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Google News has become one of the most widely used and recognized ways to search through web stories that are fresh off the presses. That may be partially due to the overall popularity of Google and the fact that Google provides some news stories on its SERP for about one in six queries. But Google News was not a part of the original game plan for the company. Rather, it was a direct result of September 11th. In the decade since, Google News has grown immensely, and news of the death ofOsama Bin Laden – the instigator of the events of 9/11 – brings the site’s capabilities into a definitive new light.

September 11th created a new and unprecedented search for information online. “People around the world were trying to comprehend what had just happened,” says Krishna Barat, the original founder and current head of Google News, “and its implications to public safety, foreign policy, financial markets, and their own lives.” But the Google algorithm was simply insufficient to handle new information: ranking relied on having hyperlinks from numerous sites, and thus naturally avoided fresh content.

That’s why “storyrank” was invented. Storyrank attempts to examine the current news stories and see, based on how many groups are covering the same story, just how important a given topic is. This combines with numerous additional signals to create a news ranking system that is both effective and fast. With the development of storyrank, as well as Google News on the whole, the death of Bin Laden – as well as the details surrounding it – is being reviewed with far greater depth and breadth than it would have been given the tools of one decade ago.

In the first five days of May, the week after Bin Laden’s death, Google has compiled more than 150,000 pages that discuss Bin Laden’s death. Searches both in the news category and on standard Google searches have skyrocketed for terms about Bin Laden, his location, the U.S. military action, and much more. In many ways, the death of Bin Laden represents the close of a chapter in U.S. history, and serves as an ideal (and poignant) mile marker to guage the progress of how we think of the news.

[via the Google News Blog]

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Google News Rss And Atom Feeds Reviewed

Google News RSS and Atom Feeds Reviewed

How will Google benefit from this? Well, although Google News is already regarded as the one of the top news portals for up to date news aggregation and search results, it is experiencing major competition from other news sites such as chúng tôi and Yahoo News. Add Moreover News, MSN Newsbot, and Technorati or Feedster into the equation and you have a field of competition which are all working on cutting edge syndication techniques and partnerships with larger web portals, newspaper sites, local search and blogs.

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger : ProBloggers and RSS addicts everywhere are jumping up and down in their boxer shorts because Google News has finally added RSS feeds to its service! Wooohooo! I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes adding a series of feeds to my Bloglines account and am looking forward to seeing how it works. Hopefully this will eliminate quite a few News Alert emails each day and speed up my blogging.’s RSS Diary : It finally happened. Google now provides RSS feeds for all chúng tôi searches, bringing you latest Google News content straight to your RSS reader. Perhaps more important is that Google allows webmasters to display syndicated Google News content on their sites, albeit under a noncommercial use policy.

Luis Suarez : The reason why this is big news is not just because here we have got another large corporation embracing the usage of RSS to enhance end-users’ web surfing experience but more than anything else because it is about time that Google realises that Really Simple Syndication has become much more powerful than originally expected and cannot be ignored, nor denied. So you might as well embrace it and try to make the best out of it.

And that is exactly what Google has done. They are now offering RSS feeds for their News service and not only that but they have also added Atom support (Talking about following web standards). However, something tells me that this may be just the beginning as we have seen how Google has also embraced RSS feeds in their Personalised Google Home, so that people can subscribed to their favourite resources from there, too.

So expect to see some further news in this respect as I do not think Google would just stop at that. And if not time will tell. For the time being, though, it is now time to subscribe to some of the feeds in order to keep up to date with what is happening around the world, business and technology. Well done, folks ! About time, but well done !

Windows White Screen Of Death: What It Is And How To Fix

The White Screen of Death (WSOD) is a white screen that appears when something is wrong with your Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system. Unlike the Blue Screen of Death, no errors tend to accompany the white screen problem to give you an idea of what caused the issue., which can make troubleshooting difficult.

In this article, we explain eight methods you can use to resurrect your computer from the White Screen of Death.

Table of Contents

What Causes the White Screen of Death Problem?

The White Screen of Death error, like the infamous Blue Screen of Death, is most commonly produced by hardware failures. However, the issue can also be caused by software malfunctions.

Common causes of the white screen error include:

Display driver issues, especially if it occurs during startup or when you’re playing games.

Issues with your monitor or video settings.


Glitches in third-party applications.

The absence of critical system files.

8 Ways to Fix White Screen of Death

Here are eight fixes for the White Screen of Death, starting with the easiest and progressing to the more in-depth fixes.

1. Force-Restart Your Windows Computer

The most simple way to combat the WSOD is to force-restart your system.

To force a reboot, hold down the power button for a few seconds or until the computer has completely shut down. Press the power button again to reboot your Windows 10 device. If your WSOD persists, try one of the other methods listed below.

Note: This may temporarily fix the white screen issue but not prevent it from occurring again.

2. Remove USB Accessories

If your White Screen of Death is accompanied by a visible cursor, an external device is likely the cause.

Remove any peripherals plugged into your USB ports, including your mouse and keyboard.

Force-restart your computer as above.

If your computer starts normally, start connecting your accessories one at a time until one of them malfunctions or the WSOD occurs. You will need to replace or repair the causative device.

3. Use Safe Mode

If your WSOD does not occur until after login, it may be a third-party app causing the error. If this is the case, using Safe Mode may help you identify the problematic app and uninstall or repair it.

If the White Screen of Death hasn’t reoccurred yet, you can enter Safe Mode as follows:

On your keyboard, press the






In the run box, type


and press


to open the System Configuration window.

Reboot your PC. Your device should now boot in Safe Mode. If it starts up without causing the White Screen of Death issue, you should remove any recently installed apps to see if they are causing the issue.

You can also enter Safe Mode while rebooting. To do so, press F8 repeatedly before the Windows logo appears. Your PC will boot into Safe Mode.

4. Update Your Graphic Drivers

An outdated or faulty graphics card driver may cause the White Screen of Death on Windows 10 and 11 while you are using certain games or apps. Updating the drivers may fix the problem.

Select the

Search automatically for drivers


Wait for the wizard to complete. Then, if an update is available, install it.

5. Update Windows

If nothing yet has fixed the issue, it’s possible that an outdated Windows 10 operating system is causing your White Screen of Death. This is most likely if your computer freezes and reverts to the WSOD at random.

On your keyboard, press the





to open Settings.

Reboot your computer.

6. Uninstall a Windows update

In contrast, if the White Screen of Death occurred after installing a Windows 10 or 11 update, uninstalling the update may fix your issue.

On your keyboard, Press the





to open Settings.


Update & Security


Under Go back to the previous version of Windows 10, select

Get Started


If this isn’t available or you know which specific update likely caused the issue, you can try uninstalling it:

On your keyboard, Press the





to open Settings.


Update & Security


On the Windows Update page, select

View update history



Uninstall updates

to open the Control Panel.

7. Use System Restore Point

This is another option if the White Screen of Death is appearing after login. Reverting to a restore point should take your Windows OS back to a functional state. However, all files created after the time of the restore point will be deleted.

This method will only work if you have previously made a system restore point to revert to. If you haven’t, you will need to use a different method to rectify the white screen problem.

To revert your PC to a previous restore point:

In the Start Menu, search for and select

Create a restore point


In the

System Protection

tab, select the

System Restore…


Tick “Recommended restore” then select


and complete the restoration wizard. Alternatively, tick “Choose a different restore point” and choose the one you would like.

The computer will restart automatically.

8. Run Hardware Tests

Faulty hardware might be causing the white screen of death. It could be the graphics card, monitor, GPU, hard disk, SSD, or even the motherboard.

If none of the methods above has worked, there is a good chance that hardware, such as your hard drive, is responsible. It’s difficult to test this unless you have spare parts lying around that you can switch and test one by one. Because of this, you might be better off consulting a professional PC repair expert to test your parts.

No More White Screen of Death

Facing the White Screen of Death is nothing short of frustrating. But hopefully with this tutorial you’ve been able to conquer the issue and return your PC to normal. Just be sure to be careful when downloading apps and buying computer accessories to prevent WSOD from rearing its ugly head again.

Rollable Smartphones Start Now, Google Maps Updates, And More Tech News

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily tech newsletter , for Tuesday, 17 November 2023.

1. OPPO X 2023

OPPO has a rollable phone that looks ready for 2023, and actually cool? I doubt affordable will be an adjective that goes with the device, but it is going to be fun.

Anyway, it actually looks …pretty awesome:

What’s on show is clearly a best-case scenario where the transition from smartphone to the wider tablet view is likely rendered to be that smooth on the display. But the motorized function looks great.

Speculation is that it’s all thanks to Samsung Display technology that OPPO is working with here, though no details have emerged.

LG is working on a rollable phone of its own, with a design leaked out in September, with Korean media reporting a March 2023 launch. LG has its own capable display technology.

We’ve asked OPPO for more details regarding the X 2023’s display and the chances of a commercial release, but hadn’t received a reply at the time of hitting send.

2. It’s finally been done: HUAWEI has sold HONOR under ‘tremendous pressure’ from US sanctions (Android Authority).

3. Former Essential team to offer privacy-focused products in 2023 (Android Authority).

4. Save up to $110 on the Sony WH-1000XM4, and more headphone deals (Android Authority).

5. You can now buy a one-year Disney Plus subscription to gift friends and family, just in time for Christmas? (Android Authority).

6. Apple is likely testing foldable phones for a future iPhone — this report says Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) is allegedly testing folding iPhone, with a projected release in September 2023. That’d be around the iPhone 14 release should the usual conventions apply. Fun tidbit: “Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) will be conducting over 100,000 opening and closing tests for the folding iPhone.” (Apple Insider).

7. New Google Maps updates help you cope: Better COVID overlay, public transport crowds, and takeout tracking (

8. Amazon Pharmacy: Amazon is now in the pharmacy business with online prescription fulfillment, free delivery for Prime members (TechCrunch).

9. Airbnb has filed its IPO and the S-1 is a great read ( — a breakdown here of what the published financials mean (TechCrunch).

10. Github has a great, detailed explanation of a new approach it will take in standing up for open source developers who come under attack from often harmful, dubious, or even troll takedown requests. It’s putting $1M into a developer defense fund to help protect open source developers, donating to the EFF and Software Freedom Law center for legal assistance (Github).

11. On that note: Tired: Open Source Coders — Wired: The open source movement runs on the heroic efforts of not enough people doing too much work (Wired).

12. How the US military buys location data from ordinary apps — including a super popular Muslim prayer app (Vice).

13. Seamless car charging comes to Electrify America with Plug&Charge: the car handles the authentication and billing, no extra cards and fussing about. Also known as ISO 15118, less excitingly (Ars Technica).

14. The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is dead again. But, Tesla was admitted to the S&P 500, at least? (The Verge).

15. Zoom is lifting its 40-minute limit for all meetings globally for Thanksgiving: from 00:01 on Nov. 26 through to 6am (ET) on Nov. 27 (Twitter).

16. Now the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is looking good, too! Best news is that it doesn’t need super cold refrigeration (BBC).

17. The Crew-1 astronauts have arrived: SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule docks at space station. Lovely video of the excitement (Space).

18. “What myth is still widely circulated as truth?” (r/askreddit).

Google Agrees To Pay French News Publishers For Content

Google has agreed to reach agreements to pay French news organizations for use of their content in Google News. The agreement follows a ruling by the French Competition Authority in April 2023 that found Google’s activities had harmed French news organizations.

A translated version of the 2023 decision (Google Suffers Major Defeat – Must Pay French Publishers) stated:

“Google unilaterally decided that it would no longer display article extracts, photographs and videos within its various services, unless the publishers give it to them, free of charge.

In practice, the vast majority of press publishers have granted Google free licenses for the use and display of their protected content, without negotiation and without receiving any remuneration from Google.”

The French authority ordered Google to negotiate a fair way to compensate French news organizations and that’s what has been announced.

Google Announcement on Official French Blog

Google published an announcement in the French language version of their blog.

According to a translation of Google’s official announcement:

“This agreement sets out the principles according to which Google will negotiate individual license agreements with members of the Alliance whose publications are recognized as ‘Political and General Information’, while reflecting the principles established by law. …and will open access to News Showcase, a new press publications licensing program recently launched by Google, which will give readers access to rich content.”

Google will negotiate a license with individual French news organizations, with the amount of payments to be based on agreed upon metrics such as how many subscriptions and how many daily Internet visitors a news organization enjoys.

“The remuneration provided for in the license agreements between each newspaper publisher and Google is based on criteria such as, for example, the contribution to political and general information, the daily volume of publications or the monthly Internet audience.”

Google News Showcase

The Google News Showcase is a way to pay news organizations in order to license their content for use. This includes paying for access to paywalled content.

Paywall content is content that is available to readers with a paid subscription.

In a June 2023 announcement, Google describes News Showcase like this:

“Where available, Google will also offer to pay for free access for users to read paywalled articles on a publisher’s site. This will let paywalled publishers grow their audiences and open an opportunity for people to read content they might not ordinarily see.

We have been actively working with our publisher partners on this new product which will launch first on Google News and Discover.”

Citations Read the official announcement on Google France Blog:

L’Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale et Google France signent un accord relatif à l’utilisation des publications de presse en ligne

Google Search Results Updated With ‘Full Coverage’ For News

Google Search is gaining the Full Coverage feature for breaking news results which provides more context about stories from multiple sources.

Full Coverage was first introduced in Google News in 2023. Google promised a wider rollout to regular search results in 2023, but that never materialized.

Now, two years later than expected, Full Coverage is finally available in search results.

If you’re not a regular user of the Google News app you may never have encountered Full Coverage before. Here’s more about what it is and how it may help drive more traffic to publishers.

What is Google’s Full Coverage Feature?

Google’s Full Coverage uses artificial intelligence to connect related stories together in real-time.

As the name implies, Full Coverage is designed to give users a complete look at how a story is being reported on from a variety of sources. It helps users follow the story as it progresses.

This is not a feature that will be available for every news story. Full Coverage is primarily used for stories that develop over a period of time.

For example, the launch of a new iPhone is not likely to trigger Google’s Full Coverage feature because that’s an event that happens once and then it’s done.

An event like the COVID-19 pandemic is much more likely to trigger the Full Coverage feature as it’s a story that evolves over time.

This feature will surface more sources in search results for certain stories, which has the potential to drive more traffic.

There’s no special way to optimize news articles for Google’s Full Coverage other than to publish the news and optimize the web page as you normally would. Google decides when it’s necessary to utilize Full Coverage.

Google’s AI is capable of understanding the people, places, and things involved in a story and how they relate to each other. Full Coverage organizes articles into storylines as the news event unfolds.

There are no human editors involved in curating the stories and the results included in the Full Coverage section are not personalized. Everyone sees the same storyline.

What Does Full Coverage Look Like?

When searching for information on a breaking news story, users will see a View Full Coverage button after scrolling to the end of the top stories carousel.

A View Full Coverage button can also be found by selecting “More news on…” right below the top stories carousel.

“With this launch, we’re introducing new technology that is able to detect long-running news stories that span many days, like the Super Bowl, to many weeks or months like the COVID-19 pandemic. We then organize the Full Coverage page to help people easily find top news along with additional content like explainers and local coverage that are helpful to understanding these complex stories.”

Full Coverage is available in Google’s mobile search results starting today in US English. It will be rolled out to more countries and more locations in the coming months.

Source: Google

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