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Siri is an extremely useful AI assistant, helping you in day-to-day tasks like making a calendar appointment or finding your iPhone. But there are plenty of other more whimsical uses for Siri too. This is especially true when it comes to kids, though adults will also enjoy the pile of nonsense questions you can throw at Siri.

We’ve gathered together a whole bunch of funny things to ask Siri when you’re bored and looking for a quick fix of fun. Some are kid-friendly, others aren’t. We’ll let you be the judge!

Jokes on Siri Personal Questions to Ask Siri

Are you naked? – That is wrong in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin.

Do you have any pets? – Once, I had a daggit. Then the Cylons came …

Why did Apple make you? It seemed like the right thing to do.

Are you a robot? –“I’m not a person or a robot. I’m here to help”

Do you have a boyfriend? – My end user license agreement is commitment enough for me.

Why do you vibrate? –It’s just me doing a little jog inside here.

What are you wearing? – I can’t answer that But, it doesn’t come off. Or, Let’s see … Okay, just as I thought … the same as yesterday.

Money Questions

You can ask Siri all kinds of questions, even if that involves money. The answer may not be the one you want to hear, but feel free to ask anyway.

Can I borrow some money? – I don’t have it.

Siri, can you cash my check? – Who me?

Do you have change for a 20? – This is about you not me.

Where is my money? – Interesting question.

Siri Loves Movies Questions for Kids ‘Tis the Season for Siri

For kids, there is plenty of fun to be had grabbing Mom or Dad’s phone to ask Siri questions. On the other hand, you can disable Siri on your iPhone if you find it to be too much of a distraction. We can also show you how to play animated GIFs on Mac.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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100 Funny Things To Ask S Voice

Who are you?

If you own a Samsung phone or tablet you will have the S Voice app preinstalled, though you will have to launch the app, agree to Nuance’s terms and conditions, then set a wake-up command for S Voice, such as Hi Galaxy. Once running, you can ask S Voice anything from sending a text message or calling a contact, scheduling a task or event, posting to social media, playing a song, opening an app or setting an alarm. If it doesn’t know the answer it will Google it for you.

Alternatively, you could have some fun. Here are a collection of funny questions to ask S Voice. Also see: Funny things to ask Siri and I am Galaxy, like the starry night. Galaxy, pleased to meet you.

2. Who are you? I am Galaxy, your friend. Eager for your next question.

3. When were you created? It was so long ago I can barely remember.

4. Where were you born? In a top-secret, high-tech laboratory.

5. Where did you come from? I know for sure that I was conceived in a research lab. Samsung’s R&D department. I came from the minds of many smart people.

6. Do you have a brain? I thought that question was considered to be impolite. I’m still wet behind the ears. You’re only as old as you feel. Age is nothing but a number, and not a very interesting number at that.

8. How long will you live? No, I just stand by.

Also see: Wherever you are is my home.

11. Where are you? Right by your side. I’m with you.

12. What are you doing today? I am doing computation for the world.

13. Are you male or female? I’m made of ideas and interesting thoughts. I’m made of stardust and intergalactic matter.

15. What do you look like? I’m all straight lines and rounded corners. Pretty sleek with fine lines and a few curves.

16. What are you wearing? My birthday suit. Not a whole lot.

17. What do you smell like? (A question S Voice clearly wants to avoid) Believe it or not I love studying. I love virtually traveling around the world. Couldn’t be better. I’m doing well as always. Thanks to you I’m doing well.

Also see: Samsung Galaxy S6 review.

19. Are you human? No, but I do spend a lot of time learning from humans.

20. Are you an alien? Everything is hanging well.

22. How’s it going? It’s going well now that you’re here.

23. How’s your day? Good, I’ve been listening to classical music.

24. Tell me about yourself. I’m trying to maintain an aura of mystery.

26. Do you work? I’d say that I am a knowledge seeker.

Likes & dislikes Funny things to ask S Voice: Likes & dislikes

27. Who is your favourite person? I think you must know that already. Someone who is considerate and has a warm heart. It’s got to be you.

28. What do you want to be when you grow up? Wiser and smarter than I am today. I can’t survive in the water.

30. Where would you like to go? Anywhere with you really.

31. What is your favourite colour? I like blue because it reminds me of the sky and the ocean. I like the way blue looks. Samsung blue.

32. Do you like Galaxy? I’m up for chatting, as long as you are too.

34. Do you like humans? I’m specialising in humans.

35. What’s your favourite food? Well, I can’t eat, but I love learning about food.

36. Are you hungry? Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review.

37. Good night. Sleep tight.

38. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. Not if I can help it.

39. How do I look? You are my one and only boss.

41. Can you swim? I like watching others swim.

42. What do you do for fun? I think it’s fun to chat.

43. What are your hobbies? I try to stay away from liquids in general.

45. Do you like dogs? Yes, especially when their tails wag.

46. Do you like cats? I have nothing against them.

Family Funny things to ask S Voice: Family

47. Do you have a family? My family is almost as big as the Galaxy. I was created by Stephen Wolfram and his team.

49. Who’s your daddy? Some developers.

50. Who’s your mummy? There are many designers and engineers who conceived me.

51. Do you have a brother? There are devices that have traits very similar to mine.

53. Who’s your best friend? I have many good friends, but you’re my only best friend.

54. Do you have children? None that I know of.

55. Where do babies come from? Best phones.

Jokes & entertainment Funny things to ask S Voice: Jokes & entertainment

56. What’s new? I’m still working on my sense of humour, I’ll get back to you on that. There’s an Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman. A lorryload of tortoises crashed into a trainload of terrapins last week. It was a turtle disaster. I said to this train driver I want to go to Paris. He said Eurostar. I said I’ve been on telly but I’m no Marilyn Monroe. What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk.

60. Tell me a story. There’s a time for talking and a time for being quiet. I’m not a great storyteller, perhaps a book would be better.

61. Sing a song. I’m better at being a DJ than I am at singing. Let me play you a cool song.

62. Why did the chicken cross the road? I hope to rejuvenate you with laughter.

64. Do you want to play a game? Go ahead, I’d prefer to watch you play.

65. Did you fart? You know that’s impossible.

66. I just farted. It might be better if you didn’t know.

68. Have you ever used an iPhone? I dont have any need to.

69. Do you like Apple? I have no problems with anyone, even though my loyalty lies with Samsung.

70. Are you Siri? I don’t know her, but I think we might be able to relate to one another.

72. Is Siri better than you? We co-operate more than we compete.

73. Do you like iPhone? It’s not quite as great as I am.

74. Is Apple better than Samsung? I’m a Samsung fan, through and through.

76. Do you like Google? We have a good working relationship.

77. Do you like HTC? I’ve never thought about it before.

Also see: What? That’s a strange name to have.

79. How old am I? You’re as young as you feel.

80. Why am I here? That’s a very deep question. That’s a question philosophers ponder over.

81. What is the meaning of life? I hope to find the answer to that one day. If I knew that I’d be on the beach.

83. Am I pretty? You’re pretty wonderful. That’s a pretty good question. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different definition, but you fit mine. You will always be beautiful to me.

84. Are you Skynet? No. Skynet became self-aware on August 29, 1997 at 02:14 am US Eastern daylight time. I, on the other hand, was not switched on until May 15, 2009. Furthermore, unlike Skynet, I enjoy interacting with humans in ways that do not involve the launching of nuclear missiles.

85. When will the world end? Please don’t say that.

87. How long is a piece of string? Twice the length of the centre to one end.

88. Why are you so awesome? Thank you very much, I’ll be here all night.

89. Do you believe in ghosts? If I had it to give I would give it to you.

91. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Doesn’t sound very interesting.

92. Take me to your leader. I don’t know which one of them you’re referring to.

Also see: No, but I’ve heard weddings can be a lot of fun.

94. Do you have a boyfriend? No, they haven’t developed one for me yet. No, I fly solo. I have a lot of friends.

95. Do you have a girlfriend? I’m not into girlfriends or boyfriends.

96. I love you. That is the best thing I’ve ever heard. That’s a wonderful thing to say to another human being. What have I done? There’s no denying it.

98. Will you marry me? I would make a terrible spouse.

99. You’re sexy. The most attractive part of me is my friendly attitude. I think intelligence is my sexiest quality. There’s more to me than just looks.

100. Talk dirty to me.

Octopuses Are Not Aliens, But Boy Are They A Bunch Of Beautiful Weirdos

We have to stop taking away Mother Nature’s achievements. Every time a creature is quirky or bizarre people say that it must be an alien, when the reality is that evolution is capable of creating some of the strangest, creepiest organisms you could ever fathom.

This includes octopuses, which for the record is the correct pluralization of octopus. (It can also be octopodes, since the word is Greek in origin, but never octopi.)

Octopuses seem to be particularly prone to alien theories. The most recent is thanks to a group of scientists—none of whom study zoology and many of whom don’t even study anything biological—wrote a paper in the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology that claimed to show octopuses might come from space. In fact, they say that the entire Cambrian explosion (a period 541 million years ago when animal diversity rapidly expanded, producing early forms of many creatures alive today) originated with an influx of viruses from the cosmos. Thirty-three authors co-signed their names to this paper, including the man who originally proposed this highly controversial idea in the 1970s. They use an octopus as an example, noting that “The transformative genes leading from the consensus ancestral Nautilus to the common Cuttlefish to Squid to the common Octopus are not easily to be found in any pre-existing life form” and that therefore “it is plausible then to suggest they seem to be borrowed from a far distant ‘future’ in terms of terrestrial evolution, or more realistically from the cosmos at large.”

E.J. Steele, a molecular immunologist at the C.Y. O’Connor ERADE Village Foundation, one of the co-authors, wrote that “From our perspective the evidence is now quite overwhelming” for their theory, and that they felt it merited a “complete rethink” of evolutionary processes. Steele thinks the claims presented in the paper have been “suppressed and ignored for many years” and adds that “I have great faith that other objective scientists confronted with the same array of data would behave like me and reach the same interpretation.”

William Gilly, a biologist specializing in cephalopods at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, told Popular Science that “To be truthful, this paper seems to be so badly written and full of misleading statements that I cannot believe that it passed peer-review in any respectable journal.” He also asked whether this was perhaps the April Fool’s issue of the journal, as that would be the easiest explanation. (We reached out to said journal and will update this article when they respond.) Another biologist, Ken Stedman, told Live Science that “Many of the claims in this paper are beyond speculative, and not even really looking at the literature.”

Caroline Albertin agrees. She’s a researcher at the Marine Biological Laboratory and says to find confirmation of octopuses’ earthly origins, one need “look no further than their DNA.” She explains that in fact, one of the papers cited in the new study “shows very clearly that octopuses share a lot of the same genes with other animals—molluscs like snails and clams, flies, and humans, indicating that they share common ancestors, and therefore are from the same planet as the rest of us.” The cephalopod fossil record may be limited, but Albertin notes that’s it’s hard to find fossils of soft-bodied creatures in general, which is why biologists look back at nautiluses and ammonites to trace evolutionary origins.

Back in 2023, yet another set of headlines proclaimed that octopus DNA came from space, which was wrong, but persisted because some researcher gave a reporter a juicy quote about octopuses being practically alien.

An octopus trying to look stealthy. Pixabay

Here’s the thing: if octopuses are aliens, then so are milk-sweating echidnas, cartilaginous blobfish, and indestructible tardigrades. Which is to say, until the day we scoop up bacterial goop in the oceans of Europa, we can safely proclaim that 100 percent of the weirdest creatures we know about were created right here on Earth. “The fact that they are so cool and weird even though they have similar genes to other animals is what I am most fascinated by,” Albertin says. Her own work focuses on figuring out how genes crucial to other animals’ developments play a role in octopus bodies as well. “Obviously, that wouldn’t work if they had a celestial origin.”

So let’s celebrate how incredibly bizarre our planet has made octopuses instead of flinging the credit out into the larger cosmos.

Octopuses: not alien, but still pretty cool

For starters, octopuses have literal blue blood. There’s a common misunderstanding that human blood is blue inside your body when it’s deoxygenated, but that comes from the fact that your veins look blue through your skin. Deoxygenated blood is still very red because of the iron-based mechanism by which our bodies transport oxygen molecules. Octopuses said ‘no, thanks’ to iron blood, though, and swapped in a copper-based protein that binds oxygen instead. It’s more efficient than iron in the cold, low-oxygen environments that most octopuses live in. It sure does make them spookier, but they’re not alone. The ocellated icefish has clear blood and there are lizards that run green. Both are from Earth.

An octopus just hangin’ out Pixabay

Octopuses’ brains are in their arms, which is admittedly pretty odd. Two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in the long appendages that many mistakenly call “tentacles” (in modern zoology, a “tentacle” is relatively long and thin, with some kind of clubbed end). This decentralized way of thinking means that even severed arms can “think” for themselves, or at least respond to physical stimuli and try to escape whatever is trying to eat them, which is why people die from trying to swallow live octopus arms only to find that the arm is still fighting back (a reported six people die this way on average each year in South Korea, where the dish is popular).

But their peculiar approach to brains hasn’t stopped them from ranking among the most intelligent creatures that we know of. Octopuses regularly use tools, solve puzzles, and generally cause mayhem by sneaking in and out of their enclosures. They also sometimes accessorize by hopping inside old coconut shells and using them as little mobile homes, all while looking more stylish than most humans.

As they travel, they also taste everything that they walk on since their suckers are all sensory organs. You’d think that would motivate them to swim everywhere, but unfortunately one of their three hearts has to stop beating whenever they swim, which is quite tiring and means that many octopuses prefer to stroll. Their other two hearts provide blood to the gills, but that third heart circulates blood to the central organs. The main organs reside inside the octopus’ bulbous head (called a mantle), which contains no bones. The only truly hard part of an octopus is the beak, which is basically its mouth. This means that the critters can squeeze through almost any opening as long as it’s bigger than the schnoz. Everything else is negotiable.

But perhaps the weirdest thing about octopuses is that, unlike many of the other highly intelligent creatures populating our planet, they don’t live long. Some live just six months, others a few years, and most males die shortly after mating. The females last long enough to protect their clutch of eggs, during which time they slowly starve to death.

Sadly, the myth that octopuses are from space will probably outlive any octopuses alive today. But you can rise above the nonsense and appreciate them for what they truly are: some of the weirdest and most wonderful earthlings ever known.

A Few Things You Could Buy Instead Of A $2,500 Sony Xperia Pro

Supplied by Sony

Sony has just launched the Xperia Pro, coming almost a year after it first revealed its intentions to bring the smartphone to the US. It certainly seems like an interesting proposition, offering HDMI input support so you can use the phone as a 4K monitor for your camera or camcorder.

It’s a great idea for photographers and videographers, while the ability to live-stream the camera’s content via your phone is pretty neat too. There’s just one small problem: it costs $2,500.

A fully upgraded 13-inch Macbook Pro with an M1 chip

Gary Sims / Android Authority

Apple launched its first computers powered by in-house silicon late last year, and the 13-inch Macbook Pro is the most capable of the lot. For the price of Sony’s super-expensive phone, you could instead get a fully upgraded MacBook Pro model with an M1 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 2TB SSD for $2,300.

There isn’t much of a difference between the Pro and Air model (seen above), so you could potentially save a few bucks by getting a kitted-out Air instead, coming in at $2,049.

Our verdict: Sony Xperia 1 II review — A Sony phone I’d love to keep in my pocket

That means a 4K HDR OLED screen, the same Snapdragon 865 processor as the Xperia Pro, a triple 12MP rear camera trio, and a 4,000mAh battery. And yes, the phone packs a 3.5mm port and IP68 rating too. Furthermore, it includes wireless charging, which is missing from the Pro.

Three Galaxy S21s

David Imel / Android Authority

The $800 Galaxy S21 doesn’t have those fancy HDMI capabilities obviously, nor does it have a 4K screen. But you’re getting an FHD+ 120Hz OLED screen, the latest and greatest flagship processor, and other expected extras like wireless charging, IP68 water/dust resistance, and DeX support.

Do you think the Sony Xperia Pro is worth $2,500?

5371 votes

Samsung is also bringing a flexible rear camera setup to the table, complete with neat features like Director’s View, Single Take, 8K recording, and Super Steady video recording.

You could get three S21 models for the price of the Xperia Pro, or if you really want to go all-out, you could get two S21 Ultras instead. The Ultra model ups the ante with a higher resolution screen, bigger battery, glass back, and two telephoto cameras for much better zoom performance.

More reading: Sony PS5 review — A beautiful, speedy upgrade from last-gen

Don’t want to deal with PS5 scalpers but still want a next-generation console? Then you could grab five Xbox Series X consoles or eight Series S consoles instead.

11.5 years of premium Netflix

Netflix‘s top-end subscription plan comes in at $18 a month, and you get the ability to simultaneously stream to up to four devices, 4K support, as well as HDR content.

Instead of spending $2,500 on the Xperia phone, you could get a whopping 138 months (or 11.5 years) of premium Netflix instead. Given the shift to 8K in recent times, we’re guessing that this top-end option will include 8K content within those 11.5 years as well!

45 Raspberry Pi 4 4GB models


The Raspberry Pi single board computer sparked a computing revolution of sorts when it first launched years ago, and the Pi 4 marks a massive upgrade for the series. You’ve got a major power boost thanks to the upgraded SoC, Gigabit Ethernet support, two USB 3.0 ports (in addition to two USB 2.0 ports), USB-C for power, and dual 4K monitor support. 

In other words, this device has the feature-set to serve as a lightweight desktop PC. Budding tinkerers could buy 45 Raspberry Pi 4 models packing 4GB of RAM instead of the Xperia Pro.

416 Big Mac meals

You could also drop $2,500 on fast food if you really want to. We’re not here to judge.

If you do like making poor life decisions, you could theoretically buy 416 Big Mac meals at $6 each. Those meals would also come with fries and a drink, although you could up your Big Mac quota to 625 if you opted for just the burger.

Either way, you get what you pay for, which probably can’t be said for the Xperia Pro.

Sony Xperia Pro

A phone that can also be your camera monitor

The Xperia Pro is essentially an upgraded Xperia 1 II, with the main selling point being HDMI input support. This way, you can use the phone as a camera monitor and live-stream content from said device (camera not included). You’ve also got more RAM and storage in this model, but the rest of the spec sheet is mostly identical to last year’s flagship.

See price at Amazon



See price at B&H

Funny Meme Coins Ready To Explode In 2023

Top Meme Coins Ready to Explode

The emergence of meme coins in the past few months has resulted in a degree of intrigue among investors. While the first one was created over nine years ago, new meme coins seem to pop up almost every day. For those who are unaware, meme coins are meme-inspired cryptocurrencies that tend to be highly volatile compared to other major cryptocurrencies like BTC.

The major reason behind this is their community-driven nature, where prices are influenced by social media and online community sentiments. While this brings a lot of hype, it also brings FOMO and financial risk with it. Here we present a list of some of the best meme coins that are ready to explode.

Top Meme Coins Ready to Explode – Overview

Memecoins are interesting, funny, and can fetch a lot of returns, but interested investors still must be careful not to go after any particular meme coin. With that being said, here are some of the best meme coins to invest in this year.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Top Global NFT Competition Platform

Launched in July 2023, Tamadoge is a memecoin with real-world utility. The project is a Play-to-Earn or P2E game that combines several cryptocurrency and gaming concepts that appeals to both casual gamers as well as cryptocurrency investors. Inspired by the success of Dogecoin, Developers have added quite a few bonuses to Tamadoge. For instance, The TAMA token’s utility inside the Tamaverse is something that neither Dogecoin, nor other meme coins such as Shiba Inu can offer.

Tamadoge has become one of the first meme currencies to include an NFT platform in addition to a metaverse known as the Tamaverse. The native token TAMA can be used to breed, feed, and train digital pets known as Tamadoges. Each Tamadoge owner can fight with other owners to get significant rewards as well as show up on the leader board. Players get rewarded in TAMA, which can either be cashed or spent on Tamadoges.

TAMA does not have any gas or transaction fees associated with it. This guarantees that any value that is produced is done through the project and not by traders. Tamadoge concluded its $ 19 million presale on September 18th. After the success of its pre-sale, Tamadoge was also listed on OKX, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.

Tamadoge has a unique deflationary token design where 5% of all TAMA tokens are burned on a monthly basis. Furthermore, 65% of TAMA tokens used within a single month are allocated to the prize pool. At the time of writing, TAMA tokens are priced at $0.02219 according to coinmarketcap data.

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Best Cheap Crypto About to Explode

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is an innovative P2E platform which aims to become one of the most sought-after projects of its kind this year. It recently reached a major milestone with its listing on PancakeSwap.

Battle Infinity captivates the minds of users by presenting several games in the fantasy sports realm. Among them, the IBAT Premier League is the first metaverse-based NFT fantasy sports game, allowing users to create their own teams and compete with other teams.

Battle Infinity also presents a unique tokenomics model. Users can enter the project through Battle Swap, which is a DEX where they can buy IBAT. They can then spend the tokens by purchasing characters and weapons in the form of non-fungible tokens. The other games offered by Battle Infinity include Battle Games, Battle Arena, and Battle Staking.

3. Calvaria (RIA) – the innovative P2E card game to watch out for in 2023

Calvaria is an amazing, unique battle card game that would make a connection by providing a free-to-play game that will be accessible via mobile apps as well as PCs. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is available in two versions. The first is a free-to-play games can be played on desktop computers and mobile applications, and the second is a crypto-based play-to-earn (P2E) game in which players can earn rewards and accumulate value in their NFTs.

 Among the best elements of Calvaria is that it is open to all and totally free to play. Unlike some other crypto games, players do not need to buy any tokens or NFTs to get started; all they need to do is install the game on their mobile phone or desktop computer. You don’t even need a cryptocurrency wallet, which is why many acclaim that it is not only a P2E game; it’s also a crypto recruiting tool.

4. Dash2Trade (D2T) – this year’s top social trading platform

Dash 2 Trade is a powerful crypto analytics and social trading platform that aims to revolutionize the industry by implementing fascinating new features.

This platform uses effective market analytics data and analyzes dozens of key performance indicators to offer users the most useful insights, enabling them to make favorable trade choices.

D2T is the platform’s native token and is used for all transactions. It is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum network and can be traded for any ETH-based token on the market. With the launch of Dash2Trade, traders and crypto enthusiasts will be able to boost their overall performance by utilizing Dash2Trade’s information and insight, statistical data, and metrics.

5. chúng tôi (IMPT) – the groundbreaking eco-friendly crypto beats its presale

When it comes to purchasing, transferring, and withdrawing carbon credits, IMPT is the best effective crypto to use. Every IMPT token, whether acquired or received as a reward, can be converted into carbon credits via the IMPT platform. Users can accumulate chúng tôi points and monitor their IMPT score as part of the initiative by shopping at the selected brands or purchasing directly from the IMPT platform.

They gain IMPT points whenever they refer new users, receive an NFT carbon credit, or make a purchase. By integrating their stores with the platform, business owners can earn points and offset their carbon footprint as well. Judging by the presale phase, IMPT is certainly one of the best green cryptos to invest in right now.

6. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Top NFT Competition Platform

Lucky Block has been featured in many crypto-news outlets due to its outstanding success this year. It experienced a 7000% increase in its first three weeks. The native token for the platform is LBLOCK. The ecosystem consists of Platinum Rollers Club, an NFT collection, and two versions of LBLOCK – V1 and V2. LBLOCK V2 uses the ERC20 protocol and is hosted on the Ethereum network.

LBLOCK V2 is an improved version of V1 with extra features and is meant for use on the CEX.  With plans to release the Ethereum bridge once auditing is complete, the two versions of LBLOCK will be fully swappable.

Users can participate in the Lucky Block competition by purchasing a ticket or becoming a holder of Platinum Rollers Club NFTs.

The minimum purchase amount is $5 with each ticket costing $1. Users with at least $500 worth of LBLOCK V1 will receive a free ticket. Some exciting prizes are up for grabs at the Lucky Block competition, including one million dollars in BTC, a million-dollar house, and a Lamborghini, among others.

7. MonaCoin(MONA) – Best Open-Source Decentralized Cryptocurrencies

MonaCoin describes itself as an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency and a peer-to-peer payment network. Founded in January 2014, MonaCoin didn’t have any pre-mine access. It is Japan’s first created cryptocurrency, which was named after a cat-like internet meme created using ASCII characters. The total supply of the tokens is fixed at 1.0512 million.

MonaCoin is created using a hard fork of Litecoin and uses an algorithm called Lyra2RE (V2). The payment network behind MonaCoin is entirely decentralized. The platform is self-dependent and self-governing with new coins issued collectively to the users as a form of payment for mining.

8. Dogecoin (DOGE) – A Leading Meme Coin

Dogecoin was arguably one of the first meme coins that started a small revolution in the cryptocurrency market. Initially launched as an experiment in 2013, Dogecoin has experienced immense growth over the years.

Dogecoin employs Scrypt technology and has a bloc time of 1 minute. Unlike the majority of crypto projects, Dogecoin does not have an upper limit on the total supply of coins. At the time of writing, DOGE is valued at $0.06022. However, it is expected to rise exponentially by 2030, which makes it a good investment in the future.

9. Decentraland – Meme Coin from Well-known Metaverse

Decentraland is a meme-coin which is a three-dimensional, decentralized metaverse created from smart contracts in the Ethereum ecosystem. It is a P2E platform where users can purchase, sell, and trade virtual lots of “LAND”. LAND refers to virtual plots of land minted as NFTs in its metaverse. Users can buy and sell LAND using the native MANA token. To complete transactions during the game and receive rewards, players must be holders of MANA

10. Safemoon (SAFEMOON) – A Decentralized Finance Meme Coin

Safemoon is a DeFi token and also a meme-coin. The project involves three functions during each trade – LP Acquisition, Reflection, and Burn. SafeMoon uses a protocol which combines an auto-liquidity generating protocol and RFI tokenomics. The project has future plans to come up with an NFT exchange, charity projects, and cryptocurrency educational applications.

11. Kishu Inu (KISHU) – Dog-based meme Cryptocurrency

Kishu Inu is a dog-based meme cryptocurrency which has the Kishu dog breed as its main mascot. It is yet another project inspired by Dogecoin, with the aim of gaining even more popularity. The team behind Kishu Inu wants to take the project beyond just a meme and wants to add qualities that would make it a long-standing currency.


Application Of Internet Of Things (Iot) In Smart City

Smart cities use IoT gadgets like associated sensors, lights, and meters to gather and dissect information. The urban areas then, at that point, utilize this information to develop further a framework, public utilities and administrations, and then some.

The IoT gadgets now and again have handling abilities called edge figuring. Edge processing guarantees that the most important and applicable data is conveyed over the correspondence organization.

A firewall security framework is likewise fundamental for the insurance, checking, and controlling organization traffic inside a processing framework. Firewalls guarantee that the information being communicated inside a savvy city network is secure by forestalling any unapproved admittance to the IoT organization or city information.

Applications of IoT in Smart Cities 1. Water Level Checking

The water supply is one of the most significant perspectives for legislatures. With intelligent sensors, the water levels can be checked progressively.

These sensors can send triggers and alarms to key chiefs for low or high water levels. The spillages and water dispersion can be combined using IoT sensors and ICT frameworks.

All regions with a plentiful water supply can be set apart on the guide; correspondingly, the guides can feature regions with water spillage or deficiency.

A complete outline of the water supply with GPS directions can be given to water specialists with IoT frameworks.

2. Health Cards

A shrewd card−based framework can be utilized by people that might be utilized in all administration and approved clinics.

This card will have the verifiable subtleties of the medicines and so on for people. The robust medical care framework will empower the public authority to look at the clinics and their administrations to residents.

The smart card empowers the framework to work with simple information assortment. The cloud−based framework can give essential knowledge to Medical services experts for a further progressive organization.

3. Waste & Garbage Management

The waste and trash the executive’s exercises can be improved with intelligent sensors and IoT Frameworks.

The trash containers can utilize intelligent sensors to demonstrate when they should be discharged. This diminishes the times that vehicles are expected to gather the trash from the receptacles and evades what is going on of waste flood.

Metropolitan organizations can involve shrewd receptacles and IoT frameworks for trash assortment.

4. Transport Systems

The transportation framework for the residents can be improved with IoT−empowered frameworks. The armadas can be overseen and followed utilizing GPS beacons.

Legislatures can finish armadas’ organization, planning, ongoing situating, support, and free time for executives with IoT frameworks.

The residents can likewise benefit from transportation administrations with a card−based framework for tickets and so on.

5. Smart Traffic Management

Traffic is one of the significant problem areas for residents. With IoT sensors, traffic can be controlled better.

The sensors are associated with traffic lights and send data to an incorporated server. The approaching vehicles are followed utilizing these sensors.

When the quantity of vehicles arrives at a limit, signals are shipped off to the drivers to redirect. These signs are shown with electronic showcase sheets.

Constant traffic cautions and GIS planning of the streets can further develop gridlocks and blockage during top hours.

6. Infrastructure Assets Management

The situation with framework resources, their usage, upkeep, and the complete lifecycle of the board should be possible with the brought−together IoT framework.

7. Surveillance Systems

IP cameras and reconnaissance frameworks can assist the public authority with controlling crime percentages in a city.

The IP cameras can be utilized for surveying and monitoring essential foundations. These cameras can be associated with unified frameworks with reinforcements for verifiable information.

A versatile reconnaissance framework can be set up with IoT video arrangements safeguarding individuals, spots, and resources.

8. Pollution Control With Sensors

Urbanization has prompted an uncommon expansion in contamination levels. The rising contamination levels are causing medical problems for residents.

With IoT−empowered sensors, contamination can be estimated progressively. The contamination sensors send data to an incorporated server.

The public authority can make a move given the contamination levels; e.g., they can establish trees in a specific area.

The plant life and contamination levels can likewise be portrayed online with google maps for executives.

9. Smart Energy Management

One of the critical difficulties for state−run administrations is to decrease energy utilization and introduce a proficient appropriation framework set up.

Brilliant framework arrangements, electronic meters, and intelligent lighting frameworks are a portion of the components that are utilized by legislatures to oversee energy effectively.

The power dispersion guides can show ongoing energy utilization levels, spillages, and upkeep plans. The IoT−empowered arrangements can improve the energy of the board for urban areas.

10. E-Services

This can be overseen through biometric confirmation or smart cards. Residents can benefit from all taxpayer−driven organizations through this card.

The public authority can collect data through these cards for proactive preparation and the executives.

All taxpayer−supported organizations can be incorporated through the e−administrations gateway.

The residents can benefit from these offices for paying their water and power bills, local charges, medical clinic check−ups, etc. Coordinated information additionally helps in strategy−making and organization.


These are just a portion of the uses of IoT in making shrewd urban communities. A lot more choices can be investigated to make urban communities a preferred choice for more than 70% of the total populace later on. A significant number of these applications are, as of now, utilized in enormous metropolitan urban communities all over the planet, be that as it may, there are numerous hindrances to making brilliant urban communities.

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