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If you want to secure the top talent in 2023, you need to position your company as an employer of choice

As a marketing professional, you’ll be well adept at maximizing your brand in order to attract new customers. But have you considered how brand marketing can increase your candidate attraction efforts too?

After all, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to entice candidates out of their current roles, with the ONS reporting that UK employment hit another record high at the end of last year.

As such, if you want to secure the top talent in 2023, you need to position your company as an employer of choice. With this in mind, below we explain how brand marketing can increase your candidate attraction efforts and what you need to do to get in front of potential employees.

What does your brand say about you?

Before you get started, ask yourself, what does your brand say about you as an employer? If you were a potential candidate, what would you think about the organization if you were to visit your website?

Your brand isn’t just your company logo and website. It’s how you interact with customers and candidates, and the type of information you put out into the public domain.

With this in mind, think about how you want to position your brand and how you want candidates to view you as a potential employer. For example, while you might adopt a formal tone with potential customers, you may choose to speak to candidates in a more ‘human’ manner.

Once you’ve figured out how you want to get your brand across, you can start to explore different ways of using your brand to increase your candidate attraction efforts.

Maximizing social media

When it comes to marketing your brand, having a social media strategy is vital. With the potential to reach thousands of users, it’s important that you’re not only pushing your products in front of prospects, but also using these platforms to boost your candidate attraction efforts.

So, consider the messaging you want to put out there. A mix of different content is the best approach. You might want to promote specific vacancies in your company, pulling out the key perks of each specific role. For example, you may include the names or details of exciting clients or projects they could be working on, the software they’ll use and any bonus schemes they may benefit from.

You may also want to push positive images around internal events, employee promotions, or successful campaigns that individuals have worked on.

Alongside this, another way to showcase your brand is to publish employee testimonials. Ask your employees why they wanted to join the company and what they enjoy most about their job and working for you. Then, write these up into short, snappy posts and use images to help bring them to life.

This is something that we do at CV-Library and it gives a nice snapshot into what it’s like working in certain departments. We’ll then link these posts to the relevant section within our careers page.

Responding on employee review sites

One thing to be aware of with social media platforms and employee review sites is that while they’re great for employees to promote your company in a positive light, they also open up the potential to be targeted by disgruntled employees, past or present.

So what should you do if you get a negative employee review online? It might be tempting to shy away in the hope that no one will see it. But, it’s likely that with a quick search on Google, candidates will find it some way or another.

As such, use these platforms to take control of your brand marketing. Address any concerns that are raised and show that you’re taking a proactive approach to bettering your workplace. In doing so, potential candidates will see that you’re committed to keeping your staff happy, only helping to improve your candidate attraction efforts.

Considering your careers page

Whether it’s called ‘Work for us’ or ‘Careers’, having a dedicated area on your website that explains the benefits of working for you is crucial. As mentioned above the vast majority of potential recruits will research your company online, so make sure you’re giving them the insights they need.

Your careers site should be the hub of all of your recruitment marketing efforts. Especially as candidates will go to your company website first. So, be sure to include relevant images, employee testimonials, details of your vacancies, interesting stats and information on the key perks you offer.

What’s more, you could also include information on any awards you’ve won. Essentially, it needs to give the ‘wow’ factor, making candidates want to join your company, immediately.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now a huge part of recruitment and the good news is, you’re likely to be one step ahead in this area if you work in marketing. With this in mind, consider how you can utilize SEO in your brand marketing efforts, particularly when it comes to your careers site.

For example, if you have a company blog, make sure you’re using it to publish insightful content that people within the industry are going to want to read. That might include posts such as ‘A day in the life of a content marketer’, or ‘What’s it like to work in content marketing’.

It’s extremely important to be competitive and if you’re seen to be a marketing thought leader, potential candidates will be more familiar and engaged with your brand.

Again, SEO is important nowadays as most candidates start their job search on Google, so think about what you can do to make to work for you. That includes optimizing your job posts by using the correct keywords and including important details such as salary and location.

Interacting with candidates

A huge part of brand marketing comes into play when you’re speaking with potential recruits. Nowadays, candidates are king and you need to ensure they have a positive experience of dealing with your company. With this in mind, ask yourself the following:

How long are you taking to get back to candidates that you want to bring in for interviews?

Are you giving constructive feedback after you meet candidates?

How long are you taking to make a job offer?

These are just some examples and certainly not an extensive list, but it should get you thinking about how you’re interacting with candidates and whether it could be impacting your attraction efforts.

After all, individuals that feel as if they’ve been waiting around for too long, or that have multiple offers on the table, will likely go for the opportunity where they feel most valued.

Are you using brand marketing in your candidate attraction efforts?

If you’re looking to grow your workforce in 2023, ensuring that you understand how brand marketing can boost your candidate attraction efforts is extremely important.

So, be sure to make the most out of social media, your careers site, and SEO, as well as practicing good communication, and you’ll stand a much better chance of securing the best recruits this year.

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9+ Free Trials That Can Instantly Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

I just wanted to share some of the Internet’s most incredibly marketing software that can help you instantly improve your rankings, conversion rates, and revenues in a relatively short amount of time. And oh yeah, you can try each for free!

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9) Constant Contact – For 60 days and no credit card information you can use one of Constant Contact’s marketing offerings. Pick from: surveys, email marketing, or event marketing. All are great tools to help jump start your marketing efforts.

Magic Combinations

Normally I would recommend taking each free trial one after the other in order to get the most benefit. However I realize that some of these offers might end soon – and not everyone has enough time to fully experiment with each. As a result I will propose a few combinations that can give you some great results and best bang for your buck (which is to say a whole lot of bang and no buck at all)

This combination is great for businesses who are just launching their sites. You can use SEM Rush or Wordtracker to discover new keywords you should be targeting – and then use SEOMoz’s keyword difficulty tool to prioritize and decide which ones to go after first.

Create your own surveys using Constant Contact or Survey Monkey and then use Mail Chimp to send the survey links in an email blast to your customers for tons of free data (make sure you offer something in return like a discount or chance to win a prize)

There are tons of other free trials out there too –


…and the list could go on and on

I just want to call attention to the fact that I am not encouraging you to simply take these free trials and bolt. I have personally tried each of these services and am a paid subscriber to a few as well. All of these products and services are extremely valuable to your online marketing efforts and are well worth the money charged. Please show some support to these awesome companies who are confident enough in their products to offer free trials to (hopefully appreciative) marketing professionals like you and me. Great job guys…keep it up!

How Native Advertising Can Help Increase Your Site’s Revenue

Last August 2023, PageFair and Adobe released their global report on ad blocking, revealing there are now 198 million active ad block users worldwide – which cost publishers nearly $22 billion in 2023.

Here at Search Engine Journal, we found 24 percent of our audience are using ad blocking software (gasp!). This shook us a bit since we used to rely heavily on Google AdSense and Ad Exchanges to generate profit. It was a dependable, passive form of income, albeit on the low side.

What is Native Advertising?

But for the ad content to blend well with the host website’s content, it should be well-thought out, well-written, and resonate with the audience. This results in the ad getting the page views it deserves.

Don’t Disrupt the User Experience

At SEJ, we have a Takeover Package that takes over the skin of the entire site without disrupting readers from viewing our posts.

Offer Sponsored Content

Instead of writing a “Buy our awesome product!” kind of post, the content should answer a question, solve a problem, or clarify a misconception.

Build an Email Marketing Strategy

Instead of just sending a weekly or monthly roundup of posts from the web, leverage your email list by providing relevant content that would be helpful to your subscribers.

Just remember to clean your list once in a while so you only deliver your email to engaging users. You don’t want to show your clients a low unique open rate, do you?

Listen to Your Potential Clients

Some of the brands think our Takeover Package is OK, but they want something interactive and supports cross-channel approach. Enter, sponsored webinar. Cha-ching!

Some brands want to get their message to a dedicated audience. Voila! Here’s a dedicated email blast for you.

A Note of Warning

Also, don’t forget to nofollow the links on your ad content. Search engines require disclosure of paid links, just like how your audience would want to know whether or not content is sponsored.

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How Blockchain Technology Can Increase Their Users

Every technology that has been created is to make the existing work effective with time. Among many technologies, blockchain is also one of the important and popular mechanisms that are getting urge by many industries. Society wants their work to be done without any effort and the major effort is currently around worlds is the transaction. Most of the industries were carrying their business as a part of the transaction. Hence it is important to manage the data while transacting. So by using blockchain, every requirement will be sorted. It helps the process to transact the data with a huge recording system. This blog gives details on the requirement of users.

Smart Contracts

The smart contract is the process of using blockchain technology by any users in a secure manner. So by using this method you can create some sought of pattern to increase the economy level from threats. It means blocking certain malware transactions around the internet. For example, three major threats can be avoided such as Escrow, gambling, and digital rights.

Escrow is like working for the third party to transact the cash. So those were working as a dealer without paying taxes can easily be sorted and help the government to occupy the sustain rate to help the society. In gambling and digital rights, many transfers get exchange among each guy who is including in the system. So focusing on the blockchain in terms of smart contracts will help to guide the tracking system.

Record Keeping

For example, the supply chain is meant to work for many industries as an important requirement. So by recording the products and other parts of the company as the transaction will be beneficial to the company. Hence taking action to prevent the collapse of the required data will be gain to the company. Many industries get huge profit from adopting blockchain.


By using blockchain it is easy to gather the news of the ownership of any sought of products. So by taking a chance to manage the situation will help certain industries like insurance, finance to maintain their work. So working with blockchain for the process of ownership guides a better result.

Proof of Identity Fraud Reduction

The above points can make you understand that blockchain can help the record system to manage the complete system of the business. It means that it completely reduces the effect of fraud when it comes to the transaction part. Areas like private markets, debt, etc will be reduced and also many businesses can increase their profit by knowing the exact requirement of funds. Hence by creating a profit technology will help the business to work with profit. So by using the decentralized pattern with a secure record system will help the company a lot rather than working for a centralized pattern.

Private Markets

Business is all about carrying the market to sell the product and services. Hence to manage the service of business as the important requirement is the internet so maintaining the data will also pretend to require. Hence recording the data with proper tracking systems will help the organization reach its goals. So the following blockchain to record the data in the private markets will help the shareholders to know the exact data of transactions and it helps us better results in the future.


By handling the data transaction with the help of blockchain will help to manage the complete prediction that is required to analyze for the business in terms of the data analyst. It means that the business data that is getting recorded under blockchain technology will be more efficient rather than working under a centralized pattern. So try not making use of technology that helps the business in terms of tracking the data.

Blockchain can help the entire work with equity so that the process to get function will be more effective and also beneficial rather than integrating the work with a centralized session. So choosing to take the opportunity of the business with the company as of blockchain will be supportive of the company.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is an amazing option to support the financial plan as it gets a huge benefit for the required person but many chances to get loose your amount without a proper technique to record. So by using the technique of recording the fund transaction will help the investment in crowdfunding and also benefit for the whole chain of work.

Hence make sure to integrate the blockchain services so that it helps the business to recruit the company with complete satisfaction rather than majoring the same existing pattern to manage the whole data.

Intellectual Property

Maintaining the property details for a long time might be some sought of the difficult process. So working the process with the essential techniques will help to build the system stronger. Many users will get benefit by applying it. So make sure to work in the part of the blockchain as it helps a lot in the recording part of the data. So the requirement of property sharing will be avoided rather than carrying it with the locker system.

Final Words

Blockchain is creating a buzz in many industries so investing time to know about it will be a huge benefit in terms of pay as by creating careers.

Marketing Analytics Techniques To Increase Sales

Three ways to use marketing analytics to increase sales

As there are so many options available when using data analytics, why do some businesses typically rely on one single approach? The analytical tools available for the business leader’s arsenal are now better and bigger than ever before, and are targeted to generate better decision-making. Despite this, and the ability of such tools to increase conversion rates, growth and MROI (marketing return on investment), some companies seem frozen by the choices on offer.

The improvements can be extremely impressive. A survey of our client revealed that our client engagements from the previous decade or so across different sectors and regions revealed that the integrated approach reduces marketing spending by between 15 and 20 percent. Globally, this means that around $200 billion could be freed by businesses to be invested elsewhere.

Take this example: A client of ours in the insurance industry in the US managed to increase its productivity in marketing by more than 15% every year from 2009 until 2012. The company succeeded in maintaining the same levels of marketing spending over this timeframe, compared to a rise in typical spending on marketing by similar businesses of over 60%. Marketing analytics allowed the company to improve the way it made important business decisions.

Using analytics to define strategy

It is far more appropriate to measure proposals on their economic worth or likelihood of return. Options that are scored using such numbers provide a streamlined and concise method for making comparisons, and such metrics can be combined with predetermined conditions such as baseline budgets, prior commitments and media thresholds.

Having an understanding of your customer’s purchasing behaviour is the other prerequisite in creating a MROI portfolio that is effective. Consumer behaviour has altered so much in the last few years that old ideas of thinking about customers, such as the age-old marketing ‘funnel’, no longer apply.

The funnel dictated that brand awareness was the main driver behind increasing conversion rates and sales, but the emphasis is now upon the entire consumer decision journey. The purchasing process is much more dynamic than previously heralded, and consumer behaviour is influenced in several different ways.

Better decision-making

The science of marketing analysis has improved thanks to new and better data sources, but non-scientific considerations remain important as well. Business know-how is required to challenge or ratify some approaches, but a creative approach is key in order to develop fresh ideas of how data can be used, or how new opportunities can be identified to unlock data. Such ‘soft’ skills are extremely useful when data quality and availability is uncertain.

For example, it’s easy to use data to calculate how many people are responding to an email campaign, but in other areas it’s not so easy to define. Such challenges, however, should not restrict the use of analysis to enable better decision-making.

Using data to make the best decisions is a three-step process: 1. Find the analytical approach that works best

Companies need to work out the pros and cons of all the appropriate analytical tools in order gain the most effective marketing mix. The prevailing choices when it comes to non-direct marketing include:

Reach, Cost and Quality (RCQ)

Reach, Cost, Quality (RCQ) and other Heurisitcs. RCQ reduces each touch-point into its component parts by using structured judgement and data. Such parts include quality of engagement, number of target customers reached, and cost per unique touch-point.

RCQ allows all the various touch-points to be brought back to the same scale so comparison is much easier. It is simple to execute, but in practice refining the value of each specific touch-point presents challenges given the difference between the channels. RCQ also does not have the ability to account for interaction or network effects, and relies heavily upon the assumptions that drive it.

Marketing mix modeling (MMM)

This involves statistically linking marketing investments to other sales-drivers, and usually includes external variables such as seasonal factors, competitor activities and promotional campaigns to reveal both interactive (for example, online and social media activities) and longitudinal (changes over time in segments and individuals) effects.

MMM is useful for both near-term and long-range planning, but it does have its limits. High-quality data is essential, particular with historical marketing spending and sales data, and it cannot measure activities with small amounts of variance, such as outdoor media. It also cannot be used to measure the long-term effects in investing in any one, single touch-point, such as a social media feed or a new smartphone app.

MMM also needs users who have expert econometric knowledge to understand the models, and a tool to plan scenarios to model the financial implications caused by making specific spending decisions.

Attribution Modelling 2. Generate insights by integrating capabilities

Some businesses still rely on using a single analysis technique, but better returns are the result of using MROI tools collaboratively. Such an approach, which includes using data and insights from direct responses, reduces the inherent bias in any single MROI method and allows business leaders to be flexible in moving budgets towards activities that produce the most worth.

How do such techniques work together?

By developing frequent response curves across different analytical techniques, it helps marketers to place the value of each approach on an equal footing. They can then use a tool for decision-support in order to integrate the results, which will allow business leaders to track and share performance on a basis that’s close to real-time, and make alterations quickly as needed.

For a further example, a large power company used RCQ to adjust its out-of-house and sponsorship mix. In doing so it increased reach and raised the efficiency of its marketing communications by over 10 percent. The business then used MMM to obtain a more accurate MROI assessment concerning spending on traditional media against online channels.

The results: each €1 million invested online by the company generated 1,300 new customers, while the same spend on traditional media helped them retain around three and a half times that many consumers, of which around four in ten would have stayed loyal to the brand in the long term anyway.

Such insights helped the business to understand where to concentrate its messaging in keeping existing consumers and attracting new ones.

When it comes to purifying the mix, it is sometime tempting to spend on short-term investments that generate high levels of ROI. This is fed by the fact that a lot of data comes from customers who engage in short-term behaviour, such buying products on sale and or signing up for an email newsletter. Short-term behaviours account for around 15% of total sales, while the brand accounts for the other 85%.

Companies need to ensure their marketing mix models can account for marketing effectiveness over both the short and long term.

 3. Make the analytical approach the center of all you do

Teams typically throw analysis over the wall or outsource it. When the numbers come back, they are often reluctant to make changes as they don’t understand the findings, or they don’t trust them.

Marketers need to work in tandem with data experts, digital analyzers and researchers in order to come up with hypotheses to fine tune the maths and alleviate this problem. Businesses also need to nurture individuals who can both work out what the analysis tells them, and who understand business.

A bank, for example, set up councils within the marketing department so that the analytic and creative teams had a place where they could work together. This helped creatives to understand how the figures could shape marketing programs, and the analysts to understand what the business was trying to achieve. Such a collaborative approach can half the duration of MROI campaigns.

Agility and reaction times are also crucial. The tactical media mix needs to be created by evaluating the lessons gleaned by the customer decision journey and the allocation of the marketing mix.

Results need to be compared with targets as soon as they are available, and the spending and marketing mix adjusted in accordance. Attribution modelling is especially useful with campaign changes that need to happen immediately, since budgets for digital channels can be modelled quickly and accurately. The best-performing companies often reallocate as much as four-fifths of their marketing budget for digital channels during a campaign.

Business leaders find themselves under increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI from a whole host of different marketing programs. Both the tools and the data is available to enable business leaders to make more-informed decisions. An integrated analytical approach is the best way of finding out the most useful insights and driving brand growth above the levels exhibited by competitors.

Integrating Brand, Content Marketing And Seo

How agencies can provide clients with an integrated service given the increasing connection between brand, content marketing and SEO

After a couple of years of travelling and lifestyle consulting, I returned to the UK in 2012 with the goal of setting up a digital agency. I knew I wanted us to be very hands on and do transformative work with a limited number of clients I loved working with. But beyond that, I wasn’t sure what service I needed to create to do this!

It has taken me a year to work this out. But I’m there now and I’m inspired and it’s a journey of discovery I am keen to share.

First Steps: Recognising key developments in SEO and social media

I started this journey as a big believer in SEO having driven 50% of first business’s traffic Easyodds through natural search from 2005 – 2010. In the two years I’d been away from the UK though, the world of SEO had changed. The recent Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates had led to major penalties for low quality links and content. What’s more it was clear that this was not a one-off as algorithmic updates were being announced on a weekly basis.

So high quality content was a must for SEO. But not just for SEO.


In the 2 years I was away social media usage had continued to rocket and Twitter in particular had started to mature as a content marketing platform. Various surveys and articles were telling me that over half of social media activity involved content sharing. What’s more as Google was on the hunt for new and improved data to verify quality and relevance, I thought social data must surely become a key part of its algorithmic ranking decisions at some point.

What better way to identify quality content than to measure relevant sharing and engagement levels as well as backlinks? So high quality content could lead to independent traffic and that traffic in turn could lead to better long term search results.

So now I knew that my service had to merge SEO with social media using high quality, targeted content as the binding ingredient. I believed this could also lead to long term stability. While natural search remained a monster short term line of traffic, Google was increasingly starting to fill its pages with its own products and data.

The launch of Google Knowledge graph, a potential Wikipedia killer seemed a giant leap further towards Google-owned search results. Likewise the social media giants of 2010 remained widely used but the marketplace was still evolving as the massive growth in Pinterest usage proved. But within that environment of change, creating great content and inspiring and engaging a targeted relevant audience – that seemed to be timeless marketing craft and as future proof as any service I could conceive.

Discovering the Brand Connection

Using their internal marketing data, we were able to identify some big additional natural search opportunities.

However once this work was complete, we discovered that there would be a negative brand impact from associating Borro with pawnbrokers which in turn created a reticence to strongly promote the directory. Although this is something we are still working on together and developing, the potential impact of our work in the early stages was diluted.

Great content may be the key to SEO and social media success but without full brand buy-in, great content can not prosper.

The Power of Brand Purpose and Passion

We spent time exploring the brand values that the founding team was implanting into the DNA of the new company and the passions that had caused them to create the business.

The fact that we were working so directly with the founders at such an early stage was very helpful in drawing these ideas out quickly and authentically.

Excited by this experience, we started to focus attention in other client work to discovering a brand’s core purpose and passion. The results were amazing.

Finding this core inspiration was like content strategy gold.

Now I’ve experienced this, it makes sense. To succeed with the mission of creating shareable, relevant content, one must find themes related to a company that are not self serving and that its people are passionate enough about to get involved in an authentic dialogue. This is made possible by tearing back the layers of every day activity and delving deeper into a Company to find its core purpose because at the heart of most brands is a passion that originates from something deeper than just making money.

These ideas are beautifully expressed by Simon Sinek in his brilliant TED talk. He talks about how focusing on ‘The Why’, the passion and purpose of a company, has been so instrumental to Apple’s success. He frequently repeats his mantra ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’. Applying this to our service, we have discovered that finding ‘the why’ makes content strategy easy and effective.

Conclusion of connection brand, content marketing and SEO

As I said at the start of this blog, our core purpose is to do transformative work with a limited number of clients we love working with. It has taken a year of discovery to get to a service we feel confident can help us achieve our goals. It may take another year to test and refine our theories but are greatly looking forward to this next part of our journey. 

Update the detailed information about How Brand Marketing Can Increase Your Candidate Attraction Efforts on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!