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When using a dedicated graphics card, you need to plug your monitor or input directly into the HDMI port on the card. When that port isn’t working, you may be unable to use your graphics card – which is a problem if it’s the only port you need.

Luckily, not all problems with a GPU HDMI port mean there’s a hardware issue. Sometimes you can fix it with a bit of software troubleshooting.

Do I Have to Use the GPU’s HDMI Port?

You can use any port that connects to your graphics card. The only caveat is that you need to use one of the ports on your graphics card, not the inputs on your motherboard. Those might bypass the graphics card.

If you have integrated graphics, your monitor will show graphics generated using the weaker card on the motherboard. You won’t get the same performance that you would if you used the dedicated graphics card. 

If you have a dedicated graphics card and no integrated graphics, you probably won’t see anything if you plug your cable into the motherboard. 

So to make a long story short: you can use any port you want, but it needs to be one on the graphics card. Since there are a limited number of ports, fixing any problems with the HDMI is a good thing to do even if you don’t need it immediately.

You may need it in the future since some displays are only compatible with that port.

What Ports Are on a Graphics Card?

What ports are on your GPU varies depending on which model you own? Check the specifications for any card you might want to buy to see what options it offers before purchasing.

How to Fix Graphics Card’s HDMI Connection

Trying some compatibility and software fixes is an excellent way to start fixing your HDMI connection. You should also consider the physical cables and the port itself if it isn’t working.

Update Your GPU driver

An out-of-date GPU driver can cause all sorts of unexpected problems. It might even be the cause of the HDMI connection not working. Keeping your drivers updated regularly is an excellent way to keep all your computer components working correctly. 

You update the drivers differently depending on what kind of GPU you use. For example, with NVIDIA:

AMD uses a different program for driver updates.

Your monitor or display might flash as you update graphics card drivers. This is entirely normal. Don’t try to use your computer for anything but the update until it’s complete.

When you’re done, check to ensure your Windows copy is updated too. Finally, check whether the driver update made the HDMI port usable. 

Change Your Screen Resolution

If the computer doesn’t detect the monitor, you may have to plug it into another port to make the changes. 

Change the Monitor’s Source

Your monitor should have buttons on it that let you adjust the properties. One of these should be an input button that enables you to choose what source the monitor is displaying.

The display won’t always automatically connect to HDMI. Find the source button and press it to cycle between different options. Stop when you find the correct HDMI source.

If there are multiple HDMI ports on your monitor, look to see whether they’re labeled. That might help you figure out which to switch to. 

Check Your Power Placement

Your GPU needs the right connections to get power if you want it to work correctly. Without a stable power supply, it might seem to be working. The fans might twirl, and the GPU might seem to be working. However, the diminished power it’s receiving can affect its performance in other ways.

Check your cables. Some graphics cards require two separate power connections. If you only have one plugged in, plug in the other. Make sure you’re using the right cables. 

If you think a lack of power is creating GPU issues, you might also need to troubleshoot your PSU. 

Unplug Every Connection From the Motherboard

Try to unplug and then reconnect your GPU with the motherboard. Also, take off any devices connecting to the back of the motherboard, especially other displays. 

When you’re done, plug the monitor back into your GPU and restart the whole system. 

Turn Off Fast Startup

Fast startup is excellent for powering on your computer a bit faster, but it can have unintended side effects and prevent other parts from working. Try disabling it to see whether your HDMI port starts working.

If it still doesn’t work, you can repeat the process to turn Fast Startup back on, if you prefer. 

Clean Things Up

Sometimes cleaning up your build can help fix problems with the GPU’s HDMI connection. Users have found that a lack of response from the GPU HDMI port can be related to a variety of niche issues, including:

The CPU socket not being completely locked down. One user had to go through their entire build when they couldn’t get a display from the HDMI port or post, only to find it was a CPU issue. 

The HDMI port was dirty or had something else broken in it. If the HDMI port isn’t accessible and clean, that might prevent the connection.

The HDMI cable must be checked. Some users discovered that the cable wasn’t the problem after much troubleshooting and repositioning parts. Always check the more straightforward issues like this before you start taking apart your build. 

Reseat Your Components

If your computer still isn’t working, trying to reseat your components is your last, best chance to make the HDMI port operational. Having parts that aren’t installed perfectly – or ones that have shifted over time – will create issues that can affect things like ports.

Turn off your computer, switch off the PSU and unplug the entire thing before you start removing components. Work slowly and be safe. Remember to organize your screws and cables for easy reinstallation.

Even though it seems the problem is with the GPU, reseat the motherboard and CPU as well. Ensure the CPU is locked down properly and everything connected to the motherboard is in the right spot. Check the coolers for any obstructions or bad connections as well.

You should also reseat the RAM in the motherboard as long as you have it out.

Once you’re done, try to start things up again. If the HDMI port still doesn’t work, try resetting your motherboard by clearing the CMOS. If it still doesn’t work, consider contacting a licensed technician about physical repairs to the card. 

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Verizon Router Yellow Light? Try These Fixes

Most Verizon customers won’t have to deal with yellow lights regularly, which means they can be a bit perplexing when they appear. While a yellow light might indicate a problem with your connection, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be without internet for a significant time. Often you can fix the issues a yellow light indicates with a few easy steps. 

A yellow light on a Verizon router means there’s some kind of problem with the service. The internet isn’t being delivered as it should be, even if you can still get a connection on your PC. However, most users with a yellow light may find they have to do any online troubleshooting on their phones since devices using Wi-Fi probably won’t connect during that status.

A solid yellow light means that you need to start digging into the root of the problem so you can restore your Verizon internet service. 

A blinking yellow light doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your internet connection. Instead, it can measure how well connected you are to your internet range extender. The faster it blinks, the better the link – but that doesn’t mean it’s set up right.

The blinking yellow should get faster as you move the extender in range. Once it’s close, the light will go solid until it’s done connecting to the extender. So if you’re in the process of setting up a range extender and that’s when you’re seeing the yellow light – just move the extender closer until the flashing stops.

Once everything is solid, just wait for the light to turn white, and it will be paired with the extender. 

Before troubleshooting your router, ensure the problem is on your end and not with Verizon. Sometimes the light will turn yellow because an accident or weather-related incident caused the service to stop. Other times, Verizon is upgrading and repairing the network, leading to a temporary outage. 

Most problems solvable at home will require a hard or soft reset of the router itself unless you’re experiencing a hardware issue that requires new equipment. 

Before troubleshooting your router, check with Verizon to see whether the network works.

If there’s no issue with your connection, it’s more likely the problem is at home. Your next step should be to try to fix your hardware so that you can get back online. 

Soft resetting your Verizon router means ending the connection and then reestablishing it. Nothing changes in your router or network settings. 

Each device may take a few minutes to fully connect to the network. Don’t rush the process by plugging in the router before the modem is up and running. Doing so might cause you to have to repeat the steps.

You won’t have to unplug two devices if you have a combination modem and router. Instead, you’ll just perform these steps on the setup you have. The principle is the same no matter what configuration you’re using. 

Sometimes networking cables are a hidden source of network issues. The cable that connects your router to your modem – or the cable connecting the modem to the wall – could be the suspect causing the yellow light.

Credit: Verizon

If you have compatible cables lying around, try using them in place of the original wires. You can perform the steps to soft reset the router and modem again. This time, though, replace the cables before plugging everything back in. 

If the yellow light goes away and the router appears to be working again, a damaged cable may have been at fault. Throw away the old one and plan to get a replacement if you can’t use the cable you plugged in for testing. 

Sometimes your router’s configuration is what prevents it from connecting to the network. Doing a hard reset that wipes any personal changes and returns it to its factory state can help restore service when these changes are the cause of the yellow light.

However, you will have to restore any changes you made in the router’s online settings. It requires signing into the portal for your Verizon router and repeating any steps you did the first time around. For example, if you had the router set up to log activity or prioritize service, these steps must be repeated after the hard reset.

If there’s any chance the yellow light is caused by a service outage on Verizon’s end, wait to do the hard reset, so you don’t have to reconfigure the router for nothing.

If the yellow light is still there and you’ve verified there are no service outages, reach out to Verizon. A service technician may be able to help you figure out exactly why your service isn’t working correctly. 

Sometimes you can get a bit more information about the problem you’re facing if you check Verizon’s ONT. This is the box they route service through and may be located outside the house, in the basement, or in another location. If you aren’t sure whether you have an accessible one, you can talk to a Verizon tech.

Some users recommend hard resetting the ONT by unplugging it from its power supply or pressing the reset button. If you’re comfortable with networking devices and know where to access the ONT, this is another solution that might fix the yellow light on your Verizon router.

However, if you have to unlock a box or unscrew anything to access it, it’s better to reach out to Verizon and get help. 

Many customers choose not to use Verizon’s router when they sign up for service. As long as the router you choose is supported by Verizon and rated for your select speed, it should work to deliver internet to your house.

If you use a different model router, the yellow light might mean something else entirely. Each manufacturer and model has its own setup with its own set of indicative lights. Check the manual for your device if you aren’t using a router direct from Verizon. The yellow light you see could mean something entirely different. 

Seagate External Hard Drive Beeping? Try These Fixes

Seagate external hard drives are some of the most popular hard drives. However, sometimes you may encounter certain issues with the drive, such as the device beeping after connecting it to a PC. 

The issue occurs due to a lack of sufficient power to the hard drive or if the motor inside the drive cannot spin. The first issue is easy to resolve, but the second one is more serious. In this article, we mention what you can do whenever you encounter both of these scenarios on your Seagate external hard drive.

The hard drive contains cylindrical platters which is the actual device that stores data. It is connected to a motor for spinning and a head slides over the platter to read/write the data. When the PC provides a small current to the head, it writes data on the platter by magnetizing small spots, and by providing a small current to those spots, the head can read the data.

But the head only goes over the platter after the platter starts rotating at full speed and stays in the resting zone in the meantime. If it stays on the platter or goes there before it reaches full speed, the platter becomes stuck and the motor cannot rotate properly. 

So, you may get a beeping sound if the head or slider becomes stuck on the platter due to a damaged head or other components. On the other hand, the motor will also not rotate if it is damaged or if it doesn’t receive enough power from the USB connection.

Here are the possible fixes for the beeping error on Seagate’s external hard drive:

The first thing you should do is check if there are any connection issues or if the hard drive is getting enough power through the USB. Here are the troubleshooting measures you can apply for these purposes:

Try using it with another computer or see if other hard drives work on your PC.

Use a powered hub in case the drive is not receiving sufficient power.

Replace the cable with another one and check if it works.

If the issue is with the power or connection, you can resolve it by using the corresponding method above. If the drive continues beeping in all scenarios, it shows issues with the device hardware.

No matter what some people say on the internet, do not freeze your drive. Doing so runs the risk of damaging the disk even more and you may not be able to recover data from it.

You can try recovering the data yourself or have an expert do it. Then, you need to take your drive to a hardware technician for repair (if possible) or replacement.

Recover Data Yourself

If the contents on the drive are not extremely precious for you or you don’t want to spend tons of money hiring data recovery experts, you can try doing it yourself. However, this process requires precision. So, if you are not sure, it’s always better to leave the recovery to hard drive experts or data recovery companies.

The beeping usually occurs if the head inside the hard drive is stuck to the platter instead of resting in the parking zone. So, you need to open the drive and pull it carefully back to the parking zone in order to be able to access the data in such a scenario. 

However, keep in mind that doing so is a temporary fix to give you enough time to recover the data as the issue may continue occurring afterward. So you still need to replace the hard drive with a functional one.

Regardless, here’s what you need to do to recover the data:

Get these tools ready:

Torque Screwdriver (Usually T-6, but check on your hard drive)

Pick tool

Prying tool

Antistatic equipment

Use the prying tool to remove the plastic casing by unhooking all the notches. You should be able to see the lines on the edges where you need to pry.

Place the hard drive over an antistatic mat and wear the anti-static equipment as well. If you don’t have such equipment, make sure not to touch any circuits and the inside of the hard drive with your fingers and only hold the metal or plastic parts on the outer case.

Remove the SATA to USB Micro Type B bridge.

After that, use the pry tool to remove the metal case of the hard drive.

Check if the head is stuck on the platter. If so, you need to put it back in the parking zone.

Place the screwdriver vertically over the screw in the middle of the platter. Don’t start rotating it yet.

Insert the pick in the hole on the head.

Reconnect the metal case and screw it back. Make sure not to screw too tightly or too loosely.

Then reverse the dismantling process and connect it to your PC and see if it works.

Alternatively, you can use a SATA to USB Type A adapter to directly connect the drive to your PC.

Retrieve all the data on the drive as soon as possible.

Have Data Recovery Experts Recover Data

Data recovery companies and experts have access to more sophisticated tools, so they have a higher chance of successful data recovery. So, if your Seagate drive stores more important data, it’s best to buy the services of such companies/experts. The recovery may not always go through successfully so try seeking help from more reliable experts by checking customer reviews or forums.

Nvidia High Definition Audio Has No Sound? Try These 7 Fixes

Nvidia High Definition Audio Has no Sound? Try These 7 Fixes A comprehensive guide to get things running in no time




Despite using ultra-performing hardware, many users reported no sound on Nvidia High Definition Audio Device.

It’s usually the driver to blame, but many found misconfigured device selection and BIOS settings to be the underlying cause.

To fix the problem, update the driver, revert to a previous version of the OS, or reconfigure the BIOS settings, amongst other solutions here.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Although uncommon, sound issues are one of the worst you can encounter on a PC, and solving this is often time-consuming. And several users reported no sound on the Nvidia High Definition Audio, which is what we will be fixing today.

In this case, one common issue is users completely lose system sound after installing NVIDIA GPU drivers. For others, the audio device, for instance, headphones, was not recognized.

So, let’s find out why Nvidia audio is not working and its most effective solutions.

Why is my high definition audio not working?

Here are some of the reasons why Nvidia Sound is not working on your PC:

Outdated, corrupt, or incompatible drivers installed: Issues with the driver are usually the most common reason behind the problem.

A bug in the installed version of the driver: Oftentimes, users encounter the problem after updating the driver when there’s a bug in the current version.

Two sound cards running into conflicts: If you have multiple sound cards, there are chances that these might conflict with each other.

Misconfigured BIOS settings: Many users found the BIOS settings responsible for the issue.

Speaking of the issue, the solutions below should also help in the following cases:

Nvidia HDMI audio not working – This is a relatively common problem encountered by many users eager to enjoy Nvidia with their home theater receiver. If you’re one of them, you should be able to fix it by using one of our solutions.

No sound Nvidia High Definition audio – This also happens when using HDMI to stream audio and video to other displays. Faulty drivers and a potentially disabled onboard sound device in BIOS are often the culprits.

No sound after Geforce update – Many users reported that their sound was gone after updating their Geforce drivers or after installing a Geforce graphics card.

No sound after installing graphics card Windows 10 – According to users, this error can sometimes appear after installing a new graphics card. This is most likely caused by incompatible drivers.

Nvidia video card no sound – Users reported that their sound is completely missing while using Nvidia graphics. To fix the issue, you might have to reinstall both your Nvidia and audio drivers.

How do I fix Nvidia high definition audio?

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions, let’s try a few quick checks and see if it helps.

Reconnect the audio device you are facing issues with.

Restart the computer.

Update to the latest version of the OS.

If these don’t work, the following methods would:

The first thing you must do is check if there’s an updated version available and install it. If you can’t find one on the computer, head to the manufacturer’s official website and download it to update the audio driver manually.

5. Choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

Expert tip:

8. After the update is complete, restart the computer for the changes to come into effect.

Now, you can verify if the NVIDIA High Definition Audio Driver starts working.

Try a third-party tool if the previous method doesn’t fix the issue. Downloading drivers manually is a process that carries the risk of getting the wrong driver installed, which may lead to severe malfunctions.

Here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software.

Wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Afterward, it will show you a list of the drivers found to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Use this software and solve all driver-related issues from your PC.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Roll back to a previous Windows build

If the no sound problem on Nvidia High Definition Audio Device started after an update, you might revert to the previous build within ten days of updating.

In case the Get started button is greyed out, you can always manually uninstall Windows updates.

3. Check the BIOS settings

If the previous methods didn’t work, you can reconfigure the BIOS settings and disable the other sound cards in case there’s more than one.

Also, remember that you don’t necessarily have to disable the others. For example, if another sound card does the job, disable Nvidia High Definition Audio Device to fix the no sound problem.

4. Run the built-in troubleshooter

Users sometimes manage to fix things by simply running the built-in troubleshooter. If you still have no sound from Nvidia High Definition Audio, head to the following method.

5. Change the audio output device

Once you set your speakers as the default playback device, the issue should be resolved entirely.

6. Perform a clean installation of Nvidia drivers

Many users reported that sound was missing after installing Nvidia drivers. However, you can fix that problem simply by performing a clean installation of your drivers. Several users said this solution worked for them, so feel free to try it out.

7. Scan for hardware changes

If Nvidia High Definition Audio delivers no sound after sleep, scanning for hardware changes should do the trick. First, though, this is a workaround suggested by users with this problem. The above solutions should help eliminate the underlying cause.

We expect the issue to be resolved and the audio device to work seamlessly.

Also, find out the best audio enhancer tools for Windows.

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Chromebook Camera Not Working? 7 Best Fixes!

Hardware issues are rare on Chromebooks, but they do crop up occasionally. Earlier, the Wi-Fi card on my Chromebook stopped working, and I had to revert Chrome OS to an older version to fix the problem. And now, we are getting user reports that the Chromebook camera is not working for many. For some users, the Chromebook shows the “Camera not found” error, while the camera does not show a preview for many others. So if you are in the same boat, fret not, as we have compiled a detailed guide on how to fix camera issues on a Chromebook.

Fix Chromebook Camera Not Working (2023)

In this tutorial, we have included seven different ways to fix the Chromebook camera. If you are facing errors like “Camera not found”, do not worry. Expand the table below and try out all the solutions listed below.

Restart Your Chromebook

Before you do anything, go ahead and restart your Chromebook and check if the camera on your Chromebook has been fixed or not. Often, restarting Chrome OS fixes most of the hardware issues. To do so, follow the steps below.

Recently, due to a bug in Chrome OS 99, the camera stopped working and was displaying the “Camera not found” error. Google quickly released an update to fix the bug. So it’s always better to update your Chromebook to the latest version to steer clear of any serious bugs. Here is how to do it.

2. Next, move to “About ChromeOS” in the left sidebar.

Check Camera on Other Apps

1. Open the Chrome OS App Launcher from the bottom-left corner and launch the “Camera” app.

2. Check whether the camera app is showing any preview. If the camera app is working here, it’s likely that Google Meet or Zoom might not have the necessary permission to access the camera. In that case, move to the next section to find a solution.

Enable Camera Permission on Your Chromebook

2. After that, under the “Permissions” section, change the “Camera” permission to “Allow“. Similarly, make changes to the “Microphone” permission as well.

4. If you are still having issues, go ahead and open the below address in Chrome.


5. Here, make sure your front camera is selected in the drop-down menu. After that, ensure the “Default behavior” is set to “Sites can ask to use your camera.”

Check For Webcam Privacy Switch on Your Chromebook

Some HP Chromebooks like 14b and 14c feature a webcam privacy switch on the left edge of the Chromebook. If it’s turned off, you will see a red light indicator next to the webcam. To get the camera working on your HP Chromebook, make sure the privacy switch is disabled.

Reset the Chrome Browser

If the camera issue is limited to the Chrome browser, you can reset Chrome to the factory default settings. This should likely fix the camera issue on your Chromebook. Here are the steps to follow.


Powerwash Your Chromebook

If none of the above methods worked, you have no other option than to reset your Chromebook. This method reinstalls Chrome OS and removes all the apps, files, and settings preferences from your device. So make sure to back up your personal data before you powerwash your Chromebook. That said, here’s how you can reset your Chrome OS device:

Fix the Webcam on Your Chromebook Right Away

App Store Circle Keeps Spinning On Mac? Try These Easy Fixes • Mactips

App Store circle keeps spinning on Mac? Try these easy fixes






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Protect your Mac on all fronts with unrivalled antivirus technology! Intego is a veteran when it comes to Mac security, bringing you well-researched and tested security features to protect your Mac against malware and cyber threats. Here are the most important features:

Advanced antivirus and PUP protection

VPN with unlimited encrypted traffic

Automatic backup of essential files

Cleaner utility, to speed up your Mac

Parental controls feature

Secure your Mac with Intego!

The App Store is a crucial component of macOS, but many users reported that a circle in App Store keeps spinning. This can be a problem since you won’t be able to download apps, but there’s a way to fix that.

What can I do if the circle in the App Store keeps spinning? 1. Remove the cache files

Open Finder, press Command + Shift + G and go to: ~/Library/Caches/


Press Command + Shift + G again and navigate to the /private/var/folders.

Open each subfolder and delete apple.appstore from it.

Note: Some users are suggesting to go ~/Library/Caches/ and delete everything related to the appstore, so be sure to try that as well. Here are the folders that you need to delete:





We recommend using MacBooster, the best cleaning and optimizing tool designed by IObit, especially for Macs.

This awesome tool not only that obliterates any Cache files but it also deletes more than 20 types of junk files. Do you have duplicate photos or other files? MacBooster deletes the copies too.

And if you want to uninstall an app, this excellent tool will wipe it out without worrying about any leftovers.


The cache and junk files won’t stand a chance against MacBooster, the best Mac cleaner on the market.

Free trial Visit website

2. Use the Terminal and delete the cache files

2.1 Use the Terminal

When the Terminal starts, run the following command: defaults write ShowDebugMenu -boot true ; killall AppStore ; exit

Navigate to the App Store.

Select Debug, and select Clear cookies.

2.2 Delete the cache files

Enter the following path: ~/Library/Preferences/

Now delete the following items: apple.appstore.plistapple.installer.plist

3. Create a new user account

Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Navigate to the Users & Groups.

Select the Add button.

Enter the required information.

Note: After creating a new user account, switch to it, and check if the problem is still there.

We hope that the solutions presented in this guide have proven useful in your case. They will surely get you started into solving this issue if the circle keeps spinning in the App Store.

FAQ: Learn more about App Store problems on MacBook

How do you reset the App Store on a Mac?

To reset the App Store on Mac, you will have to delete the entire Caches folder and then restart your device. If the App Store doesn’t update the apps, read this excellent guide to fix it.

Why can’t I find certain apps in the App Store?

Most likely, the apps you are trying to find are restricted in your country, or they have been removed from the store for other reasons. If you see the item is temporarily unavailable error, this guide will help you.

Why isn’t my app showing up on my home screen iPhone?

The most possible reason for his happening is that your home screen might be full of apps, so a new page has been added to store your newly installed app.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2023 and has been since revamped and updated in October 2023 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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