again.

Google Bard uses its knowledge and content from the web to answer questions, but unlike Bing Chat, you usually won’t see citations sourcing the content. In some cases, the experience will show a “Sources” footnote with links to the website containing the information source.

Janitor Ai Login: How To Access Your Account

Janitor AI Login: Janitor AI is a powerful AI chatbot that offers a range of features and functionalities to assist users with various tasks. Whether you’re a business owner, a student, or someone seeking help with day-to-day activities, Janitor AI can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of logging into your Janitor AI account, as well as provide information on how to register and seek further assistance.

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Once you’re on the Janitor AI login page, you’ll see a login form. Enter your login credentials, which typically include your email address and password. Make sure to double-check your entries for accuracy.

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On the registration page, you’ll find a form that requires certain information to create your Janitor AI account. Provide your name, email address, and choose a secure password. Ensure that you enter accurate details to ensure a smooth registration process.

If you encounter any difficulties while using Janitor AI or if you want to explore its features in-depth, you can refer to the OpenAIMaster website. OpenAIMaster provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the AI chatbot for free. It covers various topics, including troubleshooting common issues, maximizing productivity, and integrating Janitor AI into your existing workflows.

Q: Can I log in to Janitor AI using my Facebook account?

A: No, currently, Janitor AI does not support login via Facebook. You can log in using your Google, Twitter, or Discord account.

Q: What should I do if I forget my Janitor AI password?

Q: Can I use Janitor AI on my mobile device?

A: Yes, Janitor AI is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. You can log in and access your account from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: Is Janitor AI free to use?

Q: Can I customize Janitor AI’s responses?

A: Yes, Janitor AI provides customization options to tailor its responses to your specific needs. You can configure the chatbot to align with your preferences.

Q: Is my personal information safe with Janitor AI?

A: Janitor AI takes user privacy and data security seriously. The platform employs robust security measures to safeguard user information and adheres to stringent data protection regulations.

Logging into your Janitor AI account is a straightforward process that allows you to harness the power of this AI chatbot. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily access your account and leverage the various features Janitor AI offers. Additionally, if you need assistance or want to explore Janitor AI further, the OpenAIMaster website provides a comprehensive guide. Embrace the possibilities that Janitor AI brings to your daily tasks and streamline your workflow.

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Google Ceo Sundar Pichai Talks Bard & The Future Of Search

In a recent episode of the New York Times “Hard Fork” podcast, hosts Kevin Roose and Casey Newton sat down with Google CEO Sundar Pichai to discuss the company’s latest AI chatbot, Bard, and its potential impact on the digital landscape.

This article summarizes the key highlights from their discussion.

Launch Of Bard

Pichai shared that Bard, a lightweight version of Google’s AI model LaMDA, was released to gather user feedback and build trust.

Although the public response has been somewhat muted, Pichai assured listeners that a more capable version of Bard would be released soon.

Generative AI tools like Bard and LaMDA are envisioned to become powerful personal assistants in people’s daily lives.

Pichai recounted his own experiences with LaMDA, describing engaging and anthropomorphic conversations with the AI model.

Integration of Bard Into Gmail

Bard is being tested in Gmail with a limited number of trusted users. Pichai confirms:

“You can go crazy thinking about all the possibilities, because these are very, very powerful technologies. I think, in fact, as we are speaking now, I think today some of those features in Gmail is actually rolling out now externally to trusted testers — a limited number of trusted testers.”

AI Chatbots vs. Traditional Search Queries

When asked about the differences between AI chatbots and traditional search queries, Pichai explained that the technology expands possibilities and that users will likely adjust their behavior based on what the AI models can do.

He anticipates a back-and-forth process with users to refine and improve the AI models.

The AI Race and Competitor OpenAI

Pichai acknowledged that although Google was aware of OpenAI’s progress and the team’s capabilities, the user reception of ChatGPT was surprising.

He commended OpenAI for releasing ChatGPT, as it allows society to adapt to and understand the technology.

Addressing Microsoft’s Challenge In Search

Pichai states:

“I would say we’ve been incorporating AI in search for a long, long time.

When we built transformers here, one of the first use cases of Transformer was birthed, and later, MUM. So we literally took transformer models to help improve language understanding and search deeply. And it’s been one of our biggest quality events for many, many years.

And so I think we’ve been incorporating AI in search for a long time. With LLMs, there is an opportunity to more natively bring them into search in a deeper way, which we will. But search is where people come because they trust it to get information right.”

The Urgency to Innovate With LLMs & Generative AI

Pichai denied issuing a “code red” within Google.

However, he did confirm that he’s encouraging teams to move urgently and harness resources to innovate with large language models (LLMs) and generative AI.

Google’s founders, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, remain actively involved as board members and are enthusiastic about AI’s potential.

Pichai states:

“I’m laughing, because first of all, I did not issue a code red…

To be very clear, there are people who have probably sent emails saying there is a code red. So I’m not quibbling with — all I’m saying is, did I issue a code red? No.”

Balancing Innovation & Responsibility

Addressing concerns about AI development’s risks and potential dangers, Pichai emphasized that Google aims to be bold yet responsible.

He cited Bard as an example, explaining that they have not yet connected it to their most capable models and plan to do so deliberately.

Pichai stressed the importance of finding a balance between innovation and responsibility.

AI’s Impact on Jobs & The Publisher Ecosystem

Pichai acknowledged that new technologies like AI will require societal adaptation and possible course corrections, including in the job market.

He envisions a future where AI makes programming more enjoyable and accessible, akin to how technology has democratized fields like podcasting.

Regarding the potential impact of AI chatbots on web publishers, Pichai reassured listeners that Google is committed to working with the publisher ecosystem and evolving thoughtfully in this area.

Pichai states:

“Part of the reason we are also being careful with things like Bard, amongst many reasons, we do want to engage with the publisher ecosystem, not presume how things should be done. And so you will see us thoughtfully evolve there as well.”

Future Of Google Search

Discussing the future of Google Search, it was suggested that the search bar could evolve into a more command-line-like interface for users to perform various tasks.

Pichai explained that Google aims to assist users in ways that make sense to them without becoming the ultimate solution for every interaction.

He states:

“I think I want to be careful where Google has always been about helping you the way that makes sense to you. We have never thought of ourselves as the be-all and end-all of how we want people to interact.

So while I think the possibility space is large, for me, it’s important to do it in a way in which users use a lot of things, and we want to help them do things in a way that makes sense to them.”

In Summary

The interview with Sundar Pichai offered valuable insights into the future of AI chatbots, search, and the digital landscape.

Pichai’s cautious yet ambitious approach to AI development reflects Google’s commitment to balancing rapid innovation and responsible implementation.

As large language models become more capable, Pichai emphasizes the importance of vigilance and industry-wide cooperation to ensure that AI development remains beneficial for society.

The revelation that Bard will be upgraded soon leaves us all curious about how the AI chatbot’s capabilities will evolve.

Featured Image: JRdes/Shutterstock

Source: The New York Times

How To Use Pictory Ai In Mobile?

Are you looking to enhance your mobile device experience by using pictures? Look no further! In this article, I will guide you through the process of How To Use Pictory AI In Mobile. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to unlock amazing features and unleash your creativity. So let’s dive in!

In today’s digital age, pictures have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s capturing memories, expressing creativity, or sharing moments on social media, we rely on pictures to communicate visually. By leveraging the Pictory AI on your mobile device, you can harness the power of pictures and unlock a world of possibilities.

To get started, you need to access the Pictory AI website on your mobile device. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Pictory AI website. However, you might encounter a situation where the website is not available on mobile devices. Don’t worry; there’s a simple workaround.

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To overcome the limitation of the Pictory AI website not being available on mobile devices, follow these steps:

Enabling this option will allow you to log in to the Victory app from your mobile device.

Once you have enabled the desktop site option, you can now sign in to the Pictory AI. Enter your login credentials and gain access to a wide range of amazing features.

The Pictory AI offers a plethora of features that can revolutionize your mobile picture experience. Here are a few noteworthy features:

Edit from Text: Transform your blog posts into captivating visuals by using the “Edit from Text” feature. Simply input your text, and the Pictory AI will generate stunning images based on your content.

Convert to Videos: Take your pictures to the next level by converting them into engaging videos. The Victory app allows you to add animations, transitions, and music to bring your visuals to life.

Complete Automation: Streamline your picture-related tasks with complete automation. The Pictory AI enables you to automate various processes, saving you time and effort.

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To further simplify your access to the Pictory AI, you can install a shortcut on your mobile device. Follow these steps:

The shortcut will be installed, providing you with quick and convenient access to the app.

To begin using Pictory AI, open the web browser on your mobile phone. Type “Pictory AI” in the search bar and access the official website.

To ensure an optimal user experience and access the complete functionality of Pictory AI, it’s recommended to switch to the desktop site view on your mobile browser. To do this, tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of your browser. From the menu that appears, select the option that says “Desktop Site.” This will make your browser appear as if you are browsing on a desktop computer.

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Now that you have access to the full capabilities of Pictory AI on your mobile device, you can begin creating your text-to-videos. Explore the various features and tools available, such as customizable templates, text animations, and background music. Let your creativity flow and experiment with different options to bring your ideas to life.

With Pictory AI, you can easily add your text, select engaging visuals, and customize the video to suit your preferences. The intuitive interface makes it simple to arrange and edit your content until you are satisfied with the final result.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly incorporate pictures into your mobile device experience using the Pictory AI. Capture your favorite moments, express your creativity, and enhance your visual communication. Embrace the power of pictures and unleash your imagination with the Pictory AI.

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