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From birthday wishes to special moments and memories, users share everything on Instagram. As an added benefit, Instagram also ensures to provide additional features that really make for a charming post. One such cool feature is the music sticker that allows the user to add the music of their choice to their Instagram content. If you are hoping to use this feature for your Instagram content and want to figure out the ropes for this feature, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about how to add music to an Instagram Story, Post, or Reel.

How to add music to Instagram Story

Launch the Instagram app from your phone and open the editor. Select the Stories option. 

Create/Upload an image/video using either the Instagram camera or your phone’s gallery.

Select the sticker option from the top right of the editor. 

Type ‘music‘ in the search box of the sticker feature and tap on it when it appears.  

Now select the track available in the list or search for a specific song that you have in mind. 

The song will now be added to your story, however, you can only add a 15-second portion since this is a story. Move the slider till it reaches the portion of the song that you want to play on your story. 

Notice edit icons at the bottom. There are font icon options as well as two video icon options. 

Select the font icon options if you want the lyrics of the song to show as the song plays. 

Select either of the video icon options if you only want the name of the song to reflect.

Share the story once you’re satisfied with the post. 

How to add music to an Instagram Post

Since there is no direct way to add music to an Instagram Post, create the post via Stories (as given above) and save the story on your device.

Now, go back to the editor, select the Post option and tap the post you want to upload.

Edit the post however you like by using the Filter, Trim, and Cover options. You can trim the post using the Trim option and choose the starting point of the post using the Cover option. 

Once you’re satisfied with the post, tap the right arrow on the top right. 

Add your caption and other details. Once your post is ready, tap the tick mark icon on the top right and your post will be uploaded. 

How to add music to Reels  

The process to add audio to Reels is a little different. Unlike in the case of Stories, the audio needs to be selected before your video has been recorded. 

Once you’ve selected your audio and recorded your content, you can upload your Reel. 

Why can’t I add a music sticker to my Instagram story? 

There could be a number of possibilities as to why the music sticker does not appear when you search for it. Either you are a business or a creator account in which case this feature is not made accessible to you intentionally. This is done to prevent copyright issues. You can offset this issue by changing back to a personal account. Make sure that you wait for 3 days once you’ve done this for the change to reflect. 

If you have a personal Instagram account and you are facing this issue, it’s happening because either the feature is unavailable in your location. Unfortunately, due to the music licensing policies of certain countries, Instagram is not allowed to offer this feature to its users. 

If your country allows this feature and the sticker is still not appearing, then the app is facing problems on your phone. In this case, simply uninstall/update the Instagram app and launch it again for the issue to be resolved. 

Is there a way to add music without the music sticker?

As a roundabout solution to not being able to add music directly to Instagram for any of the reasons we stated in the above section, you can try the following solution. 

Download the Inshot app from the Play Store or App Store depending on your device. After the app is installed, launch it on your phone. You will see three creator options i.e. Photo, Video, and Collage, choose whichever one you want to create. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going ahead with Photo. 

Now choose the image/video that you want to add music to. 

Tap the music option from the editor. 

You will have the option to add music that exists on your phone or choose from InShot’s own collection. For this tutorial, we are adding music from the device itself. Select the song and then tap USE. 

Edit the portion to be included in the video. You can move the part of the audio that you want to include towards the right side of the line. 

Tap on Save once you’re done. 

Select the resolution for the post. 

Now select Instagram from the list of platforms to share. 

You will now see two options, Feed, and Stories. Select the location where you want to Share. Then tap Just Once. You can change this to Always if you intend to post the same way every single time.

The post will open directly on Instagram. Tap the arrow on the top right to edit it. 

Edit the image as we showed earlier in this article. 

Tap the tick mark after creating your post and it will go live. 

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How To Restore Deleted Photos, Stories, Igtv, Videos, Posts & Reels On Instagram.

If you are a heavy Instagram user, there’s a good chance you have made some deletion mistakes in your time, having removed content from your profile only to wish you hadn’t done so. Thankfully, it’s now possible to restore content that has been deleted on Instagram, so follow along as we guide you through the new process for doing so.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet, allowing users to post and share content to millions of random people around the world each and every day. While it has a pretty good system in place for accidental deletion, there are still times where you may have deleted something in haste before you’ve really had the chance to decide if that’s what you want to do. 

Accidental deletion and post deletion regret are two of the most common issues faced by social media users who are frantically trying to align their feeds with the latest trends and popular themes. After a long time waiting, Instagram has finally introduced an extra layer of deletion protection that essentially allows users to pull deleted content from the recycle bin. A feature anyone who has used a PC is very familiar with. 

Before you get too excited this feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone just yet, so you’ll have to be patient until it reaches your region. As usual, there aren’t any dates for when this might happen, so you’ll have to keep checking from time to time to stay up to date. Until then, you might as well learn how to use the feature so you’re ready to go. It’s also important to note that this feature won’t be backwards compatible, so if you are hoping to save something you deleted a few weeks ago or longer, you’re outta luck. 

Quick steps for restoring deleted content on Instagram:

To begin, update your Instagram app. 

Now open it and go to your Profile screen.

Next, tap the Hamburger icon (top right corner)

At the bottom of this screen tap Settings.

Finally, tap Recently deleted, then choose what you want to restore.

Note: Photos, Videos, Reels and IGTV can be restored up to 30 days after deletion, however, Stories only have 24hr to be saved. Anything outside of these time frames is gone forever.

How do you restore deleted content on Instagram? Can you Restore something you deleted on Instagram? 

To restore Photos, Videos, Reels, IGTV or Stories on Instagram, you’ll need to follow to do the following. But first, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device before you start the process.

Now that you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device, open the app, then proceed to your Profile page. Once you are here, tap the three lines (hamburger icon) in the top right-hand corner. 

On this screen, you will see all the content that you have deleted over the last 30 days (24hrs for stories). Now simply tap the content you want to be restored back to your account and it will be returned to its original location on your profile page.  

As we mentioned earlier, this process is currently in the roll-out phase, so it may not be available in your region for some time yet. Keep an eye out for it in the patch notes of any future Instagram updates, let’s hope it isn’t too far away.

How To Share Instagram Reels As A Story Or Dm

Instagram Reels has been in the making for a couple of months now and is finally launched in the U.S. along with 50 other countries. Reels is Facebook’s attempt to enter the short video sharing game. TikTok has a massive social following but is currently under scrutiny in some countries including the U.S. with the current President pushing for its ban. Instagram Reels attempts to fill that void in the market by adding a short video sharing option to its already impressive Instagram app.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature that Instagram has launched that will allow users to create short videos of themselves from right within the app. In some ways, Reels reflects the likeness of TikTok.

Instagram Reels will be incorporated into the Instagram app itself. It will enable users to create short 15 second videos of themselves. Like TikTok, the function will come with a host of customization options in the way of stickers, filters, music, and more. The introduction of Reels also resulted in a makeover of the social media app. Instagram has introduced a separate ‘Reels’ tab in your profile to display all your content.

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How to create your own Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels can be accessed from the camera page on the Instagram app. In addition to creating your own live Reel, you can upload a recorded video to use instead. You can also add a video from your gallery to your Reel, and then record the rest of your Reel!

Launch the Instagram app and swipe right to reach the camera page. Alternatively, you could tap on the story button in the top left corner.

In the panel below, select ‘Reels’. It should be to the right of ‘Story’.

Now hit the ‘Record’ button and showcase your talent! Go ahead and play around with the settings in the left panel to add effects, music, and more to your Instagram Reel.

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How to share Instagram Reels

Once you have recorded your Reel and are satisfied with it, you can easily post it to your profile. This is the same as posting an image or video. You can also send it out as a Direct Message (DM) to a person or even add it to your Instagram Story! Here is how you can go about doing that.

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How to share your Instagram Reel as a DM

To send your Reel exclusively as a DM to select people, select the ‘Stories’ tab from the top panel.

Now select the people to whom you would like to send the Reel as a DM. You can use the search bar at the top to quickly find your friends on the list. Tap ‘Send’ next to the person’s name to send your Reel as a DM.

How to share your Instagram Reel to your Stories

The same method above can also be used to share your Instagram Reel to your Story. This way everyone in your Friends list can enjoy your Reel! Alternatively, if you have a ‘Close Friends’ list set up, you can decide the audience for your Reel story.

Now tap ‘Share’ next to ‘Your Story’.  Tap ‘Done’ at the bottom to complete the process.

The Reel will be added to your Instagram Story. You can view it by tapping the Story button in the top left corner of the app.

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Meta Adds Fundraising Features To Instagram Reels

Meta is bringing fundraising to Instagram Reels, allowing users to donate to more than 1.5 million charities in over 30 countries worldwide.

Fundraising in Reels was announced today as part of a series of updates focused around celebrating Earth Day.

Several influencers are currently demonstrating the new fundraising features to draw attention to environmental issues, the announcement states:

“And with Earth Day around the corner, Meta is collaborating with Dave Burd (aka Lil Dicky), Maggie Baird, Zyahna Bryant and other public figures to raise awareness about nonprofits tackling environmental issues like climate change and sustainability.”

History has shown short-form videos are an effective way to drum up support for nonprofits and charitable causes.

Some of the most successful and recognizable fundraisers have used short-form video.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, one of the most memorable examples, went viral on Facebook and led to the creation of Meta’s Social Impact team.

Imagine how much more money could be raised in the future with the ability to donate by tapping a link on the video itself.

How To Create A Fundraiser On Instagram Reels

You can add a fundraiser to your Instagram Reels on iOS and Android by following the steps below:

Open the Instagram app

Tap the plus-sign at the top right, then tap Reel

Record your Reel

Tap Next

Write a caption & tap Add fundraiser

Choose the nonprofit you want to raise money for

Enter details about the cause and amount you want to raise

Tap Done

Tap Share

After the fundraiser is created you can go back and edit details such as the end date and goal amount.

More About Fundraising On Instagram

People can already raise money on Instagram across feed posts, Stories, and livestreams.

While Instagram’s community has been finding creative workarounds to supporting nonprofits on Reels too, there’s now a dedicated way to do so.

As with existing fundraising options, Meta covers the donation processing fees. So all money raised using fundraisers on Instagram Reels goes directly to the nonprofit.

A PR representative for Meta tells Search Engine Journal that environmental protection is among the top three causes donated to by Facebook and Instagram users:

“Globally, more than 4M people have donated over $150M to date through Facebook & Instagram Fundraisers to combat climate change and support environmental protection.”

Every little bit adds up, as the majority of donations made on Instagram in the last year were under $20 USD.

The top three causes that people donate to on Instagram include:

Children’s wellbeing

Humanitarian relief

Environmental/animal protection

The most popular nonprofits on Instagram, based on number of donors, for environmental causes are: The Ocean Cleanup, World Wildlife Fund and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Source: Meta

Featured Image: FGC/Shutterstock

Instagram Music Sticker Missing (How To Fix)

Is the Instagram music sticker missing on Instagram story?

The Instagram music sticker has been out for a while now, and it’s a great way to add mainstream songs to your stories.

In the past, if you want to add music to your videos, you need to use a video editor.

Currently, you can add music to your Instagram story seamlessly by using the music sticker (if it’s available in your country).

However, some users have reported that the music sticker is missing from their stories.

This is a common issue, and many Instagram users have faced it before.

In this article, you’ll learn why your music sticker is gone, and how to fix it on Instagram.

Why is my music sticker gone?

Your music sticker is gone because you recently switched to a business account on Instagram.

Otherwise, the sticker might not be available in your country yet.

Did you recently switch your personal account to a business one?

If you switched your personal account to a business one, you won’t be able to use the music sticker on Instagram.

This is because using the music sticker for a business account is considered as “commercial usage”.

Similar to TikTok, the music on Instagram cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Hence, if your account is a business one, the music sticker will not be available for you.

On the other hand, if you’re living in a country where the sticker is not available, you won’t have access to it as well.

The music sticker is only available to a selected number of countries, so if you don’t have the sticker, it might be because it’s not available in your region.

How to fix missing music sticker on Instagram

To fix the missing music sticker on Instagram, you need to switch to a personal account, delete and reinstall the app, then wait for up to three days.

You can also try connecting to a VPN (a country where the music sticker is available).

The reason why the music sticker is missing is that your account is a business one.

In order to get the music sticker back, you need to switch to a personal account.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the music sticker as it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

After you’ve switched to a personal account, it can take up to three days for the music sticker to appear.

In the meantime, you have to either clear the app’s cache or reinstall it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

Step #1: Switch to a personal account

Firstly, you need to switch to a personal account.

If your account is a business one, you will not have access to the music sticker as it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

You can also switch to a creator account, but switching to a personal account is much safer.

Here’s how you can switch to a personal account on Instagram:

Once you’ve switched to a personal account, you will regain access to the music sticker.

However, you will lose access to your account’s analytics via “Insights”,

When you switch your account to a personal one, the “Insights” button will no longer exist on your profile.

If you rarely look at your insights, switching to a business account will make no difference to you.

On the other hand, if you always look at your account’s insights, it’s best that you think twice about switching to a personal account.

Before you switch to a personal account, you should weigh the conditions and decide what works best for you.

After all, is it worth it to lose your account’s insights for a music sticker?

Step #2: Delete and reinstall the app

After you’ve switched to a personal account, you need to delete and reinstall the app.

This step is crucial because it tells Instagram that your account is no longer a business one.

Alternatively, you can clear the app’s cache (if you’re using an Android device).

Deleting and reinstalling the app is the best option because it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

In addition, the app’s cache will be cleared once you’ve deleted it.

Here’s how you can delete and reinstall Instagram:

Hold down the Instagram app.

Tap on “delete”.

Install the Instagram app from the App Store/Google Play Store.

If you’re using an Android device, you can clear Instagram’s cache instead.

Here’s how you can clear Instagram’s cache on an Android device:

After you’ve reinstalled Instagram or cleared its cache, force close the app on your background.

For older iPhones, double-tap your home button and swipe up to force close the Instagram app.

For Android devices/iPhone X and above, drag your screen from the bottom to the middle to open the apps’ preview, then swipe up to close it.

Congrats, you’ve successfully deleted and reinstalled the app!

Now, all you’re left with is to wait for the music sticker to appear.

Step #3: Wait for up to 3 days

The final step is to wait for the music sticker to appear on the stickers page.

It can take 24 hours, 48 hours, or up to 3 days for the sticker to appear.

If you’ve deleted and reinstalled Instagram or cleared its cache, you should be able to find the music sticker in your stickers.

If the music sticker is still missing, you have to be patient and wait for a few more days.

Others managed to get it back on the day itself.

If you still haven’t got the sticker after 3 days, you need to report the problem to Instagram in the app.

Here’s how you can report the missing music sticker to Instagram:

Once you’ve reported the problem, Instagram should get back to you soon.

If you’re lucky, they will be able to fix the missing music sticker for your account in one business day.

Otherwise, you may have to wait for up to a week as the Instagram support team is understaffed.

How do I get the music sticker on Instagram?

To get the music sticker on Instagram, tap on your profile picture, add a photo/video, tap on the “Stickers” icon, and tap on the music sticker.

After you’ve tapped on the music sticker, choose a song, edit it, and tap on “Done”.

Finally, tap on “Your story” to add the photo/video with the song to your story.

Why can’t I add music to my Instagram story?

You can’t add music to your Instagram story either because it’s not available in your country yet, or your account is a personal one.

Instagram music is only available in selected countries.

Here are the countries that Instagram music is available in—US, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and France.

If your country is not in the list, it means that Instagram music is not available to you yet.

In order to bypass this, you need to connect to a VPN.

Firstly, force close the Instagram app on your device.

Next, download a VPN on the App Store/Google Play Store and connect to a country where Instagram music is available in.

After that, open Instagram, tap on your profile picture to add a story and tap on the stickers icon.

You should be able to find and add the music sticker to your story on the second row of the stickers.

If the music sticker is still missing on the Instagram app, it might be because your account is a business one.

In order to have access to the sticker, you need to switch your account to a personal one.


The music sticker is a great way to liven your Instagram stories.

Moreover, it’s a seamless way to add music to your photos/videos.

However, not every country has access to it as Instagram has not resolved the legal issues on their end yet.

Fortunately, you can bypass this by connecting to a VPN where the sticker is available.

In a nutshell, you have to make sure to switch to a personal account instead of a business one.

Otherwise, you won’t have access to the sticker even though it’s available in your country.

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How To Add White Noise To Music On A Windows 11/10 Pc

Here is a guide for you to add white noise to music on a Windows 11/10 PC. White Noise is a random noise that is normally used to relax or concentrate. It can also help you block out all other sounds occurring in the environment. Some people even find white noise helpful while sleeping. But, how to add white noise to existing music and then save the edited audio? Let us discuss it in this article.

How do you create White Noise?

White noise is a noise generated by combining different frequencies together. If you want a quick solution to create white noise on your PC, you can easily generate white noise on your Windows PC.

How do I add White Noise to my track?

If you are looking for a solution to add white noise to your tracks, this article will help surely you. In this post, we are going to mention some free software that enable you to add white noise to your audio files. You can later export the edited audio files with added white noise. These are basically audio editors with functionality to add white noise. Let us have a look at these freeware now!

How to add White Noise to Music on a Windows 11/10 PC

Here are the free White Noise generator software that you can use to add white noise to music on Windows 11/10 PC:



Naturpic Audio Editor

EArt Audio Editor

Now, find out the detailed procedure to insert white noise into audio files using the above freeware.

1] Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source audio editing software that lets you add white noise to music. You can import audio files, generate white noise, and then add it to imported audio. It lets you add white and gaussian noise to music. Let us check out how!

Here are the basic steps to insert white noise to audio files using Audacity in Windows 11/10:

Download and install Audacity.

Open the interface of Audacity.

Import an audio file

Add a new overlay track to the audio and select it.

Go to the Generate menu and select the Noise option.

Choose White Noise as noise type.

Adjust the amplitude and duration of the noise.

Preview the output and press the OK button.

Export the edited audio file.

Let us discuss these steps in detail!

Firstly, you need to have Audacity on your PC; download and then install it. Launch it to open up its main interface.

After that, you need to go to the Generate menu and select the Noise option.

A dialog box will be prompted. Here, you need to select the noise type as White Noise. And then, customize the amplitude and duration of the white noise. You can preview the white noise from this dialog box. If it looks good, press the OK button.

You can also add Pink and Brownian noise to music using Audacity. All in all, it is a great audio editor that allows you to add white noise to music.

See: Reduce or Remove Background Noise using Audacity.

2] Audiodope

Audiodope is a freeware to add white noise to music on Windows 11/10. It is primarily an audio editor that lets you insert White, Pink, and Brownian noise into audio files. Using it, you can add white noise to a part of an audio file. Let us check out the steps to do so:

Download and install Audiodope.

Launch Audiodope.

Open an audio file.

Select a portion of the imported audio to which you want to add white noise.

Set up white noise parameters.

Preview and export the edited music.

Simply download and install Audiodope from chúng tôi and then launch this software. Now, open the source audio file to it and select the part of the audio to which you want to add white noise.

Next, go to the Tools menu and tap on the Noise Generator option.

In the next dialog window, set white noise as noise type and customize the amplitude and duration of the white noise. After that, press the OK button.

You can now play the audio with added white noise from the main interface. If you don’t like the change, you can Undo the action and then again add the white noise with different amplitude and duration.

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3] Naturpic Audio Editor

Naturpic Audio Editor is a freeware to add white noise to music in Windows 11/10. It lets you add white and gaussian noise to audio files. Plus, it lets you add more effects to audio including invert, reverse, amplify, reverb, time shift, pitch shift, and more. You can follow the below steps to add white noise to music:

Download and install Naturpic Audio Editor and then open this audio editor. Then, simply add the music file to which you want to add white noise. Now, select the portion of the imported audio file to which you want to add white noise.

Next, go to the Effect menu and select the Add Noise option.

After that, choose the white noise type and adjust its amplitude and then press the OK button.

You can preview the edited audio file and if it looks good, export the audio file. For that, go to the File menu and press the Save as or Save selection as to export the edited music file to formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MP2, etc.

Read: NCH Wavepad Audio Editor lets you edit audio files like a Pro.

4] EArt Audio Editor

EArt Audio Editor is another alternative to add white noise to music in Windows 11/10. It is a dedicated audio editor in which you can find a lot of handy audio editing tools like reverb, pitch shift, time shift, amplify, add silence, add various filters, chorus, flanger, and more. You can easily add white noise sound to your music files in it.

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