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Applying to graduate school may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  The whole process can be broken down into 7 key steps:

Specific graduate school application requirements may vary between type of program and school, so be sure to check carefully on each school’s website. However, the main steps are usually the same.

Choosing programs to apply to

Choosing a program is the first step of the process. Start by talking to alumni and current students of the programs you’re interested in, as well as individuals in the career field that you’re hoping to pursue afterwards. Ask them questions like the following:

Do I need a graduate degree at all? It might be possible to pursue this field using the experience and education that you already have.

How important is school prestige in this field? In fields like law, prestige is extremely important, whereas it matters very little in many medical careers, like nursing or physical therapy.

Do the faculty and staff of this institution make adequate time for their students? Especially in research, the quality of supervision and teaching determines how much you get out of a program.

Do I have a realistic shot of getting into this program? Aim high, but don’t waste application fees on schools out of reach, and make sure you have a few backup programs you’re pretty sure you can get into.

How much will the program cost? Many graduate programs offer some sort of financial aid, but others expect most students to front the whole cost through loans and other forms of financing.

What is the job market like for alumni of this program? Many programs list the career outcomes of their graduates on their websites. If one doesn’t, you should feel free to contact an administrator of the program and ask for it.

Master’s vs. PhD

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is whether to apply to a master’s or a PhD program. Master’s degrees, which take 1–2 years to complete, usually develop skills for a particular career, whereas PhDs, which can range from 4–7 years, are meant to prepare for an academic or research career.

Master’s programs focus mainly on coursework, although they usually also include a semester-long thesis or capstone. In the US, most PhDs include the coursework required for a master’s in the first two years of the program. Afterwards, you’ll spend most of your time preparing a dissertation, a long piece of original research.

Both master’s and PhD programs provide a wage premium (the extra amount that you’ll make over someone with just a high school diploma) of 23 and 26%, respectively. Master’s programs sometimes provide scholarships, but this is rare. PhD programs, on the other hand, often waive tuition fees and provide a living stipend in exchange for being a teaching or research assistant.

Though the master’s degree premium is lower and the upfront cost is usually higher, master’s programs allow you to enter the workforce—and earn the higher wage—much faster than PhDs.

Planning your application timeline

The most important tip for applying to graduate school is to start early! No matter which type of program you’re applying to, you should start considering your plans around 18 months before beginning your program.

Most programs have strict deadlines—usually 6–9 months before the start date. Others have what are called “rolling” deadlines, meaning that the earlier you send in an application, the earlier you get a decision. Either way, you should usually aim to get in all your applications before the new year for a start date the following September or October.

Make sure to carefully plan out your timeline for applying. Each step will take longer than you think it will, so leave plenty of extra time! Below is a table giving an idea of how much time you’ll need for the essential application tasks.

Task Amount of time

Studying for standardized tests 2–5 months, depending on the number of attempts you need.

Requesting recommendation letters Start 6–8 months before deadlines to give your recommenders plenty of time.

Writing a statement of purpose Start the first draft at least a few months before the deadline, as you’ll want to do plenty of redrafting and editing. If the program requires more than one essay, start earlier!

Requesting transcripts Do this early, in case something goes wrong—at least 1–2 months before deadlines.

Filling out the application forms Give yourself at least a month for this—there will often be extra details you need to look up, so it’ll take longer than you think.

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Requesting transcripts and recommendation letters

As well as transcripts of your grades, most graduate school applications also require you to provide 2–3 letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors.


You’ll normally need to provide transcripts from every postsecondary institution that you attended, even if you weren’t a full-time student there. This includes time spent studying abroad or classes taken at universities while still a high school student.

Make sure to check the language requirements of the transcripts. If yours aren’t in English and you’re applying to a US or UK university, you’ll most likely have to get them translated by a professional translator. You can usually find services online where you upload your transcript and receive a translated and certified copy within a few days.

Recommendation letters

The letters of recommendation are one of the most important parts of an application. You should think carefully about who to ask and how to do it. These steps can aid you in finding the best letters possible for your application:

Decide who to ask. This should ideally be a former professor that you knew well outside of the classroom, but can be a manager or research supervisor who can speak to your ability to succeed in graduate school.

Request a meeting. It’s best to discuss the recommendation letter in person if possible. If you know your recommender well, you can skip this step and go straight to:

Ask for a recommendation. It’s a good idea to ask if they can provide a “strong” letter of recommendation, which allows them an easy out if not!

Share your resume and statement of purpose draft. These can help your recommender write a strong letter that fits with your application’s overall story.

Remind your recommenders of upcoming deadlines. If it’s within a few weeks of the deadline and you haven’t heard back yet, send a polite reminder.

Taking standardized tests

Most American graduate programs require that you take a standardized exam, while most non-American programs do not, although requirements have shifted greatly in recent years.

Exam What does it involve?

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General

Most graduate school programs in the United States require the GRE.

Tests verbal and math skills, as well as ability to write a well-argued and logical essay.

Usually administered on a computer in a test center, showing the test taker his or her preliminary scores at the end of the session.

GRE Subject

Specialized exams testing students on their knowledge in one of six areas: biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, mathematics, and English literature.

Many graduate programs that require a high level of math require their applicants to take one of these exams.

LSAT (Law School Admissions Test)

Required for law school admissions in the US or Canada.

Tests logical and verbal reasoning as well as reading comprehension.

Administered digitally, usually in a test center with other students.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)

Digitally-administered exam for business schools admissions in the US and Canada (although many now also accept the GRE).

Tests verbal and math skills.

Adapts to the test taker, showing harder questions as questions are answered successfully and easier ones if they are answered incorrectly.

MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test)

Exam of choice for medical school admissions.

One of the longest standardized exams, at 7.5 hours.

Tests chemistry, biology, and psychology knowledge, in addition to verbal reasoning skills.

Writing your resume

You will most likely be asked to submit a resume or CV. Make sure to pay attention to the length limits. If none are given, try to keep it to one page if possible or two pages if necessary.

You don’t need to include every activity you’ve participated in, but make sure to include those relevant to the type of program you’re applying for.

You could include things like:


Awards and honors

Skills (such as computer programming or language skills)

Professional experience

Volunteering experience

If you’re applying to a professional program, such as business school, you should focus more on your professional accomplishments. For other programs, you’ll want to concentrate on your academic and research accomplishments.

You can download our resume templates as Word documents and adapt them for your own use.

Resume template 1 Resume Template 2

Writing a statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose is a short essay that should tie together the rest of your application. Aim to give the admissions committee a clear idea of why you’ll be a good fit for the program and your motivations for applying.

Make sure to carefully read the instructions for your statement of purpose. Some programs provide prompts that you have to respond to in your essay. If you’re applying to multiple programs, tailor your statement to each one.

A strong statement of purpose should include:

A introduction to your academic and personal background

Your experience and accomplishments

Your motivations for applying to this particular program

Your academic goals for the program, including specific topics you’d like to explore

Your career objectives for after the end of the program

The statement of purpose should not just be your resume in paragraph form. Add value by describing how you personally contributed to any projects or learned from classes that might be listed on your resume.

Writing a personal statement

Some graduate school applications also require you to submit a personal statement.

A personal statement can usually be a bit less formal that a statement of purpose, giving more space to your personal background. It should craft a narrative of who you are and how your life has led you to apply to graduate school.

Here are some tips for writing a strong personal statement:

Start with an attention-grabbing opening.

Describe your personal and academic development over time.

If you’ve faced obstacles in your academic path, describe how you’ve overcome them.

Discuss why you’re interested in this field, connecting it to your past experiences.

Look forward by describing your career ambitions and how this program will help you achieve them.

Preparing for interviews

The graduate school interview is the last step of the process. Not all schools conduct interviews, but if yours does, make sure you’re prepared:

Read the website of the program you’re applying for.

Talk to previous students about their experience interviewing.

Prepare answers to commonly asked questions.

Read papers in the field of study that you’re interested in.

Many interviews ask the same questions, so you should have a clear idea of how you’ll answer these. The most common questions include:

What would you bring to this program and why should we admit you?

Tell us about the research you’ve completed or contributed to.

What interests you about this program?

Who would you like to work with in this program?

What are you planning on doing after you complete this program?

Frequently asked questions about grad school applications

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4 Best High Sierra Backpacks For School

4 Best High Sierra Backpacks For School




Whenever you go to high school or college, you better have a really big and sturdy backpack.

This is because you will need the space to carry books, notebooks, a laptop and maybe even some personal items.

High Sierra is a well-known brand that makes such backpacks, and they are among the most popular brands among students and parents alike.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best High Siera backpacks that highschoolers and students can buy today.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Generous main compartments and multiple pockets

Includes a dedicated TechSpot tablet sleeve

Primary padded back panel and a yoke-style, S-shaped mesh padded shoulder straps

Zippers need some improvements

Check price

Topping out our list is the High Sierra Loop Student’s Backpack which has pretty much everything a student can ever ask for.

This includes a spacious interior with pockets that allow good item organization, and the straps and paddings make it comfortable to carry, even after hours and hours of carrying.

Made with 600D Duralite

Features a special water-resistant coating

Organizer compartment with multiple pockets, including a zippered mesh pocket, and more

Single-tube telescoping handle

Fully-padded, dedicated laptop compartment designed to carry your laptop computer

The handle could be a bit more comfortable

Check price

If you have back problems and can’t carry too much weight, then a bag like the High Sierra Freewheel Backpack might be what you need.

thanks to the telescopic handle and wheels, it can easily be used as both a backpack and a troller, and the water-resistant material makes it great if you get caught in the rain.

Can accommodate most 17-inch laptop models

Large main compartment, an organizer compartment with multiple pockets, and more

Padded shoulder straps and back panel provide comfort and ease when carrying gear

The zipper could use some improvements

Check price

The High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack is one of the best all-around student’s backpacks that you could ask for. It can store a 17-inch laptop while keeping it safe and secure, and it also has enough space in the main pocket and in the organizer to keep things compacts and neat.

More so, it is extremely comfortable to wear and it comes with a zippered accessory pocket with a USB port so you can listen to music or charge your phone on the go.

Made from Duralite

S-shaped shoulder straps have comfortable mesh padding

It comes with an integrated media/cell phone pocket

Has a headphone port

The straps may be a bit hard to adjust

Check price

No matter what you need to carry, the High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack, Flower Pop/Black/Crimson, 19.5 x 13 x 7-Inch has you covered, thanks to the incredibly sturdy Duralite build that makes it resistant to ripping and water.

More so, you won’t even feel it thanks to the extra layers of padding on both the back panel and the straps, and the headphone port will let you list to music while you travel between classes.

A good backpack is a vital part of any high schooler or college student’s arsenal, as it may stick with them for a few good years until they finish their studies.

That is why it is good to always go for a top-quality item that has as many useful features as possible so that your child can have an easier and more enjoyable school year.

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10 Favorite Writers For Middle School Students

These authors are consistent top picks of middle school students and may help inspire a lasting love of reading.

Books have the power to show early adolescent readers that they’re not alone in their feelings and circumstances, provide positive examples for how readers can speak up for themselves and others, offer understanding of those who are different from them, provide insight into real-world situations, and serve as a mental health break and escape from the real world.

Throughout my career, however, I’ve heard from teachers and parents that middle school kids just don’t enjoy reading. There’s a consistent theme that even students who loved reading in elementary school no longer read for fun as they move through the middle grades. Middle school students, however, do enjoy reading if they’re given books that interest them, that they connect to, and that are on their reading level.

There are many authors writing for middle-grade students who truly understand and capture the essence of what it is to be in middle school today. Introducing these authors and their work to students can reinvigorate students’ joy in reading and inspire them to read through series or authors’ collections. Here are 10 that are consistent favorites with my students.

1. Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft’s New Kid graphic novel trilogy expertly captures the unique and often overwhelming experience of navigating middle school, especially when you’re the new kid. The graphic novel format of his books captures the readers’ attention and keeps them engaged throughout the trilogy.

His books, which include a diverse cast of characters that reflect the authentic complexity of middle school kids, not only are entertaining but also tackle important issues that impact students in our world today.

2. Barbara Dee

Each of Barbara Dee’s books engages readers by developing characters and plots and embodying the honest and authentic middle school feelings and experiences. If students read one of her books, they almost always read multiple, and the most common reason is that they identify with the characters.

All her books are fantastic, but a consistent favorite is Maybe He Just Likes You. This book empowers readers to speak up, gives them language to describe sexual harassment, and shows why it’s important to talk to a trusted adult.

3. Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds’s range of books allows students to grow up with his writing, from books perfect for late elementary school to traditional middle grades and then more complex young adult novels.

Students enjoy the complexity and authenticity of his books. He also offers a range of styles: graphic novels, verse, fiction, nonfiction, and more. Recently students have enjoyed reading Long Way Down, both the narrative verse novel and the graphic novel version of the story.

4. Kelly Yang

Yang uses her own experiences to shape stories that resonate with students by showing vulnerability, addressing complex issues, and providing hope. Her new book, Finally Seen, has become a fast favorite with students, and they continue to love all of the Front Desk series. 

5. Jasmine Warga

Jasmine Warga’s middle-grade novels are beautiful and complex, explore the power of friendship, and use lyrical verse to capture the reader’s attention. Her books are all very different, but her voice shines in each of them.

Warga’s most recent book, A Rover’s Story, is unique and was an instant hit for many students. It combines science, magic, friendship, and resilience, and can be read by younger readers at a surface level or more deeply explored for themes by older students.

6. Alan Gratz

Students who enjoy historical fiction, and even many who don’t usually like it, love Alan Gratz’s books. He takes actual historical events and accounts and builds fictional stories that capture the human impact of these events on adolescent children.

Students enjoy reading about these events through the eyes of someone their age, and the books often motivate students to research and learn about that historical event and time. Two consistent favorites are Ground Zero and Refugee. He also recently published a graphic novel, Captain America: The Ghost Army, which students love.

7. Raina Telgemeier

Older elementary and younger middle-grade students can’t get enough of Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels. Many students have read all her books multiple times and grow up with them. These are books that students want to own so that they can reread them over and over.  

Readers are drawn in by the colorful graphics and continue reading because the stories are funny and entertaining and feel real to them, and they see themselves in her books. I have heard Telgemeier’s books referred to as girl books; however, please don’t categorize them this way. Boys also love her books, particularly Ghosts, Guts, and her graphic novel versions of some of Ann M. Martin’s Baby-Sitters Club books.  

8. Jewell Parker Rhodes

Her writing style is accessible for all ages of middle-grade students, while being intellectually stimulating for upper middle grades. Ghost Boys and Towers Falling are consistent student favorites.

9. Stuart Gibbs

His main characters are very relatable and feel like someone that students would want to be friends with, adding to their connection and interest in the stories. He also has a wide range of tales, many of which are in a series and range in topic from solving crimes at a spy school to saving animals. He recently published graphic novel versions of some books from his popular Spy School series. If students enjoy his books, they have many choices to read before they run out. 

10. Nicole Melleby

Nicole Melleby’s books address a multitude of challenges that young readers face in middle school with honesty, nuance, and authenticity. Her novels include topics such as identity, mental health, friendship, and complex family dynamics.

Melleby’s books invite readers to see themselves in the characters, reflect on their own emotions, and have empathy for others through story lines that capture their attention. Student favorites include The Science of Being Angry and How to Become a Planet, both of which capture something essential about adolescents’ mental health.

Top 10 Web3 Developers Jobs To Apply For In August 2023

If you want to explore web3 developer jobs, these are the jobs to apply for in 2023.

As Web3 is currently defined, it is a vision for the public internet where data and content are registered on blockchains, tokenized, or managed and accessed on peer-to-peer distributed networks. Here are the top 10 web3 developers jobs you can apply for in August 2023.

MSTR developer at Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Hybrid

The candidates for this job should be working on MSTR development, and have to experience in schema objects, and public objects as MSTR architects worked on report development, and web development (dossier, dashboard, documents). They should also be MSTR certified or should be ready to do the certification. It will be better if they have experience in ETL tools.

Apply here.

GIS Developer at HCL Technologies

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Remote

The developer will be primarily working on a project to implement modules on GE Smallworld Core, PNI, LNI, NIG, GSS, and Network Viewer upon GE Smallworld 4.1/4.3 to the latest version (GE Smallworld 5). They should have good knowledge of upgrading the project; especially from GE Smallworld 4.1/4.3 to GE Smallworld 5. It is also required to have a good knowledge of GE Smallworld Magik language and Core Java or JSP. Any certification on GE Smallworld products will be preferred.

Apply here.

Conversational AI and Chatbot developer at Smarter.Codes

Location: India Remote

As a Conversational AI developer, you will join the NLP team and work on cutting-edge AI technology. You will be designing and building multiple applications across varying industries, creating conversations, and automating tasks using Conversational AI technologies and principles. You will be building proprietary NLP/NLU components, and Domain-specific or user level models-going beyond standard features are available in common APIs such as Dialogflow or IBM Watson.

Apply here.

Web 3 frontend Developer at Uplers

Location: India Remote

The candidates for the job should have an understanding of decentralization and dApps as well as a strong understanding of object-oriented concepts. They should be well familiar with Angular v13, Angular material, and also in Functional programming with RxJS.

Apply here.

Web Developer at Pixselo Global Solutions

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Pixselo is looking for smart individuals to join the team with sound knowledge of web development in PHP, WordPress, Codeigniter, and Angular JS. they should understand the project life cycle and MVC architecture. It is required for them to have the basic knowledge of Frameworks along with 3 years of experience in the WordPress framework.

Apply here.

Web Developer at FT-INDIA

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

The candidate for this job should have proven working experience in web programming with top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS. They should have a solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices. It is required for them to have adequate knowledge of relational database systems, object-oriented programming, and web application development.

Apply here.

Front End Developer / Web Developer at Stemkit Education

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

To apply, your resume should list the technologies you have proven expertise in along with the tenure of experience in each technology. Candidates are required to work from the office. Candidates should not be in the employ of another company while working with us.

Apply here.

Rust Developer at Zelus India

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India On-site

The candidates for this job should have an understanding of Rust design patterns and write performant and maintainable code in the language. They should be solving development challenges and making architectural decisions by understanding the larger picture of the project’s goals. It is also their responsibility to expand their existing skill-set and pick up on various rust-dependent frameworks.

Apply here.

MEAN Developer at Algoscale

Location: India Remote

The candidates for this job should have an excellent working knowledge of chúng tôi and associated frameworks such as Express and Angular. JS. They are required to have an understanding of the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds. It is also their responsibility to have a basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3.

Apply here.

Epub3 Developer at Grasshopper Datatech

Location: Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India On-site

The candidates for this job are required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or a related field. They would have to be experts in Epub3 & Math ML. It is mandatory for them to have work experience of 2 to 5 years with hands-on knowledge in Epub3 and Epsilon Editor.

Apply here.

Using Voxer To Streamline School Communication

School administration can be very fast paced and detail oriented with many decisions, big and small, made throughout the course of a day. With one principal and two assistant principals, the amount of information that we have to consume can be quite overwhelming. We’ve found Voxer invaluable in helping us to stay connected and communicate more effectively during the school day. As soon as there’s a decision that another administrator needs to know about, we no longer need to schedule a meeting, craft an email, or even send a text. Voxer provides an opportunity to leave a detailed message that can be retrieved by the rest of the team when time permits.

Voxer is described as a free app that combines the best of voice, text, and photo messages into a high-tech walkie-talkie, creating a powerful, modern, personal and team messaging tool. As the administrative team at Northern Parkway Elementary School in Uniondale, New York, we’ve found that Voxer has served as a simple yet effective way to improve the following administrative practices.

It also allows us to engage in a more reflective practice with time to consider a response instead of providing immediate feedback. Whereas in the past, we had to carve out time for all three administrators to be in the same place at the same time, we’ve found that sharing, discussing, and even debating ideas via Voxer has cut our meeting time down from 4-6 hours to 1-2 hours a week, allowing us more time to collaborate with teachers and communicate with students.

A Relationship-Building Tool

As administrators in a school with over 760 students and 100 staff members, we recognized that, in order to continue meeting the day-to-day needs of our students and staff, we had to establish and enhance relationships with key stakeholders throughout the school and district. This year the administrative team has met with fellow district administrators (any time that we can get them alone for a minute) to introduce them to Voxer. Too often we see our administrative colleagues for short amounts of time (at district meetings, staff development, and/or in passing) and rarely get to check in on how they are doing. Voxer has allowed us to reach out for a quick hello, to ask questions, share information and news, and update colleagues on changes of plan — and (on rare occasions) share our frustration. What has been most satisfying is that, no matter where we are physically, we are only a vox away from being connected.

A Tool in Lieu of Meetings

Have you ever attended a meeting where everyone who was supposed to be there wasn’t? If so, then you know that inevitably the information will have to be repeated. It’s a very real challenge getting administrators from the various schools and offices to meet in one place. Voxer has allowed us to be strategic not only in when we schedule meetings, but in who needs to be “present” for what. We have established a series of chats with colleagues that allow us to disseminate important information as soon as it’s ready to be shared. We don’t need to rely as heavily on face-to-face meetings for sharing and reviewing information. Whether we’re voxing with our Director of Mathematics to discuss the new math program or with our Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction about professional development ideas, communication and collaboration have been greatly enhanced.

Previously, if we needed to share information or seek an answer, our recourse was limited to an email (one of dozens and dozens that we all receive daily) or phone call (that would almost always go to voicemail). Now we send a vox, and our director has an archived message that is readily available at the push of a button. We found that the majority of voxes we send have a turnaround response time of less than 15 minutes. Our teachers very much appreciate the prompt reply to their curriculum-related questions, and we appreciate not always being caught up in lengthy phone conversations with our colleagues.

Next Steps

In moving forward as a school community, a next step for us is to expand on our use of Voxer with the Northern Parkway staff. We are excited to see that a few of our teachers have jumped on board. Now the goal is to support them in collaborating as teams to further strengthen their professional relationships and their relationships with their class families, and to maximize their professional growth together.

(In fact, while writing this post, we used Google Documents and Voxer from our own homes to collaborate and share ideas.)

Top Robotics Jobs To Apply For In Big Tech Companies In March

Aspirants apply for robotics jobs including robotics engineer, operator, and developer

Do you simply love the word ‘

Top Robotics Jobs to Apply For Microsoft Robotic Process Automation Application Developer at Accenture

Location(s): Hyderabad, Telangana Roles and Responsibilities: As a robotic process automation application developer at Accenture, the candidate should design, build, and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements. He/she should handle RPA- Blue Prism projects. They should work on the infrastructure setup and management for the Blue Prism application. The candidate should interact with BA, PM, and business to understand the processes to be automated. Qualifications:

The candidate should hold a chúng tôi or chúng tôi degree.

He/she should know Microsoft Robotics Process Automation.

They should have exposure to RPA and Blue Prism tools.

Mandatory experience throughout the entire RPA project lifecycle.


Test Developer – Robotics at NVIDIA

Location(s): Pune Roles and Responsibilities: As a member of the core NVIDIA team, the candidate will be working with highly competitive and motivated engineers. He/she should join us at forefront of this ground-breaking industry’s first robotic AI development platform with simulation, navigation, and manipulation. They will play a key role in building test strategies, well-structured test plans, and test cases based on high-level customer requirements. The candidate should actively participate in the review and provide feedback on product feature requirements, specializations, and technical design documents. They should work closely with various teams including project management and software developers, responsible for publishing statistical data reports to all partners. Qualifications:

Tech or equivalent degree in CS/CE/IT/ECE/EEE or equivalent experience is mandatory.

The candidate should have at least 4+ years of hands-on testing experience in embedded software stacks.

He/she should have experience with Linux and/or QNX is required.

Good knowledge in areas of robotics perception, navigation, manipulation, and simulation is mandatory.

They should have hands-on experience with functional safety standards, particularly in autonomous systems.


Executive- Robotics Process Automation at Firstsource Solutions Ltd

Location(s): Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: As a robotics process automation developer, the candidate will be focused on building end-to-end automation process solutions that meet business requirements. He/she will be responsible for supporting the senior developers in the proper assessment requirements gathering, design, development, testing, delivery, and ongoing support of automated solutions using Automation Anywhere/Blue Prism/UI Path/Win-Automation robotics platform. They should design and develop RPA process solutions. The candidate should work within project planning constraints, communicating any identified project risks and issues to the RPA manager accordingly. Qualifications:

The candidate should know Automation Anywhere/Blue Prism/Ui-Path/Win-Automation developer accreditation.

He/she should have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering.

Minimum 1 year of coding experience in any language is mandatory.

Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages including Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Excel is expected.


Robotic Process Automation Developer (Blue Prism) at EY

Location(s): Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Bengaluru Qualifications:

The candidate should have hands-on experience on a minimum of 3-4 years of end-to-end RPA implementations on Blue Prism, good communication, and DB skills.

He/she should have the ability to deliver within estimated timelines.

They should stay up-to-date with the RPA technology to add value to the project.


SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation at SAP

Location(s): Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: As a product expert, the candidate will be part of the product management team for the SAPintelligent robotic process automation product. In this role, he/she will translate market and customer needs into a competitive and innovative process automation product offering. They will develop and own a compelling product vision based on their own understanding of the market requirements, direct interaction with potential/existing customers, and with inputs from go-to-market and similar teams. Qualifications:

The candidate should have 6+ years of relevant work experience either in software product development with a focus on external-facing product management or in a customer-facing role as pre-sales or customer implementation projects.

In-depth experience in direct customer stakeholder management, interaction with go-to-market, pre-sales, and adoption teams is a key requirement.

Understanding of enterprise automation domain is a must.

Experience in one or more RPA tools or platforms is mandatory.

He/she should have experience in automating complex enterprise business processes with software products including SAP, productivity tools, etc.

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