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Here’s how you can see the new gallery on Windows 11 The feature has been living inside the system since Build 25300.




New Windows Insider Build features a new look for Files Explorer

It features a timeline scrollbar & configurable photo source list.

The latest addition is currently hidden, but you can activate it with a few registry tweaks.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Windows 11 may be going WinAppSDK any time soon, and the recent addition within Windows Insider Build 25300 may offer a slight insight into what it may look like in the future.

Windows hacker Albacore (@thebookisclosed) shows on their page that a XAML-based attractive photo gallery is living inside the new File Explorer within this build. The latest addition includes a built-in search box and lets you browse them by dates and years, thanks to the new WASDK-based File Explorer. Once updated, the Gallery icon will appear below Home in the left pane.

Hidden within build 25300 is something Longhorn’s shell designers wished to one day see in production — a XAML based photo gallery right inside File Explorer. Not as flashy as Phodeo, but I’d say it still counts. Has a timeline scrollbar & configurable photo source list. chúng tôi Albacore (@thebookisclosed) February 19, 2023

“The new gallery view is part of an upcoming general purpose XAML folder view control, suggesting that the main file browsing area will ditch DirectUI in the future. Besides the Gallery view there’s also a simple list view (intended for recent items in File Explorer Home).”

Furthermore, on the first build on the newly-released Canary Channel (build 25314) and Dev Channel’s build 23403, Window seems to make a lot of progress with the XAML File Explorer Home. Although it may not seem to support groupings for different file categories, a nice little animation when interacting with chevrons and controls of modern address bar do exist within this build. 

Then, on Build 23419 from the Dev channel, the feature is getting a neat improvement. Albeit hidden, Windows enthusiast @PhantomOfEarth was able to spot a functionality that automatically refreshes the gallery home when users delete or edit images to show any changes. Plus, it will reportedly bear a nice addition of date at the top of the gallery and the annotated scroll bar with all its information.

It may seem like wishful thinking for this addition to arrive on Windows 11, but we’re getting closer and closer to Windows 12. 

Read along to find out how you can activate the hidden new gallery on Windows 11.

How to see the new gallery interface on Windows 11

1. Install Windows 11 insider build, whether it’s from Canary or Dev Channel. Find out how you can join the Windows Insider Program here.

2. Make sure you have ViVeTool. If not, download the latest version on GitHub.

In this case, we extract it at C:UsersWindowsReportDocumentsToolsViVeTool-v0.3.2

4. After installation, change the value of Compatible from 0 to 1 in this registry: HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShellUpdatePackagesMicrosoftWindows.Client.40729001_cw5n1h2txyewy

6. Type in cd + the directory where we extracted ViVeTool. In this case, it’s at C:UsersWindowsReportDocumentsToolsViVeTool-v0.3.2, then hit Enter.

7. Enter these commands and hit Enter after each, then Reboot the computer.

ViveTool.exe /enable /id:40729001 ViveTool.exe /enable /id:40731912 ViveTool.exe /enable /id:41969252 ViveTool.exe /enable /id:42922424 ViveTool.exe /enable /id:41040327 ViveTool.exe /enable /id:42295138 ViveTool.exe /enable /id:42105254

With that being said, however, the feature is not ready to be out for the public just yet. The Insider mentions that they ran into some bugging problems and it’s safe to say that you may face some troubles along the way.

Still experiencing issues?

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How Can You See What Devices Are Connected To Your Wifi Network

Is your internet connection slower than usual? It can happen because several people might have access to your wireless network. 

So, if you have some nosy neighbors and suspect them of stealing your Wi-Fi network, then this article is here to help you find out! 

We will cover some easy ways to track all the devices connected to your wireless network. 

Before you move on to finding out devices that connect to your network, we recommend that you first figure out your router’s IP address. In most instances, you can find it in the back of the router. But, if you are still unable to track it, you can always follow these easy steps.

You can easily find out devices that connect to your Wi-Fi by tracking them from your wireless router’s IP address. This method is straightforward and doesn’t require any assistance from third-party applications.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

Alternatively, some Internet Service Providers also provide this access through their own router management application. You can head over and download the app. Launch it, Go to the router settings, and search for the Connected Devices option on your mobile or tablet devices. 

Some apps can even have options of choosing to block devices from your wireless network. Make sure you consult your manufacturer or your Internet Service Providers for more information. 

At first glance, this method may appear cryptic for some individuals. Nonetheless, you can see exactly how many devices are connected to your wireless network. 

Follow these easy steps and the commands below to access the names of the devices. 

The process is complete! You will see a list of devices appear on the command prompt. 

Note: If you have turned off your devices, they won’t be visible in the command prompt box.

If you find the above methods tedious, you can always opt-in by using third-party applications. Here is a simple process on how to use the application. 

Wireless Network Watcher is a small utility that scans your wireless network and displays the list of all computers and devices that connect to your network. 

Cracking out a Wi-Fi password can be all fun and games. However, you should be aware that your personal and confidential information could get into the wrong hands. 

We recommend that you always secure your Wi-Fi network by having a strong password that is hard to decipher. You can also change the Wi-Fi password regularly for better security.

If you want to get the IP addresses and the mac addresses for these devices that are connected to your network, here is how to do it.

You can easily find out the information by pinging the device on your command prompt on your Windows Devices. 

Here is a step-by-step process on how to ping the device. 

Note: If you have turned off your devices, they won’t ping.

If you don’t recognize a device connected to your network, it can because you have forgotten. But if you think it is an intruder, then the first thing you can do is change your Wi-Fi password and then reconnect all of your devices back again. 

A strong password consists of 8 or more characters. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and have them all mix them up. Plus, we recommend that you have different passwords for every site, that way hackers can’t access all of your accounts if they get one password.

How To See Powershell Command History On Windows 10

Windows PowerShell has a built-in History feature that remembers all the commands you executed when using it. While it should remember the History of the active session, I see that it retains more than that. In this post, I will show how you can see PowerShell command History and use it smartly.

How to see PowerShell Command History

Keyboard Method

Search Forward or Backward in PowerShell History

View the entire History of this session

Invoke a particular command from PowerShell command History

Search within History

In the end, we have also explained how you can clear, export, and import PowerShell command’s  History. Very handy if you need to execute the same commands often.

1] Keyboard Method

I am sure you have used the Command Prompt once if you have used Windows for some time. If you use the arrow keys up and down, you can go back and forth of the executed commands. The same applies to PowerShell as well. But here is the twist. If you remember a command partially, here is how to search.

Type part of the command you remember

Press F8, and keep pressing it until you find.

The search term will be highlighted with a fluorescent green, followed by the rest of the command.

The only drawback is that the search term has to be the start of the command.

2] Search Forward or Backward in History

If you want to search forward or backward in History, then you can use Ctrl + R and Ctrl + S. The former lets you search back in History while the later forward. As soon as you use the keyboard shortcut,  you should get a snippet at the bottom (bck-i-search or fwd-i-search). Type what you want to search, and even if the text belongs to somewhere in the middle of the command, it will search for it. It is much better compared to the F8 method we used above.

3] View the entire PowerShell command History of this session

Type History, and press the Enter key. You should be able to see all the commands you executed in the current session. While you can view the commands executed in the earlier session using the arrow keys, the History will not have it. If you press the key “H” and hit enter, it will do reveal the History of commands. Consider it as a shortcut to the  History command.

4] Invoke a particular command from History

If you notice, the image above has an ID next to each command. If you want to execute one specific command from the list, you need to use Invoke-History.

Note the ID of the command you want to execute

Press the Enter Key, and it will execute that command from History.

5] Search within History

The easiest way to search within History of commands is to use the Select-String method on History Output.

Type the following, and replace Get by the term you want to search

It will reveal all the commands which match the search commands.

Since you get the id along, you can use Invoke History command to execute it instantly.

Clear, Export, and Import PowerShell History

To delete all the commands from History, all you need to do is execute the command “Clear-History.” Do note that even after doing this, you can still access the command using up and down arrow keys.

To export all the commands, you can use the  Export-Clixml or  Export-CSV format. Here is the sample command

To import these commands back to another or new session, use the following command.

You can open this CSV or XML file anytime to see PowerShell command History instantly. This pretty much sums up almost everything around PowerShell Command History, and how you can reuse them using cumbers or by searching them or importing them back the next day.

Fix New World Connection Errors On Windows 11/10

New World is a great game but there are a lot of users who are seeing Connection Error. There are different types of Connection Errors, such as Not authorized to continue playing, Timed out while waiting for the server to spawn the player, Unable to establish connection with the server, etc. In this guide, we are going to give solutions you need to fix any and all New World Connection Errors.

Why does New World keep saying connection failed?

There are a lot of reasons that can cause the Connection Error in the New World. First of all, we should talk about is the speed of your Internet or the lack of it. In order to contact the server of the New World, you need good bandwidth. We are going to talk about it in detail.

It can also occur because of some kind of glitch in the server of the New World, if that is the case, then the only thing that can be done is wait for the engineers to resolve the issue.

We can not steer clear of the network glitches as they are a potential reason. There are some solutions such as rebooting the network devices, clearing the protocol cache, and some other troubleshooting methods that we are going to see to tackle these glitches. So, without wasting any time, let us hop into it.

Fix New World Connection Errors on Windows PC

If New World displays Connection Errors like Not authorized to continue playing, Timed out while waiting for the server to spawn the player, etc, then try the following solutions to resolve the issue.

Log out and Log In (if you can)

Check your Internet Speed

Restart computer and router

Flush DNS, Release IP, and Reset Winsock

Allow the game through the firewall

Verify Integrity of game files

Try a different network

Update Network Drivers

Check Server Status

Fix Windows Clock Time

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Log out and Log In (if you can)

If you can, as there are some errors that won’t allow you to log in, try signing out of your account and then logging in. This can work if the issue is just a temporary glitch. However, if it is to no avail, try the next solution.

2] Check your Internet Speed

If you are unable to log in or contact the server, in general, try using one of the free Internet Speed Checkers to know your bandwidth. Then check if all the devices connected to this network has similar bandwidth. If they are, then you need to restart your network devices (check the 3rd solution) and see if that works. If similar bandwidth is found across all the devices, you should contact your ISP. However, in case yours is the only device with slow Internet, check our guide on how to fix the issue.

3] Restart computer and router

Restarting the computer and network devices can not only resolve the Internet speed but will also fix the network glitches. You should first restart your computer and see if that works. If not, then try restarting your router. Follow the given step to do it effectively.

Power off the router.

Detach all the cables and wait for a minute.

Power on the router and reattach all the cables.

Connect your computer to the network and see if the issue persists.

4] Flush DNS, Release IP, and Reset Winsock

All the protocols mentioned here are network protocols, and they can cause the issue we are talking about. What you need to do is open the Command Prompt as an administrator and execute the following commands.

ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /registerdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew netsh winsock reset

Finally, restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

5] Allow the game through the firewall

Your antivirus or the Windows Firewall can stop New World from contacting the server. If you have a third-party antivirus, then you can either disable it temporarily or whitelist the game. You can also turn off Windows Firewall or allow the game through it. Hopefully, this will work for you.

6] Verify Integrity of game files

Corrupted or missing game files can trigger Connection Error. We recommend you verify the integrity of game files through Steam. Follow the given steps to do the same.

Open Steam.


Wait for the process to complete and hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

7] Try a different network

For a lot of users, switching to a different network has worked. So, if you are using WiFi, try switching to a Mobile Hotspot or a different network. This is a workaround and not a solution.

8] Update Network Drivers

The workaround mentioned in the previous solution should only be used till a suitable network driver is launched. There are a lot of ways to update your Network Drivers. Following are a few of them.

9] Check New World Server Status

If the server is down, then chances are you not be able to connect to it. The server can be under maintenance or it can be dealing with some other issue. Whatever the case, we have to check the server status. For that, go to chúng tôi or use a free down detector.

10] Check Windows Clock Time

You can see the error message in question if the clock time is incorrect. So, go ahead and fix the Windows Clock Time. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved

Hopefully, these solutions will resolve the issue for you.

New World connection error Could not connect to server, login has expired new world

There have been multiple scenarios in which the victim saw the error “Could not connect to server: Login has expired. Please try again. (Status -120)”. It has been observed while selecting a character, while logging in, etc. YouTo fix this error, you can use different fixes, like verifying the integrity of game files, updating your network drivers, etc.

Why is New World not working?

New World may not launch on your computer because of various reasons. First and foremost, you should check if your system is compatible to run the game. A compatible system can have problems as well such as corrupted installation files, outdated drivers, etc. What you should do is check our guide on what to do when New World starts crashing or freezing on your computer.

Also check: New World High CPU, Memory, GPU usage [Fixed].

Wifi Not Working In Windows 11? Here’s How To Fix It

Whether it’s their first time installing Windows 11 or they have been using it for a while, many users have complained about its connectivity issue. Specifically, the wifi connection.

WiFi problems can generally be attributed to a weak signal or router malfunction. Sometimes, outdated network drivers or corrupted files can also be the cause.

Your WiFi device is not switched on

Your device is out of range

There are problems with the WiFi router

Your router is not configured correctly

WiFi drivers are corrupted

You need a driver/software update

Windows system files are corrupted

First thing first. Make sure your device WiFi is turned on. Next, see if you have the correct credentials for your WiFi.

If you are not seeing your WiFi name, ensure your router is turned on and broadcasting. You can use a WiFi strength analyzer app from Microsoft Store to check your WiFi signal strength.

Before diving deeper, you should also try restarting your router and your computer and see if that fixes the problem.

If you have a weak signal or your WiFi is constantly dropping, it might be that you are not ideally located with respect to where your router is placed. If you and your device can move, try moving closer to the router.

If your router is located at an edge or a corner of your apartment, you might not be getting the best coverage. It is a good practice to place your router centrally with respect to the floor plan of your apartment. A centrally located router can much better cover the entire floor area. 

We also have a comprehensive article with fixes on Slow Wi-Fi. We are confident that you’ll find it worth reading. Do leave your valuable feedback!

Service Set Identifier (SSID) is your WiFi network’s name that you connect to. You can set and change SSID from your router. If you are right next to your router but cannot find your WiFi connection, check to see if your router is set not to broadcast the SSID.

To do this, follow these steps:

One simple fix is to enable and disable airplane mode. 

If you have disabled connect automatically when in range for a specific network, you will not connect to that network even though everything is working and you have the correct credentials. Check if you have this toggled on for your network. Otherwise, follow these steps to toggle it On –

One solution to misbehaving WiFi network is that you can forget that WiFi network and reconnect to it again. To forget the WiFi network, follow these steps –

This will remove the credentials stored for that WiFi network. To reconnect, you will need to choose that particular WiFi network and enter the credentials (password).

You can try resetting network settings to see if that lets you connect to the internet.

Wait for the process to finish andyour device.

You can try using the Windows Troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will attempt to diagnose the problem based on your input. Troubleshooter is effective in diagnosing setting misconfigurations and resolving them.

Follow the on-screen instruction. Once all steps are completed, try connecting to the internet.

Metered connection limits access to the internet once a certain volume of data has been utilized. Enabling metering is important for people on a limited internet plan who do not want to exceed a certain data volume limit. If your WiFi is not letting you access the internet because you have a metered connection, here is what you can do to fix it:

A DNS cache stores the IP address of websites you already visited locally. That means you won’t have to wait for a response from the DNS server. You will be able to load the page faster. If the DNS cache is corrupt, you might not be able to connect to the website you are looking for. Follow the steps below to flush DNS cache –

Launch the elevated command prompt.

Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

Type ipconfig /registerdns and press enter.

Type ipconfig /release and press enter.

Type ipconfig /renew and press enter.

See if this fixed the issue. Otherwise, proceed to fix below.

Check to see if you have power management enabled for the network adapter. Sometimes your network adapter fails to wake up from a state of sleep. This will cause you to not connect to the internet even if everything else seems fine.

Check to see if your antivirus or firewall is causing you to not connect to the internet. 

Temporarily disable your third-party antivirus software. If this fixes the issue, try using different antivirus software.

To disable the firewall:

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol. Older devices that do not support IPv6 protocol might lead to a conflict that can keep you from connecting to the internet. In this case, you might try disabling the IPv6 settings. Please follow these steps –

See if updating your WiFi driver fixes your issue

If updating the WiFi driver did not help, there is a chance that it is corrupted. In this case, you would need to reinstall the WiFi driver. To do so, follow these steps –

You can also try the Windows Update and see if this fixes your problem. To do so,

Cortana Disappears When You Click On It? Here’s The Fix






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Solution 1: Restart the Cortana process

A viable solution could be to stop and restart Cortana. To restart the service:

Solution 2: Perform a SFC scan

— RELATED: Fix: Cortana Reminders not working in Windows 10

Solution 3: Perform a DISM scan

If the SFC scan is completed but the problem still persists, another solution is to use DISM scan. This is also rather simple and you can do it by following these steps:

Since the DISM and SFC scans are pretty limited, you’ll need a stronger tool to properly analyze your system for corrupted or problematic files. This specialized system restoration app will do just that! Besides repairing your computer, it will also run periodic scans to make sure everything runs smoothly.

⇒ Get Restoro

Solution 4: Check for updates

Microsoft has updates available to fix known issues with Cortana so make sure your Windows is up to date. To update Windows 10 (using Windows Update):

In the Search window, type Check for updates

Choose Windows update settings

Choose again Check for Updates and wait for the process to complete

Restart your PC

Solution 5: Update drivers

Another possible solution is to try and manually update your graphics and audio drivers. Launch Device Manager and update all the drivers for which there is an exclamation mark. You can also use a dedicated tool that automatically installs the latest driver updates on your computer.

⇒ Get Driverfix

Solution 6: Use the Windows Troubleshooter

Expert tip:

Solution 7: Temporarily disable your antivirus software

The fact that there are incompatibilities between Cortana and some anti-virus software programs is a known fact. So, if you use a third-party anti-virus or an anti-malware application, you can try to temporarily disable it. If the problem is solved by disabling that software, consider uninstalling it and use an antivirus software that actually works with Cortana, not against it. In order to uninstall a third party antivirus program:

Solution 8: Create a new administrator account

If you still cannot fix your problem with Cortana, try creating a new local administrator account:

Press the Windows key + R

Then type ms-settings and then select OK

Select Accounts and go to Family & other people

Under Other people, select Add someone else to this PC

On Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional, provide a name for the user and a password, and then select Next. On Windows 10 Enterprise, select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information, and then select Add a user without a Microsoft account

Set a user name, password, and password hint

Select Next and Finish

Next, make the new account an administrator account:

Under Family & other people , choose the account you created, and then select Change account type

Under Account type, select Administrator and press OK

If the problem still is not fixed, try deleting the old administrator account:

Under Other users, select the old administrator account

Choose Remove and Delete account and data

After the old account is removed, restart your device and sign in with the new account

Solution 9: Reinstall Cortana

If you are still having this problem, the cause might be corrupted Cortana components but you can solve the issue simply by reinstalling Cortana:

After the command is executed, the problem should be solved.

Solution 10: Reset your PC

If none of the above options worked to fix Cortana, you may have to reset your computer:

This will reset Cortana by reinstalling Windows but please bare in mind that is best used as a last resort.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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