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When you set up your move, stand, and exercise goals in Apple’s Fitness app for your Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy), you might not know the best numbers to start with. Luckily, you can change your goals to challenge yourself or make them more attainable.

Maybe you far surpass your move goal each day, making that activity ring overlap. On the other hand, perhaps you can’t reach your exercise goal no matter how hard you try.

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Whatever the reason, we’ll show you how to change your fitness goals on iPhone and Apple Watch for activity tracking.

How to Change Fitness Goals on iPhone

To adjust the activity goals on your iPhone, open the Fitness app and follow these steps.

    Go to the


    tab and select your


    icon on the top right.

    On the


    screen that appears, choose

    Change Goals


      You’ll then go through each of the three goals, move, exercise, and stand. If you don’t want to change that particular goal, simply tap the button at the bottom to continue to the next one.

      You can first change your move goal. Use the




      buttons in red to increase or decrease the goal. This represents the number of active calories you burn by moving each day. Tap

      Change Move Goal

      when you finish.

      You’ll then see your daily exercise goal. Use the




      buttons in green to change the number of minutes of exercise you plan to reach each day. Tap

      Change Exercise Goal

      when you finish.

      Lastly, you’ll see your stand goal. Use the




      buttons in blue to adjust the number of minutes per day for this goal. Tap

      Change Stand Goal

      when you finish.

      You’ll then return to the Summary screen in the Fitness app and your new goals are saved automatically. You can see how close you’ve come so far for the day with your updated goals in the Activity section at the top.

      How to Change Fitness Goals on Apple Watch

      You can change your fitness goals on your Apple Watch in addition to your iPhone. The updated goals sync with the Apple Watch Activity app, so open Activity to get started.

        Make sure you’re on the main Activity screen which is the one displaying your rings at the top. If you see a different screen, swipe from left to right until you see your rings.

        Scroll to the bottom of the main screen and tap

        Change Goals


          You’ll see each of your three goals in the same order as in Fitness on iPhone. If you don’t want to adjust the goal you see, simply tap the button at the bottom to go to the next one.

          First is your daily move goal. Use the




          buttons or Digital Crown to

          increase or decrease the calories you seek to burn each day. Tap



          Next is the exercise goal. Use




          buttons or Digital Crown to select the number of minutes you want to exercise every day. Tap



          Last is the stand goal. Do the same and use the




          buttons or Digital Crown to choose the number of hours per day you want for the goal. Tap



          Note: If you don’t see the exercise and stand goals, make sure you have the latest watchOS version on an Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

          When you finish, you’ll return to the main Activity screen and your updated goals are saved. You can view how close you are to your new goals for the current day in the Activity section.

          Remember, you can also sync your Apple Watch to your fitness tracker or workout app if you use something beyond the Activity app.

          Whether you want to challenge yourself to reach higher targets or need to make your goals more realistic, it’s easy to change your fitness goals on iPhone and Apple Watch.

          For more, check out the best Apple Watch faces for health and fitness.

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          How To Set Up Cardio Fitness On Apple Watch And Iphone

          With watchOS 7.2 and iOS 14.3, Apple has added a couple of new health related features. The company’s workout service, Apple Fitness+ is now available, and Apple has also launched a new feature for the Apple Watch — Cardio Fitness levels. So, here is how to set up and use cardio fitness on Apple Watch.

          How to Set Up Cardio Fitness on Apple Watch

          In this article we will take a look at enabling cardio fitness levels on your devices. We will also check out how to use cardio fitness on iPhone and Apple Watch, and how to see what you can do to improve your cardio health. You can skip to any section you like by using the table of contents below.

          Enable Cardio Fitness Levels on iPhone and Apple Watch

          In order to set up cardio fitness levels on your Apple Watch and iPhone, you will need iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2. If you have done that, follow the steps below.

          Open the health app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Browse’ in the bottom navigation bar.

          Tap on ‘Heart’

          Scroll down a bit and tap on ‘Cardio Fitness’.

          Again, scroll down, and you will find a card for setting up Cardio Fitness Levels. Tap on ‘Set Up’.

          Follow the instructions on the screen. You will have to fill out your health information if you haven’t already.

          After a couple of screens informing you about cardio fitness levels, etc, you will have the feature enabled. Apple Watch will now track your cardio fitness levels when you’re working out and record them in the health app.

          How to Use Cardio Fitness to Check Your Fitness Levels

          Here’s how to see your cardio health on your iPhone

          In the health app, tap on ‘Browse’.

          Tap on ‘Heart’

          Tap on ‘Cardio Fitness’. Here you will see your VO2max measurements along with where you stand on an average as compared to others of your age, weight, and height.

          Get Help Improving Your Cardio Fitness Levels

          In the Cardio Fitness page, scroll down and you will see a couple of cards about Cardio Fitness. Open any of them.

          You will get a load of information about these levels, how they are measured, and more. You will also see a section that tells you how you can improve your cardio fitness levels.

          So yeah, you can perform aerobic activities including HIIT, or simply running or brisk walking to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness levels.

          Enable Cardio Fitness Level Notifications on Apple Watch

          Another useful thing you can do with the cardio fitness feature is get notifications on your Apple Watch when your fitness levels fall low. While you get this option during set up itself, if you didn’t enable it then, here’s how to enable it now.

          Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on ‘Heart’.

          Enable the toggle next to ‘Cardio Fitness Notifications’.

          Don’t worry, you won’t get notifications every single day from this feature. Apple Watch will track your cardio fitness levels and send you a notification once every four months if your health levels are continuously low.

          Use Cardio Fitness Levels to Gauge Your Health

          How To Automatically Change Your Apple Watch Face Based On Time Or Location

          Automations can be wonderful. You can make things happen with a one-time action and have them repeat. And with the Shortcuts app on iPhone you can set up personal automations for your Apple Watch.

          One such automation you may find handy is changing your Watch face based on time of day, location, or action. For instance, you might like a certain face in the morning as your day is starting and a different one as your evening begins. As another example, you might prefer a particular face for when you head to the office and another when you arrive home.

          Here, we’ll show you how to automatically change your Apple Watch face for situations like these.

          Change your Apple Watch face based on time

          Let’s start with a Watch face that changes based on the time of day. And we’d like to thank Jake Behrens and his Twitter post for the idea!

          1) Open Shortcuts on your iPhone and tap Automation at the bottom.

          2) Tap the plus sign at the top to add one and choose Create Personal Automation.

          3) Pick Time of Day at the top of the New Automation screen.

          4) Select Sunrise, Sunset, or a custom Time of Day. Optionally, set the automation to repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly if you like.

          5) Tap Next and then tap Add Action.

          6) You can scroll through the Suggestions here, but it’s easier to pop the word “Watch” into the Search at the top. This should display Watch at the very top under Apps, so tap it.

          7) On the list of Watch actions, select Set Watch Face.

          8) On the Actions screen, tap “Face” in blue. Choose the face you want to use for the time you selected.

          Tip: If you’re doing this just for fun, you can pick the option at the bottom for Ask Each Time and select one by mood or activity when prompted.

          9) Now you’ll be back on the Actions screen and should see the face you selected in the action. Tap Next.

          10) On the following screen, you’ll likely want to turn off the toggle for Ask Before Running. If you leave this enabled, you’ll be prompted each time the automation runs which is really unnecessary. If you disable the toggle, confirm by tapping Don’t Ask.

          11) Tap Done.

          This completes the setup process for the automation and you’ll be directed to the main Automation screen where you should see the one you just created.

          Follow the same steps to set up the Watch face changes for the additional times of day.

          Change your Watch face automatically by location

          Next, we’ll show you how to set up an automation to change your Watch face based on location. This is pretty much the same process except you’re choosing a location instead of a time.

          1) Follow Steps 1 and 2 above and pick Arrive or Leave at the top of the New Automation screen, depending on when you want the face to change.

          2) Tap Choose to pick the location and then tap Done. You can optionally select a Time Range for changing locations or simply set it to Any Time.

          3) Tap Next and then tap Add Action.

          4) Follow the remaining Steps 6 through 11 above to add the action for your Watch, select the face, and finish the automation setup.

          Other handy Watch face actions

          Now that you see the basics for automatically changing your Apple Watch face based on time or location, you might try some other actions.

          Once you start setting up the automation, review the available actions. You can change the face based on before you commute, when Airplane Mode is turned on, when your Watch reaches a certain battery level, and more.

          Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here’s How To Reset Your Apple Watch

          If you forgot your Apple Watch passcode, the only way to regain access to your Apple Watch is by factory resetting the device before pairing it to your iPhone again. You can reset your Apple Watch with or without your iPhone on hand. However, you will need your iPhone to initiate the pairing process and to retrieve a backup of the data from your Apple Watch, once you have reactivated it. Here is everything you need to know the next time you get locked out of your Apple Watch. 

          How to Reset Apple Watch Without iPhone

          If you are out of range of your iPhone, you can reset your Apple Watch with a few simple taps. It is required that you place your Apple Watch on its charger while you complete the following steps:

          Press and hold the side button (highlighted below on your Apple Watch) until you see the power button icon in the upper right corner of the display, then let go of the side button. If you have an Apple Watch Ultra, be sure not to press the Action Button by accident since doing so will override this workflow.

          Tap the button labeled “Reset” twice to confirm that you would like to reset your Apple Watch. After your Apple Watch restarts, you can attempt to pair it to your iPhone again. 

          Good to know: When you erase your Apple Watch a backup of its data is automatically created and stored on your iPhone. If your Apple Watch is not connecting or pairing to your iPhone, we have a number of ways to help you troubleshoot the problem.

          How to Reset Apple Watch With iPhone

          You can use your iPhone to remotely reset your Apple Watch to factory settings and unpair it from your iPhone as long as both devices are within range of each other. This is the method that you should use if you plan to pass your Apple Watch on to a different owner. Here is how to do it:

          Note: If you have a GPS + Cellular Apple Watch, you will need to follow an extra step to retain your data plan once you set up your Apple Watch again. After you agree to erase all content and settings, select the button labeled “Remove Cellular Plan”.

          With your Apple Watch placed close to or alongside your iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone.

          Tap the “My Watch” tab highlighted below. 

          Tap on the menu item labeled “General”. 

          Scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the list of menu items and tap on the option titled “Reset”. 

          Tap on the “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” button. 

          Confirm this action by selecting “Erase All Content and Settings” from the bottom of the screen. You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password to confirm this action.

          Tip: Looking to level-up your workflow by establishing seamless continuity among your Apple products? Discover how to easily unlock iPhone and Mac with an Apple Watch.

          How to Restore From a Backup on Apple Watch

          After you erase and unpair your Apple Watch, you need to pair it to your iPhone again. Here is how to get paired up again without losing the data that you had on your Apple Watch before you erased it.

          To pair, hold your iPhone close to your Apple Watch and then press “Continue” on your iPhone. 

          Image source: Apple

          After you have finished pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you will reach a screen that gives you the option to set up your Apple Watch as new, or restore all of your data from a previous backup. Select “Restore from Backup”  to restore your data. On newer versions of iOS and watchOS, your Apple Watch will automatically restore from a backup.

          Tip: Heading out into the unknown with your newly-restored Apple Watch? Discover 10 ways to maximize your Apple Watch Battery on long journeys including how to enable Low Power Mode.

          Frequently Asked Questions Are there any extra steps to take if I plan to sell, give away, or trade in my Apple Watch?

          No. However, be sure to reset your Apple Watch to factory settings using your iPhone, since erasing your Apple Watch using watchOS will not unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Erasing and unpairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone removes Activation Lock, a feature that prevents lost or stolen Apple devices from being paired to a new owner without the original owner’s Apple ID password.

          How do I backup my Apple Watch?

          Your Apple Watch automatically backs up to your iPhone when both devices are near each other. If you choose to erase and unpair your Apple Watch, your data is automatically backed up to your iPhone before the actual restore process begins, in order to ensure that your backup includes the latest information.

          If I restore my Apple Watch from a backup, will I lose any data?

          Yes. For security reasons credit or debit cards stored in the Wallet app, bluetooth pairing data, and of course your passcode, are not included in Apple Watch backups. Conversations from the Messages app are also unretrievable unless you use iCloud and have Messages in the Cloud enabled on your iPhone. All other data, including watch faces will be available after you restore from backup.

          Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots taken by Brahm Shank.

          Brahm Shank

          Self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and tech enthusiast Brahm Shank is captivated by the impact of consumer tech: “It’s profoundly moving when people discover that the phone in their pocket or the tiny computer on their wrist has the power to enrich their lives in ways they never imagined.” Apple, Inc. and its unique position at the intersection of technology and the creative arts, resonates deeply with Brahm and his passion for helping people unleash their potential using technology. Over the years, Brahm has held various podcasts – including famed technologist David Pogue of The New York Times on topics such as Big Tech and digital wellness.

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          How To Make Apple Watch Play Nice With Your Iphone On A 5Ghz Wi

          Although not quite new, we reported this morning that Apple Watch can’t connect to a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network. It’s not a bug or anything. It’s just a limitation of the current hardware found in Apple Watch. For those users that are not aware of this limitation, it can cause problems when believing that because you are on a known Wi-Fi network, Apple Watch and iPhone should still be able to connect even if they’re out of Bluetooth range.

          There is just no way to make your Apple Watch connect to a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network, but there are ways to work around that limitation. I’ve actually been helping people with that specific issue for a few days now, and because I’ve seen misinformation going around, I thought it would be best to just get things cleared up and explain how you can have both your iPhone and Apple Watch play nice with each other, even if your iPhone is connected to a 5Ghz network.

          iPhone, Apple Watch, and 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks

          Again, this is a workaround, as there is no way to connect an Apple Watch to a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network, but it does work.

          Step 1: If not already done, set up two different networks on your router. The first network will be 2.4Ghz, and the second one will be a 5Ghz network.

          Step 2: To prevent any kind of potential issue, forget all these Wi-Fi networks from your iPhone, if you previously connected to any of them.

          Step 3: On your iPhone, connect first to the 2.4Ghz network. Technically, your Apple Watch should then remember that specific network. Although probably not necessary, I’d suggest performing a few task requiring an internet connection from your Apple Watch, just to make sure the connection between the device and iPhone is active. The transmission of data at that point will be via Bluetooth, as it is the preferred method for both devices to communicate between each other (for power efficiency purposes).

          Step 4: As a test, and after performing the previous steps, I would suggest turning off Bluetooth on your iPhone. If everything went according to plan, your iPhone should still be connected to that 2.4Ghz network, and it should be using that same network to communicate with your Apple Watch, instead of relying on Bluetooth.

          Note that you may see the red Disconnected icon on your Apple Watch for a brief moment. It may also say there is no connection with iPhone, but that’s just a temporary hiccup. I have experienced this myself but at every occasion, it switched to the Wi-Fi network a few seconds later.

          At that point, it is safe to turn Bluetooth back on on your iPhone.

          Step 5: From your iPhone, connect to the 5Ghz Wi-Fi network. If you choose so, you may even forget that 2.4Ghz network from your iPhone, because your Apple Watch will still remember it. From now on, even though your iPhone may be connected to the 5Ghz network, it will still be able to communicate with Apple Watch in case Bluetooth is unavailable. Apple Watch will be using the 2.4Ghz network it learned in step 3, and your iPhone will connect to the internet via the 5Ghz network.

          At that point, you can even do a test by forgetting the 2.4Ghz network and disabling Bluetooth from your iPhone. Invoke Siri from your Apple Watch and tell her to make a call. This will be the real test to make sure it is indeed connecting to your iPhone.

          Read more about this topic:

          How To Change Apple Watch Orientation To Wear On Other Wrist

          Most Apple Watch owners (and other watch owners) will wear their watch on their left wrist. This is because most people are right-handed. But, even right-handed people may decide they want to wear their watch on their right wrist even though that is their dominant hand. It doesn’t really matter, and it is totally your personal preference. In this article, we will tell you how you can change the orientation of your Apple Watch so that you can wear it on the other wrist.

          How to change Apple Watch orientation

          You can change the orientation of your Apple Watch in your Apple Watch settings. Essentially what this does is flip the screen upside down.

          Where do you want the Digital Crown?

          The reason you may want to switch the orientation of your Apple Watch is to have the Digital Crown (and Side button) where you want it. You may not care much about where the Digital Crown is; it depends on how much you use the Digital Crown. Most of the time, when I use my Apple Watch, I tap or swipe on the screen. I don’t use the Digital Crown that often.

          A few Digital Crown considerations:

          Most people find it easier to press the Digital Crown with the index finger of their dominant hand. This is the reason why the two orientations, left wrist and right wrist, are what they are.

          Some users have found that it is too easy to accidentally press or turn the Digital Crown when the watch is in its standard orientation, with the Digital Crown near the hand.

          Left wrist orientation

          This is the standard orientation for those who wear their Apple Watch on their left wrist. On your left wrist, the Digital Crown will be next to your hand, and when staring at the watch face, the Digital Crown will be on the right side of the watch. You can use this orientation while wearing your watch on either your left or right wrist. It depends on your preference.

          Left wrist orientation with Digital Crown on the right

          On your Apple Watch, open Settings.

          Scroll down and tap on General, then Orientation.

          Under Wrist, select Left. Under Digital Crown, select Right. If you want to wear the Apple Watch on your left wrist with the Digital Crown to the left, select Left under Digital Crown. It will look like the right wrist orientation.

          Right wrist orientation

          This is the standard orientation for those who wear the watch on their right wrist. When worn on the right wrist, the Digital Crown will be next to your hand, and when staring at the watch face, the Digital Crown will be on the left side of the watch.

          Right wrist orientation with Digital Crown on the left

          On your Apple Watch, open Settings.

          Scroll down and tap on General, then Orientation.

          Under Wrist, select Right. Under Digital Crown, select Left. If you want to wear the Apple Watch on your right wrist with the Digital Crown to the right, select Right under Digital Crown. It will look like the left wrist orientation.

          The Apple Watch band

          If you switch the orientation of your Apple Watch screen, you may also want to switch the band. To change the orientation of the Apple Watch band, press and hold the band release button on the back side of the watch while sliding the band out of its slot.

          When sliding the band back onto the watch, it will snap securely into place once it is in position. For more detail about changing Apple Watch bands, see how to change your Apple Watch band.

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