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To me, “Live Title” is the most interesting feature of Clips—the video editor app. The ability to add text to videos or photos through speech accurately, easily and fast makes this video editing app stand out. [Read: How to Use Clips App on iPhone]

While recording a cool video, if you want to add some funny text or some inspirational quotes, you won’t have to deal with the keyboard to type them. Simply speak what you want to add and let the app turn you spoken words into text instantly. What’s more; you can even change, remove and edit Live Titles. Let’s dive right in to find out it’s done perfectly!

How to Add and Edit Live Titles in Clips App on iPhone

Note: To use “Live Titles,” you need to enable dictation on your iOS chúng tôi do so,

Step #1. Tap on Settings → General.

Step #2. Tap on Keyboard.

Step #3. Scroll down and turn on the switch next to Enable Dictation.

How to Add Live Title to Photos and Videos in Clips on iPhone

Step #1. Open Clips app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, you have three options—you can add Live Title to your photo, video or choose a photo from your library.

Note: As of now, there is no option to add Live Title on the existing video from your library. However, you can add Live Title on the existing videos recorded in the Clips.

The process to add it to photos and videos is same.

Step #3. I’m going to add it to video; tap on Video option → Tap on the Live Title button.

Step #4. Next, choose your preferred style.

Currently, there are eight different styles of Live Style:

Bold bar

Bold lower

Three line lower

One word lower

One word center

Bold center

Simple lower


Sep #5. You have the option to switch camera and turn off the sound.

Now, hold to record video. While recording the video, speak the text you want to add to it. You will see your spoken words on the screen.

Step #6. In the end, tap on Done at the bottom right corner.

How to Edit Live Titles in Clips on iPhone

Later, if you want to add something to Live Title or wish to correct the text, you can edit it as desired.

Step #1. Open the Clips app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, tap on the clip you wish to edit.

Step #3. Now, you need to tap on the play button at the bottom left corner.

Step #4. When the title starts, tap on the pause button.

Step #5. Next, you have to tap on the text in order to open the editor.

Step #6. Now, you can edit the text. Once you are done, tap on Apply at the top right corner.

How to Change Live Title Styles on Clips

Even after adding a particular Live Title style, you will be able to change it at any time you want.

Step #1. Open Clips app and choose the clip which Live Title you want to change.

Step #2. Now, tap on the Live Title button at the top.

Step #3. Now, select the style you want to add.

How to Remove Live Title Styles from Clips

If you don’t like Live Title style at all, you can easily remove it from your clips.

Step #1. Launch Clips app and tap on the clip which Live Title style you wish to change.

Step #2. Next, tap on the Live Title button at the top.

Step #3. Now, select None.

Wrap Up!

I like Live Title a lot as it makes the process of adding text to your pics and videos super simple. What’s your take on it and is there any feature which you like most in this video editing app? Feel free to share your valuable feedback with us.

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How To Add Website As App In Home Screen Of Iphone? – Webnots

All of us visit certain websites more frequently than other sites. The best example is local news sites. We all read news on our own language mostly through the apps. Some local sites may not have an app or you don’t like to read content through the app. Generally it is difficult to stuff all content feed in an app and is necessary to visit the website to get relevant details. In such case, every time you need to open Safari and browse the site either by opening the URL or through favorites. Apple offers an easy way to save time by adding the webpage shortcut as an app in home screen to directly access the site. In this article we will explain how to add webpage as app in home screen of iPhone. The same process can be followed on any iOS devices like iPad.

Progressive Web Apps or PWA

Before proceeding further, you need to understand Progressive Web Apps or PWA. These are websites combined with mobile app features so that there is no need of a separate app. For example, there are no desktop apps for YouTube to install in Windows or Mac. However, you can install YouTube as an app using PWA feature and use the same way like other apps on your computer. Unfortunately, this PWA feature is not supported in iPhone Safari browser in a way it works in Google Chrome desktop browser. Good part is that you can use similar feature called “Add to Home Screen” which is also considered as PWA since it allows the website to work like an app.

Note that, Google Chrome also will not support installing website as an app in iPhone. It only works on desktop devices like Windows PC or Mac. Follow the below instructions to add website as an app in your iPhone home screen.

Step 1 – Open the Site in Safari

Let us take an example of Wikipedia. We love to open the home page of chúng tôi for searching instead of the iOS app. Open the chúng tôi page in Safari and tap on the “Share” icon showing in the bottom of the page.

Tap Share Icon

Step 2 – Add Webpage to Home Screen

You will see all sharing options like AirDrop, contacts you have recently used and some options. Swipe up to view all options and tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

Add to Home Screen

Step 3 – Enter Name for the App

The default page title will appear as the name for your app. You can leave it as it is or enter any name for the webpage shortcut icon that will appear as an app on your home screen.

Add Website

Step 4 – Check the Icon

Website Added as App

If the webpage uses apple touch icon, it will be used as app icon on your iPhone. In certain cases, like WordPress site, the site icon or Favicon which is larger enough in size is used as app icon.

Step 5 – Open the Site as App

Tap the icon to open the webpage as an app. Though it looks the site works as an independent app, it actually opens in Safari browser. You can open multiple tabs and browse other sites in Safari after launching the website shortcut.

Why This is Helpful?

You no more need to launch Safari and enter the site address every time.

It is possible to add any webpage shortcut to the home screen of your iPhone and quickly access the page.

How to Add Website to Home Screen with Google Chrome?

As mentioned, Apple does not support installing apps through browser and hence Google Chrome does not have this “Add to Home Screen” feature by default. However, you can use the Shortcuts app to create website shortcut and add in your home screen to open with Google Chrome instead of Safari.

Open Shortcuts app and tap on + icon showing on top right corner of the app.

On the next screen, tap on “Add Action” button to create a new shortcut action.

Add New Action

Go to “Apps” tab and tap on Chrome.

Select the first option showing as “Open URLs in Chrome”.

Select Chrome App

Enter the site URL you want to add to home screen as an app.

Tap on the icon showing on top left corner and select new icon for your app from the list of glyph showing in the list.

If you do not want to change the app icon, just tap on the settings.

Enter Site URL and Go to Settings

Then tap on “Add to Home Screen” option showing under “Details” tab.

Tap Add to Home Screen

Enter the name for your app and tap on “Add”.

App Added in Home Screen

How To Add Star Ratings To Songs In Apple Music On Iphone

Many users have already started migrating from Spotify to Apple Music for some reason. The battle between Spotify and Apple Music is always on to get more subscribers to its music streaming platform. However, many prefer to cancel the subscription. But, if you still love Apple Music app and want to give a star rating to a particular song, it’s very simple!

Today, I am going to explain you how to rate songs with stars in the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. This will show you the songs you liked in your Music app based on your ratings.

How to Rate Songs with Stars in Music App on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

When you rate a song with star ratings, you can quickly sort the list of the songs you’ve rated from the library. It is great for organizing and making a playlist of your most-loved songs. Let’s get started.

Quick Access:

How to Enable Star Ratings for Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Play the song in your iPhone’s Music app.

Step #2. Now launch Siri and ask it ‘Rate this song five stars‘ or the number of stars you wish.

You can invoke Siri while the song is playing or you can tap on pause button and then ask Siri to rate the song.

Done! But, there is no way to see the songs you have rated. I tried to find it in Music app, iTunes Store app, and even asked Siri ‘Show me all songs I have rated’. Maybe Apple will use these ratings in the background and personalize your music recommendations accordingly.

But one thing that you can do to curate your music experience is tagging it Love (♡). Unlike the above method, where your music was paused as you summoned Siri, the technique below is better and visible.

How to ‘Love’ Song or ‘Suggest Less Like This’ in iPhone Music App

Step #1. Launch Music app on iPhone → Play a song → Go to the Now Playing screen.

Step #2. Tap on three horizontal dots icon.

Step #3. Tap on Love (♡).

You will see a display message that says, “We’ll recommend more like this in For You.” If you do not like a song, you can tap on “Suggest Less Like This.” Now Apple will recommend less music like this in For You section.

How to Rate Song with Stars in Apple Music on Apple Watch

To Love a song on Apple Watch, go to the Now Playing screen of the Watch Music app and tap on the small three dots icon in the bottom right. Now tap on ♡ Love (or Suggest Less).

How to Rate a Song in New Music App on Mac

Step #1. Launch Music app on your Mac running macOS Catalina.

Step #2. In the Songs tab, you will see a column named Rating. Hover your mouse pointer on the song name, and you will see five unchecked stars under Rating.

Another, ‘Sirious’ way is to use Siri on your Mac when music is playing (or paused but music app is open) and ask her ‘Rate this song five stars’.

How to Give Ratings to a Song in iTunes on PC

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your Windows PC and go to the Songs tab.

I would not like to end this post without talking about Apple Music app on Android. Since there is no Siri there (and yes Google Assistant can not rate Apple Music songs), you have just the two options – ♥ Love and Dislike.

Summing Up…

So this is how you can rate songs on Apple music on various devices. Now, I understand that rating on iOS and watchOS is next to useless. However, on Mac and iTunes it is instrumental in organizing the songs. I have been using this since 2014 on my MacBook.

Music app on Mac and iTunes also have Love and Dislike options that work like iPhone’s ‘Love’ and ‘Suggest Less Like This’, respectively. They build recommendations according to your music taste.

If you loved Rating songs on iOS devices (I sure did) and want it back, you may try giving feedback to Apple. They might bring it back!

Related Posts on Apple Music to Customize Your Music Listening:

So that’s all about rating a song on Apple Music.

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

How To Use The Firefox Lockwise App On Iphone And Ipad

You probably already use a password manager for your device or stick with iCloud Keychain. But if you have a lot a of saved logins and passwords in Firefox on your computer, the Firefox Lockwise app gives you those credentials to use on your iPhone or iPad.

The app is secured with your password, Touch ID, or Face ID and gives you adjustable settings to keep your details safe. Here, we’ll show you how to sign up, verify, and use Firefox Lockwise.

Firefox Lockwise for your Firefox logins

Download and sign into Firefox Lockwise

You can snag Firefox Lockwise for free on the App Store. It’s designed for iPhone and iPad.

After you download the app, enter the email address and password you use with other products such as the Firefox Browser, Firefox Monitor, or Firefox Send. You should receive a six-digit code to that email address. So grab it and enter it on the next screen.

Once you are logged into Firefox Lockwise, you can tap to set up AutoFill immediately or skip and do it later, which is super easy either way.

Use Firefox Lockwise

After you’re set up with the app, you should see a list of all your saved logins and passwords. You can sort them alphabetically or by recently used. Plus you can use the search at the top if you’re looking for a particular one.

Just tap to view any one of them, copy your username and/or password, or go directly to the website. You can also delete the login if you no longer use it.

When you go to a website, whether through the app or directly in your browser, you can tap to use Lockwise for those saved credentials just like you would with iCloud Keychain or another password app.

Adjust your settings

You have a few settings in Firefox Lockwise that you should take a moment to adjust before locking and closing the app. So, tap the gear icon to get started.

At the top of the Settings screen, you’ll see all of your Support options. So if you have a question, you know where to go.

Under Configuration, you have these options:

Account: Tap if you want to disconnect Firefox Lockwise. If you need to make changes to your Firefox account, you’ll need to jump online and open Firefox.

Auto Lock: Choose the time frame for locking the app after inactivity. You can pick from one minute up to 24 hours to never.

Preferred Browser: You can select from Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or another installed browser on your device for which you want to use with sites you open in Lockwise.

AutoFill Instructions: If you did not set up AutoFill when you logged in an verified the app, you’ll see the instructions to do so here.

The AutoFill setup is quite simple:

1) Open your device Settings and select Passwords & Accounts.

2) Tap Autofill Passwords and enable it if it’s disabled.

3) Select Lockwise from the list and deselect iCloud Keychain or your other password managers if you like. If you keep your other password tools checked, just be sure to select Lockwise for the credentials when logging into a site from your mobile browser.

Lock Now: When you finish using Firefox Lockwise, you can manually lock it here instead of waiting for the Auto Lock to apply if you like.

Wrapping it up

Firefox Lockwise is a handy app for those tons of saved logins and passwords you have in Firefox on your Mac. And if you open the app and tap a website to visit from the list, logging in is just as easy if you head to the site from your mobile browser.

Are you going to give Firefox Lockwise a try or do you plan to stick with your current password manager and move your Firefox logins to it? Let us know!

How To Edit In Capcut: Step

CapCut is the new video editing mobile app from Bytedance that has been making quite the buzz on the internet thanks to TikTok’s viral dances. The editor is quite comprehensive for its league and comes with tons of features that are missing from many modern-day desktop video editors. If you have just downloaded CapCut and are wondering where to start, then this is the perfect guide for you. Here’s how you can edit and perform various functions in CapCut.

Editing a video can refer to editing out a part of the clip or in a general sense, creating the overall project. Here we will discuss all the basic things you need to edit an overall project, as well as edit a particular clip to remove or add any section. 


Trimming is one of the best tools under any editor’s belt. It allows you to lengthen or shorten any video depending on your needs and requirements. To trim a video in CapCut: 

Tap and select the clip. Now tap either end with the white selection area and drag to extend or shorten your video clip. 

And that’s it! You will now have trimmed the selected video according to your needs in CapCut. 


CapCut also allows you to resize your clips and videos on the canvas very easily. To change the size of a video on your canvas, simply pinch and zoom in or out on the video preview at the top of your screen. You can use this to resize almost any layer in your project. Simply ensure that you have selected the layer beforehand in your timeline or else you will end up resizing the currently selected layer.

Move clip

You can easily move a clip in CapCut as well. This way you can rearrange your timeline and create a new look and feel for your project. Simply tap and hold onto a clip in your timeline and you should get a thumbnail preview for the same. Once the preview appears, drag and move your clip to anywhere you wish in the timeline. The clip will automatically snap to start and end positions of nearby clips or start or endpoints of your project. 

Add Audio

To add audio to your project, tap on ‘+Add Audio’ in your timeline. 

Now choose one of the following options available to you. 

Sounds: You can use this option to use saved sounds in CapCut or to choose sounds from CapCut’s extensive library of resources. 

Effects: Sound effects are a must have element for any video project. They help enhance your surroundings and add essential elements to your project. You can add things like laugh tracks, performance effects, and more to your device.  

Extracted: This section will allow you to extract audio from video clips from your local storage, You can use this to extract audio from popular clips, movies, videos, podcasts, and more to use them in your project. 

Voiceover: This option can help you record voiceovers over your clip. You can record and personal sounds and dialogues, to overlay the videos added to your timeline. 

Once chosen proceed to select the desired file or effect and tap on the checkmark in the top right corner of your screen once you are done. 

And that’s it! The selected audio type and file will now be added to your timeline. You can go ahead and rearrange/trim the audio clip like any other clip in your timeline. 

Split clip

Splitting a clip is quite easy in CapCut. Start by opening up the desired project in the app. 

Now move the cursor to the desired position on your timeline where you wish to split the clip. 

Now tap on ‘Split’ at the bottom of your screen.  

The clip will now be split and you will now get the option to add a transition to your cut. Tap on ‘Add transition’ if you wish to add a transition. 

And that’s it! The selected clip should now be split into two. 

Replace clip

Had a change of mind? Wish to replace a video clip in your project? You can do this quite easily in CapCut. Simply tap on the clip you wish to replace and then scroll the bottom menu bar until you find ‘Replace’.

Once found, tap on it, and select the desired clip from your local storage.

The clip will be automatically cut to the desired length in the project. Tap on the place holder and move it to cover the desired part of your video clip. 

Once you are happy with the selection, tap on ‘Confirm’ in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

The clip should now have been automatically replaced with your selection in the timeline. 

Change speed

CapCut has dedicated menus for most functions you need when using a video editor. The editor features a dedicated speed button to adjust the speed of any clip. Select the desired clip in your timeline and tap on ‘Speed’ at the bottom of your screen. 

You will now get the option to statically change your speed on a set incline/decline or dynamically change your speed using a curve. Select one of the best-suited options for your need: 



For Normal

Tap on the cursor and move it to the desired speed.

Turn on ‘Pitch’ in the bottom left corner if you wish to change the pitch of the clip audio in sync with the video speed. Leave this unchecked, if you wish to use original audio. 

Once you are done, tap on the ‘Check Mark’ in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

And that’s it! The speed should now have been changed for your clip based on the parameters set by you. 

For Curve

Curves will give you the ability to dynamically adjust the speed of your clip to produce unique effects that can help enhance the overall story and look of your video. You can either select one of the presets available in CapCut or use the ‘Custom’ option to create your own. Use the guide below to create your custom curve.

Tap and select ‘Custom’. 

Tap on ‘Edit’ again. 

Now move the cursor to the desired time in the video clip. 

Tap and hold one of the placeholders and move it to the desired speed.

Proceed to dictate your curve based on your needs by moving each place holder to its desired position. 

When you are done, tap on the ‘Check Mark’ in the bottom right corner of your screen to save your changes.

Tap on the ‘Check Mark’ again. 

And that’s it! The selected graph will now be applied to your clip. 

Change volume

You can adjust the volume of each clip added to your timeline, individually in CapCut. Simply tap and select the desired clip in your timeline and tap on ‘Volume’ at the bottom of your screen. Now use the slider to adjust your volume to the desired level. Once done, tap on the ‘Check Mark’ in the bottom right corner to save your changes.  The volume of the selected clip should now be changed based on your preferences. 


This option will help you mirror your video and essentially reverse its 2D representation on the canvas. Tap on the ‘Mirror’ button to simply mirror your video. 


You can rotate your video in the canvas using this option. Tap on it to rotate your preview 90o with each tap.


This option can help you crop your video. Tap on ‘Crop’ to get started. Now use the slider at the top to find the desired spot on the seek bar.

Once found, you can either select one of the crop presets at the bottom of your screen or select ‘Free’ and crop the desired area on your canvas. Tap on the ‘Check Mark’ in the bottom right corner of your screen once you are done. The selected crop will now be applied to your video clip. 

How To Watch Instagram Live And Igtv On Windows Pc

However, if you do have to watch a live video on Instagram and your smartphone is nowhere in sight, then the only option is to do it from your personal computer. You might be wondering if this is even possible since Instagram on the desktop loses a lot of features when compared to the mobile version.

Well, we are here to say this is 100 percent possible, so if you are still in the dark, just keep reading to learn a lot more about what to do. We promise the process if watching Instagram live videos through your web browser is super easy, so let’s get down to it, shall we? Right.

Watch Instagram Live & upload to IGTV using PC

Watching live videos on Instagram and IGTV is no longer just a thing for mobile phones. With the right tools, Windows 10 users can get in on the fun.

The problem here is, Facebook has done a terrible job with updating Instagram on the web with all the features found on mobile, so if you’re expecting to have the same experience, well, you’re out of luck. But that shouldn’t be a problem because by now Windows 10 users should be used to getting the short end of the stick.

The first thing you need to do is fire up your web browser, and from what we can tell, any web browser will do just fine. However, personally, Mozilla Firefox is a favorite due to its privacy features, though it’s not a necessity. Furthermore, we will also talk about how to do the same with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Using Web for Instagram Firefox addon

OK, so the first thing you will need to do here, is download and install the Firefox extension, Web for Instagram plus DM. This extension makes it possible for users to perform a lot of tasks not available in the desktop version of Instagram.

For example, you can post pictures, receive and send direct messages, upload stories, watch Instagram Live videos, upload content to IGTV, and a lot more. It’s quite versatile, so if you’re tired of always having to use your smartphone to interact with Instagram, then this extension can fill that gap.

Download Web for Instagram Firefox addon via the official website.

Using Desktop for Instagram extension for Chrome & Edge

In terms of watching Instagram Live videos on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (the new one), we suggest looking into an extension called Desktop for Instagram. For the most part, it’s the same as the Mozilla Firefox extension we discussed above, so give it a spin.

Just log in with your Instagram account and prepare to watch live videos, upload pictures, and videos to IGTV with ease. No need whatsoever to use your mobile device unless you’re outside the confines of your home.

You can even receive and send direct messages to families, friends, and your crush at a moment’s notice.

Download Desktop for Instagram Chrome extension via the official website.

Now, while all of these options are solid, the mobile app for Android and iOS are best since they are the official tools.

Update the detailed information about How To Add And Edit Live Title In Clips App On Iphone on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!