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Kicking off 2023, security and privacy is a hot topic between the latest standoff between Apple and the FBI over the Pensacola incident as well as Apple reportedly abandoning its plan to bring end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups. With an in-depth report on what a robust iPhone cracking operation looks like from the inside, Fast Company shares some fascinating details and photos of NYC’s $10 million cyber lab.

Fast Company calls New York City’s High Technology Analysis Unit lab “ground zero in the encryption battle” between US government and tech companies like Apple. And it goes way beyond some third-party devices made by companies like Cellebrite or Grayshift.

The district attorney of Manhattan, Cyrus Vance Jr., and the city’s cybercrime unit have built this electronic prison for a very specific purpose: to try, using brute force algorithms, to extract the data on the phones before their owners try to wipe the contents remotely.

The report highlights “nearly 3,000 phones” waiting to be cracked at the lab when Fast Company visited. The High Technology Analysis Unit’s director, Steven Moran says they have created a special, custom process with open source software to deal with the amount of devices they get and to know what third-party vendors to work with for cracking iPhones.

On the day I visited the cyber lab, there were nearly 3,000 phones, most related to active criminal investigations, that Moran had not yet been able to access. The team has built a proprietary workflow management program, using open source software, to triage the incredible volume of incoming devices and to escalate the most important cases. “So if a third party were to say ‘hey, we have a solution that will work on iOS 12.1.2 and it costs X amount of dollars,’ I can see within five seconds that that’s going to affect 16 different phones,” Moran says.

After the San Bernardino case, Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said they decided to build out the high tech lab.

“We had to figure out what we were going to do with this new situation over which we had no control,” Vance says. So at a cost of some $10 million, Vance decided to build his own high-tech forensics lab—the first of its kind within a local prosecutor’s office.

With that budget, the High Technology Analysis Unit’s director, Steven Moran got some seriously powerful hardware, custom software, and a team of security experts.

The lab’s supercomputer is able to create up to 26 million passcode guesses a second and there’s a “robot that can remove a memory chip without using heat.”

Moran stocked the cyberlab with mind-bending hardware and a crack team of technology experts, many of whom are ex-military. Proprietary software provides prosecutors with real-time information about each smartphone in their possession, which can be removed from the radiofrequency-shielded room using Ramsey boxes—miniaturized versions of the isolation chamber that allow technicians to manipulate the devices safely. In other corners of the lab are a supercomputer that can generate 26 million random passcodes per second, a robot that can remove a memory chip without using heat, and specialized tools that can repair even severely damaged devices.

Another interesting statistic, 4 out of 5 smartphones that the DA’s office in Manhattan get are now locked, when five years ago, only 52% were.

Five years ago, only 52% of the smartphones that the District Attorney’s office obtained were locked. Today, that figure is 82%. Vance says the cybercrime lab is able to successfully crack about half of the phones in his possession, but whenever Apple or Google update their software, they have to adapt.

The Manhattan DA is also aware that the lab he’s been able to create isn’t a possibility for most cities and highlights his belief that it’s not the answer.

Vance is careful to say that he’s not “whining” about the problem. He knows he is better off than 99% of the other jurisdictions in the country. Thanks in part to the billions of dollars the city has collected from prosecuting financial crimes on Wall Street, Vance is able to continue operating his $10 million lab. “But it’s not the answer,” he says, “and it’s not the answer for the country because we are an office that is uniquely able to pay for expensive services.”

In the end, Vance just wants prosecutors to have all the tools available to do their jobs. “You entrust us with this responsibility to protect the public,” he says. “At the same time, they”—Apple and Google— “have taken away one of our best sources of information. Just because they say so. It’s not that some third party has decided, this is the right thing for Apple and Google to do. They just have done it.”

But of course, Apple is likely to change its position or focus on iPhone security and privacy, so the cat and mouse game will continue on.

The full Fast Company piece on Manhattan’s high tech iPhone cracking lab is definitely worth a read.

Images via Fast Company

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Google Chat Now Looks More Like Whatsapp And Telegram

Now, Google is trying to reinvent Chat as a more personal communication tool. In a recent blog post, the company announced a number of new features that are designed to make Chat more appealing to consumers.

Google Chat Reimagined for Personal Communication

The new features include:

Smart Compose: This feature uses AI to suggest contextually relevant text as you’re typing. This can help you to avoid making grammatical or spelling errors, and it can also help you to save time when you’re composing messages.

Edit and delete messages: This is a long-requested feature that will finally allow you to edit or delete messages after you’ve sent them. This is a particularly useful feature for correcting typos or for removing sensitive information from messages.

Quote messages: This feature allows you to quote messages from other users in your own messages. This can be helpful for clarifying or responding to specific points that have been made in a conversation.

Reading verification: This feature shows you which users have read your messages in a group chat. This can be helpful for knowing if your messages are being received and understood.

Links in text: This feature allows you to link to websites or other resources directly in your messages. This can make it easier for you to share information with others without having to paste long URLs.

Hide conversations: This feature allows you to automatically hide conversations that you haven’t interacted with in a while. This can help to keep your chat list organized and manageable.

Add apps to chat: This feature allows you to add third-party apps to your chat conversations. This can be helpful for integrating with other productivity tools or for adding fun and interactive elements to your chats.

These are just a few of the new features that are coming to Google Chat. Overall, the company seems to be taking a page out of the playbook of other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. By adding these new features, Google is hoping to make Chat a more appealing and versatile communication tool for consumers.

The competition

Google Chat will also need to compete with newer messaging apps like Signal and Discord. Signal is a privacy-focused messaging app that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Discord is a gaming chat app that has been used by millions of gamers around the world.

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Can Google Chat succeed?

Of course, Google will also need to make sure that Chat is available on all major platforms and that it is easy to use. If the company can do these things, then Chat could have a good chance of success.

How to try the new Google Chat features

If you’re interested in trying the new Google Chat features, you can do so by following these steps:

Go to the Google Chat web app.

Select “Desktop View.”

Reload the web page.

Once you’ve installed the Google Chat web app, you’ll be able to use all of the new features.

Thoughts on the future of Google Chat

Google could make Chat more appealing to consumers by integrating it with other Google products, such as Gmail and Google Maps. For example, Chat could be in use to send and receive messages within Gmail, or to share location information with friends in Chat.

Google could also make Chat more competitive by offering premium features, such as end-to-end encryption or additional storage space. This would allow Google to differentiate Chat from other messaging apps and attract users who are looking for more security or privacy.

Google could also focus on making Chat a more social platform. For example, Chat could be in use to create group chats, share photos and videos, or play games. This would allow Chat to compete with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimately, the future of Google Chat depends on how well Google can execute its plans. If the company can make Chat a more appealing and versatile communication tool, then it has a good chance of success. However, if Google fails to differentiate Chat from other messaging apps, then it is likely to struggle to gain traction.

The challenges that Google Chat will face:

Competition: Google Chat will face stiff competition from the established messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. These apps have a large user base and offer a wide range of features. Google Chat will need to offer something unique to attract users away from these apps.

Integration: Google Chat will need to be integrated with other Google products, such as Gmail and Google Maps. This will make it easier for users to access Chat and use it to communicate with others.

Marketing: Google will need to market Chat to consumers. This will involve raising awareness of the app and its features. Google will also need to convince users that Chat is a better alternative to the other messaging apps that they are currently using.


Google Chat is a promising messaging app with a lot of potential. The new features that have been announced are a good step in the right direction, and they could help to make Chat a more popular choice for personal communication. However, Google will need to make sure that Chat is available on all major platforms and that it is easy to use if it wants to compete with the established messaging apps.

Google Chat has the potential to be a successful messaging app. However, it will need to overcome the challenges that it faces in order to succeed. If Google can execute its plans effectively, then Chat could become a popular choice for personal communication.

What It Feels Like To Have A Brain Aneurysm

An aneurysm is a ballooning or swelling in a blood vessel in the brain. This condition is also called a cerebral aneurysm or an intracranial aneurysm. A lot of aneurysms look like berries on a stalk.

When a brain aneurysm bursts, it usually happens where the brain meets the thin tissues that cover the brain. Doctors call this kind of brain bleeding called a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

There are a lot of aneurysms in the brain. Still, most brain aneurysms, especially smaller ones, are not dangerous. Most aneurysms in the brain never break open. When they do happen, symptoms and health problems are rare. Aneurysms in the brain are often found accidentally when treating other diseases.

But if an aneurysm bursts, it becomes life-threatening right away and needs to be treated right away.

For some people, a brain aneurysm must be treated even if it hasn’t burst. If a person has a brain aneurysm that hasn’t burst yet, treatment can make it less likely that it will. Ensure you and your doctor have the same ideas about treating your condition.

Possible Causes of Aneurysms in the Brain

“What causes a brain aneurysm?” is a question patients often ask. Many different things can cause an aneurysm, and it is impossible to find a single cause. Still, it is well known that things like your personal and family history, gender, high blood pressure, and smoking all make it more likely that you will get an aneurysm.

Family History − If someone in your family has had a brain aneurysm, you are more likely to get one yourself. People who have had a brain aneurysm before are also more likely to have another one.

Gender − Women are more likely than men to have brain aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhages. Brain aneurysms happen to more women than to men.

High Blood Pressure − People with high blood pressure are likelier to have a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Smoking − Smoking increases the chance of high blood pressure and a brain aneurysm bursting.


People with brain aneurysms that haven’t burst rarely have symptoms. Even more so if they are smaller than average. There is a chance that brain aneurysms will be found during other imaging tests for diagnosing health problems.

On the other hand, a burst aneurysm is a serious condition that often shows up as a strong headache. Aneurysms that haven’t burst can cause pain and other symptoms by putting pressure on nearby nerves or brain structures.

Severe headache

Blurred vision

Feeling nauseated

Throwing up


A stiff neck

Sensitivity to light

Double vision


Drooping eyelids

Passing out

Why do Aneurysms in the Brain Burst?

The same things that can cause a brain aneurysm to form can also cause it to burst, which can cause bleeding.

Research shows that high blood pressure is the cause of many ruptures. When blood pressure is high, blood pushes harder against the walls of the arteries. Some reasons for high blood pressure that could cause a brain aneurysm to burst are −

Anxiety that lasts for a while, a fit of rage, or some other strong emotion.

Putting in a lot of labor to move something big, like a big weight or a heavy piece of furniture, can lead to persistent hypertension despite pharmaceutical treatment.

Many things affect how likely it is that an aneurysm will burst.

Size & shape − Aneurysms that are smaller and have a more regular shape may bleed less.

Growth − Aneurysms are more likely to burst if they grow over time.

Location − If an aneurysm is on the posterior or anterior communicating artery, it is more likely to break.

Race − People with Japanese or Finnish roots are more likely to have an aneurysm rupture.

Age − People over the age of 70 have a much higher chance of having an aneurysm burst.

People with multiple brain aneurysms or a history of bleeding from aneurysms are most likely to have one burst.

What Should I do About my Brain Aneurysm That hasn’t Burst yet?

If you don’t have any other risk factors for a rupture, your doctor may tell you not to treat a small, painless brain aneurysm.

Instead, your doctor will probably ask for regular imaging scans to check for changes or growth. They will also tell you to keep your blood pressure in check and to quit smoking if you do.

If symptoms show up or the aneurysm changes on later imaging, you need to see a doctor immediately.

If you have symptoms, risk factors or a big aneurysm, benefits, risks, and alternatives to surgery and/or endovascular therapy will be discussed. Among the many things to think about when making this choice are the following −


Your physical and mental wellness.

Dimensions, size, and other features of the aneurysm.

A study of the blood vessels.

Relatives’ pasts.

Possible bursting.

When To See A Doctor

Regular doctor visits are recommended for those with unruptured brain aneurysms so that the aneurysm’s growth may be tracked and risk factors like high blood pressure can be controlled.

You’ll need to schedule follow-up appointments with your doctor after a ruptured brain aneurysm so they can watch for complications and prevent further aneurysms from forming.


The goal of treatment for brain aneurysms is to stop, or slow blood flow into the aneurysm. If a brain aneurysm has broken or is leaking, it must be fixed immediately. If you have an unruptured aneurysm, you may or may not need treatment, depending on your situation.

Your healthcare team will determine the best way to treat your aneurysm based on your vascular anatomy, size and location, and other factors. A ruptured aneurysm usually takes longer to heal than one that hasn’t been burst.

How To Multitask In Windows 10 Like A Pro

Multitasking has grown so much into us that we have actually forgotten that we are doing it. Any veteran Windows user would be impressed with how much Windows 10 has improved starting from Windows 95. Not only managing multiple apps are now much easier, but you get to see a live preview of all of your windows.

Multitasking in Windows 10

In this post, I am talking you some tips, on how you can beautifully manage your multiple windows, multitask in a number of ways, and save a lot of time & be more productive in tight situations.

1. Task View instead of ALT + TAB

Using ALT + TAB / SHIFT + ALT + TAB had been used from ages. While they are good at letting you switch between next, and previous tabs, if you have like ten to fifteen windows open, you will end up putting up more time to find out the window you want to switch. Not to forget that as the number of open windows increases, the size of the title text for each tab reduces as well.

When using Windows 10, using Task View is a better idea. It gives you a graphical view of all open apps in one zoomed-in rectangle along with a preview of each window. You can select the one you want to switch, and it switches instantly. This is how it looks:

You can invoke Task view either by using Windows+Tab together or look for the stacked rectangles right next to the Cortana search box in the taskbar.

2. Do not have a Second Monitor? Use Virtual Desktops

Using multiple monitors is one of the best ways to do multitasking. Not only you get to see more, but you can also run a number of apps that one display can handle. But then not everybody wants a second display, and if you are the kind of person who is on the move with a laptop, the secondary monitor is out of the question.

Windows 10 offers Virtual Desktops, where you can create virtually any number of desktops. You get access to Taskbar, Start Menu, and so on.

To create a Virtual Desktop, press the Task View button on the taskbar or use Windows + Tab. This will show the list of the running apps and the option of “New Desktop” with a plus sign on the bottom right.

Now, you can create any number of desktops, one after the other, and it will look like this.

The Windows + Tab / Task View displays both virtual desktops, and a preview of windows in each desktop as you hover over them.

Lastly, if you want to switch between the virtual desktops, use the keyboard shortcuts Windows Key + Ctrl + Left and Windows Key + Ctrl + Right Arrow. 

Note: If you close any of the virtual desktops, all windows of that Desktop will become available in Desktop One.

3. Stack Windows Side by Side with Snap Assist

If you want to use a couple of windows side by side, Windows 10 comes with native support for Multitasking. Using the Snap Assist feature, you can drag one window to the complete left, unless you get to see a transparent dock-like thing where the windows can stick themselves. You can stack up to 4 windows side by side just like how it looks in the image below:

This is very handy when you need to look at one window and note or analyze in a second. Windows 10 offers an inbuilt setting for multitasking which you can search in the Settings App, and it offers the following options:

These settings are enabled by default, but if you want to change the behavior of Snap Assistant, you can change it here. Say, for example, I don’t like windows to resize when I am resizing one of the windows.

You can snap up to 4 windows like this, and while they happen automatically, you can always resize them for the best fit.

4. You can also Scroll Inactive Windows!

Many times, you have a second window that has a lot of data, and you need to scroll. Windows 10 lets you scroll such windows without actually switching to them by using Scroll Inactive Windows.

Read: AltPlusTab lets you customize Alt+Tab menu.

5. Love Watching Videos when working? Mini Player is here to help

When I work, I usually have a video playing in the background. It helps if you are working alone most of the time. Windows 10 Movies & TV app come with a “Mini View” option which used to be there in Windows Media Player. This option is available right next to the full-screen button on the app. You can always resize the way you want.

These are most of the things I use when multitasking on my Windows 10 PC.

Read next: Windows 10 Tips & Tricks.

What Is Password Cracking And Its Common Methods

What Is Password Cracking and Its Common Methods Think no one can crack your password? Think again! What is Password Cracking?

It is the process of guessing the correct password to an account in an unauthorized way using an algorithm or common passwords. Password cracking involves various techniques like comparing stored passwords or using an algorithm to generate passwords that will match.

Not only this cybercriminals even use records obtained from the data breach to crack user accounts.


Password Cracking techniques

Protective measures to stay protected from Password Cracking

Password Cracking Techniques

Attackers use various techniques to crack passwords. We will discuss the most common ones in this article:

Dictionary Attack:

This one is the most common method used by threat actors. In a dictionary attack, cybercriminals use a file containing words that can be found in dictionary and are common passwords. In other words, in a dictionary attack, criminals use documents that have all the common words used by people to create their passwords.

Brute Force Attack:

Like a dictionary attack, the brute force attack is also a favorite password cracking technique used by cybercriminals. Here hackers instead of using simple words, use all possible alphanumeric character combinations. Brute force attacks are very time consuming as criminals have to use different combinations one by one but eventually they crack the password.

Rainbow Table Attack

Instead of comparing passwords directly and then comparing its hash to crack a password, in rainbow table attack a per-compiled table is used. This table is used to recover the hash. Each rainbow table attack contains a well-defined set of characters. This technique reduces the time involved in guessing a password.


Why take all this pain when there’s an easy way to get the password: simply ask the user for their passwords. Cybercriminals send phishing emails that redirect users to fake websites to trick them into entering their personal information and other important details. This page them skims the passwords and hackers get what they wanted via a phishing attack.

Social Engineering

This password cracking technique gives phishing attacks think outside the box concept. In Social Engineering, attackers pose as tech guys or representatives of a genuine organization and ask victims to share network access passwords and other important information. This social engineering trick works as victims usually share all the information.


Malware is malicious software that steals information from the user’s system and sends it to criminals. Malware can be installed on the user’s system using various methods and once it is installed it starts stealing the information.

Offline Password Cracking

Assuming you are safe when you are locked out of the system after entering an incorrect password three or four times would have been true if there was no offline password cracking method. This method takes place offline, using a set of hashes in a password file. Once criminals have access to these files they start password cracking on their own machine using this method.


Keylogger is a type of a malicious program which tracks all the keystrokes of the user’s system. Everything that the user type will be recorded and then sent to the attackers.

Guessing The Passwords

The most simple technique to hack a password is guessing it. Criminals take note of the user’s activity to guess passwords, this technique only works when users have not used any password creating software.

In addition to these methods, hackers use Password Cracking tools to illegally access your account.

Password Cracker Tools

Note: We do not recommend using any of these tools. We are listing them just for information to explain your password can be cracked easily. Hence you need to use a strong password to stay protected.

1. RainbowCrack – this falls into a hash cracker tool category that uses faster password cracking techniques instead of brute force tools. A computational process in which plain text and hash pairs are calculated via a hash algorithm and then stored in a rainbow table. This password cracking method can be time-consuming, but once the table is created cracking password becomes easy and fast when compared with brute force tools.

2. Brutus – this password cracker tool is a widely used remote online flexible password cracking tool. It supports multi-stage authentication engines and can connect with 60 targets at a time. Its two most outstanding features are resume and load using these feature hackers can pause the attack and can resume anytime they want.

The only drawback of this tool is, it can be used on Windows only and is not updated in years.

3. John the Ripper – another powerful tool that can be used on Linux, Unix, macOS X, Windows. This tool offers great features to crack the password. The plus point of this tool, it is an open-source password cracking tool.

Read Full Review of Tweakpass

Protective Measures to Stay Protected from Password Cracking

Above we have listed top 3 password cracking tools. Certainly, these tools are effective that is the reason they are widely used. But this doesn’t mean you cannot do anything. To stay protected you should create strong passwords that are hard to guess and crack. Following are a few tips that will help you stay protected from Password Cracking.

1. Password length is the most important factor, longer it is hard it is to guess. If you keep a small password it can be easily cracked. Therefore, uses at least 8 characters long password.

2. Use an alphanumeric password, this again makes password cracking difficult. Try to create a password that has a combination of small letters, capital letters, special characters, & numbers.

3. Avoid using the same password everywhere. Hackers can use data collected from a data breach to guess the password and access your account.

4. Avoid using a dictionary word, pet’s name, anniversary date, phone number, driver license number while creating a password. All these details can be obtained from anywhere and are easy to guess.

5. Never use worst passwords like 123456, Password, letmein, admin, welcome, login, abc123, monkey, etc.

Password is what secures your web account, financial account, from unauthorized access. These password cracking techniques and tools are proof that your passwords can be easily cracked. Therefore, it is important to use password managers and create a strong password to avoid a mishappening.

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Dogeliens Is Creating A Buzz Among Enthusiasts Like Ethereum And Polkadot. Here’s Why

The best is yet to come from the world of cryptocurrency, as new technologies, innovations, and projects continue to grace the sector. Several old and new crypto projects are currently competing for the top spot, each with unique and innovative offerings to crypto enthusiasts. Among them is Dogeliens (DOGET), a new meme project soon to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Dogeliens (DOGET) stands out among meme coins due to its multiple utilities. The new cryptocurrency is fast becoming popular among crypto enthusiasts and has stolen several cryptocurrency news headlines. This guide explores why it is creating such a buzz, alongside Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT), two successful altcoins.

Enter the World of Pupotia with Dogeliens

Dogeliens (DOGET) is among the few meme tokens bringing a fresh dimension to the meme sector. Unlike most meme tokens with no real-world use cases, the new cryptocurrency will set itself apart by bringing utility into the meme sector.

Dogeliens (DOGET) will power a metaverse ecosystem that integrates the gaming and decentralized finance (GameFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) sectors. These sectors are the current booming sectors in the crypto space that crypto enthusiasts are flocking toward.

Dogeliens (DOGET) plans to become a play-to-earn (P2E)-supported gaming ecosystem that will deliver immersive gameplay. This marks its potential to become the next big cryptocurrency, as users will be able to unwind and enjoy the best monetizable gaming and metaverse experience on the platform.

With Dogeliens (DOGET), users can buy unique NFTs and utilize them in games within the ecosystem. The gameplay will enable them to obtain in-game NFT items they can sell or trade for real money, helping them earn passive income along the way.

Dogeliens’ (DOGET) pre-sale is ongoing, but its official launch date is yet to be revealed.

Hold Ethereum to Be a Part of the Largest Altcoin Economy

Ethereum (ETH) is the second-largest crypto by market capitalization and the largest smart contract blockchain. Just over a month ago, in September, Ethereum (ETH) ditched the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to onboard Proof-of-Stake (PoS) via an upgrade that marked a shift in the crypto world.

Per cryptocurrency news reports, Ethereum’s (ETH) power consumption since the Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 upgrade is down by 99.9%. The upgrade also served to improve Ethereum’s (ETH) scalability, security, and sustainability.

Ethereum (ETH) is a pioneer of smart contracts and DeFi and powers thousands of decentralized applications (dApps), NFTs, and several other crypto projects.

As a result of the Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) upgrade, the cryptocurrency is enjoying a renewed surge of adoption. Several organizations who once ditched the cryptocurrency project due to its slow speeds, minimal scalability, and energy intensiveness are rushing to buy Ethereum (ETH) once more.

Experience Web3 with Polkadot

Polkadot (DOT) is an open-source Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol supporting the unity and security of a growing ecosystem of blockchains or parachains. A highly efficient and interoperable project, Polkadot (DOT) is home to 66 blockchains and over 300 crypto projects spanning its ecosystem.

Polkadot (DOT) has been creating a buzz in the crypto space for all the right reasons. Cryptocurrency news reports suggest Polkadot (DOT) recently hit an all-time high in development activity, beating the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Polkadot (DOT) is one of the cryptocurrency market’s largest and most profitable coins, enabling users to participate in the decentralized finance (DeFi) economy. Thus, Polkadot (DOT) commits to unlocking new opportunities and rewards for users in its ecosystem.

Dogeliens (DOGET), Ethereum (ETH), and Polkadot (DOT) are three cryptocurrencies with several features, capabilities, and offerings for the cryptocurrency market. As Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT) continue to grow by leaps and bounds, Dogeliens’ (DOGET) presence comes with much hype.

Dogeliens’ (DOGET) pre-sale is an opportunity to buy the potential next big cryptocurrency now for cheap.

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